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Please post all the updates here so it's easier to find a certain epi later on

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April '06 Written Updates

ADMH - Monday 24th April - (Thanks to Maha)

Update: April 24, 2006

Hey Guys, since this was the first episode, I really didn't get all the names… I might have gotten some names wrong… If so, please correct me…


A car comes to a stop in front of a temple… Some people are shown entering it… A guy calls another guy and says that he found the car… The other guy asks if the car is good… He says that it is good and the best thing is that he is getting it for free… he asks him to get the red paint ready and he'll be there with the car… Three guys co-ordinate and one of them takes away the car… He then calls some other guy and tells him that he got hold of a very sexy car today and he will be very happy to see it… He asks him for his number… Then the guy takes the car to a garage and then gives it to the other guy (they call him paddy) and says that he wants a very good price for this car… The car is painted and the required changes are made to it… There is a big tongs type thingy (I don't know what it is called) is found and it is taken out and hanged in the garage…

Outside the garage, at the gas station, a family is standing outside (I guess it is the family of paddy who owns the gas station and who was asked to get a good price for the car)… Paddy's little girl is asking her parents to take her to the movies… His wife says that they could bring the movie at home on DVD… The wife has a typical Punjabi accent… She says that she'll take them to the movies today but if they give her any more troublan (trouble, lol), then she won't take them again…

Three guys come there on their motorbikes and one of them calls out for Rusty!! We see that the person who was doing the painting job takes off her helmet and it is Rusty… As she leaves, she runs into that tong thingy… Rusty comes out and asks Paddy for her payment… He says that he cannot do anything without Sunny's signature… Rusty tells him that she has to pay the rent or she'll be kicked out of her house… Paddy's wife says "mein sadke, mein waree, kitni sonee hindi bolte hey"… Rusty tells her that she knows a Pakistani who teaches her how to speak hindi… Paddy's wife asks her husband to get her the payment since she is so nice… Paddy says that he'll try to talk to Sunny about her payments… His wife (I think her name is kulwanta) says that she'll leave with the kids now… She fixes her shawl… Rusty looks at it and says that it is a beautiful shawl and it looks very nice on her… Kulwanta says that she will get the shawl from India for her… Rusty is happy and says 'India!!!"

Rusty then goes with the guys on their bike… They go around… Some people are playing dhool… She asks the guy to stop the bike… there is this guy there who makes a call to India… he says' badde bhaiya, paye lagoon' and then although he is on the phone, he bends down and touches the ground… he talks to him and then to his mom, he says he misses everyone… He asks ma not to cry or else he'll cry too… Some emotional talks and then again says 'paaye lagoon ma' and bends down… Rusty is observing him from a distance and she comes to him and asks if he has lost something… They guy says that she misunderstood and that today is a very special day for him, it's the inauguration of his shop today and he wanted to take his mom's ashirwaad… Rusty asks but she is not in front of you? The guy replies that even God is not in front of us, so why do we do His puja? He says that touching a mother's feet is like touching mother land's feet… Rusty says that she likes it… The guy says that we are like this and 'aisa hi hai des mera, India'… Rusty says "India!!!"

They again get on the motor bikes and go to a park… the guys say that their band drummer is leaving them and so from today Rusty would be their band drummer… Everyone cheers her… One of the guys says that they have to perform on a Sardar's daughter's wedding and so they have to concentrate on punjabi folk…  They practice… Rusty plays that tongs thingy (someone please tell me what it is called)… Rusty is enjoying herself and having some flashbacks of her childhood)… All of a sudden, Rusty comes out of her imagination… the guys tell her that she was doing a very good job… Rusty says that she has seen this instrument for the first time in her life… One of the guys tells her that it is from India… Rusty says "India!!!"

