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Astitva Update - 05 April 2005

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2005 at 11:52am | IP Logged

Warning: This episode contains some very emotionally disturbing scenes. Watch it at your own risk!Ouch

Yesterday, we left off where Divya and Victor are talking to Anand in a deserted area at night, while Dilip comes up stealthily behind Victor holding a very large knife in his hand…

THE RUINS IN GOA (Scene of the Crime)

As Dilip grabs Victor from behind, Divya lets out a blood-curdling scream. She shouts to Dilip, What are you doing? We trusted you! Victor is stunned and tries to fight back. Both of them are screaming. Then Anand grabs Divya as she is trying to free herself. Divya manages to struggle free and runs for her life with Dilip hotly in pursuit. They fall to the ground as Dilip catches hold of her and asks her to give him everything she has on her. Meanwhile, Victor delivers an eye-popping blow to Anand on the stomach. Anand doubles up in pain and swears to get back at him. Victor runs to rescue Divya where she is grappling with Dilip and tries to rescue her. Anand comes running to where they all are and there ensues an unholy battle for control – eventually, Anand and Dilip empower Victor while Anand screams to Divya to run as fast as her legs can carry her. Divya tries to run but as she turns to look around, she watches Anand grab a large boulder and smash Victor's head with it, yelling all the while… once, twice, several timesOuch… there is a lot of screaming and a lot of bloodCry … until Victor is lying prone on the ground. As Dilip removes Victor's camera and wallet, Divya stands frozen with terror but musters the strength to scramble madly to save her life. Anand starts out behind her this time. She finds a small cave and hides inside, gasping for breath. Immediately she calls Sia on her mobile phone and begins talking to her rapidly, telling her that they are in trouble and there is NO one to help them.. that Anand is a crook, a fraud! Sia does not respond and Divya cries in frustrationCry Outside, Anand is taking a breather and thinking about where Divya could be. Then both Dilip and Anand start searching for Divya once again.


Simran is traveling in her car with Sid, on their way back from Zarina's home. Divya calls Simran on her cell, and barely have the words "Aunty Simran! Aunty Simran!" escaped from her mouth that Dilip and Anand find her and all hell breaks loose. They mercilessly drag her out from the cave, kicking and screaming, taunting her all the while. Simran is surprised when the call gets disconnected. Sid says that it must be some kind of network problem. Simran is worried because Divya's voice was sounding afraid – different. Simran tries to call Divya back.


(The next scene is a very graphical rape, and I am so sorry and upset that I have to be the one to type this out)

Meanwhile, Anand is raping Divya behind a boulder, with Dilip standing close-by. Divya is screaming her lungs out. It's a most gruesome, chilling scene. Divya's cellphone rings – it is Simran. Dilip gets frustrated and disconnects the call. Simran is again worried that Divya is not responding. Back at the scene of the crime, the same thing keeps going on and on – all the screaming and blood and gore. Dilip is getting frustrated at the delay and tells Anand to finish up fast.


Simran tells Sid that the ringing has been going on incessantly, but Divya is not responding. Sid suggests that Divya might have gone off somewhere and left her phone behind, and that she will call Simran when she sees her missed call. Simran is not convinced, and continues worrying. Sid tries to be reassuring and tells her to think of alternatives – that sometimes there are network problems too. After all where could Divya have gone? Indulgently he remarks - You mothers! You worry about the smallest things. Do you have to worry about Divya on top of Aastha and me both?? Simran smiles wistfully and says that Divya is such a sweet girl. Sid says they have a mutual admiration club – Divya praises Simran and vice-versa. Simran feels gladdened to hear this and asks what Divya says about her. Teasingly, Sid tells her that Divya is in awe of Dr. Simran, and feels that there is no one like her in the world. Simran falls silent and says quietly, "I was telling your mother, had Aastha been alive today, she would have been just like Divya.."


