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April 24, 2006

By: Sree

Kajal waits near the car for Ant. Ant comes out, the words said by those people still revolve in his head. He remembers the stinging words said by those people which is a fact. He remembers Kajri's photos which he saw. He is in tears. He comes near the car. Kajal asks him, why is he late? Ant does not respond, he is lost in thoughts. Kajal asks him again. Ant then opens the driver's seat door, gets in. He is sitting, again thinking about what happened. He has tears in his eyes. kajal stands out, the door near the driver is still locked. She starts to bang the door, but Ant is thinking. Kajal sees tears in Ant's eyes, is restless. She bangs the door hard, for Ant open the lock. After sometime, Ant realises that Kajal is still out. He opens the lock, she gets in. Kajal asks Ant what is wrong? Ant does not reply, but starts the car. He drives very fast, which makes Kajal panicky. He stops the car somewhere in the midway, in the dark night. He gets out of the car. He is burning in anger. Kajal realises that something is wrong. She too gets out of the car, asks Ant what is the matter? Ant who is turning to the other side, asks Kajal how much does she love him? Kajal smiles, tells Ant that she need not describe it to him, but she will. She says that she loves him more than her own life. Ant with anger in his face and tears in his eyes, turns to her , screaming you are lying. Kajal is stunned. Ant screams out that this is not the truth. Kajal tells him that this is the biggest truth of her life that she loves him a lot. Ant tells that you are lying to me, Kajri. Kajal is shocked to hear this name from Ant's mouth. Ant asks her, whether she is shocked to hear him call her like that? He asks her, how many unknown names does she have like this? She is stunned. Kajal then cries. She tells him that i was helpless, so got this name. She tells him that with Ant's entry into her life, her lifestyle changed. But then, Raghu kidnapped Naina, due to which she had to go there again, to the world she had forgotten. She was forced to dance in the bar again. She cries.

Ant says even if i believe your story, the fact remains that you still lied to me. There is no place for lies in this relationship. So it is better that this relationship is broken.Kajal cries, tells Ant that she just cannot lose him. Ant tells that you did a mistake in not telling me the truth. You should have told me. kajal says that she was afraid that Ant will start hating her, if she told him. Ant says that if you had told me, i would have been proud of you. he says that he found it hard to digest this fact when a stranger told him. Ant also cries. Ant says that i see a stranger in you now. Kajal is shocked. He tells that he does not want to live with a bazaaru aurat. He tells her that he breaks the relationship that existed between them from this day. Kajal is stunned. Ant screams that everything is lost and goes towards the car, Kajal feels her kid and asks Ant whether his kid also appears as a stranger to him. Ant turns back, is completely shattered now. he is in tears. Kajal tells him that this kid needs him. she requests him to forgive her, she pleads to him to accept her again. Ant is in a dilemma. Home. Ant comes home. Kajal follows him. Kajal thanks Ant for accepting her again in his life. Ant does not respond and goes into his room. Kajal is confused. Ant goes to his room. He sees his marraige photo, tells the photo of kajal that he cannot forgive her at all. He tells her that the kid's love has tied his hands, he is not able to take the decision. But, he has only hatred towards her now. Even though his hands are tied, his heart has already given the punishment for kajal. He tells that he will throw her out of his life and this house once he gets his baby. Kajal is at the door, she hears everything. She is in tears. She tells herself that she has time till the kid comes to life. she tells herself that she needs to win back the confidence Ant had in her, in these 8 months. She tells herself that if she does not do this, then she will lose both Ant and the kid without whom she cannot live.

Morning. Ved is with the kid in the puja room. She is explaining to Krishna that his mom does the puja daily. She tells him that he needs to accompany her from now on to do the puja. She is talking cheerfully to the kid, when Dhruv comes here. He also sits. Ved tells that Krishna is a good boy. Dhruv says that he will also do puja from now on daily. Ved is surprised, asks him whether he wants to spend maximum time with krishna. Ved callls Dhruv too a good boy. They both share a happy moment with their kid.

