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April 3, 2006

By: Sree_20

Dhruv is trying to wear his tie, but asusual is waiting for Ved to come and tie it for him. He calls for Ved, but she does not come. The servant comes instead, gives him his milk tumbler. Dhruv asks the servant to call Ved from the kitchen, she must be working there. The servant tells that Ved is not there, she has gone out. Dhruv is surprised. Ved comes there in themeantime. Ved is now in track suits, she has just come back from the gym. Dhruv appreciates her plan to go to the gym. Ved behaves a bit strange, uses  more of English in her words, tries to look different. Ved tells Dhruv that she goes to the gym to take care of her figure and health. Dhruv says ok, but he asks her to go to the gym after he leaves for office. Ved very bluntly says that this is impossible. She tells him that she likes to work out with her friends, her friends come only at this time. so she cannot ask her friends to come at a different time, just bcos of her husband. Ved again says, i will not adjust, you have to adjust Dhruv. Dhruv says fine. He then asks her to put his tie. Ved again screams at him, says that she is getting late. She has to go and take the shower. So she asks him to wear it himself, or stop wearing the tie, if he cannot put it on by himself. Dhruv is again surprised at Ved's behaviour. SAying  this, Ved goes to the wash room. Dhruv tells himself that Wife's mood is really bad. I don't know why. He then tells Ved that he will wear the tie only if she ties it for him. He then says he is leaving for office, goes. Ved is sad, she comes out. She sees the tie on the bed, she holds it and cries. She asks for forgiveness, tells herself that Dhruv has to forget her and hate her.

Rudr and Naina in the car. Naina sits in the fornt seat, beside Rudr who is driving the car. Naina wantedly falls over Rudr when he puts the brake. Few scenes are shown which show their journey to Pune. Rudr and Naina stop to have tender coconut water. Then they stop to have icecream, as Rudr eats, Naina drops her icecream down. Rudr asks the person to give another icecream, but Naina takes Rudr's icecream, gulps it. They continue their drive. Naina keeps looking at Rudr all the way thro'. Naina and Rudr reach the company guest house. Rudr asks the caretaker to take special care of Naina, as she is his guest. Rudr tells naina that he will freshen up and go to the site. He will send the car for her disposal as soon as he takes a drop. Naina agrees. She is in all smiles.

Ved is now getting ready to go out. She is in full makeup, actually bit over too... Dhruv has kept his file there on the bed, so he calls Ved. He asks her, whether there is a file there. Ved sees it, says yes. Dhruv asks Ved to give the file to Ant, who is just leaving for office now. Ved screams at him, do you think i am your servant and secretary? Dhruv is shocked, he again thinks, his wife's mood has not cooled down. Ved asks, what do you want me to do? You want me to put your tie, deliver your files , what do you think you are doing? Ved tells Dhruv that she is going out, so asks Dhruv to call Ant and ask him to collect the file. Saying this, she cuts. Dhruv tells himself that she is blowing really hot. He then calls Ant.

Naina comes to the guest house with a bag, she has got her luggage from her friend's place. The caretaker tells her that Rudr had called when she was away. Naina is again in all smiles. She goes near the phone, thinks whether to call him or not. She then calls him. Rudr picks up. She says hum bolrahe hai, Naina. Rudr says Hum can be used only by Naina. He asks her whether she got her bag. He tells her that he will come back as soon as he finishes work. Naina agrees.

Kavitha and Titli are discussing the menu for the party they have at home. Kavitha's 7 friends are expected for lunch. Titli is making thelist. She tells Kavitha that everything will be done, now that Ved is there. Ved hears this. Titli tells Kavitha that she will take care of some dishes while Ved will make pasta . Ved is walking past them, when Titli and Kavitha stop her. They ask her where she is going. Ved says that her friends have called her for lunch. Kavitha says my friends are coming today. Ved says i cannot cancel my plan for your friends. Guests keep coming and going in this house, so i cannot take the whole responsibility of the house. She tells Kavitha very bluntly that she cannot d o anything, ask her other 2 bahus to help her out. She cannot think about her family always, she says this and goes out. Ved stands near the door to hear their reaction. Titli and kavitha are shocked at Ved's reply. Titli says is this Ved? She seems as though she has gulped in neem leaves, she talked so weetly, what is wrong with her? Kavitha has tears, in her eyes, but manages to tell Titli that Ved could not cancel the program. So leave it. WE can manage. Afterall, it is better for her to go out and spend time.

Night. Rudr comes to the guest house. Naina is sitting in the balcony on a jhoola. She gives space for Rudr to sit. He sits. She asks him to sit comfortably. They both start talking. Rudr then tells Naina that he is feeling hungry, so will ask the caretaker to serve food. But Naina says that the caretaker has to go home, actually he has his grandchild born just today. Rudr then tells her that he can take care of her, so asks the caretaker to go home. Naina tells Rudr that she will serve food. Rudr goes to change.

Rudr is back in the hall. The entire atmosphere is changed, with no lights, but for candle lights here and there. The room is decorated with flowers and vases. Rudr is surprised. Naina asks him how is this? Rudr is impressed. He sits down to eat. Naina serves him, standing very very close to him. Rudr tries to move away from her. Naina then sits near him, in the next chair. She pulls her chair very close to his, so that she brushes his shoulder. Rudr moves his chair to a distance. She then draws her leg very close to Rudr's. Then, she puts her dupatta down, Rudr feels uncomfortable. Naina keeps seeing him. Naina then asks Rudr whether they can spend some time in the terrrace. He agrees. Naina says i will come, you proceed to the terrace.

