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April Updates (Page 2)

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April 17th - By Shahidlover24

Gayatri gets a call from Shruti who is very cheerful. Gayatri, on the other hand, is very nervous while talking to her. Shruti tells her that she is coming back home on tonight's flight and tells her to tell everyone, especially Parvati. They hang up and Gayatri thinks that she'll get a chance to talk to Parvati to convey Shruti's message, otherwise Parvati doesn't want to talk to her. She also says that she has to tell Parvati that there is someone else who knows the truth.

Gayatri goes to meet Parvati who sees her and closes the door. Parvati tells Gayatri not to refer to her as 'mama' and she doesn't deserve to use that word. Parvati then asks Gayatri why she came and Gayatri tells her that Shruti called. Parvati tells her that she could've got someone else to tell her and she didn't need to come here herself. Parvati tells Gayatri to stop acting scared and shedding fake tears. She should be hatching some new plan to hurt Shruti. Parvati also tells Gayatri not to tell anyone about this deed of hers and opens the door for Gayatri to leave. Before she leaves, Parvati tells her not to try meeting her alone again and they will only meet in front of everyone now. She also tells her to never enter her room without her permission again and she must knock from now on. She then closes the door on Gayatri.

Parvati, Anisha and Sameer go to receive Shruti at the airport. Shruti and Parvati hug each other and Parvati breaks down and says she is crying because it's been such a long time since she last saw her. Shruti then greets Anisha. Parvati and Anisha leave with Shruti's baggage leaving Shruti and Sameer alone. Sameer pretends to be angry since Shruti didn't talk to him first but then hugs her.

Shruti reaches home where her aarti is taken. She then asks for Gayatri who is inside and runs off to meet her.

Shruti meets Gayatri and asks her why she didn't come to the front door to greet her, let alone the airport. Gayatri says that Parvati told her not to come to the airport and she didn't come to the front door because she was afraid that her nazar na lag jaye to Shruti. Shruti says that wouldn't happen. They both hug each other while Parvati watches sternly.

Shruti is giving gifts to everyone and then goes to Gayatri and tells her that she didn't get her anything but got the baby lots of things. Gayatri opens the gift and there are some sweaters inside. She loves them. Just then Gunn calls Krishna. Krishna barely gets a chance to talk her since Shruti takes the phone and talks to Gunn. Gunn says she'll be back home soon. They hang up.

Gunn tells her mother that she wants to go back to India. She misses everyone. Her mother says Gunn is very lucky since she got such good in-laws. Gunn agrees.

Pallavi barges into Suyash's office. She asks him why he isn't taking her calls and isn't even returning them. He is confused and asks her to be a bit more clear. Pallavi then says that she was lonely and didn't mind being alone but then a man came and woke the desires that were buried deep inside of her. A desire to be with someone. She says that he is that man. Suyash is astonished and tries to say something but Pallavi tells him to let her finish and to hear her out. She then says that he may not care about her feelings and she'll understand if he doesn't want to keep any relationship with her after this, personal or perfessional. She says that he can do whatever he wants but he won't be able to change the fact that she loves him and always will. Pallavi says she'll wait for Suyash forever. She then leaves.

While Pallavi is leaving, she comes across Parvati. Parvati teases her and asks her why she's in a rush and what happened. Pallavi doesn't reply and walks away leaving Parvati confused.

Suyash is pacing back and forth in his cabin when Parvati comes there. She asks him what he had to say about the orphanage but Suyash can't remember. Parvati says that he seems tensed and they can talk later. He apologizes for wasting her time but she dismisses it. She goes to leave but Suyash stops her saying that he doesn't know if he should be telling her this but Pallavi had come. Parvati asks what happened since she had seen Pallavi while she was coming up here and she had been crying. Parvati says that she assumed that he must have said something but Suyash says that he didn't say anything but is shocked at what she said. Parvati asks what she said and Suyash is about to say something but Parvati tells him to forget it if it's too personal but Suyash denies it. Suyash says that Pallavi loves him and Parvati says that she finally confessed and that there's nothing wrong with it. Suyash says that it's not wrong but these type of feelings hold no importance in his life. Suyash then asks Parvati if she thinks what Pallavi did was right but Parvati says that it's not a matter of being write or wrong. She says that Pallavi had the courage to tell him and it's Pallavi's right that nobody can take away. She has the right to confess her feelings. Parvati then tells him to believe her that Pallavi is really lonely in life and her feelings are always genuine, be it love or hatred. Suyash tells her to forget about all this and is about to say something about the orphanage but Parvati tells him that they'll talk about the orphanage later. When someone's physical presence is somewhere else and mental presence somewhere else, it has an effect on their work. Parvati leaves.

It's late at night and Suyash is thinking back to when Pallavi confessed her feelings and Parvati saying that if he didn't like what Pallavi said, then he should have made her understood.

