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We see Rusty leaving the house and going to the hospital to visit her baoji
who is still in a coma. She tells him that she is sorry that she caused
everyone so much pain and that she is leaving forever and asks him to
forgive her. As she leaves Biji sees her and wonders where she is going
with a suitcase. Rusty heads towards a taxi when a sardarji stops her and
tells her that due to the rain every taxi has been shut down. She would
have to wait until tommorow to go anywhere far. Rusty argues with the
man when Ajit comes from behind and aks her if she was planning on
leaving without even telling him about it? Rusty stammers about it and
Rajeev convinces her to spend the night at his house.

Biji asks Ranvir where she was going with a suitcase, and he tells her that
she has left the house for good. Biji is shocked and asks why he let her
go, he is silent.

Rusty is at Ajit's house and he offers her some coffee, he kids around with
her trying to cheer her up and convince her not to go. She tells him that
she wants him to get her tickets as soon as possible, Rajeev reluctantly
does so.

Everyone is sitting at the dining table while Biji is discussing Rusty leaving
the house, the youngest girl (the one from England who came to visit, sry
dont know her name) tells her that she is staying at another person's
house, and even if she is leaving for good, she should stay here until she
leaves. Neelu reluctantly agrees. Rusty's father agrees to go get her and
Mathura asks to tag along.

Mathura and Ranvir arrive at Ajit's house when Mathura says that she
alone will go and talk to Rusty. Mathura goes inside and tells Rusty that
everyone is mad at her, especially her father who doesnt even want to see
her face. She shouldnt come to the house at this time because tensions
are high and she doesnt want this to be the last time Rusty comes to the
house. Rusty agrees to not come with her. Ajit gets suspicous about what
Mathura is saying.

Mathura goes outside and tells Ranvirthat Rusty said that she never wants
to come back to the same house from where she was kicked out, she tells
him that Rusty said that she hates everyone there and wants them to tell
everyone that she has no rishta with them whatsoever. He gets pissed off
and goes to the house. We see Ranvir in a preview telling Biji that he
regrets bringing Rusty to the house and that she is not his daughter
anymore. he has disowned her.

i think i covered everything. THE END

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Update: July 18, 2006 by "xpunjabixplayax"


randhir talks about how he sent rusty outta the house and didnt do
anything to stop her. Kulwant says that its not good for rusty to stay with
ajit. Then madhura is shown talking to rusty to tell her her dad doesnt
want to see her. Then randhir is shown saying that he disowns rusty


Madhura and kulwant r praying. Then they start to leave

Kulwant: (while walking down the steps) hai bhabi ji I dont know when
God will listen to us. (she sees ajit.) why are you here by yourself, where
is rusty. And do us all a favor explain to rusty that she should have atleast
respected her dad, first she used to talk big talks, what happened now?

Ajit: (thinks what the heck,) I don't understand.

Madhura: lets go kulwant, we're goin to be late in getting to the hospital.

Ajit: one minute, auntie u were about to say something?

Madhura: she just wants to say what I told you at ur house. (turns to
kulwant) lets go.

They leave, while a bewildered ajit stands there, thinking why does it
seem like something is up.


Madhura: (is sitting there talking to baoji) I can't see your state like this, I
didn't know that it would get this out of control. But I'm not wrong. I
pretendd to be on rustys side but since the beginning, I've hated her. I'
had to d all this for the sake of the family. She wanted to ruin us. And for
our families happieness rusty has to leave (ajit comes n opens door a bit)
and today, I am successful in my work, I'v gotten her thrown out of the
house. (ajit looks surprised) but its sad that inorder for her to leave
kandy's life got ruined, but now nothing bad will happen (ajit looks
disgusted with her) b/c henceforward rusty will be gone forever. (she
takes ashriwad and walks out of the room and see ajit) ajit beta, u and

Ajt:I came here to see how baoji is. And I'v acquired all the info I needed.

Madhura: where is rusty? Baoji's conditions, kandy sad at home n then
rusty leaving the house, someone must have cast an evil eye, everyone is
so worried at home

Ajit: only u r responsible (madhura looks like wat the heck is he tlking
about) what I mean is everyon is worried and you're the one has to take
care of everyone and everything

Madhurathat I am trying

Ajit: I can see that (another look of hate) u know what I mean, with you
trying to bring rusty back home and all.

Madhura: gosh I could have brought her back home, all she wanted was
everyone's happiness.

Ajit: rusty says that she was able to do all of this with someone's faith,
but she never said who's faith she had

Madhura: how is she now

Ajit: a bit worried, but she'll b ok now (m looks confused) what I mean is
that after knowing how much her mom is trying to bring back home she'll
b happy, the things you'v done for her, well forget it, anyways I'm going

*Ajit home:

Ajit goes to rusty and says well I went to the hospital and that he saw
madhura. Then madhura calls. Then mahdura as rusty how she is, rusty
asks about baoji. Madhura says from ur lips to gods ear hopefully baoji
wil get better. Then madhrua says that I was missing u so I called. Rusty
saysi miss u too. Hang up phone. She turns to ajit and says see how much
she loves me, so what did you want to tell me? He goes just this, how
much she loves you. So ajit doesnt tell her anything, tHinking if I tell her
now, she wont believe me. I'll have to get proof first.


Neelu is scared for her hubby, thinking I dont know where he Is or how he
is. Madhura says thas how baoji is. Now only mata rani can fix everything,
then turns to tell biji that she has done a puja and that many ppl would
come, hopefully shes not mad. Then she gets a call. Probabl ajit hes
tautning her. He tells her to meet him at puarni hawali if she doesnt want
neone to know. Biji asks who it is. Madhura goes noone I justh ave to
goto the market. Biji tells kulwant to get ready.

Purani hawali: (ok this scene had a lot of emotion/anger in it. Def. Well
played out)

Madhura: Neone thre neone there? (a male hand playing chess is seen)
who are you.

Ajit: I love to play chess, who would b better than u to know who to play
dirty basically.

Madhura: (in the spotlight kind of, then ajit comes in front of her) ajit!

Ajit: Haan mein.

Madhura: tell me clearly what you want.

Ajit: u tell me, ur the one who deceived her daughter who believed in u
more than anything.

Madhura: ur outta your mind

Ajit: no youre the one who is outta ur mind, ur the one that wanted rusty
to get out of the house and for her to help kandy to get married.

Madhura: I haven't done anything

Ajit: because of all fo this u put everyones happiness at stake

Madhura: shut up

Ajit: b/c of you baoji is in the state he is, b/c of you iqbal left. Its all your

Madhura: lies, all lies

Ajit: no it's the truth, you're the one who did everything

Madhura: shut up I told you to shut up

Ajit: its all your fault its b/c u hate her

Madhura: (walking over to the chessboard, slams hands down, close up
on her face, looks evil, and her cheeks look fatter than usual) haan haan, I
hate her (ajit looks happy yet surprised) yes I told her to get them
married, everything she did, she did b/c I told her, its b/c my family
broke the promise they made to me. I don't want kirans ateet to b in front
of me (I think kiran is rusty's mom, sorry not sure) so I made a promise to
myself that I'd get rusty thrown out of the house and I did that today. (ajit
with sly look on his face and playing with a chess piece) to bad yuvraj had
to die, I can't see iqbal n baojis conditions like this, but I have to today,
soon I'll fix everything. But I wont let rusty ever be part of our family.
Never! (she walks back to ajit after breaking a few chess pieces as she
exclaimed never) you know the truth now, you do what u want with it, you
can't ruin me, you have no proof

Ajit: (holds up a king chess pieces in front of madhuras face starts
laughing hysterically and walks back to the chessboard, puts the piece
down and everything that she said is being played back)

Madhura: (look of an @$$ on her face…it was so funny) AJIT!!!

Ajit: no, not with anger, use you head like I did, if I want to I can give that
tape to your family. But all I want u to do is bring rusty back to the house,
since u got her thrown out. With as much love as u bring her back, I'll
give u the tape with just as much love

Madhura: no, I can't do this now

Ajit: oh but you will, how, I don't know, that's your problem (picks up
chessboard and leaves)

*Ajit hosue:

Rusty is looking at her passport. Ajit comes there. And madhura is there.
Madhura is smiling, then as rusty n her hug, she gives a disgusted look to
ajit. Rusty goes I missed u so much, and madhura goes thas why I came, I
came here to take u home. Rusty goes how can this happen, no one will
accept me at home nad if I go, then everyone will b mad at you at home.
She goes yah thas right, its ok, Ill explain. I can keep u away from me for
long, ur my daugther, u only awnted everyones happiness. U just wanted
kandy to get her dads ashriwad, just forget everything, Im here. Rusty
turns away n goes, no I dont want to make everybody sad. Madhura goes,
that if u dont go w/ me now, then Ill tell everyone that it was all my idea,
whatever happens happnes, I cant take this anymore, I will tell
everyoenthe truth. Ajit, as he stands b/w rusty n madhura while giving
madhura looks goes, come on look at how much she loves u, u should go
with her. Ajit again giving madhura some more looks goes I think u
should go w/ her. Rusty says ok, turns back around and hugs her mom.
Ajit grabs her plane ticket n shows it to madhura.


