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The Udayveer Chronicles| NEW UPDATE|PART 26 PAGE 137 (Page 63)

lostmymusic. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 5:09am | IP Logged
Aaah! Reeha! Loved the update! Gosh, I didn't hate the Aakash from the show with such passion like I hate the one in this chapter! What a loser! AS IF she needs your love and acceptance to even breathe?! GROW UP MAJNU!!!!

The chapter was beautiful and beachy :P Hayye, their playfulness, their comfort and the passion all mixed together. Uff! Though I would say this just as a personal opinion, I am not too fond of the breath-taking passion that Uday feels. I dunno why. But it's just ME! Ok! Just saying on my own. Not the general opinion. You portray the feelings beautifully no doubt but to each it's own right?

You just HAD to put ChiKash na? very good girl! I am proud of you! :P The sadist in me was partying like no tomorrow when Uday beat the hell out of Majnu. Was reminded of the blasting episode. Thank you SO MUCH for that! The end literally made me jump. OMG! Update fast fast! CAN'T WAIT NOW!

Now, off to business! :P

(1)Maine tum se kaha tha, ki Moniya kay saath sabardasthi nahi chaligi.

(2) Main Moniya se baath karaha hoon.

Aaj kay badth Udayveer tumaray saath koi bathamizi nahi kar payaga

Jo kahna hai, kaho mujsi. Lekin, Manyata ki basithi Hume sai nahi bardash hogi.

(1) - Zabardasti, not sabardasthi; that's the correct word. Chalegi not chaligi.The "E" in Chalegi gives the correct sound, I doesn't. The word is like the word "Lay". So you can put wither chaLAYgi or chalEgi. Both letters give the same sound but E makes the spelling shorter.

(2) Baad, not badth. Badth isn't even a word LOL The correct word is b-Aa-d. BAA like from the rhyme "Baa baa black sheep" and D from the "TH" in there. It's pronounced that way but written with a D. More like, D from "DAAL" in Hindi. So don't say it with your English accent, say it with Hindi :P

(3) Again, baad not badth. Bathamizi - not a word. The correct word is bad-tameez-i. Bad means BAD (English wala). Tameez means manners and I is used as a suffix. Joining them it becomes bad-tameez-i; spelling it would be batameezi, because the D is mostly silent when we say the word. While writing the D is written. But since your writing is informal so D or no D makes no difference.

(4) In the word "MUJSI", the I makes the word weird. It gives off a letter C kinda sound. Now if we read it out like that it sounds like MUJ-C. Weird LOL So just replace the word "I" with "E" so the letters "SE" give the sound of SAY. Which is the correct word. MUJSE. You can spell it with either a E or AY like above in Chalegi.
Basithi - not a word. The correct word is be-izz-a-ti. You can spell in beizzati or I simply write it as Bessti! Not from Best i.e. the third form of Good. See the word is broken. "BE" (from BAY watch) means "without". IZZAT means respect. TI is a suffix used for it. Join it all it becomes be-izzat-ti. Spell it and it becomes beizzati. Write it like that and ignore my version of it. HUME - not gonna work. E is just an extra here. HUM is perfect. And bardash is finely done except the correct word is bardashT. There should be a T at the end.

Uff! What a class. Feel like a teacher now. But Papa says it is better to teach the other person HOW it's done rather than just correcting the other person's mistakes. Not a famous quote but it helps a lot Tongue Hope this was a help for you! Wink

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cookie24 Newbie

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 5:25am | IP Logged
FABULOUS !!!! AWESOME !!! I HAVE NO WORDS 2 DESCRIBE ...ClapClapClapThumbs UpThumbs Up

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sweetie_angel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Ree I hope unremember me...its prerna plz yaaar I beg u could u update by friday morning...I'm going for my friends college fest on Friday I'd be leaving in the afternoon n we all friends be staying with her for 3days...meaning I'd be back on Monday n their god damn college has blocked the net facility so that the students dont misuse tak if I don't read the continuation I'll pakka go mad ree plz n I won't be able to enjoy the fest also plzzz pretty plzzz with a cherry on the top could u update by Friday morning I'd love to read the update n go n enjoy n enjoy the fest I know I'm asking a lot from u coz ur last update was very recent n trust me when i just saw u updated today I was shocked...more shocked when I saw ur note of updating in 2days...i know its difficult for u but plzzz Cry