Later, scenes are shown without dialogues. Kavitha and Viren playing with the kid. Titli massaging Krishna. Ved sleeping, she gets up , is shocked to see that Krishna is not there in bed. She gets up, sees Dhruv with the kid sitting in the sofa. Dhruv is trying to change the nappy of krishna. Ved smiles seeing this. Ved putting the dress for Krishna. A dressed Krishna lying in bed, Ant is sitting near the kid, he takes the kid in his arms, he hugs the kid and looks pretty excited. Kajal sees Ant loving Krishna, feels sad and cries thinking of the fate of her kid and herself.

Dhruv and Ved are in the room. Krishna starts to cry. Ved goes near him. Dhruv is working sitting in the sofa. Ved is shocked to see that krishna is having fever. She is tensed. She tells Dhruv. Dhruv also gets panicky. They both take the kid in the arms, are thinking, when Titli comes. Ved tells Titli that krishna has fever. Titli is shocked too. Later Titli tells them that the kid has had an injection today, so it is normal that he will get fever. She tells them that he will get ok by tomorrow. Ved is upset though.

The kid keeps crying the whole night. Both Ved and Dhruv try their best to make the kid sleep. The kid goes on crying, without a stop. Ved is worried, so is Dhruv. Ved and Dhruv spend the night by taking Krishna in their arms, by turn and walking round the room. But Krishna does not sleep. They put him to bed, make him sleep ,. but he continues to cry. Night passes off in the same manner.

Next morning, Dhruv and Ved come out of the room with Krishna who is still crying. Kavitha tells Ved that they need to call the doc bcos they have tried giving medicines, Krishna is not responding to them. The doc comes, is examining Krishna. Ved asks the doc what is wrong. The doc lady says that kids usually get immunity from ailments if they have mother's milk at regular intervals. The doc says that the medicines will not work at this stage as the kid is very small. She tells them that mother's milk will keep the kid away from infections. So you need to give the kid mother's milk. All are shocked. Ved tells Kavitha and Dhruv that they need to call Alsiha back home. All are tensed. Ved tlels Dhruv that she cannot see her Krishna in this state. So he needs to bring back Alisha. Dhruv tries to call Alisha's mobile, but she does not reply. Dhruv is sad. Ved asks him, whether there is no other way to send her this message that Krishna is not well. Dhruv then tells Ved that he has her friend Jenny's number. He calls Jenny. He introduces himself as Dhruv first, to which Jenny gives a surprised tone. He then tells that he is Karan speaking. Jenny recognises him. He tells her that he needs to pass on a message to Alisha. She is not replying the call. Jenny tells Dhruv that Alisha never came back to HK. Dhruv is stunned. All are shocked to know that Alisha is still in India. Ved tells Dhruv that he needs to do something for Krishna. Dhruv tells that he will go and check in the ashram. He goes to the ashram cottage where they stayed previously. There the security fellow identifies him. He asks him whether he has come again to stay here. He tells that the cottage in which you stayed had lights on last night, so i guessed you are back, he says. Dhruv thinks that Alisha is here in the same cottage. He calls home, tells Ved that he has got to know that Alisha is in the cottage. He will bring her. Ved is happy, conveys this news to Kavitha and Titli.

Ved, Kavitha and Titli try to manage a crying Krishna, but they are not successful in making him stop his cry. Dhruv comes back. Ved takes Krishna in her arms, runs to the door to welcome Alisha. But Dhruv has a sad face. Ved asks where is Alisha. Dhruv with sadness in his eyes, tells that Alsiha was not there in the cottage. There is another girl occupying the cottage. All are shocked.

Ved sits down on the sofa with the kid. She cries, tells that she has got all the happiness she wanted now. With Krishna coming into her life, she was very happy. She became a proud mother of the kid. But she is not able to perform the duty of a mother, she hugs the kid and cries, as all look at Ved's sorrow.

Tomorrow: Kavitha and Titli are in the hall, talking to the new woman(Shown in the promo, refer to the post i have made about the new promo). The lady says that Alisha came to her house, after leaving the Raizada house. She used to sob always, she never spoke anything, always looked to be lost in thoughts. Titli and Kavitha listen to her, as she puts a pan into her mouth. She asks them, whether they want to taste this banarasi pan.....