Rusty comes to the church and asks Father what the meaning of the flashes she gets… She says that she sees strange faces, and today she was playing an instrument that she didn't know about but she played as if she knows it… Father says that it is strange but it could be a childhood memory or something… Rusty says that Father you know me since I was little and you know my father John and he knows what type of a person he was… Father says that he knows that John was a really bad father… Rusty says that calling him bad is like praising him… Father asks her not to get upset… He says that God knows what she's been through… he says that she doesn't even know where John is although he meets him occasionally… Rusty says that she doesn't want to know as she hates him… Father says that even his mom Linda left her… Rusty asks how are her childhood memories connected to India? Father says how come India? Rusty tells him that her flashes are related to India… Father says that as far as he knows there is no connection of India with either John or Linda… He says that he met them when Rusty was 4 years old and if there was any connection before that, then only her parents would know… Father says that he'll ask John… Rusty says that she doesn't need John's help…

Rusty is talking to her Pakistani friend… She asks why she gets those flashes connected to India…  She says that the only connection she has is her but then she too is Pakistani… her friend says that it is the same matti though be it India or Pakistan… She then suggests it might be a case of reincarnation… Rusty refuses to believe… her friend asks her to come to his boss, maybe he'll help her… Rusty says that she doesn't believe in fortune telling… They come in front of a temple… Rusty stops there and gets flashes again… Her friend tells her that this music is from India… Rusty says "India!!!"… She then says that she has never heard this music before… he friend just drags her to her boss…

They go to her boss… She makes Rusty sit and goes in… Rusty calls out for her but instead a scary old lady (Linda) comes out and asks who she is… Rusty tells her that she is Salma's friend Rusty… The lady tells her that that's not who you are, you are someone else… Rusty says that she is not her customer and she doesn't have money… Linda says that she'll get her money tomorrow… Both Salma and Rusty are surprised… Rusty says that salma brought her here but Linda says that destiny has brought her here… Linda asks her to pick one card… Rusty picks one and hands it to Linda… She tells her that you are seeing time and shadows… She says that you see them but you don't understand them… She thinks that there is no link but there is a link, her parents have left her and she has gone though a lot… Linda asks her to pick her another card… She does and Linda tells her that her life will change and someone will come for her… Rusty asks who will come for her… Linda asks her to close her eyes and when she says, she should put her finger on this globe… Rusty does that, the globe goes sround… Rusty gets flashes… Linda asks her to put down her finger now… Her finger is on India… Linda says that all the answers to her questions are India!!! Rusty opens her eyes…


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Update: April 25, 2006 by Maha21

Rusty is surprised to hear about India from Linda… She says that her life is such a puzzle, she's never been to India and her parents are not related to India… Linda says that life will lead you to the right path… HSe asks her not to worry… Rusty says that how can I not worry, I have so many problems… She says that she wanted to live with her parents, but they left her… She says that she wanted to go to school, wanted to become a painter… And today she paints cars at a place where no one wants to pay her… She says that she has no money and the place where she live would no longer be there… Linda says that she won't be unhappy for long… She says that India would make her happy… Rusty tells her about how she just started playing the Indian instrument although she had never seen it before… Linda asks her not to rush into getting all these answers, soon these answers will be looking for you…

A temple is shown… A guy is shown singing and playing the same instrument that Rusty played… Rusty is also shown playing the same instrument… The song goes something like this: Jaise Jise Dehke yeh duniya, waise usse dekhaney do… Rusty walks in the streets of London while that guy plays this song at the temple…

Rusty gets home… The landlord taunts her about not paying the rent… Rusty tells her that she is very upset today, can we do this tomorrow? The landlord says that if she doesn't pay the rent today, then she can pack her bags and go… Rusty walks in and says she is going to go pack her stuff… She goes in and starts packing when Salma and some other girl comes in and asks what she is doing… She tells them that she can't pay the rent so she is packing… Salma and the other girl say that they are going to go talk to the landlord… They go and request the landlord… They ask them for just one day… they insist and the guy agrees for one more day…

The girls come inside but Rusty is worried how she is going to pay the rent for tomorrow… The girls suggest that they chip in and pay the rent… Rusty does not agree to this… Salma says that she can return it back later… Rusty cries and says that she is so helpless… Salma and the other girl try to cheer her up… Rusty says that on one side her parents refuse to take her responsibility and on the other side, her two friends want to take her responsibility… She says that she feels like calling them her mama, papa… They hug…