Rudr reaches the terrace. He is stunned to see a room like atmosphere made there with yellow dupattas hanging right in the centre of the terrace. The dupatta covers the four sides . There is a bed put there on the floor. The bed has flowers decroated all over. There is a bouquet there, with a card. Rudr is shocked to see al this. He takes the card. He remembers the last icident when he received such a card. He asks himself, who is doing this? Just then, a voice says its me. Rudr sees in that direction. Naina is walking in the dark, she comes close to him. He is shocked when he sees her. Naina is in a red saree. She comes very close to him, tells him that she is actually trying to tell him in words, by action and my her eyes, that she loves him. She blushes, tells him that she fell for him when she saw him for the first time. She says that let us spend this night together. Let our love bring a new beginning to our life. I am so much in love with you, that i do Samarpan before you. Saying this, she pushes her palloo down. Rudr looks stunned.

Tomorrow: Ant is getting down the stairs, Ved sees a gift lying on the table. She takes it, walks towards Ant.

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April 4, 2006
By: Sree_20

Rudr stands shocked, as Naina shamelessly stands with her dress exposed. She has thrown out her arms, ready to accept him in her arms... Rudr is stunned. Rudr turns to the other side, asks Naina what is she trying to do? Naina starts to talk about how much she loves him, she wants to samarpit her love to him etc etc. (This girl was seriously bad in this scene). She forcefully hugs him. He tries to push her away. She becomes violent. She draws him close again, hugs him. He is trying his best to come out of her arms, but she does not leave. Naina starts to act crazy, she tries to woo Rudr in her love. The split second where Naina gets very romantic, affects Rudr. He too starts to succumb to it, starts to draw his hand close to her, but at the right moment, Rudr's phone rings. So they move apart. Rudr takes the call. It is from Nih. Naina takes the mobile, cuts the line. Rudr is now mad at her. He has a sudden change in his attitude, he is angry now. He asks her, what are you doing? This is all wrong, i am married, i am so very elder to you. How can you do this? Naina again begs, tells him that she loves him a lot. She asks him to take her in his arms... Rudr pushes her away. He tries to go, but Naina again comes in the way. All the way thro, she has her palloo dropped down. (Atrocious!!!) Rudr tells her that this is nothing but infatuation. It is very common in this age, but girls need to be careful and dfirrenciate between love and infatuation. But Naina is not ready to understand. She again pulls him close, hugs him tight. He tries his best to push her back. He manages after a tussle, she does not stop. She hugs him again. Rudr loses his cool, gives her one big slap. Naina goes and falls on the floor. She is now crying. Rudr is disgusted with her behaviour, so goes from there....Naina is on the floor, crying. She remembers the nice time she had with Rudr. She then vows to take revenge.

Ved is coming from outside, She has a packet in her hand. she has bought a crystal piece which is inside the cover. Ant is getting down the stairs. As he is getting down, he is searching for someone's number in his mobile. So he is not looking at the stairs, but is just walking. Ant comes down the stairs. Ant stands there, still trying to figure out something in his mobile. Ved in the meantime, comes close to Ant, dashes against him wantedly, puts the cover down. Ant is shocked. He asks for sorry. Ved sees that her crystal piece is broken into pieces. She starts screaming at Ant. She tells him that she thought that only his hands and legs were not ok. But now, she feels his eyes are also not ok. Ant gets offended. Kavitha comes there. She asks Ved asto why she is talking like this? Kajal who is passing by, sees all this from upstairs. She is sad too. Ved starts to make this a big issue, she screams that her costly piece is broken. Kavitha tells her that it is not right for her to speak to Ant like this. She did not like it at all. Ved now asks so you dont like me talking like this? Why? You all can lead your life peacefully her, but the minute you trouble Ved, you have invited trouble, she says. Kavitha and Ant are stunned. Ant tells her not to make this issue big. Ved again fights with him, warns him to behave himself and goes. Kavitha is upset.

Kajal is in her room, she is restless. Ant comes there. Kajal scolds Ant for not replying to Ved's taunts. She asks him why did you just keep quiet? Ant says that Ved has been going thro a lot, she is not mentally stable. It might be possible that she wanted a way to vent her feelings. So dont take this to hear,t he says. After all, we know that Ved is very nice. So leave it. Kajal says whatever she undergoes, however sad she is, she just cannot humiliate her husband like this. Kajal firmly tells Ant that the next time, she behaves rude with him, she will answer back to Ved. Kajal leaves in an angry mood. Ant is sad.

Ved is in her room, when Kavitha comes there. She says she wants to talk to her. Ved asks what is it? Kavitha tells Ved that she knows and understands that Ved is going thro a tough phase. But, it is not proper to vent out your sorrow and anger on another person who has not done anything at all. Ved is sad, but then pretends to be be rude. She argues with her, says that she did not do any mistake. It was Ant who broke her crystal piece. She is the one who suffered a loss. Kavitha tells her that she has to say sorry to Ant. Ved refuses bluntly. Kavitha says that there is no harm in saying sorry to elders. Ved says NO. Kavitha tells Ved that the crystal piece can be bought again, but the words that Ved is letting out, are hitting into the hearts of her family like arrows. The words uttered can never be taken back. Kavitha again tries to correct her, but Ved, firmly says that she will not ask for forgiveness and this is final. Kavitha is shocked to see Ved react like this.

