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ArHilicious Droolers #11: An ArHilicious Christmas

.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
^^Thankew so much Khushi for wonderful bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #11: An ArHilicious Christmas!

Santa enters with lots of gifts to distribute gifts to most naughty persons on earth
Santa: hahaha Children what do u want. I am santaApprove
Chillz: U r santa in realityShocked but u r here on the daytime and santa comes on night, I read this in my bookGeek
Shine: Oye encyclopediaAngry we can  confirm if its Santa or not  by pulling his bearedSilly
Santa: Hahahaha children I can proove that I am santa by fullfilling ur demandsParty
Chillz: Okay my demand is
>> I get  a book on How to read 1000 books in a dayGeek
>>I get my own libraryErmm
>>I get Minu's dhandha so that people cant disturb meStern Smile *Glares shine who is busy that how to climb on Santa so that she can  experiment with Santa's beared*
Santa: Hahahaha and my child what u wantApprove
Shine: whatever she demanded dont fill her wishesTongue *With this she immediately  jumps and sntches the beared and it comes out that she is MINUU*
*Chillz and shine runs and Minu run behind them with her dhandha*
Minu: I will not leave u both u spammer people will take my dhandha and will snatch my bearedAngry

A BIG THANKYOU and3 BIG CLAPS to ALL membersof the IPKKND NL teamClap

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

Dialogue of the week/Costume of the Week: PurpleFairy
Song of the week: --sunshine--
Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
Summary of the week: Tanthya 
Funny scene of the week: the_rain

Picture of the WeekDaShIng_GiRl
Filler of the Weekcindrella255 
Rating of the Week: Princess_Khushi
Blooper of the week: mazkachazka

Joota Scene of the Weekrechup
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week:aquablue17
Achari Scene of the Week: mahi0809
Most Irritating Character of the WeekShiningStar18
 Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week: Miss-Pakiie_KMH
Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: Suvi7884
Message to CVs, Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-
Best character of the week: shobrakapoor

Winner animated avis: --sunshine--
Newsletter Banner/logos/animations: khushix
Getting everything together & working on the final posts and layout:--sunshine-- & PurpleFairy


Much love,
Newsletter Heads: Neethi (PurpleFairy) & Sanjana (--sunshine--)
and offcourse Minu (minuu) CoolROFL

Sanju(--sunshine--) Neetz(PurpleFairy) and Minu(minuu)


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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 9:44am | IP Logged

This week  we saw an exit of one character and an entry of another..if one went shedding copious tears, Another came in spreading cheer and laughter  !!
PAYASH finally get engaged without any overt Melodrama while at the same venue Arnav anounces that his engagement plan has been cancelled ..The Shocked family whicha was already acquainted with the news demands explanation ..But Arnav refuses to provide  apart from saying that he is not fully sure about the relationship... Angered by his last min refusal to  honor his relationship with Lavanya , Khushi seeks out Arnav and takes him to task, in the process she also lets slip the fact that her own engagement has broken too..Arnav is perplexed and concerned but Khushi leaves without providing any explanation for her broken engagement..
Lavanya departs to London extending her wish to Arnav ... The Raizada and  Gupta family get busy in  PAYASH wedding  Preparation ...
Shyam begins his next moves ..he  instills  the idea that Anjali is not a good wife  and  uses her wealth to keep him in his place..Accordingly he presents few such scenes between himself and an Innocent Anjali  ..creating confusion in the mind of Khushi ..
With the preparation for wedding heating up.. Mami's relative from Australia Nand Kishore lands up in Raizada Mansion , striking fears, annoyance in the very hearts of the lions Arnav and Akash ... Contrarily Khushi and Nand Kishore who  prefers to be called NK hit it of very well sending sparks of jealousy shooting into ASR's veins...
Arnav organizes a  cocktail party in honor  of PAYASH.. Khushi does nto like the theme and tries to put forth her ideas which are rejected by  Arnav...