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April 18th - By Shahidlover24

Pallavi is upset when the doorbell rings. It is Suyash at the door and he asks if she's alright. She says she is and they walk in. Pallavi says she was telling the truth and Suyash says he knows and appreciates her honesty. He says that at that moment, he was confused as to how he should react and he had never imagined anyone would do this. Pallavi tries to say something about breaking all relationships with her but he stops her. He says that he needs Pallavi in his life and Pallavi gets excited. He says he thought about her all day and he needs her in his life as a friend. Pallavi is shattered. Suyash says he hopes she understands that he said whatever he had to say with full honesty like she did. She appreciates his honesty. Suyash then says that he didn't understand what to do until Parvati came. He thanks Parvati for her advice. Pallavi is shocked to know this. He then says that they should forget all this and remain friends. Pallavi agrees and Suyash leaves.

The next morning, Suyash is leaving and his mother tells him it's Sunday but Suyash replies that he isn't going to the office but the hotel site to have a meeting with Parvati. Just then Nikhil comes in and wishes them a good morning. Suyash asks Nikhil if he's involved in the hotel project and Nikhil says he is to which Suyash tells him to get him the hotel budget file. Suyash also tells Nikhil not to goof off since Parvati only took him up for work because Suyash asked her too.

Parvati walks in and stops in her tracks. Kamal who was coming behind her also stops. They both look on as the family is having fun and enjoying themselves doing various things. Sonu complains that she wants to watch t.v. since Gaurav is watching the news. Shruti decides to go out somewhere with the whole family once Parvati comes home. Gayatri says she won't go since she needs to rest and Chaya also doesn't want to go because of the weather. It's pretty hot outside. Kamal asks Parvati what happened and Parvati replies that the family is happy after such a long time and stuff. Anisha then notices Parvati and Shruti runs and tells Parvati her plan of going on a family picnic to their farmhouse. Parvati refuses to go saying she has a meeting but eventually agrees to come the farmhouse after her meeting. She walks away and Shruti says she doesn't want to go if Parvati's not going to be there. Kamal says that they'll work something out but what will they tell Suyash. Chaya takes sudden interest in the conversation once she finds out that the meeting is with Suyash. Kamal then thinks of a brilliant plan and says that Parvati will definitely come with them.

Kamal calls Suyash's house where his mother picks up. He tells her that they were all thinking of going on a picnic and the rest of their conversation is in mute. As soon as he hangs up, he sees Parvati there but she didn't hear anything. She asks who it was and Kamal says that it was Suyash and her meeting has been cancelled. Parvati wonders why Suyash didn't call her and Kamal tells her that she can call him if she wants. Shruti asks Parvati if she doesn't trust Kamal but she denies that. Parvati then says that if there's no meeting then she might as well come along with them for the picnic.

The family is shown getting ready to leave when Chaya shows up. Kamal says that he thought she wasn't going to come but Chaya says that she changed her mind. They leave.

Everyone reaches the farmhouse including Suyash's family and everyone is shown enjoying themselves. Suyash and Pallavi also reach the farmhouse and Parvati and Kamal see them. Kamal admits that this was his plan but it was Mrs. Wadhwa's idea to call Suyash here. He then says that he didn't know that Pallavi was also involved in this project and says something mean about her. Parvati tells him to stop and tells him not to say anything in her presence. They leave to greet them.

Parvati and Kamal greet them and Parvati apologizes blaming everything on Kamal. Suyash says that his mother told him that Parvati wanted to hold the meeting at the farmhouse. His mother shows up and says that he wouldn't have come if she had told him the truth. She then says they they need to relax today. Krishna then calls all of them to form cricket teams so they can play. Kamal asks Suyash if he's going to play cricket in a suit and his mother replies that Suyash was even born in a suit. They crack up.

Pallavi wishes Parvati all the best while playing cricket. Parvati makes a comment on how a person must have sportsman like conduct. They both leave to play cricket.

Shruti is up at batting and Sameer is tossing the ball. He winks and Shruti doesn't bat. She claims that Sameer is cheating but doesn't say what he did.

Everyone is shown enjoying themselves.

Pallavi bats and Parvati catches the fly ball. Everyone praises her and Kamal says that anyone who goes against Parvati will always end up like this.

Everyone is shown playing cricket once again.

Parvati is up to bat and Suyash is tossing the ball. 1 ball is left and 5 runs are needed to win. Chaya thinks that it will be amazing if Parvati doesn't get this. Parvati bats and Pallavi tries her best to catch the fly ball. She misses it and falls in the mud and Parvati's team wins.

Suyash tells Parvati that he didn't think she could play cricket. Parvati says that she didn't play with the intention of winning or losing. She only wanted to please her family. Parvati also compliments Suyash and he thanks her family for bringing out this hidden side in him. He then says that even though Pallavi doesn't get along with them, it is her family who is giving her first aid. Chaya and Pallavi both see Suyash and Parvati together.

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April 19th - By Shahidlover24

Everyone is eating when Suyash asks Parvati how Nikhil is doing with business. Nikhil and a few others are astonished at the question. Parvati replies that he's getting along just fine and it'll take him awhile to conquer everything. Kamal asks Suyash if he had any doubt but Suyash denies it. Parvati then thinks back to when Kamal told her the truth about Nikhil. Suyash's mother then scolds them for starting to talk about business and Shruti supports her.

