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Posted: 06 June 2006 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Update: June 1, 2006

Biji is taking care of all the preparations... Madhura come there and asks
when should she ask punditji to come... Biji asks her to call him right now
since there are so many things they need to ask... Madhura looks really
sad... Biji asks her why she is so sad... Madhura doesn't say anything, just
says that it is nothing like that... Biji says that she knows that she is
worried for Randhir... Biji says that she cannot see her in this soncditiona
nd assures her that Randhir will come back soon... Kandy comes there...
Biji puts dupatta on her head and say that she should cover her head
now... Biji smiles... Kandy is not happy and turns to leave... Madhura says
that she must be shy...

Rusty thinks of Kandy... She thinks that no one knows what Kandy must
be going through... She then sees Kandy going out of the house and gets

Kandy comes to meet Yuvraj... She hugs him and tells him about her
marriage... Yuvraj says that there is no way out other than leaving their
families... He asks if she would be able to leave them for her love... Kandy
holds Yuvraj's hand and they look at each other... Another hand comes on
top of their hands... It's Rusty... She says that she is with them in this
decision... She asks Kandy if she woldn't take anything with her... kandy
says that she doesn't want anything... Rusty says that they will leave the
dusmani behind with the families but she will have to take the honor and
pride that her grandparents have for her, she will have to take their
confidence in you, you will have to take the upbringing of this family...
Rusty says that if you are ready to take all this, then go run away... Kandy
says that she was about to do something she shouldn't have... Yuvraj says
that people can say a lot of these things but only the people who are
going through such circumstances know what it is like... Rusty says that
she knows what he is going through but she also knows what will happen
to the familes after they leave... Yuvraj asks if they should just sit and
agree to whatever their familes say... Rusty says that they are running
from the fear of thier family's dusmani but maybe their love can change
that and the families might actually come together... Yuvraj says that the
kids don't even listen to their parents in the place you belong to... Rusty
says that the relations are much more stronger here though... Yuvraj says
that they'll do whatever they want... He tries to take kandy with him but
she doesn't go... Yuvraj leaves...

Baoji is in thoughts... Rusty comes to him... She asks what is he doing so
late at niight... Baoji says that in his age it happens, you don't get
sleepy... Rusty asks why dusmani doesn't decrease with age then... She
says that she is talking about his dusmani with Baldev... Dadaji gets really
mad and asks her never to talk about this again... He says that the
dushmani will always remain and will keep going on for generations and
generations... Rusty tries to say something but Baoji scolds her... Hs run

In the morning, Rusty is lying inbed thinking about what baji said about
the dushmani... Baoji comes to her room and sit with her... He asks if she
didn't sleep all night... He says that he can tell jst by looking at her eyes...
He says that he shouldn't have said all those things to her... Rusty asks
him not to say anything like that and if she knew how he felt about this
issue, then she wouldn't have asked... Baoji says that our daughter is very
wise... Rusty says thst she lived alone all her life and so became wise...
baoji tries to cheer her up and say that no she is here both of them will
live her childhood once again... baoji says that he has to go now to get
biji's medicine... Rusty asks her to let her go get it since she never gets to
do anything for her... baoji smiles and gives her the money and medicine
Rusty is walking and is tired... She looks at a water pipe thingy (used to
drink water) but can't get water out of it so she turns the hand pump...
While she turns the pump, she sees Ajeet drinking water from it... Ajeets
smiles and says that it's a good deed to get water for someone and today
she did it for him... Rusty is mad and turns around... Ajeet asks her to let
him do the good deed as well... He asks her to come drink water while he
turns the hand pump... Rusty drinks water and Ajeet keeps looking at
her... She then says thanks... Ajeet asks her not to say thanks as yet... He
gives her a tablet and asks her to take it since she won't be able to digest
this water... Rusty hands the tablet back and leaves from there...

