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                            Monday 26.12.2011

Naren's mom comes back home from SN after x Ray session. Updates husband about Mark hospital thillu mullu . Doles out some curses against them , praises DIL , feels sad for  son ' dil's  cancelled honeymoon trip.

Viji finds the child missing beside her & finds her with Vasanthi. Wants to bring her back , but Vasanthi refuses to part with the child . Viji is upset , but leaves calmly.

Naren's house ' naren's parents dissecting MB's decision to withdraw the complaint lodged against Mark hospital. Rathi says though she was the one who gave the complaint , couldn't go against chairman's decision , hence withdrew the complaint . Still Naren's father harping on the same topic ' MB doesn't have any respect for me blah blah.

Prem & prince ' Prem angry with Prince for pleading & apologising with MB . Prince corrects ' he not only apologised to MB but also met & requested Naren to withdraw the complaint. Had he not done that Mark hospital would have seen a big lock on its door . Further the loser is not him but MB & Naren . His apology is a sort of ambush , waiting for the right time to pounce . Informs Prem  about an important discovery - Naren is the back bone of SN & that should be broken.  Prem has idea for that ' Naren should be bought ' every head has a price ' Prince should entice Naren & make him accept the offer. Prem illustrates the story of Jesus & satan , how Satan tries to influence Jesus.  Jesus may not have yielded to the temptations but Naren an ordinary human being will surely succumb. Prince decides to meet Naren & fix his MRP.

Prince meets Naren at SN puts before him his offer. This time not MD post but visiting doctor status ' 8 visits a month '  bargain starts ' @Rs. 10000 per hour for 16 hours a month. Naren silent , Prince increases the rate 15K , 20K , 25 K & the bargain finally ends at 50K per hour ' golden opportunity , knocks just once , ponal varadhu , think it over.  8Lacs per month ' Naren's mind starts vacillating.


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Tuesday  27 December 2011  Episode - 

Maangu maangunu update ezhudhittu the second time today that I have closed the wrong window..

marupadiyum maangarEn...

Rathi setting the dinner table.  Naren tells her of Prince's visit to the hospital.  Now that the complaint has been withdrawn - what next is Rathy's query.  He came to meet Naren.  Did he mention anything about your mother's leg questions Rathy.  No answer from Naren.  Then what business did he have?  Naren updates  about the price Prince has quoted for his visits. Rathy is astounded, is he mad she counters.  He knows the value of Naren is the reply.  Naren feels it is nothing wrong to accept this offer.  Rathy quotes a dialogue from the film Godfather - everyman has a price!  Maybe Naren too has a price.  Anyway it would be their money.  Naren wants to utilise this chance in the age of quick money.  If money is so important why did not Naren accept PK's 20 crore offer?  Because their love was not up for bargaining, this is his profession.  Do not compare both!   Are you asking my opinion of whether to go Mark Hospital or not or are you informing me after deciding doubts Rathy.  Naren laughs to tell that he wants her acceptance to his decision. As a wife she wants his money, as a colleague it is a great opportunity, as a friend "villaina kaNdaa vilagi pO".  Now Naren wants to know which one he should choose.  Her decision she feels is immaterial, periappa has to accept.  No hospital would want to lose a good doctor even for a few hours.  Naren too doubts, gives her an option to choose fingers.  She chooses one, he says MB will accept, she immediately chooses the other - so cute.  He says sorry, that finger too had the same choice.   

Viji is watching tv.  Vasanthi comes back from the office, goes in to see the baby sleeping.  Talks to the sleeping baby and comes to Viji.  Why do you make her sleep when I get back from office she asks Viji, Viji mutes the tv and says the baby sleeps whenever she wants to.  Vasanthi goes back to talk to the sleeping baby, asks if she is angry with mummy.  Vasanthi comes back to Viji who promptly mutes the tv.  If the baby sleeps now, she will not sleep through the night.  Babies are like that Vasanthi replies Viji.  Have to go to the office in the morning, unlike Viji who is at home.  But that was Vasanthi's doing feels Viji.  Vasanthi goes back to the room - to the sleeping baby.  Viji tells - iva pEsaradha mute paNNamudiyaliyE!!