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-TeriMalang- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 8:23am | IP Logged


that was a fabulous update

i loved ManVeer's date

everything was perfect...M stood by!!

u hav penned it perfectly..

the bond which was lost somwhere was seen..

finallu UV confessed.


on the whole awesome

cont soon

thanks for PM

Edited by sweetshab - 16 February 2012 at 8:34am
reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 10:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dimpzz

Did i tell you i absolutely LOVE your name?!?love the way it sounds!Embarrassed
oh and exams eh!? how did they go?? i know it might generally be like dude who cares about how they went, just glad that they are over!LOL at least thats how it is for me!Big smile

Oh and the best part i liked in the update even more than their about-to-happen-kiss was when udayveer showed his middle finger to the driver behind him ROFL i absolutely loved that part! and to be honest i actually read that part like 4-5 times! i mean that poor guy can't do such stuff cause he's a royal and whenever he gets to do such stuff i so so sooo love it!Big smile

NAVPREEET! <3Hug Thank you for liking my name- I'm actually the only "Reeha" I know. I know some Riya's, Ria's, or Rhea's but no REE-HA's LOL. Oddly enough, you're the only "NAVPREET" I know- plenty of Navtaj, Navdeep, Navjot, Navdeep- but you are the only Navpreet!LOL
LOL, I couldnt help but putting that in- UV is too well bread to swear or curse, but with the incognito thing, I knew he could get away with it...and then I thought to giving someone the finger (ie flipping someone off) used in the same context as it in western nations? Then I figured, what the hey, he went to school in London, he'll know how to use it!LOL Thanks so much for reading, and telling me your thoughts! Stay tunned for #14 : )

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by salekh1

wOAHHH REEHAEmbarrassed
you always always out do your self
Every time i think it cant get better, IT GETS BETTER
this i beleive was the most HOT, SENSOUSE, PLAYFUL, AND UNDERSTANDING chapter of all
Loved how uday became possesive..
and really really want tto read moreBig smile
What happens?
pleaseee pelaseee continue soon Big smile
Thank you so much for the PMEmbarrassed
Salekh1 you ALWAYS comment, but I never get your name! Be sure to tell me, your such a loyal reader that I'd like to be able to call you by your name!  Thank you for reading, and enjoying it! The next part will be up tommorow- hopefully! Smile

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Manasi_16

Brilliantly written alwaysClapClapClapClap

You brought out Uday's hesitance very well...whilst he is very used to dealing with girls & having them wanting is the first time HE is wanting the girl. His confusion, his inability to understand his feelings...typically FIRST LOVE type experience!!!! Simply superb!

The beach time was portrayed very nicely...both exploring each other...getting to know their own selves also! Loved the philosophy -
If we renovate something, or add something on, that's not to say we don't love it, or like it...but rather that we need it to change with us, as our needs change- it's a simple fact of life Manyata. It's not about destroying the old, but enhancing it to make it new.
Never knew our Yuvraj Udayveer was capable of such thoughtsEmbarrassed

Its good to see Manyata's increasing comfort level with UV!!

This part seems very important from the perspective of the whole story...quite a turning point...where Manyata's perspective of Uday as well as Akash is undergoing major shiftsSmile

Looking fwd to the next update!

Thank you Manasi!! I'm glad you enjoyed it: Honestly when I was writing out the castle scene, I didnt ever think it would resonate so well with everyone! And I DO think the UV in the show has so much more hidden depth and understanding- we just dont get to see a lot of him. GAAH! could you imagin a SHOW JUST FOR UV!!!Embarrassed Thank you for waiting- I know it took a while before M started warming up to UV (I am a slooowww writer!LOL) but I'm happy the change is noticable- not only in M and UV but in Akash- his change is VERRY important in this story as wellWink
reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
What is going on here...a reply on the first day of the updateShocked
I am flabbergasted, yet really happy!
Alright, so my replies are in pink
Originally posted by tvlover92

