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Update: June 29, 2006

Randhir asks them not to make a tamasha and do pooja... Baldev's brother says that they are here for the pooja as well and not to see their manhoos faces... Iqbal gets mad and asks him to control his tongue or else he won't leave anyone behind to cry for him... Baldev asks him to stop... Baoji asks Baldev to stay in his limits... Baldev's brother asks or else what would you do Raghooveer Singh? Iqbal gets mad and takes out his pistol and so does Baldev's brother... All are shocked... Ajeet tries to stop them... Panditji asks them to fear baghwan... He says that he'll take both their pooja stuff at the same time... They pray...

Madhura says that they used to pray in front of God for the dushmani to end but look what happened today in front of the same God... Rusty looks worried... Madhura says that when they were at the mandir, she had an idea... She suggest they get Yuvraj and Kandy married in the same mandir... Rusty is shocked... She says that this is not right... Madhra says that this is the only way out, once kandy and Yuvraj are husband wife, the families would have to accept them since there is nothing that matters more to the families than their kids... Rusty says that this is wrong... Madhura politely asks her to do what she thinks is right but she thinks that this is the only way out... Rusty is in thoughts...

Rusty tells this to kandy, Yuvraj and Ajeet... Ajeet does not like the idea... Rusty says that before Kandy and Yuvraj take some wrong step, tey should get them married with all the rituals... Ajeet asks what will be responsible if something goes wrong... Yuvraj says that they can't just sit like this... Ajeet says that he is not against this marriage but they can't take this step...

Neelu is looking for Kandy... Madhura says that Kandy looks lost these days, has she mentioned anything... neelu gets nervous and says it is nothing... Madhura says that she wishes it is true but asks her to keep an eye on her...

Iqbal comes to Kandy and asks what the matter is... He says that if she is upset about her broken engagement, then there is nothing to worry about... He says he will find a better rishta for her... kandy says that if he wants to see her happy, then he should forget about her marriage... Iqbal says that she is old wnough to get married now and he will find a good partner for her... He leaves from there and goes to Neelu... he says that she was right, they need to find someone for Kandy soon...

Neelu comes to Kandy and asks what her problem is... Kandy says that she already knows what she wants... neelu says that this is not possible and asks her to forget about that guy... Kandy says that she used to fulfill all her wishes but today she is not ready to listen to her... Neelu says that till now her happiness was the famil's happiness but today she is going against them... Neelu says that she will have to marry the guy of their choice...

Yuvraj leaves the dining table in anger... His mom explains that he will have to forget Kandy as there is no way they are getting married... She says that is his fahter comes to know then God knows what will happen... Yuvraj is not ready to give up...

Randhir brings a canvas for Rusty... Rusty is embarrased and says sorry about what happened... Randhir smiles and says that he is sorry that he suspected her and he knoes she wold never do anything against the family wishes... he leaves... Rusty thinks that is it worth it to do all this for kandy and Yuvraj and lose the trust her family has in her... She then thinks that she can't be selfish, after all mama is with her...

Yuvraj calls Kandy and they discuss how their moms don't understand them... They decide to meet tomorrow... Kandy hangs up and is shocked to see her mother standing there... Neelu comes and slaps her hard... She asks if she didn't get what she said... She says that she will either kill her or kill herself...

Rusty comes to see Kandy... She asks her not to worry as they will soon take a decision for her... kandy says that she has already taken a decision and she knows she was being selfish before... Rusty asks why is she talking like that... Just then Kandy feels dizzy and falls down... Rusty is shocked and screams for her... She then spots a bottle of sleeping pills there...

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*Hey guys sorry, but maha was out of town for a couple of dates and she asked me to do the update today, had I known that there was no one else for the previous dates, I would have done those too…Sorry!

And my bad about taking so long to edit my previous post, I went outside to watch the Fourth of July Fireworks



Kandy tried to commit suicide. The bridal dress for Kandy was delivered to the house. Rusty said its hers. Rusty took the love letters writing by Yuvraj to Kandy and gives them to her mom asking her to keep in safe place.


Randhir and Iqbal are sitting talking. Kulwant makes a comment on some graph but then asks if anyone wants mango juice, they say no, so she makes herself some.

Randhir: Madhura to give him some business file.

Madhura: I'm busy, you get it yourself.

