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Sudeep Sarangi to enter Mahadev as Angira Rishi's son

By TellychakkarTeam 13 Mar 2012 - 19:49

Sudeep Sarangi

Nikhil and Suhana Sinha's mythological show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev aired on Life OK has been high on the drama quotient. And now there will be a new entry that will add more excitement for the viewers. And Sudeep Sarangi, who has done shows like Prithviraj Chauhan and Baba Aiso Var Dhoondho, will be entering the series.

In the recent episodes, the greedy Angira Rishi agreed to get his son, Shatbhish, married to Sati (Mouni Roy) only on one condition that Raja Daksh (Surendra Pal) will give away with the authority of 'Prajapati'. And Sati who is in love with Lord Shiv, decided to sacrifice her love and agreed to get married to Shatbhish for her family. This character will be played by Sudeep.

A source close to the show informs that in the upcoming episodes, everybody will be shocked to see the ugly face of Shatbhish (Sudeep Sarangi). "Prasuti (Shalini Kapoor) will criticize Daksh's choice and will also oppose him; but Daksh will explain her that Sati has been tagged a Shiv lover throughout the world, so Prasuti will accept Daksh's decision."

When we contacted Sudeep Sarangi, he confirmed the news and said it is one of the most challenging characters. "My character has a very ugly look; he has a scare on his face just like Zeenat Aman's character in Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. I just hope viewers like my character as much as I have enjoyed playing it," he said.


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New evil entry in Mahadev

Lisa Antao, TNN | Mar 16, 2012, 01.05PM IST
New evil entry in Mahadev
Sudeep Sarangi

Nikhil and Suhana Sinha's mythological show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev has been capturing audience attention for some time now. Here is another reason of why it will become even more popular in the days to come - the show aired on Life OK will see the entry of Sudeep Sarangi, who has done shows like Prithviraj Chauhan and Baba Aiso Var Dhoondho.

In the recent episodes, the greedy Angira Rishi agreed to get his son Shatbhish, married to Sati (Mouni Roy) only on one condition that Raja Daksh (Surendra Pal) will give away with the authority of 'Prajapati'. And Sati who is in love with Lord Shiva, decided to sacrifice her love and agreed to get married with Shatbhish, (Sudeep Sarangi). Talking on this matter, Sudip says, ""I have worked with Nikhil Sinha in Baba Aiso Var Dhoondho
so when this character came to me, I knew that it would be something exciting. This character has many shades of a personality and thus being an actor I had to go for this."" Sudeep started working in this show for the last one week and is very happy to be a part of Mahadev. "My character has a very ugly look. He has a scar on his face just like Zeenat Aman's character in Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram but mine is more of a patchy scar. I just hope viewers like my character as much as I have enjoyed playing it," he says.

Lisa An




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Monday, 19 March 2012 15:03

Devon ke Dev Mahadev- Life OK- What's so appealing? -A Review

Written by  Writer One
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Devon ke Dev Mahadev- Life OK- What's so appealing? -A Review

Fan Story comprises of Articles written by Fans on their favourite shows.

The Indian television has been virtually disappointing over the years. Although the industry churns out an unfathomable number of series and programs every season, they fail to impress.

The reasons are obvious: We are plagued incessantly with regressive serials in the name of uplifting society and its values. The fact is we are getting tired of the expensive saree clad soft spoken tolerant women who sacrifice all their rights and suffer continuously to showcase their "indian" strength of character. We have had enough of the family drama.

The Indian appetite is growing in terms of television entertainment. We definitely need to connect to our cultural roots but we need to do it the new way. The showcasing has to be as dynamic as our heritage. In this light, Devon ke Dev Mahadev  on Life OK  is a fresh gust of wind as it brings hope that finally the television industry is waking up to authentic creativity. The series has succeeded in bringing back harsh TV critics like me to television.

Man's fascination with myth is not new. But that's not what makes this series so beloved among young and old audience alike. At least a dozen mythical shows go on air all week: they don't garner the kind of attention DKDM gets. The show's appeal lies in its presentation and cast.

