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update: Episode#20

widluv2aryan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2006 at 12:24am | IP Logged

hey folks...here's the update to the last episode... not really very sure of all the scenes... if any changes...i'll watch the repeat on friday and edit it again...!

Two police officers,raja and amol, come to a bunglow in their jeep. There is a lot of gunfiring and later, a man, sadique,who is runnin, is shot dead by raja in the encounter… also,inside the house, amol is shot dead in the gunfiriing…….

In the ss office, Aryan gets a call from the minister…(note the way he answers:YES SIR! With so much confidence) The minister tells Aryan about the encounter…it seems that  these two officers(raja and amol, from the elite crack squad) were tipped that there was going to be a drug dealing in the bunglow between  sadique and kapil verma( an officer in the narcotics dept) …and now, sadique and amol were dead. The minister wants Aryan to carry out a neutral investigation and find out what actually happened…Aryan: YES SIR!...I'm on it sir!(must say,for a minute there,he sounded like an armyman…)  he picks up his gold chain from the draw and leaves…

At the crime scene:

Aryan meets raja and asks him abt what happened…his story: amol and raja were tipped about the drug dealing…. When they came there, there was a firin of gunshots and in the encounter,raja killed sadique and amol was killed in d bunglow…

raja gets too hyper abt losin his frnd

Aryan:raja relax…

Raja:(yells) what relax?what relax? Amol mera partner tha…mere din raat ka saathi…RELAX!

Aryan:(at first taken aback) raja I understand…and I will find out the truth I guarantee u that…aur haan,jab tumhare paas time ho,to jara office aa jana…

Papaji checks sadique's body. Inside,they find amol's body… there's a gun near him…shotgun says there were bullets fired from it….and also from the gun in amol's belt. On the table near the bodies ,there's a suitcase filled with money and a bag with drugs(2 kg cocaine)…there are also lots of big guns from the police storeroom…they're checkin out the place and boxer is thinking very intently…

Aryan: Boxer….kya hua?

Boxer:Kapil Verma aisa nahi ho sakta…bahut hi honest policeman hai…college ke zamane mein main uska fan hua karta tha…no…who aisa nahi kar sakta….

Aryan: theek hai…tum yeh pata karo yeh banglow kiska hai…

  Aryan and shaina go to the hospital where kapil is admitted and find boxer there…Aryan is amazed and asks boxer to do what he was asked to…find out abt the bunglow… then Aryan speaks to the person from narcotics who tells them that kapil had gotten a tip abt a dealing in the bunglow and they had gone to the bunglow as kapil had radioed for backup…there they found amol dead and kapil shot in the shoulder and got him to the hospital… shaina and Aryan see kapil but cant talk to him as he's sedated…Aryan gives the doctor his card…

At the conference table:

Aryan explns how there's a tussle between two depts….one is the elite crack squad,which has best cops, the other is narcotics… they have to find out what really happened…whether kapil had really asked for backup and what the drugs story is…boxer insists that kapil is innocent…

Aryan: lets not jump to conclusions here…ajay , tum yeh pata karo ki kya kapil verma vakayi mein ek honest cop tha?

Boxer: Aryan, main pata karta hoon…

Aryan: jee nahi! Aap already convinced hai ki who honest tha aur mujhe ek unbiased opinion chahiye.... tum yeh pata karoge,ki sadique aur bungle mein kya connection hai…(pulls ajay back) aur aap dona suniye…is case mein hum cops se deal kar rahe hai…isliye apna mode of questioning zara clean rakhiye…

Neha tells Aryan that 2 yrs ago,even kapil was in crack squad and worked with raja and amol…2 yrs ago there was an encounter when kapil got shot in his upper arm…after that kapil askd for a transfer to narcotics…

Aryan: why? Crack squad mein hona kisi bhi policewale ke liye bahut prestige ki baat hai…then why the transfer?

Ved: paison ke liye…narcotics mein bahut paisa hai… obviously..illegal hai…

Shaina tells Aryan that raja is comin to office

Ved : Aryan, tum is case mein apne aap ko jyaada may uljhao… tum jaante nahi, yeh los apne secret ko chhupane ke liye…kis had tak ja sakte hai…

Aryan: (smiles and laughs…its soooo cuuuutteee!)ved sahb aap fikr mat kijiye…I can take care of myself…!

Ajay meets boxer…

Ajay: boxer bhai!!! …….boxer bhai….. kyon khamokha naraaz ho rahe ho? Dekho tumhare dil mein jo kapil verma ke liye feelings hai…main samajh sakta hoon…waise agar tum chaho to yeh case investigate kar sakte ho….

