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2005 + APRIL 2006 Updates - NO COMMENTS (Page 2)

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April 13, 2006

By: Sree

Ved cries, before her mom. Uma sits beside her, asks her what her problem is. She asks Ved to speak out. Ved says that there is nothing, she has left her house, so is upset. Uma asks her to see into her eyes, and then reply. Ved sees her mother. She then cries, starts to tell her , the sad tale. She tells Uma that she brought Alisha into the house, and was very happy. She wanted to give love and affection to the kid. But fate had some other things in store. She then says that the doc told her that she is on the verge of losing her mental balance forever. Uma is stunned. Ved says that she could not give happiness to Dhruv, so left him so that Alisha and Dhruv remain together. She tells that God planned all things so well. I lost my kid, while Alisha got pregnant. I came away from Dhruv while she is with him. After all, the kid is Alisha's , so it has to be with her. So it is better that Dhruv and Alisha are together. I have accepted my fate, i will live my life thinking of Dhruv and praying for his happiness. Uma asks Ved, but how did Dhruv believe whatever you said, how could he believe that you are out of his life? Ved says that Dhruv was about to come out with her, she left him with great trouble. She then asks her mom to give her the promise that she will never tell this truth to anyone, even not to Nih. Uma cries, then tells Ved that she will not say. Ved is happy. Ved cries, falls to her feet and weeps. Uma cries too, hugs her daughter, as they both cry.

After the puja, Dhruv is sitting near the havan kund. He is in tears. Kavitha comes there, tells him that today, all are sad. Kavitha then cries,telling Dhruv that tha hand which blessed her, slapped her today. She is very much upset. Dhruv cries, ask his mom, asto how will he live without Ved? He says that he will die without her. He is in tears. Just then, Alisha comes there, tells Dhruv that he has to go towards the path that leads him to Ved. She says that you are not complete without her, the same applies to her. I do not belong to this place, whereas she is the bauh and the jaan of this house. So you go and bring her. I will leave this house, says Alisha. Alisha decides to leave the house, when Kavitha says that she cannot. She begs Alisha to stay in the house, she asks Alisha to give birth to the kid in this house. She says that this family needs this kid very badly. She folds her hands and cries to Alisha to stay back. Dhruv is very very upset.

Ved comes to her room. She is crying. Dhruv comes to his room, he too is in tears. There, Ved holds Dhruv's photo in her hands, cries. Here, Dhruv holds Ved's photo and cries. As the title song plays in a sad tune, Ved and Dhruv watch the full moon from their windows. They both are in tears. Ved tells that Dhruv needs to forgive her. Dhruv says come back Ved. I cannot live without you. Ved says that i too cannot live without you. Dhruv says that he is sad that he did not love her so much, to make her secure in their relationship. Ved says that i am proud of the trust you have in me. As they are conversing, Ved sees a Toottha tara, she prays. She prays for Dhruv's happiness for life. Dhruv also sees it, prays that his life is a complete zero without Ved. So he wants God to bring Ved back to him. Both cry, as they pray for each other.

Ved is in her mom's place, when Nih comes there. She starts to scream at Ved. Uma is also there. Nih asks Uma whether Ved told whatever she did in that house. Nih reports to her mom that her daughter insulted everyone in that house. She backanswered mummyji, she did not even spare her love Dhruv. Nih screams. Ved also screams back, saying she has told her not to interfere in her personal affairs. They both have heated argument. Uma tells Nih to ask Ved why she behaved like that .Ved immediately holds her mom's hands, makes a sign to her not to tell. Nih continues to scream at Ved. As they argue, their mother is pissed off. She screams asking her daughters to stop the fight. Nih sees Ved, goes out of the house in anger. Uma and Ved cry.

Alisha is in her bed, she devlops pain. Kavitha brings juice for her. She sees Alisha in pain, calls Titli to call the doctor. Next scene, Alisha is pulled on a stretcher to the delivery room. Kavitha, Titli, Viren and Dhruv are there. Kavitha tells Dhruv that the moment for which they were all waiting is about to arrive. Dhruv hurriedly walks out of the hospital.

Dhruv is now driving the car. He is going towards Uma's house. He is telling that Ved, do come back. The dream of yours is actually coming to light today. You need to be there to savour that moment. You need to hold that baby in your hand. As he drives, he thinks all this.

Dhruv comes, Ved is sitting in the hall. Dhruv holds Ved's hands, is about to drag her , says that he is taking her to the hospital. Ved pushes him aside, moves from him. Dhruv tells that her dream will see reality today. Alisha is in the delivery room now. Ved is happy but does not show her happiness. Dhruv continues to say that the kid which will bring happiness back in our lives is about to be born, so you need to be there. You need to be the first person to take the kid in your arms. Ved is feeling very uneasy. As he talks, he gets a call. It is from the doctor. Dhruv answers the call. Ved is eager to know what has happened. Dhruv as he speaks, gets a shock. His face turns sad, he is in shock. He then says that what, you mean to say Alisha's condition is critical???? Ved is stunned.

Tomorrow: Nih is talking over the phone to Rudr. Rudr has called, but Nih is in no mood to talk to him. She says that he has betrayed her, so she does not want to talk to him anymore... Naina hears this, is very happy.

