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Update: May 22, 2006 by tahl--- (Thanks tahl)


the epi starts with madhura peeping at rusty. she suspects that something is amiss. rusty sees her, so madhura walks away. rusty says, "England se india aana bhoote esy tha, magare yaahan se saab ke dillo taak....."

rusty goes to her room and oulls out a portrait of randir (it's really good, but he looks terrified in teh pic ) She says she will make a place for herself in her family. Seh says that biji is a mother and so she must understand a child and their needs. She tells randir to hurry home as she misses him a lot.

Chachaji (new sharacter), Rudo's dad enters. A comical sence where chachaji tells rudo to stop talking about love stuff all the time. Biji tells chachaji that rusty is his responsibility.

madhura and the lady servant (bhavna?) are in candy's room. maduhra has a pic of rusty from her childhood and tells bhavna to look to see if it's rusty. Candy hears taht there is a new guest and runs towards the room. biji gets worried when she sees her running to the room.

CAndy says mere cuch things ise room main hain. she and rusty make small talk and she says she's fromm london. candy gets all excited and asks about london and kulwaant and her fam, but rusty can't answer all the questions. rusty tells candy that tum upnay things ko isse kamre main rak sak thi ho. candy gats excited again and they hold ahnds. rusty asks if she can hug her.

madhura and her bhabi are talking about biji behavioral changes since rusty has come. biji asks them to go get candy as that she has speant too much time w/ rusty. just then candy is seen dragging rusty in the house. biji gets mad and yells STOP. candy says main rusty ko aapna ghaar dikharahi hoon. biji says or aik khadam aagay nahin lenaa. aapne kamre main jao.

rusty runs to her room and starts crying. blames herself for going in the house: grandma ne mujhe kaha tha ke main ghaar main nahin aa sak thi hoon. candy ko nahin pataa tha, majar mujhe to pataa tha. she picks up the fam pic and says papa aap dheekna. aik din grandma mujhe haat pakar kaar usse ghaar main laaingi.

chachaji is bringing food for rusty when the lady servant tells him he should get a fork and knife as that white people don't eat w/ their hands . She puts a lot of spicy red chatnee in rusty's food Chachaji gives food to rusty. tells her to eat with her hands as it would taste better. rusty takes one bite and starts sweating. she drinks a whole glass of cold water. chachaji forces rusty to eat everything. poor rusty doesn't say anything at all!!

madhura and bhabi are talking and madhura decides to call kulwaant to make sure about rusty. she wants to go out and call so that biji and baoji don't find out. bhabi says that she should believe biji as that she has never told a lie.

on her way out, madhura bunms into amit (?) and says that she is going to the bank. amit sees chachaji w/ the plate of food and asks who its for. when chachaji says its for the guest, amit freaks out and runs towards the guest room. he reaches behind the cuboard and pulls out a gun . he sees rusty coming from teh bathroom. sees that rusty has trouble breathing, so he decides to go get baoji and biji.

baoji and biji are talking,a nd biji wants him to call kulwaant fast and tell her that randir's daughter is here. madhura humm paar shaak karra hei hain. aagar usse pataa chal gaya ke randir ki beti yahaa aagay, to usse pataa chal jaayega ke main ne jhoot bol la tha. baoji says that they can't just throw rusty out of the house. just then amit runs in saying that rusty is feeling very ill. baoji and biji get really scared. baoji runs in and sees rusty on the bed gasping for breath.

madhura is at the public phone booth calling kulwaant. she asks her how everyone is then says that her london friend reached india safely. kulwaant is like, "meree koon si friend?"


