Tumhari Disha


Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

my version to Tumhari Disha Fast Forward

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Hi guys,

I've been reading everybody's versions of Tumhari Disha in their own words and it feels so good to read them. I don't remember   the names of members who have written these versions but I must compliment you all on your great imaginations. I too have certain scenes in my mind, which I want to share with you all. Portions of these are from the stories that I've so far, I hope nobody would mind.


I would like to start from where one of us left the story where in Sumitra makes the 2 D's sleep in the same room. It is now that Disha thinks that she should help Dk to walk normally and so contacts certain doctors, shows his medical reports. Dk too becomes hopeful and goes through series of tests etc. and the doctors declare that after a small operation and regular exercise he can regain strength in his leg.


Disha & Dk are still together since Sumitra's doctor has suggested not giving her any big shock that can put her back into the previous state.


The operation happens and Disha take good care of Dk, which makes Dk feel more passionately about her. He decides that once he gets better he would marry her, since he knows that Disha has developed feelings for him.


Now day's pass, Dk has to try and walk with out any support and Disha is helping him. Dk is sitting in his room when Disha enters and tells him:


Disha : Come on Dk get up its time for you to practice walking.


Dk : But Disha the therapist has not come as yet!


Disha : No, he is not gong to come today. He just called and has asked me to hep you with the session today.


Dk : Are you sure you can handle this? Do you know what exercises I need to do?


Disha : well, of course Dushyant. I watch you everyday. I know how to handle. Come on now get up!


Dk : But what if I fall?


Disha : Arre, I am there to hold you Dk, trust me nothing will happen. Chalo utho!


Dk : Ok, if you say so.


Dk gets up and Disha helps him with different exercises that he has to do. Then the last thing is that Dk has to walk without his stick.


Disha : Now you give this stick to me and I am going to stand near the bed and try to walk towards me slowly and carefully.

Dk : Are you sure I can do this.


Disha : Why are you scared? I am standing here and I have full confidence in you. Now start.


Dk walks with firm steps towards Disha.


Disha : Don't look down Dk and don't lean forward this will put pressure on your feet and look at me.


Dk looks at her ad is mesmerized by the confident, encouraging and loving looks in her eyes and begins to walk without thinking about the discomfort in his leg. Slowly he approaches Disha, he is almost there when SUDDENLY……………………………….


………………….he losses his balance, Disha steps forward to hold him but he is too heavy for her to handle and both of them land on the bed which is right behind Disha. With Dk on top holding Disha tightly in his arms and Disha with closes eyes with fear.


After awhile Disha opens her eyes and asks


Disha : Dk are you ok?


Dk : (after a pause and with a big sigh) Yes may be


Dk smells Disha's beautiful long hair and tries to dig in further as if he wants to get lost in her hair. Disha too realizes what was going on but she herself losses control on herself and moves her hands slowly on Dk's strong and firm shoulders, she feels relaxes in his arms.


Then Dk brings his face near her ear and kisses it. Disha closes her eyes for a while and when she opens them she see's Dk's eyes filled with passion and love looking deep into her eyes, she blushes but also keeps looking in to his deep brown eye, as if accepting what ever is happening. Then, Dk gently removes her hair from her face and takes her face in his hand. Disha feels the warmth of his hands on her face and seems to like it.


Then Dk gives her a sweet warm kiss on her forehead and then on eyes and slowly moves towards her lips. Both of them are lost in there own world and have accepted what was going on. None of them remember the contract and the fact that they are not husband and wife.


Dk is just about to kiss Disha when…………


Sumitra : Disha, Disha! There is a call for you beti, come down.


Then suddenly Sumitra's voice makes Disha realize that all this is not right and she stops Dk and gently pushes him off. Dk looks at Disha in a confused and embarrassed way.


Disha : Dushyant, yeah thik nahi hai (this is not right). I must go Mummyji is calling me.


