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EVERGREEN LOVE (RTMC ff) ud 35 on 119 (Page 110)

sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 10:29am | IP Logged

update 32-

Dhwani closed her eyes, a tear tries to elude her starry eyes, but she din let it. she wiped it, it was daqsh's voice which transferred stiffness in her.

''apne khana khaya?'' dhwani asked with concern.

''nahi, abhi vahin karne jaa rha hun..'' daqsh informed.

''itna late'okey pkey, abhi aap khana khao, main aapse baad man baat karti hun!''

''kyun??''daqsh behaved as if this is impossible. comeON the whole day he was dieing to listen her.. of course he wont keep the phone back.

''kyunki aapko dinner karna h!'' dhwani said logically.

''voh tho main tumse baat karte hoe bhi krr sakta hun jaan..n u noe wat, ho sakta h, iss boring mess ka khana tumse baat karte karte interesting ho jaye.'' Daqsh talked wid lov in voice, dis is it which dhwani ws addicted to in just two days.

'' so aap kab vps ayenge?'' dhwani ws curious.

''aa'aaa..'' he never wanted to talk abt dis..'' may be 15 days more!'' he said silently.

''kya, 15 days?''.. ''itna saare din!'' well fr 2 lovers, dis ws a big number..but dis same number is so small when its abt approaching exams'

''hmmm!'' daqsh cud utter  only dis..

''bunking option nahi h!''

''soldier bunk nahi karte jaan!... daqsh cud not control his smile on dhwani advice. He reached his mess and had his meal, wid romantic n tasty dose of his dhwani's talk' she had added every extra flavous in his life. Soon he reached to his room too. And  explained dhwani abt her drill, submission of new fighter planes from Russia to india.. specially in night/ dark attacks'enhanced speed, intensified networking and signals, thrilling grips and turns in flights. He was nominated for training regarding this drill by his boss and now he has to exercise dese planes the whole nights for complete 15 days' he will b bussy throughout d nites- evening to dawn- 6pm to 5am, n will rest during days., sadly wen dhwani is free and awake He will be given breaks during 10 pm, he will call her den and even at 5am.

 At last both the lovers fall asleep, after their respective tardy day.


''yashi uth yaar, uth na.. plz!'' dhwani was goin crazy over yashi to wake her up, n show her self happiness.

''wat d hell man!'' yashi strted her day wid such auspicious wrds. Hw badly she wanted to kill dhwani' fr waking her up an hr early dan usual. Actually dis is very sensible time to wake up in der rooms of hostel, but dese two having sooper specialization in getting ready within half an hour- both'and sm times in 15mins too.

''daqsh ne mujhe kal raat baat ki.. lalala.. yipieee'nanana.. lalala!'' dhwani was on peak of excitement and zeal, she was celebrating, while yashi ws total opposite,, she want to sleeppp''..

Yashi saw her hopping, skipping and jumping dancing'dancing.. it's a insulting of wrd dancing.. she was doing something even more crazy..-the show of ultimate insanity.

 When dhwani ws done wid her celebration, she picks up her towel and enters the bathroom, did she sleep tonight???- yashi wondered.

''daqsh ne use call kiya, she is in love.. ismain .. why the ditch she wake me up!'' wid the unearthly expression she sat on her bed. Saw around, after days it was looking like their room, all messed' she needs to clean up all that'

''later.. frst sleep!'' yashi fell agagin on her pillow to complete her hr slumber more.


THE lecture ws boring yashi's head the its complete diameter.. the worlds most roasted black wrds occupied her brain addressing to the peon who struck d bell.

Dhwani skillfully hides herself behind a healthy fatty class mate of hers, proving

That, her excitement din let her sleep tonite.

Thnk god, later she ws active in all classes and practical class too.



 Complete silence, only buzzing sound of window a/c'this scenes happens only twice a day in dis room' cuase both are sleeping.


''ab kuch bolegi bhi!'' yashi cud not bear her buddy so silent.. its making her crazy.'' Listen.. I m still existing in this wrld before u.. cant u see?'' dis was may be 3oth time she was trying to certify her existence in the room and dhwani's life'she sw, dhwani muching potato chips share packet and sipping a coke occasionally. When lover separate they forget their meals n hunger.. but dhwani still sticking to the fact that she is a solo piece in wrld..had increased appetite now.

''mera mann nahi h !... I dnt wanna talk to anyone' samjhane ki koshish karr yaar!..'' dhwani said in irritation.

''main hi kyun samjhun herr bar''' yashi was bewildered at dhwani,  who was leaving the room to canteen again..

''ho gya.. chall burger khane chalet h!'' dhwani said to calm her buddy down.

