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Ajay chachu comes to the room& finds a tensed Gauri. On

seeing him G enquires did he want anything. He tells her that Bhai

sahab had asked P for Dr. Nayak's number, where is he ? She says he

must be somewhere around. AC leaves. On the threshold he remembers

P's altercation with the peon & tearing of the movie tkts in the


2) P is in the terrace all upset looking out. Ajay Chachu asks

him what is the matter. He says nothing & rests his elbow on the

parapet & bends forward lost in thought AC says I always thought u

never considered me yr chachu but more of a friend. I can see u are

upset so tell me. P again repeats the same thing. AC says I saw G

tensed below & look at u. Something is definitely wrong & its good

to let it out. P says I am upset bec of G. What I ask of her not to

do, she will go ahead & do the very same thing. AC says in a

husband-wife relationship, its not right for both to be stubborn. U

can't go far both being 20-20, One atleast shd bend twds 19. P says

see she wants to take on Samay's project & I am worried for her & the

baby's health. AC says there is a solution to this also. Why don't

u both work together in this project. It will be one stone & kill 2

birds. U can take care of G & she will be happy handling the

project. P looks at AC as light dawns on him.

3) UM and his 3 brothers, Archana & Kavita are in the drawing

rooom waiting for response from the ad. Here Archana & Rajesh Chachu

are upset that no donor is come fwd inspite of the ad & Archana

Chachi tells Rajesh Chachu 2 do something & he scolds her back saying

he is doing his best. AC tries to calm them saying everything will

be ok. Sanjay says how long, time is flying & no one has come fwd.

He tells UM that if no one comes fwd, then someone frm the fly will

have to donate a kidney. UM says yes, that will hv to be done, when

the phone rings. Everyone is expectant as UM picks up the phone. A

lady says she is responding to the ad & is ready to donate a kidney

on 2 conditions, 1 being in exchange for the kidney, UM interrupted

saying we are giving 1 lac and the 2nd condition, she says the deal

she will only discuss with Samay's wife. UM hesitates & the lady

says, I have no time if u are agreeable to both the condition then

let me right now otherwise…… UM agrees & tells the family of the same

4) Yash arrives home & calls out to Riya to get him water & to

his surprise finds Sanskritti giving him water. S says why I can't

come here after all this is also my home & R chides her saying yes

this is her home that is why she comes so often. S tells R not to

get upset she is so busy. Y says yes meeting Hiten. How is he ? S

says I haven't met or spoken to H for 2 days. Y is surprised & says

u weren't with H yesterday. S says no Y is puzzled & lost in thought

& R asks him now where r u lost. He changes the topic saying yr poor

hubby is come tired frm work, pls get me a cup of tea atleast. R

smiles & goes.

5) P is combing his hair in front of the mirror when he sees G

come & place his tea behind. As she turns to go P calls out to

her "Gauri" and comes towards her. He tells her still upset with me.

G doesn't answer. P says I am sorry in a fit of anger I said a lot

of things. But whatever I said , was not a husband but more of a to-

be father speaking. Look Gauri I don't want any risk to my child.

I don't know if expectant fathers behave like this or not. All I

know is I got a lot of love & protection from my parents after I was

born & I want to give that same love & protection to my baby before

he is born. I know u wand to fulfil Samay's dream & I find yr aim

of working very good. But my aim ist to take care of u & the baby

and this is only possible if we stay together. I therefore suggest

that we both work side-by-side & complete this project together. I

wld be happy if u cld involve me in this project, if u don't mind. G

is beginning to smile with happiness. P continues. If u don't want

me, u can say No, If u need me then say yes. But do think properly &

let me know. He turns to leave. G says P wait, I will be very

happy if u work with me on this project. I need u Pratham. She

smiles. P also smiles & says "I will always be there for u" P says

now don't take on too much burden. G says no, but I'll get the

papers. Let us work now. P hesitates & says, G I have a

11.30meeting, but u reach office by 1.30 pm, then we'll sit in my

cabin & work on the project. G smiles & says ok. P turns to leave &

G stops him saying u haven't taken yr file. He thanks her & pats her

cheek & leaves.

6) At the hosp. Every1 is waiting as preparations for the

operation is going on. Natasha asks everyone to leave as the lady

donor, she would not fulfill the deal if she saw anyone around.

First Rajesh Chachu is hesitant & then they all decide to leave.

Sanjay C. consoles N saying Beta everything willl be fine, don't

worry. After they leave, the Dr. tells N everything is ready for

the operation

7) At home Archana is crying in front of God's picture, &

Rajesh Chachu tries to console her. P comes & tells chachu that UM

is calling him. Archana cries to P. He comforts her taking her

arms saying, everything will be fine. & why won't it be after all

you ppl pray so much & give us yr blessings. So everything will

definitely be ok. In such cases anyways human can do nothing, we

have to leave everything to God. He holds her tenderly & takes her

out of the room.

