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Posted: 19 June 2006 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
Update: June 15, 2006

All the family members are gahtered in the living room... Neelu wonders
what biji's decision would be... Biji comes there and they all leave for the

At the panchayat, people are gathered... Rusty takes blessings from biji...
Biji orders the panchayat to start the proceedings... One guy says that this
is Rehana and she tried to sell drugs in our village... He says that if Baldev
wanted she would be in jail right now... Randhir shouts that she is
innocent... They ask for proof... Rusty aks the panchayat to give her some
time as she will present some proof in a little bit... Some guy says that
she is just wasting time... Rusty wonders why Ajeet did not show up... Biji
says that she will wait for a little bit... In the mean time, we see Ajeet
going around and finally he finds Rehana... He grabs her and takes her
with him to Baldev... Baldev is shocked to see this and asks how come he
is there... He says that if he hadn't caught Rehana, then police would

At the panchayat, Biji says that she will have to take a decision now...
Ajeet enters and Rusty is happy to see him... He shakes his head as if
saying no and Rusty is shocked... Baldev and his people enter behind
Ajeet... Ajeet and Baldev look at each other... Biji asks Rusty if she wants
to say anything else... Rusty says that she is inoocent... Biji says that due
to lack of evidence... Randhir cuts her off and asks what evidence does
she want, can't they see the innocence in her eyes... He says that it;s their
enemy's chaal... Baldev says that if he wanted this girl would be behind
bars right now... Randhir says that if he wants to take revenge, do it with
them, why bring this innocent girl in between... Baldev says that he
doesn't want to creat a scene... Baldev asks biji to make a decision and if
she is hesitating, then she has no right to sit on that chair... Randhir says
that if her decision is against Rusty, then it would be horrible... All are
shocked... Rusty says that biji doesn't have to make a decision, she'll
surrender to the police... Randhir asks biji why she is quiet... He asks
what promise could be bigger than her sacrifice or her life today...
Madhra is shocked... Baldev says that we are not here to see a scene
between a son and a mother, just give your decision... Randhir asks Biji
not to give a wrong decision... Baldev says that this girl is the culprit...
Randhir says that if they punished her, then we all will be culprits...
Baldev asks her to punish her, Randhir screams not to punish her... Biji
asks them to stop... She says that this girl is not the culprit... All are
shocked... Her family is happy... Biji is about to say when Rusty asks her
to keep quite and not say anything... Biji says that this is Rusty, Rusty
Randhir Singh Deol... Madhura is shocked and so are other people... Biji
says she is her granddaughter, her own blood... Biji says that she hid this
truth coz she didn't want her family to scatter... Biji says that she will
leave her chair for sarpanch... Baldev is happy... But the people say that
she made the right decision and so she should stay... Madhura is in tears
and leaves... Baoji says to Baldev that he cannot do anything to his
family... Baldev says that he was just watching a tamasha... He asks him
to go handle madhura now... Rusty hugs Biji and says that she is very
happy today... Biji says that she knows but she also knows what Madhura
must be going through...

All the family enter the house when Madhura shouts stop... She comes
downstairs and stares at everyone... She then says that the daughter of
this house has come for the first time and how can she come inside
without any rituals being performed... She then does the aarti and stuff...
They enter the house... Rusty bends to take blessings but MMadhura says
that daughters don't touch feet, they hug their mothers... All are very
happy... Randhir asks for forgiveness but madhur asks him not to
mention... Biji also tries to say something but Madhura stops her...
Madhura then tells all that she has arranged a party for tonight... All are
so happy... Madhura asks everyone to go rest and asks Kandy to show
Rusty her room... Randhir says thatnks to Madhura but she says that he
has made her stranger by saying this... They hug...

Rusty is so happy, she says that it seems like she is dreaming... She asks
Kandy why she is looking at her like this... Kandy says that she just
remembered the first day they met... Kandy says that she is so happy that
she is her sister... They hug...

