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Age -20 years
Place -
Vitals -
    Birthday : June 2 (Gemini) Place :Srinagar Family  : Dad was a lawyer, now a Sufi Saint, Mom: is a teacher, Brother : Touseef, Living in Joint family with grand parents. Uncle (Qazi Rafiq) Well known Kashmiri singer Education: completed 12th Interests: acting , stage shows, Body Building, Cricket, Swimming
  • Nature: Truthful, Honest and  completely attention seeking.



Qazi's favorites

1. Non-veg food: That's something He can't do without. No meal is complete without it. Tandoori chicken and shammi kababs are what He relishes.

2. Jackets: Can't leave home without one; Kashmir's weather lends itself to it. But now Qazi and jackets go together.

3. Michael Jackson and Ricky Martin: His idols for their sheer performances, while He also likes Sonu Nigam when he's on stage.

Qazi Wins The Competition
Qazi & Rooprekha - India's First "Fame Jodi"

The winners take it all
Ruprekha and Qazi stand tall above the 14 who had entered the Gurukul hoping to win the coveted title!

                                                                    CAPTURE OF FINAL MOMENTS




                            AND THE FAME JODI IS...!!








They won because the people love them – for their singing, for their performance, for their honesty and for the human beings they are. Over 87 lakh votes came in and their jodi was the most popular.

Javed said it all

About Qazi: "You are a living example of how the tortoise won the race against the hares. You have won because of two reasons. One is your own dedication and determination and the other is the love that all the people of India have showered on you. Take all that love and distribute it in Kashmir."

Last performances

Though the votes were all counted, each jodi gave their last performance on the sets of Fame Gurukul. The Romantic Jodi Rex and Ruprekha sang "Kuch kuch hota hai". The magic was there and so was the chemistry but it lacked the masti of the Qazi and Ruprekha jodi. The boys were good together with "Mei anadi tu khiladi" but the sweetness was not there. Ruprekha and Qazi shone with melody, masti and chemistry.

Tension all round.

The last result round was exciting and crowds were even waiting outside the sets. Like the contestants, people were nervous and shouting and cheering in anticipation. Qazi felt that he and Ruprekha would win and so did Rex. Once again Jai and Veeru would not be together. Manav and Mandira created enough tension to last a lifetime. Cards appeared all over the sets with names and alphabets but no results. The audiences were strung along till the very end.

The winners takes it all and indeed they did. The fabulous prize money of Rs 1 crore, the chance to record their first album, and a car each is what Qazi and Ruprekha take home.


Qazi's Interview ( Before Winning Fame Jodi)



He threatens to tie up his dreadlocks in a pony for that neat, slick look. He desperately wants to tone his body, since he feels he has shrunk after he stopped working out.

He finds his female fan following unbelievable. And all his bak-bak (he says) is genuine and unrehearsed.

Fame Gurukul's most-noticed contestant, Qazi Touqeer, makes no qualms about the fact that, though he wants to be an actor and performer, he applied for the Sony reality show to prove to his family that he was not a good-for-nothing.

"I would never be out of bed before 10 am and didn't even know how to slice an apple. The Gurukul has changed me and my life," says Qazi as tells us his about his journey to Fame…

The mole below my eye

About six months back, I started getting this wart-like growth that resulted in a mole. Initially, I was concerned and wanted to get rid of it. I consulted a doctor but my mother told me to let it be. "Woh tumhare liye lucky hoga."
And it is. My journey to Fame Gurukul began with the mole. The application and the auditions and the final selection, all happened in the last six months. I will never have the mole removed, though I know I want to become an actor — Qazi and the mole; that's another Fame Jodi.

June 2, 2005

Too many things happened on that day. It was the day I celebrated my 20th birthday, the day I was selected to be part of Fame Gurukul. It was the day I landed in Mumbai for the first time. And the day my mole looked bigger! And the day I saw the sea for the first time. Because of Fame Gurukul, I came to Mumbai; this is going to be my home.

Sufi influence

I stay in Srinagar with my mother, who is a schoolteacher, and my father who is a lawyer. Of late, my father has been greatly influenced by Sufi thoughts. We are constantly having people over; he loves to entertain.

People have an open invitation to our home. I have a younger brother, Tauseef. My favourite chachu, Qazi Rafi (a professional singer) and his family also stay with us. The one big regret I have is that I did not learn music from him — it would have helped me in Fame.

Bachpan se hero

At any event, there are some people who hog the limelight; they are the jaan of the party. I was always one of them. Everyone would call me the hero. Nervousness is something I don't know. I enjoy myself on the stage. In Srinagar, I would always take part in the Saaz aur Awaaz concert, which was dubbed the Saaz aur Qazi concert.

Unaffected by J&K trouble

Bomb blasts, violence, kidnappings… people ask me how we stay in Kashmir? I have never been affected by the happenings there, thank god. I led a normal life and did all the things a youngster does elsewhere. I studied at the SP High School and completed my class 12 from Amar Singh College, Srinagar

Female attention

Honestly, there is no one special in my life. Last week, we performed at a Ganesh pandal and every time I flicked my hair, the girls would scream. It was the same when I performed at the Malhar festival at St Xavier's. It's not that I am playing up to them. I am enjoying myself on stage and I want them to enjoy too.