Rusty sees everyone with Kandy in the garden... The groom's mom gives
her the shagun and everything... Rusty is upset... Chacha is taking tea
when Rusty stops him and asks him whats gping on... Chacha says that
Kandy's in-laws are there and the edding will be day after tomorrow...
Rusty takes the tea tray from his hand and walks towards the people
sitting in the garden... Baoji, Biji, madhura, and Meeru are shocked to see
this... Rusty comes there and greets everyone... The in-laws are happy to
meet her... Rusty introduces herself and says that she lives in this
house... biji says that she is her daughter' friend from London... The in-
laws say that it looks lke she has all Indian values... Biji asks Rusty to go
rest since she must be tired... Baoji says it's ok you can come sit with us...
He tells her that these people are here for kandy's rishta... Rusty serves
tea and then asks Kandy why she never mentioned anthing about the
groom-to-be... She asks when they met and stuff... All the people are
shocked... Baoji softly expains that this is India and this doesn't happen
here... The in-laws don't look happy... Rusty asks how can one spend
their entire life with someone they don't even know...

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Update: May 5, 2006 by tahl

rusty's room
Candy is yelling at rusty becasue she made a tamasha infront of everyone.
(I guess the rishtaa broke.) She says, "Tum koon hoti ho jo tumne asie
kahaa? Main aapne gharwaloon ko tumse ache janti hoon!!"

Candy's room
Candy locks up her rooma and takes out a duffle bag. Raj comes to her
window and asks her to come w/ him. Candy knocks ova a show piece
and one of hte servants sounds the alarm. Veerji (Candy's dad) and
Madura come running to her room. Candy teels Raj to leave, but he say he
not leave w/out her. Finally, she convinces him to leave. Candy opens the
door. veerji says not to leave the window open and as he closes it, he
sees Raj running (don't worry, hw no see who it is).

Everyone's running around trying to catch Raj.

Rusty's room
Rusty drags Raj to her room, and he hides. Veerji, Candy, and MAdhura
come to her room. Seh says she saw noone. Veerji says they check her
room just to make sure. (Logically, how can someone enter the room, if it
was locked?) Rusty doesn't let them enter. she says noone allowed in her
room at night.
Raj thanks rusty, and biji come s to the door so he hides again.
biji asks rusty who was there. When rusty son't answer, she says that if
rusty won't tell her, then she will have to leave the house in the morning.
Rusty is sad.
Candy comes to meet rusty. Candy says thanx. Rusty tells her not to
make any wrong decisions. rusty says she always considered candy like
her sister. both hug.

Living room
veerji and Baoji are arm wrestling. Everyone watching. rusty comes and
says shes leaving. Baoji tries to reason w/ her, but she isists taht she
must go.

They show someone pull up the driveway and walk up the house.

Rusty tells Madhura that she always considered her her mom. Candy and
she hug. Rusty leaves.
Randir opens the door and walks in. Everyone is excited. Baoji tels the
servant to bring randir's things inside. Randir says theose aren't my
things. Biji gets off the sofa. Everyone surprised. Randir calls rusty and
she walks in through the doors. Her eyes are downcast.


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Update: June 6, 2006

All are happy to see Randhir... They ask the servant to brng his luggage
in... Randhir says that it it not mine... Rusty enters the house... Baoji gets
worried and fumbles and says that how do you know her, she was our
guest... Randhir says that if she was the guest, why was she leaving like
that... Biji says that a guest is a guest and they have to leave one day...
Randhir says that according to our tradition, a guest comes by his/her
own will but goes by our will... He says that they always go and drop the
guests themselves... He says that he will go drop Rusty to Dehli in two
three days...

Rusty comes to her room... Randhir comes there as well... They hug and
Rusty cries a lot... She asks where he went, and why he lfet her... She
want to hug him and missed him a lot... Randhir jokes and says that she
is liar, if she was missing him, why was she leaving him... He then tells
her that he wanted to arrange the money for her art school but he failed
since there wasn't much time... Rusty looks at him and says that her
priorites have change now, she wants to make her place in her own
people's hearts first... Randhir says that he'll tell everyone that she is his
daughter... Rusty stops him and says that she wants to make her own
place in this house... She asks him to give her three days to do this... She
says that if she fails, then she'll do whatever he wants... Randhir says that
he too has a condition then, and that he will leave along with her if no
one accepts her...

Randhir somes to his room... He asks Madhura how everything is...
Madhura doesn't answer and gives him a towel to go get fresh... randhir
says that he did somethings that he shouldn't have done... Madhura says
that he doesn't care about his family and does whatever comes to mind...
Randhir says that he remembers his responsibilities... Madhura says that
this is the problem, he thinks of them as responsibilities... Randhir says
that they are his responsibilities but he loves Madhura and his children a
lot... Madhura says that she is ready to forget his past if he s ready to do
the same...