Suyash's family is leaving and Suyash's mother praises the food and says she had a blast. She encourages them to host this every week. They drive off and Chaya thinks to herself that Parvati didn't tell Suyash the truth about Nikhil but Parvati shouldn't worry about it as Chaya will do the honours.

Parvati is up late working when Dadi brings her a cup of coffee. She tells her that everyone went to sleep and she saw that Parvati was still awake so she decided to make her coffee. Dadi then tells her that she must be tired and Parvati agrees but says that she is more happy than tired. Happy to see her family happy and to be able to have spent the day with them. Dadi then mentions missing Om and Parvati tells her that Om's absence will always be felt as long as they live but Om wants them to be happy. Dadi agrees and tells Parvati to go to sleep but Parvati says she will as soon as she finishes and Dadi goes off to bed.

Shilpa is cooking in the kitchen when Chaya shows up. Chaya asks her why she's doing everything and where Trishna is. Shilpa doesn't answer and continues to do work. She then tells Chaya to pour the tea in the cups since everyone must be waiting. Chaya gets to work but her mouth doesn't stop yapping. She says that Parvati felt so down at the picnic yesterday until Suyash came. Parvati suddenly had a different glow. She then talks about how Nikhil was responsible for the strike but Parvati still didn't say anything to Suyash. This catches Shilpa's attention who was ignoring Chaya up until now. Chaya says that Parvati can't get Suyash angry. Shilpa asks Chaya how she knows and Trishna shows up and says that it isn't important that Chaya be told something. She always knows everything. Trishna then makes a comment on how Chaya is always trying to ignite a fire between different people. Trishna leaves and Chaya murmurs about how they have another Parvati in the house now. Chaya then invites Shilpa to come shopping with her and she agrees. After Shilpa leaves, Chaya says that shopping if just an excuse and they will be going somewhere else.

Shruti is in Parvati's room and reading her book when Parvati comes there. She asks Shruti what she's doing and she replies that she had come to talk to Parvati but she was gone for her morning walk so she decided to read Parvati's book. She praises Parvati's writing skills and Parvati then says that before Mayuri and Anisha used to help her but now they're busy. Shruti says she'll always come and help her. Parvati asks her if she's going anywhere and Shruti says that the renovations for their home have been completed so her and Sameer are going to leave. Parvati tries to stop her but Shruti says that Sameer even feels awkward at moments and finally Parvati asks her to at least stay until Gunn doesn't come back. Parvati then says that parents can never live without their children. Shruti then sees Gayatri at the door and Gayatri asks Shruti if she's leaving and Shruti says she is but after Gunn comes back. She then tells Parvati that she was thinking of taking Gayatri along with her but Parvati instantly refuses saying that Gayatri's due date is coming closer and there are many people here to take care of her. Gayatri walks away (she doesn't enter Parvati's room). Shruti wonders what happened to Gayatri and tells Parvati's she's going to go see and tells Parvati to get ready for work.

Shilpa and Chaya are shown shopping. Once they finish, Chaya suggests that they go eat out at Anisha's restaurant but Shilpa is hesitant as the dinner still needs to be prepared but eventually agrees.

Shilpa and Chaya reach the restaurant and meet Anisha. They greet her and take a seat. They place their orders and Shilpa compliments Anisha on how well she's managed everything. Anisha is then asked if Suyash ever comes to visit and she says he comes whenever he gets the time. Chaya thinks to herself that it would be wonderful if Suyash showed up while they were there.

Suyash shows up at the restaurant and Anisha runs to greet him. Shilpa asks Chaya if she's ready so they can leave. Chaya tells her that they should at least meet Suyash and Chaya excuses herself.

Suyash asks Anisha to cater for a business meeting that he's hosting and she agrees. Chaya walks up and greets Suyash and Anisha leaves to go find Shilpa. Chaya compliments the restaurant and Suyash tells her she'll be amazed once the hotel project that Parvati is working on finishes. Chaya says that it would've been nice if Nikhil was working on that too and Suyash says he is. Chaya says not at all and Nikhil only sits around at the office and no work is given to him. Chaya says that Nikhil was the cause of the strike as well. She then says that it seems like Suyash didn't know that. Suyash excuses himself in anger and walks out.

Nikhil is thinking of times when Suyash asked him about the hotel project and asked Parvati as well. He looks up and sees Suyash there. Suyash says he came to get the file he asked for and to see how Nikhil's doing his work. Nikhil pretends to look for the file but then says that it's with Parvati and he'll go get it.

Kamal and Parvati are talking when Nikhil shows up. He asks for the hotel project file and Kamal asks him what he needs it for, to create new problems for them. Parvati tells Kamal to calm down and she'll handle him. She asks him what he needs the file for. She tells him not to forget that she only let him stay at her office so Suyash doesn't find out about his deeds. She asks Nikhil if he thinks that she'll give him the confidental file after everything he did. She is about to say something but stops when she sees Suyash standing at the door. Nikhil also turns around. They are amazed. Parvati tries to say something but Suyash slaps Nikhil. Parvati again tries to say something but Suyash tells her not to defend Nikhil. He says he came to confirm what he was told. Parvati asks him who told him but he says that isn't important. Suyash tells Parvati that Nikhil will no longer work with them and tells Nikhil to keep his eyes low. He tells Nikhil to quietly follow him if he doesn't want to get insulted. Suyash walks away and Nikhil follows after glaring at Parvati and Kamal.