Rusty: I'll take it


Madhura gives Rusty the file. Rusty goes downstairs and gives the file to Iqbal.


Madhura: (coughs) Rusty come upstairs

Rusty goes upstairs.

Madhura: oh my gosh, I made a mistake I gave you the wrong file, That file down there is the love letters written by Yuvraj to Kandy. In a hurry I gave you that. Oh no what do we do now. What if your uncle and dad see them then what.

Rusty: don't worry.

Madhura: (thinks) run rusty run and sorry didn't hear this part.


Uncle opens up the file and Rusty has a nervous look on her face. Iqbal sees the photo in the folder and Madhura sits there smiling and then Iqbal reads the letters. Rusty looks shocked still. Randhir is just sitting there minding his own business. Then Iqbal sees Kandy and Yuvraj photo. Stares at it with angry, then keeps looking at all the letter. He shows Randhir. Rusty is just nervous and shocked and scared. Madhura still standing on the stairs just smiles.

Rusty: Chacho vo.

Iqbal: Bas. Kandy.

Kulwant: why in anger?

Kandy: (comes there) Yes daddy.

Iqbal throws all the letters at her. And Kandy picks it up starts looking at it. And Biji and Bioji are shown walking into the living room.

Iqbal:after reading all this there is not doubt. But I want to hear from you what is all this.

Rusty: I'll explain.

Kandy: this was going to unfold sooner n later. Good it came out today. I love Yuvraj a lot. I want to marry him. I love him a lot.

Her dad slaps her. Randhir and Bioji hold Iqbal back from hitting her even more.

Iqbal:You will marry the enemy's son. How dare you think this. (He says something that I didn't hear.) What will people say about the family how will we show our face. Baldev will come on top because my daughter let him. I won't leave them.

Rusty: They love each other truly

Madhura has that evil look on her face.

Randhir: why did you do all this when you knew the outcome.

Kandy: love doesn't happen by thinking. despite trying not to, I couldn't stop the love and without him I can't live.

Iqbal: I will kill him.

Kandy: if you kill him you'll lose me to.

Iqbal:I don't need a daughter like you and should I let the honor of this family die in dirt.

Randhir: kandy goto ur room. (she leaves)

Iqbal: I don't need a daugher like this.

Neelu: its not kandy's fault its someone else. Forgive me Randhir, but before your daughter came, none of this happened. Its all b/c of her. Iqbal says no, when our own can't behave, no need to blame other. Rusty is not to blame.

Randhir: I'll talk to kandy.

Iqbal: no need to.

Everyone just loks sad and shocked. Rusty is sad. Throughout the whole dialogues from when Kandy was getting hit till when Kandy goes to her room, Biji's face is just shown all wow what just happened like.


Kandy is crying. Rusty comes.

Kandy: everything is finish.

Rusty: sorry. its all my fault. had mom not giving me that file by accident none of this would have happened.

Kandy: that its not your fault I knew this would happen. What if papa does something to Yuvraj,

Rusty: don't worry nothing will happen. Everything will be ok.

Neelu: (comes) Rusty! everything was fine before you came. Everything that happened, happened because of you. do us a favor and leave my daughter alone.

Rusty: try to understand that Kandy's happiness.

Neelu: (cuts her off) don't worry about her happiness .

Rusty: that I understand that you being her mom have full right over her, but me being her sister gives me some rights too. And I will try my best that her happiness is met.

Rusty leaves and Neelu looks on with disgust.


Madhura: try talking to in Iqbal again.

Randhir: you know his anger and how could Kandy do this, I'm surprised.

Madhura: I am surprised too. What if Neelu is right and it is because of Rusty coming here. What I mean is that the society and culture that she grew up in can't be changed so fast. But you don't worry, I'll talk to Rusty. anyways a mom can understand her daughter the best and can explain the best. you don't worry, leave everything to me

Randhir leaves and Madhura gets that evil look again.


Iqbal:Where you going?

Kandy: I'm going to college

Iqbal: no don't you dare go out the house, (Kandy starts to walk away) didn't u hear me.

Kandy: by doing this you think that this'll stop me, this house taught me the value of relationships and the relation i have with him I will uphold till the day I die (leaves.)

Iqbal: I will not leave him.(Grabs a gun)

Randhir: (stopping him) what are you doing.