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how sad for the baby .. hope that there will be no twist taking alisha
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April 25, 2006
By: Sree

Night. Ved takes the kid to the puja room. She cries before God, as Krishna weeps continuously. She asks God, asto what mistake did the kid make? Why is he being troubled so much? She cries, tells God that she can do anything for her son, can even give her life. But, from where can she get mother's milk? she cries. She tels that she has laready lost a child, she cannot afford to see those days again. She pleads for Krishna's good health. She tells God that she is very adamant and she will not get up from here, till God makes her kid alright. She says this sits there near the idol with Krishna in her lap. She tells that my kid's cry and yelling sound should melt your heart. She keeps seeing God and is crying.

Alisha is sleeping in her room. All of a sudden, she starts to hear Krishna's crying voice. She gets up from sleep. She is very tensed, she is perspiring. Here, Ved keeps the kid near the foot of the idol, stands there, staring at the idol. Alisha is restless, she is worried for Krishna.

In the hall, Kavitha, Titli, Nih and Dhruv are worried. A call comes, Alisha is the caller. Dhruv picks up, at once recognises her voice. Alisha immediately asks how is Krishna? Dhruv says that he is not well. Alisha cries, says i knew it. Dhruv asks , how did you know? Alisha says that she was feeling restless, knew something was wrong with Krishna. She asks what is wrong? Dhruv says that Krishna needs his mother. Alisha is in tears.She tells Dhruv that she will come immediately. Dhruv is happy. She tells all that Alisha is coming. All are relieved. Dhruv then asks Kavitha, how did Alisha know that Krishna was not well? Kavitha says that afterall, she is Krishna's mother, a mother will always listen to the heartbests of her kid, whereever she is. Dhruv is surprised.

Ved still stands in the puja room, staring at the idol. Dhruv comes there, thanks God, then tells Ved that Alisha is coming. Ved is very happy. Dhruv tells Ved that her prayer has been answered. Ved is excited, thanks God for helping a mother. A flower from the idol falls down, over the kid. Ved is happy and thanks God. She takes Krishna, hugs him and is happy.

They show a plane landing. all are waiting for Alisha to come. Ved is having the kid in her arms. Alisha comes running. She sees all. She sees her kid, cries. All run to her on seeing her. All are happy. Ved gives Krishna to Alisha. Alisha sees her kid, cries in excitement. She hugs him and cries her heart out. Kavitha tells Alisha that the kid missed mother's milk. As she says this, a voice says that the kid must have missed the lap of the mother too. All see near the door. A lady enters. It is the lady with a big bindi. She tells all that a mother misses her kid when she is away. She then asks Alisha to introduce her. Alisha tells that she is her bua. All welcome her. Ved tells Alisha to go and feed Krishna, as he is very hungry. Alisha smiles and goes in. Ved goes with her. Bua then starts seeing the house, tells that they stay in a big house. She looks around. Titli and Nih do not like this lady. Bua comes in. She then asks whether there are no servants in the house. She then sees Titli, assumes her to be the servant, asks her to get her luggage. Titli is embarassed.

Alisha in the room, is feeding Krishna. She is letting out tears of joy, as Krishna is having milk. She is happy and contented. Ved sees Alisha. She is also in tears. Alisha then sees Ved. They both give a smile to each other.

The doc comes to examine Krishna. The doc says that kid is prefectly ok now. She tells that the kid should have mother's milk for atleast 6 months. All agree. Bua says that 6 months is not enough, the mother's milk shoulv be given for 2 years. Then the kid gets good resistance. All go in. Ved starts to tell Alisha that she needs to stay here, but before she can complete, Alisha completes her sentence and says that she will stay here only. Bua tells that they both will stay here til it is needed. Nih and Titli are not happy with Bua's staying. Bua gives a strange look in her face as she says this. Nih sees her change in expression, is perturbed. Bua then asks them whether she can stay here, otherwise, she will go back to Banaras. Kavitha says that they have not objection at all.

