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1) P & G are giving another presentation. G is addressing &

finishes saying that these were the loopholes & with so many of them

we wld go into a loss. The client says none of us noticed these

loopholes & praise G for bringing it in the open inspite of the deal

being finalized. They praise her honesty and decide that they shd

consider the first plan which Mrs. Mittal had prepared. Gauri is

very happy and smiles at P as if the cat has got the cream and

Pratham's face is small.

2) Y, R & S are shocked abt Hiten & Sheetal when Hiten walks in

& asks S why she walked away. S tells him she doesn't want to talk

to him & ask R to tell H to go away. H goes to Y who says why did u

go 4 the movie with Sheetal. H says oh bec of that. U guys think I

am having an affair how can u all think like that. She is only my

father's client. They don't listen to him & he says if u guys don't

believe me then no point in my staying here & leaves. Y & R then

tell S perhaps H was right.

3) UM & SC are sitting when P walks in & asks his father u

called. UM flares at him & says if u r not interested in doing bs,

tell me, my brothers are here, I am there to handle the bs. P asks

what happened. UM says we have lost a 50 cr. Contract because of u.

P says what. Sanjay Chachu tells him Yes P, Mr. Dsouza of ______ is

here for 4 days & for the past 2 days trying to contact u, but u were

not reachable. P tells his father that for the past 2 days G & I hv

been busy with samay's project. UM tells him even I have a lot of

other things to attend to, but one has to find time for everything.

Now I hv fixed yr meeting with Mr. D'souza for day after tmrw. So

don't miss out on it. P says ok & goes

4) P enters (I don't know where but some room in the house I

think) and find 2 of Samay's clients waiting for him. They tell him

that he they hv identified the location for their event mgmt show &

want him to go to Bangalore. P says I am busy for 2 days so I'll go

after 2 days.. The client get upset & says how can u take this so

lightly. If u cannot go then send yr wife since she is also a

partner. P says my wife is expecting & I don't want her to risk

herself by traveling. The client gets angry & yells at P. P says I

am explaining my problem to u. The client says that whatever the

prob, a bs is not run in this manner. If u don't go, then we'll drag

u to the court. P says are u threatening me. The client says no we

are requesting u. P says ok I'll consult the Dr & let u know whether

my wife can go or not. The client says ok make it quick since the

flight is tmrw.

5) Here Sanskritti comes to Hiten who is upset with her for

suspecting him. S is crying & says I saw u with the girl & Hiten

says I cannot even talk to a girl then. S says no, I didn't mean that

& asks his forgiveness. H also cries & says u only doubt, u only ask

for forgiveness & u only cry. I shd ask for forgiveness for yr

tears. Pls forgive me. I love u. Saying this he pulls her in his


6) Y, H & P are discussing P's problem P says yes the client

wants G to go to Bangalore. Y says why don't u let her go. P gives

him an irritated look & H says try to understand. G bhabi is

expecting & P is not comfortable for her to travel. P tells Y u send

Riya to us for 1 mnth & see if u r able to live. Y dumbly says so G.

has to go 4 1 mnth. P gives him an exasperated look. H tells Y

samjha kar. P says I love G and my to be born baby a lot & don't

want them out of my sight. He then gives that far away look & says I

know what to do. I'll go to the Dr. & get a false report saying

Gauri cannot travel & show the client. & the client will hv to wait

for 2 days for me to go.

7) P is consulting with his lady Dr. friend. He says Rajani

will u help me. She says I'll only give a report saying that G

cannot travel & nothing more, since it is the matter of my

profession. P says that much is enough for me. Rajani says Gauri is

very lucky to have such caring & loving husband. I wish my husband

loves me so much. P says all husbands love their wife, they only

show it in diff manner. Some want their wife in front of their eyes

all their time, especially when she is expecting his child.

