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Monday - 19th December 2011  Episode - 178  Stepping in for Roja

Naren and Rathy in the car on the way to airport - honeymooning to Fiji.  They talk about Fiji being cold at this time of the year, the history of honeymoons.  Rathy points out that the medical fraternity had warned then, that honeymoon wouldnt suit females.  Naren asks her to drop medical topics and talk something romantic.  Rathy quips that  a doctor can be anything but romantic.  Naren  claims to be an exception.  Lets see. Rathy again wanders into the medical field, hospital, surgery etc, while Naren is planning their Fiji trip.  Naren tells Rathy that he will jump out of the car if she continues the hospital talk.  Rathy makes fun that she would have to call SN ambulance then.  Now Naren's  phone rings - his father.  Informs that the mother has taken a fall in the bathroom.  She did not want to inform but he is tensed.  The doorbell rings and he disconnects to see who is at the door.    Naren tries to call, Rathy wants to know what happened.  Naren updates about mummy's fall, Rathy insists that they get back homeThere will not be enough time to get the flight says Naren.  Rathy wants the honeymoon cancelled.  Naren did not know how to put it across, Rathy asks if he thought she was heartless.  

Naren calls his father to say they did not go to Fiji, are home.  The watchman told that they are in the hospital.  Rathy & he would come to the hospital right away.  The father heaves a sigh of relief, and asks them to come to Mark Hospital.  Why MH instead of SN shouts Narent.  Prince had come to wish them on their honeymoon trip, but they had left by then.  He was the one who rang the bell when Naren was being updated.  Prince insisted on driving them to the hospital, only after landing did he realise they were at MH.   The father did not want to ask help from sammandhi.  Rathy & Naren rush to MH.

Naren introduces himself and Rathy to the nurse there.  Asks for his mother Sivakami brought in by Prince half hour ago for a fracture of the leg.  The nurse says Sivakami has been taken inside for surgery.  Both Naren & Rathy are shocked, how can it be decided so soon, what were the tests that were run on her he asks.  A Dr. Natrajan is attending on her.  They rush to meet the doc and bump onto  Prince .  Welcomes them, wants to know what they are doing here instead of honeymooning at Fiji.  That is not your problem replies Rathy.  Just answer where is athai?  Says a Dr. Natrajan is attending on her.    Naren wants to know why she was brought here, but not taken to SN?  Prince says he is not SN staff to take her there, looking at Naren.  Gives some stupid explanation to the equally stupid question.  Naren wants to know how they came to a conclusion for a surgery , wants to see the test reports.  Cannot see now says Prince, he now wants to see his mother.  She is in the OT and Naren is not allowed to go in.  Naren wants his mother discharged in two days.  Post Op period is two weeks, his mother would be discharged after that.  Knee transplantukkE 2 weeks post-op period illa, dhammathoondu fracturekku two weeks aa... The rules at MH are very strict says Prince, and leaves.

Rathy & Naren fume at Prince's attitude.  Naren wants to barge into the OT.  Rathy says that is not manners.  Naren shouts that Prince also does not have manners. Rathy reminds Naren that it is not their hospital.  We will deal with this later she says and drags Naren out.

Vasanthi watching some tv serial, thottil aattindu.  Vasu comes in and asks if the baby is asleep.  Just now replies Vasanthi not taking her eyes off the tv.  The whole week she is at work, only today being sunday she wants to watch tv.  The next day her colleagues will ask questions regarding the serial, and she would be left high and dry without answers.  He warns her that she might lose her job in the tv indulgence.  He goes to the cradle to find it empty.  Calls Vasanthi and shows the empty cradle to her.  She asks him, and both go on a search.  

They find the baby with Viji who is bathing, the baby is enjoying the bath and cooing.  Vasu leaves after telling Vasanthi of her involvement in the tv serial.  Vasanthi walks to Viji.  Touches the water, says it is too hot, why didnt Viji mix cold water she asks.  Viji replies with the baby is enjoying, why are you bothered.  Vasanthi shouts that Viji is steam cooking the baby in hot water.    Vasanthi mixes cold water and pours it on the baby.  The baby who was happily playing until then, begins crying.  Vasanthi asks Viji why is the baby crying?  How would I know is Viji'sreply.  Viji again begins bathing the baby.  Again Vasanthi takes the mug away to mix cold water, the baby cries again.  Viji says the baby needs that heat.  Vasanthi leaves saying naan indha aataththukku varala.  