Kavitha, Titli and Bua are talking. Bua tells that Alisha was so very upset after coming from here. She woke up at 3 in the night, as she sensed that Krishna is not well. She says that mother's heart is always so amazing. She says that Alisha always appeared to be sad and depressed. She never ate food. Kavitha asks whether Alisha came to Banaras after going from here. Bua says yes, she says that Alisha was about to go to HK, but she asked her to stay back. It is good that she stayeed back, as she got to stay with her own kid now, says Bua. She then talks about her son in Banaras, Lallan. She takes out a pan and starts to chew it. Titli who is observing the actions and talk of Bua till now , asks her whether she eats pan frequently. Bua asks whether she too wants it. She says that this is the special pan of Banaras. Titli ask whether you have a shop of pan. Bua then asks Titli whether she has a shop of shoes, as she is wearing shoes. Titli is again embasrassed. Bua says that if i have pan, then it does not mean that i have a shop too. The Bua asks her name and asks who she is. Titli then says that she is Titli Mami. She is Kavitha's bhabhi. Bua says bhabhi is ok, but why titli? She asks very inquisitively whether she likes like titli. Titli is angry. Titli then asks what is your name? She says that her name is Chitralekha. Titli says she has a very nice name. Titli is about to talk more , when Kavitha sends her in for some work. Kavitha also goes in.

Bua then gets up, eats another pan, gives a wicked look, tells that nobody has got to see her real face till now. She says that she has a right to enjoy the richness of this family. She says that i need to fit Alisha in this place for life. Then my life will be set too, she says. She says that she shows different kinds of pictures(Chitr) to people as her name says. She says that Lalli(Alisha's pet name) tells that these people do ramayan puja a lot. But Chitralekha is very famous for conducting Mahabharata wherever she goes. She gives a wicked smile saying this.

Tomorrow: Ant is scolding Kajal, tells her that she has lost all her rights to question him. SAying this, he goes. Kajal stands there, crying...
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April 26, 2006
By: sree


I could not see the full episode today as there were frequent power cuts... I am writing what i saw...

Bua vows to make a place for herself and for Alisha in this house. She tells herself that she needs to teach Alisha the right way in which she can achieve this...

Nih is very worried, as she suspects that Bua is out here only to create trouble. Rudr tells her that Alisha has never created trouble for them till now, so she will go back as soon as the kid is comletely ok.Nih says that she is not worried about Alisha, but something tells her that her Bua will create some problem for Ved and the kid. Rudr assures her that nothing like that will happen. But nih has her own doubts.

Bua tries to tell Alisha that the kid is so nicely sleeping now as she is with the kid. She tells Alisha that the kid was looking so drained yesterday. Alisha says that the kid was not well yesterday, today he is much better. Bua says that the fact remains that the kid was missing its mother. Bua then asks Alisha to go to the kitchen and help all out. Alisha says that Ved and other bahus of the house are there for that. Bua asks Alisha to go and stamp her authority in the house, so that she remains in the house forever with the kid. Alisha argues with her, saying that this is not right.

Bua is massaging the kid with some oil, when Titli comes there. She asks her what oil she is using? Bua tells that she is an expert massager for kids, in Banaras, whenever kids are born , she is called to massage. Titli and Bua again have some argument, which Titli does not like. Bua also feels that this lady talks a lot.

Ant is packing his bags to go out of town. Kajal comes there, asks his plan? Ant tells her very rudely that she has lost all the right to question him. So he need not tell her where he is going and when he will return. Kajal cries.

Ved is signing some paper, Dhruv and others are taking a policy for the newborn. As Ved is about to sign it in the hall, Bua comes and screams that Ved should not be signing those papers, the paper should be signed by the real mother of Krishna, that is Alisha. All are shocked. Alisha hears it, drags Bua into the room, before she creates a big issues out of it.
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April 27, 2006
By: Sree