No playback singer

Why should I? I always wanted to act and perform live. I can't bear the thought that I put so much into a song and, on screen, it is someone else singing. I will act and do playback only for myself. Or I'd rather do music videos.




Sami , Qazi's Neighbour Tells us about Qazi :

Qazi had been different right from his childhood. He was witty and tried to look different. He wore long hair and performed dances in gardens and all the places he got to. Even the college senior students wouldn't allow him past the gate without a dance. He never learnt dance or singing from anyone but himself. His room had lot of mirrors and he performed there. Local guys used to make ridicule of his style but I guess they were jealous of his different looks.

Body building was another passion of Qazi and he wanted to be called a muscle-man. As far as I know him he had been very shy in childhood. He attended local school, Jamia Millia  in Nawpora where his mother taught us. Like all other students I never thought he would become such a star, but honesty and his out-speaking quality is what I guess won him votes, fans and stardom.






http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=177429&P N=1&TPN=1                                              





http://www.apniisp.com/songs/indian-pop-remix-albums/jodi-no 1-qazi-ruprekha/291/1.html



http://d.turboupload.com/d/245552/fg28june2005gurukul3-128k. zip.html



 I'm the best - Koi Hero Yahan - Qazi T

http://d.turboupload.com/d/246854/fg04july2005e5_8-128k.zip. html


o saaki saaki rey--QAZI/REX/ARPITA



LIKE PYAR KE--SHADI SONG SUNG BY QAZII Laike Pyar Ke yeh ------ Qazi ----- vdo link


This is short clip of Qazi n Ruprekha after becomin the Jodi...

http://www.zippyvideos.com/5347122471927046/qazirupraonpop/* nhabib


Qazi in Tears(dining table)



















Qazi is safe! (on singing phir bhi dil hai..)
http://d.turboupload.com/d/359418/fg18aug2005e35_12-128k.zip .html


Qazi in tears (in frst the gala)
http://d.turboupload.com/d/246905/fg04july2005e5_19-128k.zip .html


Qazi's hat-trick


Jodi No.1? - Dhadak Dhadak by Qazi/RR
http://d.turboupload.com/d/397217/fg19oct05e80_4-128k.zip.ht ml


RR/Qazi-2 --jisay dhoonta hun main har kahin
http://d.turboupload.com/d/397222/fg26oct05e83_7-128k.zip.ht ml


Tune Abhi Dekha Nahin(with rex)

http://d.turboupload.com/d/242388/Rex-Qazi-Tune_Abhi_Dekhaa_ Nahin.wmv.html


Qazi & Ruprekha made a special appearance at Ek Ladki Anjani Si....






QAZI AND RUPO singing YEH PAL in ranbhoomi












People's choice(qazi saved gainst rex n arpita) 
http://d.turboupload.com/d/320148/fg19oct05e79_4-128k.zip.ht ml

Qazi's dramatic vote (qazi saves rex)
http://d.turboupload.com/d/320146/fg19oct05e79_5-128k.zip.ht ml


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doc.sam IF-Dazzler

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 from viewers


From an old post in FG forum.**


ART thrives on its patrons


By Ticks


When Kumar Gaurav had come to the scene with his film, Rajendra Kumar's "Love Story". Public went crazy about him, there was great hype around him with his lover-boy image. He could not match the hype created and then he faded into oblivion. This was not because he did NOT have talent, but because he did NOT try enough. Had he stayed and reinvented himself and been a fighter he would have shone. He did have patrons but he himself perhaps did NOT have the WILL to succeed and faded away. Years later, his film "Naam" or "Kaante" proved it.



Then came ShahRukh Khan in Fauji and Circus on TV, and again we teenagers loved him. People would say "Kya langoor ke tarah uchalta hai..haklata hai..baal bhi theek se nahi banata..is that called acting! nahi tikega..Kumar Gaurav ke tarah lupt ho jayega" But, my friends and me would stick our necks out and watch each of his film (Good or Bad or Ugly). And it is us fans and audiences who made him what he is today, and that is why he could get into the various camps like the Johars and Chopras. Shahrukh was pitted against the Hrithik Mania in 2000, but he bounced back.



Aamir Khan came with his cutie-pie "QSQT".. The pairing of Juhi+Aamir was HIT. They were toued as Jodi no 1, but off-screen they did not click and decided not to work together. When he came, again people went ga-ga over him and people would say "Chocolate hero hai...jyada din nahi tikega..sab tarah ke role nahi kar payega.. Naata hai etc etc" I even watched his Raakh and those autrocious Saap sapera films. But today Aamir's name is synonymous with versatile roles. His Munna in rangeela, ACP role in Sarfarosh, or Bhuvan in lagaan or Aakash inb DCH makes him not a chocolate hero. Aamir had a gap of 4years away from Limelight, and has bounced back with Mangal Pandey and RDB.



Hrithik came to the scene with KNPH, people again went weak-kneed, people would tell me "He had a Daddy to launch him hence the sucess, he is only a dancing hero, aj craze hai..kal nahi rahega" The people who laughed and called him a six-fingered freak, I would tell them to watch his "FIZA" the riot scene and told them, if he is serious about his career, he would do well. His films started flopping, and some magazines labeled him "FINISHED".