Rathy & Naren in their bedroom.  Rathy who is browsing a magazine asks Naren if he is brooding the honeymoon trip cancellation.  Arent you sad about it asks Naren.   Let mummy's leg become alright, we will plan another one says Rathy.  She gets a call from the hospital, why asking this, put the patient on IV she says.  Rathy says they can keep trying like Ghajini Mohammed.  It is very clear that patients can relax but doctors cannot.  Naren's next train of thought.  How to face periappa the next day.  Very valid worry.  We have to face the music accepts Rathy.  Wont he hold me by my collar asks Naren.  kani irukka kaai kavarndhatRu also will be added by him - adds Rathy.    Rathy takes on the responsibility of managing MB.  But Naren did not expect his father to act like this.   Cannot charge him fully says Rathy.  Naren feels he must have been stronger, then this wouldnt have happened.  Prince must have talked through the Village Man feels Rathy.  Rathy doubts the whole thing - how come Prince was there right then when mummy fell?  Naren too doubts how they ran the battery of tests in half hour to operate on her.  Rathy smells something fishy.  

Rathy & Naren conclude that his arrogance has not changed even after all these years.  He is just like how he was in college.  Rathy feels that all this is because she sent him to Russia to do his medicine.  That anger.  puli padhungum Naren knows but for so long?  The puli has a nari for company these days - PK.   Why do we keep getting villains questions Rathy.  Because I am the hero and you are the heroine replies a laughing Naren.  Rathy joins in the laughter saying paattu paadaama, honeymoonukku pOgaama... her phone rings again.  Call from the hospital saying IV has been administered.  Rathy asks adhukku oru phoneaa... cuts the line.  Naren suddenly notices that Rathy has no metti.  Asks why no ID for being married.  It is enough that Naren knows that she is his wife.  

PK & Prince doing a post mortem of the accident / incident.  PK asks how could  Prince carry Sivakami amma.  He says he called for the ambulance, if he did not make use of the situation then he would have been a fool.  PK for his part had arranged for a major accident to happen near the airport, if this did not work.   Anyways like he had wanted they did not go on their honeymoon.  Salutes Prince's smartness.


Updates by Srima

Tuesday stepping in for eljay.Sorry eclat , Am posting before you.

Tuesday 20.12.2011

MB having serious discussion with Rathi , Naren  & Akash regarding Naren's mother's admission in Mark hospital ' their competitors ' enough ammunition for the tongues to wag ' bad reputation to SN  . Rathi defends  , we were victims , deserve not to be blamed. MB points out Naren's father should have  put down his foot & admitted wife in SN.  Dad was feeling delicate to ask for an obligation, says Naren. Drama party PK walks in without knock knock.  His drama unwinds , acts as if surprised to see  R & N 'hey Rathi / Naren  how come both of you here ,  should have been in Fiji enjoying beach breeze.  MB mentions about MIL accident. Another major drama , meaningless rhetoric coupled with loose talks by PK much to the chagrin of the rest prsent '  we are all there to look after your mother , why miss your honeymoon , ularings ' one can miss full moon or new moon , but should never miss honey moon. MB gets irritated , comments , let them miss whatever they want , it is their personal matter , don't waste your time on this. Thick skinned PK is least affected by this  direct needling . Goes on with his pazha mozhi , pudhu mozhi ' uppitavarai uyirullavarai ninai ,   sarkarai coffee  kuduthavarai sagum varai ninai ' Naren's mom deserves such reverence. Hypocrisy at its peak '  major show off to prove his genuine concern for the lady ,acts as if he wants to see Naren's mom immediately , when told she is been admitted to Mark hospital acts as if it is a news to him ,talks about SN's prestige , MD's reputation , Prince' hasty & irresponsible decisionblah blah & leaves saying will talk to Prince & give him  piece of his mind.[ Of late PK is becoming a laughing stock]

Prem torture continues. Naren trying to contact Prince on the phone , no response. PK comes there ,another drama , calls Prince from his cell & acts as if talking roughly to him & orders him to call naren. Promptly Naren gets the call from prince . Naren asks Prince to send his mother's Xray & test reports.  Apparently Prince must have told him about short of staff to send it thru , so Naren asks Sathya to send Sebastian to get the reports from Mark hospital.