The emotional roller coaster first half of the week turned out to be a comedy circus by the time it ended!
Starting from Wahan RakhRakhav Pustak, to Khushi pulling a bewildered Arnav to her bathroom and ending to the comic antics of the westernised & male version of Khushi Kumari Gupta in the name of NandKishore; there were many fun elements this week.Among them, the Funny Scene of the Week is the introduction scene between Khushi Kumari Gupta and NK.Buaji's NandKishore might live higher up in the heaven but Mamiji's NandKishore jumped without a warning from Kidney, oops, I mean Sidney! Somewhat Irritably hilarious NK meets KKG first time and mistakes her to be a dance teacher while she thinks him a saree-dealer. NK in his over excitement shows KKG his dance moves which forced us viewers to exclaim What the along with ASR! 
After a lot of confusion, ASR finally comes to rescue and introduces them. Once recovered from the initial misunderstanding, NK & KKG seem to get along pretty well. The moment ofthe day comes when Aakash noticing this, states that NK & KKG are perfect match for each other making ASR experience the first hit of the green devil of jealousy. This one expression from ASR took the scene to some other level, hence being chosen as the funniest scene of the week.
Once small question to end it, did Rajpalji's daughter mailed the dress back to Khushi? Last time I checked it was stolen? 


Joota scene is the scene after watching which we all are about to break our TV screens.
This week's joota is also a shyamu scene. Shyam is planning something and is trying to make Anjali bad infront of Khushi. He pretended to be talking with a pandit and told Anjali that pandit insisted him to do something religious to save his life. Later he manipulated all these things to prove Anjali weird in front of Khushi. This action of Shyam left Khushi perplexed. 


Hi to all you lovely ArHilicious Droolers out thereHug,
Mujhe miss toh nahi kiya na?LOLWink
       There was no such hot or spicy scene this week except for Arnav's eyelocks/ staring session when Khushi danced to Salaam-e-Ishq. Lavanya was also there dancing, but Arnav had eyes only for our nat-khat, chulbulli jalebi bai Khushi Kumari Gupta. Khushi looked stunning in the anarkali style kameez with curly hair. She looked like a desi version of barbie in that gorgeous pink suit adorned with bangles and a bindiClap. No wonder Arnav ji couldn't keep his eyes off his princess. Plus Arnav looked pretty dashing himselfBlushing. Though I had only one qualm with such a cute scenario. I really wanted to see Arnav and Khushi dancing together. That would have made everything perfect Heart, absolutely perfect Day Dreaming...but alas, hazaron khwaishain aisi kay har khwaish pay dum niklay lol...
         Hoping to see some good HOT ArHilicious moments next week, now that both Khushi and Arnav are single, and ready to mingle with each other hehe.
...So till then guys,
                                             Have fun, and live life to the fullest
                                             Yours truly, Mahi Heart


The best rakshabndhan scene of this week was totally the towel scene. I loved the way Khushi was teasing her jiji about her new Jijaji! It was so cute!! And the way she was imitating Akash?!!? Aww!!!It was just so adorable! This jiju- sali pair are soo going to be blast!! 
I also loved the reactions Payal was showing. She was completely bewildered by the craziness that her sister was showing. It was just so cute, showing the festivities of a upcoming marriageBig smile 

This week had few high points and much low points...V got 2 see La's exit and a NandKishore's entry
So, coming to the fillers, majority of the week was fillers...
I m prepared for chappals n jhoothis of various sizes...the Arnav-Khushi bathroom scene...
To be more apt, the scene where she starts jogging-on-the-spot n screaming...dat scene was a bit let down...That seemed more of a filler between two tracks...
And Thursday's epi, one whole day for welcoming Syndey se aaye huye NK babu...with mamiji's KKKG nautanki version,  a complete filler
I hope next week meets our expectations

