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April 2006

April 3 by tanya_vi

Today's episode was quite entertaining.It starts with Miilee's offer of friendship & Auni's really confused regarding it.He gets a call from Vishal asking him to accept Miilee's friendship so that they can use it as a decoy to get back at Miilee.

                              Meanwhile Miilee is with her friends in the auditorium..she says she's dissappointed b'coz all the trouble she took to become friends with Auni has gone 'bekaar'.Kunal can't understand what has come over Miilee & why she is giving this much importance to her 'Dushman no:1'.Miilee becomes philosophical saying 'we have to learn to forget & forgive..dont let anybody else control your emotions etc'.But Khushi understands Miilee's plan & they wink at each other.

                                 Miilee decides to cast Kunal as Vishal & Swami as father Manuel.She's worried about Abheer,,then Auni suddenly makes an appearance..He shakes hand with her & tie a friendship band.They both have their own secret thoughts & plans in mind about this friendship.He agrees to play Abheer but says he has certain conditions to which Miilee gives her nod....like if he finds any problem doing a particular scene then she should cut it off the script & also his friends should  be given roles to play.

         Miilee starts auditioning for Tara but all the girls turn out to be super dumbs.Kunal suggests why she cant do the role herself,,,,to which she replies 'Tara langidi nahin hai' .Auni's also sitting there watching everything.Suddenly one girl says she cant act but can dance well & just starts dancing on the stage  much against Miilee's wish but all the guys have a ball watching her performance.After the dance she runs to Auni & hugs him .Auni becomes very embarassed & keeps looking at Miilee with a guilty expression as if he's done something very wrong.Miilee keeps looking at him poker faced.He tries to push the girl off but she clings on to him.

        Miilee's sister Ramona comes there wearing the pink maid's uniform that Miilee used to wear at the Rastogi house.She agrees to play Tara & Miilee's very happy about it. 

                   Auni in his room goes throught he script & lies there thinking about Miilee while she's in her room trying to finish her story..She seems to have a problem regarding the end...but she's also distracted since she keeps on hearing the music that Auni plays on his guitar & starts seeing his face on the writing pad.  

                        They think a lot about each other & Miilee finishes her story

April 4 by tanya_vi

Dear friends thanks a lot for your support & encouragement.If you feel that my updates are elaborate then please convey it,I'll try to cut off extra details.Thanks again.

                               Today's episode had some really cute moments between Miilee & Auni.

                                    Miilee submits a copy of her script to Vishal...he finds out that the story is based on their true story so he gets very upset.He decides not to let Miilee continue with her drama.

                                     Meanwhile Miilee is in the auditorium with her friends.She is busy giving instructions.Auni comes there with his gang.

One of the girls standing there goes to Auni & starts talking to him.He wants to see Miilee so strains his neck to oneside to catch a glimpse of her .Miilee is quite unaware of this.Khushi sees Auni trying to catch a glimpse of Miilee.She catches his eye,,Raises her eyebrows in mock anger & Auni gives her a very sheepish smile.Very cute!!!!

                                             Every body's waiting for Swami .They decide to do a small pooja for the success of their play.Swami meanwhile goes to the hospital to visit father Manuel inorder to learn his mannerisms.he tells father about the play & father thinks it sounds very much like Miilee's story.

      Miilee accidently crashes onto Auni,her Crutch falls down.Auni holds her tightly takes the crutch but refuses to give it to her.She keeps on asking for her crutch but he says no & throws the crutch away.He leaves her hand too.She clings on to him with both her hands.He stands with his hands up so that she wont hold his hands...looked very funny..the petit Miilee holding on to the tall guy..she cant reach his hands so she was holding on to his shirt & his hip. He says she should try to walk without her 'Baisakhi',,but she doesn't have the confidence.But with lot of effort she finally takes a few steps.Auni smiles down at her & she smiles back at him.  

                           Swami arrives so they start the pooja.Miilee holds her hand out & asks everybody to put their hands on top of hers.She looks at Auni..he has some reluctance..but when she insists holds her hand tightly..everybodyelse do the same & they pray...but before Miilee could break the coconut Vishal comes & stops her.She goes to his office along with a staff member & before he could understand what was happening,she makes a fool of him & gets permission to go on with the play.She comes back & breaks the coconut .Vishal's very upset with the fact that Ramona is with Miilee...& equally puzzled about the fact that how Miilee managed to get his permission without him knowing.

April 5 by tanya_vi

The episode begins at Vishal's house.He asks for water & ramona comes with water wearing the pink maid's dress.Vishal's shocked b'coz he sees Miilee in her.She says' you are not my father you are my illegitimate father & I hate you'...something to that effect.He slaps her..suddenly she says'papa,I was just practising my dialogues..why did you slap me?'.He yells 'shut up' & walks off.Ramona smiles to herself.

                      Vishal decides that by hook or crook he should stop Miilee from doing the drama.He goes to the college, sees Auni & goes to him..Miilee decides to spy on him.Seeing Vishal,Auni says'what sort of a father are you?You hate your own daughter????...one day you'll find yourself all alone in this world'.Vishal stands transfixed while Auni with an innocent grin reaches for his script .'OOps I 've forgotten my dialogues',he says.Vishal does not know how to react to this...Auni of all the people trying to remember his dialogues!!!!Auni asks him'Sir, what did you think about my performance?I'm trying to remember all these long dialogues'..Miilee cant stop smiling.Vishal tells Auni to back out from the drama.Auni looks surprised..'what are you saying sir?you wanted me to join the play & now you want me to back out..no way..You were right the first time.This play is gonna give me all the popularity I need for my elections..'.Auni says he has got  to go since he's getting late for his rehearsals.Vishal cant figure out what has come over Auni.He turns to leave & finds Miilee standing right behind him.She says 'Sir,wasn't Auni great.I'm sure that we'll all do well.'.He's speechless so decides to leave the place before he goes mad. 

                                            He tries to abstain ramona from attending the rehearsals ,so he calls her up & asks her to meet him at the office saying she has to sign some important documents.She reluctantly agrees.Meanwhile he calls up one of Auni's friends & asks him to sabotage the lighting arrangements at the auditorium.

                                            In the rehearsal hall Auni's making an earnest effort to get his dialogues right.It's a combination scene with Kunal.Kunal completely ignores Auni,,irritates him to that extend that a fight erupts between both.Miilee tries to separate both..one word from her & Auni stops fighting.Kunal is surprised .Miilee scolds them  & asks them to continue with their work.Auni moves to a corner to study his lines ..there he sees his friend in a suspicious circumstance.He asks his friend what he was doing there....his friends mumbles some reply and walks off.

                                      Combination scene between swami & Auni......Swami says his dialogues wonderfully..Miilee is surprised..she goes up to swami & congratulates him.She tries to remind Auni his dialogues but he says 'there is no need for that...I know my dialogues'.He delivers his dialogues beautifully but forgets everything about the audience,,, goes to Miilee and says the romantic dialogues to her.They look at each other & forget about everything else.He try to say 'I love you Taara' but ends up saying 'I love you Miilee'.Every body especially Khushi breaks into laughter while Miilee looks embarrassed...Auni sheepishly says 'I meant Taara,Miilee..I meant Taara only'.

                                Every one's waiting for Ramona.Auni's sitting with Miilee & the gang sipping tea.Auni's friend is at the back somewhere trying to mess with the lights.He finds the rope that binds the lights & starts to cut it.His phone starts ringing.Auni goes & picks up the phone.He's surprised to find Vishal at the other end.Just then Ramona & Miilee come up the stage.Auni says'Hi Ramona'.Vishal is shocked..he says'Auni do something.Move Ramona from the stage'.Auni cant figure out what all this's about.Meanwhile Miilee sees the lights falling...she pushes Ramona off the place but comes right under the lights..They dont show that part but we can hear Miilee's screams. 

April 6 by tanya_vi

Today's episode was nice but a very sad one for Auni fans like myself.

                                                      Yesterday we saw the lights falling on Miilee & Ramona...Auni, after the initial shock runs to Ramona..She's fine she asks for Miilee.He then runs to Miilee,,who is lying with her eyes closed.Auni gets worried,,he says'open your eyes Miilee,,,please Open your eyes'.Miilee gently opens her eyes & looks at Auni.They keep looking at each other.Auni can't take his eyes off Miilee since he's not used to seeing her without her cap.She looks very beautiful with her hair down.She gently ties her hair up ,puts on her cap& gets up.

                                                 Kunal finds Sunny ,who cut down the rope holding the lights.He brings him on stage.Meanwhile Miilee is sitting on a chair mumbling something about her spoiled dress  .Auni comes there,he calls her 'paagal'.He says 'you're more worried about your dress?what if something might've happened to you?'.Then she says'What if something might've happened to me?'.Auni is speechless but keeps on looking at her.She asks'what are you looking at?'He gently takes her cap off..& says'you look good like this'.They share some sweet moments..suddenly the whole mood is shattered.Kunal comes with Sunny.Sunny says Auni asked him to cut the ropes when Miilee comes up on stage.