Naren's house.  Naren is ready to leave for the hospital , waiting for rathi. Rathi comes down in casuals , Naren is surprised . Rathi informs she is on leave , taken the leave to take personal care of MIL. MIL FIL vayellam teeth , feel they have misjudged their DIL.

Meenu meets Visali in the hospital & apologises for her harsh words. Visali is more matured & practical now. Tells  that she is not upset or angry with her . In fact Meenu has opened her eyes with her one word .Thought about it & felt the only way to repay for the free treatment would be doing some  noble service at the hospital . Hospital gives free medical treatment but never takes it back nor does it accept  free service from any one . So  Visali gets her  pay packet  which she hands over to Kasi  to be dropped in to  the hospital charity box.  But Meenu snatches it away saying we are not in a position to give charity.

Naren's mom reading some magazine sitting in the wheel chair. Phone rings for a long time. So she slowly gets up from the wheel chair , walks & picks up the phone & talks. Rathi comes down & shocked to see her standing & talking. Asks how she is able to do it without pain. Naren's mom says no pain at all. Perplexed Rathi  examines her by pressing her leg hard. Still no pain says MIL. Rathi examines the XRay which shows fracture in left leg while right leg being operated upon.  Freeze on Shocked trio .

Updates by eclat

Wednesday 21 December 2011  Episode - 180

Rathy enters her cabin to find Naren seated there.  She questions what is he upto there?  Since she was on leave for 4 days, he thought can use her room.  She asks him to vacate her chair, Naren asks how come she is here while on leave to look after amma.   Naren gets up mumbling that amma said it right that they will not give him the MD post.  Rathy asks him to be louder.  Again Naren asks her how come she is here.  Rathy asks if he thinks she just said it for the sake of saying.  Naren does not doubt her words, she was the one to volunteer to look after amma.  His doubts will get cleared soon.  He does not want puzzles, has to go on rounds.  Rathy reminds him about his questions - at and after MH.   Did you see amma's test reports or not she asks.  He did.  She gives him the x-ray and asks him to see it again.  Hereafter add castor oil to your eyes while examining x-rays she recommends.    Which leg is fractured she questions?  Adhaan L nu bold aa irukkE replies Naren.  Which leg of amma's is plastered she asks and replies too - the right leg.   Rathy updates amma answering the phone call that afternoon.  He wants to take another x-ray.  She came for that but x-ray machine is under repair.  She has asked Sathya to look into it.  On cue Sathya calls, saying the mechanic will come the next day, he has gone to MH.  RB wants the mechanic to come the very same day.  He would by 7 pm.  So Naren & Rathy decide to bring amma at 10 pm to do the x-ray.  Naren asks if Rathy suspects foul play.  Without any doubt - Prince would be minced meat if it is proven avows Rathy.   

Anand and Vidya having tea.  He asks about their trip to Vijayaraghavan.  Anand decides there would not have been anyone by that name there, and Konica wouldnt have accepted.  Vidya negates, says there was a Vijayaraghavan there.  Knock knock they went there, and that fellow also gave a project to Konica.  Anand feels it is coincidence. He asks Vidya to be rational, scientific.  He asks if Vidya believes in ghosts?  Yes and No.  How would Konica know this, dont ask how the ghost knew she tells Anand immediately.  There can be some power which is guiding her.  Do you mean to say your mother in a white sari as a ghost is guiding her?  Why cannot that be true Vidya wants to know.  Vidya wants Konica's case to be dealt with care.  Anand wants a scientific explanation - asks if psychiatrists are all bullshitting.  They decide to make a trip to Konica's room where she meets her mother ghost.   Lets see if we are able to see the same ghost, otherwise she is to be taken to a psychiatrist.  

Anand sees the room , asks if that is the sanctum sanctorium and says Konica has turned into a ritualist.  Vidya usually feels eerie whenever she visits the room.  She did contact one psychic healer in the US who said that her mother is still in the world - in ghost form.  Vidya is asked if she has started researching, they discuss Abi Lincoln's ghost in White House.  Anand narrates about one Aavi Arumugam whom he visited with his friend who wanted to talk to his father's ghost.  AA was talking and the friend's father arrived there.  He was not dead, when questioned by the friend AA said that whomever he was talking to is the true father.  This man whom Anand's friend thinks is his father is truly not.  Vidya warns that their mother must be watching Anand poking fun, she also asks about Konica meeting Vijayaraghavan.  Anand leaves on the pretext of being hungry.