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April 14, 2006
By: Janamika

Doctor tells Dhruv on mobile that Alisha's condition is critical n says that thy hv to do operation.Dhruv says her to go ahead but doctor syas that he has to sign some papers.Dhruv says he is coming.He asks Vedika to come with him but she refuses.She says that she doesn't care whether they(Alisha n baby) live or die.Dhruv is shocked n he ran back to hospital.Vedika cries n pray to god to save Alisha n baby.
Dhruv reaches hospital n do all the formalities.Alisha's operation start.Dhruv,Titli,Kavita n Viren all r restless. Then, Vedika comes there in "burka" n stand close to them.Titli says may be this all happening because of the Vedika's behaviour on that day of pooja.Kavita says its not so.Vedika says to GOD that he knows why she has done that n therefore don't let anything wrong to happen.Dhruv once looks towards her , think something n then looks other way.All r waiting 4 doctor to come out.Nurse comes out n Dhruv inquires about Alisha's condition.Nurse says that thy hv to wait.Vedika cries n then prays to GOD to save Alisha n baby.Suddenly,a baby's cry is heared n Doctor comes out saying that boy is born n mother n baby r all right.All r happy.Vedika is also happy.Nurse comes out with baby, Dhruv takes baby in his hands.Vedika remembers the day when she n Dhruv r fighting n betting for in whose lap will the baby come first whether Vedika or Dhruv n Alisha saying that its Vedika who will hv the baby first ,but Dhruv says that he bets that he will hv the baby first in his lap. Vedika then says that Dhruv you hv won.
Vedika takes Dhruv n baby's photograph in her cell.Everybody takes baby one by one .When nurse comes to get the baby ,Dhruv says that he will call Vedika n make her hear baby's voice,may be she come here after that.Vedika goes away n attends Dhruv's call. She says in anger why he has called her n then Dhruv takes cell near to baby's mouth so that Vedika can get his voice.Then , again Vedika says that she won't come there n ask him not to call her 4 the baby again. Dhruv sits on sofa remembering Vedika n Vedika too sits near him quitely.
Kavita n Dhruv meet Alisha n then Alisha ask 4 Vedika n sys that the baby is Vedika's happiness n dream n now its her who is away from this happiness.Vedika reaches home n tell Uma about baby n show her the photograph of Dhruv n bbay.She is happy n cries that she can't take the baby in her hands.
Rudra n Niharika r sleeping.Rudra is restless. He go outside the room n then he gets a call from Naina.She says that she misses him n Rudra says that what she wants now .He has even left his home due to her.He cuts the call.When he turns back he see Niharika standing .Both r shocked.

Next episode preview:Nihrika n Naina r standing.Niharika saying to Naina that thy hv given a very small punishment to Rudra.She will punish him by forgetting him n thats why she has come.Naina smiles saying to herself that she also wants that n she is happy that Niharika has reutrned to home.
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April 14, 2006

By: Sree

Friends, i dont think the update for Friday was posted by anyone... So I am posting a highlights of what happened. Sorry for the inconvenience...

Dhruv is shocked to know that Alisha's condition is critical. He asks the doctor for details. The doc says that the cord is round the kid's neck, so the heart beat of the baby is depleting, we need to do a Ceasarian. She tells Dhruv that they would need his consent on the papers... Dhruv says that he will come immediately. Ved is tensed too. Dhruv then turns towards Ved , says that she needs to come as Alisha's condition is critical. He also tells about the kid. Ved screams, tells him that this kid is responsible for her leaving the house, so she will never see it. Dhruv is stunned. He is forced to leave.

Dhruv comes running to the hospital, where all are tensed. He runs to the reception, signs those papers and comes back. Meanwhile, Ved dressed in a burkha, with her face closed, comes and stands near them. The operation is going on. All are tensed, they start praying. Ved also prays to God, tells God that she needs her kid desperately, her Dhruv needs this kid. All pray as the operation goes on. Titli tries to console Kavitha by saying that ceasarian is common these days. Then, Titli asks Kavitha whether Ved's curse is not the cause for all this. Kavitha asks her not to talk like that. Ved prays to god, tells him that he very well knows , under what circumstances did she utter those words against the kid. So she asks God not to punish her kid for the msitake she has done. As all are praying, they show the operation going on.

After sometime, the doc comes out, tells them that Alisha has given birth to a baby boy. All are excited. They enquire about Alisha, the doc says she is fine too. Dhruv's happiness has no end. Ved is excited too. Then a nurse brings the cute little baby out. Dhruv takes it for the first time in his arms. He smiles seeing the baby. This is a very happy moment for him. Ved is excited to see Dhruv have the baby in hand. She takes a photo of father and son in her mobile without anyone's knowledge. She is in tears, as Titli and Kavitha describe how cute the baby is. Titli says that there is a glow in Dhruv's face from the moment he lifted the kid. All are happy. Dhruv has a sadness though in this happy moment. He misses Ved. He remembers the incident when Dhruv and Ved fight over , who will take the kid in their arms first. Dhruv says it will be me, Ved says it will be her. Eventually, Alisha decides that it will be Ved who will take the kid first in her arms. Dhruv remembers this, as does Ved. Ved sees her empty hands, thinks that her hands are empty today, though she is very happy and excited about her kid's birth. Dhruv is sad too. Titli and Kavitha take the kid from Dhruv. Dhruv sits there in a chair, thinks about Ved. He tells himself that Ved's dream has become reality today, but she is so far far away from him. Ved sits near him, in the chair next to him. He sees the burkha clad woman, but turns the other way as he is lost in his own thoughts. Ved tells herself that she is so very close ot Dhruv and the kid. Dhruv thinks that Ved had to be the first one to lift the kid, but she was not here. Ved is in tears, says that i am very very close to my kid, what if i do not lift the kid in my arms? Then, she wishes that she could take the kid in her arms, and give it a warm hug once. She feels sad.

The nurse comes out, asks them to give the kid. Dhruv gets up, tells her, that she cannot take the kid, as Ved has not yet come and seen the kid. Kavitha and Titli are sad. Dhruv then tells Kavitha that he will call Ved and make her listen to the cries of the kid, so that Ved gets the pleasure. He has tears in his eyes as he says this. Ved is also sad, but then, is tensed, as she fears that she will be exposed if Dhruv rings and the mobile rings in her hand. So she runs from the corridor, goes to a secluded corner. As she reaches that place, Dhruv's call comes. Ved again talks rude to Dhruv. Dhruv tells that the kid is born. He thought of making her listen to the kid's voice. Saying this, he keeps the mobile near the kid, Ved can now hear the grin and cr of the kid. Ved is in tears of joy. Dhruv is happy too. But Ved then manages to control herself, asks Dhruv to stop all this nonsense, and asks him never to call her again. Dhruv is stunned.

Kavitha and Dhruv meet Alisha. Alisha sees the kid. Alisha sees the sadness in Dhruv's face, asks him, did Ved come? Dhruv has no answer. Alisha says that everything was possible only bcos of Ved, but it is depressing that Ved is not with them now. This makes Dhruv more sad.