8) Choti Dadi & Archana Chachi are telling Sanskritti not to go

out tdy bec it is solar eclipse & she cld turn black & S says she has

to meet Hiten tdy & that they are traveling by car. She then gets a

call frm H saying I cannot meet u. She asks why with CD & AC

giggling as H walks up to her & says bec it is solar eclipse. S sees

H in front & they all laugh with CD & AC saying they were only

teasing her & there is no solar eclipse. CD says now why r u waiting

& both H & S leave.

9) P shows the client the report & tells them since G cannot

travel, I'll go after 2 days. The client says we'll go to a loss. P

says I don't know anything. U discuss with yr team & let me know &

leaves. The client says we hv a big problem. Let us talk to Mrs.

Mittal. He calls up G & telll her everything & says Pls us. He then

says thank u very much & puts the phone down

10) P is fast asleep & G is nervously pacing up & down. She

thinks abt the client pleading saying we'll face a loss. Gayatri

comes & tells G u haven't slept as yet. G tells her I am in a

dilemma. Gaytri asks what & G tells her everything with music

playing in the background. G ends it with I don't know what to do.

The Dr has given permission to travel, but P feel get upset. Gayatri

says U go. I'll handle everything. She then says something to G

which I didn't hear & G says thank u mummyji. Gayatri goes & G tells

a sleeping P " Bye Pratham take care". (I thought G suffers frm air-

sickness that is why she went by road to Goa)

11) P comes to the drawing room all hassled. UM sees him & says u

are not ready as yet. U hv the meeting with D'souza. P says I am

just getting ready. He asks his father is G with mother. UM says she

has left for Bangalore, Don't u know. P is stunned. UM says what

happened. P shakes himself & says Yeah she told me, but never knew it

was in the morning. He is in a trance. In the same fashion he walks

to his room remembering Yash's words says u love Gauri Bhabi very

much & then he remembers the Dr. words saying G is very lucky, wish I

had such a loving husband. P then looks at G's photograph. He picks

it up & stares at it. G u did'nt do the right thing, saying this he

flings the frame angrily on to the bed.


Tmrws snippets

1) P confronting G & she nervously trying to explain as usual

2) Samay & Natasha as usual

3) Samay's parents discussing something as usual

4) P saying something as usual

5) G angrily saying something as usual
















Natasha wakes up & finds its 6.45 pm. She realizes its Samay's

birthday & he wld be waiting for her. She goes to S who taunts her

say finally u found time. N wishes him HB. He says thank u very

much. U must hv been busy with the house work. N doesn't know what

to say & says yes. S says if u've left some chores then go &

complete. N pleads with him to listen but S doesn't till N can take

it no more & says Enough u are hurting me. S says I am or u are

hurting me. Told u to come early tdy. Like a fool I am waiting for

u. N cries & goes to her room. She cries bitterly & again is in

pain. Later she collapses on the bed.

2) P is at a disco & drinking away his blues. He is holding a

ring & calls the waiter & says repeat. The waiter gives him & P

gulps it down & says one more. The waiter says Ji Saheb, P yells I

said once more. The waiter hurriedly gives him one more glass. P

sees another full glass on his tray & takes that one too. He drinks

& says Pratham Mittal, Pratham Mittal. He hears a laugh & sees his

soul sitting in front. The soul says Nice name na ? but socially &

personally u are way behind. P says what do u mean. The soul says PM

who used to always have a girls around him, who used be the life of

any gathering, who used to alone be the light in a huge crowd is a

lost person all alone in a crowd. P says I was Pratham, I will be

Pratham & will remain P. The soul says yes but that Pratham Mittal,

the very name had an attitude, One style. This one is a lost one.

