Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)


Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)
Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)

November Updates

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ntersting episode... nothing much....

Pravin is giving away the new clothes and he gives one packet to Gatoo and Gatoo get happy, but finds out later that this is supposed to be for Manav. He becomes sad and Pravin orders him to go and deliver it to Subudh.

Minaxi is making Manav wear new clothes and is complaining that all the clothes are so modern for Manav and that they should not be like that. Gatoo comes and delivers the cloth and looks at Manav and the new clothes with a sad eye. Subudh gives him something and thinks that it something new, but Subudh tells that this is the new saree he has purchased for Minaxi. Gatoo gets depressed and tells Subudh to make Minaxi try it on. Minaxi refuses and she runs while Subudh is following her.

Gatoo looks at the clothes and tries to grab one, but Manav stops him and says that this are all for him. Later, Manav gives his clothes to Gatoo, but they do not fit him. Gatoo thinks and says that he has the jeans that he bought from the mall and he gets extremely excited and runs to his room.

After finding the new jeans, Gatoo is very happy, but the jeans is torn from the back and he gets depressed and thinks that if he has no new clothes then his diwali will become wrong. Manav tells him to ask Baa. Gatoo refuses saying that last time when a kid hit him and he fell in the mud, his full pant became dirty and Baa hit him, since the kid was only 10 years old. And Ba gave him punishment that he would only wear half-pant. Manav understands and tells him to ask his father, since every kid gets his/her new cloth from their respective father.

Gatoo waits and Ba prepares dinner for him and tells him to come and eat, but he refuses, saying that he wil wait for his father. Ba is surprised. Bapuji (his father) comes and is drunk and goes to his room. Gatoo feeds him and asks him to buy him new clothes, Bapuji gives him few cents and tells him to go buy something from this. Gatoo gets sad and thinks that his father cannot buy anything, since he cannot afford it.

He gets sad and the episode ends.

**** My viewpoint: a boring episode, with no significant role by pravina, leela or ba



Gattu's prayer: Gattu is very sad and he simply moves about. he tries waking up Baa and then gives up. He goes and prays to God, he says that he had a friend Jhon in school who told him that during christmas they had santa claus coming over and keeping gifts in his socks. he says that he wants a gujrati santa claus (lol) who will get clothes for him. gattu pleads to send this gujrati santa claus and in return he would give God 4 Phuljhadis and 14 Rs which he has. Suddenly a man jumps through the window .

Chor's Story: Gattu grabs him and says i know who u r, the man is confused. Gattu tells him ur gujrati santa claus sent by God and asks him for his clothes. The man says "Nahin nahin Maine kuch nahin Kiya". Gattu smiles and asks the man if he is Meenaxi Bhabis brother. the man tells him please let me go, i dont anything. gattu grabs him and says no no u have to give my clothes, i know ur gujrathi santa claus. meanwhile Baa wakes up on hearing the noise and screams chor chor. all the family members get up and catch hold of the chor who tries to run. Baa asks them to call the police. the man tells no no please dont call police i m not chor. gattu tells yes he is gujrati santa claus. the man says no no i dont have money to buy gifts for my children, i lost my job and am not earning from past 3 months, plzz forgive me. pravin asks pravina to call the police. Baa stops her and says that the man is talkin the truth, i can read that in his eyes, they allow the man to go if he promises not to steal again. he does so. as he is about to leave, gattu asks him if really he hsant bought anything for diwali for his children. the man says yes, gattu gives him the 14 Rs and tells him that he can buy lot of things from this. the man says God didnt send me but surely sent u and leaves.

