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The 'Captured' Life#2-Last part Updated-Pg 146 (Page 138)

mayapari IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by World-of-Dreams

Originally posted by mayapari

Originally posted by World-of-Dreams

Originally posted by mayapari

me waiting for more updates
3 more days Reshu..then I'll be free. Big smile
Waise How r u dear..?? Enjoying Vacations?? 
Waise thanks for remembering this Deserted thread LOL
still ve ma exams...
it ll get over oly by 19...
next exam s tmrw...
i ve studied tats y came to if...
was feelin bored...

Ohoo..All the best then dearie Big smile
Even I have an xam tomorrow..not yet prepared...was checking for some stuff jst peeping in IF Tongue
Ohho ... 
all the bestHug

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kab update karoge

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Originally posted by billy_ritu

kab update karoge
Tomorrow!! Big smile
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Originally posted by ajenn

That aunty is so annoying. I love the part Geet retort back, defending her relationship with Maan.

Maan in angry mode. Aww that's not a nice scene. Poor girl Geet had to face Maan's anger

Dev-Geet partner on crime. That's interesting. But Geet had forgiven Maan so fast. That can't be done.

Poor Dev too di..Don't worry more drama coming by Dev coming in the next update...Geet being a loyal partner of Dev will be with him.LOL

-Crayon- IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Madhuri53

Part 47 - Beautiful update.. Ufff...maan ka gussa...only geet and dev have to face it...poor they...but maan manaofied her with his actionLOL.
and now geet and dev are planning to do somthing against maan...Precap sounds interesting... Update soon...thanx for pm...waiting for next...

Awww...I'm glad you liked all the updates...!! Big smile
Sorry for the delay...Will be updating today Big smile

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Hey friends , Extremely sorry for this late update...My exams are over and after watching 2movies and the much awaited Satyameva Jayate (It's a must watch)...I have finally updated TCL! It's a looong part..hope you all like it. Happy reading Big smile

                                   PART 48

Dev...Wait ..what man!!??

Kuch nahi..You are mitradrohi Geet..A huge mitradrohi ,Itni jaldi party badal di!! 

Oye..kya be?? Haan??Tu meri Geet ko apni party mein lena chahta hai?? Hmm?? said Maan while pointing his finger and bending towards Dev making him bend backwards.

Bas bas bhai..bahut ho gaya!! Office mein bhi apki chalegi aur ghar pe bhi?? Door rahiye mujhse bataa rha hoon!


No I don't want to...bye!!

Dev thumped his foot and left from there.

Maan...what are you doing?? Why are you angry on Dev??!! What has he done? Waise bhi because of you he thinks that I'm a mitradrohi..only because of you!! Huh!! said Geet while pointing her finger towards him.

Geet this is too much!!You are blaming me??

Too much?? What's too much??

Jaise your frndship is like some jai veeru  ki dosti! Haha...

Geet opened her mouth wide...Haaawww!!!!

She turned towards Maan with an angry face..Enough Mr. Maan Singh have joked abt these partners ...It's much!!  Main bataati hun!!

Oh God...Geet!! You are such a dramebaaz...why are you acting so dramatic over this..Maan laughed .

Accha ji..Main abhi bataati hoon ki drama kya hota hai.

Geet stomped her foot and left from there

Maan reached the dining  hall where Sudesh was talking to Nitya, Shravya and Adi .

Today I'll serve food for you all ,so ladies and gentlemen get ready to enjoy the feast.

Geet was about to leave the plae and go to the kitchen and jst then she winked at Dev.

Dev understood and smirked back.

Main abhi aata hoon!!


Sudesh: So Nitya what are you majoring in?

Nitya: Uncle Political Science .

Sudesh: Amazing young girl..When I was a student I used to love this subject. Would love to discuss more abt this with you.

Nitya: Really Uncle?? Thank God...At last I found someone like you ,would love to do so.

Maan: Don't ask Nitya my dad gets so involved in such discussions..once started no-one can stop him. Waise Nitya..I wanted you aks you something.

Nitya :Yes Jiju.

Maan looked and smiled at her ,he loved the way she addressed her as Jiju , It gave him a feeling of closeness and belongingness , He was happy with these newly forming relations.

Maan: Nitya..This Sunday I'm planning to go to chandni walk to click some photographs. It's the Old Delhi...I jst wanted to ask if you would like to accompany  me.

Nitya: WOW!! Jiju..Old Delhi..?? Sure!! I'm so excited jiju.

Maan :Beleive me ..You'll love it , It's that one place of Delhi where you will find all kinds of vendors , small small shops and real big branded showrooms..It's never khaali always filled with all groups of people ,all varieties..with complete 'Delhian'..essence .

Nitya : Thanks a lot Jiju..

Sudesh :So Nitya even you are interested in photography..that's nice ,amazing...but now let's stop talking about your cameras and all otherwise the remaining creatures present here will be bored and sleep on this table itself.

Shravya : Uncle don't ask me about this..I have experienced this a lot of times..This girl keeps on blabbering abt her camera and stuff like that and I jst nod my head as I never have anything to say.

They all were talking...and smiling , Meanwhile Geet and Dev came there with food.