Paddy asks Andy to see how long it's going to take for the delivery… Andy goes to Rusty who is painting the car and asks her to hurry up as the customer is signing the check… Rusty stops working… Andy asks why is she not working… She tells him that she has not been paid for four weeks now… Andy says that as soon as Sunny comes, he'll talk to him… Rusty says that then she'll wait for the money and then start working again… Andy looks worried… Paddy calls out for him and asks him to get the car ready ASAP… Rusty asks Andy to go tell him that she is not working…

Andy goes inside and tells Paddy about Rusty… Paddy is worried… He asks Andy to call Sunny… Andy talks to Sunny about it… Sunny gets mad at Andy and says that he has kept him there so that no one suspects them… He asks him to give the phone to Paddy… Sunny tells him to clear Rusty's payment and handle these issues on his own… (It seems that Paddy and Rusty don't know what they are woking for)… Paddy then tells Rusty about it… Andy gives a mean look to Rusty…

Rusty comes to Salma's office and tells her about the money… She gives her the money that she had paid on her behalf and says that they will party tonight… Salma says that it is so hard for her to get money and once she gets it, she is ready to spend it on them… Rusty says that they paid her rent yesterday so why can't she do something for them… Salma jokingly says that lets go ask her boss when she'll get money next time since she was correct yesterday… Rusty asks Salma if whatever her boss says is correct… Salma says that she got her money, didn't she? Rusty says that means she has a connection with India… Rusty remembers the boss telling her that life will lead you through the path and she'll get her answers…

Rusty goes to Father and asks him where his father is… Father says that he knows where he is but why does she want to meet him…Rusty says that she needs some answers from him… Father tells her that he is in a very bad shape so don't expect much from him… Rusty says that she knows but she wants to know where he mother is… Father says that he is not in a condition to meet her and she should forget him… Rusty says that she thought Father would help her but she was wrong… She starts to leave and says that she'll find him herself… Father stops her and says that perhaps he can help her… The background song goes on… Rusty is shown walking though the streets… She comes to a place where John is sitting… He is drinking and has a long beard… He doesn't look at her… Rusty asks him to look at her… She says that this is so typical of John as he can't even look into her eyes… Rusty asks where her mother is… John says that he can't speak… Rusty asks if he wants money or alcohol to talk to her… he asks for money… Rusty asks about her mommy… He says that what can he say about it… She asks if she ever went to India… She gives him more money… John says no… She then asks if there was any connection between her and India… She gives him more money… John says that he can't remember clearly… John says that her mother is a forgotten chapter in his life… He gives him a shawl and says that she had forgotten this… Rusty remembers that it is a similar shawl that Paddy's wife was wearing… Rusty gives him more money to buy some warm clothes for himself… She then runs from there… She goes to Paddy's wife… She shows her that shawl and asks if this is like the one she has… Paddy's wife tells her that these are made in her Punjab… Rusty thinks about Linda's words who had said that the answer to all her questions is 'India'…
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Update: April 25, 2006


Rusty tells Linda that this shawl belongs to her mom and it is from Punjab… Linda says east, sun rises from the east… She says that light comes from east… Rusty asks what her connection with India is? Linda says that time will tell… She says that light will come from the east and her darkness will go away… She says that someone will come and you just hold his hand and follow him wherever destiny takes you…

The same folk song plays in the background… Rusty is working on the cars, painting them… Flashbacks are shown where Rusty remembers the globe at Linda's office and also Paddy's wife telling her about the shawl…
Rusty tells Salma that she is in more confusion after meeting Linda… She tells her that she met John but he didn't even ask how his daughter was… She says that he doesn't want love or respect from his daughter, all he wants is money… She says that it is really painful and that she really hates her father…

