Tumhari Disha


Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

My TD Baby Story!!

Princes_Mad! Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2005 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Cry Im sorry guys i think because of my carelessness all my story got deleted but i have a copy and so here, plz tell me how u like it!! Cry


Princes_Mad! Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2005 at 9:39am | IP Logged
This is the 1st part if u remember!!

Hey guys I thought I should share my thoughts with you wouldn't it just be awesome if Rano if not Disha gets pregnant!!! Youre probably thinking what the hell what does she have to do with anything okay for one reason when the baby is there Rano and Inder can get close and so he can forget about Disha and Disha can carry on with her love story with DK as we all want and for the second and best reason here it goes, Rano may feel not so well or something and so she will drop the baby with Aai, then Disha comes to visit Aai, then Aai thinks of a brilliant idea to make the differences between DK and Disha less so she sends the baby with Disha. She does not tell Disha much she just tells her that I am also not feeling well and so you take the baby otherwise the baby will get my bug, but in Aai's mind she is thinking that a baby is like the connection between a husband and wife and this is the only way the differences between DK and Disha will lessen and because she knows that DK and Disha will get divorced soon she thinks that if Disha has a baby then maybe they will not get divorced and maybe having a baby in the house for a while will encourage them to. Okay then Disha takes the baby home in a lovely way playing with it and the baby is smiling in her hand. She enters the house and Gargi comes and says something stupid like Disha I never knew that before 9 months you could have a baby and you and DK have had one in 6 months. You know what she is like so if she really does say that I will not be too surprised. Anyway then Disha blanks her and walks upstairs, I personally think that DK done the biggest mistake of his life by giving all of his property to Gargi and so lets pretend that has not happened. Disha then goes to Sumitra mummyji's room and shows her the baby and Sumitra mummyji kind of turns her head and smiles at the baby and she thinks of baby Dushyunt and gets tears in her eyes.   Disha goes to her room and phones Rano and tells her that I have brought the baby to my house because Aai is not feeling well and so Rano says Di my baby is also your baby but I am happy you informed me and know you can keep the baby till you wish, then Disha says okay Rano when you feel better in about a week I will drop the baby is that okay then Rano says of course Di. Disha is in the kitchen warming food for the baby and Sumitra mummyji then she hums as if she is very happy, just when she is going upstairs with the tray of food in a beautiful embroidered blue and yellow sari humming happily DK in a happy mood walks in and sees Disha humming looking beautiful with a tray in her hand and he follows her to mummyji's room and she has not spotted him yet. She walks in looking so jolly and says mummyji I feel so happy I hope DK will have no problem with it, but I will not be surprised if he does because he usually has a problem with everything he does, but mummyji you hurry up and get better and so I'm sure if you get better it will also improve DK's attitude and behavior towards me, she does not know that he is in a happy mood and admiring her from the door. She then feeds mummyji her dinner, and takes the tray back to her room to feed the baby, DK is sitting in his room still in a happy mood but confused thinking what was Disha talking about what will I have a problem with. Then Disha looks at the time and wonders why hasn't DK come yet she goes into DK's room and looks out of the window and she see's that his car is here she is still standing by the window wondering whether DK is here or not she is looking when DK walks out from the washroom and looks at Disha with that intense look, he then smiles comes forward and he puts his hand on Disha's shoulder who is facing her back towards DK she jumps and looks frightened she sees it is DK and cools down DK says what happened Disha goes oh nothing never mind then DK sits down in his room and Disha holds his hand and DK giving her that passionate look. She says I have something to tell and show you, DK says ek minute Disha what were you talking about in mum's