8) Kavita tells UM that shdn't we do something for the donor

after all she is doing so much for us. Just by giving 1 lac, we

shdn't feel our duty is over. Atleast we shd meet the lady & thank

her for all the trouble she has taken. Archana &P come there &

Archana agrees with Kavita. Rajesh tells Archana that the donor has a

condition. Archana says in these cases we can break the promise. We

shd all go to the hosp. & meet her atleast. P also agrees & tells

them the same.

9) At the hosp. The operation is over & Samay is wheeled out.

The doctor tells them not to worry he is out of danger. Everyone

sigh in relief………… The operation theatre door opens once again &

everyone has a horrified look as they look at the donor.


Who do u guys think is the donor ????


Tmrws snippets

Same what they showed after yesterday's episode.

G at the reception

P & G discussing something with smiles on their face

Mummy talking to someone

P & G again discussing something.

G is a little annoyed

P is explaining something


I know u know the donor is NATASHA








1) G reaches the office & asks the receptionist 4 P. She says

he is busy in an imp meeting. Wld u like to wait in the guest room.

G says no I'll finish some work. She comes back later & asks again.

The receptionist says the meeting got over sometime back. Meanwhile

P comes to the receptionist & tells G I am sorry, that meeting just

took long. G says its ok. P says lets go to the cabin & start with

the project.

2) As they move twds the cabin a driver tells G excuse me,

you've left yr mobile in the auto. P is stunned. He looks at G and

says U came in an auto. G says I thought I'll go to the library &

pick up some books, since I was in a hurry I just took an auto. P

shakes his head in disbelief & says "You were in the premises of

Mittal Exports. If u only had to ask, u wld hv 20 cars waiting for u

& u took an auto. U never seem to understand what I tell u.

Suddenly G pushes a strand of hair behind & P sees a gash on her

arm. He is stunned. He asks her what happened, how did u get

hurt. G nervously says that the auto-guy didn't see the speed

breaker earlier & at the last moment breaked …….P is totally angry.

He says I thought u were sensible but it doesn't look as if u have

any sense. G gets angry & says Enough, Now u are talking nonsense.

100s of women get pregnant & work & travel, but u behave as if I am

the whole pregnant women in the whole world. P says I am not talking

nonsense. I know many women are pregnant & most of them work bec

they have to. And even if they travel they wld use the train & bus

or rather walk than the auto. U are just careless. How do I

explain to u. Do u want me to beg u, or touch yr feet. Tempers were

flaying. Suddenly G realizes everyone is watching them & leaves

upset. P too realizes the same & looks around him. He tells his

staff angrily do u think some tamasha is going on, go ahead and carry

on with yr work.

3) G is standing in their bedroom all upset. P sees her as he

enters & goes behind her and says G. You are still angry with him.

I know I shdn't have yelled in the office, but I was angry. To this,

G turns round in anger & says if u can get angry so can I. P says I

am sorry, but if u realize it was a fatherly concern that was angry.

That moment Gayatri is standing on the door. P continues. I never

said anything bad. Whatever I said is because I care about u and the

baby and I don't want u to feel bad..He then says Anyways, pauses &

turns to leave. He sees his mother on the door. He just looks at

her & leaves. Gayatri tells G I don't why u & P are angry with each

nor do I want to know, but if P is angry because of the baby then

let me tell u he is not wrong. He says most women esp. those first

time pregnant, their husbands cannot bear if their wife is going thru

any hardship. When I was expecting P, yr babuji didn't let me put

my foot down off the bed, Atleast P lets u work. She pats Gs cheeks,

smiles & goes.

4) P is sad at the breakfast table. G comes with a tray of his

breakfast & places on the table. P gets up and walks away. G gets

up and goes to him and tells him that along with an expectant mother,

an expectant father is also required to eat. He also has to take

responsibility. P is still down. She says I am sorry P. when u

yelled at me in the office I did feel bad, but later I realised yr

concern for me. That u were careful for me. P is still upset he

says no it is mainly my fault, I shdn't hv yelled at u at the office.

I am sorry. G says no I shdn;t have taken the auto, it is my fault.