But he did bounce back with a very different role of Rohit in KMG. There are many Star-son/daughters and they too have their Papas and Mummies, but Hrithik shines coz he has something special in him. Hrithik has a sabbatical now and is out of limelight, but will bounce back with Krissh.



Amithabh Bachchan, when he came people said "lambu hai, hero jaissah dikhta nahi ..nahi chalega etc".. Zanjeer did it for him and there was no stopping him...he went on to become a Superstar and then he also became bankrupt, a dark phase in his career. He went away from the limelight and he reinvented himself with KBC and Aditya Chopra's Mohabbatien and bounced back.



Where does Qazi come into all this?

Qazi has a fan following and has his patrons. If he can balance his image and persona along with his talent and keep his head intact on his young shoulders there is no reason why he will not succeed. Right now, Qazi has to be careful about his next assignments and avoid over-exposure. So, staying away from limelight is the right decision.



He does NOT need to be 24hrs in front of the camera, rather I would say hone his acting/singing/dancing/martial arts (for the fight scenes) skills.

Hype can take him thus far, but it is his talent and strength of character, which will help him in the long run, he already has that special charm which helps him connect to his audience-namely audience appeal. And, he already has a good fan base for a newcommer, ab use unchi challang lagani hai.



If QAZI is a fighter, as we all believe him to be, he will make it!


We like him for a simple reason --> Paro ne kaha gurukul chor do, Chandramukhi ne kaha gaana chor do, lekin usne himmat nahi hari aur maar le gayi baazi, that is Qazi for us.


Yes, but he does have to keep his head on his young shoulders, be disciplined and be HUMBLE. Be conscious about his body-language and what he speaks in public, perhaps also hone his language skills (namely English Public speaking)

He is just a 20year old kid. abhi toh uski poori zindagi pari hai to prove himself.

He is good performer (and his USP) so films will be his first choice and also sing in those films.



And as his patrons we need to encourage him through "Thick and Thin".

Coz, it is us who brought him to this pedestal and it is us who will take him to the TOP, if we like what he gives us in return and entertains us from the bottom of his heart.

Qazi  thrives on us (admirers/Bashers and who voted for them)Tongue


As long as we support and love him, Qazi cannot fade away!



Hate QAZI, love QAZI but you can't  ignore QAZI.

Bottomline:   ART thrives on its patrons


Amitabh Bachchan and Qazi
Dear Ilaji, I am writing this mail especially to you because I know that you are the most matured person at Gurukul. I am very upset at the way every one is picking on QAZI. Why can't the Gurukul teachers and the contenstants not understand that he is the one who the public has chosen as their favourite FAME JODI?

QAZI not only works hard on his singing but he is a very good human he may be not so discipline or refined when he speaks but he definitely is a better person than the rest. ARPITA comes across a very negetive person if she is so talented and confident then WHY is she always backbiting about QAZI or RUPEREKHA . I do not believe all this honest image which REX tries to project what ever they do it reflects and it is there for the people to see and understand which is why QAZI wins hand down with so much margin in his votes it is not public sympathy.

Even when AMITABH BACHCHAN started his career everyone said that he was a misfit in the industry.QAZI is like a UNPOLISHED DIAMOND who will definitely make it he already is a STAR.

Jane Kairanna
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------


As for Qazi being saved by the Headmistress, it was a long awaited one. Even when he performed very well, he was side-tracked and put in the danger zone, he was always being ignored for the hard work that he was putting in.

Saasha, Muscat (Oman)


Suchisnita behuria, Bhadrak (Orissa)
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------
Carry on, Qazi
Your singing is as good as your performance and as your performance is the bes. You needn't worry about anything. Just remember don't stop and never give up. Qazi, you are mind-blowing and I really like you. Whenever you are sent to the danger zone, I devote 20 votes to u as according to me, your place has always been in the safe zone. best of luck,be cool and just chill.

Urvi (Shaziya)


       Letters from viewers
  If Britney can, why not Qazi?

Qazi is the most genuine person in the Gurukul.Unlike some of the others, he wears his heart on his sleeve, and does not hesitate to call a
spade, a spade. I do not understand the all the hullabaloo about Qazi not being a good singer. Are the people responsible for this show
looking for a playback singer or are they looking for the total package?
Some of the most successful musicians of this era hardly have a great voice.

Britney Spears, Boyzone, Aerosmith et al. In the 21st century, we should try
to break away from the thought that a person who can sing a perfect ghazal is a good 'singer' because nobody gives a damn. We all want someone who can entertain us and make us laugh, not someone who sings a few stanzas to make the ladies cry and put the gents to sleep. The fact that Qazi Taukeer has recieved so many votes proves the fact that the Gen-X has spoken.
A Fan

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------
Why I vote for Qazi

I want this mail to be read by all contestants in this wonderful programme Fame Gurukul. I think that they are all perplexed by the continued outpouring of votes for Qazi. So, I thought that I should tell them why i have been voting
for Qazi. This, i think, will help them in their future career in show business. They will perhaps be surprised that the only qualities of Qazi which attracts me is his truthfulness and steadfastness. It is not talent alone that attracts public to a singer or an actor. A beautiful song can appear harsh in the throat of a crooked person.
Vijay Kumar, Mumbai

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------
Your fans love you

You are an all-rounder performer. You sing very well. I hope you do get the
Janta's votes. I'm pretty sure the students aren't that good enough to vote for you because they are jealous of you. I really love your singing and your dancing talents ... You can do anything. I think you shouldn't worry about any comment...because you got a lot of fans who love you a lot and wish the best for you.

