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The Udayveer Chronicles| NEW UPDATE|PART 26 PAGE 137 (Page 43)

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goodness! i saw this topic today!!

Reeha, really very nice thread :)

I would be happy if u add me in your PM list Smile

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Wow loved your storyline.   It was sooo good...and you gave such a realistic insight into the whole world of top notch designer shopping...with just the right element of humour in fact if the CVs were to follow this script it would really lend the right image for the show as the first shopping trip didn't really show up too well, ie the first time Moniya went to the mall and the manager bowing and apologising to her etc...the Pretty Woman movie scene was much better, where she asks the shop girl, 'you work on comission, right?  Mistake, Big Mistake.' and walks out!

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RECAP: Do you want to shop at Boutique Avani?

Part 11 


When I saw his face in the crowd, I couldn't help myself. I really couldn't. The look on his face was almost comical: So sad, depressed and...pathetic. You want her? Take her. You 'love' her? Prove it. What's up with is this sitting on the sidelines and looking like a lost puppy crap? He's making this far too easy. No, I'm not with Manyata simply to take another's chocolate bar away- I'm discovering who is mine. She's always been mine. My friend, my companion, one day soon, my wife... the mother of my children: My Queen. She doesn't realize it, I think part of her has locked it away, but I remember moments with her; pristine, innocent and filled with happiness. I'll always remember those moments, even if she can't. It should be enough for the both of us- for now.

Sitting in the car, we drive away, Manyata looking out the window in awe, and then back at me.

Manyata: It's crazy isn't it?

Looking back at her face, I can't help but have  a silly smile take over mine...What the hell is wrong with me?

Me: Yup, absolutely crazy.


As they drove off Akash felt a pang of sadness tainted with anger: how could she just walk by him, and not see him? How could she be so close to him, yet not feel his presence...why was this happening? Where was his Moniya?

He clenched his fist and looked definitely towards the fading lights of the car...she was his. He loved her, and this Udayveer was most defiantly forcing her to put up this facade. If Uday had seen him...then surely Moniya had as well. And Moniya was most likely too afraid to look him in the eye, wondering what Uday would do to her if he saw her looking at him. He would get to the bottom of this and ensure no one got between him and Moniya. He felt a small hand touch his shoulder, and he glanced back. It was Chiki. She looked at him with worried eyes, almost as large as the two orbs dominating her head.

Chiki: Are you alright Akash? Don't worry, she saw you, but with that Udayveer there, she just couldn't do anything. She loves you Akash. She does.

Akash: I know Chiki, something here just isn't right, I'll find out what he's done to Moniya, and I'll free her. She's not happy; I just know something isn't adding up.

Chiki kept her hand on his shoulder as they both looked towards the empty road now. Suddenly Akash jumped on his bike, and part of Chiki died when he didn't offer her to come along with him. He didn't need to tell her where he was going, she just knew- he was heading off after Uday and Manyata, gone to follow an impossible dream, just like she dreamed of him.


As Uday drove onwards into the setting sun, he did notice the bike gaining up on them- close enough to garner attention, but not enough to be too suspicious. Ahhh, Lover boy is back, he thought. He ignored him, and gently pressed down on the accelerator. The sleek Audi roared to life and progressed forward, Manyata didn't notice as she was still babbling on about the trip,  Uday contributed to the discussion.

Manyata: Aur tum! Your face was hilarious when she started opening your shirt. Kyun? Kya hua? I thought you were simply irresistible? Achanak ethni sharam kyun?

Uday: Because Princess, I'm about to be a married man: Can't have any other woman's hands on me now, can I?

That slight reminder silenced Manyata. He didn't say it in a condescending manner, it was playful and teasing, and made her feel odd, but she couldn't just let him get away with it.

Manyata: Hain Hain Romeo, your just white as snow, aren't you? Barda aya "Can't have any other woman's hands on me..." vala. I'm sure there were plenty of hands Udayveer.

He lifted a brow at her tone, and couldn't help but egg her on

Uday: Jealous much, Princess?

She was outraged at the suggestion, and opened her mouth, only to have nothing to say, huffing she lifted her finger and poked his bicep, and still with her mouth hanging open managed to get something out.

Manyata: You! You! You're impossible! Jealous?! Me?! Of that Tramp? You've got to be kidding me!

Uday was beyond touched: she was actually jealous

Uday:Ok then, not jealous!

