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Update: May 8, 2006 by Tahl (Thanks Tahl)

Hey guys!! Sup?
I didn't see an update for today, so I thought i'd do it. Plz bear w/ me cuz
it's my first time doing this .

The episode begins with Rusty and Ranveer walking to the train station. A
plain cloths policeman is following them........... As Rusty and Ranveer are
walking along.

Ranveer has flashbacks of him and his daughter walking on the same
street......... He is chasing after his daughter and finally he catches up to
her. Both are laughing and everything; it was soooooooo cute :) Then a
white woman (his wife (i think)/ the girl's mom) joins them and they're
walking down the street all similie; like the perfect family...............

Andy spots Rusty and Ranveer and realises that a police officer is
following 'em. He calls Rusty and tells her that he can c her but she can't c
him (creepy) and he tells her to leave the cell on and follow his directions.
Rusty and Ranveer reach the station, and Andy tells em to get on the train
that's pulling in. Then he tells em to get off right b4 the doors close!!!
Teh police man is stuck on teh train to destination unknown

Rusty and RAnveer come out of the sation and walk around a bit until
Andy calls em again. He tell sher to look across the street and sshe c's
him. Andy has both of em follow him. (da da daaaaaaaaaa) (Rusty and
Andy look extermely akward walking around with their cells on and they
aren't even talking to each other . In the meantime, Ranveer has another

Him and his wife and kid are crossing the street and they're having an
argument about who gets custody of their daughter. He wants to take her
ot India, but she wants to keep her daughter. They argure back and forth
him saying that he's her father and the mother lashes back saying that
she's her daughter 2. Teh mom promises that she'll get custody of the
child and she'll change her so much that he wouldn't even recognize her
if she stood in front of him.

He's stopped walkking and Rusty asks him what's wrong. Ranveer says, "I
have many memories of this place" Rusty is surpised and asks, "You've
been here b4?" Ranveer says yes and is about to talk about his daughter
when Andy calls.

Andy instructs Rusty to stay where she is and tells Ranveer to follow him.

In India: Baoji is commenting on how well the grain crop is when
Ranveer's bro (the police officer dude) shows up. He's all antsy cuz he
heard about teh threat on the lives of his family. Bauji says not to worry,
that he has increased the security, but the police officer bro (don't
rmember his name) says that they should send protection for Ranveer 2
cuz he's alone in London. Babuji doesn't get this n is like so wat? tTeh po
bro is like, Andy, Shaji's youngest son, is in London!!!!!!!!!! Babuji is
shocked and tells him to call Ranveer and warn him.

The po bro gets home and his wife's all over him and he finally tells her to
go get water for him. He calls his sis in London and tells her that Andy (he
uses andy's real and long name) is in London. He tells her to tell Ranveer
and to be safe. He email a photo of Andy cuz she don't remember what
he looks like. He wife is behind him and hears all this. Seh is mad at his
for not telling her!!!!! Then the po bro asks her not to tell anyone else and
worry them.

London: Ranveer follows Andy to the boathouse and points him to go
inside. Ranveer knocks on the door and a woman answers it. He says he's
from the health agency and that's he's here to check some stuff out and
ask a couple of questions. Teh lady's like ok, and he barges in saying
"Main under aasak tha hu?" (sry guys my hindi's bad) He's looking around
the boathouse and asks a very irratted lady who the boat belongs to. She
says to herself and her husband............... Teh lady is totally irritaed now
cuz Ranveer is just peeking around and saying that he needs to talk to
her hubby. Suddenly he sees his face through the stiars leading down and
runs afta Sunny.

..........suddenly both dudues are on little motor boat (which by the way
are going so slow a sail can go faster that them )........ but NEwayz They
both dock and Ranveer goes afta Sunny who's running 90 miles per

Ranveer loses the guy and he stops outside a restaurant and rmembers a
cute time he had w/ his daughter...........
this is after the divorce or whatever and he's sitting outside a restaurant
with his daughter telling her how much he loves her . All of a sudden a
police car pulls up beside em and the mom comes running out screaming
"Look! I told you he had my daughter!! He kidnapped her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next
time he does this, he'll take her to India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ranveer is saying it's
nothing like that. I was spending time with my daughter,a nd the police
officers says that he does not hav permission xcept on weekends . Teh
mom takes the daughter away...... so sad

Ranveer comes out of the falshback and we c Andy taking aim at him.

