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Originally posted by _Aanchal_

Aanchal : Hi everyone Tongue I've come up with something different with this thread. I'm not posting anything about Catastrophe LOL Neither I'm urging for a new hunk Wink nor discussing about how much i hate Virat ROFL Today actually I'm going to..
Maya : Can you please end your speech and come to the point? Smiley weapon katana sword
Aanchal : Nalayak Bhabhi Ouch I've forgotten the speech hearing your screaming Angry I hate you Smiley weapon so can you please do it for me? Confused
Maya : you have forgotten what to say today? Shocked okay let's say together otherwise you'll surely have some tomatoes, eggs & sandals Cool
Aanchal : Bereham Admin ki chamchi Censored Proma *echos*.. your official supporter is here Smiley weapon
Aaru : Hey guys!! My results are out Smiley weapon karate
Harsha : Congrats Hug I want treat Party
Aanchal : Monkey Icon
Saba : I want to make a VM Big smile
Maya : Aanchal this is not a chit chat corner MSN Bear Icons
Aanchal : Fine Ex-Bhabhi Crazy Rabbit Emoticon
Both hello all, we are in the last day of the year..just felt we should thank everyone who made us smile Dancing 
But its not a New Year Celebration thread but its for our lucky friend who was born on this day Evil Smile
She is none other Than..

Hayeee this is the Besttt intro everrr!! damn it.. why can't I use caps... O_O... I am legitly shouting in my heart hahahhahah LOL Omggg Big smile I loveee youuu guys... itna dhasu intro hai.. by god what's gonna happen with the rest.. agey parney dooo Wink PS: Aanchuuu... Virat ke bare mein kuch bhi nahin..varnaa... teri toh... actually lemme change my strategy.. i'll be less violent today (hawww Shocked) ... varna you're gonna make this sweet angel called Aaliya sad on her birthdayyy Cry

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Originally posted by _Aanchal_ A A L I Y A

Jinia: Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Big smile
Happy Birthday to dear Aaliya...Happy Birthday to you..Tongue
May god bless you...may god bless you Aaliya..May god bless you Embarrassed

Aanchal : Stop singing kinder garden anthem PIC! Angry 
Lets try this ROFL

Happy Birthday, you're not getting older you're just a little closer to death. LOL
To the nation's best kept secret, Your true age. ROFL
Birthdays are like boogers, the more you have the harder it is to breathe. Dancing
Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have the most live the longest! Party
Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional
Better to be over the hill than burried under it
You are only as old as you act
So many candles... so little cake
Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you act like a monkey, and you look like one too
We know we're getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it

Rachel : Shut up Aanchu! LOL Bachu lets sing our B'day song ROFL
Sana : Lets start Thumbs Up

Once a year we celebrate 
With stupid hats and plastic plates 
The fact that you were able to make 
Another trip around the sun 
And the whole clan gathers round 
And gifts and laughter do abound 
And we let out a joyful sound 
And sing that stupid song 
Happy birthday! 
Now you're one year older! 
Happy birthday! 
Your life still isn't over! 
Happy birthday! 
You did not accomplish much 
But you didn't die this year 
I guess that's good enough 
So let's drink to your fading health 
And hope you don't remind yourself 
The chance of finding fame and wealth 
Decrease with every year 
Does it feel like you're doing laps 
And eating food and taking naps 
And hoping that someday perhaps 
Your life will hold some cheer 
Happy birthday! 
What have you done that matters? 
Happy birthday! 
You're starting to get fatter 
Happy birthday! 
It's downhill from now on 
Try not to remind yourself 
Your best years are all gone 
If cryogenics were all free 
Then you could live like Walt Disney 
And live for all eternity 
Inside a block of ice 
But instead your time is set 
This is the only life you get 
And though it hasn't ended yet 
Sometimes you wish it might 
Happy birthday! 
You wish you had more money 
Happy birthday! 
Your life's so sad it's funny 
Happy birthday! 
How much more can you take? 
But your friends are hungry 
So just cut the stupid cake 
Happy birthday! 
Happy birthday! 

