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Tumhari Disha - 6th April Update (India)

swathi Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 10:58pm | IP Logged


Tumhari Disha - 6th April, '05 India episode Update


Today's episode was significant in terms of Dish proving DK as innocent. To know how read on....




DK and family are seated in a hall where a channel 'View TV' is describing a scoop that DK was caught in a sting operation. Everyone is shocked. Aai tells that she will take Dish along with her. DK is trying to convince everyone that he is not the person shown in the sting operation. Dish comes to know that Pori and Gargi were behind the whole thing by the virtue of an audio tape but she accidentally deletes the critical portions of the tape which could have proved DK's innocence.




Dish is thinking in her room as to how could she accidentally delete the contents of the tape. She is now worried as to how she can actually prove DK's innocence. Suddenly she rushes to a room and checks all cupboards, drawers and pulls everything out. She is not able to find out anything and comes out. Just then Pori comes in. It was actually Pori's room that Dish had ransacked. Pori is completely shocked. She remembers that she was speaking with someone over the phone and had kept the cassette of hers and Gargi's conversation over the table. (they show it as flashes of remembrance). She is completely shocked and angry and rushes out of the room.


Here Gargi is having breakfast (ok she was sitting on the dining table chair and having something). Pori rushes out to her and enquires as to how she can even think of coming to her room. Gargi says Pari...Oh Gargi auntie not again....if am your guest it really does not mean that you can come to my room anytime you want and remove my valuables. Now Gargi is becoming slowly angry and asks Pori as to what rubbish she is talking about. Pori continues arguing with Gargi. Gargi now becomes really furious and asks her as to what valuable stuff is she talking about. Now realization dawns on Pori that maybe Gargi is not the culprit and maybe it is someone else. Gargi continues to ask her about what valuable stuff is she talking about. Pori fumbles and mentions that actually her purse is lost. Gargi is sarcastic and says ya your purse is very valuable and it contains crores of rupees and I have taken them. Pori is lost for words and moves away from there.


Dish is in her room and is still worried as to what she can do now. Just then DK enters the room. He tells her that he knows that after yesterday's incident she completely hates him and does not even want to see his face. In fact if she wants she can even move out of his house. But before leaving he just wants to tell her to trust him and he did not do the thing. Before he can continue Dish interrupts him by saying 'Kal tak tho mujhe lagta tha ki tum gunhegaar ho. Lekin aaj mujhe yakin hai ki tum bekasoor ho and aur tumhe fansaya jaa raha hai. Mujhe tum par pura bharosa hai' (Last sentence echoes) (Translation: Till yesterday I was under the impression that you are at fault but now I believe that you are innocent and someone has trapped you. I trust you completely). DK is taken unawares by her statement and is surprised as well as happy (A relieved look on his face that his Dish trusts him).


DK: Lekin tumhe kaise pata hain


(Translation: How do you know ?)


Dish: woh sab baad mein batati hoon. Pehle mujhe tumhe nirdosh

saabit karna hain


(Translation: I will tell you all this later. First I have to prove that you are innocent)


DK: Disha main tumhe yeh bhi batana chahta hoon ki kal raat main kahan tha.


(Translation: Disha, I need to tell you where I was last night)


Dish: Woh sab baad mein baat kaenge DK.


(Translation: We will speak on this later DK)


Saying this she just rushes out. Dk thinks that who can be possibly behind this whole thing. (Oh god DK, can't you see it's all coz of your step mom. I wonder how you created the Kanaka empire when you cannot see through such a simple thing.)


