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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Update 7 April 05

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2005 at 1:43pm | IP Logged

I would like to dedicate this update to Rumi … who is catching her forty winks right this momentWink

The episode starts off on a sombre note... Stern Smile

becomes hilariously funny in the middle...Tongue

and mushy'n'sentimental in the end..Embarrassed

Last time, we left off when Armaan called out to Jassi, "Suniye!"


HOSPITAL – Next to the reception

Armaan tries to catch up with Jassi but she starts walking furiously after she hears his voice. She dare not look back. Armaan collides with a man crossing his path and falls behind, "Arre!?!". He starts off again, saying loudly, "Excuse me! Excuse me!" after Jassi. She is panicked and walks faster. She thanks her stars when she steps into the lift and it closes behind her, with Armaan just 2 feet away… looking befuddledConfused


Armaan turns around and says slowly, speculatively, "She gave all the money and didn't even tell her name? Kahin woh… Jassi toh nahin thi!?!" Nandu looks equally confused, "If she was Jassi, wouldn't she have met her family? She would definitely have met me. Can't be!" Armaan is quiet… thinking, wondering.. his eyes reflecting his doubt..ConfusedConfused


On another floor, Jassi sees Amrit pacing about close by and thinks sadly, "Mama, I cannot meet you today. I don't know how you will feel when you see me now. I will not meet you until you can all lift up your head with pride and say that Jasmeet Walia is your daughter!"


At that moment, Billu & Co. watch as a doctor comes out of the OT and informs the nurse standing about to call a certain other Doctor. Billu immediately jumps at the nurse and asks if there is a problem. Quickly, she tells him that there is some emergency, and hurries away. Everyone's faces are shown one by one – Billu, Amrit, Nandu, Armu, all looking shocked, panicky. Jassi hears this and her lips tremble with fear. She goes over to the puja room and prays to the same idol of Ganesh, with tears rolling down her faceCry, "If I lose Bebe, I will have lost all faith in my own self. Please keep my hope and faith alive, God! Please save my Bebe!" There are bells chiming and a hymns being sung in the background. At the same time, Purab is placing a call to Jassi. She does not pick it up because she is lost in prayer, eyes tightly shut, lost in her own world. He gets frustrated and worried, "Why isn't Jassi answering her phone? What could it be now? I hope she doesn't miss her flight!" Another glimpse of Amrit and Billu, their faces bunched up, trying to hope, trying to think…


Some time later (could be minutes or hours), the nurse comes out from the OT and is immediately surrounded by the Fearful Foursome (Billu, Nandu, Amrit, Armaan). Billu asks how Bebe is doing now and the nurse assures him smilingly, "One minute, one minute! She's all right now.. she's all right!!!!!!" Amrit exclaims, "Bebe is OK now? She is OK?" Billu wants to meet her right away but the nurse says that Bebe is unconscious right now and they can meet her after two hours. Billu is nearly jumping with joy to hear this and immediately turns around and hugs the person who is waiting for him with open arms.. ARMAANBig smile.. (father-and-son-in-law-to-be make such a pretty picture!!Embarrassed) They hug closely, laughing, celebrating…


Jassi has not yet witnessed this. The receptionist comes up behind her and says sweetly, "Madam, you know, the lady for whom you deposited the money, she has been operated upon. And she is out of danger now!" Jassi is very relieved to hear this and lets out a deep breath. Immediately she calls Purab and he asks, "Jassi? Where ARE you? I've been calling you for ages, but you haven't been responding!" Jassi explains, "Bebe has been operated today, Purab." Purab is zonked. "Bebe's operation!?" Jassi goes on, "She had had a heart attack. She is out of danger now but I haven't even seen her once.. I really want to meet her, Purab!" Purab says softly, "Uh… In that case, you may not be able to go to Paris, isn't it? Jassi I can understand how you're feeling, but .. those people in Paris won't be waiting much longer…" Jassi protests, "But Purab, how can I..?" Purab says, "Actually, I can understand just how you're feeling. I won't force you. You're the one who has to decide. But you must remember this – whatever you're doing is for yourself and for your loved ones. Bye!" He hangs up, leaving her in a quandary. She thinks to herself, "Maybe Purab is right. What can I do sitting here anyway?? And if they see me here then I won't be able to do for them what I so badly need to do.. I must go now."