Morning,Rudr is in his room, he looks worried and upset over last night's happenings. He thinks of the nasty way in which Naina confessed her love to him. As he is thinknig, Naina comes there. She is crying. She falls to his feet, asks for forgvieness. She pleads and cries,tells that she just cannot imagine how she behaved like that. She says she is feeling guilty, is in shame. Rudr tries to console her. He tells her that this age is like this. You will never know what is love and infatuation. Naina says i have realised my mistake. I should not have done what i did. She weeps. Rudr consoles her, tells her to forget everything as a bad memory. He tells her that today is a new day. So let us make a fresh beginning. He tells her that we both will have the same respect for each other. Nothing will change. You have realised your mistake, so it is not a mistake anymore. So forget it. Naina then pleads to Rudr not to tell about this to anyone. Rudr promises that he will utter anything to anyone... Naina thanks his profusely. She says that she wants to go back to Mumbai now. Rudr says he will call the driver. But Naina says she has called for a taxi , will leave. Rudr agrees.

Kajal is in her room, when Naina comes back. Kajal is excited to see Naina. She runs to welcome her. But she is shocked to see Naina in tears. She goes on weeping, without speaking anything. Kajal gets tensed. She makes her sit, asks her what is wrong. But Naina goes on weeping. She hugs her sister, cries over her. Kajal does not understand what is wrong. Suddenly, she suspects something....

Rudr also comes to Mumbai, enters the house. The servant tells him that Ant has called him to his room. Rudr says i have just returned, so will talk to him later. The servant says he has called for you now. So Rudr goes to Ant's room. There, Ant, Kajal and a weeping Naina are there. Rudr comes. He very innocently asks Ant what is it? Ant screams at him, asks him, how dare he do this deed? Rudr does not understand anything. He feels there is some problem in business. But Ant sasy that business is ok, but you have runied someone's entire life, he screams. Rudr does not understand anything. Kajal then tells Rudr that she now knows everything. Naina has spoken every fact, asto how he behaved with her. Kajal then pulls down Naina's dupatta. Her neck and hand have scratch marks. Kajal tells Rudr that he raped Naina. Rudr is taken aback. He tries to go near Naina, strangulate her, but Kajal stops him from touching her sister. Rudr tries to reason out, that she is playing a trick here. Rudr tells thme that it was Naina who wantedly made a plan to come with him to Pune. kajal says, so you mean to say, she knew you were going to Pune? Rudr then recollects the incident. He then tells them that she tried to behave so bad with him, that he just cannot explain. Kajal screams at Rudr, telling him that you have handled her like an animal. You speak about bad deeds? Ant is also screaming at Rudr. Kajal says that you have also blackmailed Naina not to open her mouth, isn't it? Rudr is shocked. He rememebers the incident when Naina begged him not to tell this out. He understands now that everything was Kajal's plan. Ant says that you even sent the caretaker early that day, bcos you had set your bad eyes on Naina. Rudr is stunned. He remembers the incident when Naina told him to send the caretaker home. He is completely shattered, as he has been cornered from all ends...

Tomorrow: Ant asks Rudr to shut up. They are in the midst of a heated argument. Ant tells Rudr that he gives him 24 hours time. Rudr asks what for? Ant sasy in 24 hourss, you leave this house. Rudr looks stunned.
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April 5, 2006
By: Sree_20

Rudr is shocked as Ant continues to abuse him. Kajal also says that when Naina tried to protect herself, you slapped her. rudr says, yes i slapped her, but bcos she was going crazy. Ant and Kajal dont believe him. Ant asks him, what did you get by trying to spoil Naina's life? (Actually, Naina has said, Rudr tried to rape her, and not that he raped her.)Ant then says that he could have taken this issue to maa, but wanted to talk to him first. Rudr says, what will maa do in this? Ant says that he does not know what all will do. But he is giving Rudr 24 hours time. Rudr asks what for? Ant says that you need to leave this house in 24 hours. If you do not, then i will tell everything that happened to all in the family, including maa. But if you get out of this house within 24 hours, this thing will remain a secret between we 4. Rudr is shocked. Ant, Kajal and Naina leave, Rudr is shattered. He does not know what to do.

Rudr walks in the corridor , towards his room. He is perspiring, he remembers whatever Naina has accused him of. He remembers Ant's condition. He is very tensed, does not know what to do. He enters his room. Nih sees him, runs to him in joy and hugs him. Rudr is speechless, looks worried. Nih asks what the matter is? Rudr does not say anything. He is almost crying. He goes to the window, stands ther. Nih asks him, is his health ok? Rudr does not reply. Nih keeps asking, what the matter is. Rudr then tells in a heavy voice, that he is very tired. He asks her to hold him. Nih hugs him. Rudr starts to cry. Nih also cries, asks him what is wrong? Nih then goes to get water. Rudr thinks, whether or not to tell Nih about what happened. He first thinks , he has to tell her everything. Then, he feels, if Nih does not believe me, then what will happen? He then thinks of telling Nih. But then, he thinks if she does not believe him, then, he will lose her. He is very tensed. Nih comes with water. He keeps the water tumbler aside. He asks her to hug him, says I love you in heavy tone. Nih also says i love you very much Rudr. Rudr again says ILU, i cannot live without you. Nih says that she too loves him, and he is her life.