TOM: biji calls kulwaant and says that rusty is in india. biji sees baoji with rusty. he scolds amit for giving him a scare. he says to rusty "main to aik minute kayleya daar jay ya tha ke pataa nahin kay ho gaya merri ruhi ko"


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Update: May 23, 2006

Madhura asks Kulwant about her friend... Kulwant is confused... She says that she didn't send any of her friends there... In the mean time, the other phone starts to ring... She asks Madhura to hold... It's biji on the other line... She asks if Randir is there... Kulwant gets worried and says that he did not come there and also Madhrura is on the other line... Biji is shocked and asks if she said anyting about Rusty... Biji tells her that Rusty is there and they have told everyone that she is her frend and is here for research...   Kuwant is shocked... The other phone starts ringing again and Paddy comes in to pick it up but Kulwant runs and asks Paddy to talk to biji and she talks to Madhura... She asks Madhura which friend she was talking about... Madhura says the friend she sent here... Kulwant says oh Rusty, she is not her friend but Paddy knows her family... Madhura thinks
to herself hether she should believe her or not, after all she is Randir's sister... She then asks if Paddy knows Rusty well... Kulwant assures her about it...

baoji is with Rusty and asks if she is ok... Rusty says that she ate spicy food and that's why this happened... Baoji starts to laugh but she makes a face and says that no one loves me, everyone just laugh at the way she
talks, dress, and now baoji is laughing at her too... Baoji gets serious and says that I was worried about my Ruhi getting hurt... Rusty is touched and so is biji who is standing outside... Rusty says that she loves him and that no one has ever taken her name so nicely before... Baoji also says that he loves her... Biji is shocked but is touched at the same time... Baoji says that from now onwards he'll make sure she gets english food... Baoji
comes outsdie and sees biji... They just look at each other...

The enemy guy is saying that he wants to know the mystery behind Randir leaving and that girl coming in Ranvir's house... One of his guys says that he 'll keep an eye on that girl... His son looks disturbed and leaves from there... He is not our hero by the way... He comes to a
girl and says that he doesn't understand why his dad always thinks bad about Randir uncle... They talk abot how they don't care about their kids but only about harming their enemies...

Biji asks Baoji why he called Rusty by her real name... Baoji says that his mistake was to name her Ruhi, but she can't ever be her Ruhi... Later, baoji brings food stuff and gives it to chacha (the cook)... He tells
him to make english food for the guest from now on... Chacha says that the girl ate the spicy food he made but baoji tells him that she didn't want to dissapoint him and that's why ate it... Madhura is shocked...

Madhura goes to badi bhabi and says that baoji brought food stuff and from now on Chacha has to make two kinds of food... Biji is listening... Bhabi asks her not to be so suspicous but Madhura says that she has to be since she is the one who had to go through a lot... She says that she is feeling a change in baoji and biji's attitudes ever since that girl came here...

Biji tells Baoji that she is worried about Madhura... She says that they lied to her... Baoji asks her ot to worry and that everything will be alright... Biji says that verything will be alright once we sent Rusty back to London...
Baoji very firmly says that he will not let her go until Randir comes back... He says that her son might leave her forever if she kept thinking about this house first...

At night, Rusty comes to Baoji... They are in the terrace... They have a nice sweet chat... Then Rusty asks if he knows where her dad is... Baoji says not yet... Rusty asks to contact Kulwant Bua... Baoji asks her not to worry as here dada is there... He asks her to go around Punjab and have fun... He will handle everything...

Next day, Rusty is sitting on a hill and looking around... She spots a guy playing a flute and starts to sketch his picture... I think this guy is our
hero... As she finishes the sketch and looks up, the guy is not there anymore... The other guy (the enemy guy who promised to follow her) is watching her...