Neelu asks Madhura how she accepted Rusty so easily and if she was in
her place then... Maadhura says then she would have accepted her as
well... Madhura says that this is what all the family members want, then
why should she wait... She says that she has to make arrangements for
the party... Neelu just looks at her...

Rusty and Kandy hug... Randhir comes there and asks Kandy if she was
happy... Kandy says that she is very happy and leaves from there... Rusty
hugs Randhir and says that she is very happy... Randhir says that
Madhura has surprised us all ... Randhir asks Rusty to be cautious since
Baldev can do anything... Rusty says that they had caught Baldev last
night but when Ajeet came to get him, he wasn't home... Randhir says
that he was home the whole time but Ajeet didn't show up... Rusty thinks
about what Ajeet had said... She is lost...

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Posted: 19 June 2006 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
Update: June 19, 2006 by tahl

Rusty's room:
Rusty asking randir why arjeet couldn't find him yesterday. but randir
says he was at home the whole time. flashback of arjeet saying randir
isn't at home

Arjeet's house:
Rusty sees srjeet walking w/ baldev and gets suspicious. arjeet sees her,
and asks wat she is doing here. rusty says she wants to say thanx to
arjeet for helping her, but asks why he go bak to the house when he
could just call randir adn the police. arjeet says that his phone hasn'r
been working properly, and just then, his cell rings. rusty walks off.

Randir's room:
Randir thanx madhura for accepting rusty. he say he's sry for not
understanding her even after all these yeras. madhura says her
selfishness is behind all this b/c she didn't want to be incomplete and she
is incomplete w/out randir and he is w/out rusty. both hug.

Rusty's room:
rusty is preoccuppied w/ arjeet. thiking what is he hiding. madhura
comes in and notices rusty's tension. she says that rusty must be worried
b/c of her. rusty says it's nothing like that mumma!! both shocked. then
rusty asks, "Kya main aapko mumma bullasak ti hoon?" madhura says,
"kya tumne mujhe aapnane se pele poocha tha?" both smile, hug and
cry :) biji looks on w/ a smile.

At the party:
Veerji and bhabi are arguing b/c he nevernotices how pretty she is.
Someon walks up the stairs and enters............ it's none other than
kulwaant she meets the whole family, and finally rusty................ she gets
mad and tells rusty, "Min ne tumse kha tha na kyatum is parriwar ko
aapna bananeki koshish maat karna!!.................. It's good that you didn't
listen to me!!!!!!!!!!! Both smile and hug (BTW, kulwaant and family are
moving to India)
Dadaji starts singing merri makra, merri sonyre (from bahgbhan). He and
biji dance to the song. they pull rusty w/ them, and the whole family
starts dancing.
Randir gets on stage and makes a speech: "wayse, punjabion ko party
karne kya leye koi waja ki zaroozat nahin lagti, mugger, is party ki waja
hain............... aaj meri beti aapne pariwar kay saat hain.................... or
ye saab madhura kay waja se hua" (hope u guys got that :)
arjeet comes to rusty and offers her a drink, but she refuses and walks
somebody puts something in a drink and tells the waiter to give it to
rusty. she drinks it, (while arjeet islooking on) and feels woozy . madhura
tells her that randir wants her to meet some people. he introduces her to
mr. walia (sry gurls, but it ain't jai walia ) rusty says she can introduce
herself............. she's really drunk. she can barely talk and starts rambling
how she's related to everyone.................. this goes on for like 5
min.................... candi comes and trie to take rusty to her room, but
rusty screams NO!!!!!!!!! everyone is staring and the family is
embarassed.......... rusty falls over candi,and finally, she and randir drag
rusty to her room. rusty saying that her head is spining...........
biji looks on from the balcony/stairs........ baoji comes and asks her whats
wrong........... the winds are blowing.......... and the scene keeps flashing
to someone tearing rusty's and randir's photo in half.............. biji says,
"mujhe aisa kyoon lagrahe kay kuch toofaan aane wala hain?"
Flashback to the person ripping the photo, and.....................................
............................................................ .....................................................
............................................................'s none other than
our dear madhura............. she says, "yeh to shuruwaat thi rusty!!! Aagay
dheeko, hoota hain kya!!! (& I was just begining to liek this woman :()

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Posted: 28 June 2006 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Update: June 20, 2006

Madhura says that becasue of Rusty her own people lied to her... She says that she is going to make her go out of this house in Rusty's style... She says that these people forgot their promise becasue of Rusty and she will have to pay for this... She says that she will become her own, and she won't let anyone come close to her... She says that if she didn't make her leave this place, then her name is not Madhura...