                                                   Poor Auni's shocked beyond words.His best friend doing this to him...He didn't see Vishal standing behind him.It was b'coz of Vishal ,,sunny lied...but nobody realizes that.The Principal comes there & asks Auni & Sunny to report at her office.Vishal tells every body that it's Auni who's behind all this...But Miilee's puzzled..She remembers how Auni rejected Vishal's instructions to back off from the play.....even then ,,when Auni comes to her to explain his innocence, she ignores him.Auni is hurt but remember the old times when he purposefully hurted her.He apologizes to her & walks off with a heavy heart.

                                              Miilee's sure that Vishal's behind all this.She tells Khushi,'I know Auni wont do this.He's changed after the bike accident...Vishal must've sensed Auni's change..that's why he put Auni in this trap'.

                 Auni goes & stands in front of Vishal's car.Vishal tells him that Auni 's of no use to him now so he did all that to trap him...Auni's furious but wont say anything.He's seen walking alone ,when Kunal & another friend of Miilee come there with hockey sticks.They beat up poor Auni who wont even try to defend himself.He lies on the ground hurt..he sees Miilee ...tries to touch her & says'I didnt do anything Miilee'..but he's only imagining,Miilee's not there..she's in her hostel room but suddenly she gets that feeling that Auni said something to her....

                                     Next we see a bandaged Auni along with Sunny at the Principal's office.She issues orders to suspend Sunny for one week & to rusticate poor Auni from Vidya valley...since he's the master mind behind the incident.I felt so sorry for Auni.My friends,,, you should've seen the sad look on his face.Leaving the college was not the main issue that was worrying him,,but not being able to convince Miilee.

                                   He packs all his stuff in a bag.Every single thing reminds him of his encounters with Miilee.He leaves the hostel & is seen walking alone with a broken heart.Suddenly he sees a gang of students including Kunal & Miilee walking towards him.He stands there transfixed.The episode ends on his face.

April 7 by tanya_vi

Hi friends..thinks are not shaping up the way we thought it would be..........I cant explain more since I'm broken hearted..So dear pals  read on..............

Aoni's ready to leave the college..Miilee comes with a gang of students & stops him.Kunal comes forward ,,apologizes to Aoni & hugs him.They all become one big gang.Miilee asks Aoni to fight against Vishal but  Aoni refuses to do so b'coz he knows how Vishal will react if they try to fight back..Aoni says that he's a very powerful man & the students can't stand against him.Miilee's determined & her determination  forces Aoni to make up his mind.

                  Miilee takes Aoni to principal's cabin.There Milee fights with the Principal for Aoni...Aoni keeps quiet but keeps on watching her.He thinks himself 'look at her..so petit..so innocent..but her determination...her spirit...so out of this world.Look at the way she's fighting for me without even thinking about the consequences'.Miilee looks at him & sees him staring.She asks'what is it Aoni?'.He says 'nothing'.Principal talks to Vishal & asks him to make a quick decision or else this issue might affect their project .Vishal decides to talk to Aoni.

                          Miilee calls for a strike & they start chanting slogans for Aoni.Vishal comes there,calls Aoni to his cabin.There he says "Aoni,you're such a fool.Can't you see that the girl is using you.She doesn't care a damn about you.So don't trust her.'.Aoni asks him'Then whom should I trust? You??who threw me out of this college just b'coz I refused to listen to you once....Look at her,she's supporting me after all that harm I did to her.She has changed me.Changed my mind that was first full of hatred'.

Vishal asks 'so no hatred in your mind..Heh???So what's there now?'.Aoni's quiet but he tells himself''My heart's now filled with the fragrance of love"..He walks away without answering.

                                       Aoni comes out & sees his posters posted for elections.He tears them all.Miilee comes there.She asks'Aoni,,what are you doing?/Aoni smiles at her.He runs to her ,holds her tightly and says'Miilee ,I've started liking you..I love you Miilee..I love you".Miilee is shocked.

                                               Ofcourse..he was dreaming...Miilee comes there with her friends.She keeps on asking Aoni about what happened inside Vishal's cabin.Aoni doesn't hear her..he's lost in his dreamland.Miilee brings him back to reality..she asks 'your suspension's cancelled na??'He says 'yes' without even listening to her.She's happy.     

             He thinks 'Miilee,don't you even have an idea,,how much I love you?/' He tells her 'Miilee,i'm not going to fight against you in this election.I'm going to do campaigning for you.Miilee's surprised but quickly changes the topic. She says 'okay guys lets continue with our rehearsals.Aoni says 'I'll come later.I've some important work to do'.Miilee starts teasing him about his important work..she's sure that it's some girl friend to which Aoni replies 'Is it bad to have one'.Milee says 'No it's very good..you go ahead with your important work..we all will go and do our rehearsals.' 

                                          Aoni with a rose bud & a card goes inside Miilee's room throught the window.There he keeps the card ,,a mushy, romantic,I Love You card.He 's about to keep the rose on top of it when he sees Miilee's diary.He opens it out of curiousity.He's shocked beyond belief....He reads about Miilee's plan to trap Vishal rastogi by making Aoni & Vishal split.He remembers what Vishal told him,,,, that Miilee's using him.He's so upset that he squeezes the rose in his hand.His hand bleeds & the blood drops fall on the card.He tears off the card in a rage.He says ''Itna bada dhokha..I hate you Miilee....""

April 10 by tanya_vi

Sorry friends..could'nt post it earlier due to some personal problems.

                                       Aoni reads Miilee's diary and is very upset with her.He feels that he was being used by both 'Baap-Beti' as he puts it .So he decides to teach both Miilee & Vishal a lesson.He goes to Vishal first..says sorry & joins hands with him.Vishal's happy to have Aoni back ..who looks & behaves more lethal than before.

                                            Meanwhile Miilee is in the auditorium with Khushi looking for her friends..None has turned up. She's really upset with all of them.Khushi says 'everything's going according to your plan...what magic did you do on Aoni? he 's even ready to withdraw his name from the elections..wow!!"Miilee says 'I've not done any jaadoo on him nor have I used any 'Chaal'.I'm not the one who'll cheat on others to gain my goal.Whatever is happening is happening on its own.I've done nothing',.

                                     Khushi goes to find her friends..Miilee is alone in the auditorium.Khushi crashes onto Aoni.She says'go to the auditorium Aoni..Miilee's really upset' then adds with a grin'but I'm sure that she won't yell at you'....At normal course,he would've blushed but this time...he was very  quiet.Khushi finds her friends..but thay say 'without Vishal's permission,we should not continue with the play.He might try to harm Miilee again'.But khushi forces them to come & clear it out with Miilee herself.They leave for the auditorium.

                                      Miilee's seen reading the script.Suddenly all the lights go out.Miilee's slightly scared..Somebody walks towards her in the darkness.She gets really scared now.She holds her pen as if she's holding a knife & asks the guy to back off or else she'll stab him.

                               Suddenly her friends switch the lights on.Miillee turns to see Aoni standing in front of her grinning broadly.He breaks into laughter saying'look at you Miilee..you look so scared ..look how much you've sweated".All her friends join Aoni & start teasing Miilee.Miilee gets angry..she asks Aoni''what's your problem..why you fought with your girlfriend or what???'  Aoni suddenly becomes very serious he says''yes Miilee..It's almost like that ..She broke my heart"'..Millee starts laughing ..she says ''so you've a heart too Aoni""..To which he says''Yes Miillee I do have a heart..I recognized my heart beat only when it started beating for this girl but now everything is gone..no heart beat ..no heart''.

                                                 His behaviour puzzles Miilee but she tries to make the situation light by cracking some jokes about Aoni being 'an udaas aashique'..but Aoni looks very serious throughout & that makes Miilee even more confused.Kunal & the gang tell miilee that they shouldn't be continuing with the play without Vishal's permission...to which Aoni says'dont worry guys..i'll get his permission for you..but on one condition.... you'll let me change the script a little..the script will be ok by tomorrow.Millee herself will direct the play..no change about that".Miilee cant figure out what has come over Aoni..she asks him whether he has a problem to which he says 'I had a problem but not any more.'Miilee asks him 'why have you called for a meeting in the evening? are you planning to withdraw your name from the elections??' Aoni says''why don't you come & find out for yourself'.

                                         Miilee goes to her room ,thinks about what all  Aoni told her that day & is more confused than ever.She realizes that something's terribly wrong,,Aoni's hiding something from her but can't put her finger on it.Then she sees the torn card,,the rose bud & the mess on her table..She stands shocked....

April 11 by tanya_vi

Aoni's changed guys..he's back his conniving self.Looks very cruel too....Read on......

                                              Miilee sees the torn card & the flower..she tries to read the card but could not make head or tails of it.She keeps on wondering about Aoni's funny behaviour,,,She's worried about her diary too..she thinks it's  Khushi who has taken her diary......... ..whereas Aoni is thinking about his new plans.He meets Sunny tells him he has forgotten what has happened the other day at the auditorium & would like a new beginning..Sunny believes him completely & is ready to do anything for him.Aoni has some plans for Miilee.

                                    Miilee arrives at the auditorium,, seeing her  Sunny goes to her & tells her 'I know you're using my friend in your fight against Vishal Rastogi.'''Aoni comes there with a smile ,,greets Miilee & stands with an innocent expression as if he doesn't know what's happening there..Sunny takes out Miilee's diary from his bag & shows Aoni..tells him about Miilee's plan & reads out the diary to him.Miilee's shocked & really worried about Aoni's reaction. 