Iqbal: I'm not going to let my daughter go there.

Randhir: do u not the outcome of this.

Iqbal: do u not know the outcome of my daughter going there.

Iqbal leaves and Randhir is left there to ponder.


Baldev sees randhir at the gates. He looks up surprised. Yuvraj looks a little scared. Randhir walks toward them. And Randhir looks all sad.

Baldev: guests come here so often (and something I missed sorry) and that enemy is weak.

Randhir: yelling doesn't mean anything and that your making your son so great.

Baldev: what are you trying to say, say it clearly

Randhir: your son loves one of my daughers.

Baldev: take care of your daughters.

Randhir: he better not come near Kandy or it won't be good..

Baldev: my son hasn't seen that bad of days that he has to look at your daughters.

Randhir:he better not even look at our house


Baldev says to Yuvraj I thought u were nothing but dirt. But wow you've turned out to be a tiger and now will the full enjoyment of this enmity. Yuvraj just looks on thinking, wow how can you think such a thing.

*This is the very first time I'm updating. Please let me know how I did. And any suggestions or anything to make future updates better. Thank You. Enjoy and Sorry for any problems/mistakes. Oh and sorry for the length. I know its long. L

Take Care,

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Update: July 5, 2006

Part 1: Updated by Lil~Princez (Javeria)

it starts outside baldev's house with baldev asking yuvraj if what randhir
said was true. yuvraj said yes and he was very scared but baldev starts
laughing and saying that this is wonderful news, i thought you were
useless but you turned out to be a tiger. yuvraj is confused. then baldev
tells him that now fighting this dushmani will be fun. his son will give
baoji's granddaughter a dhoka the same way baoji gave baldev's sister a
dhoka. yuvraj says dad you are wrong, nothing like this will happen i
honestly love candy and i cannot thing of decieving her. i will marry her
and only her and her love is more important than ur dushmani. baldev
gets really angry and tells him that noo this cannot happen i will take care
of you before randhir gets to you.

then biji is at the panchait and they are going to decide something.
baldev comes late and biji reminds him to come on time in a sarcastic
way. baldev sayd its not his fault, his poor innocent lil son is being
trapped by a girl. he says he knows his family is rich and has power in the
village and people want to associate with them but to use thier daughter
as a pawn to get into someone's house is very low. biji gets mad at him
and tells him to stop with his explaination and get to the point they are
already late and she has to solve a problem. he sarcastically says you cant
solve problems in your house how are you going to solve the village's
problems? he them tells everyone that biji's granddaughter candy
"phassao-ed" his naive son. biji gets pissed and tells him not to say
anything about her family especially her grandaughers and leaves pissed
at him

she goes home and complains about how for the first time she
wasashamed of her children in front of the village people and she had
nothing to say.just then rusty comesand says why shoudl we be quiet
candy did not fall in love alone. ifwhat she did is a crime then yuvraj is
just as guilty and both of them shouldbe treated the same. biji explains
that he is a guy and no1 will say anything about him but candy isa girl
and she has to be more careful.candy's mom as usual blames rusty for
everything.her and dadi explain to rusty that this isnt her london and the
way of life here is different and she has to accept that.and they tell her
that thisdushmani is very strongand stuff (same old dushmai crap as
always...blah blah blah?) rusty tells them to think outside this world of
dushmani and consider candy's happiness which is more important than
any dushmanior family ego.biji tells rusty that candy is being "jasbaati"
and the elders know what isbest and this is not candy's happiness it is
herdestruction.and she tells rusty that she shoud just but out of it and
let the elders deal with it. rusty leaves.

Mathura sees all this and is smiling her evil smile. she runs to her room to
wait 4 rusty to come to her for advice. Mathura fears that all this might
make risty not want to support candy and yuvraj's elope. Rusty tells
mathura that after all this she feels that getting them to elope doesnt
seem like the right thing to do. mathura of course wants to misguide her
so she tells her that it is the best thing to do and now its even more
important. this marriage will not only make candy and yuvraj happy but it
will end the dushmani between the two families. rusty says yea but...and
mathura tells her that if it werenot the right thing why wouldrandhir
support her? rusty is shocked toknow that randhir supports her (poor
guydoesnt neven know).mathura tellsrusty that randhir always wanted
to end this enimity but he was afraid to go against hisfather's "usuul".
rusty is convinced and she says she willg et them married tomorrow as it
was planned.