Russty goes to the market with Kandy... Kandy says that she got a cell phone for her as a gift... Rusty says that she dosn't need cell phone... Kandy says that she actually bought it for herself since biji doesn't allow
these things so she wants Rusty to keep it and when anyone asks just say that it's hers... Kandy says that she can also use it and call London if she wants... Rusty calls Salma... Kandy is standing far from her now... Rusty asks if here dad is there... Salma says no... Rusty asks her to call Kulwant buaji and ask her... She says that if she come across Randir Deol Singh, just tell him that his daughter is in Punjab... The enemy guy's people
listen to this and are surprised to learn that she is Randir's daughter...
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Update: May 24, 2006 by maha21

A servant comes and informs Madhura that Randir is here... Madhura is
excited and runs outside... When she gets to the living room, it is all dark,
she can only hear Randir talking to someone... She runs towards the
voice, and bumps into bhabi... She asks where Randir is... Bhbi smiles and
points towards a room... She runs towards the room but looks confused...
She can only hear Radnir talking to someone... She sees Biji and baoji and
asks where Randir is... They point towards a room... She goes there but is
shocked to see Randir sitting with a little girl on his lap... he says that
everything is yours, this house, all the land... Madhura asks then what is
hers? Randir keeps talking to the girl and Madhra keeps asking what will
happen to her and the kids... This is her dream... Madhura keeps saying
what will happen to her and the kids... Biji comes there and wakes her
up... Biji is upset and says that she'll never let anyone snatch her
happiness... She tells her to forget abot everything and get ready for the
shadi that they have to attend...

The enemy guy is sitting when his people come and inform that he found
out that the foriegn girl is Randir Singh's daughter... All are shocked...

BAoji calls Biji and tells her that he is at someone's place and will meet
her at the chawk and they can pick him up when they are on their way to
the wedding...

Rusty and Kandy are talking when Kandy tells her that they are going to a
wedding tonight... Rusty is excited to hear about the wedding... Kandy
asks her to come along... Rusty asks if it would be ok and Kandy says
ofcourse... Rusty shows her one of her western outfits and asks if this is
ok... Kandy laughs and says that she'll go get something for her...

Madhura comes to bhabi and asks how the dress looks... Bhabi praises it
and shows her the saree that she is going to wear... Kandy comes and
starts looking at the dresses in the cupboard... Bhabi tells her that she
already took out her dress... Kandy says that she is looking for something
for Rusty... Bahbi and Madhura are shocked... Bhabi scolds her and tells
her to go change and that there is no need to take Rusty along... Kandy
ooks upset...

The enemy guy is happy... His wife asks the reason to which he says that
Randir's family is going to suffer now... The wif eis shocked an asks im
not to do anything in the wedding that would create a bad atmosphere
there... The guy says that he cannot make a promise that I cannot keep...

Madhura is getting ready... She is about to put Sindoor in her maang
when she remembers Randir... She thinks that he didn't even call...

Biji asks Kandy to see if Madhura is ready... Everyone come there and are
about to leave when they see Rusty at the door... All are shocked... Biji
tells the servant that the guest will be home and asks him to serve her
dinner... Rusty has tears in her eyes... madhura looks at her meanly hile
kandy looks embarrased... hey all leave for the wedding...

Rusty runs to her room... She takes out her dad's picture and says that
she really misses her dad... She cries a lot and asks him to come back

Randir is sitting by the shore... He thinks abot how people didn't help him
with the money... He then thinks about Father saying that they need
30,000 pounds for Rusty's studies...

Baoji is wating for biji and family... They come there and baoji looks
around for Rusty... He takes biji aside and asks why Rusty is not there...
Baoji leaves from there leaving everyone surprised...

Rusty cries loooking at her dad's picture... Baoji comes there and hugs
her... He asks her to stop crying and get ready for the wedding... Rusty
says that Biji jas drwan a lone and she cannot cross it... baoji says that he
is there with her... Rusty says thst she only has western clothes... Baoji
asks her not to worry and shows her the cllothes and jewleery he brought
for her... Rusty is happy... She is then shown getting ready, applying eye
make-up and putting on bangles and other jewelery...
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Update: May 25, 2006 by maha21

Biji and family enter the wedding... They are shocked to see the enemy's
family right across from them... They stare at each other for a while
and then the enemy's ladies go to biji and touch her feet... The
enemy's son is furious and ask his father why they touched enemy's
feet... the father say that they are older to us and enemity is on one side
and our values on the other side ... Biji sees a lady sitting there and
goes to her and touch her feet... The lady is very happy to see her and
blesses her... She asks about Raguwir... biji calls that lady biji ... That
lady asks biji if she ever falls sick, would raguwir come to see her... Biji
says ofcourse he will but may you never fall sick...