Dev helped Geet in serving it was Maan's turn .

He was ready with his plate.

Geet went to Maan.Sir aapko kya chahiya?? Dal Makhni ,Paneer  ,Palak ,Aloo paranthe , Gajar ka halwa..Kya chahiye aapko SIR..!!

Sir?? Maan was confused.

Dev : Geet..Hamaare poochte thodi hai..Serve him everything.

Maan was confused and so were the others.

Sudesh : Geet ,Dev??

Dev :Areh Papa ..Maan SIR ..our boss..we need to take care of him right..Otherwise if her will get angry ..Oh GOD!! No no..

Maan: Dev what's happening??

Geet: Tum chup raho Dev..what are you doing!! Don't speak anything that would anger our Maan Sir. You na Dev..don't even know how to talk...that too with our boss.

Maan rolled his eyes..Geet!!

Oh no Sir..Sorry if I angered you..I mean..No No..Hey Babaji..yeh maine kya kar diya?? Maaf kar dijiye mujhe!! She closed her eyes.

Dev :Dekha Geet ,even you don't know baat karne ka tareeka..huh!!

Geet : Shut up Dev don't be a badtameez.

Their silly talks were irritating Maan..whereas all others were trying hard to control their laughter.

Dev :Ohoo Geet...You can't call your veeru a badmtameez!!

Geet : OH MY GOD!! Dev are you crazy..we can't use such words in front of our SIR..

Dev : Oh no..Geet now is this a paap?? Dev made an innocent sad face.

Geet: Yeah dev and it's not even a paap that would vanish after bathing..ppcch..Geet said with a shocked expression ,with  a dramatic face.

Dev: Geet...first let's serve our Maan Sir..then he might become happy and grant us a wish..then we'll ask him to forgive us.

Geet nodded her head with delighted expressions..                                                                  Maan felt like banging his head somewhere ,first their stupid sa SIR thing and now this dumb drama..with their extra dramatic expressions.

Geet..Dev..stop this non-sense please!!! said Maan.

Geet : Sir will you forgive us..please Sir..otherwise we will have to throw ourselves out.

Maan wanted to say an Yes and end this here but was scared about their reaction after that..however he gathered all his courage and nodded into an Yes.

Dev : Geet you have finally achieved it Geet!!

Geet : OH YES DEV... I have tears in my eyes..!! I can't belive this..babaji kya yeh maine sach mein kar dikhaya? Yakeen nahi hota babaji.

Dev : Yes Geet ,you overcame all your you are free from all the sins and mistakes you made .Maan Sir,the great has freed you from all this stangles with his yes...Now you'll lead a happy life Geet.

Maan was feeling so helpless..poor him ,they were hell-bent on showing him their drama skills!!

Geet : Yes Dev..Yes ...said Geet while wiping her fake tears. I have finally achieved it Dev..yeah..Now it's your turn Dev..I'm sure one day or the other..Sir will surely grant you a wish and you'll be free from all your sins. My wishes are with you Dev..Said Geet while keeping her hands on Dev's shoulder wheras Dev was a li'l pareshaanness on his face.

There was still something missing in this drama..yes the dramatic background music and Dev realised it and also complete that kami..

Suddenly everyone was so silent with their drama and Dev started to shout in his sur-less awaaz..

MAIN PARESHAN..PARESHAN..PARESHAN..PARESHAN...PARESHAAN ...ZARA ZARA KISMAT SE LADNE LAGA HAI DIL MERA..MAI PARESHAN..PARESHAN..PARESHAN...PARESHAN...PARESHAN..while banging his head slowly and Geet made all those kinds of forceful sad expressions..and tried to console Dev by sometimes wiping his tears and sometimes patting his shoulders.

Finally Dev fell on his knees.

NAHI DEV..tum itni jaldi haar nhi maan sakte ..Dev Nahi Dev..said Geet while cupping his face.


Maan felt like he was watching some idiotic stupid serial where other than crying  and staring , the characters  of the serial do nothing .

Geet looked at him with tears..PAHSAL NAHI DEV Dev..Please don't lose hope..that day will come when our Maan Sir will forgive you and free you from all your..


Oh gosh...Please stop this drama you both otherwise you'll kill me with these torturous dialogues and scary expressions. Just tell me..which TV serial did you watch jst now?? Which one?? I'll sue those guys!!

Everyone was silent for a while and they all started to laugh except for Maan who looked around hepless..He himself couldn't stop laughing  at his helpless situation.


They all were enjoying their food after all the whole dumb drama by Dev and Geet.

Just then Dev got a message and he was shocked to see that message.

Sudesh : What happened Dev??

Dev : of my friends..deactivated his facebook account..It's shocking.

Nitya :What?? Why so suddenly?

Maan : May be he has got some real important work or something like that.

Dev :No bhai ,noting like that.

Adi : Did he fight with anyone on FB??

Shravya :Yep that might be a quite possible reason..A lots of fights happen these days..It's quite disturbing sometimes.

Adi : Did he get bullied by someone?

Dev : I know ..but he isn't that types..I mean he doesn't attack on any personal status.