Morning. Dhruv is having breakfast sitting in the table. Ved comes there. She serves Dhruv a sandwich, takes a sandwich in her hand, starts to go from there. But Dhruv makes her sit near him. He tells her very sweetly that he will come home early today. They both will go out and enjoy. He tells her that he will first take her to a long drive, then a beautiful candle light dinner, then a jolly and peaceful walk in the shores of the beach, the water touching their feet, as they walk, will be so exciting. Ved is sad. She then screams at him, Mr. Husband, you have told your plan. But then did you ever ask me whether i am free? As this goes on, Nih is walking in the corridor upstairs. She hears Ved speaking aloud, stops to listen. She is shocked to see Ved behave like this. Ved tells Dhruv that she is busy, she has other plans for the day. Dhruv gets offended with the way Ved says that. Ved then bluntly tells him that he cannot expect her to change her plans for him. Dhruv is shocked. Ved then throws the sandwich she holds in her hand in anger and leaves the place. Dhruv is very upset, is controlling his tears. He then sees Nih there, tries to give her a smile as though nothing has happened. But Nih feels very bad for Dhruv. Dhruv takes his coat and walks off to office, a worried man.

Nih goes to Ved's room. Nih asks Ved what she is upto? She tells Ved that she did not believe what she heard, all told her how Ved behaved badly with Ant and maa. But now, after seeing everything with my own eyes, i am shocked, she says. Nih asks Ved why she is doing all this? Ved tells her that only her sister remained without complaining now. So you have done that too. What do you all want me to do? Why are you all after me? Ved asks. Nih is shocked. Nih tells Ved that Ved is spitting venom to the same Dhruv to whom she used to pour love on. Ved is in tears, but manages to scream at Nih, asking her not to interfere in her personal life. Nih is shocked. Ved asks her, whether i have told you to behave like this and not like that to Rudr? Why are you interfering in my life. Stop this, she says. Nih is shocked. Ved tells Nih that she is now going out, so see you later, and goes. Nih is stunned.

Night. Ved is in her room, in her night dress. She is sitting in the bed, when she gets severe haeadache, with blackouts. She struggles, in pain holding her head. She feels breathless, so she opens the window. She does not know what to do. She struggles in pain sitting in the bed, for sometime. Then she runs to get the number of the doctor. She takes her report file from the cupboard. She beings it to her bed. She sees the number, dials it. She introduces herself. She tells the doc that she is having blackouts, sever pain and is feeling breathless. The doc asks her to take those tablets immediately, asks her to come and meet her tomorrow. Ved runs to take those tablets, takes it. She is in pain. She holds her head, is struggling, when she sees Dhruv approaching the room. She runs, collects all her report papers, puts them back in the file, hides it below her pillow. She sits. Dhruv comes. He again starts to sweet talk with his wife. He asks her very sweetly, how her day? Dhruv asks her, did you miss me today? Tell me. Ved is sad, but then asks Dhruv to stop talking nonsense. Dhruv asks whether his sweet talk is nonsense for her. Ved says i am in no mood. Dhruv then says that i will then say the 3 magical words, which will create mood in you. He then very sweetly says I love you to her. He then leans on her, asks her to repeat the same. He tells her that he wants to listen to her saying that. Ved is in tears, but then shrugs off, pushing his head off her shoulder. Dhruv is sad. Ved tells him not to trouble her. Dhruv says so i loving you is a trobule for you. But never mind, i will never stop loving you. Ved asks him to go away. She tries to shoo him off as filth. Dhruv is upset, but still manages to talk to Ved. Ved says that she is feeling sleepy, asks him to get out. Dhruv then says dont sleep, i will show you something. Dhruv then goes, brings their album. It is the album photos that they took in HK. He starts to see all the pictures, starts to recollect the happy moments. He tells her that this is where you placed sindoor on all foreign ladies' foreheads. Ved is in tears. As Shruv talks and laughs and smiles seeing the photos, Ved keeps seeing him. She is in tears. Dhruv then takes the pillow of Ved, to keep it in between his hands. Now the file is exposed. Ved takes it, tries her best to hide it under her. She is upset. She then pushes Dhruv, as he is leaning towards her, talking sweetly, seeing the photos. She asks him to get lost, as she wants to sleep. Dhruv tells her to give him food. Ved says i am feeling sleepy, ask khaka to give it . Dhruv feels very very hurt now. Ved pulls the blanket on, sleeps. She switches off the light too. Dhruv is still sitting ther, looking blankly at the album. He feels very hurt, with tears almost in his eyes. He throws the album in disgust, goes out of the room. Ved is crying, turning to the other side. She sees him go out of the room, cries more.

Tomorrow: Naina is again trying to woo Rudr, i think she is now in Rudr's room. Nih is coming towards her room, with a glass in hand. Naina tells Rudr that she realises that he also got trapped in her love for a moment, she says that she knows that he actually enjoyed their togetherness for a moment. Rudr is shocked to hear Naina saying the same thing....
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April 6th, 2006

By: Sree_20

Rudr is seeing the family photo which is put on the wall. He is sad. He sees all the members of the family there, is very upset, when Naina comes to his room. she tells him that he need not worry about going out of this house. He just needs to accept her, she will make things right for him. Rudr asks her, how dare you come here? Naina says i have dared to come into your life even before this. I love you, what if we lost an opportunity to spend time together in the last meeting. We can now quench our thirst now, she says. Rudr is getting sick of her words now. She is again trying to come close to him. Rudr asks her to get out, vows that he will bring out her real character to all. Naina says that i have enacted so well before Ant and Kajal, that they believed whatever i said. I have also the nail marks to show all. If i tell others too, they will also believe me. Infact, your loving wife Nih will also believe what i say, she says. Rudr is shocked. Nih in the meantime, is bringing a drink for Rudr, she is approaching the room. Naina keeps talking again and again about Rudr accepting her. She tells him that she is not asking Rudr to leave his wife, but she just wants him to be hers also. She says she wants him at any cost. She assures him that if he agrees to this relationship, she will see to it that he is not sent out of the house. Rudr is very upset. As Naina is speaking, Nih comes in. Naina sees her, starts to talk about a book that Rudr had promised to give her. Nih gives Rudr the cup of coffee. Naina goes from there. But as she goes, she looks at Rudr, gives a very big smile, as Rudr stares at her.