Baoji, Biji, Iqbal and Neelu are at the breakfast table... Baoji is constantly looking for someone... Biji asks him to eat... Kulwant comes there and is all excited, she says that the parathas are so good and in the foreign land the atta didn't use to be that good... Neelu isn't eating... Kulwant asks what the matter is... Neelu says that she is full from last night, Rusty crossed her limits... Baoji says that it wan't her fault... Iqbal asks her not to make a big deal about it... Neelu says the country she came from, it's common... Iqbal says that Rusty only wants to become the daughter of this house... Randhir and Madura come there... Madhura asks where Rusty is... Kandy says that she went to call her, but she didn't open the door... Madhura says that she'll call her...

Madhura asks Rusty why she didn't come to the breakfast table... Rusty says that she is embarrased after what happened last night... Madhura says that everyone knows how she is and no one is angry with her... Rusty is facing the other way and so Madhura makes bad faces at her... Madhura says that if she doesn't eat, then I won't either... Rusty asks if in India, mothers blacmail their daughters like this... Madhura says that in India, mothers are not able to tolerate their daighters hunger... Rusty smile and goes with her...

Everyone is happy to see Rusty at the table except Neelu... Neelu gives Rusty lemonade and says that it would help her hangover... All are shocked... Neelu gives her a lecture on responsibilites... Madhra asks Neelu to forget about it and that Rusty can't do anything like that... Kandy whispers to Rusty to meet her at a resturant for lunch since they are not able to talk here... Biji asks Madhura to give Rusty breakfast...

Rusty goes to the resturant... She sees Ajeet with Baldev there... Baldev says to Ajeet that he is happy to have made a deal with him... He also says that he is happy that he brought Rehana to her instead of taking her to panchayat... Baldev leaves... Rusty goes to Ajeet... Ajeet is calm and says that she has become a celebrity after last night... Rusty confronts him and says that she heard what he told Baldev... She says that today he has lost her friendship... She is about to leave when Ajeet holds her hand and takes her with him... Rusty asks where he is taking her... Ajeet brings her to a place and shows her a picture of Baldev, her dadaji, and Ajeet's father... He tells her that they used to be best friends... His dad told him that they used to do everything together and were ready to do anything for each other... But he doesn't know what happened that they become enemies... He says that whenever his father tells him about it, his eyes get wet... His main aim to come here is to turn this enemity into friendship... He tells her that the other day he took Rehana to Baldev... We see a flashback: Baledev is shocked ot see him with Rehana... Ajeet says that he brought Rehena here to save his honor or else in the panchayat, Rehana would have taken his name... he tells him that he would have to make a deal with him... Flashback over... He tells Rusty that he had made a deal with Baldev that he will prove Rusty innocent in the panchayat... He says that if Biji wouldn't have accepted Rusty, then Badev would have had to prove her innocent... Rusty says that she is sorry, she suspected him... She asks why they became enemies... Ajeet says that his dad never told this to him... Rusty says that she came here for selfish reasons but he came here for great work... She asks if he needs her help... He says that he would... He then asks why she was here... Rusty tells him that she wanted to meet Kandy for Lunch... He asks if she will have lunch with him... Rusty agrees...

They are having lunch... They keep looking at each other... Rusty then asks to start... They eat and have a good time... Ajeet asks if she knwos what they have to do now...