Boxer: and orders…?

Ajay: orders are meant to be broken…chal…jo hoga dekha jayega…!!!

Later… shaina is questionin raja and he tells her the same things… Aryan goes in

Aryan: tumhe tipoff mila aur tum dono akele chale gaye? Where was the backup? Waise to  amol ki maut ke liye tum khud bhi zimmedar ho…

Raja: kya matlab hai tumhara?tum kehna kya chahte ho? Jo bolna hai muh par bolo na! is a/c cabin mein baithke apne aapko policewala kehte ho tumlog? Aadhe underworld ko maine khatam kiya hai…maine! Apna kaam karo tum log!

Aryan: (really angry) raja…mujhe apna kaam kaise karma hai…tumse seekhne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai…!

Raja: jaldi hi tumhe tumhare baap ka phone aayega…!

Aryan: main yahi hoon!

Raja: tayyar rehna uske liye…

He leaves…and Aryan is fuming as he looks at shaina…

Boxer is telling ajay abt the honesty of kapil verma… they see the caretaker of the bunglow and hit him badly for questioning… this is really funny…ajay shows him a photograph and asks whether it is sadique…he says yes…and the photo is shotgun's …ha ha ha ha ha …   he tells them the owner is not here and that sadique ws a dealer…

Shotgun tells Aryan  that though amol came from the front door, two bullets from his gun were found on the door itself…this is confusing…

The minister calls Aryan again to ask why they are behind crack squad and to conduct a neutral investigation and he wanted the results fast…Shotgun tells Aryan that  sadique was handcuffed till today morning…which meant he was in custody…

Aryan then goes to neha,who is having coffee in the pantry…

Aryan: neha…

Neha: I was just…. Acha u tell me…

Aryan: tum zara records check karke patp lagao ki kya sadique kabhi haahhi mein arrest hua tha…. Now u…!

Neha: maine pata kiya hai ki kapil ne sachme backup ke liye radio kiya tha…

Meanwhile shaina goes to the crack squad to talk to another officer, rohit bakshi… raja comes there

Shaina: hello!

Raja: aap yaha kya kar rahi hai…??

Shaina: main yahan rohit bakshi se milne aayi hoon …is he not here…

Raja: is tarah humare dept se baat karke aap hamara aur apna…dono ka time waste kar rahi hai… jaiye…aap narcotics walon se baat kijiye… aur aap is kaam ke liye kisi mardh ko bhejiyega….bcoz it's a tough job!

Shaina: (smiling sarcastically) Thanx 4 ur advice…! (it struck me as strange…that shai reacted so coolly to a male chauvinist…!)

Shaina's back at the office and telling Aryan that she couldn't even get started talking to rohit,,,Aryan also tells her that "ministersahab" had called(sarcastically) shaina says after that she went to the narcotics dept and found out that kapil verma had taken out 2 kg of cocaine as court evidence in the morning,whereas he had no hearing today…and 2 kg was exactly the amount they found at the bunglow…

Aryan goes to neha who tells him that sadique haalhi mein kya…apni poori life mein kabhi bhi arrest nahi hua…

Ajay and boxer come back to office… ajay tells him abt sadique and the bunglow…aryan is confused as he had asked boxer abt the bunglow and ajay 2 find out abt kapil… ajay tells Aryan that kapil is clean…

Aryan gets a call…and also vedsahb at the same time…kapil has regained consciousness and can talk…they're about to leave when ved comes and tells Aryan that ajay and boxer went together and beat a man very badly…and now he has complained in the police atrocities… Aryan is shocked to hear this…

Aryan : I don't believe this…!! Maine tum dono se kaha tha…ki is case mein hum cops se deal kar rahe hai…isliye apna line of questioning clean rakhna….clean…!

Shaina: tum log to jaante ho is case mein itna pressure hai aur upar se time bhi nahi hai aur…

Ajay: are who sala bahut raakhpatti de raha tha…

Aryan: (very angrily) chup karo yaar tum!!! Raakhpatti de raha tha…yeh kar raha tha…. Aaj se tum dono is case mein nahi ho…(shaina is abt to stop him…but he looks at her and she stops) jab mujhe sabse jyaada zaroorat thi tumdono ki…tab yeh kiya hai… special squad ke officers…! (they all leave…)

Ajay: (to boxer) kuchh jyaada nahi hua…?

At the hospital kapil tells them that he was tipped to reach the bunglow… when he reached he heard firin and in all the shootin, amol was dead…about takin the drugs out from the police storeroom,he says no… when Aryan asks abt 2 years ago,he says it was a regular encounter and he got shot in his arm and shows it… Aryan points out to the new bullet in his shoulder and smiles…

Aryan: aur is baar wahan pe… is incident aur us incident mein koi connection?

