Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:KESA YE PYAR HAIpart 14 page on 54 may 31st (Page 9)

Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
super cute update jaya - i laughed my heart out at aru's kiddish behaviour - our IAS officer tho bohot matured hai - pls update sooonn

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 3:50pm | IP Logged
another brilliant episode so funny

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
thnk u guys for ur lovely comment 
i will update next part soon 
love uuu alll
.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
wow! will wait jaya darling <3 <3

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...vibha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 3:06am | IP Logged
awesome update
loved arjuhi at mall
will be waiting for next part

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mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 5:58am | IP Logged
haha this was funny!

actually ur arohi is like me! i dnt lk jewellery or heavy clothes! i luv my jeans and kurthis!

hate it wen i had to wear saree for a clg function!

update soon dear!

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 1:58am | IP Logged

Part 5

At night sudhir talk to amrit " I decided something else for arohi " amrit look him n said " wht??" sudir said " me chah ta hu ki arohi ki shadi bhi salil ki shadi ke sath kar dete he "

Amrit look him shockingly "par wo to aage padhna chah ti he !!!!!!! use abroad jana he n wo iske liye kabhi raji nahi hogi .and sudhir told him everything he heared when he went to arohis room at morning and she said her friends tht she looking this engagement as time pas . amrit shocked when she heared all this and said with disbelief " me janti hu ki wo ladki jiddi he par wo aesa karegi aesa nahi socha tha ..apne fayde ke liye kisi aor ladke ki jindgi se khel rahi he .ek bar bhi nahi socha usne !!!aakhir hum konsa force kar rahe the hum to samja rahe the aor parents honeke khatir uske liye achha jivan sathi find karna humara farz he aor ise wo ek majak ki tarah le rahi he !!! sudhir look her and said " me janta hu par ek bat yad rakhna agar wo padhne ke liye abroad chali gayi fir samaj lena wo kabhi vapas nahi aayegi aor hum apni ladki hamesha ke liye kho dege . wo intelligent he smart he par use duniyadari nahi pata aor arjun hi aesa ladka he jo iske life me ek thehrav la sakta he .aor jaha tak me janta hu arjun ko wo uski career me koi prb create nahi karega . amrit look him and said" jesa aap thik samjo par soch lo in sab me us bichare arjun ki life pe koi asar na pade .pata nahi is arohi ko kab samaj aayegi .

Next morning sudhir go to arjun's room . arjun look at him and said " uncle aap abhi is wakt !!!"

Sudhir said " sorry beta agar mene tumhe disturb kiya ho to agar busy ho to bad me aaunga .arjun said " no aesi koi bat nahi he aap aaiye bethiye .

Sudhir is confussed and look tensed ,arjun capture his tnnse n said " kya bat he aap kuch tense lag rahe he "

Sudhir said " beta me tumse kuch bat karna chahta hu " arjun said " ha kahiye "

Sudhir said " dekho beta arohi se to tom mil hi chuke ho aor sayad uske nature ka bhi thoda bahot tumhe pata lag gaya hoga .and arjun nodded yes . me janta hu wo high tempure ladki he par dil ki bahot achhi he .arjun said " isi liye to mene ha kaha uncle " sudhir said "ek tom hi ho jo uski life me naya mod la sakte ho aor thehrav .to me chahta hu ki tom dono ki shadi bhi salil aor purvi ke sath ho jaye" and arjun stand with shock he want to marry arohi but not in hurry atleast he want  to understand her ,he wants some more time . and of course she want to study more ."par uncle wo aage padhan chah ti he aor me nahi chahta ki meri wajah se uski career me koi prb aye .aor ye to galat hoga ki apni khushi ke liye kisi aor ki khushi chin le ".sudhir said "I respect wht u r saying beta but I know my daughter very wel and if she will going abroad then she will never come and I will lost my child forever .i m begging u tht u r the only person who save my child now . arjun looking a restless father on front him " uncle I understand wht r u talking but if she don't want to marry me then why u force her ??? " sudhir said " no beta I m not forcing her but ya if u said no then I will sure force her to marry another cuz I don't want to loose my child ". Arjun is shocked to hear this he don't understand wht sudhir said but after hearing all this he sure tht if he will go then arohi's father forcibly marry her another and who knows the another guys will respect her or not !!! and tht he don't want .he said "ok give me some time uncle to think ."

All afternoon he think about this marriage . he know tht if he going to be marry her now then he never get love from her side and she blame him all life for all this but if he refused then her parents n family force her and wht if another guys don't understand her feeling !!!! she is so innocent and if she want to study then after marriage he will arrange everything for her . he only want to see her happy . so finally he take long breath and stand n go to talk sudhir " uncle yes I m ready to marry but before marriage I want to talk with arohi ". Sudhir is happy to hear all this and he said " wait first I have to talk with her and then u talk ." arjun said " its ok ".

