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sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 August 2004
Posts: 3658

Posted: 17 April 2006 at 5:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ~PaKi*PrInCeZ~

Clap Clap Clap loved ur answer sowmya di..ive asked other ppl the a-z food question as well....but ur answer was simply THE B-E-S-T LOL LOL

but not done yet Wink

1. what was the best thing in ur life (not IF related plz)
my life itself is best yaar Wink

2. Who is ur fave mod at IF?
ek ho to batu na

3. Were u more shocked wen u were promoted as viewbie of jjkn or viewbie of dm?
nope. not at all shocked in either case.

4. What is your least favorite section on IF? why?
all tv shows except jassi, i dont watch tv.

5. What is the most time u have spent at IF at once?
well, all days are pretty much same, i've fixed schedule to visit here and not matter what i can't stay longer than that Wink

ok those were 1 part questions here r the mutliple part ones..dont worry they r rapid fire(most of them)

6. Define these in ur words

India Forums
Debate Mansion
JJKN section
Jassi section
vcv section
Viewbie Corner V-Section
bie who can view
Life is all about exploring and enjoying
near to my heart
you got to fall in love once..yes "fall"
someone to cherish

7. Pick 1

pesky teen or no pesky teen
no teen
political debates or social debates
all debates
many ok frends or few really close frends
few close ones
Pepsi or seven up
Ice Cream or Kulfi
Ice Kulfi
Biryani or pilou
High heels or flats
Sandals or shoes
tv or computer
computer...i can always watch tv on computer Wink
me or sam
ofcourse, Samie!!!!! Embarrassed

8. ur faves

type of eastern outfit(sari, lengha, salwar suits. pant suits etc)
repeat questions...sari!!
Type of western outfits
shorts or jeans
car type
not car fan
country (india and usa dont count)
any country other than india or us
messenger(msn aim yahoo etc)
IF PM service
household task
cleaning..i love it!!
boy name
girl name

9. About u(physical)
90 pounds (yes, i sit in booster sit)
hair color
legally blonde
is ur hair dyed..was it ever dyed? wat color
i tried to make it black once LOL
hair length
like helly berry Wink
eye color
green..bachke rehna LOL
shoe size
do u wear glasses or contacts or both?
i wear sun glasses
did u ever wear braces? if so..4 how long?
yes, am wearing it right now!! since last 24 hrs.
are u square(ur armspam is the same as ur height) or rectangle (one is larger than the other)
no round option!! Ouch

10. abt u (personality)
do u get angry easy?
never ever get angry
how do u take out ur anger?
dear i dont get angry
r u a sharing person or a selfish 1?
i share selfishly Embarrassed
Do u possess leadership qualities?
i am no leader!!
do u think ppl think ur nice?
what do you think about me ? Tongue
do u lie? if often?
yes, i lie down in my bed every night. only once a day Wink
did u skip class 4 fun when you were in school/university?
ofcourse yes!! Big smile
What is the most generous thing u have done in the past 2 days?
Not being mean, and answering jav's questions Wink

aww sowmya di im sure ur dissapointed 2 c tht i only asked u 10 questions Wink ...dont woory i will b baq later

jav, i hope you enjoyed my answers!! Embarrassed

sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 August 2004
Posts: 3658

Posted: 17 April 2006 at 6:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ~PaKi*PrInCeZ~

heres a few more 2 keep u bz Wink

you like history?..have fun Wink
1. what is the significance of the day 6th June, 1944 n 20th july, 1944 ?
6the June 1944 my best friend was born and on 20th july there was party for her b'day!!
2. Operation Overlord is the codenamed of_________???
overloading operation
3. Germany Invaded Soviat Union at_________AM 21st June 1941 by starting operation barbarossa.(Fill the blank space by mentioning the time. )
12 AM
4. what is the significance of day 7th Dec, 1941 ?
i love 1940s... that's about 3 yrs, before my best friend was born.
5. LITTLE BOY and FAT MAN were the codenames of________???
Little man who used to be fat man.

What happened???? started hating history???? Wink
no....i've never enjoyed history like this before!! awe jav..i love these questions Embarrassed

Okay so here r some more really easy ones for u,

1. how much did einstein weighe at the time of his birth?
2.2 pounds..yes did you know he was premie!!
2. give one advise to ur favorite actresses
my advise- dont listen to anyone's advise you are just too good!!!
3. who is fav. bollywood actor ?
repeat...someone asked it..there are so many
4. who's ur fav. bollywood actress ?
repeat....someone asked it...there are so many
4. what do u find very attarctive in a hippo's n cow's voice?
do i find anything attractive? i didn't know that!!
5. what r ur thoughts on EKTA ?
EKTA hona is very imp. if u've ekta no one can win over you....'ve you heard "panchtantra" stories.. it stresses too much on Ekta..!!!
6. ur inspiration ?
ur wonderful questions!!
7. why do u like DM?
i lovee it!!!
8. ur fav. on screen couple ?
i dont watch tv yaar....
9. what is the diffence b/w Sir. Issac Newton n a simple girl ?
hello!!! "sir" "girl"
10. U cherish the memory of the day when...?
sun rise
11. Rapid Fire
    bollywood or hollywood ?
    cricket or hockey ?
    snowfall or rainfall ?
    long hairs or short hairs ?
depends where!! Wink
    sweet or savoury ?
sweet n savour

more coming later! Wink
sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 August 2004
Posts: 3658

Posted: 17 April 2006 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ~PaKi*PrInCeZ~

a few more LOL
1) How are you doing today?
I love Mondays!!!!

2) Are you addicted to music? what kind of music do you listen to?
I don't have any addicton.