Dk: (trying to stop her) but Disha……..


Disha : No, Dk this is just not right. Let me go.


As she tries to leave him her Mangal sutra gets stock in his shirt's button.


Dk : See even God doesn't want us to part. Then why you….


Sumitra : (calls again) Aree beti Disha where are you there is a call for you!


Disha : Coming Mummyji!


Hurriedly untangles her Mangal sutra and walks out.


Dk : Disha! Disha……listen…..


But she leaves


On the phone:


Disha : ( in a low and sad voice)Hello!

Rano : Hi, di how are you?

Disha : I'm fine Rano, how are you?

Rano : What were you doing? What took you so long to come?

Disha : Nothing I was just helping Dk with his exercise to help him walk.

Rano : Ohhhhho! So Dk was not letting you come or what?

Disha  : (all embarrassed and thinking how did she know) No Rano nothing like that.

Rano : Now don't lie Di, even I have a loving husband .

Disha : Shut up Rano, what are you talking about?

Rano : Ok! Soooooo while exercising did you hold his hand or he was the one holding on to you. Hmmmmmmm?

Disha : (all sharam se pani pani) Rano if you don't stop this nonsense I'll put the phone down.


Rano : Ok!Ok! I'll come to the point. Tomorrow can you come with me for shopping if you have time?


Disha : Alright I'll come, but I will not stand any of your stupid jokes.


Rano : (teasingly)Promise, but I think now you should hurry back for Dk must be waiting to finish his exercise. HaHa!


Disha : (in a scolding manner) Raaano!


Rano : (laughing) Bye di, see you tomorrow.


Disha smiling turns around to see Dk coming down. Both of them are now equally embarrassed but give each other a loving look.


Dk : I'm going to the office I might be little late in the evening.


Disha : Ok! But I'll wait for you for dinner.


Dk : Fine.


Dk is about to leave but stops and turns around and says


Dk : Errrr….Disha I'm sorry for what happened between us. I'll try this doesn't happen again, until we reach a decision.


Disha doesn't say anything, but looks at him feeling sorry for stopping him like that for she understands his emotions but cannot do anything


SmileTell me how you like this part the next part I'll try to write asap where they'll be getting married permanently, I need to get it out of my system before I explode. Hope you guys liked this.



samy74 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 April 2005 at 4:08am | IP Logged


Brilliant as the others...all u guys are doing fab job..

Can't wait for the next part

Keeep it up..

rang Senior Member

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Next day in the morning Dk leaves for the office early and Disha goes with Rano forgetting to inform Dk. A little later Dk sends apeom to fetch a file room his cupboard assuming Disha is at home and will give it to him. But Sumitra tells the peon that Disha is not at home. She decides to get the file or him instead. She goes to Dk's room and looks for the file. She takes out the file and in the process another files falls of the rack. She first quickly gives file to peon and then returns to put them back on shelve. As she is fixing the files a paper falls out with Dk's and Disha's signature on it. Out of curiosity she reads those papers and is shocked to see the marriage contract papers of the two and feels very worried and depressed. For a while she sinks in to the chair kept near by. But then gathers herself and calls up Vedant and asks him to come home immediately.


Vedant enters:


Vedant : Badi Mom! What happened you sounded very worried on the phone is everything all right?


Sumitra : No Vedant everything is not alright. Tell me what is the issue behind Sunny's and Disha's marriage?


Vedant : (sheepishly) What issue Badi Mom? They are a happily married couple. That's it.


Summitra : Look at me Vedant and tell me the truth.


Vedant : (trying to console) Badi mom trust me there is no issue .


Sumitra : You are lying, if there is no issue, then what is this?


Shows him the papers. Now Vedant is forced to tell everything to Summitra. After he finishes:


Vedant : But Badi Mom, both of them are madly in love with each other its only that they are scared to confess, especially Disha. We have to do something about this, but I don't know what.


Sumitra: But I know! Come lets go.