At home, Madhra is having a headache... She thinks that her headache would only go once Rusty leaves... Rusty comes and asks if she is thinking about her... Madhura thinks 'meri saaut ki aulaad, mein terey hi baray mein sooch rahi hoon'... She then says that she was thinking about her... Rusty comes and asks if she can massage her head... Madhura says that she is alright... She asks Rusty what the matter is, she can talk to her... Rusty says that she has heard that a mom and daughter are best friends so she would share wverything with her... She is about to tell her something when Kulwant comes there... She says that Rusty has taken up her work in this house but still she is the only one who can get rid of a headache... Rusty says that she needs to go somewhere, just pray that she succeeds... Madhura thinks that she has to find out what Rusty is up to...

Rusty goes to Baldev's house... Baldev is shocked...

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Update: June 21, 2006

Baoji is happy to see Ajeet... Ajeet just gives him a serious look... On the other side, Baldev asks Rusty what she is doing there... Rusty shows him the picture of him, Baoji, and Ajeet's dad... Ajeet tells Baoji that his dad used to tell him the stories of their friendship, he used to tell him that people used to give examples of their friendship... Ajeet says that he is back and he wants their friendship back... Baoji looks mad... Baldev asks Rusty what is all this... Rusty says that she wants to know what ruined their friendship...

Baldev says that she has gone mad, she is asking for water from fire... The sun can rise from the west but he can't do what she is asking him to do and it can only be done over his dead body... Baoji tells Ajeet that if he wasn't his best friends son, then today he wouldn't have had a tongue in his mouth after taking that person's name... Rusty tries to say something but Baldev stops her... Baoji says that he is forgiving him coz he is his friends son... Madhura hears everything... Baldev throws the picture and the glass breaks... He says that Ragoovire's tactics won't work... Rusty says that he didn't send her, she came by herself... Baldev asks her to go as whoever comes in between will become his enemy as well... He leaves... Rust picks up the picture and leaves... Yuvraj is watching...

YUvraj tells Kandy that they won't accept their relationship... Kandy, Rusty and Ajeet are there... Rusty tries to calm him down... Yuvraj says that nothing will happen... Kandy says that Yuvraj is right but there is no possibility for them to change their enemity... Kandy says that there is no way she can form a relationship with Kandy... Yuvraj says that he will not back off and he hopes that she doesn't back off as well... Yuvraj leaves... Kandy leaves as well... Ajeet says that they will try again... Rusty says that this is not as easy as it sounds... She asks Ajeet to leave her alone... Ajeet leaves... Rusty is standing there when Madhura comes there... Rusty is shocked to see her... Madhura looks mad and she grabs her hand and takes her...

At home, Baoji is watching a music video (Aisa hai koi dilwala rey) and having fun... He is dancing with the song... All the family memebrs see him and are trying to control their laughter... Biji goes to him and baoji gets scared seeing her there...... Biji asks what he was doing... Baoji tries to make some excuse when biji says that he was watching an item number... Baoji says that he must have hit the wrong channel by mistake... All laugh... Madhura drags Rusty inside the house and asks the family members to ask Rusty what she is hiding from them... Rusty is shocked and so are all the others... Randhir asks what is wrong... Madhura asks him to ask his daughter... Rusty is scared... Madhura says that she won't say anything so she will tell... Madhura brings a picture and everyone looks at it one by one... Rusty is too scared to say anything... Biji and baoji are so happy to see the picture... Madhura smiles and says that Rusty says that she stayed up all night and made this family potrait... All are happy... Kulwant says that they don't even look that great in real life... Baoji says that this talent should not be wasted and she should get admission in the best art school...

Madhur and Rusty are in their room... Rusty says thanks to Madhura for not saying anything to anyone... Madhura asks what is going on... Rusty says that she knows she will understand... She tells her how Kandy and Yurraj love each other... Madhura is shocked... Rusty says that they have to do something to bring them together and change the enemity to friendship... Madhur gets upset and asks if she knows that someone can be killed in between all this... Rusty says that she knows but they have to do something... Madhura thinks and says that she is right... She says that she will tell her what to do... Madhura tells her in mute... Rusty is excited to hear it... She says that she'll go tell Ajeet about it... madhura thinks that now Rusty will have to go out of this house and no one can stop her...
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Update: June 22, 2006

Ajeet is surprised to hear what Rusty said... Ajeet asks if she is sure she wants to do that... Rusty says that they should bring them in front of each other and then do something... Ajeet says that it coiuld be risky... Rusty says that they have to take risks... Ajeet asks what exactly does she want to do...