Heela Askarzoi

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------
Every guy has his own style

It hurt to to listen to the words of Arijit, Shamit and the girls (except
Rooprekha) of Fame Gurukul. You do not have any right to speak ill about Qazi
and his personality. Every guy has his own style. Okay?
Arun Kumar Reddy, Hyderabad

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------

I think all the contestants are jealous about Qazi and everybody is against
him.They desperately want Qazi to be out as they see him as a threat. He
is a good performer and is becoming a good singer with his hard work.With time, his performance will become exemplary.

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------
Qazi being humiliated

Fame Gurukul is a School of Sangeet. Thus, school is a place of encouragement and reinforcement, it is a place where evaluation is must and it is a place of development. It may be development of personality and development of singing ability. School is not a place of Favourism, Partiality and Punishment. But Qazi is being humilated every day in Fame Gurukul, through voting system, faculty's favourism and comments. Nobody is giving reinforcement to Qazi. All actions of students are against the fellow feeling towards Qazi.
Mrs. John, Principal, Eden Garden Public School

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------
Select better songs

You should be very delighted when people SAVED you three times. I think you
should utilise on this opportunity the people have given you. From my knowledge of music, I think you should select songs that suit your voice. You do have the talent to sing and I think you should also think in the same way.Try and concentrate on your singing more than your looks.Nobody is going to vote for you because you look nice. You are a wonderful performer and you can really make it at No. 1 for your performing ability.
Nachiket Kulkarni, Zambia

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------
Mona was wrong

It seems the contestant are jealous of Qazi. They can't tolerate the love he is
getting. Mona has no right to say that Qazi has taken the place of
a deserving candidate.
Prateek Singh

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------
Leave Qazi alone

I don't know why everyone is after Qazi.I think the faculty should work trying
to improve his voice rather than already make up their mind that he is not a
good singer compared to others. All are same in Gurukul. They should not be
biased and should try to work hard with him so that he cannot be under
estimated. His fellow students should have some respect for him instead of just criticising him.
Malay Verma

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------
Qazi rocks

I just want to say that if someone in Fame Gururkul is a complete package, than
that is: Qazi!!!!!! He simply rocks!!!!! He has the looks, great personality,
great voice, can dance and act very well. But I'm angry about the other people
of FG, because they always speak rude about him. I think They're jealous!!!!!!
All the best to Qazi and may the best (Qazi) win.
Priya K

Bollywood calling

I love to watch Qazi perform. He has it all to make it to Bollwood. He is a great dancer, actor and he can become the best singer in Gurukul. The amount of votes he gets is a proof of his talent. And I must say that last week his performance was great.Keep it up, Qazi. Hope to see lots more from you.
Naina, Gurgaon




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~*~DIYA~*~(i luv qazi)










~MADHU DI(infiniteattract)


















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Qazi-Ruprekha are jodi number 1


The moments

Rex D'Souza was finally the one who bowed out of Fame Gurukul in a long winded episode on Sony on Thursday night, making way for Kolkata based Ruprekha Banerjee and Kashmiri Qazi Tauqeer to emerge as the Fame Jodi.

The climax to 15 weeks of grueling preparation in the gurukul and performances in front of sceptical judges was built up in a special two hour episode that dragged in places, and appealed in some.

Rex at the night of 'Grand Finale'
of Fame Gurukul

Hosts Mandira Bedi and Manav Gohil did their best to keep up the tempo,the show's directors employed a few gimmicks (empty envelopes containing the winners' names ?!?) and the channel pushed its impending shows (Celebrity Fame Gurukul and Deal Ya No Deal, with R Madhavan making an appearance).

Whether the three finalists had indeed whipped up a national frenzy is not quite known, but Mandira and Manav with their frenzied compering towards the end, made it indeed seem so. Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant too was roped in to make a pitch for the second season of the show.

The Fame Jodi

All the promotions diluted the achievements of the winning duo, Qazi and Ruprekha, who got about five to seven minutes to bask in glory at the end of the episode, which even took a break to accommodate Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin!

Gurukul will never match the hype and hoopla generated by Idol, but one can't fault Sony Entertainment Television for not trying.