In arohi's room her father enter and he look her stubborn daughter who still working on computer .even she throwed her engagement ring on the floor . her father take it from the floor and come to near arohi and said " u know beta its not just a ring but its trust and love by the arjun ". Arohi is shocked and don't understand wht to tell ??? no dad I didn't throw it . sudhir "I know beta u angry on me .cuz I forced u to engagement but trust me I choose right person for u . arohi stand and said " I know dad u never took any wrong decision for me . " sudhir said " tell me one thing beta " arohi said ya dad ask me . sudhir ask" from the ur childhood I had ever stopped u for anything !!!and arohi remembered whenever she want  anything her dad always support her even when she joined basket ball team all her family against her but her dad support her . and when her mom forced her to learn cooking and wearing traditional dresses but her dad always took her side . her dad took care of her like a boy . he never parted between her n romit n salil . he was always with her . and she said " no dad I always want to be like u . and I m proud of u . u r the best dad on this earth and also compare to my all friends dad. Sudhir is happy to hear from her and he said " then today I want something from u then u will give me or not !!!

Arohi said " of course dad tell me wht u want "

Sudhir " if u want to see me happy then marry with arjun ">

Arohi is shocked to listen this and said " ya dad  I will !!!!after 2 years I will marry him ".

And sudhir said " no not after 2 years I said after 5 days "

Arohi is feel to going faint and said " no dad I will not . if u want anything else then I will give u but not marriage . I want to study more . please I beg u don't ruin my dreams . "

Sudhir said " trust me beta he is the right person . and he promised me tht he will never ruin ur dreams . "

Arohi sitting on the bed and tears fall on her face . sudhir sit besides her and said " I know beta why u said no .i heared all ur convo yesterday morning . arohi is looking her father helplessly and said " no dad tht was the not real reason . u know the real reason . then why u forcing me???

Sudhir said " I know u beta very wel .u told everybody tht u don't believe in love n relationship but the real thing is tht u r aff raid of to fall in love again . and arohi hugged her dad and cried " dad u know better than why me ? why tht things happened with me ? where was I wrong ? I loved him and he also loved me then why he took his step back !!! why he left me ?? I never forget him dad cuz my heart still loved him whtever he did with me and thts why I always  stay away my self from the love . I knew arjun likes me and tht I seen in his eyes when he asked me tht I m agree with this engagement or not but I really don't want to hurt him . I don't want tht he also suffring the same where I suffered from last 1 year . sudhir put his hand arohi's head " I know beta but I only want to see u happy . and only this marriage make me happy afterall whts my fault in all things !!! I have a right to see my daughter's happy marriage life ? why should  I see u in more pain ? don't me n ur mom deserve to see  u happy ??? Arohi look her dad wipe her tears and think " ya her dad is right cuz he don't do anything wrong then why he n mom suffer ?? and why they suffer suffer for me n my love ??? " ok dad but before marriage I want to talk with arjun . sudhir said " even arjun also wants to talk with u ". Arohi said " ok dad I m going to talk with him .

Before marriage arohi want to say everything about her past and she was angry too cuz if arjun said no then this prb will never  came now its impossible her to handle all this  .

She knock the arjun's room . arjun said " yes come in ". Arjun look arohi . her face and eyes turn red . he understand tht arohi denied her dad for marriage and now she come here to say  no to him . now all is over . arohi said " I want to talk with u ". For the first time arjun look some maturity in her voice . her voice is down . innocency and childness is disappear from her face . he is worried now and he asked " everything is ok arohi !!!!! u don't look wel . arohi said " no , everything is ok " but he can see pain in her eyes and face . and he said " arohi I know why u come here . I know u don't want to marry me . and I respect ur decesion I m not forcing u . I like u but I don't want to see u in pain . arohi look him and think he is very nice .before few seconds she wants to fight with him .but his evry concern stop her to fight . she was so wrong about him . arohi look him and said " I come here to say yes ". Arjun don't believe wht she said and he asked again " wht u said ?? u said yes !!!! arohi said " yes I come here to say yes for this marriage . and some smile appear on arjun's face . but quickly he remind her face n eyes he said " really arohi if ur parents force u then tell me I will try my best to convience them even I tried my best at morning to ur father but when he said tht if I m not saying yes then they will choose another boy for u . and I don't know wht to say if another one will not respect ur decision n ur carreer then ur life will going hell tht I don't want . I want to see u happy cuz I like u . arohi listened everything wht  arjun said  she remind her love. arjun  is also  like him . he always respect her decision and always protect her . he also want to see her happy . and arohi said " thnks arjun to understand me .and trust me  my dad didn't force me even I also want to see my dad n mom happy ." arjun don't understand some quick change in arohi's face n voice . but he don't want to ask her more . and arohi said " arjun before marriage I want to say u something about my past ". And arjun said " I don't want to listen arohi .wht happen with u in past . I believe to live in present . " arohi said "but arjun u have right to know everything about me .afterall  we r going to marry " .

