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OS/FF- Trapped

Mahabhootni Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
I'm so freaked out that I'm posting this. I have never posted a story here and I'm really worried. Confused This story happens before Indu Singh meets Saanchi.

Saanchi watched the sun fade into the distance and she knew her parents would be worried sick by now. She was scared, hungry but she wasn't alone. There were seven more girls huddled next to her trying to warm up in the cold, floor of the abandoned classroom. There were broken chairs and tables covered with dust all around them but nothing to give them warmth or comfort. The smell of smoke still wafted through the closed doors that were bolted shut but the fire had obviously been doused out.

"When will they let us go?" One of the girls, another fresher, murmured sadly. 

"Whenever they get tired of their sick games," Another girl replied, "At least they haven't decided to spend their time with us."

It had all started when one of the students had passed away from a head wound after someone attacked him. The college leaders had called for a instant strike. It was only the unfortunate few who got trapped in the violence that had ensued. 

Saanchi was trying to find a way to get to her cycle through the burning tires when the W boys had cornered her. She had expected them to make things difficult but she had not expected them to haul her off into an older department building. She had expected the worse when they shoved her into a room but they had neither decided to join her nor was the room empty. They boys had laughed about teaching her a lesson after the rioting was done and slammed the door shut. It had been one of the other girls who informed her about how the boys were rounding up all the girls they could find. They had tried to shove open the doors but even eight girls could not break the door open. 

"I think I have a plan," Saanchi spoke up, "Initially I thought the plan was too risky but we've been here for hours and the more time we spend here the more I feel the risk is worth it."

"What is it?"

"We need someone to climb out of the window," Saanchi said decisively. 

"But this is the third floor. It's extremely dangerous and that ledge is too far down," One curly haired girl looked down the window frightfully. 

"That's why we'll need a rope," Saanchi smiled patiently as she explained,  "All of us are wearing dupattas and if we tie them together then we will create a strong enough rope for one person to get on that ledge and find another open window to climb out of. She can then see why the door won't open and get help."

"It's still so dangerous, who would be so brave to do something like that?" The girl near the window shivered dramatically, "I wish those stupid gundas hadn't taken my mobile phone. I don't know why my parents haven't called the police yet."

"I wish as well but we can't wait here to see the gundas come back. I doubt they're going to let us go home that easily. And to answer your question it's only fair that I get to do this. I'm also not afraid of heights."

"Please," The girl next to Saanchi sniffed through her tears and Saanchi had no idea if she was encouraging her or discouraging her.

"Let's place our dupattas together and tie them up," The curly haired one decided and the girls sat back on the floor to weave their dupattas into a proper, solid rope. They tested it and for now it was solid enough.

They eased the creaky, old window open and Saanchi could see the sunset in all it's glorious form. She was grateful for such a beautiful view even though it could be her last. Their room really was high up and the ground seemed miles away.

Her new friends lowered the rope and Saanchi climbed out and sat on the window still. Their university looked completely abandoned. There were burnt things including vehicles smoldering on the ground. Saanchi tsked and lowered herself onto the ledge using the protection of the rope.

"Slowly and steadily," Someone whispered to her and she smiled back. 

Saanchi followed this advice and carefully turned the corner. She was glad it was getting dark because what she couldn't see scared her less. She found a window but when she tried to open it but it was firmly closed. She carefully walked towards another window with her back firmly against the wall. It turned out to be open and  She was about to climb inside making a stair out of the loose bricks that were scattered across the ledge floor when she heard a voice.

"Kya kamaal ka din tha aaj, Achey achoon ki chuti kar di," A familiar man's voice drifted towards her. Saanchi kept her head low so she could eavesdrop without being seen. 

"Kyun, bhaiya, tum ko maar kutai sey kyun itna pyaar hai?" A voice she had never heard before said with a growl.

"Hum ko pyaar sey pyar, hai. Kuch hasseen kanyaun ka intazaam karoon? 

