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Sweet-farah Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:16am | IP Logged
haailaaaa.....harpy kya pic's hai Clap Tongue ...i had also came to join ur club...kya aap mujh accept kargi LOL LOL LOL ?????

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Chat transcripts!!!

Aamna Shariff
Transcript of LIVE CHAT with TV actress, Aamna Shariff at 15.00 hrs on Tuesday, March 22, 2005 in Mumbai

"Rajeev (Sujal) will be on top of my list if I ever think of being in a relationship."

Sonya_k > Hi Aamna, you are really very pretty and sweet! My question is - who is your dream date?
Aamna Shariff > Hi Sonya. Thanks a lot. I would want to go out for a date with Amitabh Bachchan.

Sonya_k > Who does Aamna like the most - Rajeev or Sujal?
Aamna Shariff > I think Sujal. If I would get a character like Sujal in real life, I would go out with him without giving it a second thought.

Crazy4rajeev > Hi loveliest Aamnaji. We are two sisters - Sehrish and Maira from Pakistan. You are the most beautiful and gorgeous woman we have seen. We admire you a lot. Please tell us when you are coming to Karachi(Pakistan)? Is Rajeev coming too?
Aamna Shariff > How sweet! Thank you so much for the compliment. It gives me a great high and I will be there to see you people on 24th of next month(April). Rajeev (Khandelwal) will be joining me there, I guess on the 28th of April.

Mini > Where are you from? What's your background? How did you get this role (of "Kashish" in Kahiin To Hoga )?
Aamna Shariff > I am from Mumbai and I stay at Bandra. I was from National College there. My dream was to become an actress. As a child I always dreamt of becoming one and I am still achieving it. I was modelling for a –and-a-half before Ektaa Kapoor called me for an audition. That's how I got selected.

143sakbh > Ammnaaa, is Rishi your boyfriend?
Aamna Shariff > No, he is not.

Awais > Hi Aamna, any thanks message to Allah for giving you so much fame in the world.
Aamna Shariff > I pray every night to Allah for giving me this kind of a lifestyle and fulfilling all my dreams.

Jasdeep1610 > Aamnaji, how similar are you to the character of "Kashish" that you play in Kahiin To Hoga .
Aamna Shariff > Aamna is different from "Kashish". Only some of her qualities are similar that why I portray this character in such a natural way.

Kish > You are very beautiful. Who is the most beautiful lady according to you?
Aamna Shariff > Thank you. Externally there are a lot of people who are very beautiful and who can't be compared because one is better than the other. But according to me, the most beautiful woman is my mom.

Sandip > What is your birth date?
Aamna Shariff > July 16 th .

Hemu > What are your hobbies?
Aamna Shariff > I love watching films, going for long drives and playing with my cat. And I love sports like throw ball, tennis.

Awais > In which year did you start your career?
Aamna Shariff > I don't quite remember the year, but it was around three-and-half years back.

Andy > How and when did you get your first break?
Aamna Shariff > My first break was for an ad film. It was for a soap called Medimix. I had distributed my pictures and I was called for an audition to do the ad film.

Mini > Are you and Rajeev seeing each other? Please, please tell me or. At least tell if he is attracted to you? Do you find him handsome? Are you seeing someone else? Any boyfriend in your life?
Aamna Shariff > Rajeev is a charmer. He is good-looking and very caring. But I am not seeing him and I have no boy friends. But Rajeev will be on top of my list if I ever think of being in a relationship.

Awais > What's your name and role in the next Pakistani serial?
Aamna Shariff > In the second project ( Sun Le Na ) I am playing a photographer called "Visal." And in the first Pakistani serial called Ana , my name was "Megha" and I was playing a dancer.

Urfan > Hello Amnadidi. What part of India are you from? Are you a pure Indian or an Irani also? Are you a Muslim, Afghani? I heard so many things that I am confused?
Aamna Shariff > Don't be confused. I am very much an Indian. But my mom is a Persian.

