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SwaRon FF-jaise tujhko banaya hai mere liye..! (Page 56)

Gratitude_Me IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
pooh you cant stop here
 i demand an update thts also right now
jaldi karo!!!!!!!!

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SwaRonforever

sorry guys for nt updating my FF...was busy wid today i m just super happy sooo here my update...njoy...!!


in d respective rooms




 I went to bed.. bblushing.. red hot.. i couldnt still believe.. Swayam.. Swayam was happening to me again !!I dint know wheteher i was supposed to be happy or terrified !! Happy cause he was happening to me again.. or terrifed cause what had happened in the past.. I tried shoving off the ill thoughts.. though i couldnot really ignore them.. but still.. few lovely moments today I had with him over powered those ill thoughts !! and.. I that brought back a smile on my face and Kept snmiling to myself till I dozed off to sleep !!



She has grown so beautiful !! Though she has always been pretty.. but today she looked no less than a Princess.. God !! How i had subdued my urges to kiss her when she blushed.. Man.. I LOVE HER .. I love her soo much still !! I wish she would know how much I loved her even then.. How much I had missed her thede two years.. How I still am crazy about her smiles and blushes !! I wish she would know.. I wish I could tell her.. Today itself.. But I have to know what had happened to her in these wo years.. ?? What if she is alreadyin love with somebody else.. I know her she would never want to break hearts.. I need to know everything about her before I say that her love her.. I can ruin her future like I had done in the past.. Her eyes speak.. they spoke to me tonight .. they said that she loves me still.. but then again.. I need to know everything.. and i kept thinking almost all night.. not knowing when I had dozed off to sleep..

I woke up.. stretching..

"O Damn .. Its 10 !! Aunty Must Be Working All Alone In The Kitchen .. I Need To Go Up And Help Her !! " I shrieked !!

I got up quickly from the bed.. and ran to get fresh !

I went to the kitchen and found aunty cooking as I had expected !!

"Ummm.. Aunty .. Smells Awesome.. I Will Help You !!"  I assured her..

Aunty: "Na Beta.. I Wont Let My Child Work In The Kitchen When Im Fit And Fine !!"Me:"Auntyy.. Its No Big Deal.. I Would Have Always Helped Maa Out Back In Home.."

Aunty: "Na Na.. Im Not Letting You Work.. But You Can Help Me Out.. One Way.. "

ME: "Yaa. Say Na.. Im Always There At Your Service.. "Aunty: "Shaitaan.. Go And Wake The Boys.. The Breakfast Is Ready.. !! "

"Ok" I said..

I couldnt decide whom to wake up first ..

I went to Sid's room first..Me: "Oye.. Oothhh.. Aunty Is Ready With The Breakfast.. and You Have To Go And Wake Up Swayam Too.. G et Up Silly *shaking him and hitting him hard* "

Sid: " *sleepily* Ehhh.. Im Not Going To Wake Him Up Girl.. You Do That.. Meann You Let Him Sleep More And Have Come To Wake Me Up First .. Shooo Away.. Katti !! Im Not Speaking To You !! Meany You.. !! "

Me:" Ufff Okkk.. Im Going.. But You'll Have To Get Up Now.. Katti Or Not ! "

Sid: "ok ok...  *again hitting back on the pillow* "

Me: "Hopeless Boy *closing the door behind*  !! "

I went to Swayam's room.. and knocked !!

No reply..

He must be sleeping I thought.. and soundlessly opened the door and got in..

He was sleeping.. I looked at his face.. Calmness on his face.. made him look more desireable in the early morning.. I dint want to wake him up..I so wanted to sit there and watch him sleep all day long..

He slept.. as emotions flowed witin me..

I kneeled down.. and sat on the floor.. near his head ..and couldnot resist my sudden urge..

I bent down near him.. and brought my lips to his head and kissed him softly on his forhead..

Swayam: "Good Morning... *smiling from ear to ear* " 

Me: "Uhhh ... *blushing red hot* "

I was caught !!Ohh Gawd !!

I tried composing myself..

Swayam:"Gotchya *wink* "

Me:" *heads down blushing red hot* "

swayam put his hand on my left cheek through my hairs and pulled my face up.. Moving closer..Our faces were hardly a inch apart..

Me:"Ummm Sorry.."

swayam: "What for ! *bewildered* "

His hands didnot leave my face yet.. He held me lightly and softly caressing my face with his thumb..My eyes met his.. For a nano second it felt as if they told me a I LOVE YOU !!I shook my head.. for having such a crazy thought.. and moved away from Ishaan..

swayam:"Ronnn.. Stay..Please.."