Everyone is enjoying the party... Then we see a girl entering wearing a
ghagra choli... It's Rusty... She looks pretty ... People there are
shocked to see her especially Bhabi and Madhura... Biji doesn't look to
happy to see her coming in with baoji... Rusty greets a few people there
in Indian style...

Kandy goes to her and is happy to see her... Rusty tells her that she has
never seen a party like this before... Kandy says that the weddings here
are always like this... Rusty then sees the hero ... He is talking with a
few people... Rusty tells kandy that he is the same guy whom she in the
fields paying the flute... Rusty says that she'll take his picture... As the
camera flshes, our hero looks at her and comes to her... He asks her why
he took his picture... Rusty says that she saww him in the fields playing
the flute... Our hero says that she is one of those photographers who
invade other's privacy... Rusty says that she jsut took one picture... Our
hero asks since his is so handsome, what if she sold this photograph to
some unreliable website... Rusty is not too happy to hear this... she asks
if he thinks she is like that... Our hero says that he doesn't know her and
she doesn't know him so how can he trust her... Kandy is smiling all this
time and making faces at the guy as if she knows him and asks him to
stop... The guy asks for the camera... Rusty gets mad and deletes his
photos...Rusty gets upset and leaves... Kandy asks why he was teasing
her... Our hero says that he was just joking... He asks Kandy who Rusty

Rusty is standing in a corner... She looks upset... Kandy comes there
smiling at Rusty... The music and dance start... Our hero makes a sign as
if asking Rusty to come join him... She does not move but Kandy takes
her to the dance floor... She dances with the hero... madhura makes a
really bad face... Biji is not too happy either... Baoji is enjoying... They
keep dancing... Biji overhears a lady saying that this girl is very
besharaam and if it were someone from our village, then the people
would have said so many things to her and her parents... Biji goes and
says something to baoji... Baoji leaves with her... Rusty sees this and sops
dancing and tries to leave but our hero stops her ... Rusty does not
stop and leaves the dance floor...

Baoji comes inside with biji... They do not see that the enemy guys are
sitting there in the dark corner... They talk... Biji asks baoji why that girl is
there... baoji tries to defend and say that since the whole family was there
enjoying how could they leave Rusty at home... Biji is not happy and says
that people were saying things about her being besharram and dancing
like this... Baoji says that they can't stop people from talking... Biji says
that she should stay in her limits or else we will have to suffer...Biji
leaves... baoji follows... The enemy guys say that if she is Randir's
daughter, then why were they talking like that about her...

Rusty asks baoj if biji is mad at her... Baoji says that it is nothing like
that... Rusty asks then why did grandma leave... baoji says that it has
nothing to do with her... A guy comes and says that he wants him to meet
a few people... They leave... Rusty stands there in thoughts...

Biji is at home... she is holding her stomch and is in a lot of pain... Rusty
comes and sees this... She is holding her sandles in her hands which fall...
Biji hears that and asks her to stop right there and not enter her house...
Rusty says that she does not look well and she will only come and get her
medicine for her... Biji asks her not to worry and leave from there... Rusty
cries... Rusty asks her to forget about her prnciples for her own sake...
Biji says that she can never compromise principles over her own self...
Rusty says tht she is part of the family as well... Biji says that she is not
and the daughters of her house are not besharam like her... biji says that
she proved that she is besharram by dancing like that in the party... Rusty
cries... Biji asks her to go to her room... Rusty turns around... Biji is in a
lot of pain and falls to the ground... Rusty sees this and tries to come but
biji stops her and asks her to leave... Rusty runs outside... Biji just falls to
the ground and is seen motionless...
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Update: May 29, 2006 by tahl (Thanks tahl)


Baoji comes home and turns on the lights and sees biji on the floor. He
runs to her............. a doc comes to the house and says that biji was
feeling pain from the kidney stone.