India: Biji wakes up and she feels liek something is wrong. Seh keeps
placing her han don her heart, breathing heavily. RAnveer's wife is
standing in the doorway watching biji.

London: From nowhere, Rusty comes running. Seh's seen the gun and
she's running towards Ranveer like crazy (don't know why she didn't yell
too)... but NEwayz, Ranveer is oblivious to what is going on. As rusty is
running towards him, he has a flashback of his daughter running towards
him. Teh camera keeps jumping b/t/w the past daughter and Rusty

Andy fires just as Rusty reaches Ranveer. Teh bullet missed him and
grazed his leg instead (how did that happen?????? He didn't even fall ova)

Ranveer's sis is at the police station and the cheif is yellin g at the plain
clothes officer hwy he lost Ranveer and Rusty!!!!!!! "They are in danger!
Sunny is a dangerous criminal!!!" The sis hears this and she begins to
painc cuz they don't know where Ranveer is. Her cell starts ringing and
it's a call from India. Teh sis starts panicing even more and resolves that
she wil not answer until she knows the whereabouts of her bro.

Andy calls Rusty and asks what happens. Seh like, someone tried to shoot
Ranveer, but they missed. Andy curses , then instruts them to hide saying
that Sunny is a very danerous man!!!!

Sunny sees all and is like, why did Andy try ot shoot this man? His
thought process: The man in the suit came to the boat house and chased
me; nobody but andy knows of the boat house; andy must be trying to kill
the man and blame it on me; why? I need to get to the bottom of this.

Camara goes back to Rusty and Ranveer and she is helping him to a
nearby bench. (None of the other pedestrians realized anything had
happened. Rusty is asking Ranveer how he is and he blows up at her. He
like: why did you try ot save me!? You could have gotten hurt!! A man
likek sunny can do nething; even kill u!!!!!!!!!! Rusty starts crying and he
feels bad so he says sry. Rusty like, no don't be. No on e ever scolded me
b4; no one thought me as their own b4 u!! Ranvver like, but ure father
must hav, cuz he loves you. Rusty gets mad and says, "No!!! Not my
father! I hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate him!!!!!!!!!


I might hav missed some stuff cuz i wrote it 2 hrs afta the show and i was
zoning out suring it. SRY. I hop ya'll like it


I hav a question: does Ranveer know that Rusty is his daughter? I missed
a couple of epis so I don't know

And, is his name Ranveer or RAndir?

Luv ya'll

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Update: May 10, 2006


Biji tries to explain to Randir's wife that this family will always protect her rights… She asks her to trust Kulwant… Randir's wife says that she was just doubting her own destiny… Biji says that as soon as the case is solved, Randir will return and God forbid if something happens, then Kulwant will inform them beforehand… Randir's wife says that she trusts Kulwant but still fears for what might happen… Biji says that they will never let anyone ruin their happiness…


The police guy stops the van and asks Randir if everything is ok… He says yes and they let him go… In the mean time, Inspector Bilal comes to Andy's place and sees Andy's hands tied… Andy asks him not to shoot as he is Andy and Sunny took Randir and Rusty… The police guy then informs all the police about the car number and asks them to follow them carefully… The van stops somewhere and Sunny lets them go and they run inside a house… It is a pretty big house and as they enter Randir has flashes of the same house where he had spent time with Rusty's mom…

Randir's wife calls Kulwant and apologizes for her behavior the other day… Kulwant says that she has every right to say whatever she wants since she is older to her… She says that she did not mind her saying anything and promises that she will make sure that Randir doesn't get on the wrong path… Randir's wife is happy and says that now she has no fear since the whole family is with her…

Randir looks around the house and gets flashes of Rusty's mom… Rusty is in her own thoughts… She thinks about her childhood… Randir tells Rusty that this was his house and he used to live with his wife and daughter here… He says that he used to play a lot with his daughter… Rusty gets upset and asks him not to tell her about his daughter since she can't stand bad fathers and once the case is over she will go her separate way… Randir gets upset and asks her not to call him a bad father… He asks her to listen to him first before blaming him… Rusty says that she is not interested in it… Randir says that she'll have to listen to him…

