Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF:KESA YE PYAR HAIpart 14 page on 54 may 31st (Page 7)

arta Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 5:53am | IP Logged
i have understand only half of the both parts ..Ouch

but i'm enjoying it, these two seems really great , let's see how they go forward

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arta

i have understand only half of the both parts ..Ouch

but i'm enjoying it, these two seems really great , let's see how they go forward

so sorry arta ...whenever i get time i will translate it in engish sure 
sorry again dearCry

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 6:20pm | IP Logged
another brilliant episode

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2011 at 9:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pinky.padda

another brilliant episode
thnks dearTongue
and happy new year 
arjuhi_kmh Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2012 at 7:47pm | IP Logged
Omg I love ure ff yaar
Wat is going to happen next please update soon!!!!

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 5:01am | IP Logged

Part 4


Next 2 days they are  busy in shopping cuz they decided roka for arjun n arohi after 3  days . all youngster going for shopping . here arjun and all waiting for arohi and salil. Romit said "hope she will come ". And  tht time arjun looking  tht salil grabbed arohi  in mall.arjun don't understand why salil grabbed her . Arohi told salil"arghhh ek to mom ne muje ye wahiyat salwar kameej pehna diya n ab tom log muje force kar rahe ho ki wo chamkile  clothes buy karne ke liye !!!! salil said "kyun us din tu m ne salwar kameez nahi pehni thi !!!to ab kya hua ??? arohi raised her eyebrow and said " collage me traditional day tha warna me to band laga du ye sari n salwar kameez par .kitna irritating hota he isme chalna n aakhir jeans n tea-shirt me kya kami he !!!. everybody look arohi . arjun look her n give smile but arohi twisted her  mouth and start to seeing opposite direction . after seeing her reaction arjun look confussed but purvi take the command of this situation .purvi said " hey arohi chalo mene kuch lehnga-choli  pasand kiye he tumhari engagement n meri shadi ke liye . arohi try to  smile fake and said " ha ha chalo ."

Arjun and everybody follow them . finally designer show them different different style . and purvi , rashi all jumping after each n every lehnga and said " wow woo w ".finally rashi asked "arohi tumhe kya pasand he ???" arohi said "kuch bhi "

Rashi said her tht look this . and arohi looking the lehnga and try to hold it on her hand but its too heavy and lehga fall on the floor . and she shouting on the shop keeper " tom log kuch halka sa nahi bana sakte ???I mean ise kon pehnega ??? jo bhi ladki ise pehnegi wo shadi se pehle hi bhagvan ko pyari ho jayegi look at this ….and everybody is shocked to see arohi shouting . And exatly tht time  arohi's friend shefali come "omggg aaarooo tumnhe ye pasand he ???how sweet .

Arohi starred her n said " tumhe ye kis angel se sweet laga ??and tom yaha kya kar rahi ho ???salil said " mene bulaya he kyunki tom to kuch batanewali ho nahi so humne shefali ko bula liya … shefali said "but who's arjun ? I want to meet him first. and salil introduce shefali . shefali murmered in arohi's ear "omg aaarooo kitna handsome he !!hayeee mera to dil kar raha he me hi shadi kar lu .. arohi said " then go n marry him atleast mera to chutkara hoga . and finally shefali select one lehnga choli for arohi with combination of orange n dark pink color . and arohi said " I m not going to wear this … it's a vulgar …I don't want to look like cartoon . finally designer asked her with last hope " so tell me madam  wht u want !!!!!".