alisha scolds Bua that what she did was not right. Alisha tells her that she does not need her advise. bua tells Alisha that you need to stamp your right in this house. You need to demand your right and always be with krishna. She says that if you go away from this house, you will repent as you will miss Krishna. Alisha tells Bua that this cannot happen. She tells that she is here only bcos she has a responsibility of making Krishna alright. As they are arguing, Nih comes there. Nih screams at Bua, tells her that she should not talk all this. She points her fingers at Bua, warns her that she will not tolerate all this instigation done by her on Alisha. She tells that Ved has seen lots of darkness before seeing this happy moment. So she will not allow anyone to spoil the atmosphere. Alisha asks sorry to Nih, folds her hands , says that i will take care that nothing like this happens in future. I ask for forgiveness on behalf of my bua, says Alisha. Nih goes from there. Bua says that this girl is a theeki mirchi. Alisha says that what you have done today has hit all very much. So please do not talk about this matter from now on. Bua continues to say that you need to take advantage of Ved's inability to become a mother. She tells Alisha that you have become Krishna's mother, but you have not got the position of Dhruv's wife. Alisha says that i cannot do that, Ved and Dhruv love each other a lot. Bua says that if Ved gets the kid, then you put your arms on dhruv. Alisha is really confused. She tells her that you have kept the kid in your womb for 9 months, you will feel the pain of seperation when you go out of this house. Alisha says that i will complete my duty and go out of this house, no matter what happens. I will not allow any attachment todevelop from my side for the kid. She goes saying this. Bua tells herself that if you get used to having the kid with you, the moment seperation comes, you will realise that you cannot live without the kid. Then will be action time... She smiles, eats her pan.

Now various scenes are shown without dialogue. Ved is having the kid, Krishna is crying. Ved is trying to make him quiet, when Alisha comes, takes Krishna from Ved, takes it to her room. Ved keeps blinking and starts to cry. Night. Ved gets up from sleep, sees that Krishna is not in the bed. She goes to Alisha's room, sees Krishna lying there. She is in tears...The kid is in the hall, in the cradle. It starts to cry. Both mothers come running down the stairs from the left and right side. But before Ved can come, Alisha comes near the cradle, takes the kid, kisses it, hugs it and gives love. Ved is again in tears.

Next day, the doc comes , examines Krishna, tells that he is completely ok. She tells that they can give top feed also now, in a few months time, they can give juice and soup too. All are happy. Alisha asks whether there are any complications. The doc says he is fine. The kid is now 3 months old.

Dhruv, Ved and Krishna are in the hall. Dhruv is having Krishna in his arms. He tells that he will play cricket, horse riding, when he grows big. Ved says her son will play basketball. Dhruv says this is monopoly. Ved says i am its mother, so my raajya will take place. Dhruv and Ved argue casually. Ved says she will make Krishna sleep. Dhruv says he will do it. As they are arguing, Alisha comes there, asks Ved to give Krishna. Ved says let him sleep with us today. Alisha says that she will have to feed him at night. Ved says the doc has given a nod to top feed, so i will give him bottle milk. Alisha denies, tells that till i am here, i will feed my kid and takes Krishna away. Both Dhruv and Ved are stunned.

Alisha gets the kid to the room, where Bua is seated. Bua asks her why did she get the kid today, the kid can have bottle milk, so give it to them. Alisha says that till she is here, she will feed the kid. Bua now takes this opportunity, tells that a mother will feel only that. Afterall, you have given birth to him, fed him. Bua then tells Alisha that she needs to tell all now that she will not give Krishna to anyone. She says that Krishna is your trump card, with which you can make everyone dance to you tunes. As they are talking, Ved overhears everything. bua says that she needs to tell all that she will be with Krishna forever. Only on tihs condition, will she give Krishna to the other family members. She tells Alisha that Ved is now not able to conceive, this is the only reason why they have accepted your kid. If Ved conceives, then they will not care for your kid. He will always get step-motherly treatment, she says. Alisha cries, tells that she does not know what is right and wrong. She only knows that she just cannot live without Krishna now. Ved is stunned with what Alisha says.

Night. Ved and Dhruv are in bed. Ved does not get sleep, she is remembering the words of Bua and Alisha. She keeps thinking the whole night.