Ved comes home, excited and bubbling with energy. She tells Uma that her kid is born. She is excited, jumps in joy. Her mom is in tears. She then tells her that it was a pleasant sight to see Dhruv with the kid. She then shows the photo of Dhruv with the kid in her mobile to Uma. She tells Uma that whenever she wants to see them, she will see this photo. She appears to be very happy. Then, she tells her mom that she wishes to take the kid in her arms once and give it a hug. But she is so helpless that she cannot have it fulfilled. She is in tears now. Uma feels sad for her daughter.

Rudr and Nih are sleeping. Rudr is feeling restless, so gets out of the room. He is walking up and down the hall when he gets a call from Naina. Rudr screams at her, asks her what does she want even after he has left the house? Naina says that you are the person in my heart, i cannot forget you etc etc. Rudr says you are a shameless woman. He screams at her. Naina says that i love your anger, i love your refusal too. Its so nice. If only you add some spice into all this and give me love, it will be so nice, she says. Rudr tells her that she is not fit to be loved, infact, she is not fit to be hated too. He says that he will never forgive the woman who was responsible for him leaving the house. Saying this, he cuts the call. He turns. To his shock, he sees Nih standing there. She appears to have heard everything. She is stunned, so is Rudr...

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April 17, 2006
By: Sree

Nih is shocked to hear what Rudr said. She is stunned. Nih asks Rudr what were you talking to Naina? How is it that Naina is responsible for your leaving the house? Tell me, she says. Rudr is silent. Nih asks him to speak up, asto what is wrong. Rudr is again silent. Nih then says if you do not speak, i will be forced to join the cut ends together and get to know what happened. Nih then recollects, says that you have been upset from the time you came back from Pune with Naina. So something has happened there. Nih is very tensed now. She asks Rudr to speak the truth. Rudr is upset. He says that he was caught in Naina's innocence and sweet talk. He then tells Nih everything, flashback scenes are shown, as Rudr tells her. The incident that happened in the terrace, then, Naina coming back, telling Ant and Kajal false things. Naina showing scratch marks on her body, Ant giving 24 hours time to Rudr to leave the house,etc. Nih looks stunned. Rudr gets tensed as she does not speak. He tells nih that he got framed for nothing, Naina trapped him and he could not save himself. Nih does not speak. Rudr tells her that she needs to trust her husband. Nih then speaks, tells that she does not believe him. This comes as a shock to Rudr. Nih tells him that i just cannot imagine that an innocent girl like Naina can do this. You are lying. You are trying to tell me false stories, infact, you have committed a sin. Rudr is shocked. Nih tells that Naina is the kind of girl who will never set her eyes straight on a man, she is so silent and innocent. Nih screams, tells rudr that she is ashamed of her husband. She says she will not live with him anymore and goes from there. Rudr is buried in sorrow and grief.

Morning. Uma is at Raizada home. Kavitha comes. Uma wishes her for the birth of the kid. Kavitha returns the wishes. Kavitha offers sweets. Uma thinks in her mind that, i wish she asks me about Ved. Kavitha thinks in her mind that i wished Ved was here. Uma then breaks the silenece by asking Kavitha about rudr. Kavitha says that she does not know asto why he left the house. She is confused. Uma then starts to leave after assuring Kavitha that Nih will surely bring Rudr back. Uma thinks in her mind that the people of this house have become heartless towards Ved. Kavitha thinks that, we can never become heartless for Ved. We still miss her.

Kavitha is walking in after sending Uma, when Nih comes home. Kavitha is excited that Nih has brought rudr back. But Nih says that Rudr did not come. Kavitha asks whether he told her the reason for leaving the house. Nih tells her that Rudr did not confide anyting in her, now she has decided that she will not support her husband who is on a wrong path. She tells Kavitha that she has left Rudr and come back. Kavitha is shocked. Nih goes in.

Kajal is in her room, when Naina comes there with her course papers. She tells her sister that her course papers have come. Kajal is happy for Naina, tells her that she will now get engrossed in studies. Nih comes there as the sisters are talking. Kajal and Naina do not react well on seeing Nih there. Nih comes near them, tells Naina that she is here to ask for forgiveness for what her husband has done to her. With tears in her eyes, Nih tells Naina to try and forget what happened. She tells them that she is ashamed that her husband has done this to an innocent girl like Naina. Kajal thanks Nih for expressing concern for Naina. Nih tells them that she found Rudr wrong and now has left him forever. Nih tells them that they have given a small punishment for what Rudr did. She will walk out of his life and this will be his biggest punishment. This statement brings joy to Naina's face, who thinks that she is very happy now that, Nih is out of Rudr's life.

Kavitha are Titli are in the hospital , walking towards Alisha's room. They both are upset bcos rudr is out of the house. Kavitha expresses her concern and Titli tells her that i understand that you are missing him. Titlit promises to bring him back, once they get Alisha home.

Naina and Nih are in the same room when Kavitha calls from the hospital. Nih picks up. Kavitha tells Nih to bring bland and less oily food for Alisha. Also she reminds Nih to get the badam halwa made by Titli for Alisha. Nih says she will surely get them as she comes to the hospital. After the phone talk, Naina comes to Nih , tells her that she will also accompany her to the hospital, as she likes to see new-born kids. Nih agrees.

Dhruv, Kavitha and Titli are standing outside Alisha's room, when they see Rudr coming. They are all excited to see Rudr there. Rudr is also very happy to see his brother and mom. He hugs Dhruv, wishes him. Kavitha is excited too. She tells Rudr that today is a good day for them, as the kid is born. Their happiness will multiply with his returning home. Rudr tells them that he just came to wish them, now he will prefer to go. He starts walking back to the entrance.

As Rudr is walking in the corridor towards the entrance, Nih and Naina comes to the hospital, are walking towards Alisha's room. Nih suddenly remembers that she has left the halwa box in the car, so she goes out to get it. Naina proceeds. Rudr is lost in his thoughts, as he walks. Naina sees Rudr coming towards her, is very excited to see him. Rudr and naina again face eye to eye, as Rudr comes dashin towards Naina, as he is lost completely in thoughts. Rudr flares up on seeing Naina there. Naina again starts her sweettalk. Rudr scolds her. Naina says that he is now lonely, so she can provide him with company. He screams at her. As this conversation takes place, Nih is walking in. Naina agian tries to hug Rudr, Rudr pushes her away, scolds her again. As he scolds, he holds her upper part of the arm, in order to warn her and talk firmly to her. As he holds her, Nih comes there, sees this. She is shocked. Rudr takes his hand off Naina as he sees Nih. Nih comes near, scolds her husband, tells him that he is really sick to have done this, even in such a place. She takes Naina with her, tells Rudr that she will never forgive him for this. Rudr is very sad, as Nih walks off.

