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Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 34)

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Originally posted by zohafarheen

god i cant see geet in pain
maan is angry now

i m afraid zoha,,,,, u have to see a little more pain...

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Originally posted by monika1992

wen will u update?

tomorrow monika... i can update tom only...
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Originally posted by crazydream

Wow... A beautiful update
Geet shud tell Sujal abt her marriage. What d mystery behind her leaving Sujal.
Atlast marriage took place inspire of maan protest. Now she will have tough time wid maan.
Wat will happen in suhaag raat???

Continue soon. Will be waiting.
Luved it.
Keep writing.

she didn't have to tell him,, he is coming to delhi na,,, WinkWink and what do u think about the suhagraat in the prologue???LOLLOL
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awesome update
Loved it
Waiting for next part

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Sorry guys,,, I thought I'll be able to update today but,, have lots of study,,, and my head is spinning to just to see that only'.. I'll update tomorrow pakka'''''..

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Originally posted by tich.1990mg

Sorry guys,,, I thought I'll be able to update today but,, have lots of study,,, and my head is spinning to just to see that only'.. I'll update tomorrow pakka'''''..

Its Ok Tich study now we'll wait till tomorrow

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 4 keep pming me...Big smile
  4 late commet...Ouch
keep it up this  dear..ClapClap
ur all updates r   &  ...Embarrassed...
 each n every update of urs...Star
really  ...dearClapClap
lots of     4 u sweety...
after one week ...
...Big smile
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Warning: under 15 yrs please stay away from this part,, and those who can't stand violence and brutal thing please don't read it,, as it content some violent intimacy''.



Kagaz ki kashti

Love that Sacrifices Life'..






Part 8


Geet: annie I think he is worried for dadima,, that's why,, annie smiled at her sadly'

Annie: I know bhabhi,,, geet was gaping at her as she called her bhabhi,, annie smiled at her,,, what? u r my bhabhi now as u have married to my brother,, an that relation I have to call u bhabhi'. She smiled,, over whelmed by the love'.  Accha chaliye,, I'll take u to ur room'.. bhai must me waiting for u,,, geet's heartbeat suddenly started beating fast' an unknown fear engulf her,, she knew he doesn't like her and now she have to face him everyday'.. they make their way to the room'



Annie waited for maan with geet in their room,, but there was no sign of maan,, his cell was unreachable'..

Annie: bhabhi I think u should take some rest,,, may be bhai is busy in something,,, somewhere geet was feeling relief to hear that,,, she doesn't want to face him right now'.. annie took her leave,,, geet looks around to see his taste'. No wonder he is classy and his choice also but it is not like her,, she doesn't like so royalty,, she only loves simple things,,, here everything is expensive,, smelling only money,, wealth,, everyplace she felt suffocated,,, she stood up from the king size bed and goes near the big window'. The window was wide open so the fresh air blew her giving a fresh essence,, some break from this suffocation'the cool breeze was soothing her ,, to see the  darkness of the night she felt unknown pull towards it,, her life is also like it,, dark and not a single ray of light coming in' after some time she sits on the bed and  takes off her heavy dupatta and clips from her hair and jewelry that daadi has gifted her' the khandaani jewelry was more heavy than her weight,,, she felt weak as the tiredness engulf her fully'. She wanted to take some rest,,, and moreover her mind also need some break'.. after some more thought she drifted to the deep slumber..


It was almost 10 pm,, she woke with a jerk when heard a sound of door being open'.. she dim the light and tried to look who is the person entering the room' but the feature were not so clear,,, she rubbed her eyes to see properly and then she met with the pair of eyes that only shows anger and hatred for her'..

Geet: maan''

He walked to the bed and without any warning he leaned over her'..

Maan: yes me,, maan singh khurana ,,,, ur husband''. The words only feared geet and the smell of the heavy alcohol grafted the room '..she inches back in his embrace'. And then realized their proximity'..

Geet: u r drunk?