Rusty and Kandy are in a cafetaria... Kandy gives a letter to Rusty and
says that she has written this for Yuvraj... She tells her that she wrote that
she is not ready to meet him like last night... She says that she loves him
a lot but at the same time she loves her family as well and if they are
destined to meet, then no one will be able to stop them... Rusty asks why
she wrote all this and throws the letter away... She asks her not to give
up... The letter lands in Ajeet's feet... He reads it and comes to Kandy...
He asks Kandy to have told him earlier about it as it is too late now...
Rusty gets furious and says that if it is too late then you should stop
talking and thinking as for you they both work in opposite direction...
Ajeet says that he has only met her two times and she has already formed
a very strong opinion about him... he asks Kandy to let him know f he
could be of any help... He then points to Rusty and tells kandy that till she
is with you, I think you ill keep needing help... Rusty is furious... Before
leaving, Ajeet asks Kandy the guys name who she is getting married to...

Madhura, Biji and Neelu are very happy regarding all the preparations and
chat about what Neelu should wear since she is Kandy's mom and should
look nice...

An old servant brings tea for Ajeet... They talk and he asks Ajeet why he
left comfort and his parents and came here to the village... Ajeet says that
are some things he wants to do here and also fulfill some of his dreams...
The servant then reminds him that he has to go to the engagement party
today... He asks Ajeet if he knows who the groom is... Ajeet tells him the
name but the servant says that it is not possible... He then tells Ajeet
something in mute...

Rusty helps Kandy get ready for her engagement... She tells her that she
looks beautiful today and also remind her not to lose hope... Neelu comes
there to get Kandy... Rusty tells her that Kandy is in love with some other
guy... Neelu is shocked and asks Kandy about it... Kandy keeps quiet but
Rusty tells her that a mpother woud understand and so she should tell
her... Kandy says that it is Yuvraj and that she cannot live without him...
Neelu is shocked beyond words and slaps Kandy... She asks if she knows
what she is talking about... She says that her own family members will kill
her if they found out... She asks her to not listen to Rusty as she knows
nothing about their traditions and values... She then asks Kandy to go to
her room and when she comes out for her ceremony, she should have
burried her tears for life... Kandy leaves... Neelu turns to Rusty and says
tha tMadhura was right, you are a bad influence... She then tells her that
their hinduatani hous eis very differetn from her english house, there are
values and respect... She folds her hands and says that she begs Rusty
not to say a word outside and just keep quiet... Rusty is shocked...
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Update: June 7, 2006

Baoji looks very excited and is looking over the arrangements...

Rusty gets a phone call is is shocked... Kandy thinks that if she cannot
marry Yuvraj, then she would not marry anyone... She thinks of all the
time she spent with Yuvraj... She has a poison bottle in her hand...

Rusty goes out to see Ajeet... She asks Ajeet if whatever he said on the
phone was right... Ajeet asks her not to get too emotional... He says that
his servant is kind of old so he might have mistaken... He says that when
kaka herad about Gagandeep (groom to be), he said that the groom had
an afair with someone and has a kid... Rusty asks him to come with her...
Madhura sees Rusty leaving with Ajeet... They go to Gagandeep's house
and confront him... He says that they have no proof against him...

All the celebrations are going on... Madhura, Neelu, and Kandy's friends
go inside to get Kandy... Kandy is about to take the poison but sees them
coming... She asks Madhura about Rusty... Neelu asks her to some with
them... They go out...

Kandy and Gagandeep are seated next to each other... Rusty comes there
but does not enter the house... Neelu comes to her... Rusty tells her that
gangandeep is not a good man and he has a child... Rusty says that kandy
is her friend, like a sister to her... Neelu says that it's good she is just like
a sister and not a real sister... Neelu gets really mad at her and says that
they have a tradition that the guests are invited to share their happiness
but today she is breaking that tradition and asks her to get out...

Madhura and Randhir ask baoji if they should start the ceremony...
Randhir then says that Rusty is not here yet... Baoji says that they will wait
a little bit for her... Madhura tells them that she went out with Ajeet...

Rusty and Ajeet are driving and try to look for proof... They go around
asking people about Gagandeep...