M Id 259258 Former Grasim Mr India Mohit Raina plays Lord Shiva in Devo ke Dev MahadevWelcome to the world's first love story. Every Indian grows up listening to the story of the mighty Sati jumping into the yajna fire for the honour of her husband. We all know how Shiva danced the dance of destruction carrying Sati's burnt body and had to be appeased to prevent the end of the world.  The story has been retold a million times and has been depicted on the screen many a times. So what's new in DKDM?

Oh there is. Up until now, we all heard Sati's story with reverence. We kept Shiva and Sati on a pedestal and were so overwhelmed by the divine nature of the myth, that we didn't seek to know how it felt to be a part of the story. It was okay not to identify, after it was a God's story and we are not supposed to identify with Gods..
DKDM has changed all that. When you watch their story here, you forget that it comes from scriptures. You identify with them, you feel for them and it makes you want to be them.

Modern women identify with DKDM's Sati because she is not over burdened with piousness, which is generally heaped upon mythological women in copious amounts in our culture. You see the confidence and steadfastness in Sati, lacked by many modern women. She is headstrong. She has no qualms about pursuing Shiv when she is being opposed by everyone, including Shiv.

LifeOK home banner mahadevShe does not wait to be proposed just because she is a girl and she does not let anyone else decide for her. When she is in love, she does not hide it with a shy smile; she brazenly declares it with a sensuous dance. Sati is a fighter and she makes you want to fight for her. Her faults are humane. She is proud and haughty. When she is made aware of her importance in Shiv's life, she revels in her ego. She has problems but she is in love, just like every other woman on earth.

 It is a daring feat casting Mahadev on screen. It is almost unfair to expect from any actor to play Shiv and do justice to it. The myths describe him as someone unimaginably handsome and powerful yet innocent and vulnerable. He is the master of dance, music, yoga and even love making. His anger is feared by gods and demons alike. His love is sought by heaven and earth alike. In short, it is impossible to depict him in all his glory.

And it is here that DKDM has achieved the impossible. The major strength of the show lies in the depiction of Shiva. This on screen Shiva is as good as it gets. It is not an exaggeration to say that DKDM's Shiva makes you forget that you are watching an actor playing Mahadev, and not Mahadev himself.His eyes mirror both powerful wrath and extreme tenderness with mastery. His persona oozes power even when he has nothing to say. And when he has things to say, well, you just listen to it entranced, believing that Shiva is speaking to you.

So here we are, we have two characters that are strong yet lifelike. Very easy to believe in and identify with. The protagonists shine brilliantly through an extra ordinary chemistry. The pining Sati is extremely appealing when she defiantly questions Shiv on his rejection and the silent Shiv tears your heart with his vulnerable silence, for he alone knows that only pain and hurt will come out of their re union.

Every single role in this epic story has been played to its full glory. The unique representation of this immortal love story has been further embellished with soul stirring music. The background music and the song sequences are a blessing to the ears. It touches the heart in a most extraordinary way and leaves you wanting to pray for the rest of your life. The song sequence where Shiv comes out to sing for the sake of bringing the unconscious rag-raginis back to life and unknowingly hypnotises Sati will remain an epic sequence for years to come.

But like all other great beginnings, the series faces a challenge to maintain the high bench mark it has set for itself throughout. It has succeeded in doing so till now and has kept us glued to the TV screen. The run time has been a subject of displeasure as it occupies only a fifteen minute slot (excluding the break) on the channel.  The recap episode on Friday is an unwelcome interruption in the flow of the story.

Definitely, the entire DKDM team deserves applause for delivering an almost perfect master piece in the genre of mythological series after a really- really long time. The cinematography is excellent. The creativity is surprising. This new way of representing the oldest and the most famous love story in the world brings a surge of hope for the genre and the T.V industry in general.  And in the majority of households, at eight o clock every day, it brings fantasy, love and devotion, all together, and inspires many a hearts.

