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Sushpective: Certainly not "unfriending" you!! (Page 5)

yanka Goldie

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Hey Sush! good analysis as usual :)

Wasn't the episode fantastic!! I loved it... 
...amazed to see the growth in La - a girl who could not think beyond her nail shade and hair today can see, understand emotions so well. The only person who knows what Arnav feels for Khushi - and sadly even A & K do not know about it... the whole convo between La-K was handled so beautifully... i hope the CV's do not go ahead with the La-vamp track (as mentioned in the article) ... the character got the end it deserved... with dignity!

With La gone, they are now introducing NK (buaji's dream come true.. so will she obsess about him the way she went on and on about Shyam babua?!) into their lives... will he be the push that A-K need to realise what they feel for each other or would we have the Shyam exposure that will get them together followed by the realisation of the pyaar!

who knows how long we have to wait for that... but in a way i think that is what is refreshing about this serial... the unpredictability... 

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Tea.Cup Newbie

Joined: 06 December 2011
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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 10:53pm | IP Logged
Hi Sush
Really good post.. i've begun to look forward to reading ur take after watching an episode ( like dissecting a movie with a grp of friends till wee hrs in the morning :) )
I loved the episode .. watched it twice :)
-  Khushi and Arnie have come a long way together ( though bantering and consoling).. and that showed soo well.. she demanded an explanation from him ... demanded it sternly, showed her displeasure to his wrong doing and truly behaved someone his "own" . For a relationship that is not named, it was much more than friendship... almost soulmate like ... and i loved it...Clap
- Loved Lavanya and Khushi's seen.. La did make me cry too..the scene was beautifully done.. i felt her pain.. i also felt that Khushi somewhere understood that she was the reason why Arnie broke up.. well , i felt that..esp when she hugged her  ( after the "tum to samajhdar ho" line).. more like La knows that Arnie has feelings for Khushi... Pinch
- I also felt that the story writer/ director has been negligent with Anjali's character.. someone who could read Arnie so well in July is not able to decipher Arnie's mind ( esp after the "di.. Khushi kahan hai? ...uska phone nahi lag raha hai?.. uska phone kyun nahi lag raha hai?").. and then the whole engagement next day fiasco, moving it a week later just because Khushi spoke to him etc.. can't she see through this... i don't buy it.. this is the director/screenplay writer tweaking a character for convenience... Shocked
but i just loved how beautifully the break up, the pain, concern, comaraderie and love was displayed today.. am in love with this show :)
loved ur thread as always.. wouldn't name all respondents ..but loved everyone's thoughts ...
looking forward to a light n nice epi today...and looking forward to some light interactions with NK..while desperately waiting to see a  truly green ASRDancing

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minihussain Goldie

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ArHi_4ever

But that was one mature exit and so not expected from a soap. But IPK is hatke iss liye toh hum hai crazy pankhe!! 

Exactly! Clap

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-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Hi Girls...
As long as a good dose of Arhi is on the way...let them introduce any number of Nandkishores, Lavanyas, Ghanshyams or Urvashis...all only there to create situations ..Big smileBig smileBig smile
I agree...Anj's character needs some more meat!!! Or should I say a better combination of intellect and emotions...They have really not been doing justice to her...
BTW...has n't it been more than a month since Diwali happened? Wink

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bikerider IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 June 2007
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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 11:54pm | IP Logged
@sush yeah its more than a month Wink  i also agree that regular arhi doses i am fine with anything everything Shocked

@zu arhi are unique and for a change ODG is pulling ODBEmbarrassed
and we also know that ODB has lots to learn here Wink

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.Saraa. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 June 2009
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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 12:05am | IP Logged
loved ur take on epi..specially on la-arnie..she not only understands him,but she accpted and let go of grudges

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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 March 2009
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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 12:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MsUniverse

Hi folks...!! I never said...I will have tears in my eyes watching a TV serial...but today I did...Watching La say goodbye to every one...understanding what no one has understood. Not even Khushi ...not Anjali for sure...Does any one still have a doubt why Arnav had selected La to be his girl friend in the first place? Remember he said...she understands me...She truly does ASR...she really does...
But understanding is one thing...accepting it goes farther and not holding grudges beyond anything...La, not only understood...she accepted it and she let go of any grudges...
I loved the scene between La and Khushi...when Khushi had such a hard time letting go and she kept putting La's clothes back and La...said ...kiske liye rukun Khushi...? It was heart touching...The scene where Khushi tells her that one day they both will find their Rajkumar...expressions on Sana's face were just too good!!!
The pool side scene was short but good...As expected...Khushi told him exactly what we would expect her to...Her focus was La's hurt and she held him accountable for that...It was as simple as that...He on the other hand could not share his reasons...but when he challenged Khushi...on why she thinks she can undestand broken relationships...Khushi's reaction about pain of "broken trust" was loud and clear...and what came out was the same concerned voice calling out Khushi's name...wanting to know...wanting to protect...She of course ran away...because she was in no mood to talk about herself...I thought Arnav's reaction was as romantic as could e under the circumstances...The choice of soft piano music instead of Raba Ve...Perfect!!!Approve
The reactions of both families...the dialogue between Payal and Akash ...what can I say...Never expecetd a soap to be this reasonable with no bitchy talks...Pinch Are we dreaming?
Finally...the pecap...what a change in the mood!!  I think she was in La's room and not in Gupta house as some have suggsted on this forum...And Khushi thought she was talking to La not ASR...Any way...this is quite interesting...Never doubted the CVs to come back to Arhi's chemistry and close encounters...sooner or later...
This episode was 9.7/10...As good as it gets...leaving roomonly for the X factor brought on by Arhi chemistry and them cominng together...Wink
As always will appreciate your comments/ feed-back...!!
Here is a song about a break up ...the western way...civil but with hard feelings and certainly no consideration for a family...La and Arnie's break-up...felt like this for the hurt part but the difference is...La is certainly not "unfriending" ASR or the family!!!
 "Unfriend You"

