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Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)
Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)

April Updates

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April 3rd - By Shahidlover24

Suyash is shown shopping for some type of electronic. I think it was a laptop or a portable DVD player or something. He gets it wrapped and heads to his car. Him and his driver leave but before they can leave the parking lot, they accidently hit someone with their car. Suyash runs out and sees that it's Anisha. He helps her up and she's not hurt that bad. She says she'll be able to manage and goes to leave but limps pretty badly so Suyash decides to take her to a hospital and then drop her home. While this was happening, a person was shown watching them and replacing the present that Suyash had in his car with something else that looked the same. The car door was open which made it easier for him/her.

Vandi is on the phone with Gunn who tells her that she sent a parcel for Gayatri. Dadi also talks to Gunn and tells her to come back soon to which Gunn says she will. They hang up and the courier arrives. Shilpa goes to receive and says it's from Gunn. Gayatri is surprised and happy to get it. It's a knitted garment. Everyone looks at it and then Suyash comes with Anisha. He tells everyone that he accidently hit Anisha. Gayatri is shown repeatedly, she is very shocked/surprised. They help her onto the couch and Suyash also sits down. He sees the knitted garment and makes a comment on how they've already started preparing for the new member. He is kind of cold towards Gayatri. Dadi and Vandi kind of argue about it being a boy or girl. Suyash makes a comment on how this is the first family he has seen that is so tight otherwise people nowadays become outsiders even if they're your own. He leaves and Gayatri also leaves to her room to rest. Anisha is a bit sad and says she misses her mom. Shilpa says she should call her but Anisha says that's it's night time there and she's probably sleeping. They then ask Anisha about her dad but Anisha doesn't answer and seems really uncomfortable. Dadi changes the subject and says that they're all here for her and she should also call her mom here to which Anisha says that she already talked to her mother about that.

Suyash's parents are shown. It's a comedy scene about her age. Suyash comes and gifts his mother that gift. She opens it and sees two masks. They are the same kind that he got on his birthday. They are all shocked and Suyash says he didn't buy them. He then says he knows how they got here and thinks back to the time he helped Anisha. He says he has forgotten his past but it keeps coming back, in front of him. Suyash gets frustrated and leaves. His parents wonder why this always happens with Suyash. They say that someone's own blood doesn't even do what Suyash has done for them and their own blood keeps hurting them.

Suyash is in his room and looking at the masks he got on his birthday. His mother comes and says that it's a good thing she came and she now knows why he is so tensed all the time. She tells him to forget everything but he asks her if she has forgotten everything. His mother takes away the masks saying she'll keep them otherwise Suyash won't forget the past. She hands him a letter and says it's for him and leaves. Suyash is about to open the letter but his phone rings. It's Rohit on the line and they talk. Rohit gives Suyash his new number and Suyash informs him of how Parvati tried to unsuccessfully stop him from leaving. Rohit tells Suyash to be careful since he also knows the truth and Suyash says he'll solve this matter very soon.

Gayatri is thinking about how Parvati said Shruti can never conceive, her manager person telling her that Suyash also knows the truth, Suyash taunting her about how one's own people also become outsiders and how Shruti said that her child would have two mothers and she won't let the child call her masi. Gayatri regrets everything and fears that Suyash might tell Parvati everything. She says she must meet Suyash as soon as possible.

Gayatri meets Suyash on the beach and he asks her why she called him here. She tells him that she wants to tell him everything and Suyash plays dumb for awhile but then says that whatever he knows it not related to him. Gayatri defends herself by saying that she regrets everything and only did it out loneliness, emotions, etc. She then says that she knows he feels sorry for her and understands everything and that's why he didn't say anything to Parvati. Suyash interrupts and says that he didn't tell Parvati anything only because he didn't want to hurt her. Gayatri says she is willing to face the consequences and Suyash suggests that she tells Parvati the truth, herself. He says Gayatri should confess instead of Parvati hearing the truth from an outsider, maybe it'll be easier for Parvati to digest if Gayatri tells her everything. Suyash leaves.

Gayatri is with Pandey ji and tells him that her meeting with Suyash was a disaster. Pandey ji tells her that he has only learnt one thing from politics and that is to not trust anyone and she shouldn't trust Suyash. Gayatri agrees but says that there is a person in her family who also knows the truth. That individual has been sending Parvati the notes and he/she is the same person who buried her shoes. Pandey ji asks her if she wasn't the one to do that and Gayatri denies it. She also says that they send her text messages from a private number. Gayatri says they have to find out who it is and tells Pandey ji to leave and she'll contact him.

Suyash is having breakfast when Nikhil is about to go. His mother tells Nikhil to have breakfast but Nikhil refuses saying he has to go the office but eventually agrees. Pallavi also shows up and says she was passing by so thought of asking about Nikhil's well being. Pallavi also sits down for breakfast. Suyash leaves for the office and his mother leaves to take tea and breakfast for her husband. Pallavi then asks Nikhil if Kamal is responsible for everything and Nikhil says that Kamal knows everything about them now. Pallavi tells him that Kamal won't tell Suyash anything since Suyash has helped them so much. Pallavi tells him to continue going to work and look for a good opportunity.