Rusty goes to her dadaji and dadiji's room at night when everyone is
sleeping and she looks at them sleeping and says i know you wont
approve of what i am about to do but it must be done for the better of
both families. please support me and give me your blessing. she then
goes to their bed and touches their feet and gets both of their blessings
and says with their blessing she can do anything.

Rustygoes to candy's room. candy is sitting beside her bed
lookingworried. rusty comes there and tells her that everything will ok
and she should be ready for tomorrow. candy tells her that she is nervous
and this might not be the right time. rusty tells her not to worry and
remember that this isnt only for her pleasure but also to break the wall of
enimity between the two families.

Rusty and candy try getting out of the house and going to the mandir but
biji sees them. she asks them where they are going. both lok at each
other and are scared and dont know what to say. just then mathura
comes and says the 2 girls are going with them too. biji says thats great.
mathura said yea they wanted to go to (it was some religious
not sure wat it was tho..they walked a long distance and thn they went to
the mandir with a thali of offerings i think..they mentioned what it was
called but i forgot?). rusty says yea yea exactly and both are calm and
rusty smiles at mathura for controlling the situation and mathura has
other stuff cooking up in her head. bauji comes and hi says how
wonderful the kids are and how all of them want to follow the traditions
of the family. he praises them and they go with the family. once they get
there, rusty and candy look at each other and they are worried about how
they will escape. candy's mom notices something fishy. rusty pulls cany
closer to her. just then, candy's mom brings her closer to herself and
holds her hand. just then, ajit calls rusty's cell and maha appi updated the
rest? Smile

Part 2: Updated by Maha

Ajeet calls Rusty and asks her when she is going to bring Kandy to the
mandir... Rusty says that they are all going to the puja and she will try to
do something... Ajeet hangs up and tells Yuvraj about it... Yuvraj is
dressed up in a sherwani ...

Rusty fakes a head ache as the whole family is walking for the puja...
Randhir, Iqbal, and Baoji get worried... Baoji says that she is not used to
walking so much and so must be tired... Randhir asks her to go home...
Rusty says that she'll stay in the rest house for the time being... Baoji asks
how she will stay alone... Rusty says that Kandy can stay with her... All
agree... Biji looks worried... Neelu doesn't really want Kandy to stay back
with Rusty but Madhura somehow manages to convince her... Neelu does
not look convince but still continues to walk... She looks terrified as if
something is about to happen... Suddenly, the puja thali falls from
Neelu's hand and Kulwant says that this is bad omen... Neelu is shocked
and runs back saying that she wants to go to Kandy...

Rusty and kandy come in the room and are relieved that they somehow
managed to escape the puja...

Madhura calls Baldev and asks if he is not going to attend his son's
marriage... Baldev is shocked and asks who she is... Madhura says that if
she starts telling about herelf, then the couple would get enough time to
go for their honeymoon... Baldev is shocked... Madhura asks if his son is
not under his control anymore...

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Update: July 6, 2006

Rusty and kandy try to sneak out of the room but see Neelu searching for
them... Neelu goes around asking people if they have seen Kandy
anywhere... Madhura comes to her and asks ehr to come for the puja...
Neelu says that she wants to see how Rusty is feeling now... Madhura says
that she just checked on her and she is feeling better... Madhura kinda
drags Neelu from there... Rusty and Kandy are relieved...

Yuvraj asks Ajeet how long these girls are going to take... Just then Rusty
enters with Kandy... Kandy looks gorgeous in a blue lengha ... Yuvraj and
Ajeet just stare at them (in a good way )... Yuvraj asks why they took so
long... Ajeet asks him to inquire later and that they should go ahead with
the marriage... Punditji starts his thing and just as he asks them to stand
up for the pheras, Baldev enters... All are shocked to see him... Baldev
asks pandit to stop the wedding... Rusty says that he cannot do that...
Baldev says that he will stop this wedding but for his son's happiness he
will condust this wedding in the evening in front of the whole village...
Yuvraj and Kandy are happy... Rusty is not convinced but Baldev assures
her that he will get them married this evening... He says that he lost his
siter but does not want to lose his son and so he promises he will get
them married... He asks her to go inform her family members... He says
that if kandy goes with her, then they would not let her come so he'll take
kandy to his place... Rusty is hesitant but Yuvraj says that they'll take care
of Kandy... Kandy too asks Rusty to go inform the family members and
that she'll be fine... Rusty agrees and thanks uncle baldev ...

