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::Comparisons between HinduMythos & HarryPotter::

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 6:12am | IP Logged

Just last night, I was re-watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: part 2, and after thinking about the whole series, I was stunned to see that there were many similarities between Harry Potter and Ramayan/Mahabharat.

To all those mytho/Harry Potter fans out there, what's your take on this? Do you agree or disagree, and if you agree, what do you think are the strongest similarities between scenes, characters, settings, etc?

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Harry Potter and Ramayana/Mahabharata similarities?

Harry Potter, Hermoine and Ron end up in a forced "Vanvaas" similar to Laxman, Sita and Ram. Jealously, loyalty, doubts come into play very similar to issues explored in Ramayana. Dumbledore alternates between being Bheesma and Krishna.

Similar to the themes in Ramayana and Mahabharata, almost nobody is perfect. Sita, Ram, and Krishna were the perfect characters in Ramayana and Mahabharata; Hermoine comes close to perfection in the Harry Potter series.

It is good to see these similarities. When kids eventually migrate to knowing Ramayana and Mahabharata later, they will appreciate all the moral dilemnas in these excellent texts.
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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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What Has Made Harry Potter Famous

Book Review by:Jaysuj Original Author: J K Rowling
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Harry potter, the book in itself is a classic, also the creator J K Rowling is now a legend. The book paved the way for the arrival of a new class of people "Potter heads, Potterians, Potter maniacs and Potter people." It became a new cultural phenomenon. The world that these people live in is magical and woven together by a magical yet logical thread called Imagination.
What is it that these people find so alluring in the series? The author knew best how to earn the empathy for her characters from the readers. Being an orphan, Harry shares something common with Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Oliver Twist, which is not so uncommon today. They are all good natured at heart striving with their every fibre of being to survive in a world which has been wicked to them in everyway. Its surprising that how simple fantasy scholl storeies had engagingly and completely won the hearts and heads of children and adult readers all over the world. No book or series or author could ever justify this popular, cultural and literary success.

People have lost count of number of times they have flipped through the pages of each of the Potter books and still they feel just as thrilled as their first read. The 'Feel Good' factor that these books have is a joyous description beyond words. It is probably because people can relate themselves to the characters which have been portrayed magically in a humorous way. Be it Dumbledore or Professor Snape. Everyone has a favorite. Rowling has brought together two things that appeal most to the reader – the boarding school magic and practical magic. It is no wonder why everyone is hooked. Contrary to the general view, Harry potter was made by Media Hype, the awards these books won, confirm the real origin of the success. Its the way the narration and plots are constructed that has won the wholehearted love and enthusiasm from people.
J K Rowling in her book has heavily borrowed stuff from Indian mythology; she has created characters which attract children and adults alike. Do not our Panchtantra, Jataka tales, Vikram aur Betal overflows with elements of fantasy ranging from resident ghosts, talking animals, individuals who can assume shapes of their likes, and all kinds of magic? The characters and their names have got meanings deep rooted in mythology and history. People can easily compare Harry Potter to Mahabharata, which portrays war between good and evil. JKR beautifully conveys the message that world is a place where Good and Evil co-exist, as how Mahabharata says, "Sambhavami Yuge Yuge."

The potter culture also made people go back to fantasy and literature and made them read their own native literature which is vivid in imagination and description. To Indians, Potter is nothing but old wine in new bottle. Rowling emphasized that Harry is not a larger than life character. He is just like any other school boy, who also does badly in class, gets punishments from his teachers, and has crushes like normal teens. One can imagine themselves in such situations where Harry nervously asks his crush out for a dance the first time and is disappointed when she turns him down, his essence of friendship when he stands up for them or in his encounters with You Know Who !
Harry in his seven book-long journeys had not just Hermione and Ron to accompany him as his supporters, but the entire Potter Population in his mission to help him 'vanquish 'the dark wizard. "The Boy Who Lived" will always be 'The Chosen One' in the hearts of Potterians, immortalized without the help of The Philosopher's Stone .


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Similarity between Ramayan, Harry Potter & LOR March 22, 2011
Filed under: Personal — omus @ 12:43 pm

Ramayan Harry Potter Lord of the rings
Hero Ram Harry Potter Frodo
Place Ayodhya Hogwarts School Middle Earth
Villian Ravan Voldemort Sauron
Sita Hermione -"may be Smeagol"
Laxman Ron Sam
Hanuman Dumbledore Gandalf

During past one month I saw Ramayan, Harry Potter & LOR. And I was stunned to see the similarities between all three of them. All three are legends in their respect. Ramayan is oldest of all three & is a religion for close to 1 billion people. Harry Potter & LOR are recent writings & have huge fan following.

All three have a similar story line: there is an evil that is feared by all & by his croakiness wants to rule whole world. So to destroy the evil, a hero is born & who after lot of struggle finally kills the evil. In all three, evil once was a good character, but eventually gets corrupt under influence of power.

More stunningly, Ramayan & Harry Potter looks to be Xerox copy of each other.
Just like in Ramayan, the hero has to go undergo lot of challenges & fights right from his childhood days & he wins all of them by his wisdom, patience & power.
Just like Ramayan, the hero is always accompanied by two other central characters: one male & other female. Moreover both the novels are named after its main central character.
I often feel, if given same environment & time as Ramayan, Harry Potter also has potential to become a religious text in itself, with its central characters as god.