Gayatri has brought Anisha's lunch for her and Anisha is grateful and asks her why she took the trouble. Suyash shows up and answers that Parvati isn't her and that's why. Gayatri is upset to see Suyash there. Anisha is happy to see him but says she wanted to surprise him. Suyash says he keeps an eye on everything and nobody can escape his gaze. Anisha asks him how the restaurant looks and Suyash says that her honesty is reflected through her work and it is important to have honesty and asks Gayatri to back him up. Gayatri says that it's true but the result of honesty isn't always good but Suyash says that only people with low thinking will think that. Suyash says that the result is always good even though it may be later on. Suyash asks Anisha when they will be able to open the restaurant and Anisha says that they'll open it after Parvati comes back so that she can inaugurate the restaurant and Suyash likes the idea. Gayatri is kind of shocked to be hearing about Parvati's return.

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April 4th - By Shahidlover24

Suyash is scolding one of his employees for not having a sample ready on time. The employee says that they don't have enough workers and that is the reason. Suyash says that they should have called some from the other plant but the employee says that the other project would've gotten delayed then. The employee suggests calling back the employees from the Agarwals but Suyash is against that and says he won't go back on his word. He then sees his mother at the door and calls her in. The employee leaves and Suyash makes his mother sit on his chair and she tells him she came to shop and decided to stop by. She then asks why he was yelling at the employee and Suyash tells her about the shortage of workers. He says that the Agarwals need the employees more than he does so he won't take them back, even if it means that he loses a project. His mother is surprised and he asks her what happened. She says that he has changed a lot and Suyash says he is aware of that but is afraid that this change might be for the worse. His mother assures him it's not and leaves saying she has to go find his father before her shopping plans get ruined.

Kamal is talking to Parvati on the phone (she isn't shown). He tells her how Suyash has helped them and hangs up. He is about to walk into his cabin but then turns back and sees Nikhil. There is another employee standing by him by the name of Mr. Sinha. Kamal asks Sinha if a certain file is ready but it's not. Kamal says he wants the report done and handed in tomorrow and tells Nikhil that he will be the one doing it. Nikhil tries to protest but Kamal says that Mr. Sinha will teach you how. Nikhil then says that even if he worked on it all night, he wouldn't be able to finish but Kamal doesn't care. Kamal says that the office closes by 8 p.m. and the report should be done by then. Kamal leaves and Nikhil is frustrated.

Gayatri is sitting in the garden when Sameer comes. He asks her what she's thinking about and she says that she was thinking how people make mistakes. They realize their mistake but don't have the courage to accept it since they are afraid of losing their loved ones. They fear that their relationship might be broken off if anyone finds out. Sameer says he doesn't understand what Gayatri is trying to say but will give his opinion. Sameer says that whether a person realizes their mistake or not, they will still get punished sooner or later. He says a person can never get away with a crime even though it may result in them losing their loved ones. Gayatri is upset.

Gayatri is thinking back to Sameer and Suyash's words. She decides she must be the one to tell Parvati before she finds out from someone else. She calls Parvati and asks her when she's coming back. Parvati says she'll be back the next morning. Gayatri tells Parvati that she has to tell her something but then isn't able to say it and starts to cry. Parvati gets worried and asks what happened but Gayatri makes up an excuse of missing Parvati and tells her to come back soon. Gayatri hangs up and thinks about how she couldn't tell Parvati and wonders how she will say it. She also says that she can't hide the truth either. Gayatri then thinks of the time when the family took extra good care of her and decides upon something. She writes a confession letter to Parvati and puts it in an envelope.

The next morning, Kamal is heading out for the office and tells Maji and Dadi that he doesn't want to give Parvati a chance to complain. Parvati shows up and says that he already has and tells him to have breakfast. They joke around abit and Parvati greets everyone. She sits down beside Gayatri and Kamal is going to the office. Parvati says she will also come along but Kamal tells her to stay home and let him go correct his mistakes. They all laugh and Parvati asks Gayatri why she missed her so much and Gayatri says she had to talk to her about something but Maji tells them to talk later and they all start talking to Parvati and take her away. Gayatri is not able to say anything.

Suyash is in his car when he gets a call from Parvati. She thanks him for everything he has done for them and Suyash says it was his pleasure. They hang up.

Gayatri is holding the letter in her hands and thinking of how she doesn't have the courage to give this to Parvati. She then debates whether she should give this to Parvati or not. She decides that if she can get the courage to kidnap Shruti, then she can definitely do this. She is determined to give the letter to Parvati and heads out of her room.

Gayatri reaches Parvati's room and gives her letter. Parvati asks who it's from and Gayatri says she wrote it and wants Parvati to read it. Parvati asks Gayatri what's written inside it but Gayatri says she doesn't have the courage to say it and leaves telling her to read it. Parvati takes out the letter but before she can read it, Shilpa calls her for dinner/lunch and takes her along.

At the table, Parvati compliments the food and then sees Gayatri standing at the stairs and calls her to the table. Gayatri realizes that Parvati hasn't read the letter otherwise she wouldn't be so relaxed. Chaya starts to talk about how Suyash helped them when Parvati wasn't here and says that Parvati should thank him. Chaya says that they should invite him over for dinner and Parvati agrees. Vandi also agrees and says that Chaya will cook that day and Chaya asks why. Vandi replies that Suyash likes hot food and Chaya is a master at hot stuff (Vandi just burned Chaya...it doesn't make much sense in English).

Parvati is heading up to her room when Gayatri calls her and asks her if she read the letter. Parvati says she didn't and asks what's in the letter that has Gayatri so worried. Gayatri refuses to tell her and tells her to read the letter. Parvati pats Gayatri's cheek and says she will go read it. Parvati goes and reads the letter and the episode ends on her face.