room , what will I have a problem with, then Disha feels guilty that he heard everything and with an excuse just goes out of the room. Disha then sits on the bed and the baby is playing, Disha looks upset and confused, in the morning Disha tries to tell DK about the baby again and then DK says in a sweet way tell me in the evening I am late know Disha says okay and he goes. It is evening and DK comes in the house and he cannot find Disha he calls out her name then starts to get worried he goes in her room and looks but she is not there he then just randomly stands by the window and can hear Disha outside, he cannot see her as his back garden is so huge so he decides to see downstairs he looks out from the side and he sees Disha outside sitting on the grass on top of a sheet he cannot see the baby yet and so he decides to walk forward he can see toys and looks too confused he then walks forward and he sees Disha playing with the baby DK gets a twinkle in his eyes and gives out a big smile hopefully in the serial he should like babies!!!!! Disha has not spotted him as yet and carries on playing with the baby the baby looks at DK and laughs and crawls towards him Disha then looks up at DK who looks happy and can not get his eyes of the baby. She then thinks to herself it looks like DK has no problem and I am glad that he has found out like this rather than me telling him. She looks relived and happy and then picks the baby up and stands by DK and then DK says happily Disha, whose baby is this!!! Disha then replies its my sister Rano's baby but she is not well so I brought it here, she then says do you have any problem then DK smiles and says to the baby come!!! (OMG imagine that). DK then takes the baby inside and Disha has dreamy eyes and follows him to his room he then puts the baby on his bed and plays with it for a while then Disha says DK it's the baby time to sleep know Disha then is then about to take the baby to sleep and DK says can the baby sleep in my room, Disha then turns around and says DK the baby needs to be with me, then he should come out with some lovely dialogues like "Disha, toh phir aaj raat tm bhi yahan rukh jao". Then Disha shouldn't say okay!!! I think she should say "Tum acchi tarah se jaante ho ke ab mein kya kahoongi" then DK looks disappointed and Disha should walk out of the room. Disha takes the baby in her room and puts it to sleep. She goes to sleep and Disha is just ready to sleep when she gets a phone she picks it up not realizing it is DK she picks it up and DK says "Aaj ki raat sone ko dil hi nahin karta hai" Disha then blushes and says "DK, hum subha bate karenge" then DK says "Disha jab bhi mein tumhare aur mere bare mein kuch kehna chahata hoon tum kuch baat leke hamesha mujhe taldeti ho, akhir kyun Disha tum kyun mujhse itna door baghti ho kyun tum mujhse pyaar nahin kar parahi ho, dekho Disha ek kadam toh age dekh ke chalo mein tumhe hameesha khush rakhoonga tumhe kabhie koi shikayat ka moka nahin doonga, please Disha" Disha does not know what to do so she hangs up and is thinking about what he said she cannot sleep, then the baby starts crying she tries to make the baby quiet but it does not work then DK comes in and takes the baby from Disha's hand makes himself at home on her bed and the baby is quiet. There can then be another DK-Disha moment Disha is well impressed and cannot hide her happiness and so he puts the baby down and it is sleeping she then gets shy and so she turns the other way, then DK spins her round and so she is facing him know then she smiles and blushes too much, he smiles at her and says "Disha, kash hamara bhi aesa hi ek bacha hota, toh hum dono isi tarah se is ke liye raat bhar saath jagte". Disha then kind of looks shocked but is still smiling lowering her eyes and goes by the window and he comes and looks at her reflection in the window and goes and then Disha can hold his hand on the way out then she can without turning around say "DK, Ab mujhe lagta hai who din door nahin". DK then turns Disha around gives her a loving look and hugs her and she actually hugs him as well!! WOW what an imaginative scene sorry for those of you who thought it was too much of a long lecture but im sure you enjoy please post your views on what you think and please email me on Mad_4eva_90"@hotmail.com. Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. After that im sure Disha will get pregnant and Rano and Aai will also be happy because they were successful and the baby was a big help in bringing them to together!!!