Kandy keeps asking her brothers about Rusty... They say that she will be
there soon... Just then Rusty and Ajeet come there... Rusty stands at the
door while Ajeet comes in... Baoji is happy to see them and asks Ajeet
where he went and took Rusty with him... He says that there was some
important work that need to be done... He tells baoji that he was looking
for a gift for Gagandeep but couldn't find any... Gagandeep says that it's
ok and a hand shake would do... gangandeep then asks if his friend
(rusty) would not wish him... Ajeet says that she is wishing him all the
best from where she is standing right now... He says that there is
someone else too who would like to wish him... All are shocked... A lady
with a girl enters and Gangandeep is shocked beyond words... He says
that he doesn't know the lady and the child is not his... All are shocked
when he says this... Ajeet says that he didn't say that he was related to
the lady or the child but Gagandeep confessed himself... Iqbal is very
angry and goes to hit it but Baoji stops him... He says that they treat their
enemies as guests when they are in their house... He asks them to leave
ASAP... All are relieved when they leave... They are all very upset at the
prospect of what could have happened... Biji thanks Ajeet... Ajeet says
that it is not becasue of him but because of Rusty who didn't care about
her reputation in the house just to save kandy's reputation... All look at
her gratefully who is still standing at the door... Baoji hugs her and so
does Randhir... Neelu asks her to forgive her and says that she wishes she
was Kandy's real sister... Rusty says that she was their guest and so it was
her duty... Madhura goes to her and says that guest don't do these kind
of duties, only your own people do that... She thanks Rusty and says that
she never liked her just because she came from a foriegn land but she
was wrong... She says that she never let Rusty cross the line and come
inside the house but still Rusty managed to save their house... She asks
Rusty to forgive her... Randhir and Baoji look relieved... Madhura asks
Chacha to bring Rusty's luggage as she will now stay in this house...
Rusty says that she can't do that... All are surprised when she says that...

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Update June 8, 2006

Rusty says she won't come inside, since she is here for only two more days and those two days she want to spend in the guest house... Biji smiles sweetly ...

Randhir is not able to sleep... He thinks about Rusty's words... He then gets up and leaves... Madhura gets up and wonders where he went... She tries to follow him but biji comes there and asks her where she is going...
madhura points towards Randhir who is going outside... Biji says that after what happened today, none of us can sleep so maybe he went for a walk... She asks madhura to come with her...

Randhir goes to meet Rusty... Rusty looks at him and says that she knows what he is thinking... Radhir says she might know what he is thinking but she doesn't know what he is going through... Randhir says that after such a long time, Madhura accepted her and asked her to come
in the house...

Biji says that whatever Rusty did today can only be done by a daughter of this house... Madhura very sternly says that Rusty is only a guest and she is sorry that she suspected Rusty but now she can stay here as long as
she wants but one day she will have to go back one day... Biji thinks that Madhura will never accept Rusty as a daughter...

Rusty says that Madhura mom didn't invite her to her own house but Madhura mom's house... She says that she accepted her as a guest but will she accept her when she comes to know the truth...

Randhir says that if she had come inside, then everything would have been fine... Rusty says that would have been a betrayel... Rusty says that she wants to be invited as Ruhi Deol...

Rust rings the door bell and enters... Ajeet comes out calling for kaka...He is just wearing a towel... Ajeet sees Rusty and asks her to come inside... He then realizes that he is only wearing a towel... He pulls off a table cover and tries to cover himself ... Rusty asks why he is so shy, actually yhe table shold be shy since you just removed it's clothes... Ajeet says so she too has a sense of humor... He asks how come she is at
his place today... Rusty smiles and says that she came her to thank him for what he did yesterday for her... Ajeet asks her not to misunderstand as he only did it for Kandy... Rusty says that he is so rude... She then says
that she actually needs help from him today as well... She says that she wants to go shopping... Ajeet is amused and asks if she would wear clothes of his choice... Rusty gets mad and says that she made a mistake by coming there... Ajeet stops ehr and asks her to come with him... He is ready to go when Rusty asks if he would like to go in a towel ...

They go for shopping to Seasons... Ajeet tells him that this is the best place to buy clothes... Ajeet picks out a few ooutfits and drags her in the changing room... She comes out wearing thoses clothes, and Ajeet makes
funny faces... Then she comes out wearing a red saree... Ajeet just staresat her... OMG she looked gorgeous... They look at each other for a while,then Ajeet comes to her... She asks how she looks... Ajeet says that it
looks like someone has added 'thara' to the whisley bottle... RUsty is confused... Ajeet says that 'thara' means a soulful thing... He goes real close to her and says it touches your heart... Rusty smiles...