Posted on 20 June 2005 11:30 pm
More News



Smiles are back in Srinagar, thanks to their TV hero
Our locality burst firecrackers worth Rs 50,000: Qazi's family
Send Feedback   E-mail this story   Print this story
Posted online: Saturday, October 22, 2005 at 0116 hours IST

\ SRINAGAR, OCTOBER 21: There's celebration in the majestic red-brick house in downtown Srinagar. In two spacious rooms on either side of the entrance, the family—men in one room and the women in the other—watches the replay of the final of Fame Gurukul, the TV show for singing and acting aspirants. The joy is not confined to the house. The locality, the city and virtually the whole of Kashmir is celebrating the triumph of Qazi Tauqueer.
''Our locality burst firecrackers worth Rs 50,000. Hundreds of people thronged our house to celebrate,'' says Qazi Rafi, a singer and uncle of Qazi Tauqeer. The bursting of crackers last night caught the attention of some CRPF personnel staying in a nearby hotel. ''But when they learnt what it was all about, they too joined in the celebrations,'' says Zameer Ahmad Khan, Qazi's cousin. Qazi has become a symbol of accomplishment for Kashmiri youth, and everyone knows the address of his house. That may explain why, and how so many people are reaching Qazi's house. Among them were two siblings aged 10 and 12 years from Pampore, 15 km from Qazi's house. ''They came late in the evening yesterday and stayed with us till late night. Their father, who had been searching for them, reached our house. Only then did we come to know that they had run away from home,'' says Rafi. Fame Gurukul has no doubt made Qazi famous in India. But for Kashmiris he is very special. Men women, youth and children have been following the show closely. His antics on TV are on their lips. Kashmiri youths remember almost every word that Qazi has uttered on the show, and what celebrities like Shankar Mahadevan, Javed Akhtar, Anil Kapoor or John Abraham, had said about Qazi. City-based sociologist Abdul Gani Madhosh tries to explain the craze for Qazi. ''Few Kashmiris have made it big on the national scene, which itself is a great cause of alienation from mainstream India. And when someone among them, in Bollywood style, wins a tough competition, it becomes a cause for celebration.'' He adds, ''It will boost the confidence of local youth. Every community has the desire that someone among them should excel, be it in games, arts or entertainment or any other field. When it happens, the whole community feels victorious.'' Madhosh admits that even he could not hide his joy when Qazi won. For many youth here, Qazi's achievement is reassuring on another count; a sense of acceptance. ''I couldn't believe that he (Qazi) could get 87 lakh votes from across India. It suddenly melted my prejudices,'' says Muhammad Afzal Wani, a Kashmir University student. The phones have not stopped ringing in Qazi's house. Calls are coming in, not only from the Valley, but also from other regions of the country. ''People are calling from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. We don't even understand the language of many of the callers,'' says Rafi.

Destiny's child
[ Wednesday, December 14, 2005 08:38:02 pmTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]



Qazi Tauqeer is quite a sensation. The 'hot favourite' singer speaks to us on his musical journey from the vale of Kashmir to the top of the world.

* On being popular : It's a marvellous feeling. I am lucky. It is only due to God's grace and so many well wishers that I have reached this stage.

* An underestimated singer?: Initially everybody had this notion that I couldn't sing but I have proved them wrong.

The contest was for an over-all performer and not just a good singer. I always knew that I would fit the bill. And ultimately the package of my performing abilities and my singing skills helped me sail through.

* Did the locks hold the key : I don't know what really attracted the masses and why they voted for me. Maybe it was my curly hair (laughs). However, I was confident of my abilities.

* Singer by chance : I was aspiring to be an actor, but after Abhijeet Sawant's success, I decided to be a part of a similar contest as I thought this would be the best way to attain fame and to prove to my family that I am not a 'good-for-nothing'.

* Filmi chakkar: Yes, I may do a film after an year or so. I am getting good offers from filmmakers but as of now, I don't want to name them.

* Gaata rahe mera dil : I can't see myself just as a playback singer lending my voice to some other actor. I will lend my voice to only those songs where I can be on screen or on stage. Or else I would prefer to do only music videos.

* Dealing with allegations of his win being politically motivated : No political interference can motivate this kind of a response from the audience.

Those who are looking for political innuendoes in such transparent contests are in my opinion those who have struggled all their life and got nowhere despite that.

* Wo ladki hain kahan : Whenever I liked any girl, she would run away in a week's time as I only spoke to them about camera and 'action' (laughs). Honestly, there is no one special in my life.


"I cried every night during Fame Gurukul "

Qazi Tauqueer: alone on the altar of stardom!

A month before he became the cynosure of all eyes on 20 October 2005 as part of Sony's Fame Jodi, Qazi Tauqeer appeared to be someone who was there just to have a good time, not caring much for the final prize on offer. Three months since, it's a different Qazi - mellowed, more mature and....a trifle morose too.

What started as a simple chat with Tellychakkar.com's Ananya Sengupta, turned out to be the most moving tete-a-tete thus far, of the young man who made history by claiming the most number of public votes on Indian television.

"I will never do television"
I always wanted to be an actor. That's my ultimate aim. I read in the newspapers that I am supposed to be doing 40 episodes of Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai and I was shocked! I have never met Ekta Kapoor, the Sony guys had called me and I assumed that it would be a cameo to promote my music album! I don't want to do television...ever!

Basking in the glory of victory: Qazi at the Fame Gurukul party

"No one is your friend in this world..."
Fame Gurukul has taught me that no one is your friend! Look at what Arijit did to Shamit! See, none of the contestants wanted to be a jodi with me! But later, when they found out that I was the favourite, they changed their behaviour completely...I was shocked! In today's world, I have learnt that one can't depend on anybody!

And this is true not only of Gurukul, but every place. The Gurukul experience has taught me a lot and it's helping in my life now.