Vasanthi asks the baby to sleep through the night, mummy and daddy have office the next morning.  Comes back to Viji, takes the remote, turns off the tv, tells she gets to sleep only at 3 am because of the baby. She feels sleepy in the office.  Viji too underwent the same problem when Vasanthi was born, so stop grumbling she goes.  Vasanthi wants to know if the baby had her bath.  No, because the baby had a light fever.  Now the over protective mother begins - why did not inform?  Because it was nothing serious.  Vasanthi goes in, touches the baby, comes back to say the baby is warm.  Must be Viji was standing outside with the baby.  No, the changes in the weather is cited as the reason.  The child was alright in the morning, then how come fever suddenly?

 Has the baby been medicated.  Yes is the reply, but was the doctor consulted is the counter question.  No is the reply for Viji had been the chief nurse at SN.  But not a doctor.  Had Viji known that Vasanthi would question her thus, she would have opted to become a doctor.  Vasanthi feels it is unsafe to leave the baby with Viji anymore.  That is why she does not say anything.  Viji tells Vasanthi tells whatever she feels like and concludes with that sentence.  Vasanthi gets up to leave, Viji asks about taking the baby with her to her room.  Since the baby is unwell she might be uneasy through the night, and Viji takes better care of the baby, so it is better the baby stays with Viji for that night. Vasanthi leaves and Viji quips "smart".

Rathy and Naren sitting in MB's cabin.  Mohan Bharathy on the phone with someone saying no over and over again.  How many ever times you may ask my answer is still no he says and puts the phone down.  Naren tells Rathy that saguNam is not good.  Rathy asks him to wait.  MB asks them why the visit as a couple like Rama and Sita.  To ask Viswamitra for advice replies Rathy.  MB laughs.  Prince came to visit Naren.  To ask for pardon and say thanks enquires MB.  Ofcourse he did say thanks but the main reason is to call Naren as a visiting doc to Mark Hospital.  MB warns Naren that Prince is a dangerous person.  But his jaws drop once Rathy tells the price he is willing to pay for Naren.  

Naren wants to become the highest paid doc in the city says Rathy.  Let it be is MB's reply.  Rathy is not okay with it.  Nothing wrong.  MB recommends Naren to accept in all Capital letters.  We know of Naren - let the world know.  He would be known as SN's doc - advt for SN.  Prince has again proved that he has no common sense.  

Naren all smiles.  MB turns to Rathy to convince her.  Do you trust my age and experience he questions her.  Yes is the prompt reply - then trust my judgement he says. Rathy is okay with it.  Before leaving Naren falls at MB's feet for blessings, he is asked to meet Akash to work out rescheduling of time etc.  Once in the corridor, Naren says he never expected MB to accept.  Arent you happy asks Naren.  Rathy has nothing to say, reminds Naren to meet Akash, she goes to her cabin.  Akash bumps onto Naren, wants to know what MB said.  Naren is happy that MB accepted.  Akash is surprised.  Calls MB while Naren goes to call Prince.  

Asks MB why he accepted.  For two reasons replies MB - we have no right to tell any doctor not to go as a visiting doc to any hospital. This applies to Naren as well. Just because he has married Rathy we cannot stop the good offer that he is getting.  The amount is so huge, Naren might be unhappy which can reflect on his work.  He would come up, namba maapillai is doing well is a proud moment.    Secondly Mark is our competitor and Naren our man, we would know what Mark is planning through Naren.  

Mark Hospital and Naren thanks Prince over the phone for the bouquet.  Naren receives a msg "best wishes for a successful career"  Calls Rathy to say he has taken charge.  Next he speaks to Akash and then MB.  Thanks MB for the msg. Seeks his blessings.   Naren all smiles sports a look.