Baoji is sitting... Rusty comes around and says aloud that no one cares about me... Baoji asks if she is talking to him... Rusty says that she is talking to the walls since no one else has time for her... Baoji aks why she is so angry... Rusty says that no one takes her out anywhere... Baoji says that he will... Rusty gets happy and says that she wants to go to the jungle nearby... Baoji promises and says it is gentleman promise...

Ajeet comes to Baldev... Baldev is cleaning his gun... Ajeet asks if he ever uses it... Baldev points it to him and asks if he should start with him... Ajeet gets scared and says that he was just joking... Baldev says that he was joking as well... Ajeet says that he was going to the nearby jungle for shikar and thought he wouod take him along... Baldev says sure, who knows kis ki shamat aai hey... Ajeet looks concerned...

Rusty asks Baoji why he is taking a gun... baoji says that there are a lot of jungli animals around... They are about to leave when Kulwant comes there and says that she wants to go as well... Rusty asks her to stay at home since she just came from London... She says that she must have seen all the punjab so she should stay home... Kulwant says that she has seen this house too but she still came there so she wants to go with them... Madhura comes there and asks Kulwant to come wih her instead since she is going shopping... Kulwant gets excited and says that she'll go shopping...

Baoji and Rusty are driving hen their jeep comes across Baldev anad Ajeet's jeep... They stare at each other but Rusty asks Baoji to go... They leave... They come to jungle... Ajeet comes to jungle with Baldev from the other side... Baoji asks Rusty to hurry up... Rusty says that she'll walk at her own pace... Ajeet calls Rusty and they decide to get rid of the security guards with them... Baoji asks RUsty who called her in a jungle... Rusty says that it was Kandy... They walk... Rusty sits there and says that she left her mineral water in the jeep... She asks the guards to get it... On the other hand, ajeet jumps down a tree and scares Baldev ... Baldev asks what is he doing up like a monkey ... Baldev is about to take a nishana when Ajeet makes him miss it... Ajeet says that this is a very small nishana and they shouldn't do it... Baldev asks if he should only kill a lion or a tiger... Ajeet says that since there is a scarce population of lions, he shouldn't kill them or else he would only have to show the lions in pictures to his grandchildren... He then points in a direction and says that he heard something there and asks the guard to go chack what it is... Rusty walks along with Baoji... Baoji says that he is very tired now... Ajeet makes Baldev stand near a well and says that he'll go look for a shikar and don't move from there... Rusty says that she'll go check kif the guards are back with water... Ajeet and Rusty meet and decide to bring Baoji and Baldev at that point... Ajeet flirts with Rusty a little ... They go back but are shocked to see both of them missing... Rusty goes aroung looking for baoji but can't find him and Ajeet goes aroun looking for Baldev but can't find him... Ajeet and Rusty meet and both are very concerned that baoji and Baldev uncle are missing...

Baoji is walking around when someone points a gun to his head.. It is Baldev...
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Update: June 26, 2006

Baldev points his rifle to Baoji... He says that he was in search of such an opportunity... Suddenly he slips and falls down...

Rusty is looking around for baoji... She sees bushes moving and goes towards them... Ajeet pops out from there and scares Rusty... Rusty says that if he likes doing this, then he should stay in the jungle...

Baoji says that nothing can happen until God wants it to happen... He tries to give his hand to Baldev for him to get up but he refuses and helps himself out... He says that he would never accept his help... Baoji says
that he has to leave to look for his granddaughter... Baldev says that he will kill him in front of the whole village...