He then starts his story… He says that he came to London 22 years ago and fell in love with this girl… They got married and he took her to India but Biji refused to accept her… Baoji was not as strict as biji… Biji said that she has promised Madura's parents that Randir will marry her… Randir said no… Biji tells him that this girl cannot live with them… Randir leaves the house and demands for his share in property… They come to London and get settled there… When Randir comes to know that he will be a dad, he calls his dad and tells him… His dad is very happy and says that if it's a boy, name him after his granddad or if it's a girl, then name her Ruhi… Linda gets mad at Randir for having connection with India… Then later she doesn't let her daughter have any connection with India as well… One day when Randir comes come, he finds that it is empty, no furniture nothing… His wife divorced him and took everything away from her… Randir says that he bribed Ruhi's maid and met his daughter everyday… When his wife found out she went to court and she got her daughter… He then called India and his dad supported him… He was very sad for his daughter… His dad asks him not to lose courage and come back… His dad asked him to come back… Before returning to India, he went back to his house but Ruhi and her mom was not there… he met John and gave him the property paper for Ruhi and asked him to take care of her… Rusty cries… Randir is also crying… Rusty thinks that this is her story… She asks what his wife's name was… Randir says Linda Hamilton… Rusty is shocked… Randir looks at her and asks what the matter is… She says that how can he call himself a father when he never turned back and looked for her… She asks if he ever thought that his daughter's step father could be an alcoholic or her mother might have left her or how much she might have cried, how she survived, or if she is alive or dead… Randir asks her not to say that… Rusty asks who he is to stop her and even if his daughter was in front of him, he wouldn't know… Randir is shocked… Rusty goes outside… John sees her… Randir comes outside and is shocked to see John… He cries and asks where his daughter is… Rusty just looks on with teary eyes…
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Update: May 15, 2006 by Tahl (Thanks Tahl)


Kulwand is talking w/ biji on teh phone and she is panicing. she tells biji all about randir finding his daughter andn he wants to bring her to punjab Clap. biji is shocked.

FAther gives Rusty a bank notice and they been looking for her for past 6 months.

Randir writes Rusty a heartwarming letter but when he goes to give it to her, she still not at home... so he leaves the letter w/ Salma. He says "agar meri beti nahi chati hai kay main london me rahoon, tho phir main wa pis punjab chala ja tha hoon."CryCry

Salma gives Rusty the not and says tum ha rai papa tum sai bhote pyar karthe hain. Rusty gets mad and says yea letter unko 15 years phale bheech na chahiya thaCry........... Rusty rips up the letter (but she stuffs it in her pocket!!LOL)

At the bank, the manager tells her that she has an account that hasn't been accessed for 8 yrs (!!!) but $ has been transfered to it. She has 250000 pounds!!!!!!!!! Rusty ask where the $ coming from adn the manager says from punjab!! Smile He say there is a lacker too. Rusty opens the locker and takes out a big brown envelope but she drops everything. Seh picks up pics of her parents weding. Seh sees letters randir had sent to her all these years.

Rusty is walking alsong the street w/ Salma reading the letters:
"Merri payri beti, ache tumhari 7th birthday hai."
"Tumhari birthday pae main ne bachoon ko restaurant legaya aur humloog happy bithday sing karre."
"Beta, tumhain merra chera nahin yaad hoga, mager main tumhain bholaa nahin hoon" Clap

Rusty is crying and feels so loved. Seh and Salma go to a restaurant and try ot piece the letter back together. Rusty is mad at herself for ripping the letter. She say "Salma main mar ja hoon gi. Plz letter ko fix ka roo"............... a stong wind blows and the pieces fly away, but they manage to get them bak.

Rusty say my papa is not a bad father! he is the world's best papa Hug

Rusty goes to Kulwand's house and asks where is randir. Kulwand is surprised Rusty is still in london. rusty says: buaji, aap mujhain hug nahi karogi? Kulwand crys and says: dil to cha tha hain, but i can't. Hug rusty ask, where is papa, she wants to go to him. Kulwand says beti, tum ha ra liye uss ghar main koi jaga nahin hain. rusty ask why family memebers have a problem is her father does not have a problem. Cry Kulwand is sad and crying. she says she cannot let rusty become a par tof the family, but she say main tum hain arsharwaad de thi hoon: tum jaa paar bhi rahoo, kush raho. (Be happy where ever u r)


Biji says she going to go the the sirport to pick up randir. randir's wife is surprised and asks baoji if anything is wrong. he says no, nothing. It all depends on teh mood. she wanted to go get randir.