Biji n randhir r talking. Madhura n rusty comes. Kandy neelu look at her
with hatred, kulwant is shown shocked, randhir and biji are shown in
complete disblief




-Best scene: ajit confronting madhura purani hawali (it seems like a
police/suspect interrogation scene from
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Madhura saying wow how wonderful ajit likes u, do u like him.
Then talk about kandy n ajit
Bibi ji saying good thing kandy got someone like u

Ajits house:
Ajit n rusty shocked. Biji says that kandy is ready n now u r too, we'll call ur parents asap n get a date fixed. Then kulwant says whats wrong u look worried. Neelu says we're proud that after knowing everything, u'v still accepted kandy. U'v given the whole family life. Bibi ji says that she wants to throw a party. Ajit says can I have time to think. Biji says ok, we must leave. Madhura smiles , they all leave. Ajit grabs rusty arm, ajit goes what kind of joke is this. Kulwant says u giving congrats to ur jiju, then takes her away.

Rusty's house:
Biji n neelu r happy, and they r talking about how happy they are that ajit is getting married to kandy. While kulwant is talking, she sees kandy, n then kulwant says that ajit said yes, kandy looks all weird and away. Kulwant asks if she is happy, w/ ur happiness is all ours. And kandy says in all your happiness lies mine.

Kandys room:
She is looking at yuvraj's picture n crying. Then rusty comes inside. She goes to kandy. And then kandy goes after listening to the family, I said yes to ajit. Rusty says I understand all. Kandy says that yah me n ajit aren't in love, but its ok w/ time everything will b better. Rusty is trying to talk in-between, but kandy keeps saying how the family is happy w/ this. And that I'm ready to do this. Rusty leaves, about to cry. Kandy looks away semi-evil like.

Madhuras Room:
Madhura is on the phone, she is talking about arriving to a party on time. Then rusty comes saying mom, mom, n then she starts to bawl in her moms arming, saying what is happening to me, why? Why w/ me.

Neelu's room:
Randhir says that baoji would b happy w/ everyone's descision. The good thing is that kandy's life is being settled n thank god that ajit is ready to say yes, and as far as iqbal goes, he's ashriwad is always w/ her. I'm here, I can do her wedding thing.

At the party:
Kulwnat madhura kandy rusty. The lady says that what happened to kandy is bad, and that a widow coming to a function is bad luck. Then kandy starts to cry and leaves. Rusty says kandy. She turns to kulwant n says what the heck is this.

Rusty in her room:
Rehashing kandy saying for the family she is ready to get married again, n then the lady at the thing saying widow being there is bad. Then she says I love ajit, what do I do. Then her conscious says how can u b so selfish, have you not thought about kandy. Then her conscious says somehow ur responsible. Rusty says that that I was always w/ her to keep her happy, then conscious says that she'll living a life of unhappiness. N then rusty says that all three of our lives will be ruined conscious says that this will allow ur sins to b forgiven. Rusyt says I love him I can live w/o him. N then conscious says ur selfish, who need ajit more u or kandy. Its ur decision , then conscious disappears. Rusty stands there thinking. Then ajit calls, she doesn't answer, he calls again, she doesn't answer. N says no, I can't b this selfish, for kandy's happiness I have to sacrifice this. Then ajit callas again, she answer, ajit says what is all this, was this ur surprise. He says is this ur answer then she says yes, then ajit says I need to meet u, she says she cant' meet him, n then ajit says that then fine I'll come there n tell ur family that I love you n u love me just as much.

At some park I guess:
Ajit is walking thinking, then rusty comes, they both look really sad. Rusty says why did u call me here, ajit says that i asked u a question I know the answer, I did then n I do now, I know u love me just as much. Rusty turns away n says how did u think that i love you, ajit says I didn't' think I felt it. Rusty says it was wrong. Ajit says why. She says what, I admit I like ur company, but ur only my friend. Ajit says jut friend, rusty says yes, just friend, fault is mine, I forgot that here in India a guy n girl can't only b friends. I'm from London I have tons of friends n I hang out w/ guys doesn't mean I love them all, ur just like that, a friend, ajit says I don't care about ur London life, all I know is that I love you so much, it doesn't happen by looking at a passport, it just happen, rusty says I'v already told u I don't love u, I have tons to do in life, I don't have time for love. Ajit says ur just lying, then rusty this is the truth, ajit says that I can see it, thats why u cant look at me str8. Ajit says if u don't love me, then look at me in the eyes n tell me str8. U don't have the courage to do so. Then rust looks in eyes n says that I don't love u, plus u mistook friendship for love. N in doing so u might lose a friendship. She walks away. A sad song is played. Ajit is about to cry. Its sad. Man my heart hurts so bad, seeing ajit in this pain.

Rusty rings the bell. says whatever I did w/ ajit. Please forgive. What ever I did I did for kandy happiness, I had no other way. Wee see footsteps. Everything that happened till today I have no complaints. Footsteps. Just please give me strengths. Foots steps. Please let me handle all this. Now wee see up to waste. She is praying. Some guy touches rusty shoulder. She looks shocked, he has a cowboy hat on n asks how are you. She goes tum. Then she looks as if she just saw a ghost n runs away. He just turns n looks at her.

In her room:
She closes her door n says omg he got here. If he came then he must have brought my past w/ him. What do I do now, if anyone finds out then, then, she just looks off into space.

No precap

Star of show: rusty, as to how she played off everything so well. We could see in her eyes how much she was being torn apart inside.
Best scene: where rusty is telling ajit she doesn't love him. I loved how ajit wouldn't accept it, n how hard it was for rusty to lie to her love, it was full of a lot of emotion.
extra comments: Enjoy guys, its such a great day today. i'm uber happy, so hopefully this update is good. if not, lets wait till tomar to tell me the faults. i'm super

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Kandy saying r u happy that I listened to the family n said yes. Ajit saying look at my eyes n say u don't love me, u don't have the courage to den\y my love, then rusty saying I don't love you. Then the cowboy hat guy there saying how r u

Living Room:
Biji talking saying bring ten /fifteen more. Then kulwant sayin wear this kandy. Biji saying it looks good. Kulwant saying how pretty she looks. Rusty all sad. Comes n sits there. Then smiles. Kulwant says that they should get rusty married too. And then rusty says no, I don't think s. kulwants says u just wait, I will do so much for it. Biji says bas, no more let kandy get married first, then something about going to ajits. Biji asks madhura n kulwant to go. The say they can't, kulwant says let rusty go. Rusty looks al sad. Biji says rusty? Then fine, rusty will. Rusty says no, what will I do there. Kulwant says why u always saying no these days. Bji says u have to

Ajit house:
Rusty comes therE, ajit laying on sofa thingy, he's sleeping oh so cute, rusty is there, all sad n crying like. Then walks over to him, n says ajit, he wakes up, looks all sad, man my heart is aching, he gets up, he says I knew I u'd come, I even kno u love me a lot n that u can't, then rusty says again ur misunderstanding, he says wat misunderstanding, she says my answer is the same as yesterday, u r just my friend, he says thats it, tell me u love me dammit, tell me. She says ur my sis's husband to be. I just came here to give u a invite. Ajit says fine then I'll come over n decide everyone's fate, I'll tell everyone who I love. Ajit says open ur ears n listen, I will never marry kandy. I wont listen to u or her. She says u wont marry her cuz she a widow she'll stay single all her life. Ur so selfish, think about it, do whatever u want. Ajit says I will do what want I love you n always will. She walks out. N he just sad.

Kandy room:
Kulwant is getting kandy ready, kandy looks really pretty decked out in red, she says today ajit will b left looking at u . then rusty comes in, kulwnt says look how pretty she looks, n that im going to make her look so good tha ppl gonna think the moon came, then turns to kandy says that whats wrong, kandy says my heart isn't in all this,then she goes to rusty n says that how strange is it that so soon this opportunity came again, right. Rusty says if happiness isn't giving the first time, then they come again one more time. Kandy says fist time I was happy for me, now I'm doing this for families happiness. They hug, rusty look all evil, kandy thinks that yah there is happiness, happiness in ur pain that is. Then kulwants says stop now girls, no need to b so emotions all makeup will b messed up. Now go everyone must b waiting. They leave

Living room:
Kulwant say I brought a piece of the moon to the ground, where should she go, biji says go look at the guests, n then says to kandy she looks beautiful, lets go matha teek. Then rusty is left alone, all sad. They matha teek. Biji says that may god keep u happy. Kandy n neelu go, kanyd looks happy, rusty is sad as they pass her by. Kandy sits, rusty just looks on, kulwants sits there talking to all her friends about food and stuff, being all funny and stuff. Talking bout marriage in londong, then neelu says ur here, she says that biji told me to entertain them, neelu says go boys side is here. Everyone looks up to see them, rusty all sad, ajit looks dashing in a pinstripe suit. Then randir n everyone go n greet them. Kulwant takes ajit aside to introduce him to everyone. He just keeps looking at rusty. Then him n some guy talk. While talking he stares t rusty. She then walks away. Ajit comes behind her. Rusty looks pretty too. They have a staring contest, she walks away, out comes madhura from hiding n give evil look. Ajit's friend says where the music its my friends marriage. Dhol is played ,everyone is dancing. Man I miss Punjab. Randhir is all smiles. Someone bring ajit, rusty is there ,ajit is dancing, rusty can't help but smile at him, ajit friend brings rusty in n they start dancing, ajit stares at her, everyone is dancing, randhir smiling, neelu smiling, now ajit n rusty r dancing back to back, n then ajit goes into dream land, n sees himself dancing w/ rusty alone to a slow song, sorry don't know the lyrics. But cute song for the two of them, he snaps outta his dream. Then starts to dance w/ kandy again, rusty is about to cry seeing them two dancing together.