Ranvir, Iqbal, and Neelu are waiting for Baoji... Madhura comes there and asks Randhir to invite Ajeet for sinner since he is baoji's friend's son and he always leaves without eating anything... Randhir calls his house and
finds out that he went for shikar with Baldev... Everyone is shocked... Madhur says that this s a coincidence, Ajeet came here yesterday and asked Baoji to forget about his dushmani with Baldev and today they are all out for Shikar... Neelu says that the kids must have planned the jungle trip... Randhir says that he'll go look for them...

Rusty and Ajeet are walking and it;s raning hard... Ajeet asks her to come with him so that the can seek shelter... Rusty says that she wants to look for grandpa... She slips but Ajeet catches her in time and they stare at
eah other for sometime with Rusty's head resting on Ajeet's shoulder... Rusty then tries to go but hurts her ankle... Ajeet picks her up and starts walking...

Baldev seeks shelter under a roof... Baoji is under the same roof... Baoji says that God is having fun by bringing them together...

Randhir comes to the jungle but the jungle police doesn't let him in... They say that it is dark and raining and they can't lwt him go... Baldev's brother comes there and says that he won't spare them if this is one of
their sazish... Randhir says that he is only here to look for his daughter and father...

Ajeet brings Rusty to a shelter... He puts her down and asks where it hurts... Rusty points to her feet... Ajeet massages it while Rusty scream but then she realizes that her pain is gone... She smiles... Ajeet lights a
fire and sits there... Rusty says that she is hungry... Ajeet says that he found this watermelon... Rusty says that this is so unhygenic... Ajeet says that he is not unhygenic since he takes a shower every day ... Rusty
says that she is talking about the watermelon... Rusty takes out something to eat from her bag but then throws it out... Meanwhile Ajeet breaks open the watermelon with a rock and starts eating it with his hand... Later, Rusty joins him as well...

Baldev and Baoji are talking... Baldev is about to slip and baoji tries to save him but Baldev refuses... They talk about how their dusmani has grown strong over the years... Baojii says that it is becasue their dosti was
just as strong once... Flashback: Baldev's sister brings food for both Baldev and Baoji... They are enjoying it and Baldev;s sister (Naina) keeps ooking at Baoji... Baldev notices it... Flashback ends... Baldev says that his sister was in love with Baoji but he broke her heart and she died... Baoji says that he always blamed her for her death but the truth is that he never loved his sister, it was all one sided... They start arguing and raise their rifle...

Rusty is sleeping on Ajeet's shoulder while Ajeet is looking at her... He tries to touch her face but then stops and asks her to get up... Rusty gets up all embaressed and says sorry to Ajeet... She asks if he slept at all last night... Ajeet just smiles and says that it's moring and they should go look for her grandpa...

Randhir comes to the shelter where Baoji and Baldev are... They are both sleeping in such a position that it looked as if they were dead... Baldev's brother comes there and see this... He gets angry and asks his people to shoot... Baoji and Baldev wake up... Baldev says that they are going to kill them in front of the village... Brother says that he cannot wait anymore... The jungle police comes there and asks them to leave from there and not do anything unlawful thing or else they will arrest them... They leave... Randhir asks about Rusty... Baoji says that she was taking pictures and got lost... He looked for her but then it started raining and he thought
she mus have headed home... Randhir is shocked... Then they see Rusty and Ajeet coming towards them...

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Update: June 27, 2006

Randhir asks Rusty how could she do this... He asks what if something happened to Baoji or what if Baoji did something to Baldev, what was she thinking? Madhura is smiling to herself... Rusty says that once upon a time Baoji and Baldev uncle were friends... Randhir says that they were but not any more... Iqbal says that they never bend before the enemy... Baoji is just sitting there listening to all this...

Baldev's guard says that he could have killed them today... Baldev says that he will kill them in front of everyone... Yuvraj and his mom just look at Baldev...

Rusty says that this dusmani has to end one day... Iqbal says that this dushmani has become a tradition for them and it will go on with each generation... Rusty asks how can dusmani become a tradition, it's only the good things that are carried as traditions whereas dushmani is not ... Randhir says that to keep themselves safe from their dushman is not a bad thing... He says that she doesn't know much about this so she shouldn't do these things... He asks how can he shake hands with the person who is ready to kill all of them...