A guy comes to John and offers to buy him a drink… The greedy fellow at once agrees… They go to some place… The guy asks John if he knows Rusty… John reluctantly says that he does… He asks why he asked… The guy asks how long she has been working at that garage and what she does there… John says that she does everything there… The guy asks if that includes stealing cars… John asks if he is police… The guy asks him to answer his question… John says that she once discussed about how it is done… The guy asks if he could give him a statement… John agrees…

Andy is shown to steal another car… He informs Sunny about it… Sunny and Andy discuss about it… Sunny comes to the gas station… He sees Inspector Bilal there… he drives away from there… He then calls Andy and tells him not to come there but take it to Paddy's house and ask Rusty to come and paint it…

Paddy calls Rusty and asks her to come ASAP as Andy dropped a car at his place and wants it painted… Paddy says that she will get her money on time after she finishes the job… Rusty comes and paddy and Rusty discuss why Andy brought it here… Paddy's wife come and asks them to eat the kheer she made first… The Police comes there… Everyone is shocked… They arrest Paddy and Rusty and say that this is a stolen car… paddy's wife shouts that he can't even take two pounds from her purse, how can he steal a car? The kids cry as well… Police takes them away… Andy looks at this from his car…

Andy comes to Sunny and tells them that the police took Paddy and Rusty away… Sunny says that he suspected that they were keeping an eye on their showroom so he had asked him to take the car to Paddy's house… Andy says that he is lucky... Sunny says that this is his instinct and not luck or else today they would have been behind bars in place of Paddy and Rusty… Andy says that Sunny is great…

Inspector Bilal tells Rusty that he has all the fake plates and everything and they all prove that she is the culprit… Rusty says that she is just a paint girl… On the other hand, Paddy tells them about Sunny and Andy… The police guy says that all the documents have his signature… He says that he is being trapped… Inspector tells Rusty that he has John's statement against her… Rusty says that he doesn't even know that she works there… Inspector shows her Johns' statement… Rusty is devastated…

Salma tells Linda that everything she said came true about Rusty… She says that she had said that she won't have to worry about money anymore and yes now she is in jail and the food and living is free… Salma says that she had said that someone will come and take her, and yes police came and took her and her life changed… Linda looks calm and composed… Linda says that the charges are wrong and it is going to be proved…

Paddy's wife comes to meet him… They talk about how he has been trapped... he says that he thinks that this is the only reason Sunny made him his partner, so that he could sell the stolen cars… He says that Rusty is innocent as well… Paddy's wife asks if he is telling the truth… Paddy says that he is innocent… She cries… Paddy asks her to find a good lawyer for him… She asks where she would find a lawyer… Paddy asks him to call bhaisaab in India and asks him to come as he knows people here… Paddy's wife asks if he wants the whole village to know that her gharwala is in jail and she won't be able to go back and face everyone then… paddy asks her not to call and let him die here… She cries and says that she'll go call…

Paddy's wife calls India but no one picks up… We are shown people dancing and playing dhols In India… The folk song plays and the same guy sings it (as in yesterday's episode)… That guy is later shown laughing and saying that 'ticket kaat gaye' and the journey has begun… he has a handbag in front of him…


Paddy's wife tells him that no one picked up the phone in India…

Rusty's neighbor comes to see her and says that after living at his place for so many years, she is part of his family…

In India, Kanwaljit is shown saying that he won't leave his sister alone at this time… His wife asks him to promise not to go on the wrong path… A guy brings his ticket… Biji asks if he is going somewhere and he says he is going to Switzerland…

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Update: April 27, 2006


The episode starts with a song and the whole family in India dance...


Kulwant tells Paddy that no one is picking the phone... Paddy tells him
that today is veerji's birthday and so everyone must be busy and wouldn't
have heard the phone ring... Kulwant says that she forgot about it...
Paddy wonders if it would be ok to tell them about him being in jail at this
happy hour... Kulwant says that Veerji will be disappointed if I don't tell
them as I'm his sister...