Princes_Mad! Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2005 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Tongue This is the second part:

Okay im starting off from where I left but not really (Okay lol, that didn't sound right) there is nothing in my head im starting from scratch so tell me how u think im doing plz!!! I don't know whether to post this but oohh well hope u enjoy!!!!

Okay Disha is doing some shopping with Rano in the mall!!! Rano wants to go in the shoe shop but then Vedant comes

Vedant: Hey Dish hey Rano

Disha: Arre Vedant tum yahan kaise!!    

Vedant: Ittefaq, anyway Dish mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baat karni hai badi mom ke bare mein

Rano: Par Di mujhe jhoote dekhne hai

Disha: Accha Rano tum jao mein aur Vedant bus yahin hain theeq hai

Rano: haan Di, theeq hai

Vedant tells Disha something about Badi mom and then after that they just generally chatting, but they didn't know that while they are walking through the mall they are being spied on (I know that know all of you must be saying in ur mind DK, no Gargi no it has to be Pori! but NOOOO!!). Vedant has this business rival who Vedant really insulted and is wanting revenge. They show a slight clip of a gun in the rival's jacket!!!! Here is some of Vedant and Disha's conversation:

Vedant: Dish brother ka kya haal hai

Disha: (She blushes remembering the baby thing she said) Haan, who theeq hai!!

Vedant: Dish, mein janta hoon tum kuch chuparahi ho, batao na

Disha: Actually Vedant baat yeh hai ke DK aur mere beech halaat ab thodi theeq ho gaye hain, woh ab pehle jaise DK nahin raha woh badal chukha hai, aur kal DK ki presentation Poona mein hai is liya hum Hotel Gemini mein rahenge, hum kal jayenge aur ab DK ka mood hai woh kab wapas aana chahata hai!!!

The rival hears the wrong part of the conversation he hears the part where Disha says "hum hotel Gemini mein rahenge, hum kal jayenge" this makes him think that Vedant and Disha are husband and wife because she has the manglasutra on and also sindoor. The rival says in his mind if an attack them know it will be too suspicious I shall do it when I have the best opportunity!!

Next Scene

Disha has know arrived home, they show DK in a hurry and he's also on the phone he's trying to find something, putting his shirt button's on and asking Disha repeatedly:

DK: Disha, tum tayaar ho gaya
Then Disha repeatedly saying

Disha: Haan, almost!     

DK: (still on the phone saying "haan hum abhi nikhal rahein hai") Disha, jaldi karo, phir jake tayari bhi karni ha)

Disha: (looking very beautiful indeed in a bright orange kind of saffron sari, putting her bangles on) Mein tayaar hoon

DK does not respond, so she decides to go where he is, she see's he is wandering in and out of every room in the house looking for everything, she see's he is holding his tie in one hand and his jacket in the other, she goes behind him and in her hand there is his wallet, his briefcase and 2 files. He looks relieved still on the phone and kisses her on her cheek and then goes, Disha has a small grin on her face and nods lightly she follows him and is was so romantic, she made him face her in their room, as she saw he was having some difficulty doing his buttons and tie. She turned him around and smiled and done his buttons, then as soon as she came a little came to him he said to the person on the phone "mein ek minute mein phone karta hoon" completely mesmerized by Disha he is looking at her grinning and she is also smiling but at the same time doing his buttons. She finishes the buttons and says, "Tie do" he passes her the tie and he takes complete advantage of the moment and comes really close to her, he then just grasps her in his muscular arms and hugs her, she says:

Disha: Arre DK, kya kar rahe ho chod do na, dekho tum hi toh keh rahe the keh dher ho rahi hai, ab kya!!

DK: Maine yeh toh nahin kaha he is baat ki dher ho rahi

Disha: Mujhe samaj mein nahin ah raha hai ke mein tumse kya kahoon, ab chod do baad mein gale laga le na pehle mein tumhari tie karloon.

DK lets go but is still sooo close to her he its amazing!!!        &n bsp; 

Tell me how u like it:

Confused Luv Mad Confused
Princes_Mad! Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2005 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Tongue This is the third part:

Okay here goes the next scene

There is a skip know DK and Disha are on the way to go to the hotel by car. Okay I'm going to fast forward it know they have reached the hotel know and also checked in they are approaching their room know. Once they get in they are pretty impressed by the room and everything. By the looks of it DK wants to have a good night sleep before his 3-hour presentation tomorrow. Okay so here is DK and Disha's conversation:

Disha: Mein abhi fresh hoke aati hoon

DK: Mein bhi chalon, tumhare saath

Disha: Kyun!!!