Somewhere in house:
Then rusty is talking to ajits friend saying ur a great dancer, I didn't' know i could meet a guy like u. then to ajit she says that why didn't u introduce us before, I got so bored here. Then she n friend go outside n walk around she flirts and laughs. Then ajit comes there n says what is all this. What r u trying to do? Rusty says u should b w/ kandy, what r u doing here. He says should i tell u, then he tells his friend to leave, she tells him to behave, he's my friend, n ajit says since when r u two friends. Rusty says a lot of meetings aren't' needed to become friends. Go inside ppl r waiting for u. ur engagement is about to b announced. well go. Then ajit so heart broken, jut looks at her, she says fine if u wont go then we will, she grabs friends hand goes. Then ajit is all sad. So heart broken. Man I swear I was so sad.

Living room:
They come inside still taking in mute. Ajit comes behind them. She looks at ajit, he is pissed. Rusty looks away, biji comes to ajit n says I was looking for u, lets go we have to make the announcement, she asks whats wrong. He says nothing. She says lets make the announcement. They go. Rusty looks sad, ajit then stops looking at her n goes. Then randhir says ladies n gentleman, can I have ur attention. Biji then says I called all here to give u good news that my granddaughter is getting engaged w/ ajit n soon they will b married too. Everyone claps, rusty looks around, then claps. Kandy n ajit take ashriwaad. Kandy looks at rusty evilly. Rusty comes to them n says congrats kandy I'm happy for the two of u. she then looks at ajit, ajit looks back, n she says all the best ajit. Walks away. Then everyone else one by one come n say congrats. Rusty goes to a pillar n cries. So sad. U can see the pain in her eyes.


Star of the show: kulwant. absolutely funny today. Loved her acting.
Best scene: I would have to say the dancing scene. it showed rusty n ajit all sad n lost in tought about each other. Showed kandy's evil ways how she would dance so happily w/ ajit, n then ajit day dreaming about rusty. Rusty just couldn't keep her eyes of ajit, n all sad
Extra: enjoy the update, I missed a few dialogues here n there sorry about that.

Take care,
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Update: July 26, 2006

The new guy attacks Rusty but Ajeet comes and saves her… The guy runs off… Ajeet asks Rusty who the guy was… Rusty says she doesn't know… Ajeet thinks about what madhura has told him… He tells Rusty that whatever he is about to say to her might not sound right and would be hard to believe but it is the truth… He tells her that that guy must have been sent by Madhura aunty since she is the one against you… He say that she is the one responsible for all the sufferings and pain that Rusty has to go through… He tells her that she hates her but pretends to be nice so that she can make Rusty appear bad in front of the family… Rusty is disgusted by all this… She asks how dare he say that against her mom… She says that her mom has always supported her in everything and has given her courage… She says that he has started talking like this since he couldn't get her and now he is talking like this against her mom… She leaves in anger… Ajeet thinks that no matter what you think Rusty, you will have learn about your mom's true face since your life might be in danger… He says that he will definitely show her Madhura's real face… he calls Madhura….

Madhura comes to Ajeet's house… She asks why he called her there… Ajeet asks when will she give up all these tactics against Rusty… He asks why she sent a guy behind Rusty… Madhura says that she did no such thing… Ajeet says that he will have to expose her in front of Rusty… Madhura says that he can do nothing to her; firstly she hasn't done anything and even if she did, then he has no proof or did he forget that she ruined that tape in front of his eyes… Ajeet says that she doesn't know that he has a copy of that tape and that tape will be with Rusty in a bit… Madhura is shocked…

Rusty comes to her room and sees a tape on her bed… She is surprised to it there and wonders what it is…

Madhura says that he did a very wrong thing… Ajeet says that he didn't do anything wrong, she did… He says that she started it and he will end it… Ajeet says that today her game is going to end... he says that it was important to tell Rusty about her so that she can be careful next time… He says that today her mom-daughter relationship is going to end and instead of Rusty she might have to go out of the house… Madhura is shocked… Ajeet asks her to go and save herself if she can… Madhura leaves…

Rusty is watching the tape… It is ajeet talking… He says that she was the one who took him out of his loneliness and then left him all alone, it didn't even take her a second to break this relation… He says that he might never be able to forget her, never… Rusty is crying… He says that he can't live without her…

Ajeet thinks that he has no tape, no proof but lied because she might take some step in desperation which might disclose the truth… He thinks that she is not that innocent but still he had to take a chance…

Rusty is crying and thinks that she cannot see Ajeet in this condition… She thinks she should tell mama everything… She calls Madhura… madhura is very nervous… She says that she knows why she called her… Madhura asks her to come meet her in thirty minutes before taking any step… She hangs up the phone… She then thinks that she has to stop Rusty from telling everyone the truth… She calls someone and asks him to come meet her…

Some guy is doing something to a car… Rusty is shown walking outside… Rusty starts driving… The guy calls Madhura and she looks happy… The guy tells her that Rusty won't be able to control the car… Madhura thinks that how can she let Rusty live after she came to know her real face… She thinks that she had no other way…

Madhura is driving… She calls Ajeet… She asks him how he is doing… He says that she sounds very excited… Madhura says that he is right, she is very excited… Ajeet asks why, because she hired someone to mess up Rusty's car breaks… Madhura is shocked and asks how he knows… He says that he had told her that he would keep an eye on every move she makes… He says that the guy she hired was rehired by him… madhura says that the guy called and told her that the job was done… Ajeet says that he did the job, he messed up her car breaks instead… Madhura is shocked… Ajeet says 'Alvida aunty!'… Madhura tries to control the car but cannot… After a while there are some hay piles in the way, the car hits those piles and then a tree… The piles act as a barrier and nothing happens to Madhura… madhura is relived but very shocked and nervous… She gets out of the car… Ajeet comes there as well… Madhura is shocked to see him there…

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Update: July 27, 2006

Rusty walks towards Madhura… Ajeet says that he has proved that Madhura is not sincere with Rusty… Rusty sternly asks Ajeet to leave as she wants to talk to Madhura alone… Ajeet is not ready to leave but Rusty asks him to go… After he leaves, Rusty tells madhura that Ajeet thinks she is against her now but she still trusts her… She says that a mother can never be wrong, it must have been my fault… Rusty says that if she had anything against her, she could have talked to her instead of ruining baoji, Kandy, and Iqbal's life… Madhura asks her to stop her drama… She says that Rusty is responsible for ruining their lives, is she didn't come, all this wouldn't have happened… Rusty is shocked… Madhura says now that she knows her true face, why is she standing here, why doesn't she go and tell everyone about it… Rusty says that she won't do anything to break her family, all she wants is her family's love especially yours… madhura gets mad and asks my love? She says the daughter of a mother who shared my husbands' love wants my love today? She says if you wish you can die, but this wish of yours will never be fulfilled… She says the only thing she can give her is her hatred… She says that she will make her look bad in front of the whole family and send her back to London… Rusty says that I have a goal in mind, I'll never come in between your plans but neither will I back off from my goal… Madhura says that you will lose…

Randhir is giving orders for sweets… Kulwant is talking to the jeweler… Everyone is busy preparing for the wedding…

Rusty is sitting doing something… There is a knock at the door… Madhura goes to see who it is… Ajeet comes in and asks how come she is still there and why no one kicked her out of the house yet… He says that she is not worthy of being called a mother… Rusty comes there and asks him to stop talking like that to her mama… Ajeet is surprised and asks why is she still calling her mama… Rusty asks him to stop and not say anything against her mama… Rusty says that he is the son-in-law to be, that's why she is not saying anything… Madhura gives a victory smile to Ajeet… Ajeet asks Rusty to stop her drama as this woman is not worthy of being called that… He says that he won't come to her rescue everytime… Rusty asks him to just concentrate on his marriage… Kulwant comes there and is happy to see him there… Ajeet gives her the shaadi card… Kulwant says that it is beautiful just like the bride and groom… Ajeet says that they too have some amazing partners in this house, like Rusty and Madhura who love each other so much (lolz)… He leaves…

The haldi ceremony is going on… All are happy even Kandy… Rusty is about to leave when Kulwant asks her to apply haldi to Kandy… Rusty does that… Then some girls dance around… Rusty gets up from there…

Kandy is in her room and is trying to get the haldi color out of her hands… Rusty comes there… Kandy asks if she got rid of her haldi color… Rusty shows her hands which are still yellow… Kandy laughs and says that this color should never fade after all she has to get married as well… Rusty is sad… She smiles and says it's nothing like that, she has never thought about marriage… Kandy asks why? Don't you want to have your own family and someone who loves you a lot… Rusty says that there is time for everything and this is the time for Kandy's happiness and she is very happy for her… Rusty leaves… Kandy thinks that she wanted to see the pain of losing love in her eyes… She thinks that Rusty has fulfilled a sister's duty but she still has to pay a sister's debt…

Ajeet is looking at Rusty's picture… His mom comes there and asks him to get ready… She leaves… Ajeet thinks that he loved Rusty a lot but got a lot more hatred in return… He thinks that she has thrown him out of her life but he has given her place everywhere even in his dreams… He thinks that he was wrong to do that… He burns Rusty's picture… He says that with this smoke, a part of my heart burned as well where you used to live…

Rusty is remembering her moments with Ajeet…She is sitting on a rock near a river… Zindagi mein koi kabhi aaey na rabba plays in the background… Madhura walks towards her… She goes to her and says that it's her sister's wedding, won't she go there? She says that you are very strong, then getting her love or not getting it shouldn't make a difference, she should atleast be happy for her sister… Rusty says that she is happy for her sister and she doesn't need to show it off; all she wants is for her to be always happy… Madhura taunts her and says that this is called sacrifice… Madhur then says that you are very dumb, it was me who convinced kandy that you are responsible for Yuvraj's death and that is why Kandy snatched your love form you… Rusty is shocked… Madhura says that kandy doesn't love Ajeet and will stay unhappy all her life but along with herself she has given you a lifelong sorrow… She asks what are you thinkingnow, won't you go save your love? Rusty runs…

The wedding is going on… Ajeet is puts mangalsuter on kandy's neck… Ajeet doesn't look happy… He is about to fill Kandy's maang with sindoor when Rusty comes there… Ajeet looks at her and then fills kandy's maang… Rusty is sad…

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Update: July 31, 2006 (by n_nisha1)...