..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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^^ These three articles I found very interesting! If you guys know of other ones, please do post them.
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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 12:26am | IP Logged
Wow, I never thought of it that way but it's a really interesting point of view.

You got me interested and I found some interesting points about it.


Elements of Myth in Harry Potter

1st post:

The beauty of J.K. Rowling's "epic" is that it is so close to myth while being a having a "modern" background. One could easily find a lot of similarities in the events, themes and characters of HP with myth from different civilisations. Norse, Christian, English and Arthurian symbolisms are often used in the series.
One could also find elements of Hindu mythology in the events of the series. It's probably so because all mythological concepts basically build on the same premises. The Mahabharata in Hindu mythology is an account of a great war between the Good and the Not-So-Good. Although the war is believed to have lasted only 18 days, it had changed the face of civilisation. Here are some points about the epic which are in essence similar to some events in the HP Series.

1. The war between Right and Wrong, and the importance of choices: In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas fought their own cousins, the Kauravas over the issue of the right to rule over a kingdom. The kingdom symbolises the "Final Purpose" – the end of evil in the HP world. Arjuna – the warrior master among the Pandavas, was initially reluctant to take up arms against the baddies – his own kins. The Kauravas on the other hand were only too eager to get on with the fight. Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu (the Preserver of the Universe in Hindu faith) sought an interview with Arjuna and Duryodhana (leader of the Kaurava warriors); and placed before them a choice.

"If you must fight against each other", he said, "I'll be glad to offer my help to both of you, as you're both my kin. One of you will have the services of my Narayani Sena (Krishna's army), and the other shall have ME on their side. Be informed, though, that I shall not touch a single weapon in the war. I will serve not as a warrior, but as a charioteer. Which of you wants my army?"

Duryodhana said, "I do"

"And you, Arjuna?" asked Krishna.
"I'll have you, Lord, and I couldn't choose better!" said Arjuna

Arjuna's choice would make him emerge victorious in the Mahabharata. Krishna would be his charioteer in the war, instructs him to perform his duties as a warrior, and guides him in the war.

2. The wise old warrior CHOOSES to die:
Bhishma, grandfather of the Pandavas and the Kauravas had been granted the boon of "icchamrityu" (death at will). He chose to die when he thought his duty was done and that he should do well to die than see the end of the war. Not like Dumbledore except that I think Dumbledore also "chose" to die.

3. The wise old warrior requests his favourite subject to kill him: Bhishma requested Arjuna to give him the death of a warrior.
I believe that Snape was Dumbledore's man, and did the unthinkable at the behest of his true "Master"

4. The War of Equals: Arjuna for the Pandavas and Karan for the Kauravas were seen as each others' nemesis. If there was one warrior who could defeat Arjuna at archery, it was Karan, and vice versa!
Their strikes at each other bore no result, until Krishna instructed Arjuna to strike at Karan when he was unprepared. Krishna had to repeatedly advise Arjuna on the illusions of morality, life and death, etc, before he could convince Arjuna that he should strike Karan when the latter is unready if he wanted this war to end.
Harry's and Lord Voldemort's wands don't work against each other. They are, as per the prophecy, each others' Nemesis, and if there's a way either could kill the other, it's when the latter is unready.

5. And finally, the sacrifice of the Half-Giant: Bhima, the Pandava master of Strength, had married Hadimba, a Giantess of the Himalayas. Their son Ghatotkach, was, thus, a half giant. During the war, Ghatotkach was called in by Bhima and commanded to take on his chest an unbeatable weapon – the Brahmastra – meant for one of the Pandavas. Ghatotkach did so, and died, but while he fell to the earth, he made sure he crushed as many enemy soldiers under his bulk as he could.
Rubeus Hagrid – the Half Giant son of Fridwulfa (also a mountain giantess) and a Wizard may have to do his duty unto the "Purpose".

2nd post:
The themes of "death" "wars" "vows" etc run throughout the series as well as in Mahabharata. Also involvement of characters at diff parts and times suddenly is also a characteristic found in both HP and Mahabharata(mbh).
For eg: Professor lockhart was introduced in the 2nd HP book and then he appeared suddenly in the 5th hp book. another eg:Dobby was an imp character in the 2nd book, he again came into the 4th book. Similarly in mbh (eg 1)Vyasa keeps coming magically in and out of the epic, &(eg 2)Krishna, too though appeared lot of times behind the scenes, he was a dominant character in the whole epic.This shoes Mbh has influenced Rowling to write Hp
I also found many similarities in the events of mbh & HP.for Eg Similarities b/w(1)Krishna's and Harry's births. They were both saved from mortal danger so unexpectedly and under such adverse, similar condition.The people who wanted to kill Krishna & Harry were evil and feared by the people.Both Kans and Voldemort were evil. Both killed people, ruthlessly. Both were feared by the common people. Both (kans) tried to kill Krishna and (voldemort) tried to kill Harry. Both failed. Harry is now destined to (maybe) kill voldemort and Krishna grew up to kill Kans. So, the wars b/w(& incidentally, throughout the series) voldemort & HP and Kans & krishna are very much similar, too.
Similarity(2):Both HP & mbh are basically centered around the the theme "the war b/w good and evil. In mahabharata, it is the war b/w Pandavas(good) & Kauravas(evil) & in HP it is Harry,dumbledore,lupin…etc versus Voldemort,death eaters etc.
(3) The spells and curses of HP are similar to that of boons, curses and weapons in mbh.
(4) Dumdledore is similar in character to krishna.

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