The landlord comes to meet Rusty... He asks her if she was involved in
this just to pay his rent... Rusty says that he knows she can't do this...
Landlord says that he knows and that she is like family to him along with
Salma... He tells her that he will hire a lawyer and get her out of here...
Rusty tells him that she has no money to pay him... He asks her not to
worry since she can pay him back once she is as rich as Queen


Kulwant calls India again... The celebrations are still going on... They hear
the phone... As they all go to see who it is, Kulwant hangs up... They
wonder if she was the one calling... They call her at her home but no one
picks up... The try the office number and cell phone as well but no
response... He calls and leaves a message at home... In the mean time
Kulwant calls again... She cries and tells them that Paddy has been
arrested and no one is there for help... She says that all of a sudden
everything looks foreign and she doesn't know what to do... Veerji tells
her not to worry as he'll take the next flight there... His wife comes there
but he somehow manages and say that they'll call tomorrow... They go
back to the celebrations but is wife notices that he is tensed... She sees
him call someone... She comes inside and sees him packing... She asks
him if he is going somewhere... He says that he has some important work
to do... She sees him packing his jacket and asks if he is going to some
cold place and if that place is in India or not... He says that he is going to
London... his wife is shocked... She says that he can't do this to her and
she is going to talk to biji about it... he stops her and says that Paddy
bhaisaab is in jail and Kulwant asked him to come there... She says that
she is his wife and he had promised her that he won't ever go to London
again... He gets mad and says that he can't leave his sister like that and
he is going to go... He asks her to support him and not tell biji or baoji
about it... she makes him promise that he won't go back on those paths
again... He holds her hands and asks her to trust her... They hug...
Paddy asks Kulwant to go and see how Rusty is doing since she must be
alone... She goes there and asks if she is ok... Rusty asks about Paddy
and says that she is alone but he has a family to look after... Kulwant says
that she came to tell her that she is not alone and that her veerji is going
to come from India and help them... Rusty asks Veerji? Kulwant says elder
brother... She tells her that since she is the only daughter and sister, the
whole family loves her a lot... Rusty says that she is the only daughter as
well but her parents don't care about her... Kulwant asks her not to cry
since God cannot see tears in any daughter's eyes and he definitely
comes in some form for help...

Veerji is worried... The whole family talking... They are having fun... Baoji
says that he missed Kulwant beti a lot in today's function... He says that
they shouldn't marry their daughters abroad... Biji agrees and says that
she won't marry her granddaughter abroad instead she'll find someone
close by... The granddaughter says that she will only marry the guy who
loves her as much as baoji loves biji... Biji asks her to keep quiet... The
grandchildren then ask baoji if he still loves biji the same way as he did
before... He says that he still loves her a lot... He asks some guy there to
say a shair... All this time Veerji and his wife look tensed...


Rusty thinks that she has no family to help her...


Baoji says that he'll sing for biji... All stop him and they have a good
laugh... A guy comes and gives him a ticket... Biji asks if he is going
somewhere... He says that he is going to Switzerland... He takes the ticket
and leaves... Biji asks him to take care... meanwhile his wife thinks that he
lied to biji but will he keep the promise he made to her...
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Update: May 1, 2006

Rusty is lying down in her cell… She has flashes of a little girl riding a tricycle…She gets up and looks lost in thoughts…

The elder brother can't sleep… He gets up and goes to see if Ranvir's packing is done… He tells him that he will drop him off at the airport in the morning… Ranvir looks worried…
Next morning, the brothers talk… Ranvir tells his older brother that Paddy bhaisaab has been arrested… His brother says that all this happened and he never told him about it… Ranvir says that he was going to tell him later and says that he will tell biji about it on the phone so that she doesn't get too worried since he'll already be there with Kulwant by then… Brother asks Ranvir if he told his wife where he was going… Ranvir says that he did… Brother reminds him that he is going there to solve a problem and he shouldn't bring back any problem with him…

Back to London:
Rusty is sleeping in her cell… She hears a voice asking her to open the door as he is there… She then sees herself running through the corridor and opens the door and looks outside the police station… She then wakes up… She has flashes of a little little girl standing and people playing chimtas and also the little girl riding the tricycle…