Yeah, it started with Ajit and Candy already married. Candy comes to Rusty and asked whether she will congratulate her. Rusty ( poor girl, she seems so shattered but yet so composed) congratulates her. Ajit just watches blankly. Then evil mathura makes her entry and has an evil smile. She approaches Rusty and tells her that finally it has been the victory of hatred and not love.   Well, she doesnt understand that if Rusty didnt love Candy so much she wouldnt have beena ble to make the sacrifice of her love for Ajit for Candy, her sister.

Then Rusty goes in her room and is crying.

Its vidayi time for Candy and she asks beeji where rusty is. Beeji says that Rusty is in her room coz she cannot bear the separation of her sister. Wish Beeji knew about mathura and Candy----> she is a real thakurani: she would have given them a good scolding!!

Candy goes to see Rusty and meanwhile Beeji praises the love between rusty and candy while Mathura smiles evilly.

Rusty is crying continuously when Candy makes her appearance. She tells rusty that the vidayi is hers but it is rusty who is crying the most. Rusty immediately tells her that dont try to wipe these tears..they are just nothing.

Candy reveals her true face to rusty. she tells her that it is now rusty's punishment coz she snatched away yuvraj from her. Rusty is dumdstruck!!!Candy goes on that the same way I am suffering from love loss, the same way rusty will suffer for not getting her love.

Rusty (she has got more sense though she is the one who has got a broken heart right now and her wounds are still so fresh) tells candy that she should shoo away these kind of thoughts from her mind now that Ajit is her husband and future.

Candy just goes on and on.

She continues that rusty did not try to secure her future by sacrificing her love for Ajit but instead she ruins her own life. She then hands rusty a white sari telling her that Rusty gave it to her when yuvraj died but now Rusty's life will be like this white sari even though she is not maried yet. well she said something like that. I was so fed up that I fastforward this bit.

Rusty tells candy that if she gets happiness out of her sorrows then so be it. she has always wanted candy's happiness and will always wish for her well being. by then ajit makes his appearance at rusty's bedroom and he also comes and say some hurtful things to rusty and left. Poor him, he too looked so heartbroken.

Vidayi time. Everyone crying.

Scene shifts to Candy sitting on ajits bed and waiting for him to come. Ajit comes and sees rusty in the place of candy. Upset, he left his room. meanwhile Evil Mathura is rubbing salt on Rusty's wounds saying that now the love of her life is celebrating his honeymoon with her sister and rusty should be very happy for Candy. Then rusty too left her room.

Ajit is driving and Rusty is driving. they both see each other's car and they stop. they get out and rusty asks ajit what he is doing here when he shud be with his wife at this time of the night, and that too his first night.

Ajit tells her that he knows where he shud be and there is no need to tell him. He also adds on that now there is another person on his responsibility and he wud he ahs forgotten all the moments he has spent with her.

Then Rusty starts going her way. she just hopes that nobody sees her and ajit together especially at this time when ajit shud be with candy.

The scene shifts to candy coming to her house (maika) where she tells beeji and her mom and mathura whether ajit is there. they say no and ask her not to worry as he must be stuck with the guests somewhere in his house. Candy says no coz he came to their room but then tensed he left. Then immediately, candy asks where rusty is. Mathura replies as fast as lightning that rusty too doesnt seem to be around.

Both beeji and candy's mom seem to be worried.




August 1st- update courtesy Manjot




Kandy giving rusty white sari telling her al that mean stuff. Then kandy asking where rusty is, madhura says rusty isn't home



Madhura saying yes biji, she's not here, Seems as if.., then rusty is there w/ smiles. Madhura looks shocked. Biji says that madhura said she's not there. Then madhura says I went to her room n she wasn't there. Then rusty goes u didn't look properly and says kandy u here. Ajit comes from behind and says that ur here n I got tired looking all over the other places. Kandy says that u came w/o saying anything so I got worried n thas why I came here. He say that I didtn feel good so I went to the medical store, I didn't tell u b/c I didn't want to worry u. biji says u need to loose that childish ways of urs (to kandy). Ajit says we have to go. Neelu says stay have tea. Aji says no its ok and then something I didn't hear.



Rusty goes to daddy and says u didn't sleep. If u want I can massage ur head. Rusty just walks toward the balcony n faces his back to her. Rusty says ur still mad. Atleats forgive me now. I'm trying to fix everything, look kandy is married, everyone is happy. Randhir says who is happy, do I look happy. Being happy n looking happy are two diff things, u cant' understand that, can yuvraj come back, can u make baoji get better, can iqbal come to the wedding, can neelu be happy. No u can't. now go to sleep. He leaves. Rusty left alone, n she's all sad.



Kandy n ajit come. Kandy earing preety sari all looking cute n dulhan like. They doo all the traditional stuff. And kulwant asks for shagun. They take ashriwad from biji. Kulwant says where u guys going for honeymoon. And neelu says shh and ask ajit not ot mind. Aji says he held party for friends and all should come. Biji says amongst young ppl, old pl don't need to be there. Kulwant says il'l come I'm not old. Ajit says bring rusty too. Biji says yah go. Rusty says no. ajit says yes. Kulwant says comeo ne he's so sweet u have to come. Biji syas they will for sure


Kulwant and rusty comes. Kulwans says wow great party. Kandy says rusty and says excuse me. Goes to kulwant says that rusty looks pretty, I hope the ppl dont mistake her for his wife. Rusty what did u come for, too see our fake happiness or show ur fake happiness. Rusty says ur happy n so am I . Kandy says I'll never give ajit yuvraj's place. Rusty says stop. Kandy says ajit doesn't even to see ur face, whom u did so much for. Ajit says this is our cocktail party, and ask for rusty. Rusty comes there. Ajit says thanks for coming, he introduces his friends and rusty. And says that rusty is the happiest w/ my marriage. She just looks at him n walks away. Kulwant goes after and says, whats wrong, enjoy it. Then kulwant gets a phone call from her hubby and says I'm not talking to u, its been so long since u called ill go outside n talk I can't hear anything. kandy comes n says ur alone, why r u sad, u talk to much, look now I'm so happy, then what happened to u huh? Ur jealous huh? Rusty says please. Kandy says ur haven't forgotten him, he's ur sis's bro, forget him now. R u trying to get him again, take him away from me if want then, u took yuvraj away n now him go for it. Rusty calls her pagal n says shut up. Ajit comes n says how dare u talk like to my wife, n I don't like my wife insulted, this isn't' ur London, we know how to respect relationships. Everyone is watching. Kandy is happy. Rusty leaves all crying like.



kulwant says whats wrong tell me whats wrong rusty. Biji says why come back so early. Kulwant says I don't know. Biji says I'll talk to her.


Rusty room:

Talking to ajit pic. U did right. U loved me so much, I love u just as much, but for my sis's happiness I filled her life w/ happiness again. Thats why I'm happy w/ my happiness. Biji says rusty rusty looks back. Biji says what did u do. N cries. Why did u sacrifice ur love for ur sis. Rusty says what r u saying, she says im just saying wat I heard, we never made u part of our family b/c ur an outsider, now I'm asking what are u made up, what didn't we do w/ u n u still put our happiness first, u lose everything for our happiness. For ur sis happiness u sacrificed ur love. She now this family is in ur debt n it will never b lifted. Rusty says I just did wat any daughter would have done n w/o this family I'm nothing, biji says wait till the family finds out. Rusty says no don't say that, I won't able to see daddy apologize and promis u wont say anything. I'm going hve to stay happy evne tho I don't want to. N she cries on biji's shoulder


Kandy and ajit room:

Kandy taking off her kangans. Look at ajit. She says that rusty made a mockery of the party. Now what will ppl thing. What she wants to do she can. Now ppl will say so much, she looks at ajit. Ajit still in daze. Kandy says that u did right ajit by scolding her, ever since we got married she's been out of line. I don't understand anything. I hope she didn't think anything else. I think she wanted to marry u. but since she couldn't, she taking revenge. Ajit says stop, just b/c im quite doesn't mean u can say anything u awnt. Ajit says don't say stupid stuff. Kandy says I didnt' say anything wrong, could it b that u like rusty. Ajit says keep ur mouth shut and leaves.


Ajit n rusty:

Thinking of ajit .ajit thinking of rusty. Rusty crying, ajit lost in thought. Keeps flashin b/w the two.


