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Update for 6th April 2005

sree IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 10:50am | IP Logged

Simran is shocked to hear the news in the tv. She just sits down in shock. Sid is also shocked. He starts to cry. Simran keeps repeating this news is not true..Divya had promised me that she will meet me on her return. I was with her just 2 days back and starts to cry. The sudden shock makes her pant for breath. Urmila asks Shaguna to get water. Shaguna runs in. Astha goes near Sid who is crying  very bitterly and tries to console him. Urmila sees Sid crying and goes to him to console him. Astha then moves towards her mother and gets her ASthma reliever and gives it to her. Shaguna and AStha try to help Simran with her breathing problem. Sid is crying very heavily and says they both were very close to him and were his childhood friends. Urmila tries to console him. Simran says this news must be wrong and nothing would have happened to them.

The next scene, some sights of London are shown. They then show a girl sleeping with the book Attraction by Anand kept open over her face. Her face is not visible. Just then, the alarm rings. She without showing her face, switches off the alarm and turns the other side and sleeps. Then her phone rings and the answering machine gets on. A girl leaves a message saying Sia, where are you , switch on the TV. There is a shocking news. Victor and Divya are dead. The girl at once gets up in shock. She is a young girl who is quite modern looking. She is Sia, Divya's friend. Sia then searches for the remote very desperately and switches on the tv and quickly puts a news channel. There, they are showing glimpses of the dead bodies and the news reader si saying that no clue has been found regarding this murder. It is believed that Divya and Victor had come from London to take the  interview of the famous writer Anand. Sia is crying and is in deep shock on seeing this on tv.

Sid is crying pretty heavily. Urmila is packing his bag. Urmila in a very sorrow tone, asks  Sid whether he has informed  Victor's uncle. Victor says yes and cries saying just imagine what must be going thro' his mind. He cries more. He then says Divya's mother is in the hospital and if she hears this news, she will probably suffer an attack and he cries more. Urmila is also lost for words. He hugs her son. She says she will also accompany him to Goa bcos he will not be able to manage all the formalities alone. Sid first refuses. But Urmila adds on to say that after all, he has to arrange to send Divya and Victor to their family. He will not be able to do this alone. So she will come with him. She hugs her. Sid cries all the more and says how will he see both Divya and Victor in this state?

Its night time. Simran has not slept and is sitting  on the sofa and is thinking about Divya and Victor. She thinks of the nice time she had with Divya. Divya during holi, putting colour on Simran and telling Simran hope she becomes like her. Then Divya wearing the yellow sari and calling her Aunty Simran. Then Simran telling Shekar that Divya has lots of similarities with her and she gets reminded of her college days when she sees Divya. Simran starts to cry. Just then, Simran gets a call. It is Urmila. Urmila says tomorrow she along with Sid are leaving for Goa. Urmila is also very upset and is not in a position to talk clearly. Urmila says they have to send their bodies to their people. So they are leaving and they both will not be attending hospital for 2-3 days. Simran says its ok .Then Simran says she was also thinking about it and says she will also accompany them to Goa. Urmila reminds Simran that Astha will be having her exams very shortly and she might need her. Simran says she will talk to AStha about it. Urmila then says in that case, they all will be leaving tomorrow early morning.

Simran then goes to Astha's room. AStha is busy studying. Simran sits there. AStha asks her why she has not slept. Then AStha realises Simran's sorrow and says sorry. Astha says when Simran had compared her to Divya , she did not feel good and had scolded her. Astha says she will now become like Divya. Simran is touched and says my ASthu is also nice. She hugs AStha. She then tells AStha that Sid and Urmila aunty are going to Goa to get their bodies and send it to their family. They both had nobody in India except us. So i also want to go. Astha says no problem, you go mama. Simran says but you have your exams from tomorrow. Astha says she will amnage it and this time she will do very well and will not make any mistake in her absence. Simran asks her whether she is sure. AStha assures her and tells her to go. Simran is relieved.

The next scene is AStha's college. All her friends are praising AStha for her bold and courageous step against the professor and for having the professor dismissed from duty. They say AStha is a super star. But AStha is in no mood to talk. They ask her the reason. AStha says Sid's friends who had come from London were found murdered in Goa. It was very scary. Her friends are shocked and ask more about it. But AStha is very sad and says all at home are very upset about this. Then her friends ask for an outing . Astha says she has not fully prepared for the exam and she has promised her mother that she will do well this time. So she has to study.

Simran, Urmila and Sid reach Goa. Sid goes to the Goa Police Headquarters and is having a talk with the inspeactor there. The inspector says they found Victor's diary in his hotel room and it had Sid's address and phone number. Sid says they were his schildhood friends and had come to India only a week back. They had come to  Goa in connection with Anand's interview. Sid then says if they meet Anand, they might get some clue whether they both met him or not. The inspector says but Anand never meets anybody. The inspector says they can go and talk to the  publisher who might be knowing Anand. Sid agrees.

AStha's college. The guy who was very suspiciously seeing the happenings during AStha's problem with the professor comes running to Astha and says congrats. He says hei s Prashant and though he is not in her friend circle, he really appreciates AStha for getting the professor a good lesson. He then says to AStha that during her rustication periaod, AStha might have missed some important classes  and he can help her.Astha is happy and asks him how. The guy takes her to one corner and then tells her that he has got the question paper and that he can give it to her. AStha is shocked. She asks him why is he giving it only to her. He says he is very impressed with AStha's bold behaviour and does not want Astha'a paper going really bad bcos she wasted some precious time bcos of the professor. AStha looks happy, though hesitant a bit. She then takes the paper from him.