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April 20th - By Shahidlover24

Suyash has called Pallavi over and she worriedly asks him what happened. He calls Nikhil out who prefers to stand on the balcony and look down. Suyash tells Pallavi about Nikhil causing a strike and apparently Nikhil has not revealed anything about Pallavi as of yet. Pallavi suggests that he may be misunderstanding Nikhil but Suyash says that he misunderstood him when he thought he had changed. Suyash says that he only let Nikhil work there because Pallavi took up his responsibility. Parvati shows up and tells him not to blame Pallavi and she blames herself for not paying much attention to Nikhil. Suyash tells her not to favour Nikhil but Parvati says she isn't and she wants to give Nikhil another chance since she sees the potential in him that he can improve. Pallavi thinks to herself that Pallavi is putting up an act in front of Suyash to look superior. Parvati tells Nikhil to come along as they have lots of work to finish up at the office.

Nikhil and Parvati are outside and she asks him whether he will go in his car or come with her. He tells her that he won't dance to her tunes and won't listen to her. Parvati gets angry and is about to slap him but Nikhil tells her that he's had enough of being slapped. Pallavi shows up and asks Parvati why she was going to slap Nikhil. Parvati doesn't answer her and tells Nikhil that she knows how to fulfil her responsibilities. She then says that if she can praise Nikhil in front of Suyash she can also scold him for his misbehaviour. She then again tells him to either come with her or go alone. She then tells him to go sit in his car and he does and drives off ignoring Pallavi the whole time.

Before Parvati can sit inside her car, Pallavi stops her. Pallavi accuses her of being a social worker but Parvati says that she isn't doing any social work but she truly believes that Nikhil can change. She then says stuff about how Nikhil's in bad company indirectly talking about Pallavi. She then says that God doesn't even want another person like Pallavi to take birth. Parvati walks away leaving Pallavi standing there.

The whole family is performing the morning prayers when Krishna and Gunn show up. Gunn motions for them not to make any noise. Gunn stands behind Parvati and as soon as Parvati turns around she sees Gunn who takes the aarti. They greet each other and Parvati asks for her granddaughter who Shruti is holding. The whole family takes turns holding the newborn.

Gunn asks Gaurav if he's still angry and apologizes on Krishna's behalf and says that their happiness is incomplete. Gaurav doesn't respond and Gunn turns to leave but Gaurav stops her and adores her daughter. Parvati is heading to her room when she comes across Gayatri. She ignores her and leaves. Gayatri walks down and Gunn greats her and makes a comment on how it's almost her turn. Shruti gets upset and leaves.

In their room, Shilpa asks Gaurav if he's forgiven everyone and Gaurav says he still remembers the importance he holds for them but whatever it may be, the little girl is not to be blamed. Shilpa agrees but says she only wants the best for him and tells him to start his own business soon so they can become independent. She says that they have to think about Sonu's future. Gaurav says he knows and says that he will do everything and they will move out when the time is right. He reassures her and leaves.

Gunn and Shruti are in a room that has a lot of toys. Gunn praises it and Shruti says that some of the stuff was for Gunn's daughter and some of the stuff she had bought for herself but she doesn't need it anymore. Gunn is confused and Shruti tells her that she can't ever conceive again. Parvati who is standing with a tray in the door is shocked to hear that Shruti knows. Shruti tells Gunn that she doesn't know if anyone else knows but she found out in America when she went for a checkup. Gunn convinces Shruti to tell Parvati at least since she'll be upset when she finds out later and it's better if Shruti's the one to tell her. Parvati walks away without meeting them.

Parvati gives the tray to Kundan and tells him to give Shruti her breakfast and starts walking away. Kamal then comes up to her and asks her why she's crying. Parvati walks away without saying anything and Kamal hesitantly follows her.

Parvati and Kamal are in Parvati's room. Kamal says that Shruti knew everything and yet she kept it a secret from them. Shruti has become mature. Parvati then says that she wonders how she'll face Shruti when she tells her everything. Parvati then says a few dialogues about being a mother and stuff. She says that being a mother is a woman's most desirable happiness and her own daughter has lost that happiness. They both cry and Parvati says she won't be able to support Shruti today but Kamal tells her that she must. He leaves after telling her to be Shruti's strenght and Parvati continues to cry.

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April 24th - By Shahidlover24

Parvati is working on her laptop when Shruti shows up. This scene was like a scene from some horror movie. The sound was really emphasized. Parvati gets very tense and nervous once she realizes that Shruti has come but then continues to type. Shruti asks her if she's busy and Parvati mumbles a yes. Shruti sits down on her bed and flips through a magazine while Parvati pretends to be busy. Shruti then picks up some of Parvati's clothes and puts them away in their proper place. She then tells Parvati that she'll come back later and leaves. As soon as Shruti leaves, Parvati breaks down and cries.