House somewhere:

Madhura says I'm scared b/c of her. For how long r we going to stop her, hide her mistakes, sometimes she's taking advantage of my love, I'm here to ask, what should I do of her, if we don't send her away…biji says bas, I don't want to hear anymore. Madhura says what are u saying biji says madhura I promised rusty that I wouldn't say anything , but u don't know, till today we held her responsible for kandy's unhappiness, for kandy she was ready to sacrifice her love, n live a life of loneliness ,ur her mom u should have known. Mahdhura says what r u saying. Biji says that I'm telling u all this so u can b her strength. Mahdura says biji don't worry, biji says this is what I expected. Mahdura is all mad and says that I wont leave her, she trying to make her self look good again.



Star of the show: dadi. she was really understanding and not hateful toward rusty today.
Best scene: biji and rusty. it was a very lovely grandma-granddaughter scene
Extra: dadi looked really pretty today.

Take care,

Update: August 2, 2006 by Maha21

Madhura comes to Rusty and taunts her for trying to get everyone's sympathies towards herself… Rusty says that she didn't tell biji anything and that biji found out about it on her own… Madhura says then biji must have had a dream about it… Rusty says that all I want is to make a place for myself in your heart… Madhura says that this will not happen, atleast in this janam…  She says that you have to suffer from my hands in this janam and you already are by falling from the family's eyes, then losing Ajeet, and there is lots more to come… Rusty says if the beginning is so good, she is hopeful that all will be good in future as well… She says that if she has lost Ajeet from her life, she has also gained him back in her sister's life… Madhura says that you are very proud and one day I'm going to break this pride of yours… Rusty says that those who do not bow down tend to break but my head is always bowed down before you… Madhura just rolls her eyes (so did I)… Madhura says that you speak very big dialogues even though you are a foreigner… Rusty says that I promise that the way I long for your love, you will long for your victory… Rusty says that she will tell Ajeet the truth… Madhura is shocked and thinks that if Rusty tells Ajeet the truth, then my plan would be destroyed…

Madhura calls Kandy… Kandy is somewhere outside… madhura asks her to go back home immediately… Kandy asks why… Madhura tells her that Rusty is going to go tell Ajeet that you married her just to take revenge… Kandy is shocked and asks how does she know… Madhura tells her to just go home and not ask her so many questions… Kandy runs to her car…

Ajeet is home… The door bell rings… It's Rusty… Ajeet is surprised to see her… Rusty tells him that she is there to tell her something very important…

Kandy comes home… She sees Rusty going back and is shocked… She goes inside and sees that Ajeet is sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed… She says to Ajeet that she is sorry and knows that he must be very angry with her… Ajeet looks surprised… Kandy says that she didn't want to do this to him and make him unhappy but he became part of the game that Rusty was playing… Ajeet is shocked… Kandy says that I trusted Rusty a lot but she betrayed me, I lost my love, my papa, and my dadji… She says that she is not sorry that Rusty has lost her love today since she snatched away my love from me… kandy says that she feels relieved whenever she sees her in sorrow… Kandy says that she knows that whatever she did to him was wrong but she had to take her revenge from Rusty… She says that today Rusty would understand how it feels when someone snatches away your love… She says that I can only say sorry to you… Ajeet gets up from his chair and goes and SLAPS her… Kandy says that it seems that she came a little late as that Rusty must have told you the story in her words so that she can be the beechari… kandy says that whatever I said was the truth… Ajeet says that he knows that she is telling the truth… He says that it's good that she told her everything as Rusty told him something entirely different…

We see flashback of when Rusty came: Ajeet asks if there is still something to say… Rusty tells him that she wanted to tell him something as she wouldn't have been able to live with this guilt… She then remembers Ajeet and kandy's wedding and stops… Ajeet asks what she wanted to say… Rusty just says that she wants him and Kandy to live a very happy life together… Rusty then leaves… Ajeet is confused… Flashabck ends… Ajeet says that now he knows the truth… He asks kandy why she did this, why did she destroy everyone's life…

Rusty is in her room… She thinks that if she would have told Ajeet the truth, then kandy's life would have been destroyed… She thinks that Kandy is on the wrong path but is with a good partner and once day kandy would realize that she is wrong…

Kandy is with madhura… madhura tells her that it is good that Ajeet found out about Rusty, now Rusty's sacrifice would go to waste and Ajeet' pain would increase… kandy is shocked and says what is Ajeet's fault in all this… Madhura screams and says what was my fault in this, whatever Rusty did, it affected my family as well… Madhura says that everything is fair in love and war… She says that she snatched away her love from her, she always considered me her mom but I never considered her anything more than a puppet… Madhura says that she did whatever I asked her to do, I was the one who asked her to get you and Yuvraj married… She says that I told her that after getting you two married, the families might end their war… Kandy is shocked… Madhura says that my war doesn't end there, Rusty ahs to go through a lot… Kandy is furious… Madhura asks why is she looking at her like this… Kandy shouts and says that I was a pagal that I trusted you and separated Ajeet and Rusty… madhura is shocked… kandy says that rusty is not my enemy but you are my biggest enemy… Madhura says that you can think what you want but I know it in my heart that I'm right… Kandy says that she will be grateful to Rusty all her life for what she did but will never forgive Madhura for what she made her do… kandy says that she will tell everyone the truth… madhura says that you will be trapped too if you say something… Kandy says that she doesn't care even if Ajeet leaves her but she cannot let madhura's plans be successful…

Kandy comes to Ajeet… She cries and tells him that she is very sorry for what she did… She says that she will tell everyone the truth now… Ajeet asks if she can deny their relationship in front of everyone, can she give him his love, can she give Rusty her love, and can she make her family unhappy once again??? Ajeet asks if she can do this… He asks her to leave Rusty alone… He asks her to let her think that they don't know anything… He asks her to not let Rusty's sacrifice go to waste… He says that you never appreciated your sister, but at least appreciate her sacrifice now… He says that he has no problem with Kandy, they will always be husband-wife but only in front of people… Kandy is shocked… She asks him not to do this for her, she is his culprit and he should kick her out of this house… Ajeet says that he is not doing this for her but for Rusty… He leaves from there… kandy cries…

Rusty is in her room when Kulwant comes there and says that there is someone there to meet her… Rusty comes down and is shocked to see the person… It's some weirdo… Kulwant says that she'll go make some tea… Rusty asks him why he came there and tells him that she'll come meet him at the mandir tomorrow… They guy asks her to come meet him or else… Rusty is shocked… The guy leaves… Rusty thinks how can she forget… Kulwant comes there with tea and asks where that munda went… Rusty says that he was just a travel agent and she had been in contact with him for some ticket things for the past two months… Rusty thinks how will she hide that truth from the family but thinks that she has to…

Update: August 3, 2006 by Maha21

Rusty meets the weird guy… They guy tells him that someone wants to talk to her on the phone… He hands her the phone… There is some person on the other side of the phone, we only see their shadow and nothing else… Rusty tells the person that I haven't forgotten my goal and there is no need for you to come here as I will take care of everything… Rusty then tells the guy that he doesn't need to come to her house like this, if she needs him, she'll call him… The guy says that he is just doing his job and if she continues doing her job, he won't have to come to her like this…

Ajeet is drinking… He is all drunk and talks to this guy sitting next to him… He says that there are some people who are fools but some who make fools out of other people… He says that he is amongst the ones who is always made a fool… He says that some people are unlucky who don't get their love and some who get love but can't recognize it… He gets hysterical and says that he made a big mistake, he couldn't understand Rusty's love for him… The other guy just leaves from there…

Kandy is at her parent's place is very worried that Ajeet hasn't come back… Biji tries to clam her down and says that he might be busy with some work… kandy says that she has been trying to call him… Biji says that there must be some network problem… Kandy says that she knows he won't call her as he was angry with her when he left… Randhir, neelu, Biji, and Kulwant are shocked… neelu gets hyper and asks what happened… kandy cries and says nothing… Randhir tries to calm her down and says that it happens between husband – wife, he would be somewhere around here… He asks kandy to come with him and they'll go look for him…

Rusty is walking on the road and Ajeet is driving drunk… Ajeet is so drunk that he hits a tree… Rusty is shocked to see this… Rusty goes to the car and asks Ajeet if he is ok… Ajeet looks completely out of it… Ajeet says that so much happened and now she is asking this… Rusty asks if he is under the influence of alcohol… He says he is as he heard that a person forgets everything when he is under the influence but it didn't work for him… Rusty gets worried and asks him to come with her and she'll drop him home… He asks why she is always ready to drop him, she has dropped him once and that's enough… Rusty tries to hold him but Ajeet asks her not to touch his hand… He asks if she let him hold her hand when he wanted to… Rusty cries and says that there is no use in all these things now, he is now married to kandy… Ajeet asks what marriage, it was just a revenge… He says that kandy took revenge, Rusty cried but who suffered, I did… He says that if she wanted to be a great person, she could have been, but why did she involve him? He says that she likes living like this but he is not as strong as she is… He says that he can't live without her, he loves her a lot and will always love her… he then says that he misunderstood her just like everyone else… Ajeet holds Rusty and hugs her and says that he loves her… Randhir and kandy see this… They are shocked… Ajeet sees them as well and is shocked… They come out of the car… Kandy asks Randhir not to get angry at them… Randhir asks Kandy to take Ajeet home… Randhir looks mad… He stares at Rusty…