Nitya : Why don't you call him and ask him about this step of his.

Dev : Yeah that would be better.

Maan : I think you should give him sometime..I mean..he is just..

Geet and Sudesh lookeda t each other with the surprising expressions.

Geet: Guys...Guys..What's there to discuss in this matter? I mean what's the big deal..It's jst an account.

Sudesh : Geet is right..why are you people discussing and guessing about hte possible reasons behind this "SHOCKING STEP" apparently.

Nitya : Di ,Uncle..Yeah we do understand but still ..sudden deactivation is something not easy to understand.

Geet : Geet laughed and inserted a spoon ful of rice in her mouth..I don't even  have a face book account.

Nitya : WHAT??

Adi : Even I have one.

Maan : Yes...Everyone has one..except for Geet and papa!

Dev : I know Nitya..It's hard to digest..I don't know how does she exist without Face book.

Geet rolled her eyes.

Geet :DEV?? You  are questioning my existence that too because of some social networking site!! Duh?

Dev : Geet nothing like that. Waise Nitya have you tried that new app.,that one

What my friends think I do ,What society thinks I do..What my boss thinks I do..What mom thinks I do..What I think I do and What I really do..

Nitya : Oh Yea...I love that one..It's so fun..I jst generated one for myself.

Dev :Even me..jst y'day...It's tell you.

Adi : Ohoo That's a li'l bit strange..My wall is filled with those ..I tell you.

Shravya : I haven't logged in for so long..waise I love those  black stick figures on white background ..laughing, confused ,crying one..

Maan : I know..thay are kind of ruling one..and Have you people seen that new photo that's rotating all around?? Areh..related to that newly made policy..A lot of my friends shared it..It's a real sarcastic strip ..I tell you.

Geet and Sudesh looked at each other.

Sudesh : Areh..stop these boring discussions.

Dev : Dad..It's not boring!! Not at all..

Sudesh  : Accha baccha..When We were small our definition of boring and happening was something absolutely different.

Dev :So dad..were you boring then or happening?

Dev: Ohoo do you eve know how active we were..climbing trees , Swimming in ponds, playing with snakes and we used to travel to the city to watch any movie...3-4 hours from our village..jst to watch first day 'fist show of that movie..and sometimes we used to go jst to listen to the news reel  and the cricket news played before the movie..No laziness at all kid.

Geet: Wow sould have enjoyed those days like anything..I envy you people.

Sudesh  laughed.

Maan : Waise Geet..what abt you?? You and your teen life, college life.

Shravya : Oh my..Geet was a complete freak..she was all tomboyish!!

Maan  : Tomboyish??? Seriously.

Shravya : Yeah..Jiju..and you know what was all oye..kaisa hai...tu bataa..types never cared about her clothes she was waering ..all her tees were those Beatles..Backstreet boys tees..always listening to those rock songs and banging her head like one crazy soul..and were a lot fav slangs..words of Geet.

Geet :Shravya..I'll kill you..Shut up man!!

Shravya : No No Geet let me tell ... And..and..and..She was also a part of all boys group!! OH gosh..she was a total crazy soul I tell you!!

Dev and Maan shouted in unison...WOOOW BAND Geet??

Maan : You never told us..!!

Dev :Geet and where are all those Beatles wale tees man..I wanna see them!!

Sudesh : son lI think you need to leave the camera and buy a guitar to impress your lady love.

Geet was getting so much embarrassed...Uncle you too??

Sudesh laughed.

Dev : Waise Maan bhai was no less..he was all that debating kinda man I'm right you are wrong...Go to hell types..

Geet  :WOW!! Really?? I mean I thought Maan was all Good, intellectual ,understanding, sweet wala type.

Sudesh : Areh you don't know rebellious he was..Filled with attitude sometimes!! Waise He and his Typical Delhi slang...He was so used to it..I don't know how  he left those favorite stupid typical words which used to dance in his mouth always.

Geet : Accha?? Areh wah Maan ji..haaye kaash main aapke college me hoti Maan saab..Rebellious!! Waise...Shravya was no less rebellious ..I remember she was the taekwondo girl always ready to do all kinds of stupid adventures in college. Jo karna nahi hai..wahi karna hai..and all ...

Adi  : What ?? Taekwondo!! Yes Adi Jiju...Your wife was a khatrnaak one.

Shravya : Geet..tu chup na...khud ko dekha tha kabhi.

Geet: Waise Sudesh Uncle..what about Adi Jiju..??

Sudesh: He was part of the dramsoc

What?? Geet and Dev said in unison

Yep he was all so much interested in that..I still remember his first play

Adi : Uncle please

Sudesh : He played the role of lusty man

Dev : Adi and the role of a lusty man??

Maan : I mean seriously Adi?? I can't even imagine!!

They all talked and talked and talked about all those hidden sides of them , which they left behind along with the changing time ,they all discovered something new about their partners, friends..something that they all kept locked inside ,they were just left as memories some good old memories.


Firstly I'm happy to see that you still remember this FF and saved this thread from being deserted..thanks a lot for this HugSo how did you like this part?? Pls Comment..even if you found it stupid  LOL...I need your lovely comments friends. Big smile


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