Shreya > How do you find doing romantic scenes with Rajeev?
Aamna Shariff > Earlier I used to be a bit nervous before knowing Rajeev as a person. But after knowing him I think he is the most comfortable actor to work with.

Hemu > What do you aspire for in your life?
Aamna Shariff > There are so many things that I aspire for. Like good work gives me a high that is when I can aim for bigger things in life. And the list can go on and on.

Chaitu > Are you planning any other things in your career?
Aamna Shariff > Yes of course. I plan to move ahead in life. I am looking for a right script in films.

Andy > Recently I heard about you leaving KTH - is it true or just a rumour?
Aamna Shariff > I don't want to say anything in that matter, as of now.

Rajeevaamna > Why were you and Rajeev missing from the programme on TV - Rang Barse? We just watched it for you both - the best couple in the whole world.
Aamna Shariff > Because we were shooting.

Shreya > How is life? Must be very hectic.
Aamna Shariff > Yes, it is very hectic. But I love working so it doesn't trouble me.

Rutuja > Why have you stopped doing music videos? You look stunning in Phalguni Pathak's video.
Aamna Shariff > I have not stopped. I am planning to get into modelling as well. And my start up was the Nescafe ad.

Awais > If somebody comes to you and say that he loves you, what will you do?
Aamna Shariff > Ask him - How much do you know me to love me?

Garima > Rajeev and Aamna make an excellent pair? Does this on -screen chemistry exist off screen too?
Aamna Shariff > No, it doesn't. But yes, we share a very strong friendship, which is reflected off screen whenever you see us.

Anum > Hi, when will your new Pakistani drama be aired?
Aamna Shariff > I think, after on two months.

Sanjana > Any special message for your fans?
Aamna Shariff > I love you guys and wherever I am right now (position) it is because of you and your love. Keep loving me like this forever.

Sanjana > You got so popular in such a short time. What would you say about it?
Aamna Shariff > A dream come true. And I believe very strongly in sincerity. If you are loyal and sincere towards your work, it can take you to places.

Rutuja > What do you think about your co-stars in Kahiin To Hoga ?
Aamna Shariff > I don't term them as my co stars because they are like a big family to me and I miss them when I am not shooting with them, as much as you would miss your home.

Rutuja > What's the secret of your cute and appealing smile?
Aamna Shariff > That's god gifted and I love it!

Mad_about_kth > I can't believe I'm talking to you!
Aamna Shariff > It's so sweet to get (messages) from people like this. And the whole team of KTH will try their level best to fulfill all your expectations. And yes, you are talking to me indeed.

Shobha > What is your birth date?
Aamna Shariff > July 16th

Sonya_k > What kind of a girl was Aamna during her childhood?
Aamna Shariff > A very mischievous girl who was crazy about dancing.

143sakbh > Aamna, we all think you are like Aishwarya Rai and Rajeev is like Shah. What do you say about this?
Aamna Shariff > That's very sweet of you to compare me to Ash but I want to make my own mark.

Sanjana > What type of projects do you prefer?
Aamna Shariff > I just want to try out different concepts. One role should be different to another and should be very challenging.

Kia kashish hai tujh mein > I heard that you and Rajeev are good friends but how you became good friends?
Aamna Shariff > I think it's just time which got us into a good friendship gradually, as we got to know each other.

Kia kashish hai tujh mein > I have heard that Rajeev Smriti Irani and you are doing a serial. Is that true?
Aamna Shariff > Smriti was offered another project but not with us. We are not doing any serials together.

Ghazanfar > Hi Aamna shariff. If you can answer me so please tell me why do you wear a wig?
Aamna Shariff > Because I love my own hair and can't ruin it by ironing (it) everyday.

Shreya > I just love you and Rajeev's pair. Will I ever see this pair in real life?
Aamna Shariff > I don't know. If it's destiny it can happen but as of now, it is no.

Sanjana > If you were not an actor what you would have been?
Aamna Shariff > A fashion designer.