Kandy tells biji that she went to meet Rusty but she is not there... Rusty comes to the door and everyone looks at her amused... They all smile since she is wearing an Indian outfit... Even biji looks happy... Kandy says
she looks gorgeous and so does Madhura... Neelu says that no one can say she is not an Indian... Rusty says that she came here to invite them for dinner tonight at the out house... She says that she'll cook herself...
Madhura says they'll definitely come...

Rusty is preparing dinner... She is trying her hard to get everything right... Randhir is standing there laughing... Rusty looks at him and asks when he came... Randhir asks where all her strength come from... He says
that he is proud of his princess... The sabzi starts buring and rusyt says that he burnt her sabzi... Randhor says he came to help... Rusty says that she'll do her best and everyone will enjoy a lot...

Ranhir comes back... Biji says that he is forgetiign his responsibilities towards his family... She tells him that Madhura was following her last night and what will happen to Madhura once she knows the truth... Randhir says that his family is incomplete without Rusty...

All are having dinner... Rusty asks them to eat and she'll eat later since she is the host... Everyone is shown enjoying the food... Then they all leave... Rusty tasted the food and says that this is terrible but no one said anything... Madhura comes to her... Rusty says that she is sorry she tried... Madhura says that beta your food might not be that great but it had all the love you have for all of us... She tells her that when she got
married she didn't know how to cook, and Rusty's dinner was far better than the dinner she cooked the first time... They both laugh... Madhura says that she must be really tried, so beta go take a rest...

All are shocked in the house... Police is there... The police guy says that the guest in her house will have to go to the police station with them... He has a warrent... Biji asks why... Rusty is listening as well... The police guy says that her name is not Rusty... They all are shocked...

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Update: June 12, 2006

Police says that she is Rehana and she supplies drugs... Iqbal says that
they must be mistaken... Dadi says that she is not Rehana... Police says
that they have proof and an arrest warrant... Rusty comes there and
police asks her to come with them... Rusty asks them to wait...

She goes back... Kandy comes there... She asks why she didn't confront
the police when she knows she didn't do anything... Rusty asks if she
trusts her... Kandy says that evenif guruji comes and says that she did
something wrong, she won't believe it... Rusty gices her a box and asks
her never to tell anyone about it and not open it herself either...

Rusty comes back to the house... Iqbal asks her to show the police her
passport ... Rusty looks at dadi and says that she misplaced it... She says
that she is glad everyone is supporting her but she is not scared as she
didn't do anything... All look at her sadly as Rusty goes with the police...

Randhir comes home... Everyone is quiet... Kandy comes there crying and
tells Randhir all that happened with Rusty... Randhir asks everyone why
they didn't do anything... Neelu says that Iqbal tried but police must have
had some information and that's why took her... Randhir asks how could
she say that... He says that she saved Kandy and their family from a
disaster and they are still not trusting her... Madhura says that she is our
guest and if she didn't do anything wrong she will be back... Randhir gets
upset and asks biji why she didn't do anything... He says that what if
Kandy was in Rusty's place... Neelu gets upset and says that Rusty can
never take Kandy's place...

Randhir goes to police station... Police are interrogating Rusty... Randhir
gets upset and asks the police what they are doing... Rusty hugs
Randhir... Police tells randhir that they found some drugs from
somewhere and we have an eye-witness who saw her putting it there...
Randhir asks who he is... Police says that he would come tomorrow and is
name is Baldev...

baldev is very happy with what he has done... He says that they will have
to come out and tell what relationship they have with Rusty... Randhir
comes there... He asks Baldev why he did that... Baldav asks if there
dushmani is not a good enough reason... Randhir says that they never
include the ladies of the house in their dushmani... Bladev asks what
realtion does he have with that girl... Randhir says that she is their
guest... Baldev says that he is their guest as well and so tey are tolerating
all the accusations he is making... Randhir says that he wants to see the
proof he has against Rusty... Baldev asks him to wait till tomorrow...

Kandy is in her room looking at the box Rusty gave her... She remembers
what Rusty said about it... She is tempted to open it but just then
Madhura comes and asks her to come and eat some food...