He just gave his famous smirks and walked off from the bed leaving a flabbergasted geet' she tried to stand up,, but the heavy lahenga that she is still wearing was making it uncomfortable for her'but somehow she manages'..  maan walked to the mini bar of his room and pour some more whiskey in a glass,, and gulped it in one go'.. she tried to talk to him,,

Geet(st) : I have to talk to him,, I have to make him understand the circumstances,,, he always took me in a wrong way but that's why his and my life is devastate,,, I should tell him all the truth but will he understand me?  Jo bhi ho I have to face him'..   Gathering all her courage she walked to him,,, maan was having his back on her,, he was sipping the whiskey when geet held his hand to stop him,,, maan looked at her with full fury in his eyes,,, he snapped it' 

Geet: wo main,,, her one word was enough to jerk him from his trance' he held her hand and pulls her towards him'..

Maan: what??? what do u want now??? Mil gayi khusi,, hogayi shaadi?She was confused with his behavior and scared also'. She is perplex to see his retort,, was it her fault that dadima get ill,, was it her fault that he agreed for this marriage, was it her fault that she just blindly accepted his consent to his dadima,, and married him,, knowing that he only hates her'.  She wanted to sort everything but he is not ready to listen anything'.. his eyes are spitting fire,,, and the hold on her arms get tighten'.

Geet: what r u doing its paining'..  leave me,,, but he pulls her closer to him,,,

Maan: I told u na,,, u have to suffer a lot,, this is nothing compare the wrath u have to see every day,,, her heart crunched within to just hear his words'..

Geet: why r u behaving like this? Just listen to me once but he didn't let her complete''

Maan: why I will listen ha? Did u listen to me then? Bolo,,, geet didn't like the smell of alcohol so she just turn her face away from him'.. oh so miss geet handa ,,, oops Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana doesn't like the smell of alcohol,,, he brought her face more close to him,,, holding her head in his palm' she looks at him in anguish,,, his grip is too tight' and he was twisting her hand on her back'.

Geet: its paining,,, let me go''her words barely audible,, he heard her plea but didn't leave her,,, instead he tighten his grip'

Geet: aahhh,,, why r u doing this,,, we can talk'..

Maan: that right u has lost long before'

Geet: it was not my fault that daadima wanted us to marry so soon,,,

Maan: it doesn't matter'. Kal hota ya aaj huya baat ek hi hain,,, (it was going to happen at tomorrow but its happen today, whats the different) the major fault is u,, ur existence in my life'..geet was getting scared with him,, with his harsh touch'. She tried once again'.

Geet: I wanted to clarify something but thing were not in the right place,,, sab thik hosakta hain,, just listen to me'. Maan throw her from him'. she rubbed her brushed arm to sooth the pain'.. but suddenly maan comes closer to her,, as she land on the bed when he throw her so now maan leaned on her and she backed on the bed'.

Maan: nothing can be alright now,,, my life has taken away only because of u,,, u r the one who snatched all my happiness only for ur benefit,,,  my love samaira has gone only cause of ur cold bitching act'.  She looked att him shocked'..

Geet: what? but'.

He clutches her hair'. Don't act with me geet'..  she has gone too far'. Leaving me behind'. If u were not here she could have be with me,,,, its ur fault,, do u know what she said?? She doesn't want to see his red eyes fuming in anger,, but he makes her face him,, he held her cheek harshly,,, squeezing them' don't u dare look away,, tonight u have to face me' the real maan singh khurana' don't u want to know why she has gone? She can't see me like this,,, marrying another girl,, she can't see me with u' she said she will chose death rather seeing us together'. U destroyed my love'. She will never come back,, she didn't gave me one chance to say anything,, one single chance,,, her eyes full of tears,, do u know how it felt to see someone in tears who are precious to u more than ur life'.. her eyes were moist,,, don't know why she was feeling sad for him,, his pain,, his grief she can't tolerate'.. what an irony the man who is hurting her so much,, she felt sad for his pain'   but his cruel words brought her back'.