And arohi said " kya aapke pas achhi si jeans n t-shirt he, jise me apni engagement me pehan saku  ???and after hearing this ,designer fainted on the floor . everybody is shocked .nobody knows wht arohi said to him .arjun look irritate arohi .he try to understand after all wht s going on her mind n why she behaving like kid .is her parents force for engagement ??or is anything else ???anything else means wht if she is in love with someone else ??? salil grabeed her to corner n said " ye kya bol rahi ho ??wo to achha he arjun ne suna nahi !!!arohi said " to kya hua agar wo sun leta … and finally atlast shefali choose one lehnga n they come out from the mall . and arohi said " I m hungry I want to eat something .purvi said " I think me too hungry .and they all enter in the fast food corner . arjun is sitting front of arohi . arjun look at her but she don't look arjun . and now arjun feel restless by arohi's behaviour .he try to talk her but she don't even look him . and now its time to order food n  arohi open her mouth " I want one large burger with extra cheese n one coke and ya some French fries and choclate ice cream and grilled vegetable sandwitch with extra cheese and left order I will give u  after complete it . salil think "jab kapde choose karne the to itne nakhre n khane pe nam pe madam ka muh fat se khul gaya . and shefali said " aaarooo itna sab kuch I mean kal tumhari engagement he u have to  look fit n fine and u order like hell. Arohi think "now wht is this!!!! first my mom forced me to wear this salwar kammej n now shefali  stop me to eat .romit teasingly  " arohi di soch lo fir se kuch baki to nahi reh gaya na !!!rajveer said in arjun's ear " dekh soch le … abhi bhi time he  .arjun look to rajveer  n said "leave  rajver stop this now … "actually arjun like when arohi ordered all this . he like her innocency no dikhava n all . he look her continueusally . after finish snacks they all go but arjun stop arohi and said " please sit down I want to ask u something .salil think its dangerous arohi left alone but purvi grabbed him . arohi think"now wht he want to ask ??arjun give her soft smile " kya me aapse kuch puch sakta hu??arohi said " ha pucho ."

And arjun asked " kya aap ye shadi apni marji se kar rahi he ?" arohi said " ha wo kya he na ki wese bhi muje shadi to karni hi he aaj nahi to kal agar tom chale gaye to koi aor .mere gharwale mera picha nahi chodne wale . so I said yes . arjun asked with sigh " to aap ki marji nahi he " arohi look sigh into his eyes  and some thing pinch her .she is stubborn but she never want to give anybody pain and if arjun get it tht she don't like him than he will run away n her parents again start the "mission finding boy" and tht she don't want  so she said " nahi aesi bat nahi he par sab kuch itna jaldi me ho raha he to muje kuch samaj me nahi aa raha he ".

Arjun is not satisfied with her answer and thts  why he  asked again " kya aap  kisi aor se pyar karti ho ???" and this time arohi shocked with this question "hell" love no it is the worthless ,useless word for her .why ppl fall in love cuz after fall in love ppl r doing  crazy things  n they do the crap things like listening  romantic song and crying and flower n cards n arghhh .there r lots of things in the world .but the ppl who have no works n "vehla types" always fall in loveee . and she said " nahi me kisise pyar nahi karti aor ha karti to tumhare samne nahi bethi hoti ."and this time arjun give a smile to her . before arjun asking her question she said " ye kya tom ne aap aap  laga rkha he I think humari age me koi difference nahi he n jab tom muje aap kehte ho to lagta he jese me 50 saal ki budhhi hu ". And arjun laugh loudly to hear this . he never think tht this type of girl is also still on earth .he always see the girls like nakhra vakhra type but she is different from others and her straight forward answer make her different .

Now arohi is irritating cuz first she sit on front of one ias officer arghhh whom who hate and  second she never use to give too much answers n hell this type of like n dislike n love type of answer . but only one thing she capture of him tht he has something different means he is not other type of boy like who start flirting in the first meeting and of course as compare of his age another boys he is intelligent and smart cuz at the age of 25 –26 boys always confussed about their future but he choose the different line so something in his impressed her but arohi is arohi .

Arjun said " nahi aesi koi bat nahi he And she stand up and said " kya hum chale sab humara wait kar rahe he ".

Arjun said " ha "

Arohi :kuch aor puchna he .