Randhir asks Biji to forgive him for what he said this morning... He tells
her that Baldev is involved... Biji says that they are the ones who exposed
their weakness... She says that it was him who wanted Rusty to be here...
Randhir asks where else would she go... Biji says that she is scared her
family might break if they find out the truth...

Rusty is in her cell... She hears someone calling for her... She looks
around and realizes that the voice is coming from outside... There is a
small indow on top from where she could hear Ajeet but not see him...
Ajeet says that he went for some work and when he came back he heard
about her... He asks if she has a habit of getting into trouble all the
time... He asks her why she left London and came here... Rusty asks why
he left Cana da and came here... He says that he likes talking to the girls
who are in jail and it as hard to do so in Canada and so he came here to
fulfill his interests... Rusty smiles... He asks if she is not liking being
alone in there... Rusty says that she is used to being alone... Ajeet tells
her that he will stay there outside and they can talk all night... Rusty is
happy... They talk (in mute) and Rusty keeps smiling all the time...

In the morning, Randhir, biji and Ajeet come to the police station... Baldev
comes there too... Police brings Rusty out for Baldev to prove
identification... The episode ends on Rusty's face...

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Update: June 13, 2006

Baldev says that she is not the girl he saw... The police says that he said
he had some proof as well... Baldev asks if he thinks he is lying... He
leaves... Randhir tells the police that said he had nothing aginst this girl...
Police says he is sorry... Randhir asks but what about the night she spent
in the lock-up... Biji asks Randhir to take Rusty home and she'll be there
in a bit...

Baldev is very happy... He says that they had to see their faces when he
went to the police station... Biji comes there and Baldev is shocked... He
asks her to go take care of her guest... Biji asks why he stooped so low...
Baldev says that he had the proof with him but did not show it to the
police... Biji says that he has nothing... Baldev shows her the passport
which has Rusty's picture with her name stated as Rehana... He says that
he thought they might deal with this issue in Panchayat... Biji is upset...
Baldev thinks after this case, he could become the head of panchayat...

Madhura, Kandy, and Randhir are with Rusty... Madhura says that because
of that Baldev, Rusty had to spend the night in jail... Randhir says that
now everything is ok... Biji comes and tells them that Baldev still beleives
that Rusty is the culprit and that he wants to deal with this case in
Panchayat... She tells them how he has a fake passport with him...
Randhir asks Rusty to show her passport ans everything will be cleared
up... Rusty hesitanty says that she has lost it... Randhir is not ready to
believe that...

Next morning, Biji is talking about how Baldev has made everyone on his
side and that it will be difficult for them to prove Rusty innocent
especially since she lives here and people might think that she is favoring
her becasue of that... Rusty comes to the door and says that she has
decided to leave this house till she is proved innocent... Randhir argues
against it... Biji says that this is the right decision... Kandy asks Rusty not
to go... Rusty says she has to and then she whispers to Kandy to take care
of her box...

Randhir shows Rusty her room... He says that he is not happy with her
moving out... Rusty says that it is good for the family... Randhir asks why
she is doing this and he knows that she has not lost her passport...

Randhir comes to biji who is in deep thought... He says that he hopes that
the decision in panchayat will not be too difficult for her tomorrow since
she knows the truth... Biji says that she cannot accept Rusty as her
granddaughter as she cannot break her promise with Madhura... Randhir
is upset and says that Rusty spent all this time out of the house just to
keep Madhura happy and now you cannot accept her because of
Madhura's happiness... Biji says that she never discusses her panchaat
issues at home...

Baldev and his son are leaving for somewhere... Baldev says that he will
destroy all the proof favorable to Rusty and so Kushal will never will able
to prove her innocent and if she does, then he would be the head of
panchayat... The laugh and Ajeet sees them...

Randhir comes to his room... Madhura comes to him and excitedly shows
him the tie she bought for him today... Randhir is a little upset and asks
her if she realizes how much tension there is in the house... Madhura gets
sad and says that ever since he came back from London, there is a wall
between them and she just wants to help reduce his tensions... She
makes a crying face... Randhir comes to her and says sorry... then to
cheer her up, he says that the tie is very nice and she should have bought
a matching shirt as well... Madhra says she did but he didn't give her a
chance to show it to her... Randhir says he is sorry and is ready to hold
his ears if she wants... Madhura laughs and hugs him... Randhir thinks if
Madhura would be able to forgive him just like this when she finds out
about Rusty...

