Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Update -6 April 05

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 1:31pm | IP Logged

Today's episode was full of hits and misses… hide-and-seek … catch-me-if-you-can…

Armaan and Jassi so close, so close, and yet so far…. Playing games with our heartsCry…. And boggling our mindsWacko


Last time, we left off where Armaan and Jassi were caught up with each other… her car was parked by the side of the road and he had slowed his gait to look closely at her.



For a few heart-stopping moments, Armaan stares intently into Jassi's eyes, while Jassi cannot turn away for the life of her. He stops walking and simply stands there, while they look directly at each other. There is a melancholic sound in the background.

A few moments later, Jassi rolls up her car window. His razor-sharp gaze tries to pierce through the window screen. Jassi averts her eyes and looks straight ahead. Armaan is just about to move closer, his eyes fixed on her face, when Raj suddenly appears from behind him and says, "Come on! The car is THATAWAY!! Come on..." giving him a gentle push in the other direction. Armaan looks startled, and gives himself a mental shake-up… and allows Raj to lead him away, still looking like as if lightning struck him... (and me too...OuchOuch)

Meanwhile, Jassi is thinking, "What is happening to me? Why did I react so violently when I saw Armaan Sir again? My heart almost stopped beating.. But I thought I was a changed person now.. I had sworn with a heavy heart that Armaan Sir will never affect me the way he affected Jassi… If this goes on, how will I ever prove Jassi innocent in my new role as Jessica? If merely coming near him makes me so weak, how will I ever find the strength to uncover the truth??"


Purab is watching the emotions flitting across Jessica's face, concerned. "Jassi, are you OK?" She says yes. Purab asks if they had seen her.. she says no. Purab says earnestly, "That's good. Don't go in front of them either. Until you are strong enough to deal with them, it's better if you stay away. Now that your work is over, you don't need to see them or show yourself. You'll be going to Paris now.. " Jassi agrees, "Yes, I will, Purab, but there's something I need to do before that. I must go home… I haven't met my family in so long, Purab! How can I go back without seeing how they are, now that I'm so close?" Purab smiles, "That's OK. You can meet your family and I have some work to take care of. We'll meet later at the hotel." And Jassi is thinking, nostalgically, "My home.. going home to my mother, my Papaji, my BebeBig smile…"



Mallika is waiting for Armaan and Raj who enter together. Raj is saying, "THIS is where you belong – this boardroom. Not that jail! I'm glad you're back. Thank God!!" Armaan looks at Mallika and says, "Mallika is the one I need to thank." Mallika gives him a cat-like smile, "No Armaan. Mallika is the only person in this world to whom you never need to say Thankyou or SorryDead. It's enough that you're OK."

Just then, Aryan enters the room and greets them in typical Aryan fashion. "Congratulations on your freedom, Armaan. Now you can free us from this problem too!" waving a bunch of papers in his hand. Armaan is cautious, "What's that?" Aryan replies, "The insurance papers of the ready shipment against which we want to take a loan. All it needs is your signature." Raj pipes in, "Armaan, that idea of mine, remember…!" Armaan says ruefully, "I'd thought only Jassi was capable of cooking up such ideas, but.. " Raj reacts, "You're insulting me now, you know that!!?" Armaan smiles and shakes his head, "I'm complimenting you, my friend. It's truly a brilliant idea."

Mallika says, "Well Armaan, you can read it before you sign.." Armaan tells her, "No Mallika. Right now I have something even more important to do. I'll be back later." Mallika is surprised and wary, "What work?" Armaan responds, "Jassi's Bebe is in hospital at this moment. I must go and meet her." Mallika's face looks as if a tempest is raging inside her headAngry.. the rest are stunned. She tries calling him back, "Armaan…" but he simply turns his back and strides away…



Jassi is ruminating outside her home, drinking in the familiar sweetness of the sights and sounds of the place. Several images come flashing through her mind – of Billu presenting her with a rose, of hugging Amrit and Bebe, of hugging her Papaji. Then the images turn unpleasant – of Billu throwing out her picture, her clothes, her spectacles, and her teddy bear… of Billu forcing Amrit and Bebe back inside the house when they tried to retrieve her things..Cry


Jassi jumps out of her daydream and for the first time, begins to feel uneasy. She thinks to herself, "Why is there no one outside? Usually at this time, Papaji sits outside and reads the paper, mama cuts veggies, Bebe cleans the rice. But I can't hear any sounds from the house? Where could they be? At least Bebe should have been at home!"


At the same time, Billu is standing at a bus-stop outside the hospital. He is very tensed and tired. He is just about to board the wrong bus but checks himself. Finally, he goes back to the end of the queue and waits again…


Jassi gets out from the car and walks to the door. She tries it, but it's locked. She is disturbed to see this.