Vandi shows Anisha a sari she is working on and Anisha compliments it. Vandi asks if she's telling the truth and Anisha reassures her. Vandi then tells her not to tell anyone, especially Parvati because she is going to gift it to Parvati once it's completed. Vandi then says that for the first time, she feels like she is not useless.

Chaya is told that there is only one car left and that is Parvati's. Parvati shows up and asks what happened and Chaya tells her that a bunch of them had made a plan of going to the movies but there is only one car left. Shilpa is gone to the hospital with Gayatri and they will go to the theater straight from there and Sonu is going with her friends. Chaya then says that she can't travel in a taxi in this heat and asks Parvati to drop her off. She says that she knows it's out of Parvati's way but still and Parvati agrees to give her a ride.

The tire on Parvati's car gets punctured and Chaya starts to complain. Parvati says she didn't know this would happen. Just then Suyash comes rolling by and offers them a lift. Chaya instantly agrees but Parvati refuses. He insists but Parvati still refuses. Chaya then convinces Parvati and runs to the back seat leaving Parvati the front. Parvati thanks Suyash but he tells her not to thank him and decrease the importance of the word 'thanks' for such little things. Chaya praises that line and tells Parvati to use it in her book.

During the ride, Suyash thanks Parvati for giving Nikhil another chance but she says she's just trying to show the better side of him. Suyash says that if Nikhil improves his ways, he'll be a proud father. Suyash then asks Parvati why she didn't come for her morning walk this morning and Parvati gives an excuse of being caught up with her story. He gives her a mini lecture and politely scolds her for not taking care of her health and tells her not to miss any more of her walks. Chaya is a silent spectator to this and says to herself that she doesn't know if the walks help Parvati but she can tell that when Parvati doesn't go, it surely has a negative effect on Suyash. Parvati then tells Suyash that he should come to the hotel site some day since they could definitely use his suggestions. He agrees and offers to go today, right now and Parvati agrees but says that they should drop Chaya off first. Chaya refuses to go to the movies and says she's already missed half of it and she'll just tag along with them today. They relunctantly agree and Chaya says to herself that she isn't a fool for missing this action just for a stupid movie.

The three arrive at the site and look around. While leaving, Parvati suddenly feels giddy and is about to fall but Suyash kind of catches her and holds on to her. Chaya looks on, amused. Parvati lets go of his grasp and makes an excuse of low BP. Chaya scolds Parvati for not taking care of herself. Parvati says that they should leave but Suyash tells her to stay here and rest for awhile and have some juice. Parvati looks awkwardly at Chaya.

Sonu and Shilpa are talking about the movie when Chaya comes running in. They start telling her about the movie but she gets them to shut up and tells them that if she had come with them, she would've missed the most action filled and romantic film of her life. Shilpa is confused and Chaya motions to her that she'll tell her when Sonu's not there. Shilpa tells Sonu to get them some tea and she leaves. Meanwhile, Chaya tells Shilpa everything that happened. Shilpa is shocked and speechless while listening to everything. Chaya asks Shilpa if her BP has gone low as well.

Parvati arrives home late and sees Shruti sleeping on the dining table. She is about to go to her room when Shruti calls out for her. Parvati doesn't face her but Shruti comes up behind her and says that she has noticed that Parvati is ignoring her. Shruti says that this means that Parvati doesn't want to listen to what Shruti has to say because she already knows the truth. They both cry and Shruti tells Parvati it's better if they both accept the truth. Parvati turns around and asks Shruti how she can accept the truth when she isn't even ready to hear it. Shruti reminds Parvati of when she was younger and how she used to say that she'll never be a mother because then you become fat and get called an aunty. She tells Parvati that now none of that will happen. Parvati tells her to shut up and they both hug and cry at the same time.

Shruti and Parvati are sitting at the dining table and Shruti is serving. Shruti says that Gunn is back now and she will leave. She then says that she wants to take Gayatri along but Parvati refuses. Shruti says she'll take good care of her but Parvati still refuses and walks away without eating. Shruti is confused when Chaya shows up. Chaya supports Parvati and Shruti is further confused. Chaya says that Parvati's fear is true and stuff. Shruti tells Chaya to be clear and Chaya tells Shruti that in her absence, Sameer and Gayatri came really close to each other. Shruti is shocked and has tears running down her face. Chaya tells Shruti not to mention anything about Gayatri in front of Parvati again and stuff. Chaya gives an evil smirk while a traumatized Shruti slowly walks away.

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April 25th - By Shahidlover24

Chaya tells Shruti that she knows she is shocked and she might not believe her because of Chaya's reputation in the house but she is telling the truth. Chaya tells Shruti to ask Shilpa as well. Chaya leaves and Shruti has a flashback of Parvati telling Shruti not to take Gayatri along and Shruti wonders if Chaya was telling the truth but decides to ask Shilpa before jumping to any conclusions.

Trishna comes in with two drivers who are carrying boxes of mangoes. Trishna tells Parvati that Nani has sent them and Parvati tells her to offer some to God first since they are the first fruits of the season. Krishna comes and starts drooling over the mangoes and tells Shruti that they'll have mangoes for breakfast.