Manyata smiled and nodded at his apdet reply.

Uday:...just very territorial.

She looked confused for a moment then huffed in hanger, crossing her arms across her chest; she simply stuck out her tongue.

Uday: Not very princess like Manyata.

Manayta: Ptshh, and who's here that I need to act so princess like in front of Udayveer?

Uday: Your Prince Manyata. Just your Prince.

That left her speechless. What could she say to him? Thankfully the guards opened the palace doors as they pulled into the drive way. Uday popped up the trunk open and numerous hands came to take the Rajkumari's new wardrobe- or at least the beginning of it. Attempting to avoid him, she quickly made her way out of the car, and muttered a hasty departing remark. Uday felt this was a vital moment somehow: he needed to let her know something although he couldn't quite express what that something was.

 He made his way around the car, almost sprinting towards her, and quickly caught her wrist. The momentum of her speed and sudden the stop, made her fall into his arms; leaving her breathless. Her arms were caught between their bodies, shielding her as they looked into each other's eyes. No words were spoken, but so many questions ebbed through both of them. This moment was open, yet personal. For once the Media had been slower than them, and had not made it to the palace gates. The palace personal had walked away, sensing the air getting thick. These two had once been friends, become strangers, and were now sitting at this crossroad between finding each other once again or simply coming to an understanding.

Almost nose to nose, breath to breath, they looked at each other, waiting for someone to say anything- question something, explain something. They both wanted answers to questions they instinctively knew the other had as well. But who knew where to go from here?


My brain had just frozen. I don't know why I so desperately wanted to stop her. I don't even know what was it that needed to be said. But I do know there are questions that need to be answered: words that need to be spoken, if not expressed. She looks at me in awe, and fear. It isn't a fear associated with pain, and hurt, but more of the unknown and confusion. I understand this, because part of me feels the same way. Who is this girl? She's so different from what I know, understand and am used to.

The palms of her hands are now lying flat against my chest, and I can feel the heat seeping through my shirt. I'm holding her left wrist still, and I gently let it go. The indigo bangles make a musical noise as they clank against each other. She's just something else. She doesn't break eye contact with me, and I don't bother either. It's almost as if it's a battle of wills as to who will submit first. She's strong, and I'm strong.  But part of me wants her to know, that she comes first...for me anyway. I don't know what possessed me, but I don't regret it. Was I startled? Yes. Have I done this before? No, not in this way. Would I do it again? Bet your life on it.

Again, her soft brown waves were framing her face; I gently lift my hands and tuck them behind her ears. We're still so close, but it never feels close enough. Her eyes grow wider, as if she senses something but can't understand where this storm is coming from. In the palms of my hands I hold the face of a girl I didn't even know existed up until a few months ago, yet had always dreamed of meeting.  Every moment we spend together is like I'm getting to know her...and a part of myself. She makes me different...I think it's a better different, but it feels so strange. And every time I leave her, I feel like coming back.  I lean in closer, and her lips part in surprise...or is that anticipation? I don't know. But I think I surprised her, In fact I surprised myself. Even so intoxicated on this unknown drug, I managed to maintain the composure that I've been bred with. Leaning in, I gently place a kiss on her cheek.

I really shouldn't have done that.

It's just a cheek isn't it? What's the worst that can happen? I've done more, I'm no saint. To be frank I can't remember the number of girls I've had my lips locked with. But I can only count one girl other than a young Unnati I've ever kissed on the cheek- and meant it- Manyata. Manyata then and Manyata now. When we were younger, it had been so innocent, and filled with love for a friend- nothing more. But now, as my lips touch her cheek, I feel something so odd, so unusual. It's not just a physical want; it's this fire, spark...something unknown. I pull myself away and her eyes are closed and she's taking in deep breaths, her jaw taunt- I can't tell if it's anger or if she's strongly trying not to jump my bones. I doubt it's the latter, but I hope it is. Unable to resist, I run a finger gently down her jaw line, causing her to open her eyes suddenly, they're filled with curiosity, wonder...and something else. I step back, and as her hands slide downward from my chest, I grasp them, and bid her farewell.

Me: Bye for now Manyata.

I let go of her hands, and they fall seamlessly to her sides. As I make my way back to my car, I send her a final wave and drive out; magically the guards have reappeared and open the gates for me. For a final time, I look back in my rear view mirror, and see that her fingers are gently touching the very cheek where I had kissed her.