Morning. Kavitha, Titli, Nih and Kajal are at the breakfast table. Kavitha asks Titli whether the arrangements for the Poornima puja this evening is all done. Titli says everything is set. As they are talking, Ved comes there. She is still in her night dress. All are stunned. Ved says good morning. Nih says it is going to be afternoon now. What are you doing in this gown at this hour? Ved asks Nih to keep quiet. Kavitha then intervenes, tells Ved that she has to remember that there is the puja to be done this evening. Ved immediately gets irritated, asks Kavitha , how many pujas will she have in this house? All are stunned to see Ved react like this. Ved then asks them to pass the breakfast to her. She puts her first bit into her mouth. She spits it, says that the food is third class. She screams asto who made this? It is hopeless, she says. Titli and Kavitha tell that the food is goo,d we all ate it, did not find it bad. Ved says so i have no right to express what i feel? It might be good for you, but it is the worst food possible for me. Titli tells Ved that the food was prepared by Kajal, and Kajal is a good cook. Ved than starts to taunt Kajal, saying she wants to give her an advise, not to enter the kitchen again. All are shocked. Ved keeps accusing Kajal's preparation. Kajal tells Ved that when all have eaten and nobody has any complaints, what is wrong with you? Ved screams at the top of her voice. She tells Kajal that she is straight forward. She cannot say that the food is great when it is third rate. Ved tells Kajal that if she has prepared this food, then she should ask Ant to eat it, appreciate her food. Ant being her husband, will give false praises to her, but she cannot praise her for this hopeless food. Kajal firmly tells Ved not to bring in Ant into all this. Ved says where am i bringing? I am just telling you that i am not your husband who will nod to everything you say. Nih asks Ved to keep quiet. But she does not listen. Ved screams at all, that she has no right to even express her mind in this house. She gets up in anger and goes. Kavitha and others are shocked. Titli asks Kavitha what is happening in this house? Kavitha is speechless. Titli then says that Ved has gone thro al ot, so her mood is completely off. She will get ok as time passes. But Nih is very worried for Ved.

Rudr is in his room when he gets a call on his mobile. It is from Naina. Rudr screams at her, asking her why she called? Naina asks Rudr whether he has taken the decision. She says she wants to know desperately whether you are accepting me. Rudr gives a blunt no as a reply. He tells her that the thing she wishes will never happen. He cuts the phone. Naina is very upset. As she ends the talk, Ant comes there. He asks, who were you speaking to? Naina with tears in her eyes, tells him that she was booking her tickets. Ant asks her, where is she going and why? Kajal also comes there with food for Naina. Kajal tells Ant that i have been trying to tell her the asme thing, but she is adamant. Ant asks her to relax, he tells Naina that she should keep calm, after all, Ant and Kajal are with her. Kajal reports to Ant that she has not had food from yesterday night. Ant asks Naina to eat, not to show her anger on food. Kajal sits down near Naina, starts to feed her.l Ant is happy that Naina is eating. Kajal tells Ant that she will take care of Naina's food, but what can she do about the fear that Naina has within her? rudr is still in the house, looks like he has not taken your order seriously. Ant says he has to leave this house. I will see to it that he goes from here. SAying this, he goes out. Naina starts to weep over kajal, but ends up giving a scary smile on her face.

Rudr is in office. He is very depressed, does not know what to do. He keeps standing in one corner of the room, he is lost in thoughts. Viren comes in, asks Rudr how did he make this big mistake? Rudr is shocked. He feels Naina has told all about it. Rudr starts to explain that he has not done anything. Viren then tells him that then tender Rudr quoted was not ok, so they did not get the contract. Rudr is relieved that Viren does not know anything. Viren then asks Rudr not to make the same mistake again. He tells Rudr that they have to fill another tender now. So he asks Rudr to be more careful this time. Viren leaves. Rudr throws the file down, is again lost in thoughts. He is frustrated , when Ant comes in. Ant asks Rudr asto why he has not left even after 24 hours? Rudr tries to again tell Ant that Naina is playing a trick on all. Ant is not ready to listen. Ant tells Rudr that Naina is so very tensed and afraid that she has not eaten since yesterday. She has been crying the whole night. Rudr tells Ant that she is now trying to win me over with her tears, ash she was not successful with the love trap she set on me. Ant asks him to shut up. He tells Rudr that he will never believe him. Why will Naina try to harm you? he asks. Rudr tells Ant that Naina actually loves him, wants him to accept her, whereas he loves only Nih. Ant says he does not believe all this, again asks Rudr to pack his bags and leave, otherwise, he will tell this to Kavitha ma.. Ant goes from there. Rudr is very upset.

