part 11 of the story

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1) S comes to her room & the phone rings. Its H & he tells her

I want to tell she stops him by saying I don't want to listen to

anything u say I never expected u wld turn out to be like this. H

says listen to me she says no & bangs the phone down. G sees her

crying bitterly & goes away. Raghu comes & tells S UM has called her

2) UM tells her that soon u will leave all of us & live yr own

life where we won't be present & that H is a good guy & will keep u

happy. My sister had given me yr responsibility & with yr marriage I

wld be free frm that responsb. He also tells her like her name to

bind everyone together

3) Dr. Rajani checks G & both come out to a waiting P. Dr.

Rajani says she is absolutely fine, Perfectly normal. Only take care

of proper diet & keep her away frm tensions & since she is a working

woman to take things lightly & stress free. P says Thank God u gave

these instructions in front of her otherwise she doesn't care abt

herself. Dr. Rajani says why G, u shd take care of yrself & the

baby. As they come out (like my husband predicted) G says I did u

tell the dr that. P says because u are not bothered abt yrself. G

says what do u mean I am not taking care of myself. P says I don't

want to argue with u in front of so many ppl. Frm now on u hv to

concentrate of taking care of yrself & everything is last priority.

Suddenly they hear another husband giving his wife the same set of

instructions. The woman says this is not my 1st pregnancy. The man

says so what who says in the second pregnancy u shdn't take care of

yrself. P & G look at each other. Suddenly a ward boy hurriedly

bangs into G & walks ahead which angers P & he shouts at him. He

says sorry & P says what sorry, don't u know that one has to be

careful with a pregnant woman & how much care has to be taken. He

yells at G too saying cldn't u be careful & then checks himself. He

then sheepishly says I am sorry G. I shd'nt be yelling at u in front

of everyone. (I didn't hear the next sentence properly I think it

was there is no need for me to scold u) & G then smiles & says there

is a need.

4) S is pacing on the terrace reading a book & remembers H

calling her up after she came to know the truth, G telling her

everything abt H. When she remembers H promising Sheetal that she

wld be his, S is upset & accidentally her hand hits a cup which


off the terrace. S looks down to where the cup has fallen. Here

Sanskaar comes home & enquires abt S & Raghu tells him she is on the

terrace. Sanskritti thinks this is the only solution to my problem.

Sanskaar is coming up. On reaching the terrace he finds Sanskritti's

duppatta. He looks out of the terrace & his horrified to see

Sanskritti fallen down. He runs down & Rajesh Chachu asks him what

happened & he cries says Sanskritti & runs down followed by RC & UM


the entire family. They find S lying in a pool of blood & lift her


5) At the hospital, the Dr. insists that is the police case, but

P tells him the police will come & we will arrange for it, but

atleast start the operation. The Dr reluctantly agrees & S is taken

into the OP Theatre. Sanskaar cries bitterly & tells everyone how

he found S fallen down. G listens & is angry & goes away. P sees

her go. The Dr. comes & says typically can't say anything for 24

hrs, will hv to keep her under observz. Everyone is upset &

Sanskaar is crying bitterly & mysteriously he has a stubbled chin.

6) P's mobile rings. He goes aside & answers it. Its Y & he

says what happened to S, heard she's had an accident. G Bhabhi came

& told us abt it. What happened, G Bhabhi said bad things to H & is

holding him responsible for S's accident. P gets angry hearing this.

7) As usual P & G argue abt this with G telling P that H is

responsb for S's fall. P says u r out of yr mind, why are u

connecting the 2. I know he won't do anything like this. He is my

close friend. G says He is yr friend & S is not yr sis. She came to

know everything. P says Shut up. G says U shut up, I don't hv a

hobby of blaming yr friend, but I mean well for S. P says if u mean

well for S then u know that H is right for her. G says u are wrong.

P says no u are wrong. G says let S regain conciousness & she will

tell us the truth. P says I already know the truth but let us wait

for S to regain her conciousness

8) H, Y, & R come running to the hosp. & P tells them everything

is undercontrol. P says she went to dry clothes & slipped. H is

worried. The Dr. says u can see her. Sanskaar sees S in an

unconscious state & cries all the more. UM tries to console him

saying nothing will happen. Trust God.

9) UM comes out & tells everyone that Sanskaar wants to stay

back & we shd all go. H says I will stay behind. Kavita Chachi says

how can u stay. H says I want to stay. P says r u sure & H nods

his head. P pats his shoulder & they all leave. H goes & sits with

Sanskaar & tells him u go & take rest, I'll stay. Sansk says No

don't know when will she become conscious. H says u go I am here.

Sanskaar also leaves. H is uncomfortable. He sits on the bed beside

S & sees a tear from her eye. She opens her eyes & sees H. H tries

to wipe away her tears & S pushes his hand away.

10) The family is beside S when the Police come. The Inspector

asks her how did this happen. S hesitates & her eyes moves to each

ones face. She says I slipped. H is relieved. But P who was

bending over S's head has a mixed look of Stunned & anger as if the

truth has dawned on him


Tmrw's snippets (which I think is next week's)

H & Y meeting Siddarth

P scolding Siddarth

Some business meeting with the chachus

P & Tushar in the office

P is telling Tushar something & Swati the hawk is watching &


G coming out of her car as she meets her friend (I think it was








1) Pratham angrily confronts Gauri saying S gave her statement

that she slipped & fell down. U only said to wait till she regain

conciousness and she will tell the fact. She has given her

statement. G stares at P. P tells her that she will hv to

apologise to H. G gets angry & says for yr friend, P says besides

being my friend he is also to-be son-in-law of the house and u have

blamed him. G stares at P angrily & he says why are u staring at me.

U will hv to apologise, means have to.