                                        Aoni says..'you've taken this diary from Miilee's room??how dare you do such a thing?/I don't want to hear anything against Miilee.She must've written something like that in the diary,,but it doesn't affect me..b'coz I've done too many things in the past to harm her..I'm sure whatever that's there in the diary is our past..We now share only one relation & that's of pure friendship".. 

Miilee's confused but relieved ..Aoni goes to the podium takes the mike and says'earlier i decided to withdraw my name from the elections,,,then I realized that I was making a wrong decision..I'll definitely stand in the elections against Miilee so that she can defeat me.What's there in a win if she doesn't defeat her opponant???  '.Vishal's happy to hear this.Miilee's also very happy.She asks Aoni whether he really meant what he said..he says 'yes' & promises to be a sincere & loyal friend.He says she'll get back whatever she has given him.So Miilee's happy & relieved she says 'even as your enemy I haven't done anything bad to you..so I'm sure whatever I get back from you is going to be something really good.  Aoni says'you don't have to wait too long for that'.

                                        Aoni's sitting in Vishal's cabin.Vishal congratulates him on his smart move.He wants to construct a new wing in the college without Miilee's knowledge.Aoni says that is impossible since Miilee & her gang are always there in the college.So Vishal comes up with a master plan by which he can have the construction done with Miilee out of his way....(which they don't show us,,,ofcourse!!!)

                             Aoni has his own master plan.He's playing lot of chess these days....so he thinks everything in terms of chess..raja,rani,mohra...and all that(My chess is a big zero so couldn't grasp half of it).Anyways he takes two pieces from the board & holds one each in both hands..according to him..one is miilee & the other is ramona.That's his plan against vishal rastogi.....to play with the emotions of both his daughters....He has difficulty in choosing one since both the girls are very good....so he chooses both.

                                      He calls up ramona & asks her to meet him at the college..tells her he's worried about his performance & needs to discuss some scene with her to which she says 'yes' much against her father's wish ..Vishal's looks a bit confused.

                                         Ramona arrives at the auditorium..finds it very dark inside so calls out for Aoni & Miilee.She stands there alone wondering what to do next.Aoni comes behind her & covers her eyes with his palms.Ramona gets very scared & the episode ends on Aoni's face.

April 12 by tanya_vi

Ramona is in love....read on...

                             Aoni comes and covers Ramona's eyes..when she realizes it's Aoni ,she smiles at him.She asks him about Miilee & others to which he says 'this is strictly between both of us..I wanted to make sure that our chemistry looks great on stage..i don't want the audience to feel that we are acting,,,, i want our love story to look as real as possible.'He tries to kiss her hand but she withdraws it b'coz she's confused.She asks him 'what happened to that Aoni who was always angry & won't do a thing without a reason behind his actions'.Aoni says'I'm too much into my character..I believe'.He puts on the music & thay dance together but after a while there is no Ramona there for Aoni...... only Miilee..He's dancing with his beloved Miilee.Once the music stops they're in such a romantic pose that he looks into her eyes & murmurs 'Miilee'.

                                 Suddenly he realizes his mistake..he leaves ramona & goes.

                                   Ramona is back home in her room ...she remembers the intimate moments between her & Aoni & smiles...she's in love...

                                        Miilee is in the auditorium with her friends..she is giving them their costumes for trial.She's irritated b'coz Ramona & Aoni haven't turned up yet.Meanwhile Ramona is stuck in a traffic jam with Vishal.Aoni comes there on a bike..asks ramona to come with him .She immediately agrees..says 'bye' to Vishal in a hurry & leaves with Aoni.Vishal 's in a shock but manages to cry out   'Aoni,,,,please ride the bike carefully!!'.

                          Aoni & Ramona arrives hand in hand.Miilee yells at Ramona for being late.She says 'sorry' & carries on with her dress rehearsal.Aoni stands there watching miilee...so she asks 'why ,you want some special invitation or what?? go do the dress trial or do you want me to go & try out your clothes???'.He starts taunting her 'Why are you so angry Miilee??Is it b'coz we came late or is it b'coz we came together,,,, that too hand in hand??Are you jealous???'.He has a cheeky expression and Miilee looks uncomfortable..

Suddenly she breaks down into a peel of laughter. she is really amused  "are you crazy?????I'm jealous of you & Ramona!!!very funny!!It's the biggest joke I've ever heard!!!'Aoni's very irritated since his plan to make her jealous misfired..he goes to his dressing room..There he meets his own image.It tells him to be careful b'coz it's very easy for the whole game to turn topsy-turvy..he can easily become the hunted...not the hunter.

                     Ramona comes on stage wearing her costume.Miilee says'you look ok but there's something missing...i can't put my finger on it''.  Aoni comes there,,he says''Ramona ,,How can you forget this?"..he takes out  a pair of earrings & puts them on Ramona's ears..She looks very shy but happy..Miilee smiles at both of them.She goes to Ramona & says''Now you look exactly like my Taara..very Very beautiful'.She takes Ramona to a corner where the other friends are  and starts explaining the scene to them. Aoni stands there watching Miilee.

         Sunny comes there & tells him ''I've started understanding your plans about Ramona  but don't really think that you're magic'll work on miilee...For her you're just a character in her play..... nothing else...'.On hearing this Aoni gets very irritated..He walks towards Miilee,,gets hold of her asks her to say 'I love you'.He shakes her & keeps on telling her 'Don't play games with me Miilee.Tell me that you love me''.She says 'I hate you' & pushes him away..Actually Aoni was dreaming..Miilee is not even aware of the whole situation.Aoni says'I hate you Miilee'..(who's he trying to fool???...he can't think about anything else except her).

                                                Aoni in a fit of rage takes out a knife ,,and writes ''Miilee'' on his arm.Next morning he goes to Vishal's office.We can see a bandage on his left arm.vishal too asks him about it.He says it's nothing serious.Vishal explains his plans.He says 'at anycost the youth festival should not take place in Vidya valley.We'll do something to sabotage the event. Every body in the college knows about the lights incident in the auditorium.Then nothing happened to Miilee.Now we'll do something so that the roof itself will fall down.Then i'll announce that Vidya valley's auditorium is not safe enought o conduct the event..so the venue'll be definitely changed.If Miilee's on stage when the roof falls then that'll be an additional bonus...But make sure that my daughter Ramona is no where near the stage".

                               Aoni listens to the plan carefully.He tells himself 'Concentrate on the point that  you hate Miilee.Last time Sunny didn't hit the bull's eye..This time I'll make sure that every thing goes well."He goes to the roof ,,Takes out his tools & starts cutting......

April 13 by tanya_vi

Miilee really dies or is she still alive????Read on......

                                    Aoni cuts the roof,comes down the stairs,he gets a call from Ramona which he ignores.Ramona is standing with Miilee's gang.Miilee is no where to be seen.They all play basket ball & are having a good time.

                     Aoni goes to the wash room,his mirror image tells him he has done something very wrong....miilee has never told him that she loves him so how can he say that she cheated him.Even if she has ,,killing her is not the solution.''You should be ashamed of your self,,Aoni"...Aoni's confused now.He gets a call from Miilee,who now has a cell thanks to Ramona. Aoni says   'Miilee..' then he starts screaming "miilee are you alright??/Miileeeeee...".

                            The roof comes crashing down.Every body hears it.Ramona & the gang rush to the auditorium.Aoni comes there..He looks around for Miilee..sees the friendship band he had tied on her wrist.He takes it,kisses it & starts crying.."I killed Miilee..I don't deserve to live..Now they'll take me to jail..Maybe I should confess myself.That's my repentance".

                          He leaves the auditorium..gets a call from Vishal..He tells Vishal "Mission accomplished".Vishal's happy ..Then he says 'But sir,I killed Miilee".Vishal's shocked..He asks''Didn't I tell you not to harm anyone??Get out of there fast..".

  Vishal's scared now,,he thinks,,"This boy is such an idiot..he'll drag me along with him into a mess,if he gets caught..I'll have to do something myself".He leaves to the college.

                                     Miilee's friends are in the auditorium..they are shocked to see the wreckage & really worried about Miilee  since somebody has seen Miilee walking towards the auditorium.Vishal comes there & asks for Aoni.Swami tells him ,,  they haven't seen Miilee or Aoni.They go out to look.

                              Vishal's about to leave..when he sees a police jeep.The inspector tells him "Vishal Rastogi,You are under arrest.One of the students ,,Aoni chatterjee has confessed to killing Miilee under your instructions'' .Vishal's shocked,,he says"Aoni's lying..I don't even know him properly".Aoni comes there with Ramona & rest of the students.Aoni says "Sir,, why are you lying now???? You only asked me to do all this ". Ramona says "I hate you dad!!I hope nobody..no daughter would get a father like you.I dont want to see you for the rest of my life"..Vishal stands shocked..They show a body being taken to the ambulance.It has Miilee's cap...but they dont show the face..So let's wait till tomorrow to know the truth..

April 14 by tanya_vi

Dear friends,,I'm really very sorry for the late update..My computer had konked off....

                     Yesterday's episode ended with Vishal's arrest..He was dreaming of course!!!The principal after discussing with Vishal decides to change the venue from Vidya Valley to some other college in Chail.