Suddenly, a voice from behind calls out to her, "Jassi??" Jassi whirls around and sees – who else, but JassiGeek… her old avatar, standing right there in a pink salwar-kameez, pleading earnestly. "Will you really just go away like this? Won't you even see your Bebe once? Not even once?! How will you explain this to yourself?" Jessica looks devastated, "I must go, Jassi.. for you, for me, for Mama, Bebe and Papaji.. for all of us, Jassi!" The old Jassi cries softly, "All right. Go if you must. But before you leave, go and see your Bebe once, just once.. because you are the same Jassi even today! It's your BEBE there, Jassi! Or you'll never be able to live in peace! You won't be able to live without your Bebe!! Go now.. go Jassi.. " Jessica is mesmerized and walks towards Bebe's door as if in a dream…


She stands outside Bebe's room, watching her beloved Bebe on the bed, through the glass in the door. A very (very!Confused) compassionate nurse notices her and comes up to her, "Who are you? How are you related to that lady?" Jassi replies hesitatingly, "I would like to see Bebe." The nurse takes in her woebegone face and says kindly, "Look. You can go in. But do not let anyone know that I'm the one who sent you in." Jassi gladly agrees and thanks her.


She walks over to Bebe's side and stands there, looking down at her Bebe. Bebe stirs in her sleep. Jassi cannot stop herself and strokes Bebe lovingly on her cheek. She prays, "Please make my Bebe OK again, Babaji… please make my Bebe OK again! I can't bear to see all this." She starts talking slowly to Bebe, "But I know, even though you can't see me, that you know your Jassi is around here somewhere!" Bebe is getting more and more restless, she seems to be regaining consciousness. Her eyes are open just a crack.

As Jassi turns around to leave, a voice calls her from behind, "Jassi!" Before Jassi can think, she replies, "Yes Bebe!" Bebe talks haltingly, weakly, "No.. you are not Jassi. Who are you? Are you a Doctor, that's why you checked up on me just now? Where is my family?" Jassi does not correct her. "Do you need anything?" Bebe replies, "Yes, I need something. I need my Jassi to come back, that's all I need…" Jassi does not know what to say, She says stumblingly, "Yes, she.. she will come back soon." Bebe asks, "Do you know her?" Jassi replies, "I'm her friend!" Bebe is surprised. "Where is she now?" Jassi makes up a story fast, "She…. Is out of India. She said that once you are better, she will come back soon to you." Bebe is very happy on hearing this and says, "Beta, tell Jassi, wherever she is, my blessings are with her!" Jassi murmers a "yes" softly, and she wipes away the big tears rolling down her cheeks. She says softly, "But am I not like Jassi too? Will you give me your blessings?" Jassi bends down and Bebe places a withered hand on Jassi's head and breathes, "Be happy, beta!" By now, Bebe's eyes are almost half-open, they are very close, and she is taking in Jassi's features, "May God give you as much happiness as he has given you beauty!"