At home, Randhir is yelling at Rusty in front of the whole family… He asks Rusty if what he saw was right, you and Ajeet????  He says that he is her sister's husband and today she has proven that she has no values… He says that today he has embarrassed him so much that he cannot even look into his own eyes… Rusty and dadi are very upset… Madhura has this victorious smile… neelu looks disgusted while Kulwant is a little upset… Randhir says that today he hates the fact that she is part of his family… Biji cannot take it anymore, she asks Randhir to shut up… All are shocked… Randhir says that she doesn't know what Rusty did… Biji says that no one knows more than her about what Rusty as done for this family… Rusty asks her not to say anything… Biji asks her not to stop her… Rusty cries… Biji says that the daughter you should be proud for the daughter you are embarrassed for… She says that this girl longed for our love when we should have been drinking water after washing her feet (LOL lolz, guys, sorry about this, this is just the literal translation of what biji said LOL)… Biji says that she sacrificed her love for her sister, the person who is her sister's husband today was her love yesterday… All are shocked… Biji goes to Rusty and puts her hand on her lovingly and says that she sacrificed her love so that her sister can get all the happiness… biji says no one should dare say anything about Rusty from now on… Rusty cries… Madhura is upset with the turn of events… Neelu and Kulwant have this soft look on their face for Rusty… Biji and Rusty hug… Randhir is embarrassed…

Rusty is crying in her room… Randhir comes there… he says that when he met her in London, he had promised her to give her a everything she had been longing for… He says that he could not keep his promise… he says that it would have been better if he hadn't brought her here since then he would only be indebted to her for her childhood but now he is indebted to her for her whole life… Rusty says that he has given her this family and she is sorry for the mistake she has made… She asks him not to get mad at her… Randhir says that he is angry with himself for misunderstanding her… he hugs her and says that he is very proud of her… Randhir asks if she will be happy without Ajeet's love… Rusty says that she has lost Ajeet's love but has gained the family's love in return and that's all she needs…

In the morning, Ajeet gets up… Kandy brings him tea… Ajeet says sorry for last night… kandy asks him not to say sorry as she is the one responsible for all that happened… She goes to get lemonade for him…  Ajeet thinks what Randhir must have thought after he saw him with Rusty last night… He thinks that if he stays here, then he would have to face Rusty often and he doesn't want to create any bad situations for her… He thinks that Rusty won't have to suffer because of him anymore… kandy comes with the lemonade… Ajeet says that he has decided something about them… kandy is a little scared...

The same weirdo calls Rusty… Rusty gets mad at him and says that she asked him not to call her… He says that he has to meet her now… Rusty goes to see him… He says that he had to meet her to remind her why she came to India… Rusty says that she remembers but she needs some time… The guy asks her not to say anything to him but to talk directly to the person who sent her here… We then see someone stepping out of a car…

HIGHLIGHTS: August 7, 2006- Courtesy Maha21

~ Kulwant and Neelu are making desi burgers and pizza for Rusty... Biji is happy about that... Madhura comes there and is not happy to see all this... Kulwant and Neelu go to call Rusty...

~ Ajeet and Kandy come to the deol house... Everyone is happy to see them... Ajeet tells them that they have decided t move to Canada since his mom os alone there... All are shocked... Randhir asks Ajeet why he made up his mind so fast but Biji says that it's ok... Biji asks Kandy to tke care of her mother in law... Neelu says that she will miss her daughter a lot... Kandy hugs her and says that she will call regularly... Kulwant is in tears as well and asks her if she kept all her warm clothes... Rusty is standing a far listening to all this... She is in tears...

~ Ajeet goes to see Rusty... Rusty says that she knows why he took this decision and she is not going to stop him... She says that this is the right decision... Ajeet says that today he can very well understand the pain she went through... HE asks her to smile so that he can take a good memory of her with him... Rusty smiles and Ajeet smiles as well (both have tears in their eyes)...

~ Kandy hugs all tha family members... In the end, she goes to Rusty... Both hug and cry...

~ Madhura taunts Rusty and says that Ajeet is leaving her forever today... Rusty says that she is very happy for both of them... She says that Kandy has changed and one day, you will change too... Madhura says that she is not as weak as Kandy...

~ Ajeet and Kandy leave... All are sad...

~ Rusty is serving dinner to everyone and is asking them to eat since she made the vegetables... Biji says that she knows what she is trying to hide... All look at her sadly... Rusty says that she is hiding the fact that she made gajer ka halwa... She goes to get it...

~ Rusty is in her room crying... All the family members come there... Biji says that they caught her this time and now she cannot hide her tears from them... Radnhir says that their happiness lies in her and she should try to stay happy... Neelu says that she cannot change what happened but she wants to see Rusty living life to the fullest... Rusty smiles and nods... Kulwant says that she'll bring food for her... Biji asks Kulwant to feed her by herself...

~ The weird gu calls Rusty and asks her to come meet him... Rusty goes and meets her mom there... They hug... Rusty tells her that she missed her a lot... Mom asks how far has she succeded in destroying the family... Rusty says that nothing can happen to the family as long as she is there since she herslf is a big problem for them... She smiles and mom is very happy...

~ A flashback is shown: Rusty is saying to her mom that she won't go to India as she hates her father who left her... Mom says that he left us and married some other woman and this is the best opportunity to take revenge... Rusty understands and agrees...

~ Rusty says that she will take revenge from her so called father and his family... Mom says that she has to destroy them and take away all the property and money... Rusty says that they all trust her so much that if this trust is broken, the family members will shatter...

UPDATE FOR August 8, 2006 by 


Sorry guys for not updating yesterday, Thank you Maha for updating for me. There was a thunderstorm in the area, and the internet connection was lost. Also until September 2nd, my connection will be facing problems here and there since the people are working on our connection L



Cowboy sayin if u don't come, there may be problems. Say if u want to say anything say it to who sent u here. Her mom says u came to destroy them. She says they trust me so much, that if that trust was broken they would be really sad.




Randhir saying rusty beta where are u coming from so late. She says I went for a walk, I go bored at home so thought I go out. Dad says if u ever feel like this, tell me, I'll take time out to get rid of ur loneliness, she says that what im suffering these day u can't rid those of me. She says that I miss my mom a lot. Randhir says madhura, rusty no dad, im talking about Linda mom. A weird look overcomes randhir, she says the mom in London, I miss her, n a life relations can't b forgot so fast, randhir goes I understand, I don't understand what to say, rusty says that all u have done, I am nothing….forget it, can I ask u something, do u ever thing of Linda. Randhir says yes, n its b/c I got a lovely daughter like u, n thats it, rusty just smiles.



Breakfast table:

Neelu serving food, kulwant says no I don't want so oily prantha, I'm dieting, neelu says r u modeling, kulwant says if I get the forms but they don't give fat ppl forms. Rusty comes in. Randhir ask rusty to eat, she says after eating, I'll go to office w/ u. all the ladies look at her differently. Randhir says u can't, biji says the bahus n betis don't go to the office, rusty says that I am mature enough too, I to want to do something in life. Mahdura says what kind of way r u talking to ur biji, biji goes to panchiat for ppls sake, rusty says me too, im doing it for families sake, randhir says ok sure, do breakfast n go. Rusty just smiles at madhura.



Rusty room:

Rusty is taking out her clothes, madhura comes w/ arti di thali, n says I thought I take ur arti, since its ur first day, rusty says that good u accepted my decision., where is the yogurt, when someone's goes out they get yogurt. Madhura says u have to much happiness after that one win(the win of going to the office) what about the sadness that comes after happiness is bitter. Rusty says momma (with attitude), come on grow up, take my arti quick, I'm getting late, no someone must have seen u bring the thali so someone must have seen ur act. Then says bye by




They come into the office, everyone says good morning, randhir introduces rusty to secretary, go to in heart of office, randhir says my daughter rusty will work w/ us. He introduces everyone to her. they all give her a warm welcome. They walk into rust's cabin, he asks how it is. She says nice, he says that being a beti u r full filling a betas job, ur the boss here. She says I'll never let u down.




Kulwant says rusty is smart, educated, what would she do being bored at home, we should be happy. Madhura says I understand, she's unaware of what she is doing, its to much, n she did a lot of mistakes, what if something happens. Kulwant say we forgave her, madhura says if something happens, we'll get blamed, goes to biji, why'd u let her. Biji says im sure rusty wont do anything wrong, n plus ranhdir is all alone there, if rusty helps at least he can free up some time, randhir will take of her.



Rusty cabin:

Rusty is looking over some papers. Cowboy guy comes there dressed all nice, n not in his usual get up n says good morning rusty, he says Linda brought me here. Randhir comes n says rusty….then says aap. Rusty says I thought I'll let him b my associate, randhir says im going home, so if anything happens, call me. He leaves. Rusty says u got lucky this time, he says as ur associate where should I begin




Randhir says im hungry what did u make to eat, she says I don't know. He says u usually have a menu n u don't know, goes to her n say what wrong, why is my beautiful wife angry, whats wrong. She says I don't know if you'd call it paranoia or worrying. But rusty goin to office w/ u I don't like it. Randhir u also thing she shouldn't work. She says no, u know the office thing is very important n she young. Randhir says at least she'll busy in work, n to keep her happy is our job, she says but yah but is it right, he says it not right to have a hubby come home n then have his wife ask him so many questions. She says I'll go make u some food He says it'd b better if u got me some chai




Rusty is looking for something in the office, cowboy guy n rusty r filing thru papers frantically looking for something. She says if they r not here, then where are they. She is searching on the computer n the cb(cowboy) is looking thru files. The phone rings, its rusty's cell. She answers it. Randhir says where are you. She says I was still at the office,  Studying about the company. N says until I don't about the company how will I work, he says come home, n I'll tell u everything. Then rusty tells cb that everything should b in place, no one should suspect us n we'll continue tomorrow, she leaves. N cb just looks at her weird



Linda house:

Linda goes u didn't find the file, u know we don't have time, what if someone suspects you. She says don't worry, n what i'm about to do we'll reach our goal, n deol parivaars downfall.