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April 5th - By Shahidlover24

Gayatri is sitting in her room when Parvati comes there. She tells her she read the letter and Gayatri must be wondering how she reacted but she herself is confused about how to react. Parvati says she never thought Gayatri would be capable of this. Gayatri kneels down and begs for forgiveness. Parvati asks if she never thought about the family and Gayatri again asks for forgiveness and says she was going through a phase. Gayatri says Parvati can give her any punishment she wants but begs her not to separate her from her mother. Parvati says she can punish her being her mother but she can't forget that Gayatri is pregnant and the punishment will affect her baby. Parvati continues and tells Gayatri to make sure nobody finds out about this, especially Shruti. Parvati says she doesn't know if she'll be able to forgive Gayatri or not but Gayatri again begs Parvati to forgive her. Just then Kamal comes from behind and calls out to Parvati. Parvati asks Kamal what happened and he says what was supposed to happen has happened. He says that the project....Parvati asks what happened and Kamal says the project has been completed and is now smiling. The project reached completion two days before the deadline. He asks whether Parvati isn't happy but Parvati says she is. He asks her if she's tensed and Parvati tells him that there's nothing to be tensed about anymore. Both of them leave for the factory.

Kamal and Parvati are in the car and Kamal tells Parvati that Krishna worked really hard on the project and barely got any sleep. He says that Krishna's probably really relaxed right now. Parvati says that everyone contributed to the project and they wouldn't have been able to finish it otherwise. Kamal says that those people are, most likely, really upset right now and Parvati is confused and asks who. Kamal says the people who tried to create problems for them, Pallavi. He goes on to let Parvati know that Nikhil was also involved. After hearing this, Parvati tells the driver to take a U turn.

Parvati and Kamal reach Pallavi's house. She greets them and tells them to have a seat but they decline. Parvati gets to the point and says she doesn't want Pallavi to try to destroy their house or business again. Pallavi says that it isn't fair that Parvati threatens her in her own house. Parvati agrees and says she should talk in Pallavi's language. Parvati threatens to tells Suyash everything about Pallavi if she doesn't stay away from the Agarwal house or business. Parvati says a few dialogues on exposing Pallavi's truth to Suyash and how he won't ever look at her again. Pallavi says Parvati's the best at giving lectures but doesn't look at herself. Parvati asked for Suyash's workers and didn't care that he was losing business. Parvati tells Pallavi to mind her own business and the two companies can sort out everything between themselves and Pallavi shouldn't interfere. Parvati tells her that if she exposes Pallavi then Suyash won't give a damn about her. Parvati walks away and Pallavi is about to say something about Parvati in front of Kamal but he shushes her. He grabs the popcorn bowl off the table and tells Pallavi to eat popcorn and become mast. Popcorn khao aur mast ho jao.

Gaurav is supervising the workers who are loading the delivery truck when Parvati and Kamal reach the factory. Kamal and Parvati walk around observing things and come across a sleeping Krishna. Kamal tells Parvati how Krishna has worked really hard and hasn't come home for the last two days. They praise him and how hard he's worked on the project and Parvati also starts to praise Kamal who in turn praises Parvati. Gaurav overhears them and is visibly upset/annoyed. He walks away and as soon as he does, Parvati and Kamal praise Gaurav and how he's worked the hardest. Parvati then wakes Krishna up and tells him to rest and turns to call Gaurav but then they realize that he must have left. Parvati tells Krishna that she would like to meet all the workers after.

Gaurav reaches his cabin in anger and throws the vase while thinking of Parvati praising Krishna and Kamal. He says he never gets any credit no matter how hard he works. He says that Parvati praised everyone except for him. He then says he's had enough and can't tolerate it any more.

Parvati meets all the workers and thanks them for everything. She then says that she is giving them a two month bonus and a 10% profit or something like that. She then says she wants to ask for help from them again. She says something in mute and all the workers agree to it. Everyone is happy.

Suyash is about to head out in his car but then sees the same kind of mask hanging off of a tree. There are many of them. He gets out of the car and asks the watchment what this is all about but the watchman has no clue. He gets angry and tells him to remove all of them. Suyash is about to walk away when he sees his mother there. She is about to say something but he walks off.

Suyash reaches his room and tries calling someone. The operator keeps repeating that the number does not exist. His mother reaches there and tries to say something but Suyash says he doesn't want to talk about it. She again tries to say something and he again says he doesn't want to talk about it. She again tries to say something and Suyash tells her to leave him alone. His mother is visibly upset and walks away. Suyash realizes his mistake and apologizes to her. She again tries to say something but Suyash says he doesn't want to talk about his past. He says they want him to break and bow down but he will not do that. Suyash says he won't accept defeat. Suyash walks away and his mother prays to God to protect Suyash and give him courage.

The family is waiting for the morning aarti to start when Chaya grabs the plate but Dadi tells her to wait for Parvati. Chaya says that Parvati doesn't have the time and she's always busy. She will only come here if she has the time. Parvati shows up and says Chaya is right. She says she is busy but one has to take out the time for one's house and that's what she's doing. Dadi tells Chaya to give Parvati the aarti plate and Chaya does, angrily. The family prays.

The family is told about them being able to complete the project and everyone is happy. Parvati gives the entire credit to Krishna and Gaurav is angry. Chaya observes this and asks Parvati if she's forgetting anything to which Parvati says she isn't. Chaya says Gaurav also worked hard on the project and stuff. Parvati agrees and praises Gaurav abit. She then says that she didn't feel the need to say it since Krishna is a kid and needs motivation. Gaurav tells Parvati that he is not offended and she doesn't need to defend herself. Parvati thanks Gaurav and says she is happy that he understands her as well as she understands him. The family then plans a party because of their success and they decide to hold it at the restaurant Anisha is working on and this way it will get inaugurated as well. Kamal says that Krishna will pay and everyone jokes around abit. Parvati and Kamal then decide to leave for the office and ask Gaurav if he's ready but he says he'll come later on. They leave and soon the whole family leaves the living room and only Chaya and Gaurav are left. Gaurav is about to walk away but Chaya stops him. Chaya starts to cry and says that he can try to hide it but she knows he found it offensive. She says that him finding it offensive is justified and hugs him. She then lets go and walks away. The episode ends on Gaurav's face.