                                    Aoni's walking alone..he gets a call on his mobile..seeing the name of the caller,,the phone almost falls off his hands..It's Miilee..He says  a hesistant 'Hello'..somebody says "hello Aoni".The voice came right from behind...He turns to see the smiling face of Miilee.  Aoni is shocked beyond words..Miilee is her bubbly self.She brings hot jalebis & offers them to Aoni...She says she was late b'coz she couldn't find the friendship band that Aoni had given her......He's busy thanking God for saving her..She's irritated b'coz he's not listening to what she's saying..Leaving him there she goes to college.

                                                  Vishal sees her & is shocked..Miilee's friends are also surprised/happy to see her...Miilee's puzzled by these strange reactions...She sees the wreckage & is suspicious.She feels vishal's behind all this.They all come to know about the change of venue & gets ready to go to chail..A bus has been arranged for them.

                                        In the room,Khushi's busy packing while Miilee is trying to make some sense  out of the torn  card.Khushi asks her to leave it there & since the bus has already arrived,they leave quickly.

                                            Everybody including Ramona is ready to board the bus.Ramona has 3 or 4 suitcases...so everybody makes fun of her.Miilee is worried b'coz Aoni hasn't turned up yet.Then she sees Aoni walking on the roof .He's balancing himself on the narrow beam.He's thinking 'why am I happy that Miilee's alive ,Safe & sound.I've got to remember that she used my love & friendship for her own selfish needs.I have to get back at her & Vishal Rastogi".

                                                  Miilee comes up,pulls him down.She scolds him for behaving so strangely.Aoni says he likes to live dangerously...she asks him about the bandage on his arm,,tries to see it but he wont let her touch it.She asks him "I want to ask you a question.will you tell me the truth??" He says "yes"..She asks "what happened to the roof of the auditorium?/Did it fall on its own ???".The episode ends on Aoni's face.

April 17 by tanya_vi

Today's episode started with Miilee asking Aoni about the roof incident.He walks off without answering..so Miilee gets irritated.She confronts him with the same question..he says "I didn't answer b'coz i didn't understand what you were talking about"..so Miilee asks a little boy the same question & he gives a sensible answer..Miilee tells Aoni "I thought you had better IQ than that little boy,,but you proved me wrong".Aoni is quiet while Miilee walks away.Vishal listens to this whole conversation.

                             Miilee walks towards the bus..Aoni calls out for her...He tells her "i'm going to answer all your questions right now.Yes,I did  damage the roof b'coz I didn't know what to do with my heart,my feelings"..Miilee's surprised,,she asks " what are you talking about?/".He holds her & tells her "I love you".Miilee pushes him away,,calls all the other students & in front of them,she slaps him.She says "You ought to slap yourself b'coz your feelings are not true.If you really love somebody then you cant even imagine doing any harm to that person..You are not worthy of my love or even my hatred". 

                               Ofcourse,,Aoni darling was only day dreaming...He is one confused soul...He still can't make out whether he loves her or hates her.......Miilee's not even there..She  had walked away in anger since he didn't answer her question.

                               Inside the bus,swami is trying to help Ramona with some papers which had fallen from her hands.He is very sweet to her but her eyes are on Aoni who is standing right behind Swami.Ramona sits with Swami..Aoni sees the vacant seat next to Miilee..but before he could reach there Kunal comes & sit there...he starts irritating Miilee asking too many questions..Aoni stands there watching them...Khushi calls Kunal for some help ,so he gets up.Aoni rushes to that seat & sits there.Miilee stares at him,then ignores him..so he gets up,asks her whether he can sit there & since she's quiet says"thank you" & sits there.

                                             He tells her "I know you're angry with me for not answering your question,but I've to talk to you.".Miilee says "I know,,your well wisher Mr.vishal Rastogi must've given you the necessary guidance"...Aoni is irritated "Why do you have to bring him all the time between us?/I have my own individuality.When will you understand that?/".But before he can continue any further,he gets a call from Vishal to meet him at his office.Miilee says "look Aoni ,now I don't have to answer your question.Your phone call has answered it all".Aoni goes to see Vishal.

                     Vishal gives instructions to Aoni.He'll have to take care of two things.First ::Miilee should never come back to college before he completes his construction..second:The play should not take place at any cost.Aoni agrees & leaves.He sees Miilee sitting on top of the bus.Maybe she doesn't want any company....Vishal also sees Miilee,He smiles at her.Miilee is upset,,she has this intuition that something bad is gonna happen at Vidya valley.She sees several cars going towards the college.Her intuition is right,,Vishal has started 'Bhoomi Pooja" at Vidya valley

April 18 by tanya_vi

The episode begins at Vidya valley.Vishal's conducting a meeting..top officials,businessmen,ministers etc are present..They all approve of his project & the minister offers full support throughout.The little 'chaiwala' boy named Thampi ,,who I think is Miilee's spy,,listens to these conversations.

                            Miilee tries to call up Thampi but fails.Inside the bus Aoni's sitting alone..he looks bored..Ramona's eyes are on him.The driver suddenly stops the bus b'coz of a puncture.Miilee comes down..she tells khushi about her doubts..Khushi asks her to call up Vishal..Miilee says"what do you think??he'll tell me the truth.."Khushi says "No!!but from his reactions we can atleast know whether he's upto something"".Miilee thinks it's a good idea so she calls him up .He's shocked to hear her voice so he hangs up.Now Miilee's sure that he's up to something.

                    Meanwhile Aoni & the gang goes to a small 'dhaba'.They order tea while Aoni goes to take a leak.Miilee,,for making the call,,had moved little away from the gang..suddenly a gang of hooligans surround her.They offer her rides on their bikes & since she remains quiet ,,decide that she is scared of bikes.They also go to the dhaba.Miilee takes one of the bikes & rides beautifully.The guys are shocked..Miilee says"I'm not the one to get scared ...but I do scare people like you"....and walks away...Aoni sees all this.The head of the gang looks on furiously at Miilee.....

                                    Aoni asks Miilee "what happened?Did they misbehave ?/".Miilee says "No need to show such chivalry,I can take good care of such people..Did you forget how I shielded myself from you??" and walks away....Aoni looks on sadly.

                                         Miilee again climbs on top of the bus.They see a 'Fakhir' on the way.They stop the bus & let him in.He sings for them...a very sweet love song...Aoni thinks about Miilee..Ramona thinks about Aoni & swami thinks about Ramona....The Fakhir gives Swami a sacred thread to save him from 'the evil eye'.They stop the bus to let the fakhir out.Swami calls miilee down & ties the thread on her wrist.Aoni comes out of the bus to watch them.Swami says 'this thread will save you from the evil eye'.miilee looks at Aoni & says'Thanks Swami..I'll have to save myself from evil eyes".She goes to the back of the bus to climb back.Suddenly,Ramona who had come out of the bus to see what Aoni's doing,,slips and falls.

                                  Swami & Aoni takes her back into the bus...she clings on to Aoni....Aoni removes her shoes & rubs her feet.Ramona is on cloud nine.She says she feels much better.So they decide to carry on with their journey.

                              Meanwhile Miilee receives a phone call while she was climbing the ladder at the back of the bus.She climbs down to attend the call.To get better coverage,she moves a little away from the bus.It's from Thampi but the reception is very bad so Thampi couldn't convey the message to Miilee.She turns back & sees that the bus has left without her.She stands there shocked.Meanwhile inside the bus,they decide to play a game..so Aoni asks Miilee to come down.When she doesn't answer they also realize that she's not in the bus.The episode ends on Miilee's worried face. 

April 19 by tanya_vi

The episode begins with Miilee's friends looking out for her.Khushi tells everybody Miilee was worried that something bad 's gonna happen at Vidya Valley..So she may have moved away from the bus to get proper coverage on her phone.Since it's Ramona's phone that Miilee's carrying,Aoni calls on that number but there is no range..They all decide to wait for Miilee.Ramona gets a call from her dad,He asks how she is .She says she has sprained her leg so he gets really worried.

                                                         Ramona says there is no need to get worried since Aoni is there to take care of her.Aoni looks at her surprised.Vishal asks for Aoni so he picks up the phone.Vishal says"Aoni,You immediately arrange for an ambulance.Take her to a good hospital & take good care of her."..Aoni tries to say about Miilee.But before he could say anything beyond Miilee,,Vishal says "What Miilee??Let her go to hell".Aoni thinks "what sort of a father is he?Both his daughters are in trouble but he sees the pain of only one,but I've to take responsibility of both".He says "Everybody listen up!!Vishal sir wants us to reach the campus as soon as possible".So the bus leaves......

                                   Surprise!!Surprise!!!Aoni stays back.He has his backpack too.He sets off to find his beloved.

                                          Meanwhile Miilee is walking alone.She decides to ask for  a lift.A car stops but the driver is a moron so Miilee decides not to accept his offer.She decides to wear a shirt on top of her T-shirt so that she looks like a boy..that should receive less attention from the morons.A truck passes by...Miilee gets lift on it but after a while the driver finds out that she is a girl.So she jumps out of the truck.