Puja. Titli, Kavitha, Nih, Kajal are sitting. They are all waiting for Ved, to complete the 5 suhagans needed to do this puja. Alisha is also seated there, just to witness the puja. All are waiting for Ved. Kavitha asks Nih to go and bring her soon. Titli tells that Ved must be getting dressed for this puja. Nih is about to get up, when she sees Ved coming down. She is shocked. All see Ved. All are shocked. Ved is dressed in a western revealing outfit, she is ready to go out. Nih runs to her, asks her what is she trying to do? Ved tells her that she is going out. Nih tells her that she very well knows that there is the puja at home. How can she go? Ved tells Nih that she is not stopping them from doing the puja. Kavitha and Titli get up. Kavitha tells Ved that this is not right way in which a bahu will react. She orders her to go and change her dress and come down to sit in the puja. Ved now goes up. All think that she has gone to change her dress. But Ved immediately comes back. She is in the same clothes, but now, talking to her friend over the mobile. She tells her friend that she got late, actually forgot her mobile in her room, so went to get it. Kavitha screams at her, asks her to change her dress and come sit here. Kavitha tells Ved that she knows they need 5 suhagans for this puja, how can she back out like this? Kavitha tells Ved that there are few rituals followed in this house, which she wants her bahus to follow. So she orders Ved to go and change her dress. Ved screams back, tells kavitha that she will not accept any kind of orders from anyone. She cannot just agree and nod to wahtever they say. She firmly tells them that she is now going out. She will not sit in the puja. All are stunned. They are speechless. Ved then tells Titli that she will probably be very late in returning from the club. She bids a stylish bye bye to all and leaves. All are stunned. Kavitha is in tears. Titli asks, how do we do the puja now? Kavitha tells Titli that the puja will take place. She tells Titli that Alisha will sit in place of Ved. Ved is standing outside the door, she expects Kavitha to take this decision only. She is happy, though she has tears coming down her cheeks. Nih is shocked on hearing Kavitha's decision. But she has no say in it. Alisha is also shocked. But Titli and Kavitha make her get up, makes her sit in the puja. Ved is happy.

Tomorrow: Nih is crying her heart out, she is screaming at Alisha. She asks her, who gave her the right to misue theliberty Ved has given her? She asks Alisha,why did you come into my sister's life? Why are you trying to spoil my sister's life. Nih is weeping for Ved, blaming Alisha for whatever is happening. Alisha is also in tears....

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April 7, 2006
By: Sree

Ved is still standing out, listening to what they say. Kaviths makes Alisha sit in Ved's place for the puja. Ved thinks in her mind that it is appropriate for Alisha to take Ved's place. The puja starts. The 5 suhagans sit and do it. Nih keeps staring at Alisha as they sit face to face to do the puja. The puja is going on. Ved still remains there, crying, seeing everything happening. She thinks that Alisha needs to be in this house, she has to be with her kid. I cannot take her kid away from her. It is not fair at all. Ved keeps crying , standing outside the door. The puja ends. Titli then comes and tells Kavitha that the puja is now over. But she thinks we need to call a holy man and ask Ved to see him. Titli fears that Ved has some bad saaya on her. Titli also asks Kavitha whether Ved is in bad company. She has changed so much, that it is really shocking. Kavitha tells her that Ved has changed, that is the truth. Ved was known for her love, affection and sweetness. But the Ved here today, spits venom. Nih is feeling very bad. She is upset , so are the others. Ved listens to everything , cries.

Alisha is in her room, when Nih comes in like a storm. She starts accusing Alosha straight , asto what she is doing here in this house? How dare she take undue advantage of Ved's decision? Alisha asks what did i do? Nih screams, tells her that she has not done anything, she need not do anything now, she has already created havoc. She screams at Alisha, asks her, why is she doing all this? She says that you being here is the main reason for Ved behaving like this. Alisha is stunned. Nih cries, tells Alisha that Ved who used to respect any order given by ma, now backanswers her. Ved who had only love and affection for Dhruv in her eyes, now talks bitterly to the same Dhruv. Ved who had utmost love for her sister, now asks her sister why she interferes. Nih cries, she tells Alisha that she very well knows that Ved's problem is Alisha. Kavitha enters then, stops Nih from accusing Alisha. Kavitha asks Nih why are you blaming her for Ved's actions? Alisha is here for the past 7 months, but Ved has changed only in the past 7-8 days. Nih is upset. Kavitha tells her that Ved has definitely changed. Nih again says the same thing that it must be so difficult for Ved to see Alisha in this house. After making the mistake of bringing her here, Ved must have repented. Whenever she sees Alisha , she must have got reminded about her inability to conceive, that would have really hurt her. It is not easy to digest. Above all, the very thougght that Alisha is carrying Dhruv's kid must have pained her a lot. Nih sasy Alisha is solely responsible for Ved's action. Kavitha says you have not known your sister then. She is very proud of her decision of bringing Alisha here. She has no problems with this decision of hers, i know that. Kavitha says that Ved has really changed and i am worried for her. Nih is very upset.

Ved is sitting in the temple crying. She keeps seeing the idol of God, tears just keep flowing out of her eyes. She remembers the past when Dhruv told her that he will die if she goes away from him, Dhruv telling that she is the life of this house, Titli praising Ved, asking God to make Ved her daughter in the next birth, Kavitha addressing her as daughter rather than DIL. Ved has tears in her eyes as she remembers the nice time she has had in the past with her loved ones.

Rudr is in his room, he is deeply lost in thoughts. He keeps thinking that he needs to go out of this house the next morning. What will he tell Nih? Should he tell Nih about what happened between him and Naina? Will she believe him? What reason shall i give the family for my leaving this house? He is almost in tears, when Nih comes there. Rudr tells Nih that he needs to speak something to her. Nih tells him not now. She tells Rudr that she is already worried about Ved's change in behaviour. Ved has become so rude and talks ill of others. She has gone to the extent of treating Kavitha ma badly. She just cannot believe why Ved is doing all this. Rudr tells Nih to talk to Ved. Nih says that she even managed to talk to Ved, she asked Ved pointblank asto why she was behaving strangley. But Ved backanswered her, Nih had to hear to all the rude words for her from Ved. Nih starts to cry, saying that she was not so tensed before, as she is now for Ved. Nih hugs Rudr and weeps. Rudr thinks that Nih is already so upset, what will happen if i tell her about my sorrow and my confusion? But Rudr still has the thought asto what reason will he give when he talks about leaving the house?