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April 6th - By Shahidlover24

Shilpa is working in the kitchen when Chaya reaches there. She asks why she's working alone and why Trishna isn't helping her. Shilpa replies that Trishna doesn't know how to cook and Chaya says she can learn. Nobody knows how to cook right away, they have to learn. Chaya starts to help Shilpa. Chaya then says some stuff about how she didn't like Parvati giving all the credit to Krishna. She says some more things and says that Gaurav and Shilpa don't get treated any good. Chaya also says that when she asked Parvati why she gave all the credit to Krishna, she twisted everything in such a way, nobody would question her. Chaya also says that the responsibility for organizing the party should have gone to Gaurav instead of Krishna. Parvati only cares about Krishna, Trishna and Kamal. Chaya says many things which were similar. Shilpa starts to get tears in her eyes and tells Chaya to watch that the sabzi doesn't burn and leaves the kitchen. Chaya then comments on how the sabzi will burn but it will bring effect if the smell reaches Parvati (I think...it was something like that).

Suyash's employee comes to meet Suyash and tells him that Suyash had told him not to send out a sample for a certain project but now they just got a fax saying that their sample has been approved. They are both dumbfounded and wonder who could be behind this. Parvati comes from behind with Anisha and says she did everything. They take a seat in his office and Parvati tells him how she did everything, getting the workers to help, getting the details, etc. Suyash is amazed and thanks her but Parvati says that he shouldn't since he helped them out so much when they were in trouble even though it might have caused his business to sink. They then tells Suyash about the party and the restaurant being finished. Anisha tells him that she thought they should inaugurate and host the party at the restaurant at the same time and Suyash doesn't mind. Since the party is a joint party, they tell him to invite his guests as well. Anisha asks him to have a look at the restaurant later and he agrees. They leave and Suyash gets a call from Gayatri. She tells him that she told Parvati everything. She hasn't forgiven her yet but Gayatri feels a lot better. Suyash hangs up without saying a word.

Parvati and Anisha are in outside the office and come across Nikhil. He is shocked to see her there and Parvati remembers Kamal telling her about Nikhil being involved in everything with Pallavi. He asks her what she's doing here and Parvati tells him not to be scared since she didn't tell Suyash anything. She says that if he can't be like Suyash, he should atleast maintain Suyash's reputation. She also says that Nikhil is very fortunate to have a father like Suyash. She tells him not to do anything that would humiliate Suyash and tells Nikhil to meet her at the office. Nikhil asks her what makes her think he would come and she says that the fear and guilt he has will make him come. They leave and Nikhil thinks that he will definitely go but only to show Parvati what he is made of.

Chaya is with Shilpa and complimenting her. She says she's a very good cook, etc. Chaya then says that she's knows she's very repetitive but wants to ask Shilpa why she lets the family run all over her. She says that as long as Shilpa continues to work, the family will continue to pile work on her. Anisha and Trishna come down talking about planning the party and the food. Anisha goes to call the caterer and Trishna starts to talk to Shilpa. She tells Shilpa that Anisha has given her the hardest job and that is to pick the menu. She asks Shilpa to help her but Shilpa snaps back at her and tells her to fulfil the responsibility they took up and if they can't do it, then they should go ask Parvati. Chaya supports Shilpa and says that if Trishna and gang make a mistake, it won't matter since they're Parvati's favourites. Shilpa walks away and so does Chaya. Anisha who had stopped dialing because of shock stands there and Trishna tells her to continue with the call.

Shilpa is standing in her room when Gaurav comes there. He asks her why she's standing like that and asks if anything happened. She says nothing and he asks if somebody said something toher and she says nobody did but she can understand everything. She says that Trishna gets praised for every little thing she does but Shilpa gets tortured in the kitchen everyday but nobody cares. Shilpa says she will not go to the party when Chaya walks in and says that Shilpa must go otherwise an issue will be made out of all this and people will talk behind her back. She then tells Gaurav that this is what is happening in this house nowadays.

Gayatri is sitting in her room when Parvati comes there. Parvati asks why she isn't ready yet and Gayatri says she doesn't feel like going. Parvati says she knows Gayatri won't feel like doing anything until she forgives her. Parvati then talks about how Gayatri's baby is also suffering because of Gayatri and decides to forgive her only for the sake of the baby. Gayatri is stunned and Parvati tells Gayatri to get ready fast since they're all waiting for her in the car. Parvati leaves and Gayatri thinks that even though Parvati said she forgave her, she only wishes that Parvati was able to forgive her for real.

Parvati is shown inaugurating the restaurant. After cutting the ribbon, Anisha says she wants Parvati to be the first one to step into the restaurant. After a bit of hesitation, Parvati does and everyone follows. Suyash and his parents get left behind and Mrs. Wadhwa asks him what happened. Suyash says his dad's dream has finally come true and Mrs. Wadhwa says that he must be really proud of him. Anisha comes and drags them inside with her.