Yashi followed her. Dhwani n she had burgers n  French fries too. Followed by this, dey returned to their room wid popcorns.


yashi was highly involved in thrill and suspence of the movie, while wooer of daqsh was continuosly reciting her journey wid daqsh to her...

''...aur phirr dheer saari shopping bhi ki and daqshne mujhe LAC BANGLES bhi gift ki...''dhwani finally ending up wid a glisteneing smile, starry eyes wid excitment and saw yashi, expecting a comment on this from her...

''iss movie main, herione ki height, actually hero se jayda h!'''- yashi's head and eyes were not ready to leave the movie on screen.

this reaction n disinterest of yashi made her sulky...she sat silently beside yashi, atleast receiving a concern abt her babay face will do too. she ws so much use to daqsh's pampering, .. and suddenly dis yeashi trying to make it a ignore... thats not fair.

next moment dhwani ws exaggerated widsome kind of irritation. she den n der shuts the laptop, picks it up and throw in her cupborad, closing it from behind...

''now for whon did i intrench the grave-(ab kiske liye maine kabar kudh di?''- yashi asked followed by a snivell..she meant- what did she do now?- in simple english.

''jab main tumse baat krr rhi hun.. den why r nt listening and talking to me...'' dhwani stated..she ws ready to give herselfin the mood to fight

''why shud i?...'' jab 4 hrs [ehle main yahan chilla rhi thi, n u were not listening.. tab kya...''.. her mode of mind to quareel is alwayz ever ready too.

what next.. they STARTED.. and continued and continued and continued...


thank god, finally they ended up in mess while dinner.

evn gratitude to gad, that he gave all humans only one mouth to eat and talk - unbiased. otherisw dese two cud hav continued their skrimish wid one mouth and swallowing their meal wid other.

but be it anything.. they cant stay annoyed fr long wid each other...this is the cutest fact related to their pure relation.

9:30 pm...

since last 1 hr, yashi ws in the dreamland of dhwani and daqsh, while dhwani ws narrating her the story of her and daqsh...of ocurse skipping those vry private and romantic stuff- kisses n cuddles.

''... aur phirr raat ho gyi.. and...'' dhwani could not stop herself, as her cheeks turned to shades of carmine, extremely blushing whilst thinking of what happened next.

''.. and...''yashi intervened with excitement in b/w.

dhwani immediately sedimented her blush to deep layers of her skin, went expressionless like pumpkin -''an.. and.. and what.. we slept in different rooms!''- saying this dhwani skips to her bed...

yashi ws pulled fron dreamland to ditch. she stood silently wid her hopes shattered.

 days passed similarly...

daqsh everday use to call her, without fail, wid sharp timing.they use to talk for long hours, with no disturbance as yashi use to sleep in those hours..

13 days later...

it was saturday. dhwani was super zealous abt daqsh's arrival two days after. she ws celebrating it in advance, as on dat particualr, its a normal weekday.. so this kinda celelbration is not possible. she had option- either to buy a expensive watch for daqsh and a cell phone for herself, along wid normal shopping.

campus ws open for students for to and fro movts. in weekends.

since last 2 hrs, two buddies had a tiring shopping, which they alwayz have in super active mode..

the two haryanvi galz spare no shopkeeper in whole market frm their bargain. these duet is heavy to handle by just one shopkeeper, or sometimes, just one of these galz is enough to hunt the whole shop. the whole market ws aware of dis particular customer duet, extant in bringing the price of articles to half many a times.

at last both were enjoying '' chats'' on the food corner- inevitable part of every shopping.

the attender on pani poori section is well aware od their interest- no sweet/ meethi chutney..extra masala, oversized gol gappe, overflowing spicy water.

dhwani just ws gonna have her 5th gol gappe..when her hand suddenly stops, she frowned. she next moment realized that her hand is gripped by someone from behind. she luked hand grasping her upper arm.

 she spinned around to know more abt the hand stopping her to hav her second love- GOL GAPPE.

 as soon as she turned around, to know more abt it. she went numb again, just gazing him. daqsh so happy, he finally found her in this market crowd.

the gol gappe and paper bowl in dhwani's hands fell on ground from her loose grips.

''yes yes yes..d hwani.. it daqsh!'' the dhwani inside dhwani strted celebrating.

 her ankle springed to have one more step and reach daqsh. with next moment she was tightly hugging him and he too entwined his arms around her, bring her closer.

dhwani only knew how much she has carved for his this warm embossom, and only daqsh knew how much his nerves beseech-ed to feel dhwani so close to him.

PRECAPE- preparations for- TROOPS GET TOGETHER in air force.

