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|Let The Game Begin| AR FF|updated page 48|29.11(;

FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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This specially is for Anam and Miss Virina Rugoo (;
Uhh yeah so Anam welcome to IF. Haha I know we made your account together, but then your flight was earlier than mine and when I reached home and when you called at home I was feeling like literally shouting and jumping and we talked about your love for the ugly butt (which I would further probe not neither will you.;)) and ofcourse SRK and DON 2 <3 and the farewell part was really emotional and teary. I miss you already. Yeah so as you wanted me to relate Don 2' suspense genre to KaSh, and here I am doing that only for you :-*
And VINIII yeaah im wondering how you and Anam are so same same ;O so here comes your sexy SRK type hero (MAN I KNOW HE LOOKS THE SEXIEST, SO OUR TYPE. I WANT TO WATCH DON 2 :'( )
And your Christmas gift from meri taraf se :PP
Ive not seen Don 2 so OFCOURSE it has nothing to do with Don 2's concept: P
This will be on AR. Why? Um this is because Anam is only more familiar to AR, then any other couple even ArSH :P  and she cutely asked me itll be on 1st riddhima and armaan right :P Uh so yeah :D
My other stories are at hold at the moment. I know you all might kill me for leaving them both specially Immortal Desires, but it has a very different concept, so I want to raise the level only, not diverse it into a disappointment. So to keep the action and suspense and supernatural romance alive and intact I will keep it at hold till the further story is completely clear for me, and once I'm satisfied, and PLUS I just want a change for myself, coz ANAM- yes you :P have made me love a more different genre and uh yeah my SRK and Don 2. But I won't leave behind romance though.
Im never this nervous about anything :S I jus want to work my ass on this story, because I want to have my career oriented in this specific genre that is mystery suspense and thriller.
Romance is not very good with me, but it is defo a vital part of this fic :|
UHMMM I LOVE YOU the most Z <3 :P (LOL none of my work can start without this line ;P)

"Please! Have mercy upon nothing but the innocence of my children. Do not do this. I beg you." The figure leaned closer, and the distance between the heats of their fleshes remained such that the sticky and intimidated breathes of the fallen victim touched the contours of his countenance. The broken moisture of perspiration trickled down the fine lines of the victim's face, as slowly the air grew paralyzed and terror floated.


The benumbed man lay utterly petrified, as his eyes and soul begged for mercy. The hair of his body froze, and the thick metal and copper scent of red splattered across the floor, seemed a fatal destiny. His gaze roamed around the mutilated dead bodies, and the puddles of blood around weaved the web of a final serenity; an inescapable dream ' death.


The man moved back. He stilled for a moment. His hood was slowly lifted back whilst he ordered his men to step back.  The famous blue eyes, glistening in the cold, fell on the helpless creature. He lifted his chin, giving him his beautiful dimple's sight.

"I don't like beggars." He chided.

"Please. I I have a family, a daughter. They will die without me." His sobs remained unsuccessful to move his predator.

"Gupta Gupta DUDE! Uh I do not like emotional sentences. You should have thought about it before transforming into a police spy. I do not like liars."  He berated grinning.

"I'm sorry."

"You had been admonished." He now bended.

"I did not want to continue as a bad man."

A sadistic grin filled the room. "GUPTA GUPTA! Are we playing the superman again? Chhhuh! I don't like superman. His costume is very unlikely."


"Sir please." Gupta pleaded, earnestly, his tears now streaking his face's silhouettes.

The predator's blue eyes now set upon his prey, he loaded his revolver, and with utmost seriousness, he placed it at his temple. "Call me DON." He grinned again. His dangerous aura dominated the air with vehemence and tranquility.

"Leave me." Shashank pleaded one last time, with all the energy left in his body. His tears could not move the man, and his body shuddered in fright.

"Okay. Now that I respect superman a little, I would leave you Gupta." He moved back, calmness camouflaging his face.

"Th'Thankyou Don." Gupta relieved a breath of satisfaction and exhaled, when the man scrutinized his revolver.

"Rob how many bullets more?" his gaze lifted.

"Only one."

The man took a 360 degree angle turn and shot Gupta directly in the chest, while stunned his body shook and sank to the floor.

"TSK TSK TSK'.ek goli aur maarne ke liye koi bhi nahee. Bohat nainsafi theee. Goodbye Gupta. See you in HELL."  He grinned, and rubbed his gun's surface softly. He moved back, while the man on the floor bellowed in agony hysterically. Smiling at the ravaged carcasses he moved forward, and his men began to follow him when a vase shattered on the floor. His men turned around to find a tall figure standing still and his eyes glistening white. In a moment the men tucked out their revolvers and shot him. His body kneeled to the floor, the blood splashing to the floor, while he shouted in panic.

"RUN RIDDHIMA! RUN AWAY!."  And he was another added carcass.

"Riddhima." The man whispered softly, and his men ran to address the girl who was been given reference to. 

As they jumped forward, bullets pushed in penetrating their fleshes.

"OFFICERS! They are here. Shoot."  A whole armed force had arrived at the other end, and the men in the house panic except one who stood scrutinizing through a windows pane, a girl who was clad in a white bridal dress. Her veil hid her face, and all his blue eyes could see was her pale fear stricken eyes, as she stood immobile watching him.

His men broke the windows for him to escape, while he walked forward towards the still girl. Through the transparent glass, his eyes locked into hers. Dark emerald green and huge eyes addressed his. A sudden realization attacked him then. She saw him ' his hidden face. The realization brought a sensational jolt to him.