She was the first girl I ever kissed; and she'll always be the last.



I'm on this high. I don't know what I can call it- I have this stupid smile plastered on my face, it doesn't matter what I do, or who I'm talking to, I constantly space out. Right now, as I'm driving home, all I can see is her face, and her eyes, I can still feel her. I'm so lost in thought that when the light changes to green, I have to be promted by restless drivers behind me to move forward. Oh God. Someone help me. Please.

Thankfully I make it alive to gates of our Mumbai estate. It isn't as large as Manyata's Palace. With only me, and Unnati on occasion and dad sometimes stopping by this 13 bedroom estate was more than enough. There were more empty rooms then there are people anyways. Our estate has electric gates; I reach down to press a button in the Audi to get them to open as I'm easing into a rolling stop near the entrance. Suddenly I break to a halt as some idiot stops his motorcycle abruptly in front of me. Adrenaline is running through me suddenly. I feel like opening the door and pounding the idiots face in. What if something had happened? These people always wanted something- hoping to get run over for a pretty dime. Disgusting. Instead I take a deep breath, and press down my window.

Me: I know it's dark and all Bhai shab, but you really should be more careful. Please move out of my way.

Instead of obliging my kind request, the biker slowly got off his cheap cycle and made his way to the side of my car. Helmet still on.

He has the gall to point at me, and direct me to get out of my car. Really? You've got to be kidding me.

I'm assuming it's a joke, because my first reaction is to laugh, my second is to sneer. I do both very well.

Me: Alrightly there buddy boy. I think that's enough attention whoring for today, don't you think? Now, like a good bacha get out of my way please. If you don't that piece of junk is going to scratch my nice car. We wouldn't want that now, would we?

I press down on the accelerator as the car is in park- just to remind him.

I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised, but part of me was. When he took off the helmet a nice grin overtook my face.  Unable to help myself, I step out of the car, shut the door behind me, and lean against the Audi. A smirk plastered on my face.

Me: Well, well, well. What do we have here? Akash right? Or do you prefer something else.

He looks at me with such distain. I can't call it disgust, and nor is it envy. It's a combination of anger and impulse. He's here to say something; he just doesn't know what it is.

He looks at me, as if his eyes will utter the threat he can't seem to form verbally.

Me: What, nothing to say? If you have the gall to step in front of me, then have enough of it to follow through. What do you want to say?

I can't believe I have to encourage someone to speak up for what they want. Pathetic.

He must have sensed the mocking tone my voice held for he suddenly stood up straighter, and stepped closer, his head held high.

Akash: Leave Moniya alone. I know what you're doing and it won't work.

I simply raise an eyebrow, and let him continue.

Akash: If you think that by getting cameras in her face, and forcing her to be near you she'll forget me, and forget us, you're sadly mistaken Udayveer.

Oh god. What is up with everyone calling me Udayveer? It sounds nice and all when Manyata says it, but this is just weird.

Akash: And don't you dare touch her. Who the hell do you think you are, cornering her like that tonight, how dare you hold her back when she wanted to leave you- how dare you touch her face, and kiss her. Is this what Prince's do: when someone doesn't want you, you force yourself on them?

My mind had frozen at the first part of the sentence. He had been there? Watching us? I feel so pissed off. Who the hell does he think he is infringing on our moment? Yes, we're freaking royal, yes there are cameras, but we're people to. There are times were we deserve to be alone. I don't want a memory tainted with a third person's eyes, thoughts and opinions. I can't believe he's twisting something that was so wonderful, progressive, and mutual into something so disgusting and false.

My nostrils flair and my fists clench in my pockets. I feel like beating him to a pulp right here and right now. But the first line of attack is always verbal. Always. 

Me: What did you see Akash? Did you see a beautiful girl enjoy a day out with a man; both equals. In stature, presence and persona. Did you see them laughing, smiling, talking?

I walk closer, and start circling him: like a hawk does to its prey before the inevitable attack.

Me: Did you see her whisper in his ear, look in his eyes and smile? Did you see them share a meal, and some words? Did you see them hold hands and lock eyes?  Did you see it all? If you did what did you see?

That poured salt into his fresh wounds. I could see the anger emanating from his face. Clear as if it were day in this night sky.

He turned around suddenly, angry, agitated, perhaps even humiliated. Because it was true. Yuvraj Udayveer Sigh has never forced himself on a female, and I am damn well not starting now- especially with Manyata. Never with her.