Everyone is shown enjoying the party. Pallavi and Suyash are complimenting the arrangements when Parvati comes there. She congratulates Suyash and Pallavi congratulates Parvati on completing the project. Parvati says she believes that anything that is done with good thoughts in mind, is always successful. Suyash agrees and Parvati tells him to enjoy his party but he says it's her party too. Parvati leaves and Suyash tells Pallavi about the party being hosted by the both of them and both of them being each other's guests. Mrs. Wadhwa comes there and also compliments the arrangements. Anisha comes there and Mrs. Wadhwa asks her about the food. Anisha says they have everything and takes her along to the food table.

They reach the food table and Suyash's mother is practically drooling over the food. Anisha leaves to go check something and Suyash comes and asks her if she likes the food. She says she does and tells him to have a gulab jaman, his favourite. He has a bit and, instantly, both of them realize something in the taste. They ask who made it and Anisha comes there and says the chef. She asks if there's something wrong but both deny anything wrong. Anisha leaves and Suyash and his mother look at each other. Suyash then thinks to himself that he can never forget the taste and these gulab jamans have been made by the same person. He says that first the masks and now this. He wonders if his past is back to ruin him.


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April 10th - By Shahidlover24

There is a performance on the song 'Right Here Right Now' from Bluffmaster and everyone is shown enjoying it. (It was a complete imitation.)

Gaurav and Shilpa are standing together when Chaya comes there and asks them if they're still upset over the matter. They stay quiet and Chaya tells them to forget about it since everyone's enjoying themselves here. Chaya says that the person who should be upset is having the time of her life. She points out Trishna who is happily chatting away with other guests. She says that none of it had any affect on Trishna. Gaurav and Shilpa walk away and Pallavi comes up to Chaya and greets her. She tells her that she heard there is a rift in the house because of Trishna. Pallavi says she had never known Trishna was capable of this. Before Chaya can answer, Parvati comes there and says that she knew about it. Parvati says that she knew Pallavi would think this. Chaya tells Parvati that she knows Pallavi and this is how she always thinks and only Parvati can mend her ways. Chaya walks away. Parvati again warns Pallavi and tells her that she had told her to stay away from her family and business. Pallavi says that Parvati has started giving more threats than lectures now and she is a human being and gets scared. Parvati is amused and says that she never knew Pallavi was capable of getting scared but she knows Pallavi can get scared if she goes and tells Suyash everything. Parvati asks Pallavi why she looks so scared and she thought Pallavi was joking. Parvati then says that Pallavi looks better when she's scared and she should always stayed scared of Parvati. Parvati then says a few more dialogues about related to telling Suyash everything and then leaves.

At the breakfast table, everyone is complementing Trishna for her wonderful preparations for the party and Anisha for the restaurant. Kamal says that they will always host their birthday parties and wedding anniversaries there. Chaya suggests that Parvati and Suyash could use it for their official meetings. Kamals says that official meetings are held in the office. Chaya defends herself by saying that she was only suggesting it. Trishna asks Chaya why she is always after Parvait and if she thinks Parvati likes to go work at the office all day. Trishna tells them that Parvati only does it for the family. Shilpa interrupts and asks her what she means by 'them'. Shilpa says Chaya was the only one talking and asks Trishna why she is blaming her. Trishna says she isn't blaming her but is just saying it. Shilpa makes an issue out of it and asks Trishna if she thinks they don't care about Parvati. Trishna tries to defend herself but Shilpa keeps on going. Kamal tells Shilpa that Trishna didn't say anything. Dadi also tries defending Trishna but Shilpa doesn't listen and keeps accusing Trishna of blaming her. Kamal then asks Gaurav to back him but Gaurav says that Kamal should make Trishna understand instead. Kamal is surprised. Gaurav tells Kamal to leave it and gets up from the table but Kamal follows. Kamal asks Gaurav why he got up from the table. It is insulting the food. Gaurav gets mad and says that nobody sees that he gets insulted day and night. Kamal is confused and says that Gaurav is older and shouldn't be saying this. Gaurav says he is older only for the namesake of it. Being older doesn't mean that he tolerates them disrespecting his wife, getting blamed for being the cause of problems. Gaurav says that Parvati thanked each and every worker after the completion of the project except for him. Kamal says that if Gaurav hadn't been there, the project....Gaurav interrupts and says the project would've been finished a lot sooner. Trishna tries to say something but Gaurav doesn't let her and says that he has no worth for them. Trishna again tries to say something but Gaurav says that nobody cares about him and Kamal asks if they should show him then. Gaurav says there is no need. They can all pray to a God that is made of stone but nobody can make him feel worthwhile. Dadi tells them to stop it. Dadi tells them not to say another word but Gaurav asks why him and his wife should always bear everything. Dadi says that while she is there....Gaurav says that nothing happens while she is here. He says that everything gets ruined in his presence. Gaurav says that they can live in peace since he is leaving the house. They try to say something but Gaurav tells Shilpa to pack their stuff. Gaurav and Shilpa are heading to their room when they see Parvati at the stairs. They are about to walk away when Parvati stops them.

Parvati tries to stop them but Gaurav says that it won't matter since the worthless people are leaving the house. Gaurav says that future of this house is still here. Parvati tells Shilpa to make Gaurav understand everything but Shilpa replies that they have understood and that is why they are leaving. Gaurav tells her that before going, they don't want to be blamed for not listening to Parvati. Both of them walk away.

Krishna tells Parvati that Gaurav is angry because of him and he'll go talk to them. Parvati just nods.