Baoji is said and talks to biji asking for her forgiveness. says meri waja se
tum ko itna dard howa hain, magar main kay karoon? main tumse or ruhi
se upni jaan se bhi zada pyar kar tha hoon

Rusty's room

Rusty prays to Jesus that biji gets better.
In the morning she hears biji and baoji talking and runs down to greet
them Just as they are walking out the door. rusty says she stayed up all
night praying for her to get better. biji says i thought about you last night
too............. and how much your feet must be hurting after after dancing
so much last night!!!!

She and baoji leave a very forlorn looking rusty . But in comes candy
asking if rusty woul dlike to go to chanderwal ( sp?) w/ her? She gets
rusty a pretty white shalwar khamise. Madhura and bhabi try to stop
candy from going, but candy storms out of the room w/ the dress.

Ajeet sees candi and rusty walking and says he'll give them a lift as that
he's going to chanderwal as well. rusty says they'll take the bus, but ajeet
and candi really insist.

biji and baoji are walking w/ a group of people and she tells them to get
the preparations of the shool ready ASAP. They see the threesome drive
by in the jeep. One the the guys starts commenting on rusty (Very
unpleast man. he doesn't even know rusty and he's making assumptions.
NEWayz......) biji and baoji are really upset by the kind of stuff they hear
from the unpleasant dude................. (he sasy stuff like rusty has no
shame...... last night she was dancing w/ the ajeet and this morning she's
going on a joy ride w/ him!! )

Ajeet teases rusty. He says she should marry a guy from punjab and have
kids. Rusty gets really pissed off and hima nd tells him to SHUT UP!!


Candi and rusty go to a disco. The rapper says he's dedicating the song
to the farinder who just entered. rusty gets ticked and goes to him and
yells how dare you call me a firinder?? She sees it's Ajeet, but the guy says
he's Sujeet, ajeet's jurwa bhai!! At first rusty doesn't believe him, but just
then a waiter gives Sujeet a note , and rusty tells him to Go to Hell

Rusty sees candi w/ a guy who candi explains is her college friend Raj
(*ahem boyfriend)

Sujeet says he's dedicating the next song to the lovely green-eyed lady
jisne mujhe kissi aur ko samaj kar aapna dil dediya hain!! It's the Soniye
song from Aksar . A dancer in red lights up the floor and Sujeet joins her.
(For those of you who watch Ek Ladki Anjaani Si, the dancing lady is
Tulika's frined. notice that i capitalised Tuilka's name cuz she would have
had a snit if i didn't ) Sujeet grabs rusty and dances w/ her, but she
doesn't want to. Finally, she gets away and goes to Candi and in an angry
mood says ye India kay larkoon ko koi sharam nahin hai? They force a girl
to dance w/ them!!!! Sujeet comes from behind and says Indian larkoon
ko sharam hai, maghar giske saat whoo masti karna chate, unkay saat
nahin Rusty says tumse better to tumhara bhai hain Candi and Sujeet
start cracking up and candi says he's making a fool of you. Ye Ajeet
hain!!! Rusty gets mad and says "I HATE YOU" (dang, these three saying
are her fav comments), and storms out w/ Candi. Ajeet look sad while he
watches them go. In the background the music is going "You are my love.
You are my love. You'll always be.............

Biji's masion

biji barges in w/ baoji and man is she cranky!!! She asks Madhura nd
bhabi why they let Candi and rusty go out w/ Ajeet. Mujhe aaha nahi lagta
hai ke loog meri potti ke bare main ise tara ke baat kare. They say they
did not give rusty and candi permission to go. Madhura says ye to woo
London wali ki idea hogi!! zaroo usse ne candi ko force keya hogo Ajeet
kay car main jane kayleya. biji gets mad and says, mein rusty kay barre
main baat nahin kar rahi hoon!!! Wo jo karre, mujhe usse koi faark nahin
par tha. Madhura says they should send rusty back to London ASAP so as
that she'll not be a bad influence on the children . Baoji looks shocked
and sad and torn between love for his ruhi and love for his family. Biji is
sad too, but she's probably thinking, atleast someone agrees w/ me.