He drops his helmet to the ground and suddenly charges up towards me, stopping himself from grabbing on. Huh. He is smart. No one grabs my collar and gets away with it.

Akash: What have you done to Moniya! She loves me you know! You can never separate us.

I hear his words and whip my head back, shaking with laughter.  Turning around I stop in front of him: the laughter gone.  When I say this I say it as if I'm flying downwards, claws bared, ready to deliver the final blow. And it is ever so satisfying.

Me: There is no "Moniya" Akash. There is only Rajkumari Manyata; My fiancee, and soon to be my Queen. And if you're referring to her, then you need to remember one word and one word only: Izzat. Show some respect when you open your mouth.

His face scrunches up in anger, but I step forward toe to toe, and whisper the final blow.

Me: And if you so dare to taint any moment we share together with your disgusting thoughts and false opinions, I will find you, and let you know what she means to me Akash.  I don't give a Damn who your Moniya was and what you shared with her. Stay away from Manyata, and if you can't leave, then stay and watch. Watch her fall in love with me. Watch fate happen, and try to stop us.

I head towards my car, but I can't help myself as I turn around and kick the bleeding prey one last time.

Me: You know the saying. Every girl kisses a few frogs before she finds her prince.

But he surprised me, he really did. With dignity he picked up his helmet, and walked to his bike, turning around he picked up his bike and got the last word.

Akash: You can drive your car Udayveer, and take here where you like, call her what you want. But in the end, she'll want to be free, and she will happily ride away on this bike in the open air.

I glare at him as he drives into the night, at a loss for words. We will see Akash, we will see


Manyata had come inside like a ghost. Her mind racing, her heart pounding, and brain working in overdrive. Inside she felt this restlessness- the need to run after Uday and slap him senseless. How could he do this to her? How could he make her feel things she shouldn't feel? How could he make her question herself? She walked past the mirror in the great hall and looked at herself. Her cheeks were flushed naturally. Did she look different? Could someone tell? She reached up and gently caressed the cheek. It had been so long ago, but she swore she could still feel his lips. Was it wrong to have wished they had stayed longer? She heard someone clear their throat behind her, turning she say it was Rajmata, smiling as if she knew a secret.

Rajmata : How was the shopping Manyata Beta?

Manyata was at a loss for words, she dropped her hands to her sides, opened her mouth to give a response. But her mind was drawing a blank. All she could remember were the last few moments with Udayveer, the shopping trip was a blur.

Manyata: was good. Very good.

Rajmata smiled and looked down at her granddaughter. She recognized the look of confusion, wonder, surprise and...the beginings of feelings which lead to so much more: lead to so much happiness.

Rajmata : I can tell it was very good. What did you get?

Manyata: Ahh...cloths, lots of cloths Mathaji

Rajmata had the urge to tease her, and get more out of her, but she knew it was futile- the girl looked as if she would faint soon from the shock. Just what had these two been doing ? Never mind, she really didn't want to know.  Either way, she was sure Uday was a gentleman, and respectful. He would ensure Manyata was always within her realm of comfort.

Rajmata: Well, I can see you're obviously busy in thought, I'll talk to you later beta.

As Rajmata left Manyata felt even more confused.

She walked towards her room muttering her thoughts to herself.

Manyata: What does he think of himself!? Always getting near me...making me confused. Humph.

She was startled when she bumped into a solid, but soft object. She looked up as Brijraj steadied her straight, and smiled. Holding onto her shoulders he looked at his little girl- who didn't look so little anymore. He could honestly say he had never felt so proud.

Brijraj: Manyata beta, you look beautiful.

There was that word. Beautiful. This is what was making her so self-conscious. The beauty. Is this why Udayveer had shown this sudden interest in her? Because of her cloths and hair? A frown appeared on her face as she went back to thinking about him.

Brijraj noticed the look, and gently patted her face up towards his own.

Brijraj: Kya hua beta? Did you have a fight with Uday? Is everything alright? You had a good time didn't you?

She had. She had had a great time. And that was the problem. She looked up and saw the worry on the King's face, and smiled reassuringly.

Manyata: Just tired Mahraj ji.

Brijraj laughed whole heartedly and nodded

Brijraj: Yes, shopping does that to you girls I suppose. I heard it was a good round.