Vedant : Where?


Sumitra : Bhonsle house.


Both of them reach Bhonsle house where Sumitra tells Suhasini that she wants to talk to her in private. Both of them go to Suhasini's room and keep Vedant on guard outside so that nobody tries to hear.


Sumitra shows the papers to Suhasini and she is shocked to read them.


Suhasini : (folding her hands begging in front of Sumitra) Sumitraji, they have done all this because of their immature behavior. I request you to please save me daughters and my families pride or else we will not be able to live in the society with dignity.

Sumitra : (a little stubbornly) What can I do in this. If your daughter was so immature why didn't you stop her in first place. She should have realized the consequences before signing this bond. There is absolutely nothing in my hand.


Suhasisni : Don't say like this Sumitraji, at least remember what my daughter has done for your family.


Sumitra : Fine since you insist, I have a solution.


The rest of the conversation is cover by music. But Suhasini has a worried look on her face. After hearing everything


Suhasini : Sumitraji what are you saying? Disha will never agree.


Sumitra : Now the ball is in your court, either you agree to what I said or else I'll do what I feel is right.


Suhasini : No, No. I'll do as you say after all this is the only way I can save everyone's dignity.


Sumitra leaves with Vedant. Comes home and acts very pricey with Disha. Even Dk is amazed to see her act like this. Then she makes Disha sleep in her old room. Both Dk and Disha don't understand what is going on. Disha asks Vedant, but he also leaves with out answering.
rang Senior Member

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Next morning all 4 gather at the breakfast table Summitra is still acting strangely with Disha and Disha and Dk are still confused about the situation. When everybody is about to getup and leave the doorbell rings. Disha is going to open the door when Sumitra stops her and opens the door herself and says


Sumitra : Come Come! I was waiting for you people only.


Steps in Suhasini with Gautum looking very worried.


Sumitra : (angrily) There is your daughter take her away. I do not want to see her face any more and make sure that not even her shadow touches my Sunny's life ever again.


Dk and Disha are stunned to hear this they don't believe this is actually happening.


Dk : (astonished) What are you saying Ma? What is all this? Why are you asking Disha to leave? She is your……


Sumitra : (interrupts) She has no relation with me or you either.


Dk ad Disha look confused and scared.


Dk : What?


Sumitra : Yes, you tell me is this the truth or not? Your marrige contract got over along time back.


Dk: How did you know about this? Vedant you must have…


Sumitra : Don't say anything to Vedant, I got hold of your papers my self. Vedant is only helping me.


Dk : But Maa you cannot ask Disha to leave like this. We'll get married again. Besides there is no relation like a husband and wife between us. Disha is pure.


Sumitra : Enough Sunny this girl is not worth becoming Sehgal Khandan's Bahu she has to leave and I'll find you a better girl than her.


Dk : But Maa I ….I…. I…..


Sumitra : What do you love her?


Dk : No… I mean Yes!


Sumitra : See you yourself are not sure about your feelings towards her. In any case she has to leave. And you Disha what are you waiting for? Suhasiniji take her away.


Disha : But mummyji…..


Sumitra : don't call me mummyji. I have no relation with you.


Disha : Vedant, Vedant, you tell mummyji not to do this.


Vedant : Sorry Dish, I had been warning you. Now I cannot do anything.


Disha : (goes to Dk and in a very soft vice says) this was your love for me?


Crying she leaves the house followed by Suhasini and Gautum.




3 days pass by :


Disha is not allowed to see anybody or make or receive any calls. In Bhonsle house she is confined to her room only. The next day Suhasini and Rano enter Disha's room where she is sitting on the floor and crying. Suhasini is holding a huge box. She puts her hand on Disha's Shoulder and tries to console her:


Suhasini : Beta, we cannot do anything about what happened? Life is not to look back but to move ahead. Dk was your past. Forget him. See what have I brought for you.