Alisha is in her room. Dhruv and Kavitha come there. The doc comes in, sees Alisha's file, tells that she can get a discharge now. She advises Alisha not to lift weight. She asks her to come for regular checkups. The doc then leaves. Kavitha tells Dhruv to clear the bills while she packs everytthing in the room. As Dhruv is leaving the room, Alisha tells them that she will not come back to the house now. Both are shocked to hear this. Alisha says that she has now fulfilled her promise, so she has no place in the Raizada house. Tje kid belongs to them, so they need to take care of it. Kavitha tells her that she is still not alright, needs to take rest. Also, the kid needs a mother, says Kavitha. Alisha says that the baby will get all your love. This was Ved's dream, today, her dream is completed, so is my responsibility. So i need to go back to where i belong . She tells Kavitha that she will not come back to the house, and this is what she has decided. She also requests them not to call her back now.. Both Dhruv and Kavitha are stunned, remain silent....

Ved is in her room, she has brought toys for the kid. She also has made a sweater and socks for the kid. She holds the sweater in hand, hugs it, kisses it, sees the photo of the kid in the mobile, is smiling when Uma comes there. She tells Uma that she has made all these things for the baby. She asks Uma to take them to the house. She also tells her that she should not reveal that these were sent by her. Uma agrees. As they are talking, ther is a door bell. Ved gets up to open the door. She is shocked to see Dhruv, Alisha with the baby at the door.

Tomorrow: Rudr is talking to Ant. Nih and Kajal are also there. Rudr is asking Ant whether he would have asked Dhruv to go out of the house, just like him, if Dhruv was accused of doing this mistake.

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April 18, 2006
By: Sree

Ved is shocked to see Dhruv and Alisha with the kid. She gets a glance of the kid's face, she is excited, but does not reveal her happiness before them. She turns the other side. Dhruv asks Ved to see her kid once. He tells her that she will never be able to take her sight off the kid, as it is her dream. Alisha comes near Ved, asks Ved to take the baby in her arms. She tells Ved that the moment you hug your kid, you will feel the kid's heartbeat, which will increase your heartbeat too. Ved's hands are itching to take the kid in her arms, but she holds her hands together, resisting that. Ved goes in. Dhruv is sad. Uma comes. Dhruv tells Uma to give the kid once in Ved's arms. Uma takes the kid, goes in.

Inside, Ved is crying. Uma comes with the kid. Ved is excited to see the kid in her arms. She at once takes the kid, kisses it. She hugs the kid, she jumps in joy, she goes round and round with the baby in hand. She is very happy. Uma has tears in her eyes, as she sees her daughter's momentary happiness. Ved then asks her to take the kid away before she melts and breaksdown. Uma takes the kid out. Ved breaksdown, cries her heart out, falls to the ground. Outside, Uma gives the kid back to Dhruv. Dhruv is very disappointed. They both go away.

Dhruv comes home. All are eagerly expecting Ved to come with Dhruv. All get up on seeing Dhruv at the door. Their eyes are at the door, when they see Alisha coming with the kid. Kavitha comes to Dhruv and asks him whether Ved refused to come. Dhruv has tears in her eyes, but does not say anything. Kavitha is upset, so are the others. Titli comes with the arti plate, tells them that the kid has come home for the first time, so the dadi needs to take arti and welcome the kid with a smile. Kavitha then takes the arti plate, with a smile in her face, takes the arti of the kid. They then take the kid in their arms by turn.Kavitha, Titli and Alisha are playing with the kid in the room. Dhruv sees the kid, gives a pleasant smile. He then looks at Ved's photo, feels sad. He remembers the incident when Ved did shopping for the kid. Ved shows a teddy bear, tells Dhruv that this will be the best friend of their kid, its name will be tinku. Dhruv sees Titli having the same teddy in her hand and trying to play with the kid. Dhruv then remembers the rattles that Ved bought for the kid. Those rattles are kept in the cradle, Dhruv is very sad to see this. He has tears flowing out of his eyes. He tries to wipe his tears, when Alisha sees him crying. She comes to him, gives the kid in his arms to stop his tears.

Kajal receives a call. It is from Rudr. She calls Nih and gives the phone to her and goes. Nih talks. She screams to Rudr that she is now fed up of this life. She hates to be called his wife. Naina who is passing by, stops to hear to Nih's words. Nih keeps yelling at Rudr, telling him that she is ashamed now, she does not want to tell what he did to mom, but she will be forced to say in the near future. That will mark an end to their relationship, she will then seek divorce, she says. Naina is extremely happy on hearing this.

Rudr is in his house, very upset. Naina comes there. Rudr asks her to get out. Naina tells him that she is here to share his loneliness. She tells him that she loves him so much that she is waiting to embrace him and take him in her life. She tries to hug him, Rudr pushes her back. Naina again tries to draw him to her, he takes his hands off. Naina says that she is so much in love that she will accept him. Rudr scerams that bcos of you, Nih wants divorce. Naina says that Nih wants to leave you after getting you. I promise that i will never leave you once i get you. She again tries to go near him, when she hears clapping sounds. She turns back, is shocked to see Nih, Kajal and Ant coming in. Nih is clapping. Naina is shocked. Kajal comes near Naina, gives one big slap to Naina. Naina is in tears. Kajal screams at her, that she did this to the family who kept her in the house and gave her so much of love. What a lie to tell!!! You tried to spoil the relationship of a married couple, she screams. Naina starts to say something, but Kajal asks her to shut up and not tell a word. Nih tells Naina that she does not know that a married couple share trust between them. She tells that the day she got to know from Rudr, she knew that Naina should be trapped by going her way. So Nih says that she pretended to have fought with Rudr and came home. (It appears that Rudr knew that Nih trusted her, bcos they show a flashback scene where Nih hugs Rudr giving him support and confidence). Nih tells that she knew that Naina will watch her. So she pretended to ask for divorce. Here you are, you are caught in my trap, she says. Nih tells Naina that she tried to tell all that Rudr raped her, how bad a deed it is , she does not understand. She asks Naina, do you know what a rape is. I have gone thro' all that, so i know, she says turning to Ant. Kajal then asks Naina to get out of here, says that she cannot live with them. Ant too says the same thing. Naina leaves with tears in her eyes.