Shruti is cutting up mangoes when Gayatri comes there and offers to help. Shruti tells her to go rest and she'll do it. Gayatri insists saying that she gets tired of resting but Shruti rudely yells at her and tells her to leave her alone and she'll get it done. Gayatri is startled and Shruti calms down and tells Gayatri to go sit with the others and she'll finish up. While Gayatri is leaving, Shilpa walks into the kitchen.

Shruti asks Shilpa what's she's doing and she replies she is making Gaurav's breakfast. Shruti then tells her that Parvati refused to send Gayatri with her and tells her that Chaya supported Parvati. She then says that Chaya told her to ask Shilpa if in her absence, Sameer and Gayatri....Shilpa says it's true and goes to leave. Shruti who is holding back tears tells Shilpa not to tell anyone about their conversation and Shilpa leaves with Gaurav's breakfast.

Parvati tells Kundan to take 2 boxes of mangoes to Suyash's house and put 2 boxes in her car. Chaya tells Kundan to be careful with them as Suyash should also know what kind of sweet mangoes grow in Parvati's hometown. The family looks on and Chaya just smirks.

Mr. Wadhwa is counting all the mangoes that his wife has eaten up until now. He tells her to stop eating and they both start their funny argument. Suyash shows up and asks what happened this time and his mother replies that her husband's making fun of her. She mentions the mangoes being sent by Parvati and Suyash takes sudden interest but doesn't have any time. He has to attend a meeting at the orphanage and leaves telling them to continue.

Shruti is packing when Gunn arrives with the baby. She tells Shruti that she has to stay until the naming ceremony which is being decided right now as the Pundit ji is giving the date after all she is the baby's aunt. Shruti sadly replies that Gayatri is also the baby's aunt. Gunn asks if everything's alright and Shruti replies that she was just joking. She takes the baby and starts playing with it. She seems pretty upset and Gunn seems to notice this.

The Pundit ji says that either the next day or the day after are both eligible for the naming ceremony. Chaya shows up and says that they're going to have to ask the landlady, Parvati, first. She says similar things about how Parvati has to be free on that day, etc. Maji tells her to shut up but Chaya doesn't and says that it may be bitter, but she speaks the truth. Vandi tells her to keep her truth to herself. Chaya says they will be deeply disappointed the day they find out about Parvati's misdeeds. Maji loses her cool and starts yelling at Chaya saying that she has never liked Parvati and she doesn't have the right to say anything to or about Parvati. Chaya is mad. Dadi tells the Pundit that they'll get back to him about which day they'll keep the ceremony. The Pundit leaves and Chaya says to herself that she will make life hell for Parvati. Her own mother chose Parvati over her.

Gunn has put the baby to sleep and Krishna is looking at her this whole time. He complains to her about her not having enough time for him. He gets all romantic and says that they should bring their daughter a brother so she won't be lonely. He goes to hug Gunn when the baby starts crying.

A sleeping Gaurav and Shilpa hear the baby crying and wake up.

The whole family is up and trying to get the baby to be quiet. Gunn walks towards the mandir with the baby and the baby turns silent. They are happy and she starts walking away when it once again starts to cry. Parvati tells her to stay by the mandir but Gunn says that she'll have to stay here all night. Parvati tells her she's going to have to do at least this much for the baby's happiness.

The next morning, the whole family is shown to have fallen asleep on the couches, chairs, dining table, etc. Parvati is the first one to get and sees the family like that. She walks towards Gunn who is holding the baby. She quietly lifts the baby without waking Gunn and starts talking to the baby. She thanks the baby for bringing the family together once again.

The family is preparing for the ceremony. Parvati is leaving for work when Chaya tells Shruti to add Pallavi to the guest list. Parvati stops in her tracks and the rest of the family is astonished as well and ask how Pallavi can come. Chaya says if Pallavi can play cricket with them and come to dinner at their house with Suyash, why can't she come to the ceremony. If people who they barely know like Suyash and his family can come, why can't Pallavi who has been an ex-daughter-in-law of this house. The family doesn't approve but Parvati says if Chaya wants to invite her then she should.

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April 26th - By Shahidlover24

Parvati tells Chaya she can invite Pallavi but if her and Pallavi create any problems at all, then Parvati will be forced to call Vikram and tell him to take Chaya away from here. Parvati asks Chaya if she understands and Chaya says she understands that Parvati is threatening her and making her an outsider in her own house. Parvati tells Chaya that samajhdar ko ishara kafi hota hai. A hint is enough for the smart.