3) What movie did you watch last ?
Chandni Bar

4) Your favorite serial?
lots of them ..can't say one.

5) What is one thing a guy has ever given to you or did something for you that you found very sweet?
heee...there is this one guy who did my homework once..... it was soooo sweet!! Embarrassed

6) What do you do when you are depressed?
just sit alone and not let anyone come near me.

7) Is there someone with whom u share everything ... nothing hiding from that person?

8) Are you good at keeping secrets?

9) What do you usually do over weekends?
household chores Ouch laundry, vaccume, groccery, bathroom cleaning, cooking, playing with my daughter, doing yardwork, reading books, music, socializing, teaching dance.... etc. etc. etc.

10) Do u wear bracelets and, anklets?

11) Do u cry in front of people?

12) What did u wear on ur shadi?

13) What do you do if you are mad at someone?
try to give them big smile and make them feel uncomfy Wink

14) do u think women should work or be a housewife after shadi?
whatever women wants to do....

15) do u perfer living with ur husband or in joint family?
for me, it's not a matter of "choice"... i would live where my work is and depends on circumstances.

16) Do u prefer wearing dark colors or light... Why?
ilove all colors, dark, light.

17) Which language do you speak at home?

18) When did you have your last fight? With whom?
last night with my daughter. yes, i fight with her when she does cheating playing chutes and ladder LOL

19) What is your favorite candy?
ewww i hate candies. i love chocoates.

20) What is the first thing you try to notice in someone you meet for the first time?
i am not observent person...really!!!

21)do u want ur daughter 2 grow up quickly...or remain a little girl 4ever
awe i always want her to be my little girl. btu she is growing faster. Cry

22) What is your favourite salan?

Pick One:

- mounds or almond joy?
almond joy

- fork or spoon?

- mercedes or bmw?
i dont know Confused

- pepsi or coke?
neither!! i never drink soda!

- Rain or Sunshine?
sunshine after the rain!!

- Pacman or Ms Pacman? cute!

- White chocholate or dark chocolate?
dark!! yum!

- coffee or tea?

- digital or analog?

- apple pie or berry pie?

- blonde or bruntte?
neither Confused

- srk or amir khan?
can i have both!! Embarrassed

enjoy LOL

hey i loved it!!! Hug
Aparna_BD IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 July 2005
Posts: 4924

Posted: 17 April 2006 at 6:57am | IP Logged
Soumya we all loved your answers! Very cleverly answered!! You knew how to handle the peskiest girl on I-F! Well done !! I am sure you'll be glad to be done with the hot seat now!! So wishing you all the best!! Smile
sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 August 2004
Posts: 3658

Posted: 17 April 2006 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ~PaKi*PrInCeZ~

What is the first thing comes in your mind every mornng when u wakes up?
what time is it?

What is the last thing on your mind when u go to sleep?
what will i cook tomorrow...and what clothes should i keep outside for my daughter's school in morning Confused

Where do u see yourself in next 5 years?
repeat question LOL

What is your passion?
see if you ask any mom..usually their life revolve around thier kids only...!!!

Which cities of India did you go to?
huh? i didn't get it.

What did you learn today?
I learnt Aparna is always right!! you are pesky!!! LOL

What was the most memorable moment of IF?
well all days are same. itna memorable day to yaad nahi.

Describe your bedroom. How does it describe you?
i've bed in my bed-room. now you tell me how does it describe me. Embarrassed

Write a history of your hairstyles.
long, short, short, long, short, long. straight, ekdam straight, waivy, straight.
Your best quality?
me very obedient!!
What was the most difficult decision you had to make?
umm..should i answer jav's question or should i lock the topic as 7 days are done Wink
What has been the greatest success so far?
i am alsmost there.... LOL
What are three qualities you admire in your friends/others?
they make me laugh, they make me feel comfy, they accept me as i am and what i am!!
If you had three wishes that would come true for sure, what would they be?
You hear a knock on the door. You answer. No one is there, but on the ground you see three items: a paper bag with something in it, a key, and a phone number written on the back of a business card. Who left them and why?
oh my company gave me new car...are you talking about that incident?
If I were invisible I would... (finish the sentence)
try to be visible again.
What would life be like if you were only six inches tall?
like kids in honey i shrunk the kids
List 10 uses for a toothbrush.
1. cleans ur molar
2. cleans maxillary central incisor
3. cleans wisdom teeth
4. cleans Maxillary lateral Incisor
5. cleans mandibular central incisor
6. cleans tribosphenic molar
7. cleans carnassials
8. cleans premolars
9. cleans canines
10. cleans ur hairbrush [COLOR>
What travels faster light or sound?
Why are people more buoyant in the Dead Sea?
b'coz they are "dead" LOL
The honey bee can lift 300 times its own weight. If you had that kind of strength, how much weight could you lift?
same 300 times my weight.
What happens first the lightning or the thunder?
Why did Chicken cross the road?
'coz jaya really wished for it...and she was granted her wish. Tongue
Does the earth travel around the sun or does the sun travel around the earth?
they love ring around the game don't they?
rapid fire:
    pizza or burger ?
    comedy or horror movies ?
    snowfall or rainfall?
repeat ?
    summer or winter ?
    bues or trains
train ?
    Airplanes or ships ?
    home cooked food or italian ?
depends who cook at home Wink
    italian or chinese food ?
chinese chinese or american chinese, or indian chinese..depends
    thai or mexican food ?
    lion or tiger ?
    tv or internet ?
repeat ?
    love or friendship ?
lovable friendship
    history or geography ?
national geography Wink
    sun or stars ?
    ocean or sea ?


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