"Kidher se lao gay? Asmaan se? Waisy bhi pura Varanasi band para hai. Humarai strike kuch zyada hi achi taran kaam bar gai. Bachey iss waqt sarkoon pe tamasha kar rahey hain."

"Indu Bhaiya, hum main bhi kuch soch kar baat kar rahey hain. Kuch kanyaeen iss university ki hum ney ek kamrey main rakhin hain. Un main woh W wali larki bhi hai. Boley toh hum un ko ley aain." 

Saanchi couldn't keep herself from making a gasp of surprise. She tried to keep her mouth shut but it was too late both men instantly stopped talking. 

"Yeh, kya tha?" The man whispered and she heard his footsteps. She looked around trying to find a place she could hide and in her panic she lost her balance. For a moment she knew these were her last seconds as her left foot stepped backwards into thin air but before she could fall a hand caught her wrist firmly.  


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Mo710 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
Carry on with it please! Its good!Wink

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lizzie1765 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
Claploved your O.S, plz continue Big smile

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canuck-umz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
Yay! Someone has already written an OS for this show! I am so excited lol because I love reading. I hope you continue with this and I am really glad that someone here is writing about this show. First part was well written! Cheers~!

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KaranWkiDewaani Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
Wow our first OS for the show. Wow its so interesting. Totally liking the story. Please do continue.

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MirchiQueen Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 5:10am | IP Logged

The FIRST EVER OS...for our FOrum... Thanks a lot dear... We all are sure going to read it!Clap

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krystal1234 Groupbie

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 9:03am | IP Logged
This is so good plz continue and Pm me too

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Mahabhootni Senior Member

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Posted: 30 December 2011 at 10:02am | IP Logged
Thanks for the response.Big smileBig smileBig smile
WARNING: This part got a wee bit verbally graphic. Confused I was trying to make the gundas a bit sleazy and suggestive to be authentic. (Kind of like the W thing and stuff) Don't think anyone under 13 should be reading this. And my Hindi sucks but I decided against English dialogues because the words lose impact when spoken in English. 

Saanchi's hair flew in her face as she instinctively turned her head towards the lurching horizon that would spell her doom. The hand clamped around her wrist painfully tugged at her and she finally got to see who was holding her life in his hands. Her eyes met his and before she could react the hand pulled her forward and away from the edge. She breathed heavily against the wall grateful her feet were back on something solid.  

"Hum ko kya pata tha bhagwaan Ji kanyaaon ko waqai aasmaan sey uttaar rahey hain," The man above her chuckled before putting his other hand on her shoulder to stabilize her further. Saanchi found the steadiness to lift her forehead away from the dusty wall to look up at her saviour. The confident smirk on the man's face slowly faded into a confused and probing expression. He looked like he was searching her face for something but Saanchi could not understand what was so interesting about her dust covered face. 

"A-aap, dheeraj rakheye, hum aap ko yahan se nikaltey hain," The man lost a good portion of the arrogant edge in his voice.

Saanchi knew he was part of the gang which had taken advantage of the breakdown of the law and order system to take their harassment to a whole new level but she was also very aware that resisting meant certain death so she let him haul her up. His hands clumsily pulled her upwards allowing her the chance to get one leg in through the window and then the other.  

"Yeh, aaj ki kanyahen lagti toh teelli jesi lekin-" The man was forced to stop when their heads knocked together and both of them winced in pain. Saanchi felt his hand tighten on her back and she expected him to show anger but his small huff of a laugh was anything but.

"Tum yahan?" Saanchi had completely forgotten her original captor was also in the room. He was staring at her like she was a ghostly apparition, "Tum main koi shakti shukti hai joh har jaga tapak parti ho?"

Saanchi stopped herself from taking a fearful step backwards but she ended up instinctively clutching the nearest thing near her hand; her saviour's shoulder. As soon she touched him, his face turned towards her and she quickly pulled her hand away. 

"Hum, hum," Saanhci stalled trying to figure out whether informing him of her escape tactics was a wise move. 

"Bolo bhi," The gunda barked aggressively making her flinch.