At the airport, biji tells randir that they need to talk. Father calls randir and says that rusty can easily get admission in the best art college, btu it going to be a lot of money. randir says he'll manage. biji heard all and says we will ot discuss this.

Tehy get home and randir's wife is happy to see him. he can't look at herCry Teh worker is bringing luggage in and randir tells his to leaveit. Abhi decide nahi huwa what will stay in the house and what will go. biji says: ghar ki cheese (LOL) ghar main rahay gi, or bhar walee bahir.

Everybody assembles in teh family rm. randir says he found his daughter. his wife mad cuz he promised never to go bak to his past. randir is sry, but says his past came to him. he say he needs money to get rusty settled. CAn't they provide for their own daughter? Heartbiji say that her part of the $ was already given to her. Cry


Rusty and Salma sitting outside and rusty saying that she loves her dad. she ask why family have problem w/ her if her dad does not. Salma says it's culture, btu rusty is confused. seh ask: don't families take care of each other?


It is night and veerji gives a check to randir. randir say he sannot take it b/c it $ that veerji had been saving for his daughter's wedding. He rips up the check!!

Inteh morining, biji comes runnign down. There is a strong wind blowing. (Tufaan aane waalaa hai) Everyone assembles and biji asks where is randir. his wife says that all is stuff is gone from teh rm. He LEFT!!!

Randir is at the bus station and he getting on the bus.
Rusty is getting off another bus!!! She in india!!!
Teh epi ends on radir's face when he sitting in bus.


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Posted: 18 May 2006 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Update: May 16, 2006

Rusty comes to India... She is dressed p in western clothes... A taxi driver tries to bother her but a police guy comes and asks her where she wants to go... She tells her destnation name and he asks the coolie to take her
to the right bus... Rusty gets into the bus and the bs takes her to her destination...

Iqball is looking around for Randir but can't seem to find him any where...He calls Baoji and tells him that he looked at the airport, railway station adn even at the bus stop but couldn't find Randir anywhere... Madhura is
very upset... Biji says that if Randir thinks that his leaving the home will change her mind, then he is wrong... She conforts Madhura but says that no one has any right to break the rules of this house...

Rusty is walking in the fields... The gu who was seen before in the serial is shown playing chimta and singing a song... Rusty goes to the gurdwara and asks the incharge there if she could stay there for a few days... The guy agrees and says that she should freshen up and go pray... Rusty goes to the temple and sits beside Randir's mom... Randir's mom sees her and not knowing who she is, she smiles and gives her a shawl to cover her head... They both pray... Rusty recognizes her from the pictures she had seen when she found the locker in London... By the time Rusty looks around, she is gone... She goes otside, and thanks Randir's mom for the shawl... Randirs mom smiles and asks er to cover her head when she comes to gurdwara next time...

Rusty asks some guy where Mr Deol's fileds are... He shows her the way... When she gets there, two guys try to talk to her just for time-pass... One of them thinks she only inerstands english and so keeps saying good
morning, good night, thank u... Rusty gets frustrated and asks if he is pagal... They are surprised to see that she can speak hindi... She then asks them abotu Randir... They tell her that he is in London... They tell
her that his mother is here who is a vey controlling women and no one can go against her or say anything against her... They say that she makes all the decisions around here...

Randir's mom is addressing a village meeting... A woman is there whose husnabd is involved in bad deeds... Randirs' mom says that we will give him a chance but if he doesn't improve then he will be thrown out of the
village and away from his wife and kids... Rusty listens to this and says that does she only know how to break relationships... Everyone there is shocked... She says that she is against anything which breaks a relationship betwwen a husband and a wife... She asks if she knows what happens to kids if there fahter is not with them... People are shocked and ask her to stop or else they'll throw her out... Radnirs mom speaks and says that she is a guest and they respect their guests but it would be
better for her to leave right now... Rusty leaves...