2) S asks H why did u ask me to lie in my statement. H

remembers when he wiped S tears, he asked her why she did it & S told

him to go away & she didn't want to speak to him, he cheated on

her. H says I didn't do it purposely He says Sheetal's papa is my

papa's very close client & when he took ill, Sheetal & I used to meet

often & we got close to each other. I can't say it was love, maybe

an attraction. But pls forgive me. I have learnt my lesson.

Please give me one chance. The scene is taken to the present where S

is asking him again why he asked her to lie. He says because if u

said u jumped off because of my stupidity, then I will lose the trust

of my family, yr fly, & Pratham and then our marriage will not at all

take place. H says if u don't want to forgive me, don't, I just

want u to know that I won't be able to live without u & he gets up to

go when S holds his hand. They smile & Kavita chachi comes & they r

all embarrassed & KC tells H u go, I'll be iwht S now.

3) H comes out & is lost in thought, when P & G come. P says H,

& then pauses to look at G & then says again, H what happened

yesterday, was wrong. G shouldn't have behaved the way she did, &

she wants to apologise. H says no what are u saying. G says I am

sorry H & looks at P angrily & walks away. P says I'm sorry H, don't

know whats with G these days, on small small matters. H interrupts &

says, I'm yr friend & there is no need for formalities, u go with

Bhabi & P smiles & walks off.

4) Here G is sitting in the car & remembering all that had

transpired with H & S & how P told her to apologise to H. She sees

Anita on the way & stops the car & calls out to her saying where have

u been, no sign of u. A says went to Indore to my bua's. I even got

engaged. G is surprised & says u got engaged & didn't tell me. A

says it all happened so suddenly had no time to tell anyone. In any

case this is only the engagement, I hv still not given clearance for

marriage. That will happen if u pass him. If u don't pass him, I

won't get married. Both say they hv lots to tell each other & decide

to go to a restaurant.

5) Here Siddarth is waiting for his friends at his place & they

come bringing a walkie-talkie & tell him that they wld use this to

communicate with each other while stealing the quest. Papers. The

one who brought the walkie says lets check the range here since I


6) Raghu brings tea to G who is fiddling with a small radio. He

asks her what she is doing. G says don't know its not been working

for a long time, just checking what's wrong & trying to make it

work. Just as she puts it on, she conveniently overhears the Sid's

friends who are on the terrace, talking on the walkie to Sid who is

in the house & they tell their entire gameplan.

7) Sid tries to leave the house, when G asks him where are u

going so late at night. He says I am going to study at my friend's

place. G asks without books ? He says my friend has them. She says

u are not going anywhere, go to yr room & study. He says but bhabhi,

She says Maine kaha na, go to yr room. P who comes out trying to put

on his jacket, asks Siddharth what happened. He doesn't answer & P

repeats again, Sid says I want to go to my friend's place to study &

bhabi is not allowing me to. P looks at G & then tells Sid u can go

& as he tries to go & P was making his way to the other room. G says

Sid u cannot go. P turns back & comes to G & says what's yr problem ?

G says he is not & then stops as she sees Sid standing there. P looks

at Sid & says u go. As Sid goes, P walks away. G says I have always

heard that a big brother spoils his younger bro, but today I see it.

P comes to her & says, what do u mean ? She says he is not going to

study, but to the college, to the Principal's room & someone doesn't

go to study at this time over there. U can imagine what they plan to

do. P says enough u only know how to blame everyone, 1st Hiten now

Sid. G looks at him angrily & leaves.

8) The boys are at the college gate & just as they were abt to

go in, a car stops. Startled they turn back to see Pratham standing

there. They are scare & the other boys run away. Siddarth says

Bhaiya. P comes to him & glares at him angrily. They enter the

house & Sid says I am sorry Bhaiya, P says Don't say sorry. Do u

know what u were doing. Sid says I come into my friend's convincing.

P says if yr friends tell u to jump. Then he softens his tone & says

even I did a lot of mischief in college, but never such a thing which

wld hurt the fly. If u spend that much of time, u were spending to

steal the papers, u'll still do well. Go now, one night is enug to

do well. After Sid goes, P thinks, that means G was right all

along. I shouldn't have shouted at her without checking the facts

9) In the bedroom, G is fast asleep turned on to one side. P

comes wearing the blue kurta & sits beside her. He smiles as he

looks at her & says aloud, Good u are sleeping or u wld see my

ashamed face that my bro was wrong & u were right. Today because of

u my brother was saved frm doing wrong. Whatever u said was right.

He laughs on seeing her still sleeping, realizing he is talking to

himself. He gets up & turns to go, when he feels a tug at his

kurta. He doesn't turn but says so u were awake all along. Happy to

hear me admit I am wrong. U never miss an opportunity to hear yr

praise. He turns & looks at G & is surprised to see her still asleep.

Then he realizes his kurta was stuck to the bed. He pulls at hit &

laughs & goes. The camera is focused on to G's face & slowly a

smile appears on her face & the background song plays "Tu mera

husband main tera wife hu". In the end G has a good laugh.

10) Badi Dadi, Deeya,Riya & Choti Dadi are talking abt

Sanskritti's tilak & the girls are wondering why S cannot go.

11) UM & his brother's are discussing abt the wedding. P also

walks in & takes part when the Police Commissioner drops in to say a

big Hi. They ask him to stay to dinner & he says no he has a

inspector waiting down. (I don't remember when that Insp is the

Commissiooner's relative). P says so what,w I'll go call him. He

goes & finds the Inspector,his back to P. P says excuse me & the

Inspector turns & says u, here. P stares at the inspector who had

caught him & Vishaka. Just then G comes & says Pratham. P then

stares at G in horror.


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wow thanks for this great update thanks a zillion thanksssssssssss can't wait to see next part of the story wow Wink

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