Bebe is moaning, barely coherent, drifting in and out of consciousness. Armit and Nandu are by her side, holding her hand, stroking her hair. "Jassi beta.. aaja! Aaja! Bete aaja! I will get OK beta! Where are you… " Amrit and Nandu are trying to restrain their tears and be strong. Amrit coaxes Bebe to eat. Bebe repeats, "Jassi beta…" Nandu says, as if daring fate, "Bebe, yes, Jassi WILL come back, she will.. I will get her myself. Please don't be tense. Your operation is just about to take place!" Bebe is still moaning. The doctor enters the room and announces that everything is ready. "We must wheel her into the OT soon. Please allow her to rest." All of Jassi's images are running through her mind – of hugging Jassi, of reading her diary…Cry



Jassi spots Billu opening the gate to the house and goes into a panic. She quickly hurries to the side of the house and watches from amongst the flowers in the yard as Billu enters, inserts his keys in the lock and steps into the house. She tiptoes to the window grill and sees Billu inside the room, rifling through a drawer. He removes a file, extracts some money and counts it. He looks sad, then bites his finger, searches a cupboard and finds more money. He counts that too. He says aloud, "Fifteen thousand!" He comes across another file and says to himself, "A total of twenty thousand!" The doctor's voice echoes through his head, "You will need 2.5 to 3 lakhs for the operation." Billu thinks desperately, "What can I do with only twenty thousand!? Wahe Guru, only you can tell me what I should do!"

All this while, Jassi is watching through the window grill, seeing his panic but not understanding the reason for it. She has tears in her eyes. Billu is almost about to cry himself. He spots Jassi's gold medal lying on the floor, where it must have dropped out during his frantic search. He picks it up and holds it close to his heart, closing his eyes, missing Jassi deeply. He remembers how ecstatic he was when Jassi won it at school. Jassi is crying by now. He keeps the medal aside and sits down on the bed. With angry tears of frustration, he says to himself, "I have no option left now." (Silly me... I thought he was talking about selling off the gold medalTongue)



Amrit and Nandu are sitting by Bebe's bedside, trying to give her comfort. Bebe moans again, "Jassi.. I'm not going to leave this world without meeting you!" Amrit and Nandu are very upset. Just then, the doctor enters the room and commands the nurse to shift the patient to the Operation Theater. The nurse interjects that she cannot do that, as the money has not yet been deposited! The doctor is astounded to hear this and scolds the duo, "I had already told you to deposit the entire amount before the operation! I thought it would have been done! How very careless of you! That too about your mother? Her very life?" Amrit pleads with him, "Please, Doctor, my husband has gone to get the money and will be here very soon. Please take her for the operation." The doctor is exasperated and Nandu supports her by saying, "Please, don't do this! We are very upset. We are sure to arrange the money somehow.. please don't delay the operation!"

The doctor agrees despite his misgivings and leaves the room. The nurse holds out a paper to Amrit and asks her to sign it. Amrit is unsure and asks what it is. The nurse explains that it is a standard form, which must be signed before every operation. It states that in case something should happen to Bebe during the course of the operation, the hospital will not be held responsible. Amrit is shocked and questions the ethics of it but the nurse will have none of it, "Every hospital has its rules! We cannot perform the operation until you sign."Confused



Jassi is still peering through the window when Billu returns with a file under his arm. Jassi recognizes it as the file containing all the legal papers pertaining to their house, and she is stunned! She wonders where he is taking them. Billu is thinking, "All these years of working hard and I still haven't earned enough money to buy my Bebe the medical care she needs! Now all I can hope is that this house can be of some value to her." He is looking and feeling like a loser. Jassi is thinking, "Where is he taking these papers? Is he selling the house? No.. it can't be! But what about Mama and Bebe? Where are they? Are they not living here anymore? Oh God.. could they have left home??"OuchCry


Once Billu has left, Jassi rings the neighbor's doorbell and a lady opens the door. She looks blandly at Jassi, and does not recognize her. She speaks with a Punjabi lilt, "Haaanji?? Whom do you want?" Jassi explains that she had come to visit the house next door. The lady started off, with a sad face, shaking her head…"What can I say! That home has been besieged with troubles. First that Jassi, God knows where she went off. And then, the police, the newspapers, how could she have borne it all?" Jassi asks impatiently, "Who are you talking about??" The lady responds, as if the answer were all-too-obvious, "BEBE! She's had a heart attack!" Jassi's face turns green, she is completely blown away. The lady continues, "She is at the hospital, fighting for her life.." Jassi asks the name of the hospital and prompt comes the reply, "Nanavati!" Jassi turns around and starts towards the car. "Oh ..er.. and you?" calls out the lady behind her. Jassi ignores her and gets into her car (Bad manners, Jessica!!Tongue!)