"I don't even know where Ruprekha lives in Mumbai"

A seemingly happy threesome......

I share a very professional relationship with Ruprekha. I don't know where she lives in Mumbai, and I am sure she doesn't know where I live. I am also on just 'Hi-hello' terms with Rex. I meet Ruprekha on stage and we decide what to sing and perform, after that it's bye bye time! We are not together 24 hours! Sometimes we don't agree on things, and sometimes she says that she wants to do something that I don't want to do, but I try to cooperate!
Ruprekha was one of them who didn't want to be paired with me as a jodi, but when she said otherwise on the show, I was very shocked!

Qazi and Padma Wadkar: teacher's pet!

"Everybody was against me!"
Right from the beginning of the show, I was very different. I performed, and said what I wanted to on stage. The others thought that was a gimmick! But see, now shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (Zee TV) are also doing the same. You can see for yourself the changes in the show. They have incorporated a lot of reality -- talking about sick parents and crying on stage...but when I spoke out on Fame...I was criticised, sab mere against the (Everybody was against me). But the love of the audience keeps me going...and my self confidence and the spirit and passion that I have inside me has made me what I am today.

"No one has tolerated as much pressure as I have"
I have cried inside, each time I was in the danger zone! But no one came to know on stage. There I would always laugh....we were on camera 24 hours, and despite all criticism, I kept a confident facade on stage. It was difficult. No one has been as stressed as I was then!

"I miss Kashmir"
Living in Mumbai is not difficult, I have stayed in other places and my dad also has been travelling a lot, but I miss Kashmir. Wahan ke logon ki badi yaad aati hai! (I miss the people of Kashmir a lot). Not that I can't go even now for three or four days, but the work schedule is such that I can't manage. Nothing's like Kashmir......

Qazi: standing alone even among friends!

"He who succeeds despite his problems, is a true artiste"
When I see the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa show, I really think that if they cannot take the pressure because they choose to quit! Perhaps they should! It's all about taking the pressure and going on...An artiste's mother might be sick at home, but on stage he has to perform...that's the mark of a true artiste.






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A match made on TV
Divided in temperament but united in talent, fame beckons QAZI and RUPREKHA after the satellite world votes for their voices
Qazi Touqeer and Ruprekha Banerjee perform after being crowned the country's first Fame Jodi


More than winning the coveted Fame Gurukul crown, this Kashmiri boy recently created a record for garnering the highest number of votes for any single contestant on Indian television — more than 2.5 crore. He also holds the dubious record of slipping into the danger zone 10 times in the Sony reality show. No wonder, he feels that the danger zone should now be renamed Qazi Zone for the future seasons of Fame Gurukul. The son of a teacher and a lawyer, Qazi loves to wake up in the middle of the night to practise his songs, much to the other contestants' disapproval. As for the secret of his long locks, it's a simple dose of sarson ka tel. And this is what the janta ka dulara has to say about his win and more…

It's a dream come true — the happiest moment of my life.

I always wanted to be a superstar from the time I was a schoolboy in Srinagar. My family always supported me but my other friends and relatives use to laugh at me. "Qazi kya sapne dekhta rehta hai? Kya handycam leke ghumta rehta hai?"

But I knew I would be a star someday.

When I saw the Fame Gurukul advertisement, I told myself: "Tera din aa gaya Qazi, ab tu superstar banega."

I initially thought of going for the Calcutta auditions but finally decided on Delhi. I was there much before and saw 20 films in 25 days at PVR. Then the audition happened and Usha Uthup was the first to tell me: "You are the guy."

So, I made it to the top 100 and went to Mumbai. From there to 50, then to 30 and finally to the last 14. Then in the first week, pehli baar danger zone mein aa gaya (the elimination group). The next 10 times I was in the danger zone, public ne mujhe bachaya. Then just a couple of weeks back, for the first time, the judges saved me and put me in the safe zone. But my (source of) confidence has always been with the public.

I don't know anything about singing, main sirf dil se gaata hoon. But I want to be a complete performer — performance comes naturally to me. I want to entertain everyone. Main public ko sab kuch doonga jo unhonne mujhe diya hai. In fact, I will give them double of what they have given to me.

I am very happy that Ruprekha has won the crown with me. We are complete contrasts. I still remember the day we sang together for the first time — Ek main aur ek tu


Pinky, Nakchadi, Rupie, Fruity… she has hordes of nicknames but as Ruprekha, she's sealed a place in Indian music history as one of the winners of the first ever Fame Jodi contest. Her parents may run a catering business, but Ruprekha has always cooked great music, putting in hours of riyaz everyday and eventually getting to sing for Bengali films and TV serials.

At the Gurukul she soared up the popularity chart with her part-Hindi, part-Bengali and part-English speeches. She might shied away from physical exercise and kept munching something or the other, but Ruprekha did lose six kg at Gurukul. She also holds the envious record of being the only one to have been the top student thrice. Here's what the girl from Agarpara has to say from Mumbai, where she celebrated the memorable moments with her father and uncle…

It's been a long, long journey, kintu ekhon khub bhalo lagchhe. I always believed, sometimes hoped, that I would make it to the top. Mon bolchhilo hobo hobo but the dangerous decision I took of bringing back Rex and Arpita a couple of weeks back put a lot of pressure on me.