In the next scene, Billu is shown looking through the same glass from outside. Bebe is lying down with her eyes closed. He opens the door and hops in. The Not-so-Fearful-now Foursome follow and Amrit says, "Bebe!" Bebe opens her eyes and smiles. She is actually looking cheerful!!Tongue "Come on in!" she welcomes them, for all the world it's a dinner party! "Why are you all looking so down? Is someone ill at home??" A smile breaks out on everyone's face and Billu exclaims how happy he is to see her like this! It's like she never had an operation at all! Bebe says, her eyes dancing, "Arre Billu, how can I not be happy! I have received a message from Jassi!" Nandu is flabbergasted, "Who? When??" Billu tells her she must have been dreaming. Bebe replies, "Oh no, no! You know that beautiful doctorni who came in, Jassi's friend!" Nandu delves deeper into confusion, "Beautiful Lady Doctor? But this hospital has only male doctors, every last one of them!" (OK, Nandu, we know you checkedTongue) Bebe continues, "Arre, the one who just left here." Amrit is puzzled, "Jassi has a beautiful friend? I don't remember a single one!" Nandu speculates that it must be someone Jassi met in Mauritius. "Armaan, can it be the same person (whom we just saw)?" Armaan is thinking to himself, "That means Jassi KNOWS about what happened to Bebe. In that case, she must be around here somewhere!!" Aloud, he says, "It seems that this is the same girl who has paid for Bebe's operation." Billu gets a speculative look on his face when Armaan says this. He thinks, "Could it be that Armaan has paid all the bills, but just for my sake he is giving us some excuse about a beautiful girl???" Nandu asks, "What else did the girl tell you about Jassi?" Barely has Armaan's heart lifted at the thought that Jassi might still be around, than Bebe crushes his hopes. Bebe replies, "Just that Jassi is out of India and that is why she sent a message through this girl." Billu exclaims, "Out of India?!" Armaan thinks, "So Jassi is not here. The closer I come, the farther you get away from me Jassi…!"Cry



Purab is sitting on his sofa. He is holding something in his hand, looking thoughtful. "Maybe it's me who is expecting too much from Jassi, that she should leave her family at such a time and go so far away. Am I – am I trying to take her far, far away from Armaan just because I want to win her love?" He tears into shreds the papers he is holding (it looked like airplane tickets but I can't be sure) and just as he gets up and turns around, Jassi make a swift entrance. "Purab?" she asks questioningly. Purab is happy to see her. "Jassi! Come in. How is Bebe now?" Jassi tells him Bebe is OK now and apologizes for coming late. Purab says teasingly, "Jassi, I'm not angry that you're late, but I AM upset that you didn't enter this place like a supermodel would!" Jassi asks him what he means. Purab replies, "Well, what I mean is – when a supermodel enters into a room, everything in the room stands still. Everyone's eyes are riveted on her!" Jassi haltingly asks him about Paris. Purab says, "The Paris plan has been cancelled!" Jassi feels a ripple of pleasure but she can't believe it. Purab goes on, "Now, Jessica Bedi's journey to supermodelhood will take off from Mumbai!" Jassi is confused and wants to know how. Purab explains, "Jasmine Special Designs is launching their new collection in Mumbai – that too, on a scale that will have the whole world watching – not just the designs, but also the new face of Jasmine Special Designs (dear Sony, I hope I've typed it enuff times, thanks!)



Raj is sitting at his desk, looking very, very… err.. hungry. With his eyes tightly shut, "When I close my eyes, all I can see is dreams of you!" With his eyes open, "When I open my eyes, all I can see is your pictures! In the newspapers.. the posters.. the hoardings…it's you, you and only YOU! The only place you're NOT is in my arms … boo hoo!.. " and a frustrated Raj-like yell. He calls Jassi and stares at it while it gets disconnected. "Oh! So you discod the phone! Which means, you lllllove making guys run after you…. And why not? This is the right of every beautiful girl!!! But I'm no less my dear. I'm going to discover the way to your heart the same way I found out your phone number, Jessica Bedi! After all, I'm R-A-J!"



Jassi is at Purab's home when Raj calls again. She sees his name "Raj Sir" being displayed on her mobile and cruelly disconnects again. Jassi thinks wickedly, "Raj Sir thinks it's the easiest thing in the world to deceive a girl and capture her in his jaal. And he must have taught this to umpteen others. But this time.. this time I'm going to be teaching YOU, Raj Sir! I will teach you how to respect a woman!"Angry



Raj is walking out of his cabin and talking to God, "Hey God! Please don't allow this to happen, God! I beg you, God!" He bumps into Armaan in his frazzlement and Armaan scolds him, "RAJ!" (Thank goodness Armu has changed!Embarrassed) Raj mumbles a sorry. Armaan asks him, "Hey! What happened to you anyway?" They start walking towards Armaan's cabin. Raj sighs, "WHAT happened to me?? Arre, what happens in this kind of situation, you damn well know yaar! LOVE happens! I'm in love!!!" Armaan dismisses him skeptically, "Oh.. that happens every week." Raj announces, "Yes, but this time, it's SERIOUS love yaar! Aren't you the one who told me, it's only when you truly fall in love that you can understand the true meaning of love?"