He was the King of underworld. The man of terror and power. None had ever seen him, not knew what his name was. He was known as Don and the forces of half of the world were after him. He killed people like one changed clothes. One's biggest mistake in life could be nothing but having an enmity tie with him. He was regarded as the most dangerous man, and his terror accumulated and sustained in all hearts.

 Their eyes stayed locked. His predatory venomous and terrifying blue orbs keenly stared back into her innocent deep green eyes.

"DON. WE HAVE TO LEAVE. HURRY UP." He did not respond, and when the bullet attack seemed to fall near, he took out a revolver from his jeans, and extending his arm backward, shot men expertly.

He moved backward, and shot at her. The glasses broke and penetrated her skin. She fell backwards, while slowly aiming the revolver at her, he shot'''..And never turned back to see''''.

A grenade was released, and in seconds after he jumped down the window, and safely was in his car the building blew up. The fire embracing the whole building.


"Move Driver." He grinned softly. He relaxed back in his leather covered seat, and slowly his thoughts drifted back to the girl. "Riddhima."


A day later''

"As you all can see, one more building and hundreds of people became the target of the terror king DON last night. Our sources further inform us, that DON and his men had arrived here to kill the famous criminal Shashank Gupta, who worked for him only. The police forces reached the location and they were soon blown up. The DON and his men were again successful to escape, and no traces could be located. We are sorry for the loss of our excellent men from the police force who lost their lives in this encounter, but one man survived. He is the chief officer of the force, and what he told left us all stunned. There was a girl among them. A girl was shot, but not good enough to die. There were twenty people in the building, as our further source states, which included seven from DON's side.  One was injured while all others died. Our rescue source has only been able to find eleven bodies. The girl remains a mystery. And as famous it is DON shows his face to his victims, the injured officer further states that the girl might have seen DON. Our whole police force is on its work to find her.  With camera man Anish Joshi main hoon aap ki reporter Naseem Ahmed."


Slowly he powered the TV off. The whole moment flashed through his mind. Her eyes. He had not killed her. And the best part was he knew it from the start. He had shot her at the shoulder, and she had been pushed back breaking through a window and falling out of the building on the floor. How could he not shoot her? What had he done? Why did not he kill her? She was alive and he knew it too well. And'. She had seen HIM.

He stood up and shot all the accessories in his room in utmost anger.

The door opened and men rushed in confused and frightened.

"FIND HER. FIND THAT DAMN GIRL. I WANT RIDDHIMA!" his men nodded and seeing the red in his eyes exited the room quickly.

He calmed down and exhaled a breath. "Bhaago Riddhima. Bhaago. Run for your Life."

3 Years Later'''''''..



Will The predator chase his prey? Or will it succeed to run away?


Um this is it :PP I hope you all like it. Um yeah big time influenced by my SRK OMGGG HES SO SEXYYY AS DON! <3






Chapter 1 : Page 14

Chapter 2 : Page 30

 Promo      :  Page 38

Chapter 4: Page 48

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FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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Res For Z :PPP

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aftermath.. IF-Addictz

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YAYYY I Finallyyy Read the prologueee! iv been wanting to read since yesterday but i had to go out :/ ohh btw your msg that you texted me..sorry i couldnt reply...i tell you on skype why :/

ANYWAYYY! OMG This FF is dedicated to Zarqa,Anam & MEBig smileBig smileTHANK YOUUUBlushing
You know am so so gonna love this thriller and actionised FF of yours..!Day Dreaming Needless to say we are SRK Fanatics..and you bringing KaSh in such a concepts..i CAN ONLY SAY SEXYSillySilly iv always wnted to see KaSh in a action thriller..OMG!MY DREAM CAMEEE TRUEEE! Its so SRKaShified :D THANK YOUUU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS..I LOVEEE YOU HASHMIIIBlushingHug
Okay starting by the prologue! was loving the plot and got me hooked to the storyline!
ohh btw..shouldnt the title by 'Let the Game Begin' ??? :/ i dunno though :P
whileee reading the prologuee...despite knwing wht u were going to write..OMJesus..!Man i was reading each line with utter you write the dialogues..the deadly lines of Don...AJKAH.KSJAD KSG as in DON...Freaking HOXYYYSillyI Can so imagine him as tht deadly avatar...the way his voiceee is soo powerful and wicked and his long nose is so sxy and tht blue eyes of him...Embarrassed AM LOVING MY KSG in itttEmbarrassed do not chnge this side of him no matter wht..despite their is thre will b this romantic element included!
I LOVEEE IT FROM Beginning till the end!
Hashmiii! You knowww...YOU HAVE BECOME THE BEST WRITER ON IF! How do u do this?? seriously am in aweee with whtver you write...u were able to bring the element of mystery and thriller in hereee...YOU ARE TOO GOOD!I Think am nver gonna stop praising your writing skills :P You are so awesomeee :| You need to bcme an author ;)
Anddd one moreee thing...I Loveee your genres...i love how you in your different hv managed to show different kinds of wicked Armaans ;) Never chnge it...very very few writers here are like youuu..and you r so famous and loved keep treading the path of wht YOU love to matter always gonna love wht u writeee!Eveyrthing that you writes fascinates me to wits!
Now am eagerly waiting for the Next PARTTT!Tongue
Why do i read only ur FFs tht r still ongoing :/??

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FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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Yay i got first reserve! :P
You know i was getting offended when i just saw V's and Anams name :|
But then i saw the last line LOLWink Heart 

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kashmayurfan Senior Member

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Nice concept:) do cont.soon

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-aaila- Senior Member

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Awesome concept!!!!

I always love BAD BOYS!Wink

cont soon!!!!

and do pm me!

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