Insaneashi86 > Hi Aamna, this is Ayesha from Pakistan. I like you and your drama only but I don't like Sujal. I want to ask from you – are you the daughter of Babra Shariff?
Aamna Shariff > Hi Ayesha. I am not Babra Shariff's daughter. But people have mistaken me a lot of times to be her daughter.

Urfan > Oh, and yes I love your dressing sense on TV. Is it you or some one else who does your wardrobe? Who is it?
Aamna Shariff > It's Nim Sood. I call her masi (aunty). A little credit goes to me also as I am particular how I dress up.

Kia kashish hai tujh mein > People say that you are not happy from the present story line of Kahiin To Hoga. Why?
Aamna Shariff > Yes, I am not happy because KTH has a flavour and now it's slightly going low. So I don't want that to ever happen, that's the reason I am slightly depressed.

Mukeshvalecha > Who is your role model?
Aamna Shariff > My mom.

Kia kashish hai tujh mein > What about Shaadi (marriage)?
Aamna Shariff > Marriage is a very strong commitment and two people really have to think and get into something like that because it just happens once in a life time.

Mukeshvalecha > You were looking cool in album with your professor model. Who's that guy and are you doing any other music album?
Aamna Shariff > I don't remember the guy's name because it was shot a year-and-half-back. As of now, I am not doing any videos. But very soon, I will.

Sonia_luvs u _aamna > I think Aamna loves Rajeev more then any one else. Right Aamna? Ask from your heart!
Aamna Shariff > I asked from my heart and it's a no.

Sign Off Message > I love all you guys and thank all of you for giving me so much of love!

aromi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2006 at 7:18am | IP Logged

'I am looking for change!'
- Aamna Shariff

Life seems to be treating Aamna Shariff pretty well. This popular actress who plays Kashish in Star Plus' Kahiin to

Aamna Shariff: Going places!

Hoga has been flooded with offers for both films and television.

"I am looking for a character who is completely different from Kashish. Something bigger than her," says Aamna. She's now on the verge of signing a big serial, that will not only help her move away from the demure 'Kashish' mould, but will also have her sporting a completely new look.

Even film offers are coming in by the dozen. Aamna has gone through a number of scripts and is really interested in two of them. "They are big banner films, but since it will be my debut film, I am being a little choosy,"she laughs.

Talking about her experience while shooting for a Pakistani serial in Malaysia recently, Aamna visibly brightens up, saying that she plays a character very much like Sujal in Kahiin To Hoga, " For once I get to dump Rajeev,"she giggles.

Shooting the Pakistani serial was an experience that will always be close to Aamna. It was very different from the usual shooting that is done in Indian soaps, she says, adding, "They do not shoot from different angles. Acting is more real, it's fast and you are expected to shoot a considerable amount without breaks. This I think will be a learning experience for any Indian television actor."

Aamna is probably among the few in the industry who don't believe in the adage the "more the merrier" --- taking on projects and leaving little time for her personal life, is something that she does not believe in. "I have worked round the clock for a long time, now I want to finish my day's work and come home and relax," says this lady, who is looking to do

Aamna and Rajeev: The Sangini Indian Telly Awards 'Couple of the Year'

different characters, be it on the telly or the big screen.

Ask her about rumours about her quitting Kahiin to Hoga, and she bursts into peels of laughter, telling us that as long as Kashish has different shades to offer, she will stick to the role, but she does not want to continue if the present track drags too long.

So when does the lady plan to tie the knot, we ask --- again we are greeted with a dazzling smile, as she says, "Marriage is something very big, it's not happening for me in the next five years."

Marriage or not, Aamna is surely going places!

By ANANYA SENGUPTA Posted on 31 March 2005
11:26 am

aromi IF-Dazzler

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le now say...i'm aalsi..ya fara u r most welcome to join the club...
Sweet-farah Goldie

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tangina r IF-Rockerz
tangina r
tangina r

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im in.... Tongue
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thx harpy Smile ..i had never come acroos Gr8 cover story article one...
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