They are in Armaan's cabin by now. Armaan snorts, "Hmm.. so you're truly in love!" Raj replies enthusiastically, "Exactly!!!!!!!!!! Just like.. just like you fell for Jassi!!!" (I think this is where I fell off my seat laughing!!LOL) Armaan looks thunderous. Raj goes on oblivious, "I don't feel like doing anything! The only thing I feel like doing is looking at her, talking to her – it's getting impossible for me to live without her!!!!"



Nandini enters and seats herself on the plush sofa, Purab seated diagonally from her. Purab asks brightly, "So tell me, how did your trip go?" She replies, "Oh, the trip was so-so but I was really happy to be back at Mumbai. I have seen Jassi's face on every single billboard, every poster! You have worked a miracle! You have made her into a really big star!!" Purab shakes his head, "No Nandini. Jassi will become a big star when I organize the most happening, bombastic fashion show for her. A show where I will be introducing Jassi in the presence of all the most important people in the glamour and fashion industry. A launch party that no model has ever had – and never will." Nandini is tickled and amazed to hear this. Purab goes on, "Then you just wait and watch! Our Jassi will take the whole world by storm!"



Mallika is clutching a magazine in her hand and waving it about, talking heatedly as Armaan and Raj look on. "What a storm - Purab and his Jasmine Special Designs! Aren't they making such a big deal out of it with all the publicity – that's what everyone is saying!" Armaan tries to placate her, "Mallika, publicity is in its own place and the final product in its own. Jasmine Special Designs will become a threat only when their clothes start selling in the market." Mallika counters, "Armaan, in today's world, publicity is very, very important. If the publicity is good, the final product has no trouble selling itself!" She holds up the magazine with Jessica's pic on the cover page (the one in the diamond-studded transparent black saree) and invites his gaze. She says acidly, "And have you seen THESE!? The new face of Purab's company – wah! Jessica!" Armaan does not even take one look at the pic and shakes his head dismissively. "Mallika, I am not the least bit interested in him OR his company, do you understand??" (has Mallika awakened our jealous black panther again??EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)



Purab hands over a paper to Nandini and announces happily, "Guest list! Take it – all the city's rich and famous!" Jassi enters the living room and a smile lights up his face, "Jassi" he says softly. Jassi asks, "Can I invite some people too?" She sits next to Nandini and they hug. Nandini tells her, "I'm so happy for you!" Purab informs Jassi that after today, she is going to be a very big star. "And then – and then you will become so powerful, Jassi, that Gulmohur will bow before you! This is what you wanted, isn't it?" he asks testingly. She shrugs and says, "I only want to be able to go back home. This is just a means to an end."

Nandini reminds her that that will happen, but first she must take her fledgeling steps into this new world. They all exchange warm looks. Purab reminds her, "Jassi, I can only give you an opportunity. Making full use of the opportunity is something you will have to do on your own. This will be the biggest challenge you have ever faced!" Purab inclines his head, smiling, and looks intently at her. Jessica replies back, looking straight into his eyes, "I am ready for this challenge, Purab!" Nandini interjects, "So then! Start thinking of yourself as a star right away. And Star Sahiba, pray tell, who all would you like to invite to the show?" Jassi thinks, "Oh, there is ONE man who would do anything to get his hands on his invitation…"Wink



Raj is talking animatedly to a – mannequin!! TongueShe stands 6' tall in his room and lends him a willing ear while he expounds on how much he would love to be invited to this particular fashion show. "I am willing to do ANYthing! I can walk on my hands, walk on my head, become a murga… but someone's just GOT to invite me to that party!" He is a bundle of nervous energy, and starts pacing the room like a restless tiger. "You know, I'm the Vice-President of Gulmohur House! But I get no damn respect at all!" Passionately he tells the silent lady, "Nobody understands but you!! It's so incredibly important that I go to that party! What hope in hell do I have of meeting my Jessica Bedi if I can't go to that party!??!"