Diwali : Meenaxi bhabi jus comes and asks wat happened, why there is so much noise. Praveena says ramayan is over and she comes now. Baa realizes its morning and everyone wish each other and get excited. baa asks everyone to get ready. All talk about new clothes for their kids. Gattu looks even more sad, baa tells him go and get ready. Next all the kids are bursting crackers and gattu is sitting in a corner with all crackers with him but he isnt bursting anything. the kids fight over the crackers and baby goes to gattu to ask for some crackers, he says his diwali is all wrong and starts crying. baby calls everybody and tells them that gattu is crying and saying that his diwali is wrong. Baa asks him what the matter is , gattu tells that he doesnt have new clothes to wear. the kids tell that they told him that if he doesnt wear new clothes his diwali is wrong and he was scared to tell baa that the rats bit off his clothes. baa says its ok, she says she also is not wearing new clothes and it is not neccessary that one wear new clothes. she asks him if those who cant afford new clothes or those who are poor dont celebrate Diwali? She tells him that it is more important that u celebrate it with ur family and spread happiness. All bhabhis tell that only kids are wearing new clothes. Gattu replies that yes he is a big boy. The brothers promise to buy him clothes, shoes. he says no, other kids have fathers buying them clothes not brothers. then gattu's father tells him that he will buy new clothes. gattu is very happy. Baa asks him to burst crackers. He tells that he has an important unfinished work. he goes to God and gives 4 Phuljhadi and tells thank you and realizes that he doesnt have 14 rupees. he promises to give later.

Boni- Baa gives boni to all sons during diwali. This time the sons also give boni to to baa. gattu comes in looking very funny but very happy with the clothes his brothers have brought for him. Baa gives him 100 rupees and bomi and he says he has to give God 14rs. Baa says today since children have to give boni pravin wont be seen. just then pravin enters, he tell Baa u think i only love money, here is my Boni and gives her an envelope. baa is very surprised and says i have to see what is there in. She finds only 50 Rupees. she asks wats this? the others have given me 1000 rupees. pravin tells her see in, she sees a cheque for 90,000 rupees. Everybody is surprised and asks if pravin is alright. baa tells that there is somebody else's signature on the cheque. Pravin tells that it is the cheque for shooting they did. Baa is surprised that Pravin gave it as a Boni money and saya anyways it has come at a good time. Pravin says that now no tension about renovation and that everyone will get their own room



BAA, Meenaxi, Subodh, Hemal and Gattu r praying in the temple as it is a new year day as per hindu calendar. BAA asks the preist who all came to the temple. She wanted to know whether Harshad came or not to the temple. But the priest doesnt mention his name. Then she asks Subodh who is he waiting for . Subodh in his heart was telling he know who Baa is waiting for. Harshad sees them from bak in the temple and decides to enter the temple after baa and company leaves. They come in the temple after they leave. As he was doing darshan Baa comes again saying that she forgot to give money to GOD and gives it to priest and even blesses Harshad and his wife.

At home Pravina is showing Pravin her new dress but he is purposely not paying attention. Then Pravina pushes him off the sofa. Baa's neighbours come to wish the whole family new year. Even Baa wishes them.

Leela is serving everybody food but she is upset. Tushaar asks whats the matter? Charu says she can make leela bhabhi talk and but Arvind denies it. So Charu bets them and even Arvind agrees. Charu tries but Leela doesnt answer so she looses the bet and then Leela starts crying as she is remembering her son Jigar who is studying in Pune. Arvind then consoles her saying that Jigar will be bak tomm , he didnt told her earlier coz he wanted to give her a surprise. Hearing this Leela becomes joyous.

Pravina and all the ladies r very tired and still there was big pile of utensils to wash. They complain Baa about this. So Baa tells them to call all the members of the house. They all come in courtyard. BAA orders them to wash the utensils with them. They all were very happy to do that. They were singing the title song and were washing utensils.Meanwhile even Jigar comes from his school to home. Everybody is happy to see him.And even he sits with them for cleaning the vessels. This scene was mindblowing. The unity shown was amazing.

Overall an exciting episode

11th Nov Update

Jigar, Subodh, Dimple and Pravin r playing carrom. Jigar then requests Subodh to give him a role in his drama. All 4 of them r shocked coz if Arvind comes to know he will do tandav and kill all of them as he hates drama likes anything. But jigar eggs Subodh to give him a role. Finally Subodh agress but he tells alll 4 of them nobody shud know about it.

Pravin is telling BAA about his plans for renovation of the house. Baa tells that she will decide what will happen in this house not pravin.She tells first to renovate the hall and then Arvind's room. Arvind tells what is the need. Then Leela also says ya as dimple will go to her sasuraal and jigar will go to America for practising. Hearing this Arvind becomes angry and says that jeegar will not go anywhere as there are enough sick people for him to serve in India. There is no need for him to serve the rich in U.S.

and goes away and tells Pravin first to renovate his room so that leela stops assuming things.Leela is upset

Pravin is discussing with Anish about his room and asks for his opinion. He tells Anish that his new room is his romance. He is really excited about his new room.