Night. Dhruv is waiting for Ved to return. He is very very restless, as the time is already 10 in the night and Ved has not come home. He is walking up and down the room, is very tensed. Ved is still sitting in the temple. She sees the time, thinks of going. But then, she tells herself that she needs to go really late to the house. So she stays back. Dhruv is still sitting in the sofa, waiting for Ved to come back. He keeps seeing the time, it is past 1 midnight, ther is still not trace of Ved. Dhruv is very upset. He tries to call Ved, but he does not get the line. He is almost crying. Ved comes. She atonce asks him, why is he still waiting for her? She says that she was at the club, she enjoyed so much that she did not even see time ticking. Dhruv tells her that he did not get sleep when his eyes were wating for her. Ved asks him to stop all this rubbish. Dhruv then asks Ved to come and have dinner. Ved says that she has had lots of drinks, she also had some starters, so that killed her hunger. So she will now go to sleep. Dhruv stops her, tells her to atleast give him company , as he has not had his dinner yet. Ved asks Dhruv to ask Raghu khakaha to help him out, as she is tried. Ved tells Dhruv that he needs to manage eating alone, leaves. Dhruv is almost in tears. He looks very upset. Ved as she goes, starts to cry, she is also worried for Dhruv. Dhruv walks to the table, to have his food. He remembers the past, when Ved used to wait for him, sitting there, awaiting him. Dhruv on returning, used to ask her, why are you not sleeping? Ved will have the readymade answer that she cannot sleep or have her food without him. Dhruv is very upset as he thinks of the past. He sits to have his food. He is lost in thoughts. Ved sees him , from up. She cries too. She asks herself, asto why Dhruv is not starting to hate her after all this. Why is it that she sees only love in Dhruv's eyes for her even now? Why is it that Dhruv and other family members are not taking harsh action against her? Why is it that nobody is hating her? She cries.

Next morning. Kavitha, Viren and Kajal are seated in the hall. Kavitha asks Kajal asto why Naina appears to be dull from the past 2 days. Viren asks Kajal whether she is hurt for some reason. Kajal manages to answer saying that Naina is perfectly fine, they need not worry about her. Just then, Rudr comes there. He sits near Kavitha. Nih also comes there, sits. Rudr starts to tell Kavitha that he has something important to tell them. He tells that he needs a promise that when he has said what he wants to do, nobody will ask him why he is doing that? Kavitha refuses to promise, but then promises to Rudr that she will agree to whatever he says and will not ask him anything about the decision. Rudr then tells all that he wants to leave this house. Kavitha is stunned, she takes her hand off from Rudr's hand. All are shocked. Viren asks what is the problem? Why are you talking all this? Rudr says that he cannot give answers now, the only thing he wants is to go otu of this house. Kajal sits there, listening to everything. Kavitha and Viren ask in turns as to what is the problem? Viren tells Rudr that every problem will have solution, we just need to talk it out. Rudr says he has no problem whatsoever. Kavitha asks Nih what is Rudr telling? Nih also asks Rudr asto why he has decided to go out of this house? He is such a responsible son, she just cannot believe that he will wnt to go out of the house. She asks him, why did you take this decision without even asking me? Rudr is speechless, he keeps telling that he wants to now lead a life away from his family. He asks Nih to come along. HE gets up in a hurry, asks Nih to pack. Nih tells him that she , as a wife will agree to whatever he says, but as a bahu of this house, Rudr's decision is not convincing for her. Rudr firmly tells Nih that the ball is in her court now. She has to decide whether she is coming with him, with her husband, or she prefers to stay with his family. Nih is stunned. All are shocked too....

Monday: Ved is screaming at Dhruv. Dhruv is probably telling Ved to talk to Nih. But Ved screams that Nih is definitely her sister, but she does not like interfering in Nih's personal life. In the same way, she does not like others interfering in her personal life too. Dhruv is shell-shocked as he hears Ved say this...
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April 10, 2006
By: Sree

Rudr asks Nih whether she is coming with him or not. Nih screams, that she will not come, and will not allow him to go too. Rudr gets annoyed. Dhruv, Ant, Titli come there. Dhruv asks Rudr not to go. All plead to Rudr, but with no success. Rudr is adamant. Naina keeps seeing everything from upstairs. Dhruv pleads with Rudr , tells him that if anyone has done a mistake, they will correct themselves. Kavitha and Viren also plead, but to no success. Dhruv asks Ant to talk to Rudr. But Ant says that when he did not listen when you and mom said, he will never listen to me. Kavitha cries, asks Rudr what his problem is. All cry, but Rudr stands like a rock. He keeps seeing Naina's face, is getting angry at her. He then screams out to Nih, asks her whether she is coming or not, he is asking her for the last time. nih does not say anything. She is in a fix. Rudr gets wild, just storms off to the main door, to go out. Kavitha calls him, he turns back. Kavitha with tears in her eyes, asks him whether he does not even want her blessings. Rudr is also in tears. He comes to his father, mother, seeks their blessinfs, goes out of the house. Nih looks stunned. She falls to the sofa, bursts out.