Suhasini opens the box


Disha : (amazed to see the contents) Aai what is this?


Suhasini : (reluctantly) Beta this is your wedding dress.




Suhasini : Relax Beta, I've found a rich NRI match for you and fixed a small wedding ceremony tomorrow at the mandir. The boy is very good, he'll keep you happy for life.


Disha : Aai, what is all this I am not going to marry any one. How could you even think something like this?


Suhasini : Why not Disha? Now that Dk is not a part of your life, why not?


Disha : Who said Dk is not part of my life?


Suhasini : Of course, your contract got over a long time back!


Disha : But I still love him and cannot live without him. I cann't even think of living with any other person. Aai he's my life don't do this to me I'll die.


Suhasini : And what about Dk?


Disha : He too loves me. He told this to me so many times I was the foolish one not to confess mine.


Suhasini : (in a cold tone)Anyways now its too late Disha. You will have to accept this marrige for the sake of dignity of your family. Rano don't leave her alone. Get ready in the morning



At Kanaka house


Dk has been trying to get in touch with Disha but all his efforts go futile. Sumitra gives similar instructions to Dk as she has chosen a girl for him too. In the en he has to agree when Sumitra says


Sumitra : Soch lo Sunny if you donot accept this marriage you'll loose me too.


Dk : Ok Maa! But I will never give this girl the position of Disha. She'll be only your bahu and not my wife.


Sumitra : This time will only tell. Wait till you see her.


Next morning :


Sumitra, Dk and Vedant reach the mandir. As they are climbing the stairs Dk remembers his wedding with Disha and all the good times spent with her. Just then Sumitra tells Dk


Sumitra : Sunny you go ahead and me and Vedant will bring the Shagun.


They turn back and go. Dk keeps climbing the stairs with heavy feet. He reaches the mandir and see's a girl standing in Red and Golden lehenga facing the god and praying. Dk assumes her to be the girl chosen by Sumitra. He goes and stands next to her and says.


Dk : You refuse this wedding for I'll never be able to give you the place of my wife it is already my beloved Disha's place and I can never forget her.


Hearing this the girl turns towards him and we see that girl is Disha looking stunning in her lehanga and Dk stunned to see her. Both of the look at each other in joy and shock and then Disha liraly jumps into his arms and says "DUSHYANT I LOVE YOU" (echos) "I cannot live without you".


Dk grabs her tightly and say "Neither can I Disha, Neither can I Disha".


Suddenly, everybody come out clapping and laughing at the two. Both of them are embarrassed but happy.


Sumitra : Kyon Bachoon Kesi rahi? What do you think only you two can put up an act? Hmmmm


Disha : Aai you were also apart of all this and Rano you……


Rano : Yes di everybody knew everything except you two. I guess this was the best way of bringing you two together.


Then our Dk and Disha get married happily for every, no contracts this time but yes there was a bond, bond of love.


Hey guys this is not the en of my story. I'll be back so watch out for the progress and do write in your comments.



Nachos Senior Member

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Posted: 03 April 2005 at 7:18am | IP Logged

Wow Rang,

It's a very good story, but you made me curious by saying this is not the end, what's going to happen next? Can't wait to read your next part..


Smile Nachos

Asian Princess Goldie
Asian Princess
Asian Princess

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Posted: 03 April 2005 at 7:35am | IP Logged

WOOOOOWWWWWWWWW Rang what can i say that was seriously amazing!!!!

That was a great storyy line aww and they both feel for the trickkk awwww!!!!

Can't wait till the next part

Love Asian princess/DK ki Dewani

eran Goldie

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Posted: 03 April 2005 at 7:41am | IP Logged

hi  rang

i love it, your story is fab!!!!!!ClapClapClap

if your story comes true i  would be over the moon!!!!!

can't wait for the rest!!!!!

love Eran!!!!!!

kiko_kicks Newbie

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wicked, i wish that actually happened!Clap

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