DK: Akele bore ho jaogi aur waise bhi mujhe koi problem nahin hai, mein bilkul free hoon (cheeky thing)!!!
Disha: Par mujhe problem hai!!

She laughs and runs in the shower (Imagine that guys that's a proper dream DK fighting to go in the shower with Disha, but what an episode that would be!!!) Ok guys so know DK and Disha are asleep and its so sweet cuz DK's arm is around Disha and they both have faint grins on their face's and ahhh bless!!! Also Disha's head is on DK's shoulder.

Okay its MORNING!!!

Just in case any of u have forgot let me remind you of the business rival okay well apparently he has approached the hotel and he goes to the reception and says:

Rival: Kya mein jaan sakta hoon ke Mr and Mrs Sehgal kaun se kamre mein there hain

Receptionist: Just hold a minute sir, room no 203

Rival: Thanks

Okay back at room no 203 where the 2 D's are, they have woke up and DK looks so cool and sexy and fit and lots of other things in a hot black suit!!!!! Disha also looks very elegant, beautiful ravishing and lots of other things in a pretty pink and yellow sari!!! To give it that extra look she also had wet hair, which was WOOW!!! DK was looking pretty confident sorting out his files and documents. Disha who came from the back and scared him, gently hugged him and said:

Disha: Kya kar rahe ho

DK: (DK takes her back to front and looks at her in her eyes so cutely!!!) Tumhe dekh raha hoon

They then very sweetly hug each other ahh bless it was so sweet!!!

Disha: Arre, mein toh bhool gayi

DK: Kya hua Disha kya bhool gayi tum

Disha: Ek minute, (she goes to her handbag and has a small box she opens it she takes out a piece of thread) Yeh lo, DK!!

DK: Yeh kya hai

Disha: Yeh Aai ne mujhe diye hain unhone kisi bade baba se liye hain, dekho mere kalhai pe bhi hai

She shows him her wrist, he smiles and says:

DK: Theeq hai Disha ab mein neeche presentation hall mein jata hoon 3 ghante se pehle mein ah jaonga

Disha: Bye, Good Luck, par ab mein 3 ghanton mein kya karongi
DK: Thodi dher so jao, novel parlo aur sab se zaroori mujhe yaad karna

Disha: Woh kaise karlon

DK: Kyun tum mujhe yaad nahin kar sakthi

Disha: Nahin, kyunke yaad unhe karte hain jise bhool jate hain, aur mein tumhe kabhie nahin bhoolti

DK kisses her on the cheek and goes!!!

Later on in the day!!!

Disha was reading a novel on her and then she fell asleep!!

At that time the rival was on his was up in the lift we could again see the gun in his jacket he said:

Rival: Vedant, is goli par tumhara naam likha hai

The rival enters the room and starts to look in the bathroom and everywhere for Vedant but he cannot find him. He then spots his eyes on Disha sleeping, he notices her beauty and goes near her and stroke her hair, Disha thought it was DK and she said:

Disha: Arre, DK tum ah gaye

She turned around and saw an ugly man with a dirty mind she woke up in shock and the man was leaning on top of her………………..

Sorry guys I haven't got time to write the rest, but I will do later on today or even tomorrow, till then seeya!!! Plz tell me how u like it!!!

Smile Luv mad Smile
Princes_Mad! Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2005 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Wink Okay im really tired know after putting all that up again plz tell me how u liked it, i spent alot of effort in putting all this together i really hope u al like it!!! Wink Wink Wink

Clap plz tell me whether i shud continue or not!! Clap if you do i will put part four on later on today and also all ur comments will be appreciated!! Embarrassed

Embarrassed Luv Mad Embarrassed
Nachos Senior Member

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Posted: 11 April 2005 at 10:42am | IP Logged

Wow great jobClap. You are really good,
please continue..

Smile Naina


Princes_Mad! Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2005 at 10:50am | IP Logged
i am sooo sorry i thought that i done something with is but it is still here i feel so stupid im sorry dont respond on that one just respond on this one once again im sorry!!

Luv Mad
zohar Newbie

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Posted: 11 April 2005 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
i love DKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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