I am sorry. P says no I am sorry. G says no I am sorry. P gets

irritated & says no I am sorry. G is also irritated now & says I am

sorry. Suddenly they both realize that they are fighting on the same

thing. They smile. P says we always have to end up fighting. If I

say Yes, u will says no & vice versa & today we are both fighting on

the same thing. He says ,raising his eyebrows, let us do one thing

lets us try "Na" today. They both laugh. P then gets emotional and

looks and G fondly and says I want to see u become a mother in 8

months. U will look as beautiful u are looking now. A young, smart

mother. G blushes & turns her back to him & says hesitantly. U too

will look Dashing, Young Papa. P smiles & says really. Then he goes

to touch G's stomach & says "Let me have a look". G holds both his

hands & tries to run away from him. P says " Please Gauri let me have

a look" and continues his attempt at touching her stomach. G is too

embarrassed & says P & runs away from there. P calls out to her G,


5) Y & R come out of a temple & Y asks R what did u pray. She

says that Samay bhaiya will get well soon. He is so lucky to hv a

good wife in Natasha & Y says and a good sister like u who comes to

the temple walking to pray for him everyday. She says u too come with

me. He says I like walking. Across he sees Hiten waiting outside

his car they go & ask him what he was doing. Y tells him u seem to

be very busy. Hiten smiles saying the property bs is a hectic one.

He tells them he is meeting his Papa's client here. Just then a girl

comes & says Hi Hiten, sorry to keep u waiting. H nervously

introduces the girl Sheetal to Y & R saying she is my client they go

away. Y tells R I wish I was in the property bs. Then I too wld hv

to meet such beautiful clients.

6) P is sleeping & G is hurrying with some papers. She

hurriedly wakes P up saying the Presentz is tdy. P wakes up & says

why didn't u wake me early. She says I was filing the papers

systematically & lost track of time. P says its ok., I get ready

soon & we'll discuss the presentz. G gets his breakfast for him.

Raghu tells P that Babuji has called. P tells G I'll come. She says

the presentation is at 5.00 pm P says I'll be there b4 time.

7) UM tells P that there is an imp meeting which he has to

attend tdy. P tells him of Samay's presentation UM says what time it

is. P says 5.00 pm. UM says then u have ample of time to attend the

meeting & then go for the presentz since the meeting is at 2-2.30pm.

He says since we were in Jodhpur u was handling this deal & that is

why I am asking u to attend this meeting. P says ok

8) He comes to the room & finds his wallet & jacket ready. G

enters & says I heard everything what Babuji said. U don't worry, u

attend the meeting & I'll handle the presentz till u come. P says

are u sure. G says I was handling this b4 u so I know more. Atleast

don't discourage me. P smiles & says OK BOSS. G smiles. He says u

get ready I'll pick u up by 3-3.30 & we'll visit Samay & then go 4

the Pres. G says I decided to go to Siddi Vinayak at 3 & then to the

Pres. P says OK Baba as u wish. But go by car this time. G says I

will. P then says Thanks G for understanding my problem. Infact

solving it. She smiles

9) P visits Samay at the hosp. He asks S how r u. S says ok.

P tells him hhat G has worked hard on yr presentation. U see both

of us will confirm the deal for u tdy. Yr dream will come true. S

is indifferent. P says After the pres I'll come & meet u here. He

pats S's shoulder & says I'll go. He gets up to go & turns & tells

S, won't u say "Best of Luck". S reluctantly gives him a thumbs up &

says best of luck. P took does a thumbs up & says the same. He

leavees & S sadly looks heavenwards & says "Yeh Bhagwan.

10) P meets Natasha outside who is going to see Samay. He

enquires abt her health. The Doctor scolds her saying she needs to

take complete rest & she too has done the operation. After the Dr

leaves, P too tells her the same thing. We are there to take care

of S u don't spoil yr health. She says I will but let me see S. P

says no. N says atleast once. P gives up & says ok but please take

care of yr health.

11) As P is getting out he meets Y, R & S who hv come to see

Samay. He says good atleast he won't get bored. He asks S where is

hiten. Y tells him we just met him with a client Ms. Sheetal. He is

very busy with his papa's bs. P wonders Ms. Sheetal & then says bye

to them & leaves

12) Here G is writing out the presentz. The clock moves from 12

to 2 to 2.30. Finally she puts the pen down & says Pratham u will

like this pres.


Tmrws Snippets.


Most of the scenes were on Hiten's father visiting the Mittals &

feeding them mithai


Pratham & Choti Daadi teasing Sanskritti








1) Hiten father comes along with the pandit. Choti Dadi tells

him if u didn't come tdy we wld come to fix the date of the

marriage. He says that is why I brought the pandit along. The

pandit says next month some 10th day. Both parties agree & feed each

other sweets

2) Y, R,& S are coming out from the movie hall when Y & R

recognize Sheetal going in. They stop to say hello to her when H

comes up and talks to Sheetal without realizing the others. When he

sees them he is stunned & tries to cover up saying that his fathers

board meeting got cancelled & he thought he would catch up with a

movie with the client. Sanskritti gets annoyed & walks away followed

by Riya. Hiten calls out to S, but she doesn't listen. H tells Y to

do something. Y says u are a dead man and walks away too.