And a Merry Christmas to all

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 26296

Posted: 24 December 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged

      ''Confusion hi confusion hai solution kuch patha nahi
     Solution jo mila to saala question kya tha pata nahi''     
 my condition is somewat like this! i was really confused i mean Maha Confused abt d BC, so i asked maria, sabs nd many of them abt it!! accordin to their view, ive finally choosed d best character nd oh its a tie! its none other thn... [my 2nd fav jodi]LOL
Best character means d character who entertains us nd prooves best among other characters! so ive choosen them in this POV! first of all i'll strt with la! la understands dat arnav is in love with khushi that's y he broke up with her! but she doesnt show any sign of anger to this! she tells khushi to take care of arnav as she knows dat only khushi can make him listen! she doesnt even think dat arnav made a mistake! she supports him tellin everyone nt to blame him! finally she advices arnav dat if d right girl comes in his life accept her nd live hppily! she's such a considerate nd carin person!!!
 nxt to natkat nandkishore! usually d new character does nt come in d BC list so easily but this person prooved me wrong! he entertained us alot last week! his dialogues, expression everything was fab! his entry itself was so funny! d most funniest part of him was when he danced in classical thinkin khushi is his dance teacher! he didnt even see khushi before but he became friendly with her so easily! i mean d best frnd of khushi! he even understands when khushi gets sad give funny suggestions to her! he even supports khushi when she said she wants desi songs in d party he tells dat he'll talk abt it to arnav!!! he's so friendly nd behaves nicely to everyone! he even speaks nicely to HP! usually people frm abroad i mean minority think dat they r superior thn others nd orders them ! but this guy is nt at all like dat!!! hope to see his fun side in the upcomin epi nd cv's plz dont turn him negative!
[funny dance , wish cv's would've added funny music]
 so that's it 4 this week!! see u all next week at the cocktail party aka moorge ki pooch with nanav, payaash, NK nd khushi!!!


The most irritating character of the week is one whom we get annoyed at seeing all the time and just want to throw something at the screen at seeing him/her. This week, without doubt, it's Shyam again! This is because of the sole reason that he's trying to act smart by making Anjali look bad infront of Khushi. Talk about low standards. It was hell irritating to see him get successful in his cheap mission though which kind of husband does that? Why act so desperate to get Khushi? Or rather try to go in her good books again? On the other hand, why isn't he getting exposed by now? It's damn annoying to see Anjali swoon over him when he is busy making evil grins to the camera.Confused Really don't want him to mess the situation up further.

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week section. This week indeed has been many hilarious dialouges and incidents that it reduced us to tears...As NK has boarded the ship its getting kinda hard for me to decide one funny character lol...everyone is giving their best and trying to win the most prestigious award ever made..ahem yea...LOL
 So anyways without any further delay i would like to announce that the funniest character this week goes to non other then NK...yep cool dude...Its been only two days since he's entered the show and he's got me saying "Aww he's adorable"LOL
 I hope he stays this way with his epic hindi...his not so very Australian accent (who would know that better then me lolLOL) and oh his stupid yet hilarious jokes...!!
 All i can say is Nandu ji just keep making us laugh with ur cute jokes and keep irritating Nanav Ji...but do not cross ur limits...look at KKG only as a friend otherwise we will not hesitate to join hands with Arnie boy and kick yea u know watLOL
 So this is all for this week...will be back next week same place same time...c u later eligators...(i know my maturity level is very high)LOL
 Love Ammie

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged

This week the strongest contender for the costume of the week was Khushi and hence, this one goes to her. Not only her clothes, but her overall look was very impressive specially the curls.

We are just just loving the way both are lieing about there feelings so this song is just perfect for our ArHi

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 26296

Posted: 24 December 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged

Helooo fellooos...feels great to resume work after a 3 weeks sorry i got held up with my colg. work..chalo khair now im lil free and back to my best..Wink i.e noticing bloopers..hope i was missed..hehe..just kidding..


So this scene was bungle ,payal-khushi-arnav were presumed to be having a talk in payal-khushi's bedroom that too,right infront of the toilet..but then immedietly in the next frame they're standing near their main door??i say what the!!Confused Kya mixing ki hai scenes ki ..itna obvious location change it was..hmph!! i hate when  continuity breaks in a scene..


And how in the world did Khushi manage to find this lost dress of her's???yeh toh chori hogaya tha na at the time of nainital trip??acha toh we should take it this way,that girl got caught for stealing khushi's clothes and ASR ordered for them to be returned to their rightful owner.LOL.kya yaar CV's couldn't even maintain this one..i say why don't they have a wardrobe change for Khushi..of all the people she gets to wear repeated clothes..i want her to see in new shalwar kameez..*wishful thinking*



And im saying this repeatedly pleassseee CV's and directors of our dear show as much as we understand actors get extremely busy at sometimes  but it kills the scene for me when they use body sure that's the case with most of us..hmph!!i hope its not repeated..are u hearing guys??Ouch

 Okay then my dear fellawss..have a great weekend ahead..