Morning. Dhruv , Ved and Krishna are together in the hall. Alisha comes there. She comes with a bag. She tells them that she has to now go out , as her duty is over. Dhruv thanks Alisha for her help. Ved also says that thanks is a very small word, she will always remember her sacrifice. Alisha takes Krishna in her hand. They feel she is taking him for the last time before she goes. But Alisha goes with Krishna to the place she has kept the bag. Ved comes to her, wants to take Krishan from her. Ved tells that Krishna will say bye to Alisha. But Alisha denies, tells that the kid will now say goodbye to Ved and not her. Both Dhruv and Ved are stunned. Alisha says that she cannot live without him, so she will take him along. She says that when she can give her kid love and affection, why should she give the kid to someone else? Ved and Dhruv are shocked. They both plead to her. Ved says that Krishna is my life. Dhruv folds his hands, pleads to her that she needs to understand the pain Ved is going thro. Alisha asks dhurv, is he not concerned about what she will go thro by giving away the kid? Bua also comes there, ready to go. She tells Ved and Dhruv that Alisha is right. She has all the right to take the kid with her. Both Alisha and Bua start to go out of the house, as Dhruv and Ved keep begging, as they run behind them. But Alisha and Bua go out of the house. Ved gets up from sleep, is perspiring. She screams out the name of Krishna. This was a dream of hers. Dhruv is beside her. He asks what is the problem? Ved says that she will take away my kid. Dhruv says nothing like that will happen, you dont worry. Ved cries, says that the dreams that are seen early in them orning always become true, what if this becomes true??? Dhurv is also anxious, Ved is crying too.

Tomorrow: Bua and Alisha talking. Bua tells Alisha that she should now take thekid from them. She should not think much now, it is time now for some action. She asks Alisha to go to them and tell them what she wants...
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April 28, 2006
By: Sree

Kavitha and Titli are talking in the hall as they have tea. Nih comes there,tells Kavitha that she needs to talk to her. Nih then tells them that it is now time for Alisha to go. Kavitha says what are you saying? Nih tells that the docs have said Krishna is fine, so we cannot have Alisha for long here. Titli also says that nih is right, we need to talk to Alisha. Kavitha says i agree that Alisha has to go. But we cannot force her to go, probably she has planned to go in few days time. Nih says that she fears that in these 2 months, Alisha has got so close to the kid, that she might now find it diffciult to go. She says that Alisha took krishna from Ved last night too, to feed him. Now, when the docs have given permission to give bottle feed, why is Alisha doing this? Nih tells that she fears that Alisha might create a problem for Ved and her happiness. Titli says that Ved's happiness lies in Krishna, i am also worried. Kavitha says that we cannot tell her to go, so we will just wait and see what she does. As they speak, Bua hears all this from upstairs. She is worried, tells herself that this girl Nih is very smart and intelligent. She got to read my mind, i thought nobody will know what my plans are, but this is girl is oversmart. Now i need to talk to Lalli, she says.

Ant has come home after his tour. He is unpacking his bag ,when Kajal comes there. She tries to help him in unpacking, but he asks her to stay away from him. He tells that he does not want to take help from a betrayer and a cheater. He screams at her, tells her that he does not need her at all. He asks her to get lost. Kajal is very upset and is crying.

Ant is now leaving for office, when Kavitha asks him, why is he going as soon as he reached from his tour? Ant says he has some work. Kavitha tells Ant that he should take kajal to her chachi's place, drop her there, bring her back when he returns from office in the evening. Ant says he is very busy and cannot do it. Kavitha tells him that kajal wants to go to her Maika, she feels like spending time there. So we need to keep her happy in this stage. Ant then agrees.

Bua comes running to Alisha. Alisha asks her what is wrong? Bua tells her that she now needs to use her brains. She tells that all are hatching plans to send her out of the house. Alisha is stunned. She tells that she heard it from her own ears. She asks Alisha to go and tell them the fact. She wants Alisha to tell all that she will never leave Krishna and go. Alisha says that it is true that i cannot live without Krishna. But, how can i go and tell them this? I have promised them that i will leave when he gets ok. Now how can i move away from my promise?Bua tells that promises like this are made to be broken. She tells that all is lies, the only fact remains that Krishna is her son. Alisha is now confused. bua tells her that this is now time for action, urges Alisha to go out and tell all about her decision. Alisha goes out in a hurry. Bua is very happy, she prays to God to give Alisha the strength to achieve what is right for her.

Alisha goes out, stands upstairs, staring at the people talking in the hall. In the hall, Ved is with few of Kavitha's friends, Titli is also there. All the ladies are happy to take krishna in their arms, they tell Ved to give birth to a sister now for Krishna. Ved is sad. Titli takes krishna in her arms, tells that we have not yet loved Krishna to the maximum, so sister will come a bit later. Alisha hears all this. The ladies say that the kid is more like Ved, with big eyes.