Randhir says where is rusty. Kulwant says I'll call n see. Then rusty walks in, w/ her mom, biji neelu randhir kulwant just stare at the door at where they are standing. Biji walks up n says Linda tu yaha? She says I missed my daughter so I came. Biji say bas, u can't come in here. She says I just came to see my daughter not to stay here I'll leave soon. Biji says no, u leave now, madhura isn't home, before she gets back, u go. Rusty looks all sad/mad. Biji leaves, rusty looks as if she's about to cry. Rusty goes, kulwant n neelu leave, leaving randhir n linda there.



Biji Room:

Rusty changes faces n goes to biji, n says im sorry, I did a big mistake, I shouldn't have brought her here, I didn't have anything else to do. She's just here for two days, n i'm  the only one she knows here. She says, before myself I should have thought of the family, im sorry. biji says galti is urs, but madhura will make the decisions. Rusty does a sigh of relief



Infront of Door:

Randhir says didn't u think of rusty when u left her on the streets. She says I'm sorry I realized my mistake, I shouldn't have left u guys. Randhir says to me its just me n my family, u have to get out. Then madhura gets home. She looks at randhir all hurt like.




Star of the show: Rusty. She is playing an evil role pretty well, I must say its better than madhuras evil role

Best scene: when rusty asks to goto the office. It was nice who even after the looks of peoples faces, randhir still said yes, n it was really funny to me, how madhura wasn't able to stop rusty from going

Extra: sorry about yesterday. Enjoy the update. Excuse the mistakes, thank you.



Take Care,


Update: August 9, 2006 by Maha21

Madhura is shocked to see Linda and stares at Randhir... Rusty comes there as well... She says that dad is not at fault, it was her who brought Linda mom here... Biji, Kulwant, and Neelu are watching... Rusty says that Linda mom wasn't even ready to come here but she asked her to... She says that she knew Madhura mom would do anything for her... She says that she remembers Madhura mom saying that she cannot bear if Rusty leaves her, and since Linda is her mom as well, she couldn't live without meeting her for long... She says that it is only for two days... Madhura is quiet but furious... Rusty says that it's ok, if she doesn't want, Linda mom would go from here... She says that she even asked biji and biji said that Madhura will decide... After a pause, Rusty says that she understands and asks Linda to leave... As Lindia is about to leave, madhura asks her to stop... She says that she doesn't want her to stay here but she cannot break Rusty's heart since she is the daughter of this house and no one in the family would want that... Rusty is very happy and says she knew Madhura wouldn't say no to her... Randhir leaves from there, followed by Madhura...

Linda and Rusty are in her room... They are laughing as to how they made a foll out of Madhura... Rusty says that now they can see each other all the time and they don't have to sneak out to see each other... Madhura comes there and asks what they are laughing about... Rusty says she knew madhura won't say no to her... Madhura says that she only made her position strong in front of the family... Rusty says that one day I will make my place in your heart as well... madhura says that she always thought Rusty was an innocent girl... Rusty says that it's all your influence and I've learned all this from you... Madhura says that the real lesson is left and she will teach her very soon... Rusty leaves from there... Linda tells madhura that now she is there with Rusty... Madhura says that she is only there for two days... Linda says that she will show her what she can do in two days...

Randhir is in his room... Linda goes there and says that he just came to thank him for bringing rusty here... She says that she is sorry for what happened between them... Randhir says that they decided to get married at the wrong time... Linda says she knows but she is the one who had to suffer the consequences... She says that he came back to India and started a new life whereas she spent her life as a punishment and even now Rusty came here with him... She says that her life ended when she left Randhir... Randhir asks her to let bygones be bygones... He says that their values didn't match and so their marriage didn't work...

Linda comes out of Randhir's room... Madhura is shocked to see her... Linda smiles and asks if she is felling insecure in just ten minutes... She says that she has two more days here... Madhura is very upset... Madhura says that Radhir is her husband... Linda says that he was her husband first and the first wife and first love holds more importance than the second wife or love... Madhura asks her not to forget that she is just a guest for two days... Linda says that two days are enough for her to do anything so she should be careful...

Madhura goes to Randhir... She says that she will not tolerate Linda stepping in their room... Randhir laughs and says that she is felling insecure at this age and now he is not as handsome as he used to be... Madhura asks him to be serious... Randhir says that Linda is just Rusty's mom to him and his past and he is used to living in his present and not past... He says that we are only doing this for Rusty's happiness...

Next morning, all are seated on the dining table... Linda comes there and says good morning... All look upset... Biji says that she is not feeling well and asks Neelu to bring her breakfast to her room...

Linda comes to Biji's room with the breakfast tray... Biji is not very happy to see her... Linda asks why she is upset with her as she was the one who kicked her out and so inda should be the one upset... Biji says that she did the right thing as that marriage wouldn't have worked... Biji says that it was against our values... Linda asks then why did you accept Rusty... Biji says that that girl was longing to live with us and we accepted her as part of the family... She says that Linda never wanted anything to do with the family or the village and if she had tried a little, maybe they would have accepted her... Linda says that she never got a chance to serve Biji, so she sould let her do that in these two days...

Ranhir is sitting in his office... He looks disturbed...  Rusty goes there and asks him what the matter is... She then says that she knows it's because of Linda mom... She says that her happiness is causing the family sorrow... Randhir says it's nothing like that... Rusty says that she finds her mom unlucky because if she has tried, her mom and dad would be together and she would have gotten the family's love while growing up... Randhir says that he has a headache and gives her a file to look over... He leaves for home... Rusty looks at the file and is very happy as that file has all the important property information...

Linda is very happy to see the file... She says that if she knew they had this much property, she wouldn't have left Randhir in the first place... She asks Rusty to find out who all the property belongs to and if they transferred any property in rusty's name... She also asks her to find out about the Will...
Linda is putting on make-up... Madhura comes there and asks why she is doing that... She says that one husband left her and she left the other one... Linda says that getting dressed up and doing make-up is a woman's right as well as weapon... She says that it seems like Madhura didn't sleep last night as she can see her dark circles... She taunts her and says that she doesn't know how to dress up or anything... She says that she has nothing that a husband would look for... She says that before being a husband, Randhir is a man and she would take advantage of that... Madhura is furious and is about to slap her when Rusty comes and holds her hand...

Update: August 10, 2006 by Maha21

Rusty asks Madhura never to treat her mom like this... She says that she is her mother and I won't tolerate anyone treating her like this... She asks her not to do anything in anger which might lead to her being homeless... Madhura says that time will tell... She then leaves... Linda smiles and says she forgot to tell Madhura that she looks pretty when she is mad... She then asks Rusty to go find out about the property and Randhir's Will... Rusty says she will try to do all that tomorrow at work...

All the family members are seated at the dining table... Kulwant asks where bhabi is... Just then Madhura comes all dressed up in a saree and with her hair left lose on her back... She smiles at Linda... Everyone is shocked to see her like that... biji smiles and so does Neelu... Randhir is shocked... Kulwant can't stop laughing... She says that you didn't even dress up so much on your wedding day, what happened now, why are you wearing so much surma and saree with such big flower print... Randhir too asks what happened... Kulwants laughs out loud... Linda is smiling too... Neelu asks Kulwant to stop... Madhura feels embarrassed and her eyes well up... She runs to her room...

Madhura is crying her room... Randhir come there and shuts the door... he goes to Randhir and says that he knows what she is going through... He says that even after so many years, she hasn't known him... He says that she doesn't have to do any of this for him... He asks her not to feel insecure about Linda as his relationship with Linda ended years ago but his relationship with Madhura is eternal... He then says that if she wants, he is ready to marry her again in front of Linda... Madhura hugs him... Randhir says that you behave like a sixteen year old...

Rusty asks one of the managers to get her the file of the tender that are going for next as she wants to study it... The manager tells him that Randhir sir has taken all the files home after Iqbal sir's case...

Rusty goes to Randhir's room... He is doing some work... She asks him why he does so much work even at home... She says she joined the office just to reduce his work load...  Randhir asks if she is liking the work... Rusty asks him if he brought some file home as she was looking for it at work since she wants to study the company finances for their next tender... Randhir tells her that all the files are in the study and she can take which ever one she wants...
Linda asks Rusty to get the file from the study room... She says that randhir himself gave him permission... Rusty says that this is not that easy and madhura mom is keeping an eye on us and if anything goes wrong, then it would be really bad for us... Linda says that if you are so scared, then I will go and get it myself... Rusty asks her not to do that and tells her that she will go once everyone is asleep at night...