Sivakami is wheeled inside for x-ray.  Rathy and Naren arrange for the same, requesting the doctor to make the reports on an emergency basis.   The doctor brings the x-ray of both legs with the report.  She just has a sprain on her leg because of the fall, and has been bandaged for the same.   She is perfectly alright otherwise says the doctor.  Naren thanks the doctor.   Amma is wheeled into Rathy's cabin.  Naren updates about the sprain matter to Rathy who begin examining the reports and x-ray.   Sivakami amma is perfectly alright.  Prince just made sutures on her right leg.  She is able to walk, Rathy confirms, asks Sathya to accompany amma home.  Sivakami amma wonders why then did Prince do the drama even offering MD post to Naren.  They send her home, come back to the cabin to ponder over it.

The discussion on what could be his motive?  Could be because of Rathy's action against him in the ragging case during college days.  But cant he think - they too are doctors - wont they find out?   Naren thinks that it was just a plan to stop them from going to Fiji on an honeymoon.  We got the phone when we were on our way to the airport.  If amma was brought to SN we would have discovered there was no fracture.  That is why he took her to his hospital.  But what is his interest in stopping them is Rathy's doubt.  He might not have the motive, PK has.  Prince must have acted for PK.  Both are psychos.  Prince used to be weird while in college itself.  Now both psychos together .  Prince must have visited with some plan in mind, but amma fell.  Dont know what other plans they had to stop them from going on their honeymoon - crooks, fumes Rathy .  Naren is thankful that they did not break amma's bones to prove their point.  Rathy fears for they are dangerous.  Rathy wants to take legal action.   Naren has a surgery, so Rathy decides to meet Prince alone.  Naren wants her to be careful  

Rathy in MH - face to face with Prince...


Updates by Srima

Thursday  22.12.2011

Livid Rathi confronts Prince , points out the error ' Xray shows left leg fracture but the operation done to right leg . Further the Xrays taken at SN shows no fracture , not even a hairline fracture . Shocked  Prince in an attempt to defend himself blames the Ortho Dr. Natarajan ,says to err is human & doctors are also human , tenders his apology on behalf of Dr. Natarajan & assures disciplinary action against him. Rathi in no mood to buy his excuses ' says it is not an ordinary error ,raises her voice asks does he employ quack doctors in his hospital who cannot distinguish between a bone fracture & an ordinary sprain. Arguments get heated , Prince challenges her , rathi counters, threatens to go to medical council & strip him off his medical degree. Slowly butterflies start creeping in to Prince' stomach, pleads not to take such hasty decision.

Vijima  meets Rathi & tenders her resignation letter ' baby sitting job at home , Vasanthi is also employed , cannot [ do not want to] resign the job , both daughter & SIL do not trust crche or a private caretaker , want Vijima to leave her job as her maternal duty is more important than maternity duty. Rathi is unhappy , reluctantly accepts the letter , says it is hard to imagine SN without Vijima. Viji too becomes emotional & breaksdown.

Prince meets MB. MB very subtly shows his displeasure .Prince is very cautious , speaks very politely , apologises for the error committed by his hospital. Humbly requests MB to withdraw the complaint given to medical council. Points out the complaint will not only affect his social standing , his hospital reputation , but also the innumerable staff who will be left jobless. Cites an yesteryear example where MB as the dean excused one Dr . Chatterji , a drug addict who performed an operation under drug influence & refrained from going to medical council  when his family members pleaded .Prince asks him to show the same clemency & consider his case too. Nothing short of emotional blackmail . MB succumbs & tells he would consider. Prince leaves happily & enters Naren.

MB  explains to him the situation. Puts forth his opinion ' withdrawing the medical council complaint is congenial to both ' if Mark hospital is closed down number of people will be affected ' one man's error will become  misery of many ' moreover Prince is influential , politically well connected , knows which palms to grease ' tongues may wag that SN has given complaint because of professional rivalry ' so in the best interest f all it is better to withdraw the complaint ' to revenge is human but to forgive is divine , let us follow divinity. Naren is definitely not amused & walks out  angrily.


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