A guy runs to Randir's dad and tells him that today someone stood against his wife... Dad is happy in a funny way and says that at least there is someone who can talk back to her... He asks who it was... The guy says
it was some foreinger lady... Randir's dad is surprised and says that he wants to see who it was... The guy asks him to come with him...

Rusty is waiting in Randir's mom's office... She comes there and is annoyed to see her... Rusty says that she is Rusty and that she should recognize who she is... Randir's mom says that she doesnt want to knw
anything... Rusty calls her grandma but she asks her not to make new relationships... Rusty says that relationshops were made 20 years ago and it is about time that she recognized them...

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Posted: 18 May 2006 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Update: May 17, 2006

Rusty asks grandma to accept her but grandma refuses to accept her... Rusty says that no matter what, she will become part of the family...

The village people bring baoji to a telephone booth and show Rusty and say that she is the one who gave Biji a piece of her mind... They ask what he is going to do with the girl... Baoji aks them to go from there and that
he will handle this... Rusty is on the phone with Salma, she tells her that she has found so much love here... She says that although her grandma rufudes to accept, she saw love in er eyes... Baoji is standing outside the
booth and listens... Rusty says that she has found lots of love in the form of dad and Kulwant buaji... She then hangs up and comes outside... Baoji asks her what her name is... She says Rusty... Baoji asks for her real
name... Rusty gets flashes and she remembers it's Ruhi... Baoji is very excited to hear that and tells her that he is her dada... Rusty asks if he meant grandpa... Baoji has tears in his eyes and so does Rusty... They hug
each other and they have a nice grandfather-granddaughter moment here... Baoji asks her to come to her home but then stops and says that there is a small problem and her grandma doen't let everyone in the haveli... He says that his grandpa is going to take care of everything and
she shouldn't worry...

Biji is getting flashes of how she refused to let Randir's first wife inside... She then imagines Rusty coming to her and hugging her... She smiles but
then comes back to reality... A guy comes and asks her to make her decision regarding the case... Biji says that they all should listen to the whole case and come to a decision... She says that she is not feeling and
will go home now...

Baoji is praying at the gurdwara... He prays for Rusty... As he comes out he sees his enemy guy standing there... They have a small confrontation... The guy threathens baoji but baoji seems pretty calm and composed...

Biji is at home... The guy from the village court comes there... he tells biji that they talked and have asked the guilty guy to report of all his wrong-
doings and become sober or else he will be kicked out of the village... Biji is not really concentrating and is thinking about how Rusty told her that all she does is separte family members... She then comes back to reality... They guy then leaves...

Iqbal's daughter (Kandy) is going somewhere and her mother is running after her and asking her to eat something before she leaves... She refuses
and is in a hurry... Biji imagines the same situation with Rusty and herself... As she comes back to reality, she hears iqbal's daughter asking her mother to stop following her and leave her alone... Biji gets upset and
yells at her and asks her to listen to her mother... Madhura comes there and asks biji what happened, as she always takes the Kandy's side but today she yelled at her... Biji realizes and goes to Kandyl and apologizes
to her... Kandy makes a face but then eats soemthing from biji's hand... (What a spoilt kid)

Baoji is drinking tea whlie Biji is lost in her thoughts... Biji then tells baoji that Rusty is in India... Baoji gets very excited and asks if she met her and how does she look... he keeps asking questions about her and finally asks if she hugged her... Biji looks at him and asks how can she hug her, if she does, then she would be breaking a promise she made to his mother...
Biji asks him to understand the situation and leaves from there... Baoji says to himself that he wil understand but she is the one who needs to understand it more than him... He smiles...

Biji is in the living room... Madhura comes there and talks to her about Randir... She asks her not to worry and that she is used to leaving with griefs... Biji looks sad at this... Madhura says that in a way it is good that
Randir went from here, at least her didn't bring his past with him in this house... Biji looks upset... Madhura asks her to take rest... Biji leaves and Madhura cries...

Biji is in her bed thinkg about what Rusty had said to her... She remembers Rusty saying that she has spent her life in poverty and as an orphan and she missed her parents all her life... She looks at Baoji who is
apparently sleeping but is noticing biji's restlessness...