                                              Aoni's looking around...he meets the biker gang(Of last episode ).They say"so Miilee's mising.We are going to look for her too.Then we'll make her teach us all how to ride bikes." Aoni listens quietly but decides that he should somehow reach Miilee before they find her.He starts running.

                                            The bikers stop the truck driver & he tells them about Miilee.So the bikers are happy that they are going in the right direction.Miilee sees an old man on a cycle.She tells him that she'll ride the bike & he can sit at the back.He agrees.

                                        Meanwhile Aoni has reached somewhere near  Miilee.He climbs on top of a tree & yells "Miilee,,,Where are you???Can you hear me??/Please dont use the road,,There is danger".Miilee hears Aoni's voice..But is quite puzzled.She asks the old man whether he heard something.He says "Yes,Some body is calling out for a girl named Miilee."

Miilee wonders"Who's calling out for me in this jungle??".Suddenly she sees the bikers.She leaves the old man & hides.The bikers asks the old man about Miilee.They say she is a thief & she has stealed their clothes.The old man refuses to believe them & says "I've met her.She's a nice girl".He leaves.Miilee escapes from there & runs through the jungle.Aoni calls out for her again.She runs towards that direction.The bikers decide to discard their bikes & go on foot since its very difficult to ride in the jungle.

                             Miilee runs & runs... her little cap falls down...she doesn't realize it.Somebody picks it up.....Miilee is seen standing near a tree.She's tired...somebody comes from behind & touches her shoulder...She screams!!!!!!!.End of episode.

P.S:This is for my softhearted friends......It was Aoni,,,, darlings!!!!Who else???Wait for tomorrow for the details. 

April 20 by tanya_vi

A must watch episode for all Aoni fans....

                                              As I wrote in yesterday's update,it was Aoni who held Miilee's shoulder.Miilee without realizing that it was Aoni,takes an axe to attack but falls down.She looks up to see Aoni standing with his right hand held out.

                                      Miilee thinks "Thank God Aoni,you came.But I can't let you know about my feelings or else you'll think I'm weak".But Aoni thinks "It's me Miilee who becomes weak every time you're in trouble".

                                         Aoni says "Get up,hold my hand".Miilee's hesistant,she acts as if she doesn't really care that he's come all the way to look for her..but she do care!!!.She scolds him for coming & asks him whether he's mad.He says "Yes,I live according to my rules".Miilee tries to irritate him some more but finally holds his hand.He lifts her up & as usual is completely lost in her eyes..... 

                                 Meanwhile ramona & the gang reach some hospital where the doctors are waiting with wheelchairs & all that.They take Ramona in,while the friends discuss about the discrimination that Vishal has for his two daughters. 

                                       Miilee's worried how they'll make it to the new Venue,about her play etc....Aoni says "Relax,first let's get out of here..it's going to be dark."They see the bikers looking for them so Aoni holds Miilee's hand & runs.He takes her to a safe place where lots of sacks are kept.I think it's full of something like white cement..Miilee tries to tie her hair.Aoni says "leave it loose.How many times have I told you ,,you look good like this??".Miilee says"I'm not used to this ,Yaar..it's irritating"..Suddenly she sees one of the bikers wearing her cap.Aoni sees it too.He is irritated..he can't stand the fact that somebody else's wearing Miilee's cap.

                            He decides to get it for her.She says "Are you mad?/What sort of a man are you???You'll make an easy target".He says "Yeah,I'm like this..half crack,half crazy" .Miilee says "Who told you that you're only half crack????You're completely out of your mind"".Aoni says "Now stop blabbering.Stay right here till I get back" & he leaves.Miilee's scared..she thinks "look he's more worried about my cap than me..left me alone here...I'm really scared of ghosts.....but if I'm scared of ghosts then there'll be more people who're  scared of ghosts".She looks as though she has some brilliant idea in her mind.

                                       Aoni climbs on a tree & sitting there snatches the cap from the biker's head.The biker doesn't see Aoni so he loses his balance & falls down.He thinks he got attacked by some ghost.

         Aoni kisses the cap & takes it back to Miilee but she's missing ,,,so again he goes to look for her.

                                                It's really dark now.The bikers are also tired..One of them wants to go back but the other two decides to continue with their search.While they are discussing,they hear somebody laughing.They look around  scared!!!!

                                            Aoni's searching for Miilee.He takes out his torch but a hand comes & covers the light..it's Miilee..Aoni asks "what's wrong with you ??/Where did you dissappear suddenly??/I went around looking for you..are we playing hide & seek or what?"....Miilee can't be least bothered..he puts the cap on her & says "atleast say thank you to me.You don't know how much trouble it took to snatch the cap from the biker"..Miilee says a mock "thank you"...but adds that he's completely out of his mind.He says "Yes" so she says "oh! maybe b'coz of this craziness,you did something to the roof".Aoni's shocked,he didn't expect this from her in such a situation.

                                         He gets up ...she goes after him & asks "you didn't answer my question??".Aoni says something of which she couldn't make heads or tails.She says "Why are you talking in riddles? can't you just give me a straight answer??"..Aoni says "I'm like this ".So Miilee says "The first thing that I'm going to do after getting out of this place is to take you to a shrink"..Aoni laughs..

                                          Miilee says "I'm thirsty,I want water right now !!!" Aoni says "lets get rid of these guys,,then I'll get you something to drink".Miilee says "I've got a wonderful idea " & leaves.Aoni's scared whether she would dissappear again,so he goes with her.She goes to the piled up sacks & starts opening one.Aoni looks on amused.....

                                        The bikers see ghost of a girl along with a guy.The girl attacks the guy with an axe.The guy pleads for mercy but the girl kills him & drinks his blood.The bikers are scared out of their wits.The girl comes near them...she looks dead white & she has blood around her mouth.She tries to attack them but they run for their life leaving the bikes behind.

                 It's Miilee drenched in white cement.aoni comes behind her & congratulate her for her wonderful acting.The blood's actually ketchup   that Aoni had in his bag.Miilee says"You've bread,ketchup & beer in your bag but not even a drop of water??".Aoni says "Sorry baba I forgot..you change your clothes,I'll go change mine & then we'll take one of these bikes & leave."

                         He takes one of his  t-shirts (a sleeveless one )& gives it to her.He tries to wipe the white powder off her face.They share few romantic moments together.

                                           He changes his clothes,sits on the bike..Miilee comes there wearing his clothes.He looks at her & keeps on looking & looking..she looks embarrassed..He turns & starts the bike but Miilee before reaching him faints & falls down.Aoni screams "Miiileeeee!!!!!!".

April 21 by tanya_vi

The episode begins in the jungle.Miilee has fainted,Aoni has absolutely no clue what to do.He carries her to the bike & makes her sit on it.Since she's unconscious she keeps on falling off.Aoni's clueless.He says"Miilee,if you're thinking that I'll carry you & take you through the jungle then you're wrong baby.I can't do that". He takes off his shirt,ties her to his body with his shirt so that she wont slip off the seat.He starts the bike & they leave.

                      On the way he cant stop smiling & being amused by the silly situation..Miilee tied close to him....he says"Miilee you look cute like this..I can bring you back to consciousness by giving you some water but what about your other senses,when can I make you realize the fact that I'm not your enemy but your true friend?/How can I make you trust me??"...he goes on with his monotone...but gets tired after a while since she doesn't respond...but continues to talk...Miilee starts sneezing so he's worried whether she caught a cold.

                                            He gets a call from Vishal.He asks "Aoni what are you doing?Where are you ?".Aoni says "I'm looking for Miilee.She's lost in the jungle".Vishal says "Good if she's lost.You dont have to look for her"..Just then Miilee sneezes.Vishal asks "Who was that??Who's with you Aoni?".Aoni says "No body sir.It was me..I only sneezed".Vishal says"Don't lie to me.How can you talk & sneeze at the same time.I know,, it was definitely a girl".Aoni denies but he can't stop smiling..he yells "sir,,,,,I cant hear you.....I think there's no range ".He switches the phone off.Vishal's sure that it was Miilee.He thinks "Miilee has taken Aoni on her side.She'll do anything to win....After all ,,,like father like daughter".

                                                 Meanwhile ramona's in the hospital.The doctors have put plaster on her foot.She's got a minor fracture.so the doctor advises complete rest for her.So no play for Ramona.The gang's worried.They reach Rajput college.They decide to train Khushi for the lead role but she goofs up.They become more worried.Then the rajput college gang come there.They say "Our play is wonderful.So there's no need for you guys to participate.The prize definitely belongs to us".

                                       Kunal asks about their lead actors..guess who the lead actors are...the three men biker gang!!!!They come & tell them that "In the jungle a witch came & killed your lead actor Aoni.We saw it with our own eyes.She tried to attack us too...she said she'll drink our blood."

Swami,Ramona & kunal can't control their laughter..they're sure that the witch was Miilee herself.So the bikers leave irritated.

                                        Aoni sees a small hut on the way.He asks the person there for something to drink.Miilee's lying on a cot.Aoni takes the jug,puts some water on her face,,.... gently wipes her face & wakes her up.He gives her one glassfull...She drinks it and asks for more..so she gets another glassfull..she says "The water is very nice".Aoni says "Yes,in the villages we get fresh,nice water".He tells the man there "Now since she's fine..give me also something to drink".He too drinks & finds the water very sweet.