Maan: geet,, u have snatch my happiness,, I'll not let u live in peace' she thought we are husband wife,, she n me can never go together now,,, u r my wife u should get the rights of a wife,, everyone thought so that only na,, now u will get all the rights on me as a wife' geet was scared to death listening his words,  dadima wanted u to be her daughter in law and not forget YOU,,,, you only want this na???  rights on me,, but then I m ur husband ironically I should give u that and as a wife u should fulfill ur duty'. He smirks'. I lost everything then why should I worry about u,,, u have to lost everything that u valued so much,,, but I m in dilemma did u have any value,,, did any sanity is still there on u,, she was getting his hint,, did he feel so low about her'.his assaulting voice was tearing her apart,, his violent hand was ruling over her' she tried to push him but her fragile figure is nothing in front of his rock solid body'. Now I'll show geet what called nastiness,,, u have showed that long time back na,, no u have to pay for what u did'..

Geet wriggle in his grip' maan please let me go,, u don't know what u r doing,, u'll lost everything,,,he laughed at,, a bitter laugh'..

Maan: i have nothing to lost now,, now it ur payback time,, he was enjoying her frighten eyes, her wriggling that she was trying to free her hand from his grip,, an unknown satisfaction goes through his vein'. She was almost done,, the grip was losing slowly but her held her other hand and pinned her to the bed,,, geet looked at him horrified'.

Geet: apko iss kuch nahi milega maan,,, u'll regreat only,, he smirks'

Maan: lets see who will regreat'. She was hating his smell,, he is on high but still no one can say it  as he is in his control'. He saw that she can't tolerate the smell and thats why she was turning her head'. He comes close to her trembling lips'..  Before geet can push him he smashed his rough lips on her'..  she closed her eyes and continue her protest,,, the more she protest the more he increased the pressure on her soft lips,,, he cupped her slender neck and pulls her closer,,, trying to open her mouth, but geet sealed it tightly'. That angered maan,, he bite the corner of her lower lips harshly,, she winched in pain, blood was oozing out' she was having difficulty to breath so finding no ather option she opens her mouth and he slipped in,, kissing unsympathetically,, he twirled his tongue and capture her,,, biting it,, she cried in that kissed but he didn't let her go instead his hand started its works on her body,,, her each push boost his ego,, he continue his merciless rough treatment'  when he felt breathless he broke the kiss and came on her neck,, kissing and biting it,,the heavy lahenge was making him more restless,, he wanted to get rid of this'. He is in so much rage that can burn anything and for now he has to satisfy himself by hurting her'. But somewhere its his desire also woken with her touch,, the way he was tasting her,, the demon inside him wanted to feel more,, have more'. he has no control on his mind and body'. He tastes her slender neck and then came to her chest,, in no time he untie her dori of her blouse and harshy pulls her blouse down her neck'. Her tears were already soaked her face,, she she screamed when his teeth bite the soft flesh of her upper cleavage' her voice was meek but only protesting his act,, begging her to go'. But his eardrums became deaf,, he pulls her blouse hook tearing it apart and threw it on the floor' and next min he undid her skirt also,, she tried to cover herself but her held his both hand in one and pinned it above her head'

Maan: what happen sweetheart,, its my right to see u like this,,, u r my wife'.

Geet: maan don't u dare to come close to me' she tried for the last time,, as her begging is not considerate she can try to be strong,, he love that broken geet but if she denied to be that' she tried to  show her strong voice but it came out meekly,,, like whisper'. He chuckle on it and let go of her hand,,, she pushed him but his strong muscle didn't move a bit, instead he undid his sherwani and comes close to her'.