The scene is pushed to the future where P is on the phone saying ok

guys I am coming, u all hv arranged everything. As he puts the

phone down, G comes with a crying baby saying take care of the baby,

his food is ready, feed him & takes her bag & leaves with Pratham

calling out But G. Suddenly Y, H & another guy come & make fun of

P. The other guy says what are u doing P. H says wife has said to

feed the baby so he obeying the orders after all he is a joru ka

ghulam. Y says don't say like that he is PM, he tells P u are PM

aren't u, they all start saying are u PM, tell us are u PM, cut to

the present in the disco, P throws down the ring & says I am Pratham


3) A lady picks up the ring & tells P Excuse me, hv u forget

something & gives the ring to P. She continues I saw u many times

her, thought of coming & talking to u, but never found the

opportunity to. My name is Vishaka, you can call me Vish. P looks at

her. Vishaka says U look very disturbed, I mean badla-badla sa. P

says Haan, I am badla sa. He asks her wld u like to dance. She

smiles. P smiles at her & takes her to the dance flr & they dance.

4) G is on her way frm Pune. She tells the driver, Sardarji,

pls drive soon. He says Madam this is a car not a plance.

5) Here P is dancing with Vishaka. She says u don't seem to be

enjoying this crowd. Lets go somewhere where only u, and me and no

one else is there, she drawls slowly. In a room, V makes a drink for

P & gives it to him. Sitting next to him she says I always wanted to

spend 2 moments with u, & its been my dream. But tdy, u & me are

together, I cannot believe my stars she says touching P's face

slowly. P u are my man.

6) Here Sardarji tells G madam u seem to be in a hurry to reach,

looks like someone special is waiting for u. G smiles & says u r

right. The truth is its my wedd. Aniv & my hubby is waiting for me.

Sardarji says in that case this car will fly like a plane. He begins

to sing a song. He tells G yr hubby will be happy to see u. G says

first he'll be upset, but I'll cajole him. Sardarji continues his

song & G smiles.

7) Here P is staring at V as she is holding his face. Suddenly

he stands up abruptly & says no. V says I understand u love Gauri a

lot. P is stunned. V says We've met tdy, but I've known u 4 many

yrs. I heard love changes a person. But I saw it happening tdy. U hv

changed P. P says yes, I have changed. V say u love G a lot and

cannot live without her. P says Haan, Shayad. V says I can

understand & giving his jacket to him says nice meeting with u. P

says Thanks. He then holds the ring & stares at it. He looks at V &

says Sorry. Then holding his jacket over his shoulder, he opens the

door & to his astonishment finds an Inspector there.

8) At the police stn. P tells the inspector we are a

respectable citizen. I says resp. citizen what were u doing in the

hotel. P says I am PM. I says u r PM and u is this girl. P

doesn't know what to say. He says she is my wife. V is stunned &

stares at me. The I smiles & says tauntingly this is yr wife. What

is her name ? He says Gauri P. Mittal. The I is not yet

convinced. P says this is my card. U can call at home & confirm

this or I can make u speak to the police commissioner. The I says no

need for that u just sign out her & gives a book where the both sign.

9) Outside the Police Stn. P says I am sorry V. V says it is

not yr fault. These things happen. I am going now. P says I will

drop u. She says I'll go on my own. How abt u. R u ok ? Do u

want me to stay with u. P says no tdy I want to be on my own. I'll

be fine. He calls out for a taxi. After V sits in the cab she says

Today I met my zindagi. The taxi goes. P says I'll meet my zindagi

at 12 tonite………The end.


Tmrws snippets

P, H & G are discussing something.

G is entering (I think where P & H are together)

P & H discussing something.

G making an upset Sansritti understand.

G outside the door (I think of the bedroom & looks like she has

overheard something)

G is lost in thought I think after what she has heard

P is lost in thought








1) Its raining. P is walking on the road absolutely drunk and

he doesn't hear a car honking behind him. The sardarji driver gets

down & shouts at him saying Hey hero can't u hear me honk why don't


move out. P looks at him & doesn't listen to him. G gets down from

the car & comes to P & says P u here in this state. What are u doing

in the middle of the road. P looks at her angrily. G says u r angry

with me for coming late na ? Happy Wedding Anniversary. P says 4

o'clock, its 4 o'clock. I asked u to come at 12. She says I know I

am sorry. P says time that has passed will never come back again.