Maha21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2006 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Update: June 14, 2006

Randhir is on his way to his room when he sees Kandy there... Kandy says
that she wanted to share something with him... She tells him that she is
very worried about Rusty an she had given her this box before leaving...
Randhir takes the box and opens it and he is shocked to see it...

Rusty is sleeping in her room... Randhir knocks and Rusty is surprised to
see him... He tells her that she left a few things behind... He then hands
her the passport... Rusty is shocked to see it... She asks her where he got
it from... Randhir asks why did she hide it, is it just because his name is
attached to hers in the passport... He says that he was never able to fulfill
the duty of a father but she still used his name... Rusty says that to her it
felt like he was always with her and so before coming here she added his
name to hers... Rusty says that she cannot show her passport as madhura
mom will not be able to handle the truth... Randhir is upset...

Randhir comes home... Biji asks if he went to see Rusty... He says yes and
asks why she is not sleeping... She says that she is in a dilemma... He
says that he knows that she has made up her mind to go against Rusty so
why this dilemma... Biji says that if only Rusty had shown her passport,
then all this would'nt have happened... Randhir tells her that Rusty cares
about Madhura as much as you do and so she hid the passport since it
states her name as Rusty Randhir Singh Deol... Biji is shocked... Randhir
says that she cannot let the daughter of this house suffer because of
Madhura... He says that if her decision tomorrow is against Rusty, then
she will not only lose her granddaughter but also her son...

Ajeet comes to Rusty and asks her to come with him... He tells her that he
heard that Baldev and his sons are behind all this and maybe they might
find a proof agains them... They reach Balvev's place and sees him going
somewhere with his people... They follow him... Baldev goes to a girl,
Rehana, and tells her that she shouldn't worry as he took her passport
and attached Rusty's picture to it... Now Rusty will go to jail in her place
for drug-dealing... Rusty is shocked and tries to go inside... Ajeet stops
her and asks her to keep an eye on them while he goes get Randhir and
the police... He leaves... Rusty watches them talk and then they are all set
to leave... She is worried and as Baldev comes out with the girl, she goes
to him... He is shocked and asks what she is doing there... Rusty says that
she knows he trpped her, but why did he do it? Baldev says that he got
information about her that her passports states her name as Rusty
Randhir Singh Deol and so he did all this to trouble her Biji... He says that
he knows her biji will never accept her as her granddaughter becasue of
Madhura... Baldev then asks the real Rehana to thank Rusty as she will be
the one going to jail in her place... Rusty is upset... Baldev says that this
Rehana can't do anything for her, only her grandmother can help her...
They leave... Rusty is left alone when Ajeet comes back... Rusty asks why
he took so long as they left... Ajjet says that he couldn't find Randhir and
the police wre not ready to believe him... He says that he will surely find
that girl by tomorrow no matter where she is...

Rusty enters her room and finds Biji sitting there... Biji tells her that she
knows about her passport... Rusty says that she only hid it so that
Madhura Mom does not find out... She doesn't want to see anyone
unhappy becasue of her... Biji asks if she is so concerned, then why
doesn't she leave... Biji says that she won't be able to help her tomorrow
as for her her family comes first... Rusty says that she knows that she
cares for her as well since she is here... Rusty says that she has heard that
her decisions are always right and she knows that tomorrow's decision,
no matter what it is, will be the correct one as well...

Biji is sitting at the grave of her mother-in-law... She says that she was
her mother as well... She says that she is in a dilemma as on one side it is
her blood and on the other side her promise to Madhura... Baoji comes
there... Biji says that she was so alone when he left... Baoji says that he
knows and he heard everything... He says that he loves Rusty a lot and
knows how difficult it is for her to some to a decision... He says that he
has always respected her decisions and no matter what decisison she
makes, he will stand by her... They hug...

In the morning, Madhura, Kandy, and Neelu are comig downstairs...
madhura says that she doesn't know who is right but she knows that
since the day Rusty came, problems have been pouring in thsi house...
Kandy says how could she say that, Rusty has done nothing... Neelu says
that Biji will decide what is right and what is wrong...

Baldev tells his family not to worry as he will handle everything... Yuvraj
does not look happy... Baldev says that whatever decision Kushal take will
lead to her downfall where as it is victory for him in either case...

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