Biji goes out to her mother-in-law's grave... Baoji follows... Biji sits there and remembers that on her death bed, her mother in law had given her all
the reponsibilites and had asked her to promise to keep their traditions alive... We see a flshback where mother in law tells biji that the daughter's of this house don't get anythnig from the property but their houses
should be filled with whatever they need... She had also said that no marriage should tae place outside their religion... Biji was forced to promise her all this... Back to the present, biji asks for courage as she is
broken between the promises she had made and the strong bond she has with her granddaughter...

In the morning, someone knocks at the door... Biji opens it and sees a girl whose face is covered with the shawl... She asks what she wants... The
girl says that she wants a place to say in her house and that she has heard that if someone comes to her in the moring then they are never refused... She removes her shawl and biji is shocked to see that it is
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Update: May 18, 2006

Rusty asks biji to let her stay in her house... Biji says that she can stay in
the guest room... Rusty is happy and says that guest room is also part of
this house... Biji asks her not to try to get close to the family... She asks
her to stay within her limits... Rusty says ok... They go inside and biji
shows her the guest room... Biji thinks to herself that she only let her in
becasue it's theor tradition that they don't refues anyone who asks for
something early in the morning... She thinks that Rusty has to go from

Rusty goes to her room and looks around... She prays that she get united
with the whole family... She thinks that she came here to give a surprsie
to her dad but he went from here... She asks him to come back to their
home... She looks at a family potrait there and draws two circles and says
that this is her and her mother and now the family is complete... She is
about to put it back, when she remembers biji saying that she can never
be part of their family... She gets upset and wipes off herself and her
mom from the picture...

Biji is worried when Baoji comes and asks her what the matter was... Biji
says that she very well knows tha tbaoji told Rusty their address... Baoji
says that he wants to protect that girl since she is family... Biji says that
she has to protect the promise she made to his mother and she also
needs to protect Madhura's happiness... Baoji says that he is not agains t
Madhura or anyone but he was worried that his enemy might find out
about Rusty and harm her... Biji looks concern as well but says that she
will onl support her promise and Madhura while he can support that girl...
Baoji suggests that if anyone asks we can say that Kulwant sent her here
as she wanted to do some research...

Madhura's son comes to Iqbals wife and tells her that there is this new
foreign girl in theor guest room... She gets very worried when she hears
that she is from London... She runs out and asks biji who the girl is... Biji
says that she is Kulwant's friend and is here to do some reserach... Iqbal's
wife doesn;t look satisfied and keeps asking questions... biji asks why she
is asking all these questions... Iqbals wife says that she heard that the girl
was from London so she got a little worried...

Andy's mom and sister are trying to call him to wish him on his birthday
but can't reach him... Andy's father and uncle come there and say that
they'll try to call and if they reach him, they can talk... They go outside...
Uncle says that they need to find out here Andy is... A guy comes there
and tells them that there is a foreign girl in the village who is living in
Ranvir's guest room... They look shocked on hearing this...

A maid goes to Rust's room and tries to inquire about her... Rusty is
about to say that her father but then stops and says that her father knows
Kulwant's husband and so she is here... Maid is curios and asks what her
father does... Rusty says that he works at the church... Maid goes out and
biji catches her and asks her to mind her own business...

Madhura is trying to wake up Kandy... Kandy says that she is sleepy and
asks her to go wat breakfast... Madhura leaves and sees the servant
taking breakfast somewhere... She is shocked to see all the knifes and
spoons and remembers Randir using a knife to eat breakfast... She asks
the serant if Randir is back... Servant tells her that a girl from London is
here and is staying in the guest room... Madhura is shocked...

Madhura goes to the maid who was earlier seen inquiring from Rusty...
She takes her aside and ask if she saw the new guest in the house... Biji
and Iqbal's wife see Madhura inquring from the maid... They are
shocked... Maid tells her that she knows what she is thinking as she was
thinking the same but after talking to the girl she knows that the girl is
Kulwant's friend and is here to write a book or something about the
village and the people here... Madhura asks her to come with her...
Madhura is curious and peeps into Rusty's room... She then goes to her
room and asks the maid to see this picture of the little girl and tell her if
there is any resemblance between the pictuer or the girl who is in the
guest room... Kandy is sleeping but when she hears that there is a guest,
she jumps out of the bed to go see her... She runs to the guest room and
biji is shocked to see her running to the guest room...

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