G says it will come. P says what do u mean. She says Give me yr

hand. She changes the time on his wrist watch & hers to 12. P is

upset & pulls away his hand. The ring falls frm his hand. They both

stare at it. P picks up the ring & says I bought it for u. Thought I

wld put it on yr finger. G says what are u waiting for put it for me

& she forcibly makes P puts it on her finger. She says P stop being

angry I am sorry. Sardarji comes out & says its not my business but

I just want to tell u that madam was in such a hurry to reach u that

she kept pleading with me to drive the car fast. Gauri says

Sardarji u can go, thank u & she pays him. P tells the drive,

Sardarji, if this madam ever sits in yr car again & tells u to drive

fast, don't ever do it, because she may not be bothered abt herself

but I care for her more than my life. G bursts into a smile & P

smiles too. Sardarji says ok & goes away pleased. P tells G Happy

Marriage Anniversary. G says look at us here at this time. P says

never mind. Lets us start this night of love which is so close to

the morning in a new way. G says what do you mean. P points to a

horse carriage .

2) P & G are sitting in the horse carriage looking into each

other. P tells G fondly I get very angry na. G says no u give

more love. She tells him close yr eyes. P says no let me look at

you, you are looking very beautiful. G says Pls P only for a

minute. P closes his eyes. G removes a silver wrapped box (don't

know how it landed there) and removes a cute little musical dancing

couple show piece & gives it to P. P is happy to see it. G says do u

know why I gave this to u, So that whether I am far or near this shd

remind you of me. If I am far away from you, u look at this &

remember me. P says in that case I will not look at this. G says

why. P says because I will never let u go away frm me. They both

smile & G fondly rests her head on P's shoulder & he fondly touches

her face.

3) Preeti calls G & tells her that her fianc Neeraj is very

upset abt something re his sister & if she cld meet them tdy. G


4) G comes to Sanskritti's room & find her lost in thought. She

asks her what happened & S tells her that she was worried abt H


he doesn't call her very often & if she calls he says he is busy in

some meeting or the other. S says I don't know whether he loves me

or not. G tells her that if H is busy in a meeting she shdn't think

he doesn't love her. On the contrary she shd understand him every

more. G tells her that she shd be more trusting & caring twds H.

She asks S do u feel he wld do anything wrong with u. S says no.

Thanks Bhabi for one moment my confidence was shaken but now I am


5) G meets Neeraj & Preeti. Neeraj tells her that his sis is

seeing a boy. G says what is the problem with that. He says the boy

is engaged. G is shocked & says haven't u spoken to yr sis. Neeraj

says I tried all sorts of way to talk to her but she will not see

reason. I request u to talk to her.

6) Here G, Preeti & N are waiting for his sis. G tells N won't

yr sis feel am interfering in her personal life, what is her name.

His sis at that moment enters and says Sheetal. N & P leave G & S

alone to talk. G tells S I have no right to interfere but I hv one

quest for u don't u feel that whatever u r doing u r doing wrong. S

says what am I doing. U are involved with a guy who is already

engaged. S says so what I am aware of it & he has promised to telll

his parents abt us soon. G says did u know him b4 he got engaged or

after. S says b4. G says don't u think that the guy who inspite of

knowing u still went ahead & got engaged, how much wld he love u.

Sheetal gets angry & flings her bk on the table. G gets up in anger

& says by flinging the book, a lie won't become the truth. Suddenly

she sees H's photo jutting out frm the bk. G is shocked & asks S is

this the same guy. S says yes

7) P gets a call frm G who tells him H is involved with another

girl. P says r u sure. G tells him everything & says we hv to do

something abt it. P says lets go to H's place & there we'll get the

truth frm him

8) Here H's parents r surprised to see P & G & P tells them that

he hasn't met H for a long time & G came along too. H's father calls

out to H who is surprised to see both of them. His parents leave the

room. H sees the look on both their faces & asks them what happened.

