Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

WU-23rd Dec 2011-Gopi helps Ahem with Dressing

shaina.sharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged

Hai guys..a good epi..


The epi starts with Ahem asking gopi how is she doing. Gopi says fine and ahem asks did she have the 7 medicine and gopi nods in positive. (Is he a doc or husband)

Ahem says he brought something for her(What...fainted with shock!!!)

and takes a buzzer from his bag and tells gopi that this is a electric buzzer(How did the bell became the buzzer suddenly...What a fast brain u have modi...superb..this proves the shaw family are more smart than modis..)

Gopi looks at the buzzer on her table and tells softly that rashi already brought it for her.

Ahem crashed to ground(bechara..was trying to impress but no one can defeat my orange girl...)

He says that that buzzer is imp for her and tells that its glad rashi is doing something for her as she is responsible for landing her in this situation(is that anger directed towards rashi or for himself for his slow tortoise walk)

Ahem leaves angrily and gopi felts bad either for him or rashi..u decide.

Kinjal is looking at her joker face in the mirror when urmi comes and tells her that she brought something for her(now what..)

kinjal asks she dont want anything from her and urmi tells that its her fav and takes out her perfume. Kinjal is suprised and tells this was the perfume which got lost(dumbo...dint u get it...u are a shaw ...u should get some brains now...)

and tells urmi that it was used to be full, and urmi tells that she dont know but she found it outside lying around and thought it must be urs(this means that wheneever u need a new perfume..go to rajpal and search outside..u wil plently with varieties)

Kinjal snatches her perfume and urmi tells her that she have something for her face also but kinjal shouts no need and goes away nd urmi curses her.(he he the perfume went to the drain)

Its morning and koki is feeding gopi(when wil ahem do it yaar..give him a chance too)

Gopi tells she wil try to eat but koki refuses saying she wil feed her. Ahem comes to the door with the phone stick to his ear and gopi looks at him (Arrey wah..flirting infront of sasumaa..gopi dear..what happend to u..?)

Hetal comes and wishes gopi and gopi asks them can she ask something(no...the first time u asked and we got landed with rashi, now we dont want to get landed with urmi )

Koki says yes(this women wil never learn)

and gopi tells that she wants to do some household work. Ahem snaps his head at her while taking the clothes and Koki and hetal are suprised too.

Koki says no and to take rest but gopi tells that she wil do minimal works like seprating stones from rice sitting their. Ahem gets a heart attack here.

Koki says she understands that she is getting bored as she is habituated to work all day and agrees but puts a condition that if she gets tired then she have to stop immediately. Gopi nods.(why does koki always want gopi to do some work...?)

Both gets up to leave and Ahem finally remembers that he is the husband and have a right too and asks gopi why does she want to work in the first place.

Gopi is dumb and koki gives a look to ahem and tells that when a person is habituated to be busy everyday then they cant sit idle doing nothing and let gopi do it(is that a indirect taunt to ahem directly)

Ahem shuts up unable to do anything and koki and hetal leaves(thats why listen to my advice something fast..otherwise..gopi wil remain kokis gopi vahu all her life and u would be singing devdas songs with ur cellphone)


Rashi is getting ready in a pink saree(wow baby pink color...loved it)

and thinks that jigar wil get really happy seeing her in this saree as he gifted it to her(dream darling..dream)

and hopes that he wil talk to her today(he wil do anything but let him come..we dint even see him from two days)

Jigar comes at that moment and rashi is standing infront of him like a model waiting for his response.

Jigar wont notice her and takes his cell phone and watch. Rashi is looking at him still waiting and jigar opens his mouth

and tells rashi to move aside as he wants to get ready for office(wah..super u yaar)

Rashi crashes to earth.

Here in gohem room ahem takes a shirt and gopi is giving him looks(ohh so they are doing parallel story now)

Ahem sees her and gopi looks down nad silently places the shirt back(even he too knows..his taste sucks)

then takes the evergreen green shirt and silently and slowly and cautiously moves his eyes towards gopi and peeks at her(aaaw so cute...really really cute...loved it)

Gopi gives him different reactions face and finally comes to conclusion that her perfect planning hubby dont know the dress sense and tells ahem that she made the yellow shirt ironed for him on the table.(see..what a gem she is...hard core kahika)

Ahem is pleased and relief(now i know why he was worried for gopi in hospital..not for green tea..its for his dress arrangment)

Back to raji room, Jigar stands infront of miirror and starts getting ready and rashi is trying to get his attention. She tells him that its the same saree

he gifted in navratri(really when..did i get amnesia...)

and tells jigar that how lovely the embroidary is . Jigar gives her a serious look.

Ahem takes the shirt and looks at gopi(yeah i know.,.what wil u say..anyone wil guess it ...thank u..what else)

and says thanks and leaves and this gopi goes to cloud nine(what wil she do when he says i love u to her.)