                 Then the man says "What you guys drank now was not water..it was grape wine..".Miilee & Aoni are giggling uncontrollably.Aoni pays the man & they both leave.They're really in an intoxicated condition....both can't stop giggling.Miilee gently asks him "You tell me what happened to the auditorium's roof".Aoni's still giggling.He says "leave it Miilee.forget about it.Do you know who you are to me?/"..Miilee says "Yes,,I'm your friend".He says "No Miilee,you're more than a  friend,,, you're my life...I love you "  & falls right there on the ground....Miilee's surprised,looks around...gets worried since she can't find him..starts calling 'Aoni,Aoni"....sees him on th ground ...He's still smiling..he lifts his head & says "I love you".The episode ends on Miilee's face.

April 24 by tanya_vi

Dear friends, today's episode is a must watch for all Aoni fans..He looked so gorgeous,handsome,cool or is it hot????...sorry I'm running out of adjectives!!!!!

                         The episode began by Aoni's confession of love.Miilee doeesn't seem much bothered about what she heard..she runs to him,drags him to a comfortable place.She's sitting while he's lying on her lap.He can't stop smiling..is not in this world(afterall half the time he's in his own dreamworld).She tries to remember what all had happened & a smile crosses her face.She says "Aoni you are a very nice man.You came all the way alone to look for me..How sweet...We'll be friends forever".She takes some leaves & ties them like a frienship band & hugs him.

                                  Meanwhile,Kunal & Khushi are wondering what to do about Aoni & Miilee.The Rajput college gang teases them & asks them to call the police.Ramona & Swami come there.Ramona decides to look for Miilee & Aoni.They hire a cab & Leave.On the way they find Miilee & Aoni lying unconscious.They take them back.

                                         Miilee is lying on Khushi's lap while Aoni's lying against Ramona's chest.Ramona's very happy.She's hopelessly in love with him.She secretly kisses his cheeks.He's completely unaware of her actions.She leaves her lipstick marks on his face.

                                            Aoni wakes up & sees Miilee by his side.He sweetly calls her,holds her face with both his palms & pulls her towards him. There was no Miilee (as usual! Aoni darling's dreaming),it was his friend Sunny..He somehow manages to escape from getting kissed !!He asks "Aoni,whom are you dreaming of ??". Aoni sheepishly says "No one".

                         Miilee wakes up,sees Khushi.She can't remember a thing about last night.She asks Khushi how they got back.Khushi explains everything.

              Miilee changes her clothes(I mean Aoni's clothes) & is back her normal self.She can remember here & there so decides to ask Aoni.Meanwhile Aoni's wondering about the lipstick mark on his face..but he's sure that it's Miilee's..

                          They come out at the same time from the room,try to clear their doubts but both can't remember what happened after they drank the water...Aoni says "Something has happened I'm sure".Miilee asks "What?? " .Aoni says "look at my face..Where did this mark come from?/".Miilee's confused..she asks "Aye,Hello!!Do you think?????"..before she could complete,he says "Yes,you did it" & runs.She runs behind.They almost crash against the biker team leader.He irritates Miilee.She is about to fight with him when Aoni stops her & asks the guy to buzz off.He says "If you try to say one word against her,I wont leave you!!".Miilee looks at him, surprised...He goes with Miilee to the rehearsal hall.

                                                     The rest of the gang including Ramona is there.Miilee is shocked to see the plaster on Ramona's leg.Ramona says "there is nothing to worry ,I just have a hair line fracture".Aoni says "How come Ramona ??When I looked at your leg,I couldn't find anything wrong". She says "You left me half way through,maybe that's why"..Miilee looks confused..Aoni says "Why are you talking like that ?/I was so worried about Miilee that's why I left".Miilee looks at Aoni.She has a soft expression.

                         Ramona sees the lipstick mark & asks Aoni about it.Aoni mumbles something.He doesn't give a straight answer but looks at Miilee..Miilee looks on puzzled.Ramona says "it's okay Aoni,No need to tell in front of everybody". 

                             Ramona tells Miilee that since she cant act they should withdraw their play from the contest.Miilee remains quiet.Ramona says since Taara is the central character the play can't go on without her.Then Khushi says "This is not Taara's story this is Miilee's story".Miilee immediately says "Yes,Yes,This story is very much related to real life.This can be the story of any young girl".Aoni says "If this can be the story of any young girl,then this can be your story too Miilee.So I've decided you are going to play Taara.That's final"..Miilee looks on confused but Ramona has an envious expression.She looks at Aoni who's looking at Miilee.The episode ends on Miilee's face.

April 25 by tanya_vi

Such an awesome episode friends,I don't know whether I'll be able to do complete justice to it.Wait for Suruchi to upload today's episode..b'coz you guys shouldn't miss it for anything in this world.

                                                  Aoni asks Miilee to play Taara's role.Miilee agrees.Everybody's happy so even Ramona tries to put on a smiling face.The Rajput guys are rehearsing...their performance is very stylish with cool looking guys & scantly cladded girls.Miilee & gang watches it..they,especially Kunal look awed by their performance..Aoni is also there but his eyes are on Miilee..

                                     It's dress rehearsal time.Miilee's struggling with her salwar.It's open at the back .She's trying to tie the threads but could not do it.She yells "Khushiii".Aoni who was learning his dialogues outside the dressing room hears her.He opens the door & looks inside.He can't take his eyes off her.He goes near her.Miilee thinks its Khushi so she asks for help.But the moment he touches her she realizes that it's Aoni.She turns to look at him..just then her Dupatta flies off her shoulder & hides his face.He gently pulls it off his face.

                                        She looks at him shyly while he just cant take his eyes off her beautiful body...He gently pushes her towards the wardrobe & very softly  feels the smoothness of her skin....he murmurs "you are very beautiful!!!" in her ears....Miilee closes her eyes.He unties her hair...gently ties her salwar..makes her turn towards him...she says "Aoni" very softly..he says "Hush Miilee...don't stop me now"...He draws her closer..more closer..until their lips almost touch.........& then comes the anticlimax!!!!He was dreaming as  usual!!!!.(One of these days this guy will drive us all nuts).Confused

                               He was standing near the door & dreaming..Miilee turns around & catches him watching her change so she says "what are you doing here Aoni??Go find Khushi & send her here".He nods sheepishly & leaves.Miilee's puzzled "what has come over him..this's the first time I'm seeing him with his "Bolti Bandh""..

                                                          Aoni is back in the rehearsal hall,he's learning his dialogues "I hate you Taara...I just hate you"....Swami sees Ramona coming so he keeps a card for her to see & hides..it's a 'get well soon card'..but Swami has written some romantic wordings in it.Ramona thinks it is from Aoni..she looks at him & smiles shyly..Aoni looks at her but he sees Miilee & remember the romantic moments he dreamt earlier.He smiles sweetly thinking about it.Ramona completely misinterprets his smile.

                      Miilee is still in the dressing room.She wears earrings,payal,high heels etc.Aoni is still stuck with the same dialogues "I hate you Taara"..he suddenly hears the voice of Miilee's paayal.Miilee comes on stage looking very pretty.Everybody appreciates her look.Miilee looks at Aoni..Aoni's standing there quietly with his mouth slightly open.Miilee goes near him & asks "What happened?You dont have anything to say ?Why I look that bad or what??"    .

                                     Aoni says "No Miilee,it's the first time I'm seeing you like this so I was dumbstruck".Miilee laughs & they continue with the rehearsal.During the rehearsal as Miilee delivers her dialogues,Aoni keeps on thinking about his dream.He was supposed to say with passion "I hate you Taara ",,,instead he says very softly"I hate you Taara".Miilee tries to correct him few times but he can't improve his performance...so she strikes him with her book.

                             Next they show the real play being performed in front of the audience.Ramona is sitting in the front row.The play goes on smoothly...the audience seem to appreciate the performances..finally it's  the  climax scene between Miilee & Aoni..... Miilee completes her dialogues but Aoni remains quiet..everybody's waiting for his dialogue..he can't bring himself to say "I hate you Taara"..he says "I love you Miilee"...Miilee looks at him shocked...their friends are shocked...Ramona starts crying...it's a mess....the episode ends on Miilee's face..  and I sincerely hope it's not another dream!!

April 26 by Galacticb

Hey all, this is my very first update. I hope you guys enjoy it. Big smile

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------

The episode starts with Aoni saying, "I love you, Miilee," while Miilee looks visibly shocked. Ramona's mouth is slightly agape and she has tears in her eyes. Khushi on the other hand, whispers to Aoni telling him that he's saying the wrong lines.


Ramona walks away, hurt.

Miilee responds as Tara.

She says, "Love doesn't just happen if you say it. Love has to be felt, love has to be proven. For Tara, love is not just a game. Love has several tests that lovers go through. Will you be able to go through Tara's tests, Abheer?"

She further adds, "Tara's dream is to create a Sun that will wipe out all traces of darkness but that Sun itself has too much fire, too much heat. I might get burnt. Are you willing to get burnt with Tara?"

"Tara cannot just give her love to one person alone as she loves the whole world thus the person who loves her should love the whole world as well. Love this world, Abheer and you will receive Tara's love in turn,"

Everyone claps and whoops with delight. Aoni and Miilee stare into each other's eyes as Kunal motions for the curtains to close. Miilee breaks out of the spell and leaves the stage.