Arvind is sitting in his courtyard sad. Leela asks why he did get so upset when she told him about jeegar. Then Baa tells becoz even Harshad had left the house and even he was a doctor. So he is fearing same for Jeegar. Hearing this leela says that harshad left becoz of u and arvind stops her further to talk. leela is upset and goes away. Baa tells Arvind to console her since he was rude. Pravin comes with a plan for renovating the house and gives it to Baa and requests her first to renovate his room. Baa sees the list and gets little aprrehensive and adds one more name as something was missing.

Pravina is scolding Meenaxi and then as usual she starts crying. Pravina then says sorry and consoles her and tells her the reason for being angry.

Baa is discussing with Narsingh Kaka and asks for her help in deciding the list. Kaka sses the list and asks her whether she put Subodh's name in the list. Baa said yes as Pravin hadnt put his name in the list of renovation. Baa asks Kaka to give his opinion on the renovation list. Kaka makes some changes on the list and gives it BAA. She sees the list and the episode ends on her face.

Nothing much happened in this episode

13th Nov Update

The renovation has started. Arvind is troubling one worker as the worker is not havng any insurance. Pravin and Jigar stops him and tells the worker to put cement in his room as renovation will be starting from his room. Baa comes and tells them that renovation will start from hall and as per the plan she has written. She gives the plan to jigar. jigar reads it nd he is shocked. Then Pravin reads it and even he is shocked and angry. Then Arvind reads it and asks Baa why did she cut Pravin's name from the plan. She said that they dont budget to renovate all the room and even Subodh's room is important as much as Pravin. Pravin is sad and goes away.

Pravina and Gattu r talikng about the rats in her room and how the rats r destrying their goods. Gattu says that he will scare the rats with his flute as the pied piper of hamelin was killing all those rats in hamelin. Pravin come to the room upset and removes his anger on poor Gattu. Gattu sadly goes away from there. Then Pravina scolds Pravin about wat he did to Gattu.He tells his cause of anger to Pravina and she tells him that she will support her this time.

Subodh and Meenaxi r convincing Baa to change her decision about Pravin's room. Meenaxi even gives away her ornaments to Baa as that the entire house can be renovated. Even Pravina complains to BAA regarding her decision. But Baa doesnt budge and is stiif on her decision. Pravina is very angry and tels her that from now she will have problem everytime and will always revolt her.

Pravin apologizes to Gattu for his earlier behaviour. Gattu forgives him. Then Arvind and Leela comes to his room and tells gattu to bring their luggage from their own room to Pravin's room and tells Pravin to change his room with Arvind's room. Pravin denies and says he is upset with Baa's partiality.Arvind consoles him but Pravin says that he will not change his room and now he will do whatever he wants

the end

Overall it was an interesting episode


19th november

Ba asks Pravin and Pravina to put hands on Geeta and then asked them how much they earn montly.They tells 20-25thousands and when it is festive season about 50 thousand.Baa tells that these people earn less but they love you so much.Care about you as Minakshi asked me to sale the jewellary so all the rooms can be renuvate(??)..Pravin says that i am all honest and love my parivaar too but Baa gets things wrong.He walks away and Pravina tells Baa that i understand every thing and I'm Sorry!

Minakshi comes to Baa and tells her that Pravina loves every one a lot as she got Sari's worth 4000 rs for each and Baa tells her that she got no problem with Pravina but with Pravin.

Praving packs his bags and exits his room and Pravina is continously telling him that what he is doing is wrong and Baa is right but he said Baa is not right as i love this Parivaar too i gave money too but she is wrong as Pravina asks him to Sorry Baa.Pravin says he is right and Baa is wrong and comes to the hall where evry one is having dinner/lunch.Pravin asks her daughter to get up but she denies and Pravin says he is going and tells Baa that she differentiates between son's as she does not love him much.Baa stands saying..Yes!!Now i do..My heart loves every1 equally but now my brain says opposite.You've lost my love Pravin..and asks him to go back to the room or she will slap him! and Pravin goes back

Phone rings and Arvind picks it up and it's from police station and tells the officer to come.Baa asks him what's the matter he says as he got 2 bags of money so he is confused about every thing and looks tensed.He then walks away and Baa saying that he must be hiding something from us and must be lying.


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Thanks a lot!

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