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EVERGREEN LOVE (RTMC ff) ud 35 on 119 (Page 113)

sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 8:15am | IP Logged
sorry that i m not relying to ur cmnts...
 mei thodi busy hun..
 n mujhe aap sabke ff bhi padne h...

vo jyada imp h na.Wink...ff padhna...

but tnx for those wonderful comnts...lov yaalll,...

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sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 8:21am | IP Logged

update 33-

''its really you daqsh?''dhwani exclaimed in obvisious surprise.

''who else it could be?''-daqsh was happy to see her happy in his arms. Dhwani clasped him again.

Yashi took some moment to realize that its daqsh whom dhwani is hugging. She sighed and scanned the surrounding. The crowd was enjoying a free-ticket show.

'''yahan laddoo batt rahe h kya?''she bawled on crowd in defense of daqsh and dhwani. The crowd scattered and she smiled in victory. Dhwani immediately moved back and blushed. Daqsh smiled.

''kya baat h you look fat''- daqsh twitted, while pinching her stomach. Dhwani had developed cellulite, and credit goes to potato chips and junk which she ate in pain of separation from daqsh.

''vo kya h na.. I m pregnant, and may be the baby is yours. That's why I look fat'' dhwani joked. Daqsh laughed in helplessness.

''may be!!''exclaimed daqsh. ''of course the baby is mine.''claimed daqsh.

 ''no the baby is mine!''yashi intruded. The couple saw yashi in suspense.

''o come on. Tum dono tho sirf apne se hi baat kare jaa rahe ho, mujhse bhi tho baat karne k liye koi hona chahiye na!..dats why I will keep the baby, baby will talk with me.''yashi cleared, and directly informed that she is being ignored.

 Dhwani move forward towards her and introduced-''daqsh ye h yashi.. I told you about her right?''

Daqsh recalled-''o yes, ye vahi ladki h na jisne AFMC mei admission lete hi first 3 classes bunk maari thi just to explore the college.''

''yes!!'' dhwani agreed.

''ye vahi ladki h na who gets punishment to stand out of class twice a week''


Ye vahi h na jisne tumhare professor ki gadi ko teen teen baar puncture kiya h!''


''ye vahi ladki h na, jiske derr se tumhare mess cook khichadi nahi banate kabhi bhi!''

''Hmm.. ''

''bas bas… meri tareef k liye shukriya.. its enough for today!'' yashi stopped daqsh from further remembering her character sketch. Daqsh and dhwani cachinnated.

''by the way. Nice meeting you!''-daqsh moved his hand forward.

''you too daqsh jiju!''yashi shaked hand. Daqsh loved hearing jiju from her mouth.'' And aapne meri itni tareef karke first meeting mei hi mujhse panga le liye h..bhari padega aapko ye!'' yashi warned.

The three continued explore of market. Actually daqsh and dhwani were simply roaming, yashi was seriously marketing. She walked ahead of the couple to give them privacy.

''aapko pata kaise chala ki hum yahn market mei h?''dhwani said.

''vo mei tumhare hostel gya tha, but security ne mana kerr diya ander jane se. but kuch ladkiyaan hostel se nikal rahi thi then I asked them about you!''daqsh cleared…''hey I wanna tell you something!''-daqsh spoke in excitement.

''hm.!''- dhwani romantically hugged his right upper arm. Daqsh fizzled in pain. Dhwani do gave that a notice.

''kya hoa?''dhwani asked in worry.

Daqsh softly removed her hand upon his upperarm, shifted to left side of her, and gave her his left arm to catch.''vo thoda shoulder pain h''- he excused.'han so I wanted to tell you- TROOP GET TOGETHER ho rahi h air force mei, it's a family function. Meri family Haryana se tho kabhi aa nhi pati tho I don't attended it ever. But kya iss time ewill you come with me!''

''really!..''dhwani jumped in ardure.''I would love to!..kab h?

''just tomorrow. 7pm''

''wow!...i m excited. Koi dress code h kya?''

''hmm. We men in uniform and ladies in saree.''

''saree?'' dhwani's face faded.

''don't worry, tum confortable nhi ho tho its ok. Dress code follow nahi karogi, that doesn't mean any one will stop you entrance. Squadron leader daqsh shahloor ki girl friend ho aakhir!''- he proudly affirm.

Dhwani smiled.

After some time daqsh dropped them in taxi to hostel and left.


Dhwani told everything thing to yashi.

''I feel that I shud wear saree!''- dhwani gave a thought.

''but you said daqsh is ok with you wearing a suit salwar too. Right?''-yashi said slupttered.