It's the Rajput College performance. Khushi and gang, excluding Miilee and Aoni, stand at the side of the stage. Khushi says, "This college is quite good, we saw them during the rehearsals. Hopefully, we win our challenge."

They laugh over how the three boys from the Rajput College were scared when Miilee acted as a witch to scare them. Swami says, "If only Miilee can come in her witch get-up again, they will just get so scared." They all look at each other as an idea strikes them. They agree on the idea as one with an audible, "Hmmmmm.."

The Rajput College team starts their performance. Miilee looks on anxiously. The audience claps while they perform. Suddenly, the person in charge of the lights and music sees a witch. It's Khusi and she has on Miilee's t-shirt and has painted her face white with tomato ketchup all over her mouth.

The guy gets scared and he stands abruptly. The music and lights go into a complete disarray. The dancers are confused and they are not able to co-ordinate as one. The audience laughs at them. Miilee is quite shocked to see the error.

The audience throws their shoes at the Rajput performers and chants Miilee's name at the same time.

The scene shifts. Vishal Rastogi is in his office talking to a man from a bank, I think. He is telling the man to take out a scheme on the students for the new college.

Back to the Youth Festival.

Aoni comes into the dressing room and sees Miilee's accessories on the table. He picks up her payal and thinks of her when she was wearing her suit and smiles.

He carries her earring next and he thinks of her again. Suddenly, Khushi and gang come in. Aoni quickly hides the earring behind his back.

They ask him what happened on the stage. He said, "I simply said what was in my heart." Khushi asks him, "What? What did you say?"

He replies, "What I said today on stage has been in my heart for quite a while now. I don't when it happened but it did."

Miilee comes in. She is looking quite angry. Khushi goes up to her but she gets a call and leaves the room.

It's Thambi. He tells her to come back fast as yesterday there was some function in the college but he doesn't know for what.

Miilee tells Thambi to find out what the function was about and call her back.

Thambi gets an idea.

Next scene, Swami is writing to Ramona in a card. He writes, "Don't get emotional over what happened in the play. It is just a performance. I know that you also have lots of things to tell me. If you accept this card, then I'll take it as if you love me as much I love you." He places it on a chair.

Ramona picks it up, reads it and as usual assumes that Aoni was the one who wrote it. She goes out of the room in a hurry.

Swami was hiding behind the door. Seeing the card clutched so closely to Ramona, he is happy and jumps about. Ramona goes back to the auditorium and sits back at her place. Swami sits across her and looks at her.

It's the results time. And who should win for the best actor apart from our dashing, handsome and too cool Aoni! Tongue

In her excitement, Ramona gets up from her seat and nearly falls. Swami catches her and tells her thanks for coming back. Aoni goes up the stage to receive his prize. He says, "Thank you. Firstly, I want to thank Rajput college for hosting a party for the winner. Secondly, Tara and Abheer's love story will never end, it will go on forever. He opens his hand and sees Miilee's earring. He smiles.

Miilee keeps trying Thambi's cell but she cannot get through. Vishal Rastogi is in a meeting with some committee members. They tell him to announce the new upgrades to the college after a few days.

Vishal Rastogi tells them that time is one thing he does not have. He sees Thambi peeping through the door, attempting to listen to their conversation. Slowly, he calls for security. The security guard captures Thambi and brings him in the meeting room. Vishal Rastogi comes towards Thambi and asks why he was listening to their conversation.

Thambi frightened, said that he was just collecting the empty tea cups. Suddenly, his phone rings. Vishal Rastogi tells him to hand over the phone. He sees the number and looks happy. He picks it up.

Miilee asks, "What's happening Thambi? What is that Vishal Rastogi up to?" Vishal tells her, "Why don't you ask me yourself?"

Miilee is shocked. Vishal Rastogi tell her, "You are shocked right? One more thing, do not come back to this city or college. It will be your misunderstanding if you think you can come back. You want to know what's happening? Listen." With that, he goes over to the board members and tells them to say what's been happening thus far.

They say, "You are the messiah for this country's educational system. Vishal Rastogi Zindaabaad!"

Vishal Rastogi says, "Have you listened? Seen my power?" Miilee looks petrified.

In the auditorium, everyone claps enthusiastically while they chant Millee's name. It turns out that Vidya Valley College has won the championship! Khushi calls for Miilee.

Miilee says, "Mr. Rastogi, listen to this." She goes up to stage to collect her prize and there Vishal Rastogi hears the crowd chant Miilee's name. He looks confused.

"Have you listened?" Miilee says. "This is real power. This is the public's love. They don't fear me. They are with me and this is my real power. With this power, I will come back to that city. I am coming," she continues and cuts the line

Tomorrow: Aoni tells Miilee, "The truth is, I love you." He grabs her arm and says that while Ramona looks on shocked and hurt with tears in her eyes…. again.  

April 27 by Galacticb

The scene begins with Miilee telling Vishal Rastogi that she is coming back. Vishal Rastogi is in a very bad mood. He mutters to himself, "This small fry is trying to teach me how things are done. I will see how she comes back."


Miilee is on stage and she is preparing to speak to the audience. She says, "Thanks a lot. I want to say that the credit goes to my sister Ramona and she is the real owner of this trophy. This is dedicated to her." Ramona is very happy.

She further adds, "I want to thank Rajput College for giving us a platform to perform our play." Aoni is standing at the side of the stage. He is looking at her and giving her lovey-dovey smiles.

"I am happy that you have all liked Tara and Abheer's story but Tara and Abheer is just a story, not reality so it has already ended… forever," she continues. "And friends, I know that you have kept a party for us however we have to get back to Shimla immediately," she laments.

The crowd roars. They disagree vehemently. They keep insisting for her to stay for the party. Miilee looks dumbfounded but later relents.

"Okay, if you insist, tomorrow we will come for the party," she says. Everyone is happy. They clap and chant her name yet again.

As Miilee leaves the stage, Aoni looks very sad at her words.

Aoni gets a call. It's Vishal Rastogi. He says, "So you finally have the time to entertain my calls." To which Aoni replies, "I'm quite busy now. I will call you later."

He is about to put down the phone when Vishal Rastogi says, "Don't listen to Miilee. It will turn out to be bad for you. Listen, Miilee must not come back ever… otherwise, you don't think of coming back as well."

Aoni is silent for a while before he answers, "Alright, tonight will be the night I make my decisions whether or not to change my destiny or follow it." He leaves.

Vishal Rastogi mutters to himself once more, "Because of this Miilee, my trusted pawn is going against me but in this game of life, we must make use of people." [ I don't know what he means by this. Confused ]

Miilee is walking along the corridor when she bumps into Aoni. He smiles at her and says, "You wanted Tara and Abheer to remain a story? Fine, it's finished. Congratulations for winning the trophy." He holds out his hand.

Miilee shakes it and says thanks. With his other hand, he clasps hers and says, "Tara and Abheer's story has ended. We can start Miilee and Aoni's story."

Miilee looks quite fed up. "There's nothing between Aoni and Miilee. What story is there?!" she snaps. Ramona comes along and Miilee leaves.

Ramona kissed Aoni on the cheeks Angry and congratulates him. They hug. Just a friendly hug, might I add! Angry

"Thanks for giving me the card," she says. Aoni looks puzzled.

"What card?" he asks. "I did not give you any card." he declares.

Ramona smiles and says, "Okay, now stop acting. You are just pretending."

Aoni seems amused. "Really! I don't have any reason to give you a card," he says. And Poor Poor Swami was there hearing all this. He had tears in his eyes! Cry

"Okay fine! During the play, how could you have said Miilee's name instead of Tara's? That was such a big mistake," she insists.

"I don't know how or what happened. I still have much to say. Give me some time and this whole drama will come to an end soon," Aoni replies while our poor Swami is still listening in.

Aoni leaves. Ramona sees Swami and he quickly wipes away his tears. She says, "You see Swami, Aoni is not owning up to the fact that he gave me the card."

Swami nods and says, "Yes, it must only have been Aoni who gave you the card. In love, this all happens," and then he pauses before adding, "Misunderstandings can happen." I felt so sad for him okay. Unhappy

Miilee enters her room and switches on the lights. She is suddenly horrified. Aoni is in her room. He stands up as Miilee asks him what he is doing in her room. She asks if he has lost his mind.

Aoni holds her hand. She says, "Aoni, I am very sleepy. Please leave my hand and go back to your room."

"No," he says. "I have many things I need to tell you and you need to listen to me," he adds.

Miilee tries to be amused. She says, "Do not attempt to tell me anything I might just laugh at. Right now, I'm too sleepy to laugh. Go away!" Unhappy

Aoni insists and tells her he needs to make a decision today. "Please let me have my say and don't ask me any new questions. Just listen. I just want to tell you that I love you a lot, Miilee," he rambles.

"I love you a lot," he says while Ramona, who very conveniently happened to be standing somewhere strategic to listen to them, becomes shocked. "I really love you. If you don't believe, look here! Look at my arm," and Aoni shows her his perfect left arm with her name inscribed on it. "Now, do you believe me? Do you believe in my love?" he asks.

Miilee looks extremely taken aback. "You have had your say. Okay now, good night. Leave!" she says.