Sana : PIC, Jiny & Rach Admins & Their pankhas [Fans] are waiting Wink
Rachel , Jinia & Aanchal : Okay!

hahahahahhahahahhahhh OMGGG roflll... no comments.. this is... kya bolu??? hahhaha.. omggg.. mere sarey birhtdays keliye ek saath wish kardi kya.. itney sarey wishes hahahha Muahhh.. love youuu my atyacharis and unke chamcheys Embarrassed (i am legit blushing right now LOL)

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Originally posted by _Aanchal_

reserved for rainbow ROFLLOL

Sabuuu Big smile mera dedication kahan haiii?? hahahhaaha ROFL

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Originally posted by aaliya25

Originally posted by _Aanchal_

reserved for rainbow ROFLLOL

Sabuuu Big smile mera dedication kahan haiii?? hahahhaaha ROFL
aanchal is nt online so i posted them in my posttt...lolzzEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by _Aanchal_

Sejal : No one can save you today Monkey Winks Yoyo
Harsha : Birthday Bumps   Monkey Winks

Harsha :Lets start with the meaning of BIRTHDAY

Aanchal *whispers* : Jumbo Bhashan on the way D'oh

Harsha : Birthday stands for.. 
  B ' Be yourself
  I ' invite new challenges
  R ' Recall past achievements
  T ' Trust your judgments
  H ' Have faith in your abilities
  D ' Desire only the best
  A ' Affirm your strengths
  Y ' You've got what it takes

Sejal : Aaliya go and post some VirMan screen captures on Facebook ROFL

Proma : Aaliya please post NiShal IV link too LOL

Bekasoor Group *peeking from behind the door* : SPARE HER Wink 

Harshaaa awww that is the best definition of birthday everrr... I am saving it and plastering it everywhere from now on GeekCoolHeart Sejj and Promzzz kaminey aaj bhi orders hahahha muahhh love youuu both.. wait kar.. lemme finish spamming this thread phir I'll do both Tongue awww mere bekasoor sathiyon.. how sweeet.. tum logo key bina mera kya hota??? Embarrassed ROFL

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Originally posted by _Aanchal_


 Wait.. Dont touch this.. Black forest is my favorite so this is for me.. scroll down for your 'Birthday Cake' ROFLROFL

Your generated text image

Here it is Wink

Well there's no need to pout
Be glad that you have strength enough
To blow them all out!

So on this very special day
I would like to say to you
I hope you'll always find happiness
In whatever you may do

Besttt gifttsss everr Big smile and awww the e-card made my dayyy... did i say how much i love you guys yettt??? Embarrassed I love you all sooo muchhh Embarrassed
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O-M-G!!! I'm soo lateee!! :( ALIYAAA SORRY HUN!! I was stuck in a big problem.. !! Cry

Aliya!! I wish you a very very very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Party
Hope you have a blast!! Babe you are a wonderful and beautiful person, who is always positive and spreads joy and happyness tooo all !!! I'm sooo glad that I got to know you..thanks to EHMMBH & VIRMAN!!! TongueHopeee this coming year brings lots of happyness and loveee to youuur lifeee...JUST KEEP ROCKING!!!! Dancing
LOVEE YOU MORE THEN MUCH BABE!! Mwaaah!! <3 <3 <3 :* 

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I was gonna quote the wishes from my fans (lol I was staring at that title like an idiot... you know me soo well na... hahah) Wink but that post is sooo lambu.. sooo I decided to make another post dedicated for you lovely kaminis Heart

Aanchuu: Thankkk youuu babeee... one of my wishes is that you start LooovinGGG Virat Singh Vadhera.. soo kamini grant my wish abhi Tongue andd aww you guys already made it sooo specialll Embarrassed

San San: awww babeee belated gift chalega nahin dauregaa... thank youuu sooo much hun Big smile enjoy your partyyy... Big smile and aww is god sarey khushi mujhe dedethi hai toh .. pakka promise i'll share them with youuu all hahahha Wink