If you liked the review and want to know more about the series and Mohit Raina please follow  his Fan club maintained by Anjali, Shruti and me @Mohit_FC.  You can also follow Mohit Raina himself @mohituraina.
Tulika Dubey

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Annapurna Vitthal Bhairi in Mahadev

Annapurna Vitthal Bhairi

Triangle Film Company's Devon Ke Dev Mahadev aired on Life OK will soon see Shiv granting a boon to one of his devotees. Annapurna Vitthal Bhairi who is currently seen in Imagine's Sapno Ke Bhanwar Mein will enter the show.

As already seen in yesterday's episode, Shiv asked Sati (Mouni Roy) to imagine Shatbhish so that he can complete a sculpture of the latter; but Sati, who is in love with Shiv, could only imagine him. And Shiv came to a conclusion that Sati's sadness will wither away, if she is taken out of Daksh's palace. In tonight's episode, Shiv will keep a condition in front of Daksh to take Sati alone in search of a proper stone and Daksh will agree.

During the search, Shiv will meet Sukarna a small child and his mother, Shanta (played by Annapurna Vitthal Bhairi). The kid will unknowingly put bael leaves on Shivling and this will impress Shiv. He will grant a boon to Sukarna that whenever he is in any problem Shiv will be there to rescue him. On the other hand, Rewati will decide to send Sati to Kailash to make Mahadev and Sati's union possible.

When contacted Annapurna Vitthal Bhairi, she confirmed the track and said, "It is a very interesting story. I have seen the show and I am very happy to be a part of it."




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Posted: 26 March 2012 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Monday, 26 March 2012 06:54

Mahadev Maha Masala - A Winning Recipe!

Written by  Swati Ghosh
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Mahadev Maha Masala - A Winning Recipe!

(Please note that Swati Ghosh of Rangmunch is not the author of this write up but has only published the same. The entire article has been penned down by SHRUTI).

Hands up those who thought that mythology and "masala" was as unlikely a combination as an Indian TV soap designed to finish in less than 50 episodes. All you have to do is watch this surprising combination in Life OK Channel's, Devon Ke Dev- Mahadev, to realise how wrong you were!

Don't believe me? Well, read on to see why I think this unique mythological show, presented to us by Nikhil Sinha, through his excellent troupe and team, manages to cook up a recipe replete with all flavours, despite its setting in ancient times and even a different conceptual era.

I have summed up the recipe below. It is a secret recipe but I have managed to work it out by watching every episode of the show to date, and many of them numerous times. If something doesn't work, it is probably because I have made a mistake so please don't blame the show, it's cast or the makers. Also, we are making one big Indian curry, and not some delicate gourmet dish, so the measurements and methodology (or "mythodoloogy"!) can vary- if in doubt- improvise!


1. One super hot God-hero (Mohit/ Mahadev), complete with abs you can cut cheese on;

image 12. One exotically beautiful heroine (Mouni/ Sati) no man (or God) can resist;

image 2
3. Elaborate sets and picturesque locations; goodbye Switzerland, we are off to "Kailash";

image 3
4. Fantastic costumes - strapless blouses for the main lead, figure hugging creations for her sisters, elegant attire for the rest of the females, animal skin for the hero complete with trend setting accessories even including a live (oh, well unmoving plastic) snake (but you get the picture?) and others to embellish;

image 4image 5image 6
5. A villainous father (Daksha) who hates our hero, complemented by wife (Prasuti) and henchmen (Amatya and Rishi Bhrigu);

image 76. A selection of matchmaking Cupids on both sides ranging from the hero's fellow Gods (Brahmaji, Lakshmiji and Vishnuji), learned sages (Rishis Kashyap and Dadichi), devotees (Naradji and Nandi) to siblings and spouses (Revati and Chandrama) and a best friend/mentor (Madanike);