Rusty is walking in the dark... She goes to the study room... She looks around for the property file... She goes through several files...  Radhir is in his room doing some work... he then gets up and goes to the study... Rusty sees him coming and is shocked... She tries to hide but Randhir goes in that direction... Linda comes from beind and asks why he didn't sleep yet... Randhir asks what she is doing there... Linda says that she was taking a walk in the lawn when she saw him coming here so she thought she'd go talk to him... Randhir says it's too late and they'll talk in the morning... Linda says ok... randhir takes some file and goes from there... Rusty breathes a sigh of relief... She hides the file in her dupatta and takes it to her room... Linda takes the file from her and reads it... Linda says that according to the will, all the property will be in rusty's name once randhir dies... She says they can't sit and wait around for randhir to die... Rusty asks what they would do now... Linda says that whether death approaches the man or man approaches death, it is all the same... Rusty says she is right, papa has to die, if not a naturally then from our hands...
Linda, Rusty, and the weird guy meet up... Linda says that Randhir's death should like an accident... Rusty says that it won't be easy... Linda says that she has planned everything... She tells them her plan (in mute)... Rusty hugs her... Linda says that we won't only get all the property after Randhir's death but the Deol family would be destroyed too...

Next morning, Randhir sees Rusty and asks her where she is going... Rusty just looks at him... Randhir says that he knows everything... Rusty is shocked... He holds her hand and takes her out of the house... He then surprises her with a new car... Rusty says he scared her... Randhir says it was a surprise since his daughter has now started helping him out at work so she deserves it... They go for a ride... Rusty drives really fast... Randhir says that she was driving it like an airplane... Randhir says he was scared that Linda might take her away from him... Rusty says that she will never go away from him but what if he left her... Randhir says he has lots of responsibilities left and he won't do anywhere; he has to settle her and then play with his grandkids... Rusty thinks (evilly) only time will tell if you can see all this... Rusty says that she has a gift for him as well but won't show it to him right now... They leave for work...

Madhura comes to Linda... Linda taunts her and asks if she is feeling insecure yet again since Randhir gifted Rusty the car and now he might even give everything else to them... Madhura is upset...  Linda laughs and says that even her family members are not able to understand her... Biji comes and sees Linda laughing, Madhura leaves from there crying... Madhura goes to her room and throws the glass on the floor... Her hand starts bleeding... Biji is shocked to see this and ties a bandage around it... Madhura says that no one cares about her anymore... Biji takes her to her hall and shouts for Randhir... All the family members comes there... Biji says to randhir that Linda will not stay here anymore... Linda comes there as well... Randhir is about to say something when madhura stops him and says that Linda can stay her... She says that it was her fault that she couldn't control herself and Linda just came here to see Rusty... She says this and gives s smile to Linda... Biji says that she doesn't know anything but Linda has to go... Madhura smiles evilly at Linda and Linda is shocked...

Written Update for August 14th  by 

Hey guys, I am so sorry it took forever. This will not be that detailed of an update as to its 1:13 am here and by the time I'm done watching it will about 1:40 am. And I still have AP English Homework to do, but I told you guys to give me three hours. N if I do AP English first then you'd have to wait longer, so I thought I take a break and update for you all. Enjoy and please excuse the mistakes. Thank You.



-Randhir telling madhura not to feel insecure b/c of Linda

-Rusty tells her mom not to go to study b/c if someone sees it would create lots of problems

-When everyone is sleeping, I'll go get the file

-Linda says after randhir dies, everything will be yours

-Rusty says he will have to do, if not of natural causes, then by us


-fine then, if bc of ther will b lots of complications, then I'll leave now, I don't want anyone to b sad bc of my happiness, but before I go I want to meet my daughter one more time, u guys have done so much for me, please do this as well

-randhir calls rusty, the ppl say rusty left office

-the cowboy guy says ur daughter is in my possession, come alone, don't tell police, only then u'll get her

-Randhir says who are u

-Cowboy says she is safe right now, do u want to hear her

-Rusty says papa please help me please

-Randhir says rusty, hello, rusty

-Biji comes to randhir n says rusty, who was calling, randhir, who was it

-Randhir said someone kidnapped rusty

-Everyone has shocked looks on their face, linda is sort of smiling

-Randhir is leaving

-Everyone is worried



-Randhir goes to the hawali, randhir says rusty beta

-Rusty says papa,

-The cowboy says come

-Randhir asks what enmity do u have w/ us

-The cowboy guys points gun at randhir

-Rusty looks scared

-Cowboy says ur death

-Faces, eyes, are shown simultaneously

-He shots randhir

-Rusty says papa, randhir falls on ground

-Rusty doesn't look to sad, cowboy guys is happy

-rusty unties herself, gets up

-cowboy guy is looking at her, she smiles, their faces are shown together

-rusty is standing behind randhir, n then all of a sudden police come, cowboy runs away

-rusty is still standing there

-police goes toward her w/ a mean look

-she looks scared/sad

-police smiles n says thank you miss rusty

-Rusty says I should thank you

-she goes to her dad, n asks if he is ok

-Police say it was rustys plan

-She says I heard the guy talk about kidnapping rusty n then killing randhir

-Randhir says what

-Rusty says yah, I got scared, thas why he worked w/ us.

-Rusty then says she went to the police n narrates her story in silence

-She then goes on to says that she went to his room n took out the bullets in his gun and caught him

-Rusty says sorry, I didn't tell you before, sorry

-Randhir goes to rusty n says its ok beta, buy why does he want to kill me

-Police says we'll soon find out

-She says thank you

-He says unwelcome n leave

-Rndhir asks her not to tell neone,

-She says I wont tell neone anything

-Randhir says ur not hiding anything from me are you

-She says no dad, nothing like that

-He says oh ok



-The ladies are walking around, biji sitting, madhura sits, kulwant starts to walk around

-Linda upstairs, laughs n says all these ppl r worried for rusty, I'm worried about the person who when to get her, he will go get her, but only rusty will come back

-They walk in, and everyone gets up and smilies

-Linda is shocked to still see randhir there, they show her face n then randhir n then linda

-Biji asks if they are ok,

-Neelu says we were all worried for u

-Biji asks did u give money

-He says no, the police came first

-Linda looks shocked n then says "rusty, my child"

-They hug, rusty doesn't really have any emotion to her face

-Linda says I got so scared n I prayed to god that u were ok, what do I do now, I don't feel like going, but I have to

-Rusty says ur going?

-She says yes

-Rusty looks at her dad

-Then biji says, go freshen up

-Randhir takes her to her room

-Everyone leaves, linda left alone

-Rusty is crying to her dad's pic, saying sorry I lied at every step, I am so unfortunate, despite having two moms, I have no love from both, how do I tell u that I came to India to get revenge for my mom, but by coming here I realized that the family I thought was so horrible since the day I grew up, well how was I to know it's the most loving in the world, but I'm changed, this families love changed me. How do I tell u linda mom, I tried to tell u, but couldn't, I know if u find out the truth, then u'll do anything, u could tell the family why I came her, I don't want to have anything to my family, as long as I'm w/ linda mom, nothing will happen. The day linda is going to London, would make me happy

-Linda comes n asks what happened to the full proof fine

-Rusty says thats what im so confused about, how di the police come ther

-Linda said that what I was thinking, only three ppl knew, u me dherej?

-Rusty says do u think papa told the police

-Linda says could b possible, we lost a good chance, n the family told me to leave, but right now I'm worried about dherej, we need to shut him up, I need to see him

-Rusty says no mom, what if someone sees u, they will suspect u, only I will go


Madhura n Randhir room:

-Madhura says, we decided linda would go today, why did u stop biji from telling rust

-Randhir says let linda stay a few days u know what append to rusty today, try to understand

-Then madhura turns around, n sees biji, who also agrees w/ randhir

-Randhir says please, for rusty's sake

-Biji says but the final decision is madhuras, think it over, ur answer will be mine, biji leave

-Madhura says do u want linda to stay forever

-Randhir says if that would b the case it would b/c of rusty

-Madhura says is that the only reason

-Randhir says do u not trust our love, n her staying is for rusty's happiness, her happiness is everyone's happiness



-Dherej in jail, rusty comes to meet him, he just look the other way n he says where is linda,

-Rusty says no, wait, did u tell anything to police

-He says if she doesn't get me out first, then I will

-She then says that if that happens then linda will tell everyone ur international records, juts keep ur mouth shut for a few days

-He just looks at her like "I hate you, get away" then kicks the pale



-Madhura is on the balcony looking all sad n crying

-Then linda comes n says someone must have hurt u bad

-Mahdura says what do u want, what game are u playing

-She says I don't want anything, just here for my daughter, ur the one whose playing the games

-Why r u ruining my happiness,

-Linda says I just came to see how the lady whom was chosen by biji after rejecting me takes care of the house

-Madhura says the one who has stolen ur daughters love, what do u expect of her, she is my daughter

-Linda says nope, she'll never b ur daughter, her love for this family is as fake as ur love for her

-Madhura wipes her tears, n sasy im not the one who is misunderstanding, its u, I hate rusty but in rusty's eyes I'v only seen love n respect for this family

-Linda looks on a lil hurt and confused

-Madhura says ur the birth giving mom, n u can't see the truth in her eyes, but how can u, u urself are ruining ppl's lives

-Linda starts to think…


Hope that was good enough for u guys, my updates will b like this on days I have tons of homework, and well this being the third day of school and already packed w/ homework, kinda means this will happen a lot. Thas what I get for having six college classes in high school L haha.




Edited by Aparna_BD - 15 August 2006 at 2:50pm

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