Pallavi is replacing the bandage on her foot with a new one when Chaya comes and starts helping her. Pallavi asks her why she's here and Chaya invites her to the naming ceremony. Pallavi asks her what she will do there and Chaya says that she has to come since she went against the whole family to invite her. Pallavi asks the reason for her revolt and Chaya starts to suck up to her saying that she believes that Pallavi is the true grandmother of Krishna's daughter. Chaya starts talking about how Pallavi always treated Krishna like her own son and she has full rights on her daughter. She says she's already talked to Parvati. Chaya says Parvati obviously won't be happy to see her but that'll change as soon as Suyash shows up. Pallavi kind of glares and Chaya says she's only saying what's there. Chaya tells Pallavi about Parvati and Suyash's morning walks. Pallavi is shocked. Chaya says she hinted towards it at the picnic. Chaya then says she is trying to cut off all possible meetings of Suyash and Parvati's. Chaya then tells herself that Pallavi has always used people for her benefit and now she is using Pallavi for her benefit. Pallavi agrees to come and Chaya leaves. After she leaves, Pallavi also talks to herself asking herself why Chaya is showering so much love on her all of a sudden. She says she understands everything and that Chaya is using her but she will definitely go there for her granddaughter.

The guests have started to arrive. Suyash's parents didn't come. Pallavi comes and Chaya greets her. Parvati tells Chaya to take good care of her important guest. Khaas mehman ka khaas khiyal rakhna. Chaya agrees and says the same goes for Parvati. Chaya is talking about Suyash. Parvati and Trishna walk away.

The naming ceremony has begun and the Pundit ji calls for the bua, aunt. Shruti says that one of the aunts is here and calls for Gayatri. Parvati tells Gayatri to come forward since Shruti has called. Gayatri is delighted to see Parvati saying something to her so she quickly walks forward to where Shruti is. They both decide to name the baby Pragriti (I thinkConfused).

Pallavi is standing alone when Suyash comes. He tells her she seems upset and she tells him she was just thinking about her past and when Krishna was small. Pallavi says she brought the baby a gift but doesn't have the courage to give it to them. Suyash says he understands and just then his phone rings. He walks away to attend it.

Meanwhile, Pallavi sees Krishna and Gunn with the baby and walks to them. She tells them that she knows they don't want anything to do with her but she got the baby a little something. She asks for Krishna's permission to give it his daughter and he grants the permission. Pallavi then asks to hold the baby and they let her. It was nice scene in my opinion. I really liked it.

Suyash is about to leave but says that before leaving he wants to give Parvati a surprise. He walks towards her and first apologizes for entering her first book into the Internation Book Competition but then tells her the surprise. Her book has won Best Foreign Book. Everyone is surprised and happy. Suyash then tells her that she has to go receive her prize in London the next day and all the arrangements have been made from the ticket to the accommodation. Parvati is surprised because of the short notice but will manage. Chaya says she doesn't know if Parvati is surprised or not but he has left the rest of them surprised. She says that she didn't know he cared for Parvati so much.

Chaya and Pallavi are together and Chaya asks Pallavi if she saw the way Parvati glared at her. Chaya defends herself by saying she was only telling the truth. She says that Suyash is starting to care too much about Parvati. She tells Pallavi that it better not be that Pallavi gets left empty handed and Parvati....Chaya asks why Pallavi is glaring at her. Chaya then gets scared and runs off saying she'll be back. Pallavi is shown really mad.

Parvati is packing her stuff but then starts talking to Om. She tells him that she has become an international writer now. Shruti shows up and says her mother's the best writer and everyone knows it. Shruti then says that Om would've been really proud of her and is proud of her from wherever he is. Shruti then gives Parvati a bunch of intructions. Parvati has to call Shruti, wear warm clothes, go sightseeing, etc. Parvati asks Shruti if she's angry with her regarding Gayatri and says that she did that for Shruti's well-being. Shruti shrugs it off saying that she forgot about it a long time ago and she should as well.

Parvati is saying good bye to the whole family and getting blessings from her elders. She then apologizes to Gaurav and Shilpa saying she feels responsible for whenever they feel useless in this house. She then asks them to continue to work in the office and house as it would be incomplete without them. They agree and Chaya thinks of how Parvati has ruined all her hard work and how she has to start from scratch now. Parvati is about to leave when Gayatri wishes her a safe trip in front of everyone. Parvati thanks her and leaves.

Chaya is brainwashing Gaurav and Shilpa as to how they could agree to whatever Parvati said. They say that they couldn't revolt infront of everyone. Chaya says that Parvati fooled them and they are confused. Chaya explains by saying that Krishna can't handle the business on his own and Parvati knows that. That is why she asked Gaurav to help him out otherwise if Kamal had been here she wouldn't have asked. She then tells Shilpa that Parvati told Shilpa the house wouldn't be run in her absence without Shilpa which means that when Parvati is present, Shilpa is useless. She continues to brainwash them and they get lost in their own thoughts. Chaya talks to herself saying that from the looks of it, her target has hit the right spot. She then says that by the time Parvati comes back from London, the house will be turned into a Krukshetra (I have no clue what that is as I am Sikh. Sorry if I have it wrong.Embarrassed).

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April 27th - By Shahidlover24

Gayatri is watching the movie that she got from her doctor. The recording of her baby. She decides that she will only live for her baby and go far away from this place. Sameer shows up and asks Gayatri why she's so upset. She replies that she's thinking of going to U.S. and he asks why. Gayatri again thinks to herself how she will only live for her child and Sameer snaps her out of her thoughts, once again asking why she's going to go. She replies that her whole family is there (about time she thought of them). Sameer tells her he understands but she has all of them here too. He puts his hand on her shoulder to console her and tells her to take care. Shruti sees Sameer's hand on her shoulder and sees the movie playing. She gets really upset and leaves to her room.