Dilip and Anand are preparing to flee in the car. Dilip asks Anand if he 'shut the girl's mouth forever' and Anand replies in the affirmative. They jump in and drive off into the night, leaving Victor and Divya's dead bodies, smashed and bloodied, next to each other…OuchCry


Shaguna and Aastha are talking in Aastha's room. Aastha is looking down and depressed and Shaguna is trying to cheer her up. She coaxes her to come downstairs and eat her food. Aastha is feeling guilty about everything that happened and says that her mum had to listen to so much just because of her. Shaguna chastises her for feeling bad. Aastha says in her little-girl voice, "I never want to bother Mama… but I don't know why, something always happens! And this time, even my college has made me look like a liar!"  and starts sobbing. Shaguna tries to act tough and asks her not to worry, as Simran will make everything OK again. She always defends the truth. She fights till the finish! And this time my baby hasn't even done anything wrong! She has spoken the truth, just like her mother! Don't worry… Aastha then asks playfully, will mama never ever be angry with me? Shaguna doesn't bite the bait and warns her to be careful from next time.. or else!!! She then hurries Aastha and tells her to go downstairs for dinner, as Saurabh is waiting. When Aastha still keeps sitting, she turns back and makes a crack about sitting like Meena KumariWink .. and coaxes her downstairs at last.

It is morning. Aastha is sleeping and Simran enters her room and gently begins stroking her hair. Aastha's eyes are wet with tears. She confesses that she is scared of going back to college as she is afraid everyone will laugh at her. Simran assures her that no one will say a thing. Aastha doesn't get up. Simran tells her that Zarina's father called, and he said he will be coming to the college. Simran will also be accompanying Aastha to the college. She tells Aastha that since she has done nothing wrong, there is nothing to be ashamed of, and that everyone will appreciate Aastha's courage. Don't be scared! When Aastha turns around Simran sees her crying and feels bad. She tells her not to begin her day crying and to give her a cute smile, which Aastha does.. they kiss and hug closely. Simran asks her not to lose hope, that too after doing something so big. Whatever has happened to you is nothing new… it happens to everyone who tries to raise their voice. So – have faith in yourself and do what YOU think is right! Aastha is touched by Simran's words and they hug again, Aastha sobbing and exclaiming, "You're the best, Mama!"Big smile


All concerned parties have gathered at the Principal's office. Zarina's father asks Zarina to tell everyone what happened. Zarina talks in a painful voice, "Ma'am I had asked Prof. Kumar for some notes. He asked me to take them from him after class. However, when I went to him, he molested me!" Prof. Kumar tries to cut in but the Principal shuts him up. Zarina goes on to say that when she tried to scream, he tried to stifle her… Aastha saw this and tried to help me. Prof. Kumar ran away on seeing her. Aastha broke his car window in a rage. I could not tell you all this the other day because I was scared. Prof. Kumar had threatened me with dire consequences if I dared say a word." When the Principal asked Zarina why they should trust her today in that case, a few girls standing behind Zarina spoke up. They said that Prof. Kumar had molested several girls before. Prof. Kumar interjected again but no one let him speak. The girl continued speaking – that they had kept shut because of the fear of getting a bad name, but people like this think they can do anything! After seeing Aastha, we realize that keeping quiet is most harmful for no one but ourselves.

The Principal is disgusted and asks Prof. Kumar to say something in his defence, as she cannot ignore the words of so many students. Prof. Kumar is struck dumb and can barely manage a "Sorry Madam!" The stern Principal says that merely "Sorry" is not enough, and tells him to apologize to everyone from Aastha and Zarina to the other girls. The Prof. does the needful and the girls look at each other, delighted at their victory. The Principal apologizes for misunderstanding Aastha and withdraws the rustication order. She says, "How can I expel a girl who has set an ideal example for the other students?" Aastha thanks her. Zarina's father feels sorry for holding back his daughter initially, and says he was scared that his daughter would get a bad name, but that Dr. Simran's words forced him to rethink his decision. Simran lauds him for trusting his daughter and taking her down the correct path. She thanks the Principal and then Zarina for saying the truth. Everyone feels vindicated.