Hearing the word shopping she remembered the card Brijraj had given to her. She looked at her wrist where a light champagne coloured Michael Kors wristlet hung. Uday had insisted she needed one to carry the single card Brijraj had given her. She opened it up and took the single card and handed it to Brijraj.

Manayta: Thank you Mahraja ji.

Brijraj: Your welcome beta, I'm sure you gave the card a nice work out.

Manyata: Ahh. No, not really. Udayveer paid the bill before I even looked at it.

Brijraj shook his head. He should have known Uday wouldn't let them pay for the clothing. He sighed and patted her cheek with love.

Brijraj: Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Uday has always wanted to be the one to take care of you. It's funny beta, I think he loved you even before we decided you two would get married. Just shows you some things are meant to be, and never change.

She felt a lump grow in her throat. These feelings were so alien. She felt so much closer to Udayveer than she had ever wanted to be. These memories, moments and reminders of how they were such a vital part of each other's lives was eating her alive. How could she dislike someone she had once loved? And what was this feeling she felt for him now?

She opened the door to her and J's room and stepped inside. It was quite and dark. Needing a moment alone, she shut the door, and rested her head on it. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and sighed; What surprised her was the name that came to her lips.

Manyata: Uday..

She turned and switched on the light, and for a moment she was surprised. Really surprised.

Near the window J stood staring out. Arms taunt as she griped the sill and stared out below. Her hair was in a ponytail and she looked as if she was getting ready for bed, in her short shorts and lacy tank top. Her profile looked so angry, upset, and...sad. So broken. Manyata normally wouldn't have cared, but for some reason part of her did. Perhaps it was curiosity, perhaps it was empathy, and perhaps it was the simple matter that she was human. But she wanted to sooth- even if it was J who was hurting. That moment dissipated fast.

As soon as Manyata took a step towards J, the bedside lamp was hurled in her direction. Manyata didn't know if J had simply missed, or if she herself had been quick enough to avoid the blow, but the lamp crashed to the floor a few inches away from her feet. Adrenaline was pumping through her as she looked from J to the broken lamp, and she opened her mouth to yell, but J started first, and when she did no one could stop her.

She walked right up to Manyata, her fluffy slippers silent as she stuck out a well-manicured finger in Manyata's face.

J: You B*tch. How could you do this? You lying-

Manyata: -Ay! What is this Crap J? What has gotten...

J: Don't you dare pretend to be innocent! I saw everything. How dare you do this you worthless piece of trash!? That's Uday. Do you understand? U-D-A-Y and you have no right to...

Manyata caught on faster than she thought she would. So, that's what J was upset about. Uday.  Of course. Before she could retort back, it occurred to her what J was referring to...that moment down in the driveway. Manyata's face reddened. That moment had been so intimate. And she felt violated knowing that someone else had been looking in on her and Uday when it had been happening. When she had been so vulnerable.

Manayta: Dekh J...

J: No! Don't bother with your crappy excuses. You're so disgusting, just throwing yourself at him. Falling into his arms and begging for him to hold you. He doesn't want you Manyata. He never has.

For a moment the breath was taken out of Manyata. What had this girl been watching? And how could she say such false things about Her and Uday. She was there, she knew what had occurred. She forgot about the second she had wanted to ease J's pain and comfort her. It was forgotten as she walked towards the door.

Turning around, her head held high Manyata delivered the words that perhaps would always prevent the two sisters from understanding each other someday.

Manyata: He's always wanted me Jainandini. And he always will.

She walked out of the room, and heard multiple crashes behind her; the royal family was making their way towards the ruckus, looks of worry and curiosity etched on their faces. For the most part, they could infer that something was wrong. They looked towards Manyata who was looking towards Rajmata, with an air of dignity that only a princess could attain, she surprised them all by what she said next.

Manyata: Dadi Shab, I'd like my own room please.

Stating her request, she walked out towards the gardens, with her head held high and posture straight, her tone had been respectful, yet authoritative. She had been every inch the Rajkumari they had hoped she would become.

Rajmata looked on with pride, and tears filled her eyes, she gently placed a hand on her son's shoulder and looked up at him as he held Komal's hand

Rajmata: Manyata is home Brijraj, she's finally home.