Jinzzz: I love youuu tooo Big smile and amen to your wish.. I hope all my wishes come true too.. Tongue and awww at the each second comment muahhh

Harshuuu: thank you admin ji.. ek din wait karti.. toh mera hi loss hota na... isi liye Tonguenow i get to party two days in a row na hahaha  Wink seee janam hone ke pehle se hi..kitna smart hoon.. wah wah wah wah LOL Omggg... love the pics.. you make the best siggies yaar no doubt Clap.. they are burning my screen hahahah love themmm *jumbooo hug to you* LOL

Aaru: omggg... did you write thatt??? itna hunr.. kahan chupa rakhkhithi??? loved it.. and even if you didn't write it.. don't tell me.. praise sunke khush hoja bas Wink hahahahah thank you soo much babesss i am already sooo blessed that i have you all in my life muahhh Big smile

Promziii: awww babess I love your 'siggies' Confused hahahahah no seriously they rock LOL thank you soo much.. now i am gonna just have candles on my cake.. ek saath 20/40 ghus doongi on one cake lol Big smile

Mannnuuu: wait karo.. i am still staring at my screen... Geek.. very very intensely... keep waiting... omggg kaminiii i love ittt... the last twooo.. shyyyttt.. i am still staring... hahhaaa awww hunnn i loveee youuu tooo Embarrassed and agreed yaar we have become suchhh awesomee friends in such a little time *knock on wood* thank youuu sooo much babeeess muahhh kaminiii (thanks to you.. i am maha abusing this word hahhaa) Tongue

Rachhh: awww thank youuu sooo much hun! rofl at the 365 days comment.. only you.. only you hahhahahaha LOL and awww don't worry i shall keep the fire burning Wink afterall humarey hope ki torch lighted up our virman moments na and dekho.. we are getting some now.. and even if it goes down a little.. I know that you are gonna be there... putting ghee in it and keeping it alive hahahhahah muahhh LOL

Ravvvs: whattt?? you don't remember?? kya??? ... lol nm.. i forgive you.. lol we do talk about the most random of things hahahahaah.. but who can forget virman and uday yaar.. Day Dreaming lol.. babess i am moree glad that i got to knoww youuu looveee you sooo muchhh Embarrassed and ditto on your comment "you're super cool".. i know yaar hahahah Wink

Anezzzaaa: awww.. cute, kind, funny... sare adjectives use karli hahaha Blushing hahaha awww you are seriously one of the sweetest ppl i know! and yes kamini 31st december is truly the most awesomest day.. after all.. mujh jaisi pagal ne janam jo liya tha hahahah LOL thankkk youuu hunnn muahhhzzz and ... ehhh you rockkk Wink

Humaaa: omggg i wanna eat that god damn thing! hahah lol thank youuu soo much babeee.. and i shall keep smiling as long as the cvs don't give us another drought.. varna.. unki toh.. Wink hahah lol lovee youuu muahhh Embarrassed

Jess: thank youuu soo much sweetiiieee.. lol hun if you ever need any more helppp Wink logo ko rulaney me mein kuch zyada hi mahir hoon hhahahaha lol.. and i know it seriously feels like i have known you forever tooo Big smile and btw.. loads ke baad ???? kyun... abhi bhi uncertain ho kya?? rofl ROFL muahhh

Sid sid: omggg rofl hahahhahahahaha i loveee youuurrr giftt!!! what a siggie.. who says you can't make siggies... kitna acha hai ROFL omggg.. and yaar you are defo med school material.. heart ka jagha bhi kya perfect diya hai Big smile hayeee... omggg i am just gonna keep staring at this... kamini sorry no more uday hunting for you... after this.. mein khud ke liye usey lelethi hoon. ... speechless.. can anyone be damn hawttt!!!!!! hahahahah loved it muahhh *jhappiyans*

Doneee.. OMGGG guys i just love you alll sooo muchh.. thank you for making my b-day (although abhi bhi thoda waqt hai yahan par) sooo damnnn specialll muahhh Big smile

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