Neelu is upset and wonders where Rusty and Kandy are... Rusty comes
there and Neelu asks where kandy is... Rusty looks scared but says that
Yuvraj and Kandy are getting married... Neelu is shocked and so are all
the family members... She tells them everything (in mute).. They are
shocked... Randhir gets mad and says that he explained to her earlier...
Rusty says that Baldev uncle is not that bad, he wants an end to this
dushmani and has asked her to talk to them about it... Randhir says that
the person who has forgotten humanity cannot forget dushmani, he is
just using her... Rusty says that he is doing this for his son's happiness...
Baldev comes there with the shagun... He talks sarcastically to Baoji and
insults him ... HE asks why they look so pale... HE says that his son is
getting married this evening and wants everyone to come... He then says
oh he forgot, his son is getting married to the daughter of this house so
they are bound to come ... He says that he is here to fulfill a formality...
Baoji is not able to lift his eyes up... Baldev comes to him and asks why he
is not lifting his eyes... HE says that it seems he is not happy with this
rishta but asks him not to worry as he will always keep his pooti happy as
she is her bahu... HE then says that he is happy that today his eyes are
bent down in his own house and his pride is broken ... Biji feels sad and
so do the others... He then leaves but turns to Rusty and asks her to bring
her grandpa with her to the wedding... Rusty feels very sorry for what she
did... She goes to Baoji and asks for forgiveness... She says that she didn't
know what Baldev had in mind... Baoji says that even he didn't know that
the eyes who used to look beyond the sky, would be ashamed to even
look at the earth today ... Biji is very hurt... Baoji says that everything
including his izzat is ruined... He leaves followed by the others...
Rusty cries and says that she made a big mistake and she will go get back
kandy right now... madhura says that she can;t do this, after all Baldev
agreed and their family members will also agree... She says that
everything will be fine once the wedding takes place... Madhura asks
Rusty to go to Kandy and she will take care of everything here... Rusty
leaves... Madhura gives her evil smile...

Baldev's wife gives kangan to Kandy... She says that these are shagun key
kangun... kandy is happy and wears them ... Rusty comes there and kandy
tells her how everyone is treating her so nicely... Rusty remembers
Baldev's visit to her house... She tells kandy that it will take some time for
eveything to get back to normal... She asks her not to worry...

Rusty confronts Baldev and asks him why he is doing this... Badev admits
that he used her for his own reasons... She says that he always used to
say that he doesn't include women in his fight... baldev says that this is
true and he will give all the respect and regard to Kandy since she is
going to be her bahu... HE says that he never regarded Rusty as a lady of
that house... He says that she is only a farangi guest (foriegn guest) for
him... Rusty is upset... Baldev asks if she felt bad for what he said, he
says if so then she can cancel the wedding... Baldev's wife comes to Rusty
and asks her not to feel bad... She says that she has done a very big thing
by taking this step...

Madhura says that ever since poor Rusty came, she has been in some
sort of trouble... Biji asks her not to call her bechari as she is responsible
for everything... Randhir tries to defend Rusty...

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Update: July 10, 2006

Biji says that Rusty is not becharri... Randhir tries to defend her... At the same time, Baldev comes there with dhol and the barat comes there celebrating... Deol famly is shocked... Yuvraj is on a horse... He asks baldev not to stop there... Baldev says that he did what he wanted and now it's his turn to do what he wants... Randhir asks them what they are doing there... Badev says that today is his son's wedding and they are there with the barat... Baldev's brother shouts and asks where is Iqbal today who always comes out with a gun... They laugh... Iqbal looks hurt... Baldev then shouts where Raghooveer is , his best friend? baoji looks hurt... After insulting the family, they leave dancing...

Kandy tells Rusty that she is lucky that she got her love today but unlucky at the same time for not getting her family's ashirwaad... The girls comes in and say that the barat is here and they all leave...

Rusty comes home... All are angry with her... Randhir gets really mad at her and says that he fought for her with the family but what did she give him in return... It seems she is doing this as a revenge or something... HE says that today he is ashamed that he brought her here and that she is his daughter... Madhura looks very happy... They all leave except for Iqbal...