Shilpa and Gaurav are packing when Krishna comes there. They ignore him. Krishna apologizes and says that they really need them and asks them not to go. Shilpa tells Krishna that he is the future of their company and he should be worried about his work right now since they are worthless. Gaurav doesn't work at the office and neither does she work at home. Everyone will be at peace once they leave since they have all tolerated each other for long enough. Krishna is about to say something but sees Sonu at the door. Gaurav tells Sonu to pack her stuff since they are getting late but Sonu just stands there. Gaurav repeats himself and Krishna leaves the room.

Gaurav and Shilpa are getting blessings from everyone. When they reach Dadi, she moves back. She asks them what she should bless them for. They aren't doing a very good deed by leaving the house. She tells them that if they leave, they will see her dead body. Everyone is shocked.

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April 11th - By Shahidlover24

Gaurav and Shilpa are getting blessings from everyone. When they reach Dadi, she moves back. She asks them what she should bless them for. They aren't doing a very good deed by leaving the house. She tells them that if they leave, they will see her dead body. Everyone is shocked. Dadi says that she won't let anyone live separately from the family while she is alive after all she has to go show her face to her son. She says that the walls can be separate but they should all at least live under the same roof. Dadi says that they can do whatever they please. She then asks Parvati not to worry about others from now on. Parvati is about to say something but Chaya says that all of this is because of Parvati. Chaya continues to blame Parvati and Kamal tries to defend Parvati but Parvati tells him to be quiet. Parvati apologizes to Gaurav and Shilpa if she's said something that hurt them, unknowingly. She can't control her tears and leaves. Trishna then apologizes to them if everything is because of her. Shilpa tells Trishna to forget it and she doesn't feel like listening to her apology after everything. Dadi tells Trishna to take their stuff back to their room. She then kisses Gaurav's forehead while Chaya smiles evilly.

Parvati is talking to Om and wondering where she went wrong that she couldn't live up to her responsibilities. Parvati cries thinking of moments spent with the family. She then feels giddy and faints. Dadi who was about to come talk to Parvati, sees this and calls the family.

The whole family and the doctor are in Parvati's room. The doctor says that Parvati fainted due to stress and low blood pressure. She tells Parvati to eat and take the vitamins that she has prescribed as well as do some kind of yoga or aerobics. The doctor leaves and Kamal asks Chaya if she's at peace now. He blames Chaya for Parvati's condition and Chaya sarcastically thanks him and leaves. Gaurav and Shilpa also walk out as Trishna walks in with milk. Parvati asks Kamal why he felt the need to say that. Kamal blames Chaya again and tells Parvati that she has to rest and can't go to work but Parvati says that she has to go.

Nikhil is with Pallavi where Pallavi is telling him to have patience. She says it doesn't matter that they lost out on one opportunities since there will be many more to come. She then tells him that he has to stay in Parvati's good books in order to be in his dad's good books. Nikhil has to continue to work with Parvati and Nikhil agrees and says that he needs to get even with Kamal. Pallavi tells him to have patience and says that he should go meet Parvati and the worst she'll do is give him a lecture. She then leaves to get him a drink.

Suyash is at the Agarwal house. He has come to meet Parvati to ask about her health. Chaya tells him that Parvati is in her room, resting, but she'll take him up there. As they are about to go, Parvati says that won't be needed. She walks down and her and Suyash start talking. They have a casual talk where he tells her to take care of herself since health is wealth. He then says that he felt guilty because she had to take upon the stress of his project too but Parvati dismisses that. Chaya has a funny smile on her face. She thinks that they're finished with the meetings and now they've started to meet to ask each other's health. She says that Suyash is on the right path.

Parvati is narrating her story to Anisha who dazes off for a bit. Parvati asks her what happened but Anisha praises Parvati and says that she is so lucky to do this for her. She loves the way Parvati thinks. Parvati tells her there is no need to praise her and just then Gayatri comes and says that there is the need to take rest, though. Parvati ignores her and keeps talking to Anisha but Gayatri takes closes up the book. Gayatri tells Anisha to tell Parvati to rest as well which Anisha does. Parvati sits on the bed and Gayatri gives her an alarm clock and says that they are going for a morning walk tomorrow. Anisha also wants to go. Anisha leaves to get Parvati's medicine and Parvati doesn't really talk to Gayatri. Gayatri says she knows Parvati thinks she's weird for pestering Parvati when she knows she hasn't fully forgiven her. Parvati says she is wrong. She is thinking of how parents forget everything after seeing their child's face. She forgives Gayatri and both of them make up.

Anisha, Gayatri and Parvati are on their walk. Anisha leaves them to go jogging and Parvati and Gayatri continue to walk. After awhile, Gayatri gets tired andsits on the bench. Parvati continues to walk. Suyash joins her and he says he's glad to see her taking care of her health. She says she normally doesn't get time and Anisha and Gayatri came with her. Suyash says she is giving the excuse of time to the wrong person. Parvati says she knows that he really cares about time. He says she does cares for time too but she spends her time for others and hesitates to take time out for herself. Parvati says she would be hearing the same stuff from Dadi or Maji if she was at home. Suyash apologizes but Parvati says he is only giving her advice. She says that her Nani used to say that whatever we learn in the morning, stays with us forever. She says she'll try coming for a walk everyday. Anisha shows up with juice for Parvati and makes her drink it. Suyash watches Parvati drink the juice with that music in the background (the one that is played when someone is falling for someone....eew).

Sonu is talking to a friend and she tells her she won't be coming back to America. This catches Shilpa's attention and after Sonu hangs up, she asks her what she meant. Sonu says she wants to finish her studies here and will ask Parvati and see what she thinks. Sonu says she will follow whatever Parvati tells her. This upsets Shilpa and she says that everyone always listens to whatever Parvati says, as if they're dead now. She says many similar things and Parvati hears this. Shilpa is really angry. Parvati leaves without saying a word. They do not know she overheard Shilpa.