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Freethinker Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
nice one i am the first one...Wink

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Shraddhamurat Groupbie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
Dhwani ne Daksh ke boring se khane ko masaledar bana diya apni baato se...
Kya kare Dhwani hai hi itni sweet...
Dhwani Daksh ki judai me or kitna khayegi...
Log judai me sukh jate h Dhwani moti ho jayegi...bcoz Dhwani iz unique...
Ahhh gol gappe i love them...

Edited by Shraddhamurat - 23 July 2012 at 1:11am
Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Awesome, lovely update sis
awe! Daksh is just sooo sweet! Dhwani ki baaton se boring khane mein romance ka tarka lag jayega! Wah ji wah! Daksh ji maska maarna toh koi aapse seekhe. LOL
Our Dhwani really is a unique piece
How much more will she eat yaar? Arey Dhwani itna khayegi toh burst ho jayegi yaar? ROFL waise i 2 am a foodie but not like her Cool
Obvious na! Daksh has thoroughly spoiled her with his pamperings. Ab kaise ignorance sahegi apni haryanvi sherni?
Rashuuu! Itna accha golgappe ka description mat de yaar. Its 1 of my fav. Abhi golgappon pe toot parne ka mann kar raha hain.
Thank God it was Daksh only! Agar koi aur hota toh laga deti do chaar haath.
Awe! chooo cute! Luv the way they expressed their cravings and yearnings after a separation.
update super soon.

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glossyglassy Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 4:29am | IP Logged

Daqsh and Dhwani convo was so sweet...full of love!!

Bunking and dinner part was very cute

And yashi and Dhwani ki jodi toh ekdum zabardast hai!!

The way u described their whole day and their antics was very funny

They finally met in the market.

thank god daqsh aa gaya...even i was missing him

Their hug was so awesome

eagerly waiting to read about their meeting

plz cont soon
lov u...

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sparksfly Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:02am | IP Logged
dat was a very cute n sweet ud!!
Daksh n Dhwani talk!!! yay!!!
dey r SO cute!!
beechari Yashi aapni frnd ke mood swings ko kaise handle karti hai!!
likd d way u wrote d time n den d scene..accha feel aa gaya!!
dhwani is srsly wow...bichandne ke gum mein bhi thoos rahi hai!!
tumhe airforce ka kafi idea hai...
Yashi ab dhwani tumhe ...umm...saaari batein thodi batayegi...
shppng bargaing n pani puri..har ladki ka weknd plan!!
but itne intrstng point pe rook diya!! not fair!!
ab jaldi se continue karo!! 
luvd it!!!

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tejjo Goldie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged

sorry rashu for very late commentConfusedsorry sorry

but u know i love the update its awesomeeeBig smile




Day Dreaming

at last do love birds mil hi gye yehhhDancing

haye yeh dhwani kitni sweet n funny h love u rashu for such a sweet character

usne daqsh se itni sarri romantic baat ki hayeDay Dreaming..lovely
she is so caring...hmmm wife bnane ki practise kar rhi h hmari dhwaniBig smile

silence between them said everything that they missed each otherConfused

or yeh yashi to sooper dooper cool ladki h...Tonguewasie acchi frnd bhi h

yehhh daqsh dhwani se milne aaya h wo bhi 13 days ke baad...oho yeh duriyaaannnConfused

yeah rashu examz ke time 15 days aise lagte h jaise hum 15 month se examz de rhe hConfusedLOL

but chalo accha h ki dono mil gye pls ab jaldi seperate mat karna in dono ko

haye kya superb update tha kinna sona bhi thaEmbarrassed

want to see some romantic moments between themBig smile
pls update soon

love u

Edited by tejjo - 19 July 2012 at 12:07am
sonalimurat Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 6:27am | IP Logged
~~~~~~~~ edited
Very Nice update Rashu Clap
loved it thoroughly
n  loved Dwani n Yashi's friendship
!5 days ...ohhh my gwaad ...Shocked
itna long  duration Ouch
..kaise manage hoga ...kab Cry Cry
n first of all Dhwani n dashq ka phone call n their  Actuall  and realll meeting Tongue
sachme sachme vo mile Ouch
yakeen nahi ho raha ...( pinch me  ) ...ooouch world ka second sach hai Big smile yesss they met  ( first ye h k main iss duniya me ayi LOL)
Dashq sachme dwani se milne aaya hai
n then their embrace ...hayeee...Embarrassedakhen taras gayi unhe aise dekhne  k liye
ab jaldi se next update do ...
despirately waiting fopr their cute n Romantic moments Day Dreaming
love u

Edited by sonalimurat - 19 July 2012 at 12:50am

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