Yuvraj says that what is there in this dushmani... Baldev says that he finds peace in this dushmani and if this dushmani doesn't remain, then he will not remain as well... Yuvraj asks if he is satisfied with his life now, he says that all are suffering because of two people's misunderstandings... Baldev says that it was not misunderstanding but betrayal by Raghoveer...

Rusty says that if everyone can forget everything and accept her in the family, then why can't they forget about the dushmani and talk it out... Iqbal gets upset and says that you might be able to talk things out in London but here we just finish it off...

Yuvraj says that someone has to step forward... Baldev gets mad and says that he made a mistake by sending him abroad to study... He gives him the rife and asks him to shoot him if he wants this dushmani to end...

Randhir says that he will not forgive if she does something like this next time... Madhura says that she is nasamajh... Randhir says that he is trying to explain it to her...

Later, Rusty goes to baoji and asks if she was wrong, did he not remember his old friendship with Baldev... Baoji is in thoughts and says that he did remember the misunderstandings and the accusations put on him and hiis family... Baoji gets flashes of Baldev's sister... Baoji says that she oesn't know how much he loves her so she shouldn't talk about this anymore... Rusty is upset...

Rusty thinks about all that Randhir, Iqbal and baoji said to her... Madhura comes there and acts as if she is sobbing... Madhura asks her to forgive her since it was her fault... She says that she'll go and tell everything to her father... Rusty stops her and says that she didn't mind what was said to her... She says that she won't back off and if her mom is with her, then she can do anything... Rusty says that she will go see Kandy as she is upset... Madhura thinks that she will destroy Rusty's life...

Kandy is talking to Yuvraj's picture... She is crying... Rusty comes there and tries to cheer her up... Rusty says that they look very nice together... Kandy says that it seems impossible for them to get together... Rusty says that there is no life without impossibe dreams... She says that she will keep the photo as it is risky and she will give the real Yuvraj to her in it's place... Madhura is listening... She follows Rusty and sees where Rusty puts the photo... Rusty comes across the jacket given to her by Ajeet during the night they spent in the jungle... She takes it out and goes somewhere... Madhura enters her room and takes Yuvraj's picture out... She says that Rusty was trying to save Kandy but now she will land herself in trouble...

Rusty goes to Ajeet... Ajeet is watering plants... He sees Rusty and says that he knew she would be kicked out after what she did yesterday... He says that she can stay with him... Rusty says that her family is upset with what she did but they didn't kich her out ... Ajeet says that he knows that she want back off... He asks now who does she want to take to the jungle and which jungle or field to unite them.. Rusty says that she is there to return his jacket... Ajeet takes the jacket and says it smeels like her... Rusty smiles... Ajeet says that he would have to get it dry-cleaned as soon as possible lol... Rusty goes back in anger... Ajeet says he was just joking...

Madhura brings Randhir, Neelu and Iqbal to Rusty's room and says that she decided she would decorate the room with flowers since everyone got so mad at Rusty today... Randhir says that Rusty should understand and that she is not a little kid... Madhura says that she doesn't know these things... IQbal agrees and says that she is a very nice girl... Madhura puts the flowers on Rusty's night stand and asks Nellu how they look... She then pretends to be shocked on looking at something... She tries to fake as if she is very shocked and asks Neelu and Iqbal to go as she just wanted to show them the room... They leave confused... She then sees Randhir and asks him to go as well as she wants to decorate... Randhir is about to keave when Madhura picks up Rusty's book and looks at it all concerned... She looks at Randhir and pretends as if she is hiding something... Randhir comes to her and asks what she is hiding... Madhura shows him Yuvraj's picture and says that she is worried Rusty might have done all that for Yuvraj...

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Kandy and Rusty go to see Yuvraj... There is a staring session between Yuvraj and Kandy ... Yuvraj says that he can't live without her... Kandy says that she can't either... Yuvraj says that they will have to do something now since this dushmani has no end... Kandy agrees... Rusty asks them not to take any step until she says...

