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TD Update for 5th April'2005

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 12:21am | IP Logged
Tumhari Disha Update for Episode dated 5th April'2005

 Hi Friends. Today's episode came as a real relief to all of us. Thanks to Fiza, Sadi, Twinecool I got to read the suspense before actually seeing the episode. This is straight out of the India TV's Sting thing and as twine said they are actually supporting Aman Verma and Shakti Kapoor's cause. And the promos really cheated us and they did not show that much in detail when the episode was actually aired. Anyways here it goes….

 In the morning Disha arrives in her merc. She straightaway to DK's room to meet him. He looks really disturbed. He is wearing a yellow shirt and not the blue one which they showed last night when the tape thing was going on. Disha asks him as to why he is looking so disturbed. She looks really worried and again questions him if he did not sleep well at night and if choti mom created any further problems. Dk gets irritated and tells her Disha nothing happened and I tell you I slept very well and peacefully last night and now don't start behaving like a teacher and questioning me, I am fed up of answering your questions……saying he walks off in a huff. Disha looks worried… Gargi and Pori are watching it from a distance and enjoying themselves.

 Aai is taking rest in her room when Sukanya comes and tells Taai did you read today's newspapers and see the good news. Suhas asks what is there in the papers today? Sukanya tells that Jaawai Babu ( SIL) has got an award. Suhas's face lights up and she tells oh Inder got an award ( how funny…for what will he get an award..maybe for being a cry baby..)..Sukanya tells no no Taai your other SIL got an award. DK. Suhas is happy and tells what is it for. Sukanya tells that its for the best Businessman of the year award… Suhas tells Sukanya I will wish Disha now itself, Sukanya tells her no no, we will go personally and meet them, come get ready. Suhas agrees and before leaving she asks Sukanya the newspaper cutting. Sukanya tells that she does not remember where she kept the papers and tells come let us not waste time and not miss the show on TV when it is aired.

 Dk is still looking disturbed and Disha comes to him and tells him to pour out his problems. Dk tells her that he has set up Kanaka Empire with his sweat and toil and now Gargi is ought to ruin its reputation. Disha tells him don't worry we will try to do something about it. Just then Gargi comes and tells them that in View Tv there is some great news coming for DK and that Aai and Sukanya have come home. Disha is surprised as to how come Aai and Kaki came at this hour, but she is happy nevertheless and both of them go down. Gargi, Suhas, Sukanya, Pori are already there. Disha is happy to see Aai. Aai congratulates Dk and tells him that he gave all of them a pleasant surprise. Dk and Disha both look confused and surprised. Gargi tells that ya DK you did not inform anybody of us, now let us see the surprise in TV itself about your achieving such a big award. Vedant too comes there. All are watching the TV when the newsreader tells that now some news about business tycoon DK ' Business tycoon Dk was caught red handed in his own house'. ( DK apne hi ghar mein ashleel harkathe karte huwe pakde gaye)… they show a lady coming to meet Dk in his bedroom and Dk talking to her and telling her that for gaining something you need to sacrifice a lot and for getting name, fame, money, power I am ready to offer you a movie provided you spend the night with me…etc etc….They don't show close-ups of the two just from a distance…..

 Disha, DK and others are aghast and DK goes and switches off the TV. He tells this is sheer rubbish, complete bullshit, someone is trying to frame me , I have not done anything of this sort..I was not at home in the first place. Disha tells him but DK you told me you were at home last night, do you mean to say it was someone else shown in the TV. Gargi tells Dk you should have thought about Sehgal Khaandaan's dignity and should have atleast thought about Disha , now when she goes out how will she face the world….Pori tells Vedant did you see now what your brother did, the same thing he had done with me too and cheated me.. Aai is furious and tells I am taking Disha with me right now, I don't want her to face all this anymore and want her to cut all ties with you forever, Sukanya also puts some fuel in the fire..Disha tells no Aai I will stay here and not go anywhere, there is a purpose behind my staying here. Vedant tells Dish why, why do you still wanta stay…..Disha does not answer him and just goes away. Dk tells go away, all of you'll I don't need anybody, please go…..

 Dk thinks all that happened and remembers Gargi's words, the TV presenter's words and thinks about how Disha will face the people etc etc. He gets mad thinking all this…

Disha also is in her room and is equally disturbed and thinks that DK had told he was at home last night.. etc etc…she prays to Ganpati Bappa and asks Bappa what and whom should I believe, is somebody out to malign DK's name…..just then Vedant comes there, he tells Dish I can understand what you must be feeling, but I am not at all surprised, he had done the same thing with his brother's GF and now his wife, still why do you want to stay here with a husband like him. Disha tells him Vedant its no use of you telling me all this and please I don't want anybody to sympathise with me… please leave me alone. Please go away from here. I still am confused and don't know whom to believe… Vedant looks surprised and tells her even now you are not convinced after seeing all this… Disha tells that sometimes seeing is not believing, its not the complete truth and they have not even shown DK's face clearly…Vedant tells what about those support sticks etc.Disha tells please Vedant I don't want to talk about all this and pleaaaase leave me alone….