He caught my hand as I had stirred up to leave..He tugged me.. hard.. yet it dint hurt me..I bumped on his chest and we both were on the bed..With me on him..I tried to free myself .. But he wont leave.. He put his hands around me and hugged me as tightly as he could ..

Me:"yammyyy Aunty Will Be Here Anytime !!"

Swayam:"Let Her Come..Obviously She Can.. Its Her House You See.."

Me:"Thats The Point Smarty.. This Is Her House.. And She...She Will See Us This Way..*looking at him demanding an answer* "

Swayam:"*still ignoring and caressing my face* Let Her See.."

Me:"Are You In Your Senses Even?"

Swayam:"Have Never Been In Better Senses Before !"


He put his fingers on my lips and hushed me..I gave up ..

Swayam:"Do You Still Love Me Sharon ??"

I was shocked at the question..But I wouldnt answer it.. let him find it out himself Ithought.. and smiled to myself..resting my head on his chest..I could hear his heart beating..Mine seemed to start thumping harder as if to match his..I hugged back tightly to assure him and tell him how much I still LOVED him !!

Swayam :"*Kissing on my head* Wooohooo !! Girl.. I Knew It .. I Did.. !"

I straightened up..sitting on the bed..'

Me:"You Knew ?*shocked* "

Swayam:"I Guessed I Mean !*smirking*"

Me:"So You Hence Acted Innocent Althroughout To Know What I Feel For You Today ? Swayam.. What Are You Upto ? You Aint Playing A Game With Me AGAIN,Right ??!!"

His words drove me back to the past .. to the DIRTY GAMES that had been once played..I was terrified and scared..I turned stiff.. with anger and fear..swayam cuddled me from back..

Swayam:"You Havent Yet Forgotten Them sharon.. ! Im Sorry Ronnn.. For Whatever That Happened With You.. I Realised How Wrong I Was.. But I Promise You I Aint Lying Today.. It Feels Right To Me Today.. Perfect Infact .. To Be Here With You..!" 

Me:"Swayam..* tears rolling down my cheeks* "

He turned me to face him..

Swayam:"Sharon I Wanted To Tell You Something.. I..."

Sid:"O.. Hello Madam ! O Sorry .. I Dint Mean To Interrupt ..."

njoy guys...hit like n do comment..!!Smile

kya yr ye sid bich me aa gaya...aur m baht ghussa hu ki tune itna late update kiya...par koi baat nahi next update jaldi chahiye nahi toh me "dhiskyaon" karungi...hehehehhe lol

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KaranWahi5 Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Cliff hanger!!!!
Baba u updated after a long tym.i missed this ff so much. thanx for update kitne years baad milega???:P
Radioactive. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Awsm update pooh. kitna time lgati ho update karne keliye.
I loved each of their respective POV's.
hehe, Swayam was acting like he's asleep. I could almost imagine Sharon blushing when Swayam said "gotcha".
Do update sooner... thnx 4 d PM n update soon IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 4:48am | IP Logged
Chapter 20 :

Swayam:"I.. Errr.. I Need To Go And Brush ! *smiling meekily and escaping to the bathroom*"
Sid was looking at me.. or rather trying to see through me..
Me:"What ! We Werent Doing Anything ! "
Sid:"Did I Ask You ?"
Me:"I Know You Would.. I Cleared It Before Hand.. "