"Tum in ko dara rahey ho," The man standing next to Saanchi spoke so low he was barely audible but the threat behind the words was palpable.  

"In ko? Is ko kyun itna Samman de rahey aap Indu Bahiyya? Yeh wohi cheez hai jis ki waja sey hum us laundiya keh pair parey," The gunda continued obliviously.  

"Phir ek baat ka toh faisla ho gya. Tuharey demag main ya toh gobar bahra hai, ya yeh bahut bari genius hain. Tum neh kya kaha tha; Kanyaein kamrey main band hain? Yeh to kissi tariquey se us kamrey sey nikal aen. Itney saalon main kuch nahin seekha kya?" 

"Larkiyun ko phassana toh aap sey hi sikha hai," The gunda answered bitterly and then paused, "Hum toh aap key nakshay kadam pe chaltey hain.
The man's eyes narrowed and in retaliation his right hand jerked as if he wanted to take something out of his pocket. Whatever it was made the gunda's eyes widened alarmingly. 

"Hum say zaban kyun lagatey ho jab tumain pata hai keh tuhri zaban ko hum inch tape ki taran kheench kay kainchi say kaat dain gay," Indu smirked darkly. He turned to look at Saachnci but his smile once again faded away making Saanchi uncomfortable under the weight of eyes.

"Indu Bahiyya, hum toh sochay they keh aap khush hongey na kay naraaj," The gunda spoke with his eyes fixed on what Saanchi now percieved to be his boss, "Hum ney kitni chaow sey un Larkiyun ko jamah kiya tha. Logon ko maar maar key humarey haath thak gaye hain aur humain kuch toh uphar milna chahiye."     

"Aur aap ka kya khayal hai keh hum aath larkiyun main sey koi kuch nahin kahey gi," Saanchi spoke up.

"Arey, 36-24-32, har ek susheel kanya MMS naam keh shabdh sey sab sey jyada darti hai. Mun se chun bhi ki toh puri duniya koh is raat ki kahani kuch hui ghanton main pata chal jaye gi. Ab yeh na kehna tum phir bhi mu kholo gi," The gunda smirked. 

Saanchi could not even meet the eyes of the man who was verbally spewing nonsense at her but she still knew her answer, "Hum neh nahin seekha keh kabhi atyachaar key khalaf larai main peechay hatta jaya. Chahey us main apna nuksaan kyun na ho." 

"Chalo, Indu Bahiya, yeh item toh ready hai. Dupatta pehley hi uttaar key madam aaein hain. Aur kis cheez ka intazar hai," The goon laughed as he pulled out his phone.

Indu was leaning against one of the old desks watching the exchange in pensive silence and Saanchi had no idea what would happen. She already had a plan mapped out in her head but she had to be sure she could predict what the two men would do before she made her escape. While one man looked like all diwali, holi and valentine's day had come at the same time the other seemed to be content to just look at her. 

It was then she realized how intently he was looking at her; she could almost feel the clogs working in his brain; making the decision she was not privy to. He pushed himself straight up and slowly walked towards her as if he had all the time in the world. Saanchi stared at her feet as his presence loomed above her. 

He looked at her for few more moments, then turned around and spoke, "Phone daye."

The idiot thug instantly handed his phone over. 

Saanchi tensed in anticipation of her escape. She knew she would get out of there. Her plan was better set now that both the men had taken their positions but before she could move Indu moved his hand so fast she wasn't even sure where the loud sound came from. Under Indu's feet was the crushed mobile phone that had been smacked on the floor. 

"Indu Bhaiyya?!"The goon's eyes bugged out. 

"Tera chota sa demag gobar nahin hai, woh toh bhaag chuka hai, aur tera sir bilkul khaali hai, Saley," Indu knocked the gunda on the head as he pushed him against the blackboard, "Teri toh aaj kher nahin."And then Indu threw man into a pile of broken chairs while Saanchi looked at the scene in horror.  __________________________
I hope no one was offended CryNext time: The question is how will Saanchi get homee.

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