3) Here at the Presentation P asks G is she confident on the

presentation & she says yes don't worry. Shes stands up & starts the

presentation saying by welcoming the clients and says that their

event mgmt co. wld concentrate on holding shows with social msgs.

For this they wld concentrate on low cost & wide margins. For this

he wld not engage famous personalities but newcomers. However the

quality wld not suffer. One of the client vehemently says "NO I am

not convinced" Another person also endorses his view. P is aghast.

He stands up and says actually we have 2 plans. Ok the first plan

does not seem to be working. Lets talk abt the 2nd plan. G sits. P

wonders "I hv said 2nd plan, but what is it. Anyway I have to do

something" He then gives his presentation. The client is happy &

says this plan is better. They tell P & G, we'll need a little time

to think it over. G looks at P angrily & walks away. She comes out

& is all upset. P comes up behind her and says what happened. She

tells him angrily ask yrself. P says what do u mean, I don't

understand. G says u took the words out of my mouth & spoke. P says

yes I did that, I know u did a lot on the presentation, but the

client was losing interest. So I had to speak up. G says I am

wrong. U do what u want. P says u are putting yr ego in front &

speaking. U are not looking positively at the project and not happy

that the clients hv liked the presentation & that Samay's dream can

come true. Because the presentation is not liked because of what

u've said that is more of interest to u. (HEY. HEY HEY) P's

mobile rings. The speaks & ends it up with a Thank u. He looks at

G & says "Deal is confirmed Gauri" G looks at him.

4) Both are sleeping on the bed with backs to each other. G is

thinking of what happened at the presentation. Slowly she turns &

looks at P's back. Both are awake, upset & very much aware of the


5) Here Natasha asks Samay to take his medicine & tries giving

it to him. He says don't make such a natak of a caring wife, if u

were really a caring wife then where were u all these days. N sits

on the stool & says I was really busy with the house work. He says

this is what I wanted to hear. Go & stay with those same ppl for

whom u were busy. N feels bad. She says "Atleast take the

medicine. Samay says keep it there. At this point P walks in,

without S & N realizing it. S continues says if I feel pain I'll

take it. U don't bother. U keep it there. P tells Samay how r u

talking to Natasha. Do u know why she didn't come earlier. At that

point Natasha stands & looks into P's eyes & signals to him not to

say anything. P is puzzled. He then looks at Samay & says ok

anyway, your EM Co. is successful. The deal is confirmed Congrats.

Samay says Congratulations to u. P says this is yr Company. S says

it was my Company. But now it is yrs & G. P is puzzled he says why

are u talking like this? Samay says u & G bhabhi have worked on the

presentz, gave the presentz, got the deal, so the Company is yrs

now. P gets upset. He tells S I'll talk to u later. He looks at N &

then leaves.

6) Here UM is sitting with the entire family & they are all

talking of the great work that Natasha did by donating her kidney.

7) Y & Riya share some tender moments as Y shows Riya how to

drape a saree, and are being watched by some neighbours who say that

their jodi is very sweet.

8) Sanskritti & Riya's bro Siddarth are having a pillow fight as

Choti Dadi enters & S tells her that Sid is not allowing her to write

her article & Sid tells CD that she is not allowing her to watch TV &

CD tells him to go to her room & watch. P comes & says no way next

month is his exams. Sid says he is prepared. P says yeah last time

u got 35.7 % & thru grace marks u got saved. Go ahead & study.

9) G is writing something when P walks in & says u've started

again. I've told umpeen times to take care of yr health. She says I

am just jotting the pts u've put up. He says ok hurry up, I'll

change in the meanwhile. When he comes out G is still writing. P

was walking out, rolling his sleeves when G stops him & says there is

some loopholes in his presentz. P says there were many experienced

ppl & they didn't feel so. Anycase he lets her to speak. She tells

him & they argue. G also tells him to keep shows at Bangalore & P

says why shd we try out new places & they still argue with P telling

G u do what u want & walks away.

10) Here P is sitting upset & thinking to himself " Why am I over-

reacting. If G wants to keep another presentz what is the harm.

She can bring out her points & find clarification to them. He

doesn't notice Archana chachi come & speaking to him. Chachi says

where are u lost . Come on hv breakfast & come along with me. P

says No Chachi I can't come with u. G & I have to go to Samay's

client for another presentz. G enters at that moment & hears it.

Chachi tells him to atleast hv breakfast & goes, leaving a Pratham

lost in thought

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thankssssssssssssssssss a zillion i was waiting for this spectacular update thanksssssssssss you made my day

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