Just then, a peon enters. "Excuse me Sir!" Raj growls at him, "What is it!" The peon hands him a card and says it's for him. Raj sends him away. He prays and opens the envelope and lo and behold! It's the invitation he was getting so cagey about. He starts laughing like a banshee and exclaims, "YES! It is! It is!! Hahahahahahahh!!!! I'm going! I'm going! I'm going to the fashion industry's biggest event!!!" TongueTongue

He stomps into the conference room talking to himself. Armaan looks at him knowingly. "And we all know why you're going! To do bird-watching, right??" Raj corrects him, "No! Just one girl – the magical one who has taken everyone's breath away.. who has everyone going crazy for her.. her name is Jessica and I KNOW her!!!!" (Really??)Wink Armaan is not impressed. He turns to Mallika. "Mallika, you wanted some company for the show, right? Well, here it is!" Mallika makes a face. At that instant, she gets a call and speaks sweetly to a certain Mr. Bakshi. "Yes Mr. Bakshi! To the fashion show?? Oh, yes, of course! We will definitely be there! Yes.. yes.. We'll meet you there then! OK, Bye bye!"

Mallika hangs up and tells Armaan in a sober voice, "Armaan, that was Mr. Bakshi. The same Mr. Bakshi who can give us money and save our Gulmohur. And he wants to meet us in that fashion event. C'mon Armaan, I shouldn't be telling YOU how important this is!!!" Raj tries to convince him too, "Yaar, come on Armaan, there's nothing like mixing business with pleasure." Armaan stubbornly says he's not in the mood. Mallika turns on the pretty-please face and cajoles him, "please Armaan… please, lets go!" Armaan finds himself outnumbered and looks like he is just about to say "yes"........


(A beautiful scene...)

Jassi is sitting next to her dressing table and looking into the mirror. Her mind is far away. She is thinking, "Will Armaan Sir come, or won't he? And if he does, will he be able to recognize me?"

Armaan is sitting in his darkened cabin, at his desk, the opposite chair empty, pretending that he is talking to Jassi. He is thinking, "You are not in front of me, Jassi. Still, why can I feel your presence? I have not seen you for so long, still I can feel the sweetness of your scent in my breath.. Why did you leave me Jassi, why? I feel as though you are around me, but I can't see you… Where are you, Jassi?" He leans back in his chair,  closes his eyes, and sighs deeply, sadly, "Where are you, Jassi?"

Jassi is thinking, "Will you be able to recognize the Jassi hidden within this Jessica? Will you?"

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wonderful update queenbee thankz a millionClap
smilingstar3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2005 at 1:57pm | IP Logged

The momentos are coming closer!!! hopefully everyone will see JESSICA soon!
I can't stand anymore suspense!!Wacko
*Shona* IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2005 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Thanx for the Update Queenbee!Tongue
ummm Senior Member

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Posted: 07 April 2005 at 2:01pm | IP Logged

mmmuuuah Qb! What an update!! Thanks a bunch!


lotsaattitude Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2005 at 2:02pm | IP Logged

hi queenbee Wink

thanx a bunch for de update...jus few minutes n i thot i wud go coz no 1 had updated de episode...den tadaaaaaaaaa........dere comes dey episode!!!!!!! i m soooooo happppppppyyyyyy!!!.......Tongue

Armaan.........dun woorrryy........man.....he's such a sweeetieee....i love de way he thinks abt jassi.....wahhhhhhhhh!!Embarrassed

nyways......cant wait for de part wen armaan sees jassi in de paarty n passes on familiar luks at her..n de bell in armaan's mind keeps ringing...." ding-dong"...!!LOL

prettywoman Goldie

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thanks for the wonderful update QB..wow, i loved the last scene.. Cant wait to watch ArmuSmile..
Paheli Senior Member

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Posted: 07 April 2005 at 2:04pm | IP Logged

Wow! Thanks, QB, for the great update.

is it me or are they really trying to move the story a little faster now?

I don't undertand why she has entered Raj's phone number in her phonebook, such that it pops up as 'Raj Sir'. Is there anyone else who calls him that? Wouldn't that give away Jessica's identity, if someone other than Purab or Nandini were to see it?

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