The inspector along with Sid go to meet the publisher. The publisher says just bcos two people who had come here to meet anand were murdered, they cannot be troubling Anand. Sid says they both might have met Anand and so he wants some information from Anand. The publisher says they could not have met Anand. He says  he himself has not seen Anand to date. His manuscripts have arrived either in courier or thro' email .He has never spoken to Anand over the phone nor seen him. Sid then asks him to give Anand's address. The publisher says he cannot do that. The inspector and Sid are unhappy.

Simran and Urmila are in the hotel room in Goa. Simran is talking to her father over the phone. She looks upset and tells him that Sid is busy with the formalities.He has got the permission and they will be able to see the bodies tomorrow. They will then send the bodies to London in the first flight. Urmila is standing near Simran and is listening to Simran's words. Saurabh very sorrowfully says the kids came for some other work and look what happened. Simran then enquires about Astha. Saurabh says she has not returned from college and said she had to prepare some notes. Simran says tomorrow is Astha's paper and if she is not able to talk to her beofre the exam, convey her best of luck to AStha. Simran says, however i will be SMSing AStha. Saurabh says not to worry and keeps the phone. AS soon as he keeps the phone, AStha arrives. Saurabh says mama has wished her best of luck .AStha looks very cheerful. Saurabh asks her how she has prepared for the exam and whether she is going to do night out for studies. Astha says this time she has prepared very well and she will do exceedingly well and create dhamaal. She then goes inside saying she has little bit to study. Saurabh is very happy that AStha is going to do Dhamaal in the exam.

They show Dilip and Anand in the car. They both are laughing. Dilip says he knew he could fool them very easily. Anand says yes. Dilip says even though they were literate, they did not have brains. Anand says just bcos they did not have brains, they faced this end. They then share the money between themselves. Dilip asks what they have to do with the mobile and camera. Anand then laughingly says the sim card of the mobile should be burnt and burns it then and there. Then Dilip says the camera has his recording. Anand says now that they are on their way to  Mumbai, in the middle they can destroy the camera tape in the jungle. They both look very happy and proceed towards mumbai.

In London, a very dejected and depressed Sia is having a look at an album which has pictures of her with Divya and Victor. There are many snaps where Divya and Sia are very close. She is crying. Just then, she receives a phonecall from a friend who asks her how she is. She says she is ok. She looks very upset. She then tells the friend that she did not receive the message on SMS as she did not even notice from morning that her mobile was switched off. She then tells her friend that she will check the message. She keeps the phone down. She is very depressed and switches on her mobile and listens to the voice mails. She then hears Divya's screaming voice. Divya is saying Sia, we are in a crisis. Nobody is around to help us. This Anand is a crook , a fraud. Why are you not talking, Sia?
Sia is shocked to hear this and hears it over and over again. Sia is very upset and looks at the book Attaraction which is lying there. She then in a fit of anger tears the book to pages and then says to herself that Anand killed her friends? They had gone to take his  interview. How could he kill them? and Why? She then vows that after killing her friends, he cannot lead a normal life and that she will avenge him for her friends' death.    

P.S: I should tell you that this episode was highlighted with horrible acting by Sid.

sangeeta Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:14am | IP Logged

Thanks for the update Sree. Hope your dad is doing fine now.

principessa Senior Member

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:17am | IP Logged

I feel sorry for Divya and Victor.. Poor they, they were looking to share a life together.. Cry Why didn't Ajay Sinha find another way to proceed with the story?

I think Astha will be accused of cheating, and this would be the professor's revenge..

Sia will enter the scene to prove that Anand has killed her friends.. and ofcourse it will be the time for Abhi to appear again..

Thanks Sree, and welcome back.. Smile

chweetweety Goldie

Joined: 14 December 2004
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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:18am | IP Logged

Hello Sree,

Thanks a lot for yet an another wonderfully written update. So as many have expected, the tragic end of divya and victor has opened doors for the entries of sia and all the misunderstanding for anand(abhi) and police trying to identify him and trying to catch up the real culprits...oooooo so much of the fiction story Confused Admist all this aastha taking the question paper(obviously prof trying to frame her for something) Angry....Astitva..Ek Prem kahani becoming Astitva...Ek Fiction i cant find prem kahani anywhere near now LOL


sukh IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 November 2004
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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:41am | IP Logged
thanks a lot .Wink
jas Goldie

Joined: 04 January 2005
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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 11:49am | IP Logged

thanks Sree!!!!.........

hope ur dad is doing fine.....



Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 1:08pm | IP Logged

 Hope ur dad is doing fine sree. Thanks so much for going to so much trouble and giving us the update.

How many more deaths Mr Ajay Sinha?    Not even a kekta serial boasts of these many deaths in one serial(among them 5 murders in a span of 20 odd years if the serial age is chronicled).What is he trying to achieve?? An entry in the guiness books of world records for killing most people in a serial??

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sree_20

P.S: I should tell you that this episode was highlighted with horrible acting by Sid.

LOLLOLLOL You said it, Sree!!! His acting was so bad, I nearly died laughing!!!!!!!! Oh God... he was trying so hard to cry... poor thingLOLLOLLOL

Thanks a bunch, Sree!!! I missed out on half the episode.. it was borrrrringTongue

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