Big smile


La (on ASR): Sirf tumhi ho jo unse woh sab keh paati ho jo woh nahi sunna chahte. I mean, ASR ko kya chahiye yeh unhe khud hee nahi pata. Par tum, tum toh samajhdaar ho na, Khushi?
Khushi: Ji?
La: Aaj nahi toh kal tum samajh jaogi. Chahe ASR samjhe ya na samjhe...

Pride and Glory
" We Belong to Each Other "

Every time I speak to you
The more I fell in love with you,
I had no choice but to let it go
For I could bear an empty heart, 
But not lose a smile that made the dark glow,
I stays quiet even when you said I am going away,
My heart wanted you to stop
But my lips didn't have the strength to say,
Holding back everything, I saw you go away,
There is no-one who can take your place
For I have stitched my heart with your love's lace
Captured in it is the memoir of your face,
For you, I can Let go anything, though Only not You
Now it makes me wonder, Do you feel the consequence ?
Wonder if you ever felt the same ?
Wonder if your heart skipped a beat ?
I don't know how to express the sentiments
I don't how to encapsulate the words,
I don't know what my Heart Wants, 
Have you ever given it, 
A thought that just maybe
You belong with me ?
Today, i see you ecstatic with some person
And my heart crushed as a seething mourn,
Don't you ever snub me,
Don't you ever leave me like this, 
How could my Heart deny that You're Only mine ?
If you walked away by my sight 
I merely can't let it befall,
I can't gulp this distress of Losing you again,
The way that i feel full of surging Love
A sensible sense of completion in your Love
Even if you're miles apart, yet you're bonded with me,
Even if you're neglecting me, i just can't let it happen
Because You, Your Heart, Your Soul is truly Mine,
You can't leave me on the Lanes of Loneliness,
You can't make me subtle with your absence,
My heart' compass only rotates in your direction,
Oh My Love! We Belong to each Other,
As the Sky belongs to Earth
As the Roses Belongs to Leaf,
As the Angel belongs to Wings.

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged

we haad a filler beginning and superb ending this tym so i was confused for which stuff to choose but finally i got my final choice , eerhm i meaan CHOIC-ESLOL kyaa haai ke i always end with 2 winners :) something like " aadat se majboor ? " =P anywaays the two winners are two gorgeeous PS users Big smile myyy angel ...pariHug aka " paritha"


and khushi 

congraatz both of yoou <3Hug

Here's your gift!!

will give this award to fizuu <3 a welcome gift for her :) she's simply awesome


and also a winning tag to dangelz <3 she's awesome and the icon she maade is perfect 


congraatz both of youHug

Here's your gift!!

Made by - Sano88

Here's your gift!!

Made by - sakeenaLuvEK-KM

Made by - paritha

Here's your gift!

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged

Here's your Gift:

Sabs (coolsabs)

Here's your Gift:

This week was amusing! In the beginning of the week, we got to see the worried, soft-hearted Arnav who cared for both Khushi and Lavanya. Lavanya's exit was sad but the scenes later on made up for it. What surprised me was that Khushi is doubting Anjali that too because of what Shyam is making her see. And how shameless can that guy be? Angry The end of the week was full on masti. Thus, it's 4 out of 5. One point reduced due to Khushi's thoughts and shameless Shyam. NK is surely bringing in the fun that was promised by the article. Next week is surely a thing to look forward to! 


Nandkishore? What a time.. and grand entry LOL.. Many of the viewers are looking forward to seeing NK in action and the love triangle where his closeness with Khushi will get ASR jelous, the viewers want to see a jelous 'Nanaav' ROFL!! A good week of show time, what viewers are really looking forward to is the cocktial party next weeks, come on CVs, make it one of the BEST cocktail parties aired in indian televisionCool.. and another thing, Shyam still continueing to play his tricks?? I think we are all getting tired and bored of him, so just end that.

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 9:55am | IP Logged

Heart Ache, by Purplelicious

Here's your gift.

Forever Mine, by Smileyface

Here's your gift!

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