Aami bhalo gaan gaite parchhilam na. I was really tense and was thinking that I had made a big mistake by voting them back. But then, God had told me to bring Arpita back.

Fame Gurukul has not been the easiest of experiences at all. We hardly ever got the time to breathe. I remember how I really wanted to run away from all this, (and go) right back home. I had nerve problems and as the weeks went by, it kept getting worse, with galas and recordings and practise. At every stage, I just told myself that I have to keep going and make something out of the whole thing.

I had told my father: "Give me four years and I will buy a car" and it's really funny that within only one year, I have been gifted this car from Sony. Baba, kaka amra ekhane shobai khub celebrate korchhi. Once all this is done, I will return home but would have to eventually shift to Mumbai.

It's great to have Qazi as the other winner. Qazir shathe bhaloi jombe. He was always talented. But he couldn't sing that well initially. Now, he is really singing well and we'll have a great time singing together everywhere.

Things have never been smooth between Rex and me. There was a cause of concern of him becoming more popular than me. But now that I have won and have to perform with him at many places, I have to overcome this and try and be a bit professional.



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The importance of being Qazi
Posted online: Thursday, October 27, 2005 at 0000 hours IST

When Qazi Tauqeer was born in Srinagar, in 1986, India was different. Doordarshan was the single channel on television, Kashmir was at relative peace, and we were far from the 'shining' India that was to follow some years later, at least in some privileged places, for some privileged people. In 2005, Qazi Tauqeer, a singer and performer of some ability, is the latest TV celebrity, winner of Sony TV's Fame Gurukul, in an India with no less than 70 TV channels, a steadily increasing ''shine'', and a much bruised, indeed battered, Kashmir. One could say Qazi has grown up through a period of huge change in independent India. The spread of markets with increasing opportunities for people and a deepening of political democracy are the upsides, while an increasing disillusionment with a sometimes arbitrary and seemingly corrupt state apparatus is the downside, most brutally exposed in Kashmir.
Markets have brought with them not only a huge range of goods, services and TV channels, but also a culture of individuality, opportunity and merit, quite distinct from the more parochial culture of caste, region and religion which ran and, in some places, still runs deep in India, especially in the functioning of institutions of the state. This is no surprise. The guardians of the state are only human. And humans are fallible, which makes the state fallible. It can be exploitative rather than helpful. This is not to argue that the state should not act at all. It should. But it must be a helpful, rather than cruel guardian. Qazi Tauqeer's success is good news for India and its people: its underlying secularism, quiet egalitarianism and democratic traditions. A Kashmiri Muslim boy from a less than privileged background received no less than 15 million votes from across India, saving him from eviction from the show 10 times and finally perching him on the winners' podium with a lucrative singing contract and a brand new car as bonus. All that mattered to the voters was his ability — not his religion, not his place of birth, not his economic status. And the voters themselves, a staggering 50 million SMS messages received by the show, at last given a chance to elect someone on merit in a transparent fashion. This was quite unlike our general elections, where religion, region, caste, economic power and a lamentable absence of merit dominate the show. Indeed, barriers to entry are so formidable that the best do not even enter the contest. But lest we damn the state completely, its role in helping Taqueer reach where he did is crucial: the introduction of cable television in Kashmir in 1998 gave Qazi and many like him a connect to the world, and opportunities outside. Could Qazi's success send out some important lessons for India's pressing problems? India has no greater political problem than that of an estranged Kashmir. Perhaps instances like this will help integrate more Kashmiri youth into the mainstream, rather than drive them to the path of violence. Perhaps the people of Kashmir will come around to see that the people of India at large harbour warmth and goodwill for them, whatever the state may stand for. The state on its part, of late, has been trying to be more a force for the good: a free and fair election, the talk of peace and an attempted healing touch, are a start. The achievements of Tauqeer, as well as others on television, may also show us the way forward in another pressing problem, that of missed economic opportunities. We need a move up the economic ladder as quickly as possible, for as many as possible. We need opportunities, equal and many. We need merit. And we need the state to provide the basic minimum to all: not only food and clothing but also shelter, healthcare and education, so that people are in a position to grasp the opportunities. We need the right mix of state and markets, sadly missing in India over the years, both in statist India and now in liberalised India. The churning must begin now, beginning with institutions of the state, and then, to fine tuning the role of markets in order to maximise benefits. Lest we forget, well done, Qazi Tauqeer. May you inspire many more to follow your path to hard won success. And well done, people. Keep voting, preferably on merit. Keep yourselves empowered. You will get what you want, somewhere, and then, hopefully, everywhere. The writer is a research scholar in Economics at Trinity College, Cambridge