Kapil: not at all! They leave…as Aryan asks him to take care,,,

(outside) Aryan: shaina yeh drugs ki story kya hai pata karma hi padega…aur un guns ke bare mein bhi…

shaina:(cunningly) ajay ko bhej de?

Aryan:jee nahi…ajay aur boxer suspended hai…main khud jaake pata karunga….

Shaina smiles,coz I think she saw ajay and boxer sneakin in behind them…they go to meet kapil…

Boxer introduces ajay and asks him abt who gave the tip…kapil tells him since they have a personal relationship and not coz he's in ss, kapil tells him strictly off-record and confidentially that it was a guy named chhuttan…

Papaji, ved and shotgun explain that the gunshot on amol's neck was fired very closely as they found gunpowder residue… and it was amol's gun… which meant he deliberately fired on amol… shotgun also told aryan that on sadique's pants,he found some fibre that is usually found on the seats of jeeps… aryan infers its possible that sadique was handcuffed in a jeep for three days…

Shaina goes to the narcotics dept and checks the records… she finds something fishy in kapil's signatures… she calls up aryan and tells him that  there is no sign , only name on the papers signed for taking out the cocaine…and even the handwriting did not look similar…

Aryan goes to the police storeroom for guns and asks the havaldar if he's seen the guns. He says they were just deposited that very morning… by raja and amol… aryan asks him to get the bag….only to find it empty…

Aryan: yeh kya… yeh to khali hai…

Havaldar: (scared) meri naukri gayi…

Aryan: arey to tumne check nahi kiya tha kya…( he understands and explains how raja and amol came with an empty bag and left with full bags… and then smiles…and pats the havaldar's cheeks) beta…teri naukri to gayi…! (I thought the scene was damn funny yaar)

Outside aryan sees raja's jeep…he looks around to see if no one is there, then stealthily tears off a piece of the cloth off the seat of the jeep… takes it as evidence and leaves… but unfortunately…in a car nearby, there's a havaldar who sees this…

Aryan reaches office and asks shotgun to analyse it , who later tells him that the fibres from sadique's pants and raja's jeep match…

Aryan realize that the entire encounter was faked by raja and amol…who used sadique… they gave a fake tipoff to kapil to call him there and trap him in drug-dealing… but why?he realizes that kapil had killed amol and says 'bechara' mockingly…

Raja comes to the office with his men…

Raja:kyon be… tune jo storeroom aake ki who kaafi nahi tha kya…? Mere jeep ke saath tamper karne ki teri himmat kaise hui?

Aryan: acha to yeh baat ki mujhe tumhare guns churane ke bare mein pata chal gaya hai…tumhe pata chal gaya…!

Raja: har baat ki khabar rakhta hoon main…

Aryan: (sarcastically)han han, nakli crime scene ko asli banane ke liye… police storeroom se guns uthake wahan pe rakhna… wakayi mein bahut bahaduri ki baat hai…!!!

Raja: haan isi ko bahaduri kehte hai…yahi hai asli bahaduri… lekin iske liye kaleja chahiye kaleja… sala tumhari tarah is a/c office main baithe nahi rehte…

Aryan: (smiles) do saal pehle kya hua tha?

Raja: kya hua tha…? Kuchh nahi hua tha…! Aur apna yeh purana ghisa pita record bandh kar…!

Aryan: raja kya hua tha main pata karke hi rahoonga… behtar hai tum hi mujhe sab kuch bata do…

Raja:  nahi batata ja… !!! kya kar lega tu? Kya kar lega?

Aryan: main kya karoonga……. Yeh to waqt hi bataega….! (turns around to leave)

Raja: (takes out a gun and aims it at the back of aryan's head) abbey…waqt to baadme batayega…pehle main tujhe batata hoon sale…!!!

Now aryan really FUMES with anger!!! He turns around to face raja and takes out his gun too , and aims it at raja's head…. Then he holds raja's gon and hits it to his own forehead… then he does the same with his gu, so now there are two guns pointing to aryan… the way he hit them to his head… must've really hurt….ouch! he then yells "AAAAAAARRGGGHHHH!!!!!" and pins raja down to the chair

Aryan: (screaming) rules………todna mujhe bhi aate hai!!!

Papaji is ready with the gun behind and raja's man points the gun towards aryan, a bit scared…

Aryan: (brushing it off with one hand) Hatt re!!!    (simply loved that!!!)

