Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

WU-27th Dec 2011-Ahem Tells Koki Down

shaina.sharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged

Hai guys a super gohem hope u wont mind the boring comments k


The epi starts with Koki sitting at gopis feet starts massaging her feet. Ahem is just standing their and looking at them. Koki sees ahem staring at them like a owl and asks him to go and sleep

as its 12 already, and it is getting very late for him to go to office tomorrow(we understand abt gohem..but koki..what u are doing so late at night)

Ahem says that it happens sometime and he wont mind(wah...modi..u are awsome for bashing)

Koki is stunned and so does gopi too(and even me too).

Koki says k but no need for him to do these works as they are their for them(when he dont mind koki..whats ur pbm)

and tells gopi to press the buzzer at any time if needed something(is that an advice or warning..and by the time u come...ahem would do it away)

Koki says the massage is over(wrong...class is over)

and goes leaving gohem looking at each other dumb.(see i already told u to stop giving stupid stares to each other and repent)

In the morning ahem is getting ready for office and sees gopi and is lost looking at her.(previously she used to stare, and then they used to stare, and now he stares...when wil they stop staring)

Ahem gives glances at her and gopi is looking up and down. He asks gopi does he need something and gopi tells she wil press the buzzer and wil call someone.(obedient DIL)

Ahem understoods and tells her that as he is going down, so he wil tell koki to bring her breakfast. (How sweet...yes u heard it right...dont faint and read forward and for myself...always about food bukahd kahika)

Gopi nods and Ahem tells her that today the doc is comign to check up and wil start giving engery injections to her day after day for fast recovery.(so day after day ahem wil get slapped )

Gopi is tensed at the mention of injection and ahem asks whats the matter, but gopi says nothing. Ahem goes away(how conviently u leave all the matters modi...will it stress u to do some little stressing..stress to myself again)

Here our watchman part rashi listens to all this and feels pleased seeing how nice ahem is taking care of gopi since the accident, and feels gopi is so lucky and thinks that she too must do something similar to gain attention of jigar(will she too break her legs...i have a super suggestion..jump from a building...if saved..jigari is lucky if not saved...we are lucky)


At rajpal nagar dhawal and kinjal are having breakfast and dhawal notices that urmi is tensed. He asks the reason and urmi tells her that she got a slight headace(its called 1 lakh..headace mania)

Dhawal says to take care and if stills it pains then call him and he wil take her to doctor. Urmi nods and dhaawl leaves.

Urmi asks kinjal how much money does she have after spending on ac and some things and kinjal tells her that she too spent something with her money and urmi asks what(buddhu forgot so soon, the dresses which she ordered to torture us everyday with her dressing..kyaa yaar urmi)

Kinjal tells she brought dresses and accesaries too, and urmi expects upto some amount like thirty thousand and kinjal shouts that she dint do such cheap shoping, and her dresses and accessaries are all costly and branded so that her face wont get spoilt (yeah we clean that face is)

and blames urmi for her joker face and tells urmi that she have 43 thousand(i think as they said the figure in hindi..dont know exactly)

urmi too flares up saying whats the need for her to blame her as she brought the ac for her so fondly and kinjal replies back saying now she is taunting her fondly too and the bell rings.

Urmi opens the door and the ad agent comes to take his money back. Both are shocked(whats their to shock..dont u know he wil come dumbos)

Rashi asks jigar when wil he come and jigar asks why (exactly like ahem)

and rashi is about to say sometiing to jigar but he wont listen nd goes away. Rashi thinks that though how much he would try to go away from her, she too wont give up and calls someone(now what is she upto...donkey kahiki..this girl wil give me heartattack someday)

Here the ad agent asks wil they give him cheque or cash(Nothing...dumbo.)

and urmi signs kinjal to say something and kinjal tells them that she dont have money right now and agent tells that he was told to collect the money(wow..another idiot got added to the list..welcome)

Urmi tells him that they wil arrange it soon and wil talk to his boss also. The agent areegs and goes away (which agent wil agree so i understood how kinjal got the ads)

Kinjal shouts from where wil they get the money now and urmi suggests to bring it from koki(she wil kill u both...oh yeah..go come on come on..go right now)