Here Dish comes to the office of 'View TV' (The channel which exposed the sting operation concerning DK). There is an executive who is trying to stop Dish from meeting someone. Disha is angry and tells him as to how they can show such an idiotic thing concerning a businessman like DK without even verifying the facts. She needs to see the video of the expose immediately. The executive says but madam what can we do. This is all the things of high people and I really cannot do anything about it. Dish is insistent and threatens them saying that she will use some other methods if not allowed to examine the video. Then we see that the executive is finally forced to show her the video. In a video room Dish is sitting in front of the TV and there is another guy who is also sitting in front of a TV with some controls. The executive is standing right behind Dish. Dish is looking at the video and asks the person next to her to zoom, close up, right left and so on. The executive says madam 'am telling you that the person in this video is DK sehgal only.' We get to see the promo scenes once again. Finally there is a scene where in the guy in the video is embracing the girl and Disk asks the guy to zoom to near the guy's collar. We see that there is a small purplish tattoo (it looked like a crab to me. I did not clearly notice) behind his neck. Dish is overjoyed and shouts that DK does not have this mark on his neck (Now I really don't know how she knows this. His neck is always covered by a collar. Maybe she noticed it during the night when DK proposed her??!! But then the producers of TD know best). She is outside the room and is talking with someone over the phone (guess to the head of View TV) that she wants an apology from the channel. If they don't broadcast the apology she may even file a defamation suit against them. She also mentions that he is talking with Mrs. Disha Sehgal. She is happy at the end of the conversation.


DK is in his room and thinking to himself. What is happening? Every time I think that am getting closer with Dish and I feel that she is also warming up to me something or the other happens like this. He also thinks as to where he was last night. Flashback: He is speaking with someone in a godown. DK tells the person Make sure that Gurnani does not make the deal with Gargi. and passes on a suitcase (of course should be with money) to the other guy. The other guy promises that whatever he said would be done. DK says that I have built up Kanaka Empire with my sweat and toil over these years and I don't want Persons like Gurnani to come and spoil its reputation. Flashback ends. DK is now kind of confused as to what he has done. He thinks that what if Dish comes to know. Dish had told him to never do any bad deed and here he has done this. He tells to himself emphatically that he can never afford to lose Disha.


Pori meets up with Dish and asks her as to how she can ransack her room. Dish says that she knows that only Pori was behind DK's problem. Pori asks her how she can speak so as she was not the girl in the video. Dish tells her that she may not be the girl but she is the cause of the whole drama. Pori asks her to prove it with evidence.


Gurnani calls up Gargi and says that he cannot give her the promised commission. Gargi says that you know Gurnani that DK had blacklisted you and I have given you the contract purely on the basis of this commission alone and you are refusing. Gurnani however refuses to budge from his position and the conversation ends. Gargi is thoughtful. Gurnani seems to be very afraid. I am sure it must be all DK's handiwork. I will make it sure that this is the last action by DK.


Whole house is sitting in front of TV. (Ved, DK, Dish, Gargi and Pori). View TV shows an apology wherein they say that they are sorry for the expose that the person that they showed was not DK and it was some other person. Gargi and Pori are shocked at the turn of the events. Ved also seems to be surprised. Disha looks on victoriously at all of them. She keeps giving on this 'I got you' looks at Gargi and Pori. Gargi and Pori do not notice her as they are already shocked. DK makes a declaration as to he will make sure that whoever has done this will pay for it. Gargi and Pori exchange uncomfortable glances.


Gargi and Pori meet. Gargi is angry with Pori as to how she botched up the whole plan. Pori replies that till yesterday she was praising her and now today. Gargi replies it was different yesterday. Plan was working while today....I thought that DK would shut himself in his room and would not be able to face the world. But now he is out and is ready to take on anyone. Pori says that all this is only because of Dish. Gargi mentions that I brought you here so that Dish goes out of this house. How much more time do you want. ? Pori mentions that things cannot happen so fast and she will do something about Dish. Gargi - I have already waited enough. Make sure this is your last plan and Dish should go out of the house with this plan of yours. I cannot wait anymore. Pori has a determined look on her face.


DK is sitting in his room when he gets a call. The guy says that the job is done. In case if DK wants he can even show his step mom Gargi her place. DK becomes angry and says that Gargi is my problem. You only do whatever you have been asked to do and nothing more. Dish is just outside his door to meet him. The guy asks DK for the rest of his payment. Dk says that there is no need to come to the house and he will make the payment soon. This is overheard by Dish and she enters the room in a rage. (Everyone is able to overhear everybody's conversations. I am not going to give you a list here but every episode nowadays has an overhearing scene) DK is shocked beyond words to see her in his room.