Parvati asks Kamal where Gaurav and Krishna are. Kamal tells her that Gaurav already left for the office and Krishna has refused to work on the project. He does not want to be the cause of any problems.

Sonu is trying to convince Krishna but he doesn't listen. Parvati comes and also tries to talk to him but he still doesn't say much. She then says that Gaurav is older and they shouldn't take his words to heart. She manages to convince Krishna. Sonu tells her that she doesn't want to go to America to complete her studies but wants to learn business from Parvati. She praises Parvati. Parvati says that she herself learns new things from them everday. She then tells Kamal that he used to tell her not to stress otherwise she will break, but how can she break when she has such good kids.

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April 12th - By Shahidlover24

Kamal is talking to his father-in-law on the phone. After hanging up, he tells Parvati that Shruti is coming back to India. Trishna consoles Parvati by saying that they should keep faith. Kamal says that they couldn't have kept her there forever. They walk away and Parvati looks at Gayatri before walking off to her room.

Gayatri calls Pandey ji and tells him that Shruti is coming back the next day. She tells him to organize extra tight security for her as she doesn't want the person, who is making her do all this, to take advantage of this. Gayatri says she doesn't want to fall any lower in front of her mother. Pandey ji says he understands and will do whatever she told him to.

Parvati goes to wake Anisha up. Anisha is mumbling something in her sleep. Parvati wakes her up and asks if she's alright to which Anisha says she is. Anisha tells Parvati that she won't be able to go on a walk with her today. Parvati asks if she should call the doctor but Anisha refuses. Parvati leaves telling her to take care of herself.

Suyash is talking about how they got a good deal on the land for the orphanage. He turns back to see that it's only him and Gayatri walking. Parvati is standing a few feet back. They walk back and ask Parvati if everything's alright. Parvati says she wants to talk to Suyash. Gayatri starts to walk away after excusing herself. Parvati tells Suyash that Shruti's coming back and says she's starting to worry about the kidnapper who is from their family. Gayatri hears this and is shocked to realize that Parvati didn't get her letter. Suyash is also shocked and thinks back to the time when Gayatri told him that she told Parvati. Parvati asks Suyash to tell her if he knows anything. Parvati asks him why he's silent but Gayatri walks up to them and says that they should go home now. It's getting late. Suyash then tells Parvati not to worry since nothing will happen to Shruti this time. Whether she likes it or not, he'll have an open investigation at her house if something does happen. Then the kidnapper will be infront of them and will get punished by the law as well as have all their relationships broken off. Suyash leaves and Parvati talks to Gayatri about how she thinks that Suyash gets very angry but changes the subject every time she tries to talk about the kidnapper.

Suyash is walking past the living room at his house, thinking about what Parvati said about the kidnapper. He then notices Pallavi sitting there, crying. He asks her why she's crying and she tells him that she always gets blamed for everything. She tells him how Parvati came and blamed her for causing problems in the R.K. project. He tells her that she must have misunderstood her but Pallavi says that she shouldn't have said anything to him since he trusts her more than her. He looks at his mother who asks him what he's looking at her for. Suyash tells Pallavi he'll try to sort everything out between them but Pallavi says that would be so kiddish and she only came to talk to his mother. She wouldn't have come if she had known he was home. She then again tells him not to say all this Parvati. Suyash agrees and is about to leave when his mother stops him and says that he's also hurt Pallavi since he never goes out to dinner with her. His mother manages to convince him to take Pallavi out for dinner. His parents are also coming along and they will dine at Anisha's restaurant.

Vandi is reading a fashion magazine and Dadi is reading a newspaper. Dadi gets annoyed and tells Vandi she's reading as if she was published in it. Anisha brings them tea but Vandi tells her to put it on the table and she'll drink it later. Anisha asks if there's an intersting article in the magazine. Dadi says that Vandi's just reading it to pass time. Vandi says that she's been wanting to do something for many days but hasn't said it cause useless and worthwhile. Dadi tells her not to take it seriously. Anisha asks her what she wants to do and Vandi says she wants to open a boutique but hasn't been able to. Anisha says that her dream can come true and Vandi gets excited. She asks how she will tell the family and Anisha tells her something in mute which Vandi really likes and agrees to do whatever she says. Dadi also says she'll pray for her success and Anisha wishes her all the best.

Parvati is thinking and assumes that from Suyash's way of talking, it seemed like he didn't want to talk about the kidnapper and might know who it is.

Suyash is thinking and assumes that Gayatri lied to him since she said she had confessed but Parvati asked him about the kidnapper.

Gayatri is thinking and realizes that the letter that Parvati read had something else written in it. She wonders where her real letter went.

Gayatri goes to meet Parvati and asks her where the letter is that she sent her. Parvati tells Gayatri to forget everything but Gayatri says she wanted to rip it up so Shruti doesn't find it. Parvati agrees and tells her location while Parvati says that Shruti can't find out about it. Gayatri reads the letter and wonders who switched it and how.

Gayatri goes to her room and reads the letter that Parvati received. It says stuff about Gayatri starting to fall for Sameer again. Gayatri is confused and wonders where her letter went. She then notices a letter taped to the mirror. She takes it off and sees that it's a copy of her original letter. She wonders where the original copy is. She then goes outside of her room and shouts for the person to come out. Parvati sees her and wonders what happened but Gayatri says that she felt as if someone knocked on her door. Parvati asks her if she's hiding something from her but Gayatri says she already told her everything in the letter. Parvati tells her to rest and not to worry. Gayatri goes inside her room and wonders who could be blackmailing her. She then decides to talk to Suyash before he tells Parvati everything since Shruti is coming back.