 Arjun said " then tell me but trust me there is nothing going to be change after hear about ur past I will respect u forever . "

Arohi sitting on the couch and she start " arjun remember tht day in mall ,u asked me tht I m in love with someone or not !!arjun nodded in yes .arohi look him n  said "yes I was in love with someone from my childhood ". And arjun shocked to hear this and he feel someone pinch in his heart . me and robby .his name is robby . he was my best friend from the child hood . he is our neighbour . at 12 the standard we both feel love from each other n we confessed . he loves me too much I know tht . he is tall, dark handsome boy with whom every girl want to marry but he only loves me ,he didn't see any other girl . he knows very well wht I want  or not  . he know my likes n dislikes . we both see dream for our future our marriage and everything . but the prb start when our masters completed . actually we both want to go abroad for further study but my family said tht u both don't go without marriage so he decided to talk his parents but his parents said no cuz they had prb with our religion .we r hindu n they r Christian . me n robby tried our best to convince them even my parents also tried but they said "if robby going to marry hindu girl then who going to be marry with our 2 daughter and our community never accept this . " and prb will start again . after sometime they going to goa for robby's sister marriage but groom side said if ur son will marry with our daughter then we said yes to ur daughter and robby's parents don't want to let go this opportunity . I never forget tht night when robby come to meet me and said me " aaroo I know after this step I will hurt u forever but I have no option !!! I felt tht I was trap somewhere and I don't see anything . I know one thing sure tht I cant live without u . and I don't left my parents n sister like this .tell me arohi wht will I do ..i m going mad now ."arohi look restless robby .his eyes is full with tears .there r too much pain on his face . she cant see him like this . and she put her hand on his hand n said " robby I know u love me n me too n we tried our best but destiny is not with us . I m always with u whtever step u take . and robby get his answer . they both cried  sitting on the banch all night .after week robby marry with jenny and all time arohi with him . she attend his every ceremony .but after tht she decided  not fall in love again . and she complete her talk and tears fall from her eyes .arjun never belive tht there r lots of pain behind the cheerpy and bubbly arohi . how this cruel world parted true lovers .arjun stand and sit beside arohi and said " u know arohi when I saw  u first time in the garden ,I felt something is different in u . u always acted childish and I thot how some 23 years old girl acted immature but now I understand u tried to hide ur pain n u want to see ur family happy . if u want tht u will told me all this after marriage also but u told me truth and I like ur honesty now I respect u more , believe me I never forced u for anything after marriage , u r free whtever u like ,  study anything  u want,,  I m always with u . ".

Arohi look him and said " thnks arjun but I need some time ,u know to marry with u n  pretend like wife is difficult for me and also fall in love again hmmm"and arjun stop her and said " for me I like u and tht u cant change  but ya I never forced u to love me and like me .i will waiting for tht day u said first . if tht day will never come then  I have also  no prb . its enough for me  tht I m with u to complete ur every dream . " arohi don't believe in her ears . she never seen u guy like him .so protective ,gentlemen,polite .

Some smiles appear on her face n arjun caught tht. Arohi said "and one more thing I want to tell u about me ", arjun think now wht else !!!!" arjun said "ya tell me "

Arohi with puppy face " actually my family told u one lie ">

Arjun raised her eyes n asking "wht lie "

Arohi punch her left hand palm with the right hand and said " actually the all thing is started by mom n aunt arghhh this ladies forced me to wear this traditional dresses in front of u n tht I hate it cuz I m not feel comfortable in it . and arjun laugh loudlyyy . arohi looking him shocked n and twist her both hand with chest and said " now wht is this???" arjun put his hand on his stomach and said "seriousally arohi I never laugh like this before ..u r really too much . arohi said "u think I m joking "arjun said "no I m not saying tht u r joking but any way forget this "

Arohi said " seriousally arjun if u think after marriage I will wear daily soup serial's like bahu then I m not !!!!n I m not going to buy any type of stuff like tht .

Arjun look her face and think finally her innocency back on her face and said " I told u already tht I will never force u for anything u r free for wht u like ." arohi feel relax after hearing this and she said " ye tom muje aap kyun kehte ho !!!" and arjun said " even me also don't like tht but me bhi us din ka intezzar karunga jab me tumhe tom kehke bulau "and he smile soft . arohi is not innocent wht he just said..he want to wait when arohi confence her love for him but tht will not happen as soon as cuz she going to marry him for her parents and to kick out robby's memory from her heart its not easy for her but only one thing she like about arjun tht he is such a nice person by heart nothing more than tht .

 p.s give ur comment about arohi's past n also arjun reaction 

and wht u think about this marriage plz its imp for me 

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florine_20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 2:38am | IP Logged
poor aru.she hd to go thru so much.i knw tht evn nw in these times too thre r ppl who discriminate on bases of foolish ppl.
arjun is so mature and understanding.luv hm

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