Disha - when will you ever change yourself? Every time I think that you are now reformed (reformed sounds a bit different as if he has committed some major blunder. The Hindi word that she used was 'sudharoge'. Something like when he will become a better person.) And I trusted you. But then you do something like this. Your whole family is like this. You guys can never be corrected.

Dk- Disha, but please listen to me.

Dish - I don't want to listen to anything


She goes out of the room. DK continues calling out to her and the episode ends on his 'what to do now' type look on his face.


My take on this episode:


I now seriously want the old DK back. He is all the time pining for Dish and doing nothing constructive in terms of getting back his business or starting something new. Ok agreed that he cannot see Kanaka going down but still it is not enough. and another thing is I really can't understand how till now he could not make out that Gargi was behind all this plot of framing him.


Like all the other serials, in this episode also, Disha puts on the detective cap and is ultimately successful in clearing the blame thrust on DK.


This episode had no significant focus on anyone in particular. Gargi had acted well and showed that she was being impatient with the way things are going. DK as usual had shown his state of mind (Dish, Dish and only Dish.) We could also see that he is worried about his empire and I feel that he may manage to get it back from Gargi in few months. Pori has this mysterious tattoo type thing below her neck. I liked Disha today. The way she looked as well her acting.


And another thing that I felt yesterday was that DK and Dish need no one to create problems between them. They create enough misunderstandings between themselves. Communication is something which is not found in their dictionary. Like how you call some relations as Love-Hate relation. I felt that their relation can be called as Trust-Distrust relationship.


Ciao then...today we may see DK convincing Dish about what he had done. Whether she gets convinced or not remains to be seen. And what is Pori's next plan???



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venusian_gurl Newbie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Hi Swathi ,

Thanks for the wonderfull update.
I totally agree with you, we all need the old DK back.. tired of seeing this helpless DK.

I fail to understand that why can't DK take Disha in confidence and then fight against the evil (Gargi). One thing surprises me a lot is that how the state of utter confusion is created. Dk and Disha walk up to each other and put allegation and walk out without giving the other person a chance to speak up and clarify.

It is very contradictry that sometimes it is shown how the 2 D's are developing fatih in each other and at the same time not listen /understand the other person..

PriyaS Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:30pm | IP Logged

Thanks Swathi great update.

I agree with all your comments.  I don't know about the rest of you but I am tired of the continous back and forth between the two Ds. Trusting each other one day, accusing each other the next.  If Disha wants to leave, she should just go and DK should get back on track in terms of getting his business back, and getting rid of Gargoyle. 

The pathetic, lovelorn, saint DK really gets on my nerves.  The strong, in control, I don't need anyone DK is much sexier!!

krazee_gurl Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
thanx  so  much swathi
.....Lata..... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
Clap Swathi
Culture Senior Member

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:41pm | IP Logged

why i saretd t like DK was coz he was strong and handsome and in control. now i dunno most times disha is shouting at him, accusing him (misunderstanding and only misunderstandings) and doing al the more difficult work ar acting detective.

a woman like pori shud have been scared of DK and she is getting him into trouble. no one, not even gargi dared to really miss with teh old DK now every tom dick and harry is geeting him into funny situations. I want my OLD DK back. this new one needs some more character and strength.

loving Dish and all is ok but i guess he can figh his own battles and also WIN !


shaheen4u Groupbie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
 thanx  4 the update swatiSmile
queen-bee Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:48pm | IP Logged

Hi Swathi,

thanks for the wonderful update of this drag episode.

I agree with u all,that we want our old macho Dk not this 'rondhu',can't take this cry baby anymore.

This episode reminded me of KKusum (no offence to anyone) but old kkusum (nausheen) used to get Abhay out of mess just  like this.I think it is getting contaminated, producers better fix it right now before it gets out of hand.

Anyway, swathi thanks a lot for updating this 'sada sa epi'.



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