I really thought you were the one
It was over before it begun
It's so hard for me to walk away
But I know I can't stay

You're beautiful and crazy too
Maybe that's why I fell into you
Even though you would pretend to be
You were never with me

So it's over yeah we're through, so I'm a unfriend you
You're the best liar ever knew, so I'll unfriend you
Cause I should have known, right from the start
I'm deleting you right from my heart
Yeah it's over, my last move is to unfriend you

Lovely post as always Sush! Am with you completely ... I LOVED the Khushi-La scene ... brilliantly done, and reminded me of squabbles with my best friend from college ... the tears, the smiles, the emotions, everything was beautifully done! Loved the way La handed over her love to Khushi, to the girl HE loves ... she learned how to love selflessly from Khushi, and by going, she returned her gift. La has really evolved beautifully through the last few months, and especially the last week. And Sana was amazing!

Arhi scene ... as expected ... when will Khushi learn to keep quiet and listen?!  ConfusedBut she has always found in Arnav, her one refuge for her own shattered emotions, and today she did again ... in her own anger and concern for La, were her own emotions at her her deceit, her betrayal, which she hasn't managed to share with anyone yet ... as usual, she did again with him, even without meaning to. And I am glad they used the piano music there too ... I like that better than the Rabba ve ... I think when Khushi started talking about how a girl feels, Arnav just kept quiet and listened to her intently, because he already knew there was something wrong re; her fiance ... and he wanted to know more ... her outburst started off for La, and got tangled in her own betrayal, while for him, it was always about her ... though I don't think even if she had given him the opportunity, he would have said anything of the sort.

I liked the Arnav vs the family scene as well - poor guy is so alone, no one is ready to believe that he could have a valid reason for what he did, and again, he is not ready to divulge it. But again, the scene was beautifully done, the entire family concerned about his decision and wondering why ... along with Anjali's everflowing GangaJamuna of course.

Waiting for the precap scenes ... I thought it was the GH and Khushi fooling with Payal ... hasn't La left? Let's see! Need some close encounters of the Arhi kind now ... before the slapstick track starts!

Very apt lyrics of the song ... yep, La is not unfriending ASR or his family ... or Khushi ... if she comes back, hope it's as a friend!

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euphoric IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 4:59am | IP Logged
Lovely analysis everyoneClap i don't know many of u but loved reading your take... don't have much left to say about the epi but will still put in my 2 bits...

there was pain... there was loyalty... 

Khushi questioned Arnav as to what did he think b4 breaking of his relationship with La like tht... and y not?? the gal literally put herself under heartbreak at each step... accepted the reality... compromised... did everything she cud to bring the two ppl together... one the man she had fallen for and the woman who became a pal she wished to cherish... she knew what heartbreak felt like... she knew what breach of trust felt like... and when the same fate befell on her friend, the girl roared back as if someone had cut open her own old wounds! 

At that moment nothing mattered... it didn't matter tht she herself harnessed certain feelings for him... what mattered was the fact that he had hurt yet another person who had come so close to her... her friend lavanya! 

When Arnav held her hand to bring her to the poolside... there seemed a silent plea in his voice tht urged her to not only listen to him but understand the turmoil that he was into... the fact that she held hard feelings for him was not acceptable... yet there was this unmentioned need to make her understand... to justify his stand... when his family questioned her he denied all... he denied to explain anything which was in complete contrast to what when Khushi blamed him... but then when he realized that her engagement as been called off too... the paradigm shift was felt as the focus of the discussion was shifted. 

La was fabulous in her approach... sometimes there happens when we deny to see what is laid right in front of us simply because there laid out pattern threatens to break the illusion around u... the same happened with her... everything was in front of her... but it was her fear of losing the man she loved that made her to overlook the facts and accept all that was thrwon in her way... love sometimes id truly blind! but then when she realized there was nothing more to fear as her worst nightmare came true... she not only saw but accepted the picture that was presented in front of her... she saw and in a moment, everything felt in place and she knew... she knew that what she thought of as a plausible future was a bubble... that had now burst! the vision thus cleared...

What i loved the most was though she realized, she didn't say it to anyone... not even to Arnav and Khushi... coz she knew that anything she said would only add on to their guilt and their distances... and so she left them to sort things between them... Khushi somewhere knew what she meant but refused to acknowledge... reasons definitely being her loyalties towards La and her uncertainly towards Arnav's feelings... 

Amidst all this... i was really curious to know how was he going to explain his stance about backing out from the engagement at the n'th hour... for one thing was apparent this engagement was never his intention! 

Sharu and Zudi... here u goLOL ab agar bore ho gaye toh mujhe gaaliyan na denaTongue


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