Kinjal tells how can she ask koki and urmi tells her to ask the intrest money dhawal gave her. Kinjal tells she wont go and ask koki(shit...this girl is more clever than i thought..missed the lucky chance)

Kinjal tells why dont they ask dhawal(hello he is a baniyan seller...not maker)

and urmi tells where wil dhawal get the money as he dint open the shop for so many days. Kinjal becomes quite and both banging their heads to where to get the money(very simple..kinji sell ur jewellery..its not new to u right)


Baa comes to gopis room and meethi gives her juice and went away. Baa narrates her old stories saying they dont have all these bandages in olden days but used to apply tumeric for small wounds and gopi asks did they have injection in those days too(this girl got injection mania)

Baa tells yes and she used to worry about them and asks why is she asking and gopi tells baa about ahem words in the morning. Baa assures that those are for her fast recovery and nothing to worry and leaves to do puja leaving gopi tensed.(kya yaar baa..i thought u would give us ahem gosssip..dissapointed)

AHem is addressing a meeting saying they did a good progress this year(with u hovering around..anyone would!!..its a compliment K)

and at that moment the peon comes with flowers and asks for jigar(no words..banging my head)

No need to say modi brothers gives stunned expressions, and jigar takes the flowers and the poen hands a letter too.

Ahem is giving tough looks to jigar (is that angry or self pity...u decide)

THe staff comments it must be from rashi and the modern wives know very well how to please their husbands and ahem gives a serious look to him and he shuts up(the look means that...not my wife idiot..she always cares more about how to impress her mother in law rather than the son of her mother in law)

Jigar opens the letter and starts reading though ahem is giving him continous serious looks(leave him alone modi...he got a love letter for the first time..why are u soo jealous...dont worry i wil tell gopi to write u one dont cry)

The letter says a pleading rashi to come early home by 6 and to sweep her in his arms and she is waiting.(yaar u proved u are a true donkey..super timing dear)

Jigar is upset with this letter and leaves and ahem gives a self pity...sorry..serious looks meaning..not again.

The doc comes and they take him to gopis room. Gopi is scared seeing him and the doc takes out the injection and is about to give gopi when gopi screams she dont want the injection and starts crying.

Koki and hetal are shocked and koki scolds gopi to take the injection(this hitler MIL wil never change)

the doc approaches again and gopi starts crying saying she wil eat whatever tablets he wil give but dont to give injection.

Koki tells gopi to stop acting childish and to take the injection and hetal tells koki to see how scared gopi is.(i love u hetalji..)

Koki tells that its necessary for gopi to take the injection and the doc agrees but tells that the patient have to be calm also and not to be so stressed out.

and tells that it often happens in people that they get tensed seeing the injection(yeah i know that very well)

Here all are worried when meethi comes to koki saying ahem called(for the first time modi..correct timing)

Koki asks why did she call and ahem thinks and asks didd the doc arrive as he have to come( yaar)

koki sasys he does and tells how gopi is throwing tauntrams for the injection.Ahem understood why gopi was tensed in the morning

Ahem says he wil come right away as he is near the house and koki though not pleased agrees(u cant do anything now koki...he he )

Here jigar arrives and reads the letter in the car again and is in deep sad thinking(rashi..u are doomed)

Here our ahemji finally arrives and the doc tells the situation and tells ahem that only he can convince her(of glare and matter over..what are u thinking of our angry young man...its a compliment again..k)

AHem looks at gopi and epi ends on gopis crying frightened face.


The injection is given , and during the time of taking the injection out, gopi feels pain and snatches her hand and in the process..slaps ahem on his cheek.

koki and Hetal super shocked and Ahem first shock, then calm, and then understanding look.(wow sweet..this time out of heart.)

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thank u dear for the update...
its amazing as always

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MereMahiyaa. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Thanks for the Update Shaina

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thanks for the update...

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Nice episode thanks

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 8:41am | IP Logged
thanks for updates

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thanks for the lovely update

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 9:11am | IP Logged
thanks for the updates shaina... loved it. :) rocking comments. 

btw i am changing my signature to 'a true ahemeholic'  right now...

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