Dadi Shab had called me with the news of Manyata acknowledging her as her grandmother: finally calling her Dadi Shab, instead of Mataji.  Part of me is so ecstatic, because I know how she's yearned to hear those small words. She's a strong woman Dadi Shab. She has run an empire, yes her son does a lot of the work, but she is a powerful, elegant and smart woman. She's beautiful inside and out. At the same time, I will miss Manyata's language. She brings a smile to my face. I understand that she will change on the outside, but I want her to have the same aura, persona, and strong personality she came here with. I want her, without her being broken.

I pace restlessly across my room, the cool night breeze touching my skin, then passing me by; looking out into the night sky I ponder Akash's words. As much as I believe Manyata will learn to understand me if not love me, I can't help but feel a stabbing thought of her leaving me. For him. I try to sleep but his words hover above me. No girl would leave a Prince for a pauper, would she? He hadn't stated royalty, but his metaphor was clear she'll leave this caged car to fly free on this bike. Screw Metaphors.

I look down towards my watch and read the time: its 4:00 AM.

I take out my phone and send out a few texts, I'm sure Uncle Brij is up getting ready for his upcoming conference. I get the reply 10 minutes later, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Standing up and stretching, I look out towards the sky which is breaking into dawn. I feel that perpetual goofy smile come up on my face again as I think about her.

Me: Let's go fly princess, Let's go fly.


 Well, I hope it was sortof worth the waitLOL Again, I'm sorry about the full week's wait... This installment has some manveer, but there are other shades as well. I understand that it's a little choppy, one scene to the next, but I really had to do it this way so I could progree the story further a little faster (you regulars know I like to write slowly and in detail!LOL) Tell me what you like, love or hate. ALSO Maisy, if you're reading, trust me, you need to PM me the corrections in Hindi!Wink& dumas you're reading, please PM and I'll send you the Hindi translation in English if you want. Overall though, there isn't much hindi, simply because I suck at typing itEmbarrassed

In the end, hope you all forigve me for the Majnu moments I had to put in, and I hope you appreciate the Chikash thing going onCool


PS: Oh! Someone tell me if they have a Outfit in mind for Manyata: Will oblige! Heck even throw in a UV oneWink

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Reeha HugHug.. This is awesome as always... StarStarStar.. Luvd everthing to core.. UV and M unspoken feelings, their confusion and the emotional intimacy.. It's just done in a superb way..

BrijRaj was too adorable in this part.. The father-daughter bonding was just amazing.. Even with the few conservation they shared, it actually filled my heart with immense happiness.. M finally calling DS DadiSahab and wants her own room Big smile.. This made me sooo happy Smile I actually imagined it happening onscreen.. The whole family affection part is admirable.. Kudos to you Clap Clap..

With J, I've got nothing to say.. You have nailed it- " He always wanted me and always will".. It can't be get any better than this.. ROTFL ROFL ROFL at J..

UV and Akash confrontation: Least said Better.. UV's got 10/10 from me Wink..
Best thing: "Every girl kisses few frogs before she finds the real Prince " Day Dreaming.. Haiii I'm dreaming abt UV now.. I Tell You Reeha ( imagine in Vijay's style), you do come up with best quotes to support what you've to say..Tongue

Ok Finally.. Thanks for keeping Chikki as well on this part.. So Chikash can  actually happen LOL.. Poor Chiki she must be totally broken hearted Broken Heart WhenMajnu didn't even offer her a rideLOL.. 
. She looked at him with worried eyes, almost as large as the two orbs dominating her head.
Red : Reeha this is just EPIC.. ROFL ROFL ROFL

Too much of my bakwaas.. Going off now .. Thanks for a MARVELOUS part..
   Bows Simmy..

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Reeha, I loved it ... uff that Akash, someone please kill him.
Haha. J for jainandini and J for jealous --> meant to be ;) ManVeer angelic kiss :* loved it , haii ... 
Awesome Update as usual and yess definitely worth the wait :D xxx

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awesome update loved it that was perfect love how the relationship is molding and bonding finally she is starting to act as the princess she was born to be akash is such a pain love how uday handle the situation that my is mu hero he smash him without putting a hand on him loved it one of my favorite part was when she told j that he will always want her (manyata ) and another was when she called rajmata dadisa finally she is accepting her family thank you for the pm  and a fabulous update 

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i loved the update..Udayveer is just so good..i really like the budding relationship between Uday & is simple, soft & yet very beautiful...i was picturising each of Udayveer & Manyata's scenes... very well written..keep up the good i'am eager to read more...please continue as soon as you can..Smile

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