image 8image 9image 10
7. A dash of sub plots like a love triangle between our damsel's sisters and their common hubby (there was bigamy pre-K soap days too!);

image 11
8. A motley selection of ugly, fat, (and often) hairy villains (sorry to those that play them but...!);

image 12image 13

9. Dashes of soul stirring music and inspired dance to garnish each time.

image 14image 15


1. Set up the workstation first by arranging the picturesque locations and sets as the base;

image 16
2. Keep preparing by putting the beautiful heroine in the path of the super hot hero at intervals;

image 17


1. Ensure the reclusive self made man (oops God!) who shuns material pleasures tries to resist his pull towards the pampered rich-girl heroine until the temperature is right and the base is set;

image 18
2. Ensure there are eye locks aplenty in the meantime and that the hero shows attitude to start with, rejecting the love struck heroine's advances, but still continuing to interact with her;

image 19image 20
3. Once the heat starts to climb, let the main ingredients (hero-heroine) come in to limited but very effective contact, ensure eye locks progress to electrifying but chaste touches;

image 21
4. Continuously use the villainous father to be a barrier as nothing makes a love story combust as much as opposition and obstacles;

5. Also continuously create endless situations for the brave maiden to face so that the hero can save the day;

6. It is during the above step that you sporadically thrown in the fat, hairy so and so(s) and if you want to add extra spice here, you can always add a few other types of disasters, e.g. fainting spells for our lady, injuries or other forms of hardship that befall her etc;

7. Also, do not forget to throughout use the matchmakers intermittently but regularly to never let either really main ingredient separate and keep utilising them as a most effective mixing agent and to bind the ingredients;

8. Add seasoning as you go along so keep throwing in pinches of music and dance and the occasional make-over as these need to seep through the whole dish; and

image 22

9. Keep stirring, mixing and generally cooking until it all comes to a boil.


1. Serve piping hot to the hungry hordes in 20 minutes slots 6 days a week;

2. Serve with a side of the occasional well placed interview, article or other media communication.

Chef's Compliments:

It can be hard to get hold of head chef Nikhil Sinha as the pot must never be empty so he is too busy in the kitchen. However, whilst not the same, we have the next best place to leave your feedback at @Mohit_FC, a fan club run by Anjali, Tulika and Shruti, which is always available and willing to hear from you lovely customers.

Health Warning:

The above recipe comes with a strict health warning and exclusion clause. The author claims immunity from any form of copy right or other IP related charges. She is also not responsible for any adverse reaction experienced by anyone trying out the recipe or its results. She recommends that the above be taken with a healthy dose of humour and in the spirit it is meant, so as to aid digestion. Nothing in the contents is meant to insult, hurt or offend anyone.


A special thanks to Anjali Singh for her contribution towards the images above.
Har Har Mahadev!


(@Mohit_FC or

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The viewers love watching Devon Ke Dev Mahadev and Mohit Raina, who plays the character of Lord Shiv is also very happy with the show. "I am very happy with the show and feel that I am lucky to have bagged this role as I had strived hard for it,"

This talented artist, unlike many of his peers, wouldn't want to be part of reality shows. "But if it is something related to dance, I would definitely be interested in taking it up," he adds. In his free time, he loves to play snooker and since he is a fitness freak, he also indulges in workouts.

The handsome actor started his career with modeling. He later acted in a show called Chehra. "I always wanted to become an actor," he beams. And with a show like Mahadev in his kitty, Mohit is definitely on cloud nine.

But had acting not happened to him, which profession would he be in? "I pursued and wanted to become a Chartered Accountant. Apart from that, I might have become a businessman,'' ends Mohit.

Good that acting happened to him because the audiences got the chance to see him portray Lord Shiv onscreen.