 Pori is in her room and humming a nice old hindi song… mein chali ab khood chedo pyaar ke afsaane…..( wow).. she is also putting some cassette in the tape recorder and fiddling with it. Just then Gargi comes in and tells her bravo Pari, you have done a good job, I came to congratulate you, you have really done the job this time, just look at Dk he is sitting in his room and shut the doors and is really depressed. Pori tells Gargi but I must say your idea of DK's duplicate was rocking and it really worked. Gargi tells he is so much into Disha, Disha all the time and does not think about anybody other than Disha. But I must say that duplicate was a fabulous actor for a moment even I was confused if he is the real DK…..Pori tells I have learnt these tricks from you Gargi aunty … Gargi tells I just gave you the idea but you really trapped him..just then Gargi's mobile rings…she picks it up and talks to the person and tells that ya ya what to do, we are really ashamed of the whole thing and cannot even face the people now, ok where is the kitty today by the way……then she tells Pori ok I am leaving now Pari….Pori tells Pori not Pari…Gargi tells whatever and goes away from there. Pori then takes out the cassette from the tape recorded and tells I too have got little brains Gargi  and you can anytime turn the tables on me… but now that I have got all these talks recorded Lady Arnold you cannot get away from this situation scot-free…..

 Disha is in her room in tears when Dk comes there.  He tells her that Disha do you believe all this….Disha tells him what am I supposed to make out of all this DK? I saw you on the TV and do you mean to say it was not you? DK tells her I am not bothered if the whole world thinks I am at fault, but not you Disha, if you too believe all this it does matter to me. Disha asks him where were you last night Dk.. Dk is quite…she tells him your silence proves otherwise. Dk tells her I will tell you all that when the time is right.. Disha asks him when will the time come DK…..DK tells very soon….don't you trust me and my words…….saying this he goes away…

 Pori is talking to a guy on the phone and meanwhile writing on the cassette cover DK's name and tells the man well done Kishore, you did a fabulous job. And you will be paid for it too. No no don't you dare come here, else I will be dead… I will tell you when and where I will come to pay you the money…saying again she starts humming the song and throws the cassette which was in her hand. Disha sees the cassette and reading DK's name in it she is intrigued and takes it to her room..

 She overhears the conversation b/w Gargi and Pori and is shocked to hear it. Just then she hears some sound outside and presses some button on the tape recorder ( stupid) and goes near the windows and closes the window and draws the curtains….she comes to hear the cassette again and only first two words she hears and the rest is blank. She tries again and it's the same. She tells oh no what did I do, how could I erase it off. With my own hands I have erased off all proof which would prove that DK was innocent…….oh no……ends on Disha's face…..





krazee_gurl Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 12:34am | IP Logged
thanx lata
PriyaS Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 12:38am | IP Logged

Thanks Lata.

Idiot Disha - how could she erase the evidence!!  Well at least she knows the truth and supports DK, thats all that matters.

I think DK is hatching a plot to get his empire back from Gargoyle Gargi.



samy74 IF-Dazzler

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Lata brilliant we got the relief yesterday i am ao happpyyyyyyyyyyy hottieeeeeee i snot in trouble an dabove all disha has found out so pleased.Interesting lets se what happens now though..

Thanks for the updateBig smile


Mamta_ Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 1:06am | IP Logged

Heya guys!!!

Silly silly Disha............but hey atleast she knows the truth & will hopefully support our manWink...........& ofcourse in future when Gargi & Pori plot against DK, Disha will think twice b4 jumping 2 conclusions..........all in all i think it didn't turn out too badSmile..........


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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 1:11am | IP Logged

I don't want to sound pessimistic but then is it the last of sting operation on TD ? Gargi might release some more video footage today (the scenes  shown on the promos) and according to the mid day article they were supposed to show the sting operation on 4,5 and 6th April, 2005. anyways even if Gargi does that I am sure this time Disha would trust Dushyant. Let us wait and watch.

and with regards to Disha wiping off the evidence it may lead to a point wherein Dushyant only has Disha's support and maybe this might bring them closer to each other. of course the divorce angle is still pending. (or have the writers decided to change the story. If that is not the case divorce may happen purely because of their egos as they seem to solving all their misunderstandings)

PriyaS..I liked ur prediction. If that is the case then I would love watching TD.

Thanks for the update Lata.


Edited by swathi - 06 April 2005 at 1:12am
eran Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 1:16am | IP Logged

hi lata

gr8 update!!! thanks alot!!Clap

love eran!!!!

samy74 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2005 at 1:21am | IP Logged


Swathi you could be right about that but i think if they show DK's face than either that is his past as the papers keep sayin ghis past comes to haunt him or maybe Gargi plotted more than what they have shown..Hope disha understands and sticks by him..But maybe 5 and 6h will focus on how disha supports him in this whole affair and tries to find out more about it..Big smile Come what i just want the two to come closer now alteast..


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