Shaina is in the interrogation room with a man when aryan enters…

Aryan: who's this?

Shaina: aryan he's chhuttan, the guy who gave the tip-off

Aryan: where did you find him?

Shaina: (pointing outside the glass door to ajay and boxer) courtesy ajay and boxer

Chhuttan tells aryan that he worked for CR gang…that's where amol also worked…and whenever his bosses had to kill someone, he would tell amol to plan the encounter

Aryan: shaina did u get it? (he explains how amol works for CR gang and they gave a fake tip-off to kapil to frame him…? But why? What had happened two years ago?

(outside) Aryan: …….lekin kapil kuchh bata nahi raha…

Boxer: kapil bata sakta hai……agagr main poochhu to……after all personal relationship hai…..

Ajay: Rules……! …boxer……Rules…!

Aryan: that's right…! Rules ke mutabik…tum dono suspended ho…. Lekin rules ke mutabik…kyonki tum dono ko mere written orders nahi mile hai to….

(shaina suppresses a smile…)

Boxer: we can work…!

Aryan: right… chalo…!

They go to the hospital again… kapil tells them…off record that :

Raja, amol and kapil used to work for crack squad… two years ago, kapil had found out that amol and raja were part of CR gang…and he complained to the anti-corruption bureau… next day, they were on an encounter mission with kapil leading… but as they reached the place… raja and amol left kapil alone… and he got shot in his arm… kapil realized they had come to know of his complaint… so he got himself transferred to the narcotics dept…and started collectin evidence against them…but he still did not have enough evidence to take them to court…

Aryan: lekin tumne amol ko kyon mara..?

Kapil: jab tak mujhe pata chala ki who amol tha…use do goliyan already lag chuki thi…. Main jaanta hoon ki ek police officer par goli chalane ki saza kya hoti hai… woh to mujhe milni hi hai…amol ko maarke… chalo… police force ki thodi gandagi to kam hui…!

Convinced…they all return to the ss office… they're all near the reception area when aryan's phone rings…

Aryan: (lookin at them all) "ministersahab" (answering) Jee Sir!

Minister: aryan …to kya kapil verma kisi shady dealin mein involved hai…?

(this was amazing when they showed aryan in various positions and expressions altogether on the screen)

Aryan: No Sir…! He's totally clean sir!

Minister: to kya kapil ne amol pe goli nahi chalayi?

Aryan: no sir! Amol pe goli sadique ne chalayi…

Minister: are you sure?

Aryan: 100% sure sir!infact I think problem crack squad mein hai…I think raja should behave more responsibly… (hangs up)

Ved: kahi aisa na ho tumhe iski bhaari keemat chukani pade…!

The minister calls up raja…

Minister: raja…aryan ne kapil verma ko clean chit de diya hai… ab is aryan ka kuchh karma padega…

At the ss office… boxer gives aryan a handshake congratulating him… that is when the phone rings…and aryan smiles as he already knows who it is… he presses the speaker button…

Aryan: bolo raja…!

Raja: ab to tumhe pata chal gaya na…ki tumne kisse panga liya hai…? Ab aage aage dekho hota hai kya…!

Aryan: (smiles) theek hai raja… tum bhi yahi ho aur….(winks) Winkmain bhi…! Dekhte hai….!!!


Shadow Cat Senior Member
Shadow Cat
Shadow Cat

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Posted: 06 April 2006 at 5:18am | IP Logged

well it is amazing
simply out of this world. this is what is called an update. u seem 2 have an awesome memory. totally sufi. by the way whats ur name?
widluv2aryan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2006 at 7:44am | IP Logged
i'm Reshma Menon... Smile a crazy fan of ss and especially aryan... thank u so much for the compliment...! Embarrassed
Dk_Deewani Groupbie

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Posted: 07 April 2006 at 2:15am | IP Logged
widluv2aryan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 March 2006
Posts: 4086

Posted: 07 April 2006 at 4:32am | IP Logged
ur welcome..... r u new? not seen u before... if so welcome here...
Riddikulus IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2006 at 6:09am | IP Logged
thanks reshma! and yeah, this really is what is called an update... Big smile
whimsical_soul Senior Member

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Posted: 07 April 2006 at 6:33am | IP Logged
How do u do it with so much precision yaar?
Lucky aryan to have a fan like u Wink
widluv2aryan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2006 at 8:10am | IP Logged

Originally posted by whimsical_soul

Lucky aryan to have a fan like u Wink

ha ha ha LOL.....honestly....i'm honoured!!!!!Smile i wish aryan could hear that...!!!!!Wink

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