Onto reviewing your new chap! Big smile
And here I am, years later second guessing myself- wondering if it makes me a bad person. Don't we all? *sigh*  I don't know if we all feel like that- but I think it's unusal for males. Especially those who are of the UV variety- players, playboys, ladies men- but at the same time It's a vital part of growing up- looking at your past and judging yourself because you wonder if the person you love sees all of those fallacies and will have a different opinion of you. I really want the real UV to get there as well.
Heck just because I don't have the pathetic lost puppy thing going on doesn't mean I'm the spawn of Lucifer. ROFL ROFL ROFL  Hehehe...did you notice the jab at Majnu there...and if UV is the spawn of would explain why he's so damned HOT (YES THE PUN WAS INTENDED!)Big smile
"Start moving Road Side Romeo!" LOL I know! I couldnt help it- someone needs to jeer him, might as well be a strangerWink
What would it feel like being with Uday?
Yes! Yes! Finally the thoughts are swirling up! Yahoo! The question every UV lover asks around hereErmm, about time M started asking it too, don't ya think?Wink
He wanted her to see him.
Aww! That was one nice emotional analysis, Ree! Sometimes we wonder if people really do see us the way we actually are. I think Manyata sees Udayveer as he is. Just doubts it if it is true? Udayveer changes his emotions so fast it would be a little disbelieving for Manyata. I dunno. *shrugs* LOL! I am sooo bad with feelings and character analyzing! LOL It's a question everyone asks, i think. "What does X see when they look at me?" not just the physical look- but the inner thoughts that come out- and we ALWAYS wonder what the people we so deseperatly care about think about us...or atleast I do. Confused 

Uday: In order to get into my head, you have to let me get into yours.

Manyata: Hmmm, well there's nothing to get into.

Uday: Thank God you said it- It would have been rude if I said it.

 Gosh! These two stubborn people!! ROFL Big smileJust because they're in love doesnt mean we need to lose the comic edge, no?Wink

I can feel like I'm falling when she opens her eyes...Manyata has to want me. *dead* *completely and utterly dead* And then I read this: In a flash she pushed me away and started swimming, her laughter matching the trail of water behind her. REEHA! Angry I got excited! Pst. CryLOL I was expecting to get killed after the stunt I Pulled: TWICE. Trust me, I was getting excited and while typing was thinking "Just do it Reeha- Let them kiss you b*tch!" but I took a deep breath *be patient Reeha, be patient, not yet, not yet* and controlled myself! It was difficult, I tell you.Stern Smile

AKASH! CHIKI! WHY, REEHA, WHY?! *tears a few hairs in process* *reads, holding back her tears of betrayal caused by one of her FF writers* OOH, WAIT! A PUNCH TO THE JAW! A PUNCH TO THE JAW! DancingDancingDancingDancingDancing I LOVE dishoom dishooms! ROFL I LOVE DISHOOM DISHOOMS TOO! God, if it were up to me UV would kick Majnu's butt every time he sees the little squirrel. BUT realisitically that is not possible, hence why I let UV get it all out in this one---maybe later as well?Wink I'm sorry again about the teasing (regards to the Manveer kiss almost happening) but don't worry, I WILL make up for it and redeam myself in your eyesEmbarrassed

I loved the entire action sequence. The raging emotions fueled by Majnu's lack of understanding. The dude just needs to grow past his infatuation for the princess. He needs to wake up. I know people say love is blind but is it really? I think love sees the other person for what he/she is, sees what is going around them, understands it... Sadly, Akash lacks that ability. No wonder it's not love. Are you trying to showcase that? Oh, please tell me my Geeky analyzing worked! You know what, this thought has actually inspired me to write out a post...because I think what I am trying to dictate in the UVCs in regards to possible. It would be awesome if some watered down version of this happens. It could actually work. Ermm

And oh, "the meatball headed girl" - Niiice! ROFL  Hey! I gotta give my girl a shout-out ya know? Cool

You could not have left it with a better ending than the "I love you, Manyata" and her wordlessly telling it back to him - I am having a BIG smile on my face now. I love how you pen down UV-M's emotions, their banters, their thoughts... It's obviously so close to what we feel when we are with a special person... Embarrassed

ink LAWLS. For a moment I didnt see the "not" between the words "could" and " have" and I thought to myself...oh crap what a Fail. Too soon, he shouldnt have said I love you if that's what Lamia is saying. THEN I re-read it a couple times and give myself this: D'oh LOL. Thank you- I think UV realizes he loves her...and willing to say it. Manyata can't but UV is intutive enough to read her face.

Thank you for your LOVELY analysis, and I look forward to the next one!Hug



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