Rudr is relieved. Ant comes to him, tells him to forgive him. Rudr says that i was actually innocent, was implicated in rape. But you actually committed that crime. Even then, i did forgive you. So why did you not forgive me? Rudr then says to Ant that he needs a factual answer from Ant for his question. He asks Ant whether he would have reacted in the same manner, if Naina had put this rape charge on Dhruv? Ant has no answer to this question. Rudr is very upset, tells him that he now got his answer to this question. This just shows how much ahtred you have for me. I will never forget this incident for life, he says and leaves with Nih. Ant is very sad. Kajal consoles him.

Night. Ved is thinking about the kid, her touch and glimpse of the kid. She is upset. She then remembers various incidents. She is in tears. She then picks up her phone, calls Dhruv. Dhruv takes the mobile, sees Ved's name flashing. There is a bright smile on his face, his face lights up, as he takes the call. He addresses her and tells her that he knew she would talk. Ved then tells Dhruv that she needs to talk to him. Dhruv tells he will come home now. Ved says that she wants to meet somewhere out. Dhruv with happiness in his face, tells that he will come immediately to the place she says. Dhruv is very excited, has tears of joy.

Ved and Dhruv meet in an open place. Dhruv and Ved walk towards each other from opposite directions. Dhruv is restless, he is eager to get back to Ved, he has the desperation of being with Ved clear in his face. Ved is smiling too, as she comes near Dhruv. They both come near. Dhruv at once takes her hand, holds her hand. Ved also looks at him. They both keep looking at each other. Dhruv, with tears in his eyes, says that he knew that Ved cannot keep away from him for long. Dhruv with a smile says that he knew that Ved will cross all hurdles to be back with him. Ved says that she knows she has caused lots of problems , she has hurt him and humiliated him so much. She says that she has thought about this many times. She has now come to a conclusion that she cannot live this false life where she tries to hold on to this relationship. She then takes out a paper from her bag, gives it to Dhruv. Dhruv asks what is it? Ved says that this is the divorce papers. Dhruv is shocked. He can see everything revolving before his eyes. Dhruv has the paper in hand and looks stunned, with tears in his eyes.

Tomorrow: Titli tells Kavitha that Ved first went out of the house. Now she wants a divorce from dhruv. Alisha is here and she is the mother of Dhruv's kid. So why not we officially get them together, why not we get Dhruv and Alisha married?
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April 19, 2006
By: Sree

Dhruv is stunned as he takes the divorce papers in hand. Dhruv is in tears, cannot believe what he is hearing. He tries to explain to her, but Ved stops him. She says that there is nothing left in our relatioship, it has become meaningless now. Dhruv cries, tells her that our love and relationship can never become meaningless. But Ved again stops him, tells him that this is good for both. We need to get out of this burden. When our hearts are broken and do not have love for each other, why carry on with this broken relationship, she asks? Ved tells him that this is her decision. Dhruv again tries to talk, but Ved goes from there. Dhruv is shattered, he does not know what to do. He gives a bewildered look and stands there as tears flow from his eyes.

Home. Dhruv tells Kavitha about Ved's decision. She is shocked. Titli also hear it. Ved returns , Uma asks her why she took such a big decision? Dhruv tells Kavitha that she now wants to get out of this relationship. But something tells me that she is hiding certain facts. She does not want this relationship to be broken, this is what i believe, he says with tears in his eyes. Ved there, tells Uma that she never wanted this to happen. She loves Dhruv so much. But she is helpless now, she too cries. Uma asks Ved, but what have you given as the reason for divorce? Dhruv tells Kavitha that she has accused me of Adultry, this is the reason she has stated in the papers. Titli and Kavitha are shocked. Ved cries, says that she had to take this decision, she could not allow this relationship to continue, as she feared that she would breakdown someday and reveal facts to Dhruv. Dhruv and others are talking, when Rudr and nih with Ant and Kajal return. All are excited to see Rudr. Kavitha starts to run to her son, but Viren asks her not to go. Viren asks in stern words, asto why he is back today? Rudr does not answer. Viren says that this is a house and not a hotel for you to go out and come back when you want. Now before entering this house, you need to tell us, why you left the house in the first place? Rudr is speechless. Kajal is upset. She now speaks. She tells Viren that she will answer this question. She then tells all that Rudr left the house bcos of her sister Naina. All are shocked. Nih is surprised that Kajal spoke the fact. Kajal explains everything to the family, the way Naina tried to get close to Rudr, Rudr's rejection etc. All are shocked. Kajal says that Ant and she believed Naina's story. Ant also tells all that he was responsible for sending Rudr out of the house. He says that it is pity that he did not believe Rudr, instead believed Naina. Rudr is surprised to hear this. Kajal tells all that rudr's silence gives the bigger picture of his innocence. He did not want to fall low in the eyes of his parents, so he opted to go out of this house rather than prove his innocence to all. Kavitha says that she could see Rudr's innocence in his face, but failed to see his helplessness. She asks Viren whether she can now welcome her son back? Viren nods his head and is relieved. Kavitha runs to Rudr, hugs him. Rudr is very happy too, both shed tears as they hug each other. Kavitha is lost in thoughts, she asks herself a question asto why God is making a relationship suffer while he is again bringing another relationship together? Dhruv is in tears, thinknig about his own fate, but manages to ptu up a smile before all and is happy for Rudr.

Night. Dhruv holds the divorce papers in hand and cries. He thinks of all the happy moments he has had with Ved.He is in tears, he holds the file in hand and sheds tears which do not stop at all.