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Update: May 30, 2006

Biji is really upset at kandy not beng home...

Rusty and Kandy are driving back with Ajeet... Ajeet tells Rusty that he
was just kidding... Rusty tells Kandy that she didn't want to take favor
from Ajeet to go to Chandigar... Ajeet starts singing 'gore rang par na
ghuamnd kar, yeh ek din dhaall jaeey ga'... Rusty asks him to stop or else
she'll get off from the running car... Ajeet asks Kandy to help her get off
of a running car ... Ajeet starts to drive very fast...

At home, biji and others are worried about Kandy... Madhura says that
there will be some influence of that english girl on Kandy... She says that
there is no one to ask about anything in those people's houses and she
must have thought our Kandy is like that as well... Biji looks at Baoji who
is visibally upset...

The car tire gets flat... Ajeet is changing the tire... Kandy is worried as to
what the family must be thinking and that they would be worried... It's
night time... Kandy and Rusty come home... The famiy members stare at
them... Biji gives a nasty look to Rusty... Kandy says sorry and is abou to
cry... She asks why no one is saying anything... Biji says that she told her
a lot of times not to get friendly with outsiders... Biji then goes to Rusty
and says that the girls from our house do not stay out late... She says that
she doesn't care whatever she did in London and doesn't care what she
does here, but for heaven sake don't influnce the daughter of our house...
Rusty is in tears... Kandy cries and says that Rusty is not at fault... Kandy's
mother says that they very well know who is at fault and who is not... She
takes kandy inside...

Kandy asks her mother wh they are blaming Rusty... She says that Ajeet's
car's tire got flat and so they were late... Mom gets mad and says that she
has no sharam telling her that they went around with a guy... Madhura is
listening from the door and so is Rusty from upstairs... Kandy says that
since there is nothing wrong with this so why shouldn't she tell this to
her... Mom slaps her... Rusty is shocked... Kandy cries...

Kandy is sittin gon the stairs... Biji comes to her and very politely asks her
what the matter is... Kandy says nothing... Biji asks why she doesn't share
things with her anymore... Kandy says that there is nothing to share... Biji
very politely says that she can unerstand now that Rusty is there, she
shares everything with her since she is her age... Kandy hugs Biji...

Rusty is holding her dad's sketch... She says that she too wants to hug
Biji, wants to stay with her... she says that she didn't mind biji scolding
her... She says that everyone was worried about her and Kandy and that
this family is very lonlyly without her dad and he should come back now...

Randir is at a hospital... He looks at a distressed family... The doctor tells
Randir that the accident is so bad that the patient's kidneys are
damamged... The wife of the patient asks doctor to do something... Dr
tells her that Randir came here after reading the accident news... Wife
asks Randhir how much money he wants... Randir gets flashes of how
much money Rusty needs... He says that he needs Rs 30 lakh... Wife says
that she is willing to pay any amount for her husband's life...

Biji is giving instructions to the servant... kandy comes there and says
that she is going to college... biji asks her to come back before 3... kandy
says that it's going to be hard since she has a class at 3... Biji tells her
that today is the eclipse and so she should just stay inside the
classroom... kandy says ok... They have a nice moment there...

Biji and her bahus are lighting diyas... Rondu (the servant) tells biji that
when he was beingin the diyas, he met the guest on the way, she asked
him why are they lighting diyas now since diyas are only lighted on
diwali... Biji asks what he said... He says that he told her that his father
came home exactly fifteen days ago and so they are lighting diyas ...
All laugh and ask why he said that... Biji says that dis are lighted so that
there is no darkness inthe house when eclipse takes place...

kandy is with a guy... She says that the dushmani of their families in the
way of their love... The guy says that he will come to her hosue one day to
ask for her hand in marriage... kandy looks at him... He asks what she is
looking at... She says that she is thinking how her family wold react to
this... Kandy then acts out biji and baoiji's reactions...   The guy says
that he can die for Kandy... Kandy with tears in her eyes asks her not to
say anything like this...