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Wednesday 28 December 2011  Episode -184

At Mark Hospital - Prince comes to Naren's cabin - asks him how he finds Mark Hospital.   Says the only difference between MH & SN is the cost.  MH is a tad expensive.  Naren feels it is okay, because MH has more facilities and is also hi-tech.   Mark wants to know if Naren has any other suggestions.  At first Naren is surprised, tells he has an experience of getting negated.  Chairman of SN had not bothered about his suggestion of removing the Satellite towers near the hospital, said it was impossible.   Naren feels that it might disturb the treatment given to patients.  Prince calls up some lawyer, asks him about it, requests for the forms to be sent to him right away.  The problem is dealt with he tells Naren, on his way out, praises Naren sky high - rather fans Naren's ego and leaves.   Looks like  Naren would become a different person, more egoistic.

Rathy reading a book in their bedroom.  Naren comes in, she wishes him.  He does not answer, puts away things, in a huff.  Rathy asks the reason for his "mood out".  Is he angry with her?  Did anyone say anything about his Mark Hospital visits?   Naren says all of them respect him more now after his trips to MH because of the money that is being paid to him.  Rathy too is happy for him.  It is the same Dr.Naren, but the respect that he earns today is so very different.  Then why so grumpy instead of being happy is Rathy's poser to him.  Did anyone say anything at MH?  Naren can deal with anyone if anything is being said.  How will Rathy know if he does not spell it out?  He had a chat with MB.  Nowadays whenever he has a talk with MB he is irritated points out Rathy.   First he spoke of something, then he started asking things about MH.  Added to it, he told Naren, that he wouldnt know about the equipments and stuff because he is new, he should get to know more about them.   Then he can share it with MB.  So he wanted information about MH asks Rathy.   Rathy also tells Naren that when he gave permission to accept that offer, he said jokingly that he is planting SN's spy at MH.  Naren is furious.

How can he do dhrogam to a person who is paying him Rs.8 lakhs for 8 days.   Rathy pacifies Naren saying what MB asked him for information which he could have gained by either calling Prince or even the peon of MH.   Naren says why ask him, MB should have known about all this.   Okay, Naren need not share any information accedes Rathy.  Naren tells of the action taken by Prince on the Cellular towers when MB turned a deaf ear.  Rathy says she knows about MB's inaction, he had said that the radiation from such towers is negligible.  Prince could have done that to impress Naren.   How can he be SN's spy when they respect him so much.  Rathy reaffirms that he need not share anything about MH.  Also shares her fear.  PK & Prince are good friends.  PK was the one who arranged for Prince to bring him to MH, slowly has started brain washing Naren.   Rathy feels that Prince would get Naren out of SN and her life totally.  All that depends on MB feels Naren.   Rathy holds Naren's hands - says MB has a lot of affection and respect for Naren.  Do not talk rubbish and spoil that opinion.  The Tower of credibility takes time to build - don't make a 9/11 of it she requests Naren.  

A car comes and stops in the middle of the road.  Sathya gets out of the car, grumbles that some man is drunk and lying on the road.  Turns that man to see Mani - PK's ex-secretary, Sathya recalls that he is Mani.   Helps him into the car and to the hospital.   Asks Mani for his residence number and calls Mani's house, while asking a nurse to get information about the res. address etc of Mani.  

Sathya in MB's cabin telling about Mani.  He has become a drug addict after working for PK.  MB asks Sathya to send Mani to some TV show - the anchor would cure him.  MB asks about their financial condition to take up treatment.  Not in a position to pay for treatment.  Sathya says Mrs. Mani cried over the phone, saying it was all PK's doing, whenever PK took drugs, he made Mani too to abuse.  Then take him to PK, ask him cough up the treatment cost replies MB.  The rightful thing to do, but Mani does not work for PK anymore and PK is not the type of person who would do it.  