Morning. Dhruv comes to Ved's place. Dhruv has the same divorce papers in hand. He tells Ved that he has always done everything to Ved's liking. He says that he has always accepted that her likes and decisions bring him luck. But he never knew how their relationship got so unlucky. He tells her that he will now act according to Ved's liking , as he only wants to see her happy. He says that he will sign these papers and give the freedom to her, he will do it bcos he wants to see her happy. He then takes his pen, signs those papers. Ved is in tears, she is very sad. Dhruv signs it, gives it to Ved. Ved holds the papers, see Dhruv , who sees Ved. Dhruv then goes away, as a defeated man.Ved breaksdown, cries her heart out. Ved tells herself that she pleads to Dhruv to forgive her, she had no other way out.

Kavitha is in her room, thinking, when Titli comes. Titli starts to talk about Ved. Kavitha says that we cannot do anything when relationships change its colour. Titli says that she came here to talk of the different colours of the relationship. She tells that Ved got whatever she wanted. She went out of the house, now wants a divorce. Alisha is here in this house. She is the mother of Dhruv's kid. But with what right is she staying in this house? How will people react to Alisha's stay in this house? So we need to give a name to their relationship, so why not get Alisha and Dhruv married? Kavitha is furious. She tells Titli that she understands what she is talking about. But, she has to understand that Ved has her own place in this house and also in the hearts of the all. So nobody else can take her place. She tells Titli never to think again about this and keep her mouth shut. She tells Titli to just look into Dhruv's eyes, his eyes always show his wait for Ved. Kavitha says that infact, we all are wating eagerly for her to come back. Nih hears all this and is crying.

Nih storms to her mom's place, her mom open the door. Nih comes in, screaming for Ved. Uma tells that Ved was feeling suffocated in the house, so went out to get some fresh air. Nih asks, so is she burdended under the mistakes she has made? Nih starts accusing Ved, tells her mom that everybody in the house are waiting for Ved to come back. They have only one question in their mind, asto how and why did Ved change so much? Nih tells her mom that she needs to speak to her daughter, convince her to go back , to Dhurv, accept her kid. Uma screams , asks Nih what mistake did Ved make? Is asking Alisha to get out of the house a mistake? Is Ved leaving the house bcos of Alisha a mistake? Is Ved refusing to acept the kid a mistake? Nih is shocked to see her mom's reaction. Nih cries, tells her mom that that kid was Ved's dream, now she calls the same kid as Dhruv's illegitimate child, is this fair? You just imagine my situation, how can i tolerate another woman trying to take Ved's place in the house? You have to do something, you have to fulfill your duties as a mom, you need to talk to Ved, she says. Nih keeps screaming when Uma asks her to stop. She tells Nih that whatever is seen is not always the fact. Nih is surprised. Uma continues to say that even today, whatever Ved has done and has been doing is for the betterment of her own family. Nih is shocked. Uma says that you cannot give this sort of punishment to a person who is shattered and on the verge of getting mad forever. Nih is shocked. She asks her mom, what is she talking about? Uma then tells nih everything. Nih is stunned. Uma tells her that whatever Ved did was not a mistake at all, under the circumstances she is in. She very well knew that she could not give motherly love to the kid, so she did not want the kid to be taken away from Alisha's arms? Is this wrong, Uma asks , turns towards Nih, but is stunned to see that Nih has laready left.

Uma is in tears, when Ved comes back. She tells her mom that she has given the signed papers to the lawyer, and requested him to start the case soon. Ved notices her mom crying and asks her what is the reason?

Home. Dhruv, Titli, Viren, Kavitha, Alisha are all there in the hall. Kavitha says that their tears are result of Ved's deeds. Ved has given them only sorrow and made them so very unhappy. Titli says that we all did a mistake in knowing Ved. Viren also agrees that they made a mistake and did not see Ved's real face earlier. Kavitha says that we gave her so much of importance in this house and it was our mistake. Dhruv remains silent as they all speak. But Nih enters, tells all that Ved did not commit any mistake, infact, they have made a mistake in knowing the real facts. All are stunned. Nih continues to say that you are all talking of punishing Ved, but what is the use in punishing a person who has already been punsished severely by fate? All are more stunned. Nih says that this is really unfair that we are accusing Ved of breaking a relationship. This is a big injusitce to her, says Nih. Dhruv is stunned as Nih says this.

Tomorrow: Dhruv enters Ved's home. Ved has packed her bags, is about to leave somewhere when Dhruv comes there. He comes to Ved, does not speak a word, holds her hand and takes her out. Ved is stunned to see Dhruv doing this.
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April 20, 2006
By: Sree

Phew!!! A Superb Episode after a long long time!!!

All are shocked as Nih says that they have made an injustice to Ved. Kavitha asks nih, what is she saying? Why is she siding her sister now? Nih says that i am not siding my sister, i am explaining facts. We all saw her rudeness , change in behaviour, but we did not see the reason behind which she did this. She was the life of this house, and her life lived in this house. When a problem called Sundari was in this house, it was Ved who stood before her and faced her wrath. When Dhruv got lost in HK, and we thought that he is dead, it was Ved who pretended to be a suhagan for the family and for papa's health. Ved even brushed aside the incident where Ant tried to make her mad and sent her to the MA. Now after she did all this, we never asked ourselves, asto why Ved changed all of a sudden?Leave you all, i too did not understand my sister, i feel ashamed of myself. Dhruv is now getting tensed he is in tears. He asks nih to explain clearly. Nih goes to Dhruv ,asks him, how come he too did not see the pain in Ved's eyes? How come he could not understand his Ved? We were just blaming her for everything, we started to develop aversion for her, why?Dhruv asks her to tell what is wrong with her. But why did Ved do all this? Nih cries, tells all that she did all this for you Dhruv. She wanted to see you happy. She wanted to go away from your life, to bring you and Alishe together. All are stunned. Dhruv asks but why? Nih says that Ved wanted the kid to be with Alisha . Dhruv says that but she is my wife, why did she do this? Nih says that she did this only to see you happy. We all blamed her for everything. But she did all this for our own family. Nih says that Ved does not have time left in her life. Dhruv is stunned. Dhruv cries. Dhruv asks what is wrong with her? Nih tells him that this is a fact and that is what she wanted to tell all. Dhruv is in tears now, is completely shocked. He at once runs to Ved's place. Nih cries a lot as she sees Dhruv running towards his life.