Biji comes to baoji and says that the pagal ladki is going out and asks him
to stop her... baoji goes out and meets Chacha on th way who tells him
that Rusty is out and he tried to stop her but she didn't... Baiji says that
he'll go get her...

Baoji is looking around... He comes to Rusty and asks her to pack up her
things and come home because ecipse can happen anytime...

Madhura lights a diya and prays for Randir... The diya flickers... Madhura
is shocked... Randir is being taken to the operation room...

Rusty's sketch falls... She goes to get it... Baoji ask her to leave it and
come with him... Rusty says that it;s dad's sketch and she can't leave it
like that... She gets it and baoji asks her to come with him...

Randir goes in the surgery room... The red light of the surgery room turns
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Update: May 31, 2006

The doctor puts Randir to sleep for the surgery...

Biji sees Baoji an Rusty coming home and is very relieved...

Randhir is dreaming... He thinks of himself and Rusty entering his house... The welcome is great with a lot of celebration... The reporters ask him about how he feels now that his daughter has won the prestigious award for her art school... Randhir says that he is very proud... Rusty says that this couldn't have happened without her father... Biji then hugs Rusty and all the family members are happy... Randir is in deep sleep...

Baoji tells biji that no matter what she says, today he saw the love in her eyes for Rusty... Biji asks him not to say anything as no one can understand what is in their hearts but they can surely listen... baoji says that Rusty loves this family a lot... He tells her that when he went to get Rusty, randirs picture flew and Rusty ran after it because she didn't want even his picture to be exposed to the eclipse... Biji has tears flowing down
her cheeks... Baoji says that Rusty came here for love but we couldn't give her anything except a room in the house... Biji says that she can't break all the hearts just to make one person happy... Baoji cries and says that he prays that this family accepts Rusty before his death and that randhir is there on his deathbed...

The doctors are about to start the surgery... A nurse comes and says something to the doctor...

Biji and baoji asks their bahus to perform some ritual after the eclipse... The phone rings.. . Meeru is about to pick it up but biji stops her... All are shocked... Biji tells them that they shouldn't pick up the phone since the effects of the clipse are still there so it might be some bad news... The phone keeps ringing but no one picks up...

Kandy is with Yuvraj... They stare at each other for some time and express their love for each other... Yuvraj tries to come close to her but Kandy stops him and says that she might be a modern girl but her values mean a lot to her... She asks him to ask her hand in marriage and then no one will stop him...

The phone rings again... This time Meeru comes there and looks around... No one is there... She very reluctantly picks up the phone...

The patient (the one who needed the kidney) in the hospital dies and his wife and kid cry a lot...

After the phone call, Meeru starts shouting for Biji, Baoji, and Madhura... They all come there... Meerus is very happy and says that there was good news...

Baoji is very excited and come to Rusty... He tells her that Kandy's marriage has been fixed with a guy in the army and that Iqbal called to give this news... He says that he wishes Randhir comes back soon...

Randhir regains conciousness and the doctor tells him that the patient passed away so they could not go on with his suregery... He gives him a check of Rs 30 lakh and says that the patient's wife has given this for him as promised... Randhir refuses to accept it...

Kandy comes home and Madhura, Biji and Meeru give her the news of her marriage... All are happy bu Kandy is in shock... Later that night, Kandy goes to Rusty and cries a lot... Rusty says that she shouldn't worry as Rusty is going to help her with everything since she is like a sister to her... Kandy hugs Rusty... Rusty is in thoughts...

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whers june 1st update??? Cry Cry Cry

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