Rusty asks Iqbal to come with her to the wedding but he refuses... Rusty cries and says that she is a loser and could not get the family to come with her... She is about to leave when Iqbal stops her and says that he will fulfill a father's duty... Rusty is very happy and asks if he would give kandy his ashirwaad... Iqbal says that he won't go to the madap but will give his ashirwaad from afar... Rusty is happy...

The wedding is taking place... Kandy keeps looking at the door... Rusty and Iqbal are driving... The pheras start... Baldev and his family are very happy... Suddenly Iqbal comes there with Rusty and takes out his gun... All are shocked... Iqbal tells kandy that he loves her a lot but can't bear to see his family face so much humiliation becasue of her... Yuvraj tries to defend Kandy but Iqbal shoots... Rusty and Yuvraj shout "Kandy!!!"... Kandy falls to the ground... Randhir comes there as well and is shocked to see this...

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Update: July 11, 2006 by "xpunjabixplayax" (Thanks Manjot)...

Baldev house: wedding

Ok it is shown rusty n yuvraj saying kandy. And then randhir comes there. Yuvraj falls and kandy falls on him. Faces of the family members are shown. Kandy is shown shocked. She looks at the blood on her hand. Faces are shown again. Kandy looks up at yuvraj. Their faces are shown (kandy and yuvraj), then the wound is shown. Yuvraj's mom yells yuvraj. Randhir telsl iqbal to go. Then goes to kandy along w/ rusty and says lets leave. Kandy is still looking at yuvraj. Yuvraj bro yells his name. Then his mom comes and says yuvraj mere bache. The friend f baldev goes make sure they don't get away. Baldev n friend comes downstairs. Bro n mom are sittin next to his dead body. Baldev asks him to open his eyes. They are all crying. And then baldev says iqbal, then says man I'm ruined. Bro yells iqbal

On the road

Randhir tells his men to take care of iqbal n don't let anyone know where he is. Kandy and rusty are shown n the car.

Rusty home

They reach home. Bioji asks what happened, all this blood, where is iqbal. Randhir narrates story. Everyone is shocked, they cover their mouthes. Neelu cmes up front and says its all rustys fault and that she convincer her to do this. What lifetimes revenge are you taking, why'd u ruin the families happines. Look at my daughter, randhir says bhabi stop this is not the time for all this. Bioji baldev can do anything now. Bioji asks where iqbal is. Randhir says wherever he is he is safe, I can't tell you anything nad that the security needs to be tightened. Biji says someone take kandy upstairs.

Baldev house

They are doing absoos. Yuvraj is on the ground with the white sheet over him, everyone is crying. Baldev then gets up and ask his frind if he found out anything, friend says no, we looked for him everywhere but he wsn't found. Baldev says that I guess I'm going to have to do everything. His wife says stop, where are you going. Ur not going anywhere, this enmity tok our sons life. Who elses life will you take. Baldev goes what do want me to do, let the murderer run free. Wife says no, don't go. Police come and stop him saying he can't go anywhere. Baldev says why. Police says that with you going outta your hosue, things could get worse. And its our job to make sure everything is under control. Baldev says that its ur job to find the killer. He says that he is trying his best. But he needs to stay within his house. His friend goes my men are everywhere we will find him

Rusty home

Police says there is noone here n tells his two men to b stationed outside the house. Bioji says what did iqbal do. Biji goes this is what happens in enmity. Bioji says that this is my enmity why others suffer, its all my fault. Rusty comes and says no bioji this is all my fault. Biji say wow u understood so quickly. Had a couple more ppl died, wouldn't it have been better.madhura gets up to take the tea cups to the kitchen when shel ooks up and see kandy dressed in all white like a widow and drops the cups. Everyone is shown looking at her in a widows outfit. Shocked outta their pants. Neelu ask kandy what she is wearing, has she gone mad, kandy. Kandy comes downstairs and says that yuvraj wanted to fill my life with color and now there is no use for all of this color. Kandy n neelu r shown shocked and crying. Kandy gives back the bridal dress I'm guessing. Rusty looks around not knowing what to do. Kandy just looks lifeless, bachari.