"I told you such a huge thing and there's no reaction from you? Reject me, insult me but please give me a response," our poor Aoni begs heartless Miilee.

"I did! I told you good night!" Miilee tries to evade the issue.

Aoni, with tears threatening to spill from his soulful eyes says, "Don't you feel the slightest bit for me?"

"No!" Miilee answers. "But don't think that I am stone-hearted. I also have the ability to love but right now I have lots of work so I have no time for love… or lovers," she replies heartlessly.

Aoni leaves, a sad man. Miilee sees Ramona crying and wonders why she was so upset.

Ramona is crying while she is hurrying back to her room. Swami literally bumps into her. "What happened?" he asks, concern etched in his voice. "Nothing! Leave me alone. Go away. I beg of you!" Ramona cries.

Swami exits sadly.

Vishal Ratogi's cellphone rings. It's Ramona and she is crying her heart out. Vishal Rastogi is alarmed. "What happened?" he asks, panicked.

"Dad, I want something from you!" she sobs. "You are my life. I will give you whatever you want. Just state your demands," he says.

"I want Aoni! I love him! Give him to me! I love him!" she says and Vishal Rastogi's face contorts with shock.

"Ramona, whatever you want you will get. But you want something so small? So irrelevant?" Vishal Rastogi asks.

"I don't know anything. I just want Aoni. I love him!" she throws a tantrum.

"So what's the problem?" Vishal Rastogi asks her. "He doesn't love me! He loves someone else!" Ramona yells.

 Vishal Rastogi gets indignant. "Who dares come in your way? Who is this thorn?" he asks. [I know I know.. very dramabaazi… but I'm trying to give the actual dialogue.. hehehehehe]

"Miilee! Aoni loves Miilee! Not me!" she wails. Miilee happens to be standing outside and she hears everything. She gets flashbacks of Aoni and his declaration in the jungle.

Tomorrow: Aoni, in very scary mode [outlandish shirt and slick back-combed hairstyle] tells Miilee, "Today, I will distance myself from you. You won't have any more misunderstandings nor will I either!"

He  burns Miilee's name on his arm. That was nasty. Fire practically erupted out of his arm. Miilee's eyes bulged out and she froze as if she is rooted to the ground.


April 28 by Galacticb

Vishal Rastogi is thinking to himself. "My daughter loves Aoni? That same Aoni who has no status?!" he asks disbelievingly.


"And he actually has the audacity to turn down my daughter for Miilee?!" he adds.

"Why is Miilee always in my way?!" he thinks.

Scene shifts.

Ramona tells herself, "Dad loves me a lot. He will make everything alright." She sees Miilee in front of her and becomes angry. Swami is a silent observer.

Miilee goes up to her and asks, "What happened to my sister? Who dares to make you cry?"

Ramona looks incensed. She says, "You snatched my role from me to become Tara and now you want to become Ramona? Do not pretend! You are a cheat!" She says much more hurtful things but I can't remember them.

Our hero Swami can take it no longer. He comes forward and is about to slap Ramona but Miilee holds his hand. Ramona looks incredulous as if appalled that someone could entertain the idea of raising his hand on her.

"How dare you talk about Miilee like that?!" he says angrily.

"How dare you raise your hand on me!" Ramona counters.

"I pitied you and that was why I talked to you, entertained you and you think so highly of yourself? I know, you are both are involved in this together! I don't care, I will get my love by hook or by crook!" she rants.  She stalks off, well hobbles off really.

Swami asks Miilee, "Why did you not reply Ramona? Why did you let her insult you?"

Miilee said, "I could have given her an answer if I wanted to but I know that THAT Ramona was not my sister. THAT Ramona is afraid, afraid that I will steal her love away. She loves Aoni a lot."

Swami adopts a pitiful look. "And you?" he says. "Don't you love him?" he pursues.

Miilee grows silent for a while as she ponders on his question and then she pretends to laugh. "There is no such thing as love in my dictionary," she laughs off. 

"That was not the answer to my question, Miilee," Swami says.

Miilee turns away from him and grows serious. " I also don't know. I don't have any answer. Since young, fatherly, motherly, brotherly, sisterly bonds were kept away from me. So I decided to distance myself from all sorts of relationships," she answered finally.


"You are great, Miilee," Swami says quietly.

"Ramona has every right to her love, Swami. I am happy like this," she says.

"I will learn one thing from you, Miilee, and that is to stop tears from falling," he responds, dead-panned.

She laughs quietly. "I have been learning that since young," she says and leaves.

Poor Swami cries.

Scene shifts.

The Rajput College party is going on. Aoni and Sunny are drinking. They show everybody else [Kunal, Khushi] dancing but our hero is thinking about Miilee.

Two girls appear from nowhere and plop themselves on a seat opposite from them. Sunny nudges Aoni. "Aoni, why don't you go and talk to that girl?" he says.

Aoni smiles and says that he is not interested.

Sunny looks at Aoni as if he has lost his mind. "What are you saying?! She's so beautiful!" he says, shocked.

"Real beauty is something that you can see inside a person, a person who loves the whole world. That is real beauty," Aoni responds.

Sunny seems amused. "Only people who are in love will talk like that. Are you?" he asks.

Aoni smiles and says, "Yes, I'm in love and I'm going to meet with her. Tonight, she will tell me that she loves me too." Oh, the poor delusional fellow. Cry Cry

Scene shifts.

Miilee is on a terrace somewhere and she is crying. Her tears roll down her cheeks as she thinks of Aoni.

"What was it that Swami was saying? That I am able to control my tears? How would he know that my tears betray me sometimes," she thinks to herself.

"No, I won't shed anymore tears. I'm not weak," she says and wipes her tears.

"Whatever that is happening is wrong. I must make things right. I cannot afford to lose Ramona," she exclaims.

Scene shifts.


Aoni is standing in the party when he sees a girl wearing a white suit. They only show the legs first. I so knew it was going to be Ramona. She's supposedly wearing a cast right? But she was using a churidar. Bummer. Anyway.

As soon as he sees Ramona, Miilee's face flashes across his eyes. Ramona calls out to Aoni and asks him how does she look.

Aoni looks quite fed up, as if he is angry that someone would copy his beloved's style. Tongue

Miilee comes from behind and smiles at Aoni. "You forgot, Aoni? Today is the day for my decision," she says.

Ramona is about to leave but Miilee grabs her hand and tells her to wait.

"I don't know where both of you got this idea that I love Aoni. You are a fool to think that I will ever love you," she says and starts to laugh. Oh my god, her laugh is really horrendous and humiliating, okay.Dead Dead

Everyone stops dancing. "Miilee can't even hate you, Aoni, let alone love you because you are not deserving of both," she prods on, uncaring. Cry

"Miilee, what is this? An act?" Aoni asks, disbelieving.

"It was always only an act, Aoni. You were just my pawn. I used you against Vishal Rastogi to separate the both of you," she says.

"You know why? Because this is your place, your aukaad . You are just a puppet. No one will ever love you because you do not have any identity!" she says heartlessly. Angry Angry


Aoni looks on with hurt apparent in his eyes. Ouch

"I really wish you had read my diary. How I made you stupid enough to separate from Vishal Rastogi. Well, I have used you and have no further use of you," she dismisses.

Ramona looks murderous. "I don't love you. I have never loved you and never will," Miilee says.

Aoni looks as if he is about to cry on the spot!Cry Cry 

Miilee walks off.

Ramona holds Aoni's arm as if in comfort but Aoni shrugs it off violently.

He follows her and calls out, "Miilee!"

"Why have you followed me?" Miilee snaps.

"To show you something," he snaps back.

He lifts up his left sleeve so that the scar is apparent. He takes out a lighter and burns his arm. The scar actually puckers up okay! He grimaces with pain as Miilee looks scared and concerned.

The scar finally erupts in fire. "I will distance myself from you. There will be no misunderstandings from your side… or mine," he says, as his arm burns.

Miilee looks extremely shocked.

Scene shifts.

Miilee is walking alone on a road. Her friends come from behind and tell her to join the party. Her phone beeps. It's a message from Thambi. Upon reading it, Miilee turns pale and tells her friends about the message. "Thambi is asking me to back by tomorrow morning or else there will be trouble. I need to go now!" Miilee says.

"Are you crazy?" Khushi exclaims. "Go tomorrow morning. It's too late now!" she states.

Miilee insists on going and Swami said that he will follow Miilee since it's so late. She disagrees and says that she can manage by herself.

Meanwhile, Aoni starts his bike and rides off. He passes by them but neither notices the other. Miilee is with her bag.

A bus comes and she goes up on it, bidding farewell to her friends.

Suddenly, a man calls her name and she stands. She asks him how he knows her name. All the men in the bus laugh. Miilee gets scared and asks, "Who are you!"

"You did a very bad thing by humiliating Aoni, Miilee," one of the men says. Miilee attempts to leave the bus but is blocked by a burly man.

He says, "This bus won't go to Shimla now. It will go where we want it to because we have kidnapped you!" He points a gun to her head.

Tomorrow: It's basically the preview and the last scene. The voiceover says who could have done this? An old enemy and they show Vishal Rastogi or one who has just come out of the throngs of love and they show Aoni.





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