''yaeh! I know. Wearing something apart from dress code is not decent yaar! And moreover I know daqsh wants me to wear a saree from his heart!'' dhwani informed.

''and how do you know that what is his wish!.''

''you idiot I love him, that's why'' dhwani poed her finger on yashi's forehead.

They both went to their warden. She was a sweet lady, and loved yashi and dhwani. They both demanded a sari from her and she gave them.

They returned to their room and the mission started.

 Mission- to learn how to wear a typical Indian saree.

First they debated on correct face of saare. Them they argued on saree-end which was suppose to be PALLO.then they had a fight on height of the saree above the ground- should it be touching the ground and a little bit up. Then they had a skirmish on number of plates on saree. They surfed around 20 videos on youtube, in search of most simple way to wrap a saree. But unfortunately all videos showed same procedure. Finally after hard work of hours it looked some like saree, but still the perfection was missing. Saree was still alive- with no cut and stretches. Well this should not be used for concluding that yashi and dhwani are cautious about saree. It simply means that textile of saree is too good to bear the torture of them.

Finally they slept after updating today's status on facebook.


Date-17 oct 2012, Avenue- AFMC girls hostel, Result- yashi dhwani duet won, saree defeated.


The two girls ordered a sexy saree of red color, the ensured that it will be delivered by evening  4pm. Saree came on time, dhwani took one and half hour to get ready.


Dhwani received a call from daqsh that he is busy, that's why he is sending a taxi for her.

 She reached a place, where stood a huge strong building of middle-age architecture, niclet decorated and under strict scrutiny of air force staff. The decoration was majorly included white and blue- color of sky and india air force.

Dhwani got down from car and was impressed to see her surroundings. The car left.

Before she could dial daqsh's number, she heard him.

''dhwani!''daqsh called her, standing just few steps away in air force uniform, in utter surprise of finding dhwani in red sari. She saw looking damn beautiful. Her hairs were playing in wind, wind which was filled by her scent and sweet noise of her earrings and bangles. Her tiny BINDI on forehead gave spark to her twinkling eyes. She looked most desirable of all dhwani's he had seen till now. He had no words to eulogies the fairy in front of her.

Even dhwani was speechless, while grazing her eyes on him. For fisrt time she was seeing him uniform. He lokked a gentleman soldier, who any girl will die to claim- MY MAN. He looked the most handsome of all daqsh dhwani had seen till now.

Under magical magnetism, dhwani walked to daqsh. She just wanted to absorb this sight in her eyes forever. She stood close to him. She traced her soft fingers on his brave badges and chivalrous ribbons, pinned on his uniform upon chest. She slided her finger upon his name tele-DAQSH SHAHLOOR. A proud smile embraced her lips. She raised her face to gaze him.

''squadron leader daqsh shahloor?''-called dhwani softly.

''yes DR major dhwani tevatio?''daqsh calmly replied.

''can I kiss you!'' dhwani asked. Daqsh looked her in surpeise.''on your cheeks!''she demanded.


 Kyun?''dhwani glared him

 ''kyunki tumhari lipstick mere cheeks per mark chodd degi!''

''I will kiss lightly'' dhwani asserted.




''just one kiss''


Dhwani din't care. She quickly implanted a sloppy kiss on his face, that was fast enough to escape the crowd's eyes.

Daqsh pierced his eyes on her, but inside he loved it. dhwani wipes her lipstick marks, though it was light but it was visible.

Daqsh smiled, caught her hand and walked inside. With hand in hand daqsh and dhwani entered a colossal hall, exquisitely adorned. Daqsh interduced dhwani to his friend as her girl friend and sure to be wife.

''who is this beautiful lady with you squady?''- called daqsh's boss- wing commander Adhiraj Sexena. Daqsh turned and saluted him first. These are defense force etiquette- on duty or off duty.. these have to be followed, because a soldier is never off duty.

 Adhiraj relaxed him.

''sir she is miss dhwani tevatio- my would be wife sir'' daqsh hided all extra effecting words. He knows very well how to behave in front of boss, that's why he is favorite of his boss.''she is pursuing her 3rd year in AFMC.'' He added.

''hello major!'' adiraj forwarded his hand for a shake and called her with her real designation.

''hello sir!''dhwani politely replied and bowed to respect.''hello mam!'' she greeted his wife too.

''daqsh is one of the blue diamond of Indian air force. You are lucky to have him  in your life- you know it?''adiraj praised daqsh.

''I know it very well sir!'' she gladly replied.


''i know daqsh, you are a soldier, its your duty to risk your life and save india. but avoid it, if you know its risky...kyunki tumahri jaan per sirf tumahra haq nahi h, tumahri jaan abhi meri jaan bhi h!''-dhwani said with pain and tears in her eyes.