Gayatri calls Suyash and tries to talk to him but he doesn't listen and says that he'll tell everything he has to Parvati now.

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April 13th - By Shahidlover24

Parvati is thinking about Suyash's words about the kidnapper.

I don't know what happens for the next few minutes because the video blanked out.

Pallavi is holding flowers and thinking that she lost the chance on his birthday but she will definitely tell him how she feels today, in front of his family. She can't wait any longer.

Parvati is at Anisha's restaurant. She is about to leave when Suyash and his family shows up. They all greet each other. Parvati is about to leave but his mother invites her to stay. She initially refuses but Suyash tells her to stay and just talk for a bit and she can have her dinner at her place. He says he needs to talk to her about something and his mother asks if it's about business again but he says no. This catches Parvati's attention.

At the table, Parvati wonders if Suyash is going to say something about the kidnapper but then wonders if he'll say it infront of his parents. Suyash then says 'Mrs. Agarwal..' and Parvati instantly asks him what he was going to tell her.

Gayatri is trying to reach Suyash on his house phone but is told by a servant that everyone has gone out for dinner at Anisha's restaurant.

Pallavi reaches the restaurant and is angered to see Parvati there.

Parvati again asks Suyash but before he can reply, Pallavi reaches there. She greets everyone and Anisha gives up her seat for her and goes to arrange the food. Suyash's mother asks Pallavi if she's going out somewhere else after since she's got such a nice bouquet with her. Parvati just smiles at this. Parvati asks Suyash if he could tell her the important thing since she's getting late. His mother also tells him to break the suspense since Parvati probably has other things to do.

Gayatri reaches the restaurant and sees everyone sitting together. She rushes out to her car and grabs her cell phone.

Suyash tells Parvati that she has to listen to everything he says very calmly. He is about to say something but he gets a text message. It's from Gayatri. She tells him she's in the parking lot and requests him not to tell Parvati and give her one more chance to confess. Suyash tells everyone that he has an urgent call to make and he'll be back. He leaves and Pallavi is really annoyed and wonders if she'll be able to tell him everything tonight.

Suyash meets Gayatri and tells her that she shouldn't think that he's here to give her another chance. She doesn't deserve it. Gayatri asks him to listen to her once but he doesn't want to. She then quickly tells him that she knows he thinks that she's lied to him but that isn't the case. He tells her he doesn't think that but he knows that. Suyash says it was his mistake that he trusted her. He should've known that a person who couldn't belong to her own people wouldn't find lying to him a very big deal. Gayatri tells him that maybe she can't be trusted but she did write a confession letter to Parvati. Suyash asks if she means to say that Parvati wanted to reconfirm the truth from him. He says that if she thinks that, he is sorry to say that she never fully understood her mother. She would never had told anyone the truth. If she had wanted to expose her family, she would've let Rohit do a complete investigation. Suyash says he was the one who told Rohit not to tell Parvati. Suyash says that Gayatri used her political power to get him transferred. Gayatri says that he is right about everything he has said about her. Gayatri then says that it is also true that she had confessed everything in the letter and had told Parvati that she can punish her in any way. Gayatri stops talking when she sees Parvati standing there. Suyash also turns around to see her. Gayatri walks toward Parvati. Suyash is about to say something but walks away when he sees the stern look on Parvati's face.

Gayatri tells Parvati that she had confessed in the letter but someone switched it with a different one. Gayatri asks Parvati if she thinks she's lying but Parvati gives slaps Gayatri! Gayatri says she isn't lying and Parvati says she knows Gayatri isn't lying, all the relationships are false. Gayatri tries to say something but Parvati tells her not to say another word. Parvati walks away in anger while Gayatri continues to cry.

Parvati is thinking about when Gayatri told her that the letter got swapped and thinks to when Shilpa called her down to eat so she couldn't read the letter. She then talks to Om and says that this is the same Gayatri that he went against Shruti and Sameer's wedding for. The same Gayatri he blamed Parvati of being a selfish mother for. Parvati says she is confused as to what to do. Should she get Gayatri punished or hide this fact from Shruti all her life. Parvati breaks down and cries. She remembers a couple of Shruti and Gayatri moments.

Suyash is pacing back and forth when he gets a call from Pallavi. He doesn't take her call.

Pallavi throws her cell on her bed in anger. She says that Suyash didn't take her call on purpose and blames everything on Parvati. She has always interfered in Pallavi's life.

Suyash is on his morning walk when he sees Parvati sittign on a bench. He goes and sits beside her and she apologizes to him for always misunderstanding him and Rohit with the whole kidnapper case. She says that she now realizes why they hid everything from her and she thanks him for his concern. He tells her not to thank him and says that one doesn't feel that bad when they don't have their own people as they do when their own people are with them but behave like an outsider would. He says he knows what her family means to her and that is why he didn't tell her anything even after she repeatedly asked him. Suyash says he forgot that no matter how hard you try to hide the truth, it comes out. Suyash says that he thinks Gayatri regrets everything but Parvati changes the topic and requests him to continue to keep the truth a secret otherwise Gayatri will fall in everyone's eyes and everyone will not have faith in relationships anymore. Parvati says that she may sound selfish but she doesn't want Shruti's head to hang in shame. She has suffered enough already. Suyash promises Parvati that he won't tell anyone and tells Parvati to take care of herself. Parvati leaves and Suyash keeps looking in that direction (eew).

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