They tell him. H tells them that is all a lie. Sheetal's papa is

our very good client & we just met a few times. G angrily tells him

don't lie I saw yr photo in S's book & no girl will just carry a

boy's photo if she has no relationshp with him. H feigns surprise &

says my photo. I don't know why shd she be carrying my photo. P

tells H Look Sanskritti is my sister & I'll teach u a lesson if u

fool around. H says u don't believe me then let's go to Sheetal's

place & get out the truth. P says if what G is saying is the truth.

H butts in saying the truth will be at Sheetal's place. Give me 2

mins to change.

9) The 3 of them come to Sheetal's place & P tells her this is

my sister's life, please tell us the truth. S says whatever G didi

said its all lie, H's father & my father are bs. Clients & that's

all. G says u are lying, didn't u tell me that u were involved with

H. S says I didn't tell H was that boy. Meanwhile Neeraj comes & G

asks him isn't H the same boy. Neeraj says no he isn't. I spoke to

the boy today & he agreed to stay away from Sheetal. G says but when

P stands up angrily saying Enough. H tells P I am yr friend & u

don't even trust me. We hv been together for so long & u think I wld

cheat u. I feel really bad & leaves. P looks at G angrily.

10) Later at home G is trying to explain to P & he says b4

putting a blame on someone u shd always check things out first. Now

what will my friend think. We have been together thru many ups &

downs & he was always there for me. Now what if he gets angry &

decides not to marry Sanskritti. I have to worry for Sanskritti. G

says even I am worried for S. She is mine too nor a stranger.

What if H & Sheetal have planned this lie. G says I am innocent.

Why don't u believe me. P says I believed u & went along with u &

took such a big step. G says don't u trust our relationship. U

believe everyone but not me. P says but not everyone cld be lying,

How many, Hiten, Sheetal, Neeraj all cldn't be lying. He warns G

Today y have done this don't ever do this again or I will really be

upset with u. G looks at him The end


Tmrw snippets.

The family is together

P consoling an upset H

H & Sheetal on the phone.

G telling Sanskritti something

H & Sheetal at a restaurant

G is stunned.






1) Samay is bored at the hosp. & picks a magazine to read when

he hears a patient crying in pain & the Dr. scolding her saying I

told u umpteen times to take rest, not to get up. S goes out & finds

one ward boys telling the other ward boy to call Dr. Chabria. S asks

him what is the chaos abt. He says this lady has donated one kidney

& her stitches hv opened. Standing on the window of the patient's

room S sees the dr & nurse bending over the woman & the patient is

crying in pain. S cannot see her and is abt to go when the nurse

moves & he is horrified to see the patient being Natasha

2) Here Siddarth is upset bec he is not prepared for his final

exams & his friends instigate him to help in stealing the question

papers frm the principal's room.

3) Raghu comes to the kitchen & tells G that Hiten's parents hv

come. Hiten's father tells UM that now that we hv decided abt the

wedding date Let us talk abt the other matters. Everyone is

shocked. G remembers all that has transpired betw. Hiten, Sheetal &

her. Kavita Chachi asks G what r u thinking? G comes back to the

present & smiles saying nothing to her. H's father takes in

everyone's shocked faces & says I am not talking abt dowry, I meant

lets talk abt the arrangement & baraat. Everyone is relieved & joke

abt it. H's father says u r giving me yr daughter which is most imp.

To us & his mother says yr daughter will rule our house like a

daughter of the house. H is upset & says I want to say something. P

& G look at each other & P tells H come to my room we'll talk. They

go & UM comments on what a wonderful friendship the 2 share.

4) In his room P tells H I am sorry for whatever happened

yesterday. Pls understand me. Put yrself in my shoes, think if a

brother comes to know his sis's to-be husband is with another girl. H

says Hmmm with another girl. If u don't trust me P why then u want

to marry yr sis to me. I wld hv told everyone today. P says No. I

know G didn't do the right thing & on her behalf I am asking u for

forgiveness. Think abt Sanskritti. She is very sensitive & if u say

no to the marriage she may not be able to bear this. G comes & says

P. P & H stare at her. P says now what. She says everyone want H

to come. P says Ok u go. He tells H think abt S atleast b4 taking

any decision.