Madhura comes to her room and sees Randhir sitting there in thoughts... She goes to him and asks him to come with her as she wants to show him something...

Rusty asks Yuvraj to leave as it is very late... Yuvraj asks for five more minutes but Rusty asks him to go... Kandy is about to leave when Yuvraj holds her hand... They look at each other and Kandy goes behind the pillar...

Randhir asks Madhura where she is taking him... Madhura asks him to come with her...

Rusty says that she understands Yuvraj's feelings but he should leave before anyone sees him... Meanwhile, Madhura brings Randhir there and they see Rusty with Yuvraj ... Randhir is shocked... Madhura goes from there and Randhir walks towards them... Rusty and Yuvraj see them and are shocked... Yuvraj is about to say something when Randhir slaps him... Randhir asks Rusty what he is doing here? He asks him to get out... Randhir takes Rusty inside... He asks Rusty how she knows Yuvraj... She says that she met him once in the village... Randhir remembers Madhura's words that maybe Rusty ants to end this dusmani for Yuvraj... He tells Rusty that beta you are new here and you don't know the past of this house... He says that he does not believe in treating the enemy bad but he wants no relationships with them either... He says that he beleives she would respect that...

Madhura is in her room waiting desperately... Randhir comes there and Madhura asks if he talked to Rusty... He says that he is confused, they got Yuvraj's picture in her room yesterday and today he came to the house... HE says that he is scared that Rusty might make a mistake since the place she has come from was totally differnet than theirs... He asks Madhura if she cold talk to Rusty about this as well... Madhura says thst she completely trust Rusty and that she can't do anything like that... She says that if he wants, she will talk to her... Randhir says that till now he feared how Madhura would react to Rusty but today she is her biggest support... He holds her hands and thanks her... Madhura thinks that you have broken my trust by bringing your daughter in this house and I will make sure that your relationship is weakened with her ...

Rusty thinks about Randhir's words... She looks worried... Madhura comes there... Rusty hugs her and cries... Madhura gives an evil smile... Rusty says that papa thinks that she was with yuvraj... madhura says that she was also unhappy about it and even thought about telling her papa but then thought bout Kandy and stopped... Rusty says that she did right... She says that she was thinking what would happen to Kandy... Madhura says that she is with her and she shouldn't accept defeat... Rusty looks at her and says that whenever it seems that there is no way out, mom always helps her... Madhura hugs Rusty and gives her trademark evil smile...

Baldev tells Ajeet that it was no fun the other day when they went for shikar and they should plan another trip... Ajeet says that he is ever ready... Yuvraj comes home... Baldev asks where he was all this time... Yuvraj does not answer... Baldev then notices marks on Yuvraj's face and asks what happened... Yuvraj stands there like a dumbo... Baldev gets angry and is about to hit him when Ajeet stops him and asks Yuvraj to tell him the truth... Ajeet then tells Baldev that he went with Yuvraj for a walk and it rained and Yuvraj slipped and hit a tree... Baldev asks why he wasn't telling him that... Ajeet tries to change the topic and asks aunty to serve dinner while uvraj goes and freshens up...

Baoji and the family are going for a puja... Baoji calls out for Kulwant... Kulwant comes there bare feet... Iqbal asks if she forgot to wear her shoes... Kuwant says that she didn't forget but would go to the mandir bare feet... baoji is happy and tells Iqbal to learn something from Kulwant, He says that she lived abroad for so long but did not forget our values... Kulwant in her style says that she is not wearing shoes because they might get stolen at the mandir as this is what usually happens there and her soes are really expensive ... All laugh at her...

Randhir calls ot for Madhura to come... Rusty comes and says that she didn't do anything wrong... Randhir says that he trust her and she should not do anything that would break it... He smiles and asks her to bring everyone since biji is waiting in the car...

They all go to the mandir... Pooja goes on... Baoji is about to hand over the pooja stuff to Pandit ji when baldev asks him to wait and says that his pooja stuff should be accepted first as that is what happens every year... Baoji says that this won't happen as they were there first and panditji will accept their stuff first...

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