Shruti takes out a suitcase and takes all her clothes out of the closet. She is about to throw them into the suitcase but sees Gayatri's sonography reports in there. She takes it out and sees Sameer's signature as the husband. She is really upset and concludes that Shilpa and Chaya were telling her the truth. She continues to pack when Sameer shows up. He asks her if they're leaving and she says yes and asks if he's got a problem. She says he can stay if he wants. Sameer says that he only stayed here because he was helpless. Shruti accuses him of taking advantage of that helplessness. He is confused and asks her to be clear. She then accuses him of being too close to Gayatri to which he tells her that he was only consoling her since she's going to the U.S. Shruti says he must be really upset. She says a few other things basically meaning that she thinks he's cheating on her including that Gayatri's pregnant and she can never give him a child. Sameer tells her to put her suspicions to rest but Shruti says she doesn't suspect anything but believes it. She shows him the papers he signed as Gayatri's husband. Shruti walks out of the room angry and Sameer wonders how the papers got here. He remembers Pallavi having the papers and assumes she planted them here.

Krishna is really angry and saying bad things about Pallavi. Sameer and Gunn are with him. Sameer has told him everything. Gunn tells Krishna to calm down and they'll talk to Shruti. Sameer thanks them saying he didn't know who to go to as Parvati also wasn't here. Gunn reassures him that they'll talk to Shruti and he leaves. After he leaves, Krishna once again starts talking bad about Pallavi and blaming her for always ruining their lives. Gunn tries to calm him down but it doesn't work and he leaves in anger to go confront Pallavi.

Krishna goes to meet Pallavi and accuses her of trying to ruin Shruti's life. Pallavi is confused and asks what happened. Krishna tells her what she did and Pallavi says she didn't do anything. Krishna says that she was the only one with the original copy of the form. Pallavi walks away and brings the original copy to show Krishna that she still has it. Krishna is astonished and Pallavi rips up the form and puts the pieces in his hand. She then tells him to leave and Krishna throws the pieces in anger and leaves. Pallavi sits down and has a drink. She says she taught Krishna how to say mother but he speaks Parvati's language.

Krishna is talking to some nurse and asking her if he can know he got the duplicate copy for his sister's form. The nurse looks at the form and says she doesn't know. She needs to ask the doctor and will let him know when the doctor is available. Krishna leaves her his business card and leaves. After he leaves, the nurse dials someone's number and tells that person that some Krishna Agarwal came to ask about that form. She agrees to meet that person.

The nurse meets that person and tells them that she made a mistake by taking money from them and secretly making a duplicate copy of the form. She is now scared of the consequences and gives Krishna's business card and the form to that person. She takes a bundle of money and leaves.

The person is shown looking at the form. They move the form down from their face and it turns out that the person is Anisha. She says she is sorry but Shruti will have to suffer more. This was only a teaser.

Sameer is disappointed that they got no lead on the case. Krishna tells him not to lose hope but Sameer says that it doesn't matter now and Shruti has told him to accept Gayatri and her child. Trishna hears this and is shocked. She wants an explanation but Sameer says that it would be better if Trishna asks Shruti.

Trishna goes to Shruti and drags her to Gayatri's room. She tells them to sort out their problems and Gayatri is confused. Gayatri asks if something is wrong and Trishna tells her what happened. Gayatri tries to clarify everything but Shruti doesn't listen. She tells her about the hospital papers and Gayatri says that was only a coincidence. Shruti has a misunderstanding. Shruti says she might but not the rest of the family. Shruti then falls silent when she sees Chaya at the door.

Chaya walks in and supports Shruti saying a bunch of stuff against Gayatri. Trishna tells her to stay out of it but she doesn't. Gayatri again tries to clear her name but Chaya cross questions her and asks her why Parvati didn't allow her to go live with Shruti if that was the case. Chaya and Gayatri start to argue and Trishna tells them to stop and Parvati already has enough problems. Chaya then starts to argue with Trishna and Trishna walks out. Chaya follows and continues arguing with her. Trishna finally tells Chaya that she is the biggest problem in their house. She says many similar things to Chaya. By now, the whole family is out. Gaurav asks them what their problem is and Chaya becomes all sweet and says that she just tried to solve things but got blamed for it. Chaya says that Trishna says that she is a problem for Parvati. Trishna then tells Chaya that the truth isn't going to change by yelling and screaming. Trishna tells Chaya to stop otherwise...Chaya asks wether she will hit her but Trishna says she will call Chaya's in-laws. They continue to argue. It was all just repetitive stuff. It results in Trishna saying she won't listen to Chaya's nonsense and is about to go but Shilpa tells Trishna that she should stop. Trishna tells Shilpa that she can say the same thing to Chaya. She walks away and Chaya exclaims that Trishna's lying about everything. Gayatri then apologizes to everyone on behalf of her and Shruti. Dadi just says that they are unaware of what happened and everything will get sorted out once Parvati returns. Everyone walks off and Anisha gives an evil glare.

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