Uma has told Ved that nih knows about everything. Ved asks her mom, why did you tell this? You had promised me , why did you break your promise? Ved cries, so does Uma. Uma tells Ved that she beingn your own sister, was accusing you like anything. The words that came out of her mouth hit me like sharp arrows, i could not see you suffering like this. So every fact came out of my mouth. Ved tells her mom that she made a msitake. She tells her that Nih will go and tell all. Ved then tells herself that she will leave this place before all come here. She runs to her room. Uma is shocked. She too goes behind her. Ved starts to pack her bag. Uma tries to stop her. Ved cries, asks her why did you break your promise? Ved and Uma argue a lot. Ved starts scolding her mom. Ther, Dhruv is driving his car. He tells himself, Ved i am coming to you, why did you keep me away from your sorrow? He is very restless to meet Ved. Ved goes out of the romo with the bag. Uma is in tears, as she is not able to stop her daughter. Ved is getting down the stairs, when Dhruv parks the car, runs inside the house. He sees Ved getting down the stairs. There, Ved and Dhruv stand before each other. Ved is shocked to see Dhruv. Dhruv is very angry, he goes fast to Ved, holds her hand, drags her near the door of the house. Dhruv screams at her, tells her that she can go away from his life, if she wishes to. But before going, she needs to answer his questions. He asks her, how did you decide to do all this, why did you not tell such a big truth to me? We made some promises and vows during marriage, why did tyou break them? Ved is crying as Dhruv asks her. Our love and life was an open book, so why did you not tell everything to me? What happened to the prmoises you made? We promised each other to walk along the entire life, but why did you ever think of leaving me midway and carrying your own journey? You cannot break this relationship like this. Why did you do this, tell me, he cries. As they are talking, Uma comes down. She is surprised to see Dhruv there. She is happy, wipes her tears and goes in, allowing them to talk. Dhruv then with tears in his eyes, asks Ved whether she did not have trust and faith in his love? He asks whether she thought that he will ask her to get out of his life, when she hears the truth. He asks her , why did you not share your grief with me? When did lies come into the picture in our journey of love? You ask yourself, can we live without each other? Can you live without me, or can i live without you? Tell me, she asks. Ved continues to cry. Dhruv then tells Ved that he has held her hand now. Now it is for her to decide whether to be in his life or not. If she tries tro take her hand away from his now, then he will promise her that he will never put his hand ahead asking for hers... Dhruv holds Ved's hands, keeps seeing Ved. Ved is in tears. Ved keeps the bag down, tells Dhruv that he needs to understnd her. She did all this for him, for ihs happiness. I did not want you to be unhappy. I wanted to see you happy always. Dhruv cries, i dont want the happiness that will take me away from you. He cries, with a heavy heart, he says that if Ved is not there, then he is also not there. Ved cries, gives a smile, Dhruv drags her to him and hugs her. They both hug each other. They both shed tears, which never stop. They both look relieved. Dhruvv has a broad smile on his face as he hugs Ved and continues to shed tears of joy. As they both hug, Kavitha, Titli and Alisha come there with the kid. Ved sees them, is happy. Kacvitha asks for forgiveness. She tells Ved that she has such a big heart. She asks Ved why she did not tell them her sorrow? Why did she keep all in the dark? She fodsl her hands, asks her to forgive her. Ved hugs Kavitha. Titli also asks for forgiveness. Ved smiles. Alisha then says that you are Dhruv are do Jism Ek jaan, then why did you leave him alone? Kavitha says that nobody can take you rplace in our hearts and house. Alisha then says that see your kid. This is your dream, so take you dreams into your life. Ved looks at the baby. She is smiling. She is very excited. Alisha says that the baby is asking her, why did Ved try to break the bond between them? The baby wants a promise from you that you will be with him. Ved takes the baby in her arms. She is very happy. She takes her kid. Dhruvalso stands near Ved, holds her tight. Alisha says that the family is now complete. Titli takes nazar of the couple. As this happy scene of Dhruv and Ved milan takes place, Uma also comes there.

Next scene. Ved and Dhruv enter home with the kid. Kavitha takes arti. Ved is about to step in, when Kavitha asks her to stop. Both Ved and Dhruv are surprised. Kavitha then asks Ved to give her a promise that she will never step out of their lives and from this house. Ved promises. Kavitha then asks her to forgive her, she says that the hands that always blessed you, hurt you. Kavitha is in tears. Ved tells her that it is alright. You call me your daughter, isnt it? Then, when a daughter makes a msitake, the mother has every right to hit the daughter. Kavitha and Ved hug. Later, Titli asks for forgiveness. Ved hugs her too. Titli says that we will now do the Shashti puja in grand style. All are happy. Ved and Dhruv come in with the kid. As Ved stands in the midhall, she can see Nih standing there above up the stairs. Nih is crying. Ved puts up a broad smile on seeing her sister. Nih comes running to Ved, they both hug and shed tears of joy. Dhruv is happy. Nih is happy to see the kid with Ved. Dhruv is very relieved as he sees Ved with the kid too.....

Tomorrow: Kajal is blushing. They are dressed for some puja. Ant asks her what is the matter? Kajal says that a small guest is going to come to play with Dhruv's kid. Ant is excited, he jumps in joy, asks her whether he is goin to be a father. He just cannot believe what he heard. He is too happy...
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April 21, 2006
By: Sree

Ved is making the kid sleep. Dhruv comes. He comes and sits near Ved. They both look at each other. The kid has already slept. Dhruv tries to come close to Ved, wants to kiss her, when Ved pushes him away, tells that the kid will get up. Dhruv gets angry. Ved says that the kid's sleep will get affected. Dhruv gets angry and goes to sleep. He is very upset, turns the other side. Ved is smiling as he does this. Dhruv also is anticipating that Ved will come to him. He keeps seeing what Ved is doing. Ved too keeps seeing what Dhru is doing. They both turn the other way when they notice each other. Ved then exclaims that kid is ok, but along with the kid, father too has become a kid. Dhruv then complains that with the kid's coming, she has forgotten him, she does not give him importance. Ved says that she smells something now. Dhruv gets angry, as Ved calls him jealous. Dhruv then gets up. Ved then comes to him. They both look into each others' eyes. Ved starts to tickle Dhruv all over. He bursts into laughter, falls down the bed. Ved also comes down, they squat on the floor and are sharing a very romantic moment, when the kid starts crying. Ved quickly gets up and goes to the bed to be with the kid. Dhruv again is sad, tells himself that he has to wait more now.....