5) H's father tells H everything is decided. If u hv anything to

say, say now bec after marriage S may not let u speak like how I hv

to listen to yr mother. They all laugh. H says I want to say &

pauses P & G wait with bated breath. H says I have nothing to say.

P is relieved & says Thanks Hiten. At that moment H's mobile rings.

He excuses himself & goes out of the room. Here Sheetal tells H

where are u. He says Sanskritti's place. She says hv I disturbed u.

He says no. Sheetal says u told me to lie yesterday what is the

problem. H says I had to ask u to like because of some problem. I'll

tell u all abt it. U meet me tonight at Hotel _______. G has

overheard everything. H thinks to himself, I missed a good

opportunity of breaking my marriage with Sanskritti.

6) Here G thinks that P doesn't believe me, but if H has asked

Sheetal to lie then the matter is really serious. What do I do. G

goes to Sanskritti's room & says I want to speak to u. S says why

are u looking upset. G says no one will believe me not even P but

what I want to say I know is the truth because I saw & heard it

myself & it is linked to U. I can't see anything wrong take place

with u. I have come to tell u so that u can decide for yrself what

is right or wrong for u. S asks her what is it Bhabhi tell me. G

says Hiten and then explains everything with the background music

playing. Tears roll down S cheeks. G finishes it off saying now u

only think. To save yrself frm future hurt it is better to go thru

some pain now & G goes away.

7) S calls up H immediately & says H I want to talk to u on

something imp, when can u meet me. H says S I am busy in an imp.

Meeting, call me later, Bye. S tries to stop him says H, listen but

the phone is cut at the other end. S cries.

8) N comes to Samay's room (imagine her stitches had opened) &

find him standing, his back to her. She doesn't know S is intears.

N says u shd be resting why are standing ? S is unable to control

his tears. He turns & N is shocked to see his tears & says why are u

crying. S folds his hand & say Pls forgive me I am very very sorry.

N says why are u sorry. He says don't make me feel even more bad. I

mistreated so badly, abused u & all this time u only thought abt me.

& didn't even bother abt yr life & donated yr kidney. Why did u let

me live. It wld hve been better if I died at least I didn't hv to

show u my ashamed face. N says I didn't do anything exceptional. It

was my duty. After the 6 hrs on the dialysis, the 3 hrs off it were

dangerous for u & I cldn't bear to see u in pain. When no one came

fwd to donate the kidney I thought atleast as a wife I shd donate the

kidney. S says I promise frm today I won't give u any trouble

anymore. Pls forgive me. He cries & says it 3 times & hugs N.

9) Sheetal meets H who tells her I lied to u all this time abt

my affair with Sanskritti. Sheetal says so it is true. H says I was

engaged to S but when I saw u at Preeti-Neeraj's engagement I fell

for u. Sheetal says what abt S isn't she a nice girl. He says she

is a very good girl, but u are more my type. Sheetal is happy. H

says I don't know how to tell S this. She is very sensitive & I

don't want to hurt her, moreover P will be mad at me. I can't even

tell my parents because I told them that I wanted to marry S. & Yash

will not help me at all. All this time Sanskritti is sitting on the

other table & hears everything. H says I don't know what to do. I

don't even know how my parents will accept u. But I love u & u will

always be mine. Sheetal is happy & H holds her hand. Sanskritti

gets up & tries to go, but a glass fall which makes H turn back & he

is shocked to see S behind him in tears.


Tmrw sniplets

1) P & G at Dr. Rajani's clinic & G is pleased to hear what

Rajani has to say (looks like she is telling G how much P loves her)

2) H is speaking to sanskritti on the phone.

3) S is in her room & R asks her something which she is replying

4) Sanskaar isentering when Raghu tells him something.

5) Sanskritti is on the terrace reading her notes

6) G& P chatting as they walk out of the clinic



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