Arjun said " nahi aor kuch nahi puchna bas itna hi "


next day everybody is busy for engagement but arjun is sad cuz when he called his parents n brother then they denied to come there .it's an important day for him but his parents not come .his uncle n aunty understand all and said " dekho beta wo log aese hi he .unko badlana namumkin he par tom ye soch  ke dukhi mat ho aakhir mama bhi to "ma"  jesa hi hota he . rajveer n jay more happy cuz finally their friend going to be engaged n hope this time he get the all happiness .

here arohi's mom nodded her and try to wake up "arohi utho aaj tumhari sagai he aor tom ab tak so rahi ho !!!sab guest ghar me hi he .and arohi's gang enter in  her room . shefali said "aunty aap jaiye hum uthate he ".

Shefali throw water on her face n finally arohi wake up and shouting" ye kya kar rahi ho sone do wese bhi kal rat ko ye log mera dimag kha gaye .shefali said " tumhe nind kese aa sakti he arohi!!!its  ur engagement today.arghhh . arohi's gaze change when she heared engagement .now she feel some nervouseness .she said " muje nahi karni ye sagai arghhh I hate it .aakhir koi muje mere hal pe kyun nahi chod deta. Agar insane bina shadi ke rahe to  kya ho  jaega !!!!!!!!ye sab bakvas he . her friends close the door and said " dhire bolo koi sun lega . arohi said "ok fine me tom logo ko kuch secret batana chah ti  hu .so is engagement ko lekar itne excited mat ho . ye me sirf temporary kar rahi hu shadi ke name se picha chudane ke liye aor fir me abroad chali jaungi study ke liye n ye sara jhanjhat khatam .

Shefali look her with shock and said" arohi ye thik nahi he .arjun ke bare me socha he kya ??? mene dekha tha kal mall me .uski aankho me saaf dikhay de raha tha ki wo tumhe like karta he .warna aor koi ladka hota aor tumhari harkate dekhta to wohi manna kar deta par usne aesa kuch nahi kiya  ulta wo to tumhe dekhe ja raha tha pyar se .

Arohi :aha tumhe 15 min me pata lag gaya . yaha muje 24 sale se palne wale parents ko ab tak nahi pata ki muje kya chahiye n tumhe kuch minutes me ek anjan aadmi ki aankome sab dikh gaya . bullshit .romantic films dekh dekh ke dimag kharab ho gaya he .

Shefali said " mera nahi tumhara dimag kharab ho gaya he horror n thriller  movies dekh ke . but her friends inturrepted n said "ok guys lets complete this fight .and be ready for engagement .

Finally arohi ready .her friends n cousins help her to ready but she feel awkward . n she denied to wear jewellary .she said I only wear earings which is too small . she think why this ppl behaving like jerks I mean heavy jwelerray oh gooddd .ye sab karna jaruri he kya ???wese bhi muje engagement ke bad institute jana he apne new 3d project ke bare me kuch info collect karne .ek bar ye ring exchange ceremony khatam ho jaye fir I m going on my way .see thts why I told mom tht I wear a jeans n tshirt n then I go institute without changing this lehnga –choli but no body listen me .everybody has their on views . this ppl r really mad and tht ias officer arghhh really don't want to see his face again .

Arjun is little bit tense   . he don't react tht he is nervous .his mind saying everytime tht his decision is right n he is not doing wrong with this engagement .he  has some doubts but when he talk yesterday with arohi all was cleared he know she is immature n childish but she has nice heart .if she said yesterday tht she was not happy then of course he said no to her parents but in her eyes he didn't see anything like  this .but only one thing he captured yesterday tht she is not like another girl who like jwellery n designer dresses n gifts n all stupid things .and she was not comfortable when her friends bought dresses for her . he was thinking continuosally about arohi and he see when arohi come to down stairs she wear very simple silver cream color of lehnga-choli .her duppatta is net  transpered and has a heavy border with silver color . she don't apply too much make up just simple eye-make up n wear small earings and very small bindi . her mother n n family is not impressed by her dress up but arjun like her simplicity . he is happy to see her even rashi also give compliment tht beauty is always look good in simplicity now rashi has no doubt tht her brother –in-law took a right decision cuz she is really looking like angel in her dress .