Then we see Ranvir's wife looking at the photographs of the same girl… A lady asks what is she looking at… She tries to hide it but the lady sees the picture… She asks why she is so worried about this girl as bhaiyaji has not gone to London… She says that he is such a soft hearted person that anyone can mould him the way they like… Ranvir's wife looks worried and thinks about her confrontation with Ranvir when he had told her that he is going to London for Kulwant's sake…

Father comes to meet Rusty… Rusty says that she doesn't want him to see her in this condition… She tells him that she has been accused of something that she would never dream of doing… Father says that he knows that all the accusations are false but police must have some reason behind her arrest… He says that he'll talk to the police…
Ranvir comes to London… He calls Kulwant and tells her that he is here and he will never let her cry again… Kulwant is very happy…
Father meets the police guy and tells him that Rusty is innocent… The police guy tells him that they have evidence against her… Father tells him that she doesn't even have money to pay her rent and if she stole cars, then she would have lots of money… The police guy says that they are investigating where the money is going… He tells him that he has a witness who is ready to testify against Rusty… Father says that he wants to meet that witness…
Kulwant tells Paddy that Veerji is here… Paddy is very happy… Rusty is listening to this from her cell… Kulwant says that at the time of their marriage, she hugged her brother and cried a lot… At that time, her brother had said that the further the sister's dholi has to go, the brother's shoulders become that much stronger… She says that today he has proved that… Rusty hears this and looks at her…
The police guy tells Father that John is the witness… Father says that he doesn't believe that John would do that to his own daughter… The police guy is shocked to hear that he is Rusty's father… Father says that John can do anything for money and alcohol… He says that he'll prove it right now… He asks the police guy what his name is… Police guy says he is Inspector Bilal… Father goes to John and tells him that he is also investigating something and asks John if knows about the car stealing thing… John says he does… Father gives him money and says that he suspects the main cop Bilal is also involved… Father gives him more money… John says that Bilal is his main guy… Bilal who is listening is shocked… Father goes from there… Bilal thanks Father for helping him sicne they would have been humiliated if they had presented John as the witness in the court… Father says that he also wants to tell him that Rusty is a very good artist and she can draw the sketches of the main culprits here… Bilal thanks him and says that he is doing their job right now… Father says that he is just trying to help that innocent girl…
Father comes to John and tells him that he is the worst father… First he blew up his marriage and then let his daughter wander around on the streets… Just when she thought her worst was behind her, he made her life more miserable by agreeing to testify against her… Father asks John to just kill her and sell her body for some money… John is shocked… He cries and says that he is a very bad father and he is sorry but he doesn't have the courage to face Rusty…
John goes to Rusty's cell… He looks at her… Rusty is busy making sketches… He thinks that he is a very bad father and he never had the courage to take her responsibility… He feels bad about what he has done with her…

Ranvir wife is walking when she bumps into the lady who was talking to her earlier… The milk glass falls from the lady's hand… She says that this is bad omen… Ranvir's wife gets worried and asks her not to say these things… The lady asks if she talked to Ranvir bhaisaab… She says that she has feeling something bad is going to happen… Ranvirs' wife says that nothing will happen as he has promised her… The lady asks what promise… Ranvir's wife changes the topic and says that her hand is burning and asks her to get some medicine for her…

Ranvir is walking towards the police station… John comes out and sees him… He is shocked… he hides behind a police car… Rusty is shown restless in her cell… Kulwant comes out of the police station and hugs Ranvir… She cries… Ranvir consoles her…

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Update: May 3, 2006


The episode starts with Randir passing by Rusty and going to Paddy's cell… Rusty has this hopeful look on her face… Father comes from behind and tells him that she can go home… Rusty says that she doesn't know where Father got the money to pay for her but she assures him that she will pay as soon as possible… Randir who is standing at Paddy's cell turns around to look at her… Rusty then asks why Paddy is still in jail, why is his door locked… Father tells her that only she can go… Rusty says that she won't go without Paddy coz he is innocent… The police officer says that you were just the worker but he was the partner so we can't let him go until we get hold of Andy and Sunny… Rusty argues that she is not leaving and goes in her cell… The police guy asks her to leave or else he'll throw her out… Randir comes inside and asks the police guy if he could talk to her alone… Randir says 'listen beta'… Rusyt looks at him and says that he doesn't even know hindi properly as she is not beta but beti… Randir says that if beti is as pyari as she is, then she can be called beta… Randir asks if her parents are there to pick her up… Rusty says that they are not there and they don't love her and she doesn't care about them anyways… Randir asks her to go home since she is Paddy's only hope or else these police people can do anything… Rusty agrees…