Morning. Kajal is sitting before the mirror, smiling to herself. Ant notices , asks her why she is smiling like this? Kajal says that she is excited to see that the family is again in a joyous mood with all problems solved. Ant also says it is so nice to see all happy. He wishes only happiness in this house from now on. Kajal then thanks Ant for giving her the same love and affection even after what Naina did. Ant asks her to forget that. Ant asks her to get ready as they are getting late for the puja. Ant starts to go, when Kajal holds his hand, tells him that she has something to say. Kajal then tells him that there will be a small guests coming very soon, to play with Dhruv's kid. Ant does not understand at first. Then he sees Kajal blushing, then he realises that she is pregnant. He is very excited. He says that he cannot believe what she said. He is very excited. He thanks Kajal for giving her this news. Kajal and Ant are excited. They both hug each other.

Puja. All are seated. Nih, Ant, Kajal, Kavitha, Viren are all there. The pundit calls the father and mother of the kid to come. Ved and Dhruv come down the stairs with the kid in hand. They sit. All are excited. Alisha and Titli are also there. The puja starts. Tara is also there. The puja for the kid starts. The pundit says the prayers. Then all the ladies take a dupatta, spread it and hold it . Ved puts the baby in it, all the ladies hold the dupatta on all the corners. The pundit says that accroding to the kid's rasi , the name should begin with K. All are excited, each one chooses a name - Kunal, Kapil, Kumar etc. But Tara says thekid's name with be Krishna. Ved likes tihs name. She is excited. She asks Alisha whether she likes the name. Alisha says she likes it. Tara says that this kid is really the Krishna of the house, as one mother has given birth and the other mother will be bringing him up. Alisha's face goes pale. Ved then takes the kid in her arms. All gather around the kid and Ved. All are happy. Alisha holds the dupatta in hand, is very upset. She sees the kid in Ved's hands, gets dejected. She sits and feels sad, as the puja continues. As the puja is nearing the end, alisha gets up and goes up to her room. The puja ends. The dupatta is lying there near Ant. Ant picks it up, he holds the dupatta in hand and is smiling. Titli notices this, asks Ant why is he holding it now? Ant smiles, tells all that in a few months, they will be in need of this again. He is in smiles. All are excited to hear this. Kavitha asks Kajal and Kajal blushes , says yes. All are happy. It is a joyous moment they are having, when Alisha comes down with her bag. All are shocked.

Alisha comes down, tells all that she will go now. She asks Kavitha not to stop her. She tells Ved that she has fulfilled her promise, so now it is time for her to leave. All are sad. Ved thanks her profusely, says that you have given me the most biggest happiness by giving this child. I will never forget your sacrifice. Nih comes up to Alisha, says that she is extremely sorry for mistaking her. They both hug. Ved tells Alisha that she will like to give a small token to Alisha. She gives Alisha a photo, which has Dhruv, Alisha and the new born. Alisha is in tears, she tells Ved that this is a priceless gift and she will have it for life. Dhruv is also upset, he too thanks Alisha profusely for giving them Krishna. Alisha tells Ved that she will take leave now. Ved says ok, she asks Alisha to take care. Alisha with tears, in her eyes, walks with her suitcase, to the door. She goes upto the door and turns back, sees all. She goes out of the house.

Ant and Kajal are going to a party, to attend Ant's friend's wedding anniversary. They reach the place, are in the car, when Ant holds Kajal's hands. He tells her that this day is the most happiest day in his life. He thanks her for giving him all the love and support. Kajal too thanks him, tells him to always extend his hand to her in the same way for life. They both smile, go inside to the party hall. They both are welcomed bu the people. They both are having a jolly time, talking with freinds, when Kajal notices a person sitting at a distance. She is shocked to see him. She recognises him as Shiva, Raghav's client, who was there in the bar when Kajal danced as Kajri. She is tensed. She thinks of going from the place before he sees her. But before she makes her move, the person sees her. He recognises her, starts to ask all about her. A group of men get up and come near her. Kajal slowly goes behind a curtain, tries to hide herself from them. Then, she is not able to hid therre for long. So she walks , covering her face and stands at a distance with her back towards all. These men come upto her, the person calls her Kajri. He asks her to look at them with her Kajra re Naina. Kajal gets very tensed. She sees Ant approaching the same side. She runs to him, tells him that they now need to go. Ant tells her that they have just come. Kajal tells him that she is not feeling well, tries to take him away. As they are going out, the person calls Kajal as kamaal ka maal hai!!! Ant gets wild, he turns , but Kajal asks him not to entertain such people and takes him away. Ant and Kajal are walking to the car. Ant reaches the car, and searches for car key, when he realises that he has given it to the Vale incharge. He tells her that both will go and take the keys from him. Kajal says i will stay here, you go and come. Ant is about to enter the hall again, when he sees the security, he takes the key from him and is about to return, when these men come out of the hall. The person again sees Ant, calls him. He tells Ant that he should have spent lots of money to have that mall with him. Ant is angry. The person says that this Kajri and her Kjare re Naina is kamaal. Ant asks which kajri are you talking about? He gets angry. Ant says that it is Kajal and she is his wife. The person says that so Kajri has become Antariksh Raizada's Kajal. They laugh. Ant gets wild. He goes upto them, asks them to stop. The person says that the nasha and ada in Kajri is not in anyone else. We are all the fans of Kajri, but we never knew that you were also in thelist. Ant gets wild, goes to catch the colar of the man, when the person tells that he will show pictures. He then shows the pictures he has clicked on his mobile, that were taken during Kajal's bar dance. Ant is shocked to see Kajal dancing there in those pictures. Ant is sheel-shocked. The men leave, but Ant is comletely shattered.

Monday: Ant looks at Kajal and his marriage photo, tells the photo that he is now throwing out Kajal from his life and also from this house. But he will have to wait for his baby to come into life, only then will he be able to throw Kajal out of his

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