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From serious to slapstick, suddenly
Poonam Saxena, Hindustan Times
March 24, 2012
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 Author's Blog
First Published: 00:02 IST(24/3/2012)
Last Updated: 00:07 IST(24/3/2012)
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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon features Sanaya Irani opposite Barun Sobti and the two share intimate moments every now and then.
While Hindi TV serials are usually predictable, sometimes they can spring surprises, or rather, shocks. Just last week, I had blithely stated that Star Plus's Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon was one of the channel's most watchable shows. But starting this Monday, the serial, which is an intense love
story, has suddenly turned into a comedy show. (I'm still recovering).

The real USP of Iss Pyaar' was that it dared to have a leading man who was not your regular hero. Instead, we got an unapologetically dark anti-hero, more ruthless heartbreaker than charming lover. (And actor Barun Sobti managed the difficult feat of making the character sexy, sympathetic yet hateful, all at the same time). But tragically, he seems to have now been transformed into a typical TV lead ' rather bland and ineffectual. (Even the heroine ' goofy but generally warm and likeable ' has turned into a bit of an annoying brat).

So frankly, I'm a bit flummoxed. Can TV shows undergo life-transforming metamorphoses and become something completely different to what they set out to be/were/are? If a love story can turn into a comedy, a suspense story can (theoretically) turn into a family saga. I hope not, but I can't help but wonder what fate will befall Colors' new show, Chhal Sheh Aur Maat.

This serial is that rare thing on Indian telly ' a thriller. A young bride comes to spend her honeymoon at a hill station and wakes up to discover that her husband has disappeared and there's a stranger in the room claiming to be her real pati. The story sounds intriguing, though I do wish the treatment was a bit classier. (There's a strange man whose face we never see who keeps following the heroine in a menacing manner; we completely get the fact that he's highly mysterious, but does he have to wear a big black overcoat, hat and gloves?)

The other show that has been consistently decent is the Life OK mythological Devon Ke Dev Mahadev (I hope it suddenly doesn't change into a horror show) and that's because the makers have given it an interesting spin. It has been shot as Shiva and Sati's love story rather than just Shiva's story. The two lead actors are competent, and the serial has a nice feel. The colours are soft and the whole look is non-tinselly. Fingers crossed for the future.

And finally. Shekhar Suman has returned to Sab with his one-time hit show, Movers & Shakers. The routine is the same: stand-up jokes followed by a celebrity guest in the studio, with a band in attendance. Shekhar is a great mimic and a seasoned hand at comedy, so he keeps things going smoothly (even if all the jokes aren't that funny). But what is interesting is seeing some of the new faces of stand-up comedy on TV ' such as actor Sumeet Raghavan, who has started The Late Night Show on Colors. (I'm not even going to bother with the whole thing of where these shows are coming from or what their 'inspiration' is; everybody knows).

I found Sumeet pretty funny and quite irreverent too (which is what the genre demands). Of course, one doesn't laugh at all the jokes, some are pretty lame; but let's cut the guys some slack. So here's to more laughter (and to the earnest hope that the comedy doesn't overnight transform into something else). Who knows?




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Saurabh Jain to fill Yashdeep Nain's gap in Uttaran!

Saturday, March 31, 2012 | 1:45:20 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   Comments 0 Comments
Saurabh Jain to fill Yashdeep Nain's gap in Uttaran!

Filmfarm finally finds the latter's replacement...

A while back Yashdeep Nain was finalized to play an important role post leap in Filmfarms' Uttaran on Colors but suddenly opted out of the show because of another role in Pearl Grey's next on Star Plus.

Since then the production house was busy in finding a replacement for him and it now seems that the wait is finally over. Saurabh Raj jain, an actor who is currently seen as Lord Vishnu in Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev, will replace Yashdeep Nain in Uttaran.

A reliable source informs, "Saurabh Raj Jain has been finalized to essay the role of Yuvraj, Iccha's son, who is a spoil brat and loves the luxurious life. Yuvraj is being brought up by Ammaji (Meghna Malik) at Veer's (Nandish Sandhu) place."

When contacted, Saurabh says, "I haven't signed any contract till now though they have approached me."

The production house finally lets out a sigh of relief!

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Sharat Kumar

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