Meethi comes and gives her the rice plate(so soon)

and gopi tells her to keep it on the lap table and starts arranging the rice when ahem comes in the yellow shirt(yellow yellow dirty fellow sitting on a la la kidding k..dont kill me)

Gopi gets happy seeing him and Ahem gives her some stares and leaves.(so one wicket down...lets go to the another wicket)

Back to raji room, rashii is still waiting (darling..i assure u..continue in the same way and u wil be waiting ur whole life)

but jigar leaves without uttering a word and rashi tears up hurt and jigar goes out and feels bad too(anohther wicket..semi down)

Urmi is drinking tea and kinjal glaring at urmi. THe bell rings and kinjal opens the doorr and its the agent and he gets a heart attack seing kinjal(this time a real one)

He asks what is this to kinjal and kinjal tells it wil go away in 2 or 3 days and urmi too supports kinjal and asks wil they postpone the shoot and the agent tellls

that the ad people decided to shoot immediately and to forget the shoot now as who wil take kinjal as a model with those marks for a face cream ad.(this wicket totally down..say bye bye to kinjal career all of u)

Kinajal shocked.


Rashi is feeling bad and raoming around the house wailing like a bhootni when gopi presses the buzzer. She goes to gopi room and asks does she want something

and gopi tells to take the rice plate down for her. Rashi takes it and goes out(see indirectly gopi is making rashi work..dekha)

and gets a flash idea and thinks that if she acts more sympathy with gopi infront of all, then everyone wil see her as good(where does she get such...stupid ideas)

and mixes the stones with the rice .

Here urmi and kinjal are confused what to do and urmi asks him to postpone the shoot, but the agent tells that he cant and why should he postpone a shoot for kinjal as she is not a famous film star.

Kinjal is flared up and tells him not to talk nonsense and the agent tells her that he have to find another model now and the shooting is cancelled for them(finally...this shows one should not fly on the sky)

Kinjal blames urmi and the agent tells that he wil be back for his advance soon nad leaves and the MIl and DIL shocked.

Rashi enters the kitchen muttering sympathy for gopi saying how wil she work in this state(Hello madam..she already done this many times.)

Koki gives her a this girl came again look and rashi stops and asks can she come in.

Koki points that she already came in so whats the point in asking now(he he ..good blow)

Rashi stood dumb and koki asks what does she want and rashi tells she came to put gopi plate down.

Koki tells her to put it and go and rashi does and tells koki to call her if needed her help(no one in the right mind will ask ur help in the kitchne section)

Koki tells meethi is their(is Meethi their Dil now)

and rashi leaves hurted.(no sympathy darling..change and the sympathy wil come)

Urmi is pacing around and rashi calls her and urmi asks can she lend thirty thousand to her(urmi went mad..hurrray)

Rashi shouts how wil she have such money as jigar and hetal are not speaking to her and that kagdi never leaves her gopi vahu .

Urmi too curses her fate and kinjal and rashi asks what she done and urmi tells leave it and tells rashi that if she tries to take control

over everone then she wil fall but try to take the person who rules everyone.(dont tell me they after koki now)

and rashi shouts that she already told her that whatever she do, even hang upside down, koki wont like her(hey do it yaar please, how wil u know it witthout puttin into effect)

Urmi tells her that she is not talking about koki but about baa. (omg..thats a real suprise..poor baa)

Rashi eyes brights and says k nad goes to baa.

Baa is praying and rashi knocks on the door and baa asks her to wait(this girl dont have common sense also)

After done baa asks rashi why did she came and rashi tells that she came to tell sorry for the ganga jal incident(how smart)

baa tells leave it and rashi gets happy and tells baa to tell her anything and she wil do it. baa nods and starts praying and rashi is waiting here for work. like a happy bunny

Seeing baa is not intrested she is about to go when baa tells her to take out her sweater. Rashi nods and goes to the cupboard and removes the sweater and sees the sissors too.

silently she cuts one button from the shirt (kya brain hai yaar)

and tells baa that she wil sew it for her and starts sewing. Baa completes the prayer and rashi tells its almost done. Baa praises her and rashi is pleased.

Baa silently goes to her cupboard and takes some clothes out and keeps in front of rashi and tells rashi is willing to help her so, asks rashi to stich all the blouses and falls of those sarees and blouses.

epi ends on rashi heart attack face( words..rolling on the floor ending yaar)


Ahem pushes gopi saree slightly and starts messaging her foot with oil and gopi is shy and uncomfortable(No words...this author is presently in a non responsive icu)

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Great episode after a long time. Thanks 4the update

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 8:19am | IP Logged
Shaina,your excellentBig smile
Thanks so so so so much for sharing and adding your own magic to the written updateWink
Very much appreciatedHug

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Kavya.S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
thanks for the update shaina...
omg today's episode was good
and precap was awesome

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thanx Shaina 4 this great update n the precap is jus mindblowing thank u...


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ShaunSA IF-Rockerz

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Fab update! Thanks shaina Smile

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thanks for the update shaina...

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cute precap...Wink

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