My green valley
Twenty questions on J&K with Qazi Touqeer and you're none the wiser.
Lalitha Suhasini
WHILE Kashmir was quaking, Srinagar's newest poster boy was stirring up his own storm on a reality show. The news hit home only when a television channel called him for a byte. ''We weren't allowed to read the papers or watch TV and I didn't even have access to a phone,'' defends Qazi Touqeer. He's bound by a two-year contract with Sony Music and hopes to do a show in Srinagar for the quake victims, involving all the Fame Gurukul finalists. ''But nothing is in my hands,'' he adds rather dramatically.
The Fame Gurukul winner mouths lines like "Maine toh abhi duniya dekhi hi nahin (I'm yet to see the world)" for effect, but after a chat you realise that Touqeer has lived in sweet oblivion for 20 years. Ask him about being born in Srinagar at a time when social unrest was at its peak, and he talks about untapped talent back home because of ''lack of facilities.'' Err, India's very own Bo Bice is as disconnected from the rest of the world as the next Bollywood hero wannabe. His vision of the Valley is right out of a photograph that his dada had showed him when he was a kid. ''Yeh shaayad nabbe saal purani hogi (Maybe it's 90 years old),'' he says of the idyllic view of Kashmiris in pherans, carrying kangdis on a snowy evening. And while the rest of the world has been shocked by the shellings and blood-stained streets, Touqeer confesses that he'd rather look at the other side. ''I've never witnessed a killing. We used to run out of our college whenever there was news of a bombing,'' says the SP College alumni, seeming rather distracted. He politely reminds you of his show and his one-point agenda in life. ''I've been bindaas shooting myself with a Sony handycam at the Mughal gardens,'' he says, sounding more like a Bambaiyya than the son of a lawyer-turned-Sufi buff. Ironically, he never wanted to be a singer and rambles on about having memorised tragic hero Devdas' famous words Kaun kambakth bardaash karne ko peeta hai.... ''Mujhe toh sangeet ka sa re ga ma pa nahin aata hai (I don't know the basics of music),'' he says. A young girl who's walking her Alsatian and has got wind of Touqeer's recording comes over. ''Actually I don't like you at all, but my mother's a big fan and will be very happy if she knows I said hi to you,'' she says. Unfazed, he thanks her and tells her that he likes her spirit. Nothing seems to burst that bubble of hedonism. Not even the news of a new chief minister for J&K. ''Oh you're the first one to tell me about it,'' he says wide-eyed. The modern day Devdas is too busy making his own headlines. Qazi will scale new heights, says family
Ehsan Fazili
Tribune News Service
Srinagar, October 25
For the past three-and-a-half months, Qazi Tauqeer's family members at their tiny house in Koolipora locality of Khanyar here have been watching him on their television set, like many others across the country, since he entered the Fame Gurukul contest. His brother Tauseef, who was among those present during the final competition in Mumbai, returned on Sunday. His parents, Mushtaq and Syeda Rukhsana,continue to be in touch with their son. Tauqeer's uncle, Qazi Rafi, a professional singer,and grandparents, Qazi Khaleel and his wife, are all hopeful of his scaling "new heights". They do not miss their 20-year-old child, who had just joined ,at the undergraduate level, Amar Singh College here before joining the competition. However, when he is completes the one-year contract with the TV channel, the family is keen that he continues with his studies. "Being a professional, I have not taught him on a scheduled basis," said Qazi Rafi. Tauqeer's uncle recalls his nephew's interest in music and dance with fondness. Rafi's mother, who retired as a teacher in a government school, was a vocalist . She would sometimes encourage the little boy when he hummed to himself. "We found it in him", says Qazi Rafi referring to the lad's fondness for singing. "As a little boy, whenever he murmured some tunes while going to the bathroom, I would correct him and give suggestions", he said , adding that Tauqeer had had no formal coaching. Except for casual participation in musical programmes with his uncle in the Youth Services and Sports Department of the Jammu and Kashmir Government, Tauqeer has had no other exposure.

Said 85-year-old grandfather, Qazi Khaleel: "Once I was disappointed when I did not find him trying to go for a similar competition — Indian Idol."

The octogenarian recalls how a tourist couple from Canada had "predicted" that Tauqeer would become an actor when he was only two.

Having spent and learnt a lot during the competition by repeatedly returning from "danger zone", Qazi Tauqeer "needs to learn classical singing", feels his uncle Rafi."That is necessary," he comments.

Anubha Sawhney

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My first brush with spirituality happened when I was a young boy. My father, a lawyer, once visited Ajmer-e-Sharif and came back a changed person.

For seven months he stayed out of the house, lived on chapatti and water and searched for the Ultimate Truth. When he returned, he gave up all things material and started living a simple life. Everyday he would organise a langar at home where the poor were fed free of cost.

The practice continues till today. Soon enough, I began helping out with the langar. While other boys my age were charting out a career plan, I was busy feeding the hungry.

My father's friends began telling him I was wasting my youth. He replied that I would get what none of their sons could even dream of. I guess he has been proved right.

I have always been a dreamer. But I have also believed in the power of my dreams. I don't put my faith in lucky charms and magic spells. I think if your heart is clean, good fortune can never elude you. If you play the game honestly, you are bound to win.

If you respect others, they will respect you. If you're hardworking, nobody can stop you from getting ahead. And if you're talented, nothing can keep you down.

I am just 20 years old — I don't really have a view on the problems in Kashmir. But they do make me sad. I'm not a politician, just a singer — don't ask me for solutions to violence in my home state. I support peace — that's the only way I see out of this mess.

For me, personally, peace comes from talking to people, from joking around with my friends, from making those around me smile. My philosophy towards life is simple — I play to win. And if I don't win, I know a bigger victory awaits me elsewhere.

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