Ranvir's wife is looking for some stuff in her room when a suitcase falls down and opens up… It contains toys and a picture of the little girl… Ranvir's wife is shocked and thinks that all this time, Randir has been lying that he has no memories of her anymore… She thinks that she made a big mistake by letting him go to London…


Randir comes out of the police station with Rusty… Rusty says that she should leave now… Randir asks her name and also introduces himself… He then blesses her and she leaves…

Biji calls Randir and says that she thought she should call coz he doesn't have time to call home now… Randir says that he wanted to call but didn't have the courage to talk to her… He says that as soon as he heard that Kulwant was in trouble, he couldn't resist and came here… Biji asks if paddy would be released… Randir says that he has been trapped and as soon as the real culprits are caught, he will be released…

Rusty is walking in the streets… A car follows her and kidnaps her…


Biji comes to Randir's wife who is busy putting the stuff away… Biji asks what she is doing there… Randir's wife shows her the picture of the little girl and the other stuff and tells her that we always thought that he had forgotten everything but it is not the case… She expresses her fear about Randir still having feelings for the old relationship…


A guy comes and tells Andy that he has kidnapped Rusty… They guy asks why he asked for it… Andy says that first with the help of Rusty and Randir, he will have Sunny arrested and then he will kill Randir… The guy asks why he will kill Randir… Andy says that for family's revenge… He says that this is the only reason, he trapped Paddy coz he knew his wife would call someone from her family and since Randir's death had been written so he came here… The guy asks how Randir will help him catch Sunny… Andy says that through Rusty he will get to Randir and have Sunny arrested… Randir would be killed and Sunny will be blamed…

Rusty is trying to get out of the car but the guy is holding her… The car passes by a place where a guy is standing… That guy calls police and says that they are following those people… Inspector Bilal says that they knew that they would try to get hold of Rusty and so they released her… Randir gets upset and argues and says that nothing should happen to the girl… The police assure him that they will tae care…

Rusty is brought to Andy… Rusty is shocked to see him… She asks if he kidnapped her… Andy tries to act innocent and says that he has also been trapped by Sunny… he says that he has been hiding and is very scared… Rusty asks if they can do anything now… Andy says that he has a plan now… He says that Sunny doesn't know that I know all his hideout places… He says that he can get him arrested but for that they need someone reliable whom Sunny doesn't know… Rusty says Salma or the band boys but Andy says that he doesn't think they can do this… Rusty then thinks that Randir Singh but she doesn't know if she'll be able to convince him… Andy asks her to try her best and bring Randir with her tomorrow… He gives her cell phone and asks her to keep in touch…

Rusty goes out… Police guy who is there calls Inspector Bilal and says that surprisingly Rusty came out and there is no one with her… Bilal asks the police guy to keep an eye on the hideout since they want to know who's inside… Randir listens to the conversation…

Rusty comes home and finds Randir there…   Randir is worried for her and says that he is happy to see that she is alright… Rusty is touched and asks why he is so worried about her… Randir says that there doesn't have to be a relationship for one to care about someone but since she asked she is like his daughter and he is like her father… Rusty gets upset and asks him not to call him his father… She then tells him about Andy's plan… Randir seems to like it… Rusty says that they will go to Sunny's place tomorrow and then he can go inside and check if Sunny is there and then they can get him arrested… Randir asks where they would meet… Rusty says at the hammersmith station… Randir is shocked to hear that and has flases of himself at the hammersmith station with the little girl…

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