Sathya says he himself got to know that PK is a drug addict only after Mani told him.  MB is not surprised, because PK's behavioural pattern shows that.  Dont know at what muhurtam Akash met him, he is holding onto SN like a leech  and taking their lives out.    MB finally accepts, says he will talk to Akash to find a way out as a special case.  Sathya thanks him and leaves.    

MB promptly calls Rathy to share the news that PK is a confirmed drug addict.   Sathya brought Mani to SN for treatment.  He has been admitted as a special case.  Wants Rathy to come to his cabin for more details.  Mani calls for the nurse, he wants to go to PK's room.  He makes a hue and cry about how he became a drug addict because of PK.    The nurse tries to pacifiy him.  

Rathy at home on the phone with Dr.Kripa - talking about a website and article for dangerous drugs.  Naren comes in to ask about it.  An article about how drugs change  abusers into a psychopath.  Rathy asks Naren about PK's behaviour.  Naren spites.  Says he does not even know to behave - he is an animal.   Rathy says he is more than that.  Does she mean to say that he is a psychopath is Naren's question.  Rathy has no doubts about that.  The reason for he being a psychopath is because of drug abuse.  All drug addicts can be psychopaths but not all psychopaths are drug addicts counters Naren.  PK is two in one - a difficult case.   Rathy updates about Mani.   So what?  Rathy wants to counsel PK and treat him.  Although Naren is not surprised about any negative news of Prem, he feels Rathy must keep out of this, for PK would not even acknowledge that he is a drug addict.  He might even file a defamation suit against her.  She is ready to face it.  Naren feels it is impossible.  Rathy is amazed at his disbelief in humans.  Naren tries to argue.  But Rathy being Rathy is adamant about it.   



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Thursday 29th Dec.2011.
@eclat -  Wednesday is 28th Dec.  Imposition ezhidinadoda effecta?

Thursday 29th Dec episode not uploaded in the net.  Have poor memory. Still will try & update all i could recollect from my memory. Real herculean task .

                             Thursday 29th Dec. 2011

  Operation Prem's reformation – on fast track .


Rathi comes to Prem's room. Prem  surprised & elated. Initial pleasantries. Rathi comes to the point straight away – Prem's secretary Mani is undergoing treatment in SN for drug addiction , condition quite serious ,spilled out everything about Prem  who is also a drug addict . Anger & shame engulfs Prem, his weakness is bared to Rathi , vehemently refutes the charges , screams in anger negating it. Rathi points out that his behavioural patterns shows his personality disorder. Suggests as a doctor wants to treat him , pleads to agree to treatment for her sake. That one magic word ' for my sake ' works wonders & Prem agrees for treatment.


Naren meets Rathi & explicitly  shows his anger & displeasure at Rathi's decision. Reminds the torture & sufferings they both underwent due to Prem – even their very relationship was at stake at one point of time . Such a person doesn't deserve any mercy or sympathy. Heis worse than even an animal & would never ever change.  Rathi is wasting her time. As usual Rathi adamant & doesn't want to back out. Naren walks out angrily & Prem walks in. Marked changes in his behaviour , shows Rathi the tablets prescribed to him by the psychologist . Rathi advises him to follow the Dr.'s instruction properly. Prem feels for his earlier acts & genuinely apologises.


Prem meditating in his house. Rathi's voice at the background prodding him to wean off the habit , encouraging him saying he can do it , all he needs is will power & determination. After dyanam Prem stands before his mom's photo & seeking pava mannipu – tells her that he is a changed man now , son whom she wanted to see all her life , has not touched drug for 10days , all because of  one woman – Rathi – she is God to him.


 Short update. Thats all I could remember may be because welcomed the psycho changing  .  Net uploads ditched me.

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@ Srima - Thanks, date corrected...  date ellaam theriyaadhu paa... monday to friday or monday to thursday mattum dhaan theriyardhu - arjunan meen's kaNN paarththamaadhiri...ROFL

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