Maan: mrs maan singh khurana threatening her hubby? Her tears were giving him some kind of peace,, he rubbed her tears with his thumb and looks at her swollen lips,, though he liked that on her but still some corner of heart didn't like to see it,,, he caresses her lips with his thumb and she closed her eyes,, not in passion but in self hatred'.his thumb replace by his lips' she is almost nude in front of him,, only her bra and panty are the barrier between them,,  he kissed her vigorously,,, leaving her breathless,, and then came to her curves,,, he took off her bra and squeeze her curves,,, sucking biting aggressively,,, she cried in pain but he sealed her mouth with his'..  soon he gets rid off her panty and his remaining cloths'. Her nude body was sending shiver in his body,, somewhere his desire was taking charge,, but the shaking body was saying her denial'.  Then the moment came,,, he parted her legs and entered roughly,, she screamed in pain,,, it was quite paining for her as a fragile soft body like her can't cope up with his demon like feature,, hard strong body'..  one strong thrust and he is in her body,, deep,, touching her soul that is now felt sinful to her' blood rush down from her privet part,, leaving a strain on the bed sheet'. The cries spread the room,, its not long that he stayed in her,,, she was going to faint easily and he hit the climax'. One loud screamed escaped from her mouth' 



He rest his back on the bed,,, panting'satisfied with his brutal love making with her... Geet's whole world just crashed down in that moment'. Her tears were forming from the corners of her eyes'. The alcohol and tiredness of the love making left him exhausted and soon he drifted to sleep'.. but geet's body was shaking continuously,,, her tears didn't seem to stop'.  She felt some pain in her chest,, she tries to sooth it but it goes beyond her limit,,, the face of sujal falsh in front of her eyes,,, hot water streamed like a pool blurred her vision,,, her lashes became heavy and without her permission they went close'.






Morning ray hits geet's eyes,,, force them to open,,,she looks at herself,, her nude body,,, brushes all over her,, she couldn't ake it and sits up to cover herself,, she took a bedsheet and hide herself in it'. Her moving made him awake,,, he abruptly opens his eyes,,, the hangover was still there,,, and then he notice the delicate  figure lying beside him, covered with the bedsheet,, she was staring at the ceiling,, dried tears were visible on her face,,, instantly he sit up' then remember his sinful act' she looks at him, but her face is blank,,, he tried to say something but nothing comes out from his mouth'.


Frustataion ran through him,, its true that he wanted to mess her life but not in this way,, he was so drunk that he forgot the line of bitterness and hatred'. Her shaking body and the way she was clutching the sheet to her chest said how much she is afraid' the hate he has for her now replace by shame as he watch her moving back,,, he didn't meant to harm her in this way,, ho w could when he love someone else,, in his life he never touch any girl apart from sam'. Geet saw his face but fail to see the shame in his eyes' it was his brutal act that snatch her thinking ability,,, she abruptly stood up but soon she collapse on the bed,, the pain between her legs is unbearable,, he felt a lump in his heart when his eyes fell on the blood strains on the duvet' it was her 1st time and he accused her for not have sanity in her'. She was pure and its him who have stolen it'. He watch her 2nd attempt to be steady on her leg, and she succeeded by the help of the bed stand' but the next step she take shudder her'. Maan tried to reach her to prevent her falling but she showed her hand to him'.

Geet: DON'T'' DON'T TOUCH ME'.. he voice was low but deep'.. his eyes fell on her bare shoulder that has red brushes and some blue as well' her swollen lip, that has cut on it'. He closed his eyes in pain' what have he done' his demon was so strong last night that he forgot every barrier' he forgot his limit,,, though he is ruthless but he have never acted like this to anyone'. He knew his bound but what happen last night is beyond that limit,, he have crossed his boundary,,, but strangely he was not feeling guilty for sam but he was in pain to see geet in this state'.. he doesn't know what it is or why he is feeling this for her who stolen his happiness his love,, but the pain,, grief,, hate her face was showing that cant tolerable for him' he saw her retailing form,, she has gone to the washroom, locking herself in anguish,, doesn't wanted to show her tenderness  to anyone'..









Precap: muh dikhai and making gazar ka halwa''


part 9


I know it was sad,, and trust me it was really tough for me to write,, so please forgive me if I did any mistake,, I know lots are there''

And I have tried to show maan's actual state that he didn't wanted to harm her that way but the drunken state and his inner desire takes out the devil inside''.  But its true that his act can't be forgettable so easily''''''..

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