Outside, as soon as Aastha emerges with her friends, there is a lot of clapping and cheering going on. She is surrounded by girls and boys who egg her on, celebrating her victory, "Hip Hip Hurrah!!"Thumbs Up. Simran stands some distance away and in her mind's eye sees Neha.. and her dying words echo in her mind, "you will make her just like yourself, won't you?" She smiles to herself and then she imagines she is seeing Abhi.. Abhi is smiling away, happy, satisfied… Simran feels very glad she has done the right thing. Meanwhile, the students begin raising anti-Prof. slogans, "Hai hai!" Prof. Kumar is standing close and hears them. He makes a twisted face on hearing this and swears beneath his breath, "OK, Aastha.. now the fun will start!" Amidst all this, Simran tries Divya's cell again but gets a recorded message (switched off). She looks disturbed.


Urmila and Saurabh are sitting on the couch and watching TV. Saurabh berates himself for saying harsh words to Aastha, and wonders how badly she must have taken it. He can't understand why he could not trust Aastha. Shaguna says in her sing-song voice, not to take tension, and to smile and make up when baby comes back home! She will love you and hug you and say "Nanu, I love you!" Saurabh shakes his head and says that he will feel even worse then, and scolds himself for doing this every time… that he could not understand Simran fully either, and now it's the same with Aastha..!! Urmila assures him smilingly that it's OK, everyone makes mistakes. And that Aastha is so loving – she would never hold it against her Nanu!!

Saurabh is about to say something when Simran and Aastha enter, looking pleased as punch and smiling at everyone. Urmila tells Aastha how proud they are of her and that this is the only way Simran's Aastha can ever be.. Sid says teasingly how he's always telling everyone that Aastha is a good girl! God knows why everyone keeps scolding her! Aastha and Saurabh look at each other with naughty faces. Saurabh looks sheepish but invites Aastha over. She sits next to him and mimics his voice, saying something about going away to an old-age home.. Saurabh hugs her and tells her that she better not go away anywhere and leave him!!! He regrets everything he said to his lil girl, for distrusting her. He says ruefully, that distrusting Aastha is like distrusting your upbringing, which Simran and I have done! They exchange "I love you's" again and hug. Simran's cell rings and she gets the good news that the Board has decided to terminate Prof. Kumar's services. Everyone is ecstatic to hear this. Shaguna is very happy to see her baby become a heroWink

Simran is drifting away into her own thoughts when Sid tells her, "Aunty, I see you are upset since last night. I told you, they must be in the interiors of Goa, hence Divya and Victor are unable to contact you!" As they are talking, Shaguna's eyes are caught by something coming on the telly. They are showing pictures of Divya and Victor lying on the ground, dead. She stares in horror and draws everyone's attention to the TV. They gather around the screen, open-mouthed. Shaguna is blabbering, Bai, Bai, this isConfused… she is looking shocked beyond words. Simran's heart sinks to the floor as she sees Victor and Divya's pics – she is shell-shocked. They hear the newscaster say, that the police is investigating the deaths of two bodies found in some ruins in Goa. The victims' names are Victor and Divya, NRI's, ...." Everyone has glazed looks on their faces.Ouch

jingle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2005 at 11:57am | IP Logged

thanks for the update

so divya is not the real astha.

Mostly sia is the real asta and she will come to india to catch the culprit

Vini Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2005 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update queenbee!!Smile
innocentindian Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2005 at 12:20pm | IP Logged

you know what ?

i've said it before and i'll say it again -  this ajai sinha is really after some sort of award this year - hence the dramatic storyline.... the only thing is, I think that sometimes as they get toooooooooo tense, it may work against him .... this serial is becoming a rollercoaster and rollercoasters are only fun for a few minutes....


anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2005 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Thanks Queeny...very beautiful update.

That is so drastic, pathetic, so bad....Cry
chweetweety Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2005 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Thanks a lot queenbee for the awesome update. Its truly a disturbing episode...Cry why at all they have to put this.....Ouch
essar1026 Groupbie

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Posted: 05 April 2005 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

Thanx Queenbee. Great update. Wish the episode wasn't so gruesome.

jas Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2005 at 12:31pm | IP Logged

awsome udapte Queenbee!!!Clap

why did they have to kill diyva & victor?Cry

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