Sid:"Uhh Really ? Is That So ?"
Me:"Ofcourse.. Ummm.. Thats It.."
Sid:"I Know You Better *smirking* "
Me:"As If.."
Sid:"Watever.. Maa Is Ready With The Breakfast.. Come Fast If You Are Over With Good Morning Wishes..Ahem Ahem!"
Me:"Shutup !*blushing instantly* I Will Be There In 5.."
Sid:"Gotchya ! I Know That Blush Of Yours Too Well sharon.. You Cant Lie To Me.. I Told You I Know You Better *wink*"
Me:"siddd ! I Wont Spare You ! He Will Hear You !*in a hushed stern voice and throwing a pillow at him*"
Sid:"*even more loudly* Na swayam Aint Shy Regarding Sharing This Stuffs With Me.. His Girlfriend's Best Friend.. Do You Swayam !!?"
Me:"Shsh.. You Are Sucha Nuisance ! I Aint His Girlfriend Idiot !"
Sid:"Hawww You Aint His Girlfriend.. !! I Cant Believe It !"
Me:"Ofcourse Im Not *sternly*"
Sid:"You Dint Even Tell Me.."
Me:"You Know It .. Why Would I Need To Tell It To You Again ??!"
Sid:"No ! Obviously I Dont Know !"
Me:"Obviously Yes You Do.."
Sid:"Ofcourse You Dint Tell Me That You Both Got Married Yesterday.."
Me:"I Told You That We Got Married.. Oh Wait Hold On .. Married What ?*shocked*"
Sid:"*laughing*Ahaan See You Told Me That You Aint His GF So I Assumed That You Are His Wife Then Ofcourse... *wink*"
Me:"Siddd !! I Will Kill You.. *running after him*"
Before I could leave the room after him.. He slammed the door on my face !!
Me:"Duffer !!"
Swayam:"Who Me ??"
Me:"Uhhh.. No.. That Was Sid.. He Was.. Just Blabbering Nonsense.. You Know Him.."
swayam:"I Heard Him *smirking* "
Me:"Ohh Good !!Damn.."
Swayam:"I Dont Mind It Anyway.."
Me:"Umm You Dont Mind What ??"
Swayam came near me and back hugging placing his head on my right shoulder..
Swayam:"You Know What I Wouldnot Mind Having.. "
Me:"And Having What ??!"
Swayam:"You Ofcourse !*kissing my shoulder*"
I had goosebumps literally and blushed even more when he hugged me more tightly !!
He was cuddling me..
Me:"Aunty Is Waiting For Us At The Breakfast Table.."
Me:"yammm.. Lets Go.. She Will Be Here Any Moment If We Get Late !!"
Swayam:"Ok.. I Will Get Dressed.. Wait Here.."
He went to the bathroom and came back wearing the white shirt he was wearing last night.. 
Swayam:"Lets Go *smiling*"
He held me by my waist and we went out of the room..
Aunty and Sid were already at the table..smiling sheepishly at us..
We sat beside each other.. exactly opposite to the smirking duo !
I was already flushed after what had happened in the room and the duo now left me no other choice but to get red hot !!
Swayam.. out of nowhere.. to add on to my distress held my hand.. under the table..
I tried freeing my hand but all was in vain..
He had got me already !
I was still in Sid's tracks and tshirt.. I had no other options..
I told him I would return it to him tomorrow and Swayam and me bid them goodbye and left in swayam's car..
Hostel was quite far from sid's place.. Swayam offered me to drop me there and I readily agreed..
We were on our way back home when Swayam switched on the music player which played..
"Bin Tere Kya Hain Jeena..
Mere Dil Ki Rani Tum..
Meri Khushiyo Ka Mausam..
Mere Khawabo Ki Tabir...
Mere Sapno Ki Tasveer..
Bin Teri Kaisi Yaad..
Woh Jeet Ho Ya Haar..
Tere Sang Hain Sab Kuch..
Tu Na Ho Toh Bekaar.
Songs end..
I was smiling n avoiding eyes contact wid swayam,he was looking me constantly..
Finally he broke d ice n said ronny wen u going u complete d story?
Me:uuummm...which story u r talking about??
Swayam:ron dont try to act smart u r telling me OUR story..
Me:*blushes*d word OUR made me blush...wen v gonna meet next tym den i will tell u...
Swayam:sooo wen v gonna meet again..
Me:i dont knw..
N he stops d car as v reached my hostel..
Me:okkk bbyyee..cya later...thank u sooo much..
Swayam:thank u??for wat??
Me*smiles* n was about to open d door of d car bt swayam lock d door..
I was scared bt happy too coz i always wanted to b wid him...
He brings his hand n his face near mine...n i closed my eyes...
Wen i didnt felt his hand i open my eyes sooo he was stairing at me...n his hand as in frnt of me as is asking me out for a date...
(tannu asking sneha for dance...tannu smile on swayam's face n sharon is equally shocked as sneha was )Wink
Swayam:lady would u like to cum wid me for coffee???
Me:uummm oookkk...
Swayam:ookk toh i will pick u up 5pm frm ur hostel itself...

hit d like button n do comment..!!Smiledis one is pretty long sooo ab gonna update lil late..!!LOLWink
swayam ki date hai gonna b special sooo wait guys..!!LOL

Edited by SwaRonforever - 23 April 2012 at 5:04am

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HR-DMG4life IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 4:58am | IP Logged
awesome update and thanks for the pm :D

Nikki <3

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Radioactive. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 5:09am | IP Logged
Awsm update...loved it...
i liked the Sharon n sid frndship...hehe, Sharon blushing at the brkfast table...i was laughing through those places...
Swayam asked Sharon for a date !!! yay !!!
Can't wait for the next update !!! thnx 4 d PM

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AmRiTa_S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 5:09am | IP Logged
Lovely update and kab story complete karegi Sharon...jaldi jaldi update kar na poo...I love swayam in your FF and Sid is such a cute friend.

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