AT THE HOSPITAL – Outside Bebe's Room / OT (I couldn't quite tell)

Armaan walks up to where Amrit and Nandu are sitting. He urgently asks Nandu, "Where is Bebe?" Nandu replies, "The operation is about to begin." Armaan exclaims, "Operation…!" He kneels near Amrit's chair and tries to talk to her (he is looking sooo cute!Embarrassed). "Auntie.." Amrit cries to him but he tries to be reassuring, "God will definitely hear our prayers. Believe me, nothing will happen to Bebe.. nothing." Billu walks up then holding the file under his arm. Nandu tells him that the doctors were asking for money for the operation. Billu replied, "Yes yes! At least let the operation get over first!" Armaan walks up to Billu hesitantly and says, "Uncle.. I know this is not really the right time to talk about this, but .. after today, no one will at any time bother you again. No one will say mean things to your family. The Board Members have given me this in writing." Billu says defeatedly, "What is the point in going over all this again? Now that you are here, I would be grateful if you would just pray for my Bebe's life…"



Jassi is on her way to Nanavati Hospital and praying with her eyes tightly shut, "Babaji, please make my Bebe well again… please make my Bebe well again Babaji…" Her hands are folded and she is the picture of desperate remorse, "If anything should happen to her, I don't know what I would do…"



Amrit slips out into the puja room. She locates an idol of Ganesh and starts praying, sobbing softly, "If anything should happen to Bebe, Jassi will never be able to bear it! Please make Bebe well again, God! Once, just once, let our family be complete again.. that's all I ask for! I want nothing else…"


Meanwhile, a nurse comes up to where Billu & Co. are gathered and exclaims, "What are you doing here!?! Go and deposit the money! Do you know how angry the doctor sahib was getting??" Billu starts saying something about waiting for the operation to get over but the nurse cuts him off threateningly, "If you don't fill in the money right this moment, then I'll….!!" Billu submissively asks her to show him where to do the needful and she asks him to follow her. Armaan and Nandu look at Billu's retreating back in confusion and Armaan asks him, "Nandu, how do you think Uncleji has arranged for the money?" Nandu says he doesn't know. Armaan says with a determined look in his eye, "Come with me!" They start off together.


At that instant, Jassi steps out of the hospital lift and begins walking. (My cable went on the blink for around a minute but I guess this is what happened in that minute – Armaan walking with Nandu down one corridor and Jassi making her way down another corridor, while keeping the viewers in suspense – will they bump? Will they jump?) Well, they didn't collide... The next scene has Billu at the reception. Jassi is just around the corner, and stops when she sees him. He says to the receptionist: "I have brought the papers of my house and have also spoken to the bank about mortgaging it." The receptionist says, "Mortgaging your home? But what are we getting out of this??" Billu hastens to explain, "Oh no! This is just proof that I can arrange for the money! I am keeping this house as guarantee. It will take at least 2-3 days to pay up." The lady responds sternly, "This is against the rules. We can do no such thing." A thunderbolt falls on Billu's head. He stammers, "Look, call the Senior Doctor." The lady says tiredly, "Now how can I explain to you?" Billu is beside himself and suddenly loses his cool. He shouts, frightening the wits out of her, "YOU are the one who needs to understand!! My mother is lying on that bed battling for her life, and you are trying to teach me the rules!!!!! Please! Three lakhs do not grow on trees!!" Faced with a raging Billu, the receptionist relents, "Please wait and I will speak to the doctor." Jassi has watched the entire confrontation and there are tears in her eyes. Billu finds a place to sit close by. He is thinking to himself, "that house is just bricks and stones… I can sell anything for Bebe!"


Meanwhile, Armaan and Nandu are still walking. Armaan is flashing a credit card in his hand and saying to Nandu that there is no doubt about it – HE is the one who is going to be paying for the operation.


When Billu turn his back, Jassi approaches the receptionist. She tells her, "I will be paying for the gentleman who has just left," and begins withdrawing dollops of cash from her purse (but I didn't see her stop at an ATM on the way hereConfusedTongue). The lady begins to object but Jassi informs her that she need only be concerned with the money, "Here, take this." Armaan is getting closer and closer… Jassi asks for the receipt to be made out in the name of Mr. Balwant Walia. "And henceforth, please talk to him with respect!"

Just as Armaan is about to reach the reception, Jassi turns away and heads for the lift, her back towards Armaan. At the reception, Armaan says, "Excuse me! I would like to pay for the operation on behalf of Mr. Balwant Walia." The lady remarks sarcastically, "How very strange! First, there was no money at all, and now.. one after the other..!" Armaan is surprised and asks her what she means. She replies that the amount has been paid up already.

Jassi is just a couple of steps away from the lift. Armaan is confused again, "Paid up!? Who did it??" The lady responds that a beautiful girl came and paid up the money. "There she goes!" Just in time, Armaan catches sight of a woman's back. She is about to step into the lift. (1…2…3…. No Go!) Armaan yells, "Listen, you (Suniye!)!" Jassi hears the familiar voice and freezes. The camera takes the cue and freezes on her faceSmile

urmajesty IF-Dazzler

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Thanks for the update, QueenBee.
Emaa Senior Member

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
wowww..naam liya aur tum hazir...bariiiiiiii lambiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii umar hai tumhari...
thanks for the update queenbee
loveneha_r Goldie

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thanks soooo much QB!!!!
ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

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thank u thank u thank u thank u

queenbee u r da best awsme updatez

jprasad IF-Rockerz

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LOL  thanks queenbee providing such an entertaining update!  You go girl! 
ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 1:48pm | IP Logged

i just wish they'd cme face to face i mean jassi and armaan. god i dun know aur kitna intezaar karna padega!!!!Confused

once again queenbe ur updates were wonderfullClapClapThumbs Up

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