Kajal is at her chachi's place. She is sitting before them irror, getting dressed. She then holds her tummy, talks to her kid very affectionately. she tells the kid that its papa is now angry with mama. But it needs to bridge this gap between them. She tells that kids always strengthen the bond between a husband and wife, you need to do only that. She keeps holding her tummy as she talks. She tells that kids are always a support to parents, but you happen to be my support even before you are born. She tells the kid that your papa will now come to take us home. As she talks, there is a door bell. Kajal is very excited that Ant has come. She runs down the stairs, in a hurry. As she runs, she misses a step, falls down. She is now in pain, holds her stomach, cries aloud. She is completely shattered, as she realises that something is wrong with the kid. She is in tears, in pain.

Kajal lies in bed, chachi and the doc with her. She has had a miscarriage. The doc gives a list of medicines, tells Chachi that there has been severe blood loss, so they need to take very good care of her. She tells that if neglected, complications can occur. The doc leaves. Kajal keeps on crying,thinking about her future.

Night. Kajal is sittingn in the bed, she continues to weep. she remembers all the words told by Ant. She realises that without the kid now, her future with ant is in the dark. Chachi comes there with a glass of juice. Kajal cries, tells that this kid meant a lot to Ant. How will i tell him that i have lost it? kajal weeps. Chachi tells Kajal that she should not go home today, she asks her to be here with her in bed rest. She tells kajal that she will call Ant and tell him. Kajal says that Ant should not know of this miscarriage. Chcahi says this is not possible. Ant was the father of the kid, he should surely know the truth. How can you keep this a secret from your family? this cannot happen, all should know what you are undergoing. Kajal cries, thinks to herself that nobody should know the fact that i have had a miscarriage.

Alisha is in her room, thinking, when ved comes with krishna. She gives krishna to Alisha, tells her that she needs to feed him now. Alisha takes the kid, as she puts Krishna in the cradle, she tells Ved that she needs to talk to her. Ved stops to listen to alisha. Alisha then says that it is now time for her to go. She says that she knows that all are now awaiting my return. Ved tells that there is nothing like that. Alisha says that i am not complaining against anyone. My relationship with this family was only bcos of Krishna. Krishna needed me for sometime. Now he does not need me. Ved is sad, she tells that she knows Alisha has made a big sacrifice for her and her family. Alisha says that i remember the promise i made to you. Krishna is all yours, i will never come in the way. Ved is happy, she tells Alisha that she will also keep upto her promise, she will take care of Krishna like any other mother, will shower so much of love on him that he will never realise that she is not his real mother. Alisha says that i trust you. Then Alisha says that she has a condition. Ved is shocked, asks what is it? Alisha goes and sits near Krishna on the floor, near the cradle, she tells that her motherly love says that she cannot afford to give her son to a stepmother. Ved is stunned. She comes near her, asks her what does she mean?Alisha says that this is not your kid, so how can i allow it to be with you? Ved says this is my kid, Krishna is mine. How can you say this? Krishna is my Dhruv's kid. Alisha says that she does not believe in present facts. she tells that if Ved gets a kid of her own one day, then she cannot dare to see how bad it will be for her son Krishna. Ved is shocked. Alisha adds on and says that she believes in miracles. Ved says that you are talking about the impossible now. A flower cannot bloom in a desert, you know it. why dont you understand? Alisha says that she believes that miracles do happen. So she does not want to take a chance now. Ved is stunned. She asks alisha, what do you want me to do now? Alisha says that you need to remove your uterus so that you do not give even a minute chance left for yourself to become a mother. Ved is stunned. Alisha says that if you agree to this and get it removed, Krishna is all yours. Alisha asks Ved whether she is ready to do this sacrifice for the sake of her son Krishna. Ved is stunned.

Monday: Ved cries, tells Alisha that you gave me happiness and made me a mother. Now i need to help you out and allow you to take off all the restlessness that you have in you for Krishna's good future. I will take out my uterus for the sake of my son, Ved says . Ved goes from there. Alisha is very confused, is actually upset with Ved's decision.

Friends, i cannot stop myself from commenting on today's episode. Huh, what a condition to put by Alisha!! Ridiculous!!! Why is it that this serial is always full of melodrama?? I think the writers should now give a serious think of making the storyline more acceptable...

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