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sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 8:22am | IP Logged
riya di, sanyoprc, many more lovely raeders,... sorry for making you wait so much.
Kareena1994 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 8:38am | IP Logged
OMG we got the update.
sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kareena1994

OMG we got the update.

hey nice to hav u here...
Beautiful_King IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 10:21am | IP Logged

beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!!!
i swear i was today hi thinking of this FF and was gonna be here to ask for the update and see my wish is granted even b4 i cud demand for it.
thnk u thnk u soo much, this was just soo ausum
dhwani hugged daqsh awww
hahaha crowd's free of cost show oh god this crowd n n n hahah oh wow yahan laddo bat rahe hain kya?? LOL
and yashi awwiee i loved her saying baby is mine aawwiee attention needed
n woh  ''may be!!''exclaimed daqsh. ''of course the baby is mine.''claimed daqsh.  aaa i was soo shouting on this cuteness

areee haan daqsh ke haath ko kya hua pakka sirf chot hai cuz i don't think so their surely is sumthin' speculative certainly hmmm waise toh i hope sirf pain ho but agar sirf pain hota toh dhwani wud have gone hulla hooped over the situation but she stayed calm i mean DHWANI stayed calm hmmm fishy...i guess have to wait till next update

thnk u for the gift and the precap emotional aisa kya hua kahin sachme aem main kuch...hah!! *sigh* keep waiting till u disclose it all...

though i have another of 216 pms in my box but still just a pm of urs n i came jumping dancing singing here thnk u soo rlly much...

love u n ur works...

bye...will miss it for a long now...

Edited by sachiarsha - 17 October 2012 at 11:04am

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Arpimugfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged

I can understand Dhwani's halat...u know na why!...

Choti ye konsi material ki saree thi?...mujhe ush saree k company ka naam n adress de abhi k abhi may jake eksaath 10-20 saree's kharid leti hnu... Kiuki jo saree dhwani n yashi k pass save reh sakti ha o saree mujhe bhi bardaast kar jaldi details bhej mujhe..,.

Arey wah! Kya jodi ha would be jiju n shaali ka...bilkul "mere sister ki dulha" type (plz ish movie ko dhundne ki try mat karna helth k liye acha nehi hoga) loved their convo...'hna ye ohi larki ha' daksh jo ek bohat achi dost ha n tumhari dhwani bohat lucky ha jishke pass yashi ha...

Facebook status...ish mein nahi dhwani ki marji ha or nahi yashi ki chalbaji to would be dr Rashmi gautam ki kharafati dimag ki karsaji ha... Tabhi to meri CHOTI sabse alag ha mujhe o bohat pasand ha n jo apne saare di's ki o feb ha

i loved the update

hmmm ab thoda ff se bahar niklu...

Mugdha di in red saree n Rajat in uniform...

Me Faint...



Edited by Arpimugfan - 17 October 2012 at 1:37pm

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Beautiful_King IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2012 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetsanyo

Originally posted by sachiarsha

yeee Rashmi maine ye bhi read kar liya hahaaa!!!

haye Daqsh and Dhwani nhiii yaar ye itne cute kyon hain????

every song was just way to perfect for the situation

loved each n every part from station to daqsh's confession to his pranks to the way he got swastika to realize it all to their cries to swatika's realisation to her going to his room on saaree to their first kiss to their naughtiness to evry single thing...

and two thing i lately can't forget is their being apart pinched like hell rlly not just as f but my eyes rlly got moist (even i hardly cry hahahah love dhwani) and thn when they met at gol gappe stall i guess i was the happiest person i read that particular para twice and still not over with it...

their hugs 1st at station and thn at gol gappe stall i loved them both they were soo from the heart...

ale haan one more thing i just love the fact like crazies of daqsh calling dhwani JAAN haye i go ded everytime i read it...mumma why has he to call her jaan and that too with soo much of i love this...

they're just beautiful and that's all cuz of you that they're beautiful...

thnx 4 giving daqsh - dhwani and shaleen - swastika...

love you Rashmi...

n no hurries i'm totally waiting for the update whenever u have time, whenever...

welcome shelcome jii..
 maine socha, tum yahn nayio nayi aayi ho tho tumahre liye ek gift hi lado..
 lo evergreen ka update.,.

mai bust tho thi..
 but rukk hi nhi paayi apne aap ko finally ipdating for you and all lovely readers.

lovly to hav u here too...

awwwieee thnk u soo much rashmi
i can understand main bhi isi haalat main rehti hoon
main bhi nhi as soon as i saw ur pm saara work side and i just jumped in here...
love u 2oo

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