Rusty room

Rusty is walking around thinkgin when neelu said its all rusty fault, I don't know what revenge she is taking, look at my daughter, then rusty goes and sits on the ground w/ her head on the end of the bed thinking back to when kandy said that yuvraj wanted to fill my life with color and now there is no use for all for all of this. Neelu comes there to give her jewelry, she says that when a duaghter is born she starts collecting things for her daughters wedding. And when kandy was born I made all of her jewelry for her, but now, how can kandy wear this, she will not be a bride again, she will never wear this. Rusty says no. neelu says look at these earring they would look so good on her, they will look better on u. look at this neckless it will look good on her. But now Itll look good on her. Rusty says please don't say this. Neelu says that well my daughters life is ruined but atleast u can put happiness in ur life. Rusty has not please don't say this. Neelu says why not. Rusty says bc she is my sister. Neelu says never say kandy is ur sis, talk of relationships sounds bad coming from u. rusty says try to understand. Neelu says are u gonna teach me how to raise my daughter, then tell me. Are u going to tell me where to find my husband, then tell me. U'v ruined my families happines, why'd u do this. Why? Neelu then raises her hand to slap rusty, but then madhura comes and grabs it. Madhura says sister in law, what are you doing. Neelu says what else should I do? Her puja? She ruined my families happiness madhura. Ask ur daughter why she did this. Madhura says control urself.neelu says how so. I can't. rusty ruined everything. Why did you come here. Why did you come here. She says that as she shakes rusty. Rusty crying says let her take out all her anger, the last part I didn't quiet understand. Then madhura says stay quite rusty, lets go sister in law. They leave. Rusty is left there crying to her self on her bed.

Kandy's room

Kandy is sittin on her bed thinking of what all had happened. Neelu is standing in the doorway. About to cry. Madhura comes there, and neelu wipes away her tears saying I can understand gosh rusty hadn't done this. Had she told me, I considered her my daughter, at least she could of told me that she is taking iqbal there. Atleast I could have stopped her. She goes to kandy. Pats her head whiles saying, because of her naivety. Neelu counterattacks with, its not her naivety, whatever she did it. Did it knowingly. Everyone is suffering esp my daughter. Madhura thinks, I'm sorry kandy, I've never wanted the worse for u, but now even wanting to I couldn't help it. But this happening to u will help me get to my destination.


Ajit meets rusty. Ajit says that he just got back and he found out what happened. I understand ur situation, if I had been u, I couldn't have contolled myself. He touches her arm, rusty says don't touch me,(ajit looks so sad and hurt, rusty cries) Manhoos ho ma. What ever I touch, goes bad, did u not see what happened to kandy and yuvraj. U think that I came here to get my families love, to hug my dad, to live w/ my grandparents, to play w/ my mom and sister. NO, did u not see what I did to kandy and yuvraj. I knew that this enmity would never end, yet I still did this.

Sorry I couldn't catch the end.

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Update: July 12, 2006 by "xpunjabixplayax" (Thanks Manjot)

here is a brief update of what happened today. hopefully is sufficient enough for you all, enjoy:

-iqbal is caught by baldev's friend

-friend calls baldev, wife overhears

-wife goes to where iqbal is, asks to see iqbal alone

-she says why did u do this. my husband is going to come here and kill you any moment now, i dont want to lose my husband too, i already lost my son, if he kills u, he'll goto jail. i just want this enmity to end

-she then unties iqbal and sets him free

-baldev comes, ask where iqbal is, she says he escaped, she tried to stop him, but couldn;t

-bioji is telling family about going to baldev and asking to end the enmity

-everyone is mad at rusty

-kandy is still heartbroken

-madhura plants nasty thoughts about rusty in kandy's head saying that maybe rusty did this on purpose, probably to take revenge on baldev for sending her to jail.

-rusty overhears everything

-madhura said she said all this to get tears in her eyes. otherwise she would have died or something like that

-rusty believes her and goes to kandy

-randhir comes home looking for bioji

-found out he has gone to find baldev

-bioji asks baldev to end this enmity, become friends,

-baldev says, blood has shed in my family, so it will in urs too

-bioji says dont hurt my family, kill me instead, then says he won't go home empty handed, then holds his arms open to hug

-baldev hugs him, then sees his dead son's face, sneakingly pulls out a gun n shoots bioji in the stomach

-bioji falls and randhir runs to him, gives baldev nasty look

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