Her mom caought her hand and murmered in her ears" arohi ye sab kya he ???tune wo set kyun nahi pehna n thoda sa make up kar deti to kya jata dekho sab log kese ghur rahe he lagta hi nahi jese engagment he tumhari "

Arohi said" mom please don't start again otherwise I m going from here right now n then u do with this ceremony without me " now her mother stop cuz she know if she decided to go then nobody can change her mind n there r lots of relatives n friend present here . finally she sat beside arjun on couch .arjun's mom is not their so rashi (rajveer's wife ) and archie(jay wife) start ceremony . first they put red badhni chunri on arohi's head n gives her some jwellery and then arohi's mom come n give  some shagun on arjun's hand n do tilak on his head and put some sweets in his mouth . now arohi's mom give her a ring . this is the first time arohi touch to arjun's hand , and some spark pass to the arjun's body and suddenly arohi n arjun both part their hands quickly  now its turn to arjun .rashi give her ring arjun took her hand and the same feelings felt again but arohi's mind in another way ,her eyes on watch ,she is bloody doers and computer bug . now poorvi gives some sweets to arjun n arohi n said to feed   in each other mouth . first arjun took one piece of sweets from thali n arohi signed with eyes she don't like this one n aagain signed him to  took another one and  arjun change it n finally feed it in arohi's mouth but after looking  her r eaction he smiled .but arohi's mom n aunty raised their eyes but arohi ignored . now its time  to touch feet the elders n arohi's mind counting the all available elders "arghhh omggg its 30 to 40 , no way I m not doing this but as usaual she has to follow this all and finally she tired from all this . she forget to go institute . and ceremony almost complete all guest gone only family members r there . elders r going to inside sitting room n youngsters r sitting in main room . suddenly arohi remind to go institute n she go upstirs in hurry . she changed clothes . she trhow earnings n dupatta . she find the keys of her car but she dint get it so finally she ran to the down stairs . she is finding her car key like crazy . finally salil asking her with irritate look " now wht r u finding aaroo"? arohi said " my car key ..why the hell u guys using my car ??now I m going to let . huhh u know its an important for me I want to complete my project within 2 days n sir is going on vacation tomorrow now find my keys right now . salil said" arohi its almost 6 p.m " and u will reach their 7p.m cuz its evening and traffic is full n u will take 2 hours in institue so at my calculation u will  reach home almost 10 or 10;30 pm night . so its better u go tomorrow morning .

And arohi start without thinking " ye sab tom logo ki wajah se hua he .mene kaha tha ki ye process jaldi khatam karo par nahi . salil raised his eyebrow and said " r u thinking it's a some stupid project work so u called it's a process !!!" now arohi realize wht she said " ohk bro please don't shout,, give me ur car key I don't want to discuss more .and find my car key hacker I will see him /her later night . arohi left home . salil sit on the couch and look to the poorvi and start with disbelief " kya karee is ladki ka … car key hacker oh god iske dimag me computer virus ghush gaya he !!!!I mean look the way she talking .poorvi said " salil give her some time .n u have to be happy cuz now a days family n brother worried tht their daughter or sister will not go disco n pub at night atleast arohi is going institute for her project work . she is not the other type of girl . salil said " par usme ladki jesa bhi kya he???" dekh lena raat ko kya hota he abhi to badi mom ne dekha nahi usko is hal me . rajveer n jay thinking tht one is fire n second is ice now lets see wht happen in the fiture .we only do pray for arjun . 

please do ur comment and tell me u like or not n i know u guys r going to angry on me cuz arohi's too much high temp n childish so please forgive me 

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kitanithuy Senior Member

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Awesome update .

The scenes shopping very cute.
 love Arjuhi convo at the mall .The way Arohi order food very funy. how childish she is.
 Poor Arjun his parent can not attend his engagement . Opposite Arjun ,Arohi don't serious in this engagement .Don't know Arjun can endure her and how Arjuhi relationship improve?

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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