Ved is in her room, she is worried asto why Rudr took this decision. She does not know how to find out the reason form Nih. As hse is worrying, Nih comes in. She pleads to Ved to talk to rudr. She tells Ved that Rudr will never say no to her. So she asks her sister to help her. Ved screams to Nih, that she should not waste time shedding tears here, she should go and talk it out with Rudr. Nih says i have failed to convince him, so i have come to you. Ved screams,saying that she does not want to interfere in other people's personal matters. Nih is shocked, she asks her, when did i become other person for you? I came to my own sister to seek help, did i do anything wrong? Nih is stunned at Ved's reaction. Ved is crying, but then pretends to scream back at Nih, asking her to stop her drama. Nih goes out of the room in a hurry. Ved is sad. She does not know what to do. She takes the phone, calls someone...

Nih is with Uma. Nih is crying, telling her mom that everything was so nice in life. We had begun to see happiness, but i never knew this is in store for us. Nih cries, tells her mom that she refused to go out of the house, bcos if she refuses, Rudr will also not go. Uma tells her that she being Rudr's wife, has to be with him thro' happiness and sorrow. But Nih says that he did not do the right thing in leaving the house. Uma tells her daughter that she should not ask him why he left the house at this moment. The most important thing for her to do is to be with him, hold his hands ,in this tough phase, assure him that his wife is with her. She tells Nih that all his problems are her problems too. Nih understands and agrees to go to Rudr. Uma tells Nih that she should hold his hand, pave a way to bring him back to the house. Onlyif she is with him, can she succeed to bring him back...

Kavitha is crying, holding a photo of Rudr. Dhruv comes there. He gives the phone to her, asks her to call rudr and talk to him. Kavitha calls, but Rudr does not pick up the phone. (Rudr i think is in the company guest house). He is very upset as the phone rings. Kavitha breaks into tears as Rudr does not take the phone call. Kavitha tells Dhruv that my son is angry at me, for some reason. Rudr there, tells that he is noty angry with anyone, his fate is angry with him. He is crying, when Nih comes there. He gets a pleasant shock on seeing her. Nih tells Rudr that she will be with him. Rudr is happy. Nih tells Rudr that being his wife, she will be with him during his tough times. You are my shadow, so how can i be away from you, she says. Rudr has tears in his eyes. Nih tells that she has a sadness that Rudr did not tell her his problem and the reason for coming out of the house. But, she will not ask him about it. The only thing she knows, is that she will be with him forever. Nih hugs Rudr, Rudr is in tears, but does not say anything.

Ved is putting her makeup, when Dhruv comes into the room. Dhruv asks Ved asto why she is behaving as though she does not belong to this house. There is so much tension in the house, but Ved is busy putting makeup here. Ved screams at him that she is fed up dealing with the problems of this house. She will not put herself into the problems from now on. Dhruv is shocked. Dhruv tells her that she did not talk to Rudr, she did not even help her sister. Ved says that Nih is her sister, but she is married now. So she has her own personal life, and that she will not interfere in others' personal life. Dhruv asks her, when did she become somebody for you? Ved screams that she does not like anybody else interfering in her personal life too. Dhruv is shocked. His temper level is rising, but he manages to gulp his anger, but he is breathing fast. Ved then very calmly tells him that she is now going out with her friends, she has no time to cry over the sorrow of this house. SAying this, she starts to leave, but turns back, tells Dhruv that she will be late today, so asks him not to wait for her and sleep. Dhruv is again getting angry, but he tries to control himself, does not say a word to her. Ved is sad, but goes.

Ved as she is walking out, goes to Alisha's room. There, on the wall, is placed the photo of Alisha , Dhruv and Ved. It is the photo where Alisha is sitting in the middle in the bed. Dhruv is bending on her stomach, hearing to the baby's movements. Ved is sitting on the other side, near Alisha. She takes the photo, which is pinned up to the wall in a board. She folds the photo to cover her face.She again pins the photo to the board. Now, the photo has Dhruv bending over on Alisha, it has no Ved in it. Ved cries, tells herself that this is the truth she has to understand, that Ved is out of Dhruv's life from now on.

Kavitha and Titli are discussing about the puja to be performed for the kid's wellbeing. Kavitha says that Alisha should sit in the puja with Ved. Kavitha says that all her bahus can sit, so she has asked Nih to come here for the puja. As they are talking, Nih comes. Ved is in her night dress, standing and watching this from upstairs. All sit to have breakfast, when Ved also comes down. Titli, Dhruv, Alisha, Nih, Kavitha are there at the table. Ved also comes. She comes straight to Nih, asks her why she is back in the house, she thought she had left home. Nih is stunned. Kavitha tells Ved that she called Nih for today's puja. Ved is disgusted, asks Kavitha asto how many pujaas will she have in thos house? She is actually fed up. Kavitha says that it is for the kid, and that she has to sit with Dhruv and Alisha in the puja. Ved does not talk anything, she gets up, orders the servant to get sandwich and milk to her room, starts to leave. Kavitha screams at her. Ved stops. Kavitha tells Ved that she is talking to her, why is she not relpying? Ved says that she has told many times that she will not sit in any puja from now on. Dhruv comes, screams at Ved, asks her why she is behaving like this? Ved screams that i want to lead my life as i wish. Dhruv is now getting angry, his eyes are becoming red. But he does not spurt out the anger. He then tells her that she should talk frankly, if she does not like to sit for the puja. Ved screams back, saying she wants to tell them only this, should she write and give? Dhruv is stunned. Kavitha asks Ved, why have you changed like this? What is your problem? Ved turns back, screams to one and all that yes, she has changed. Do they want to know the reason? All are shocked. Ved comes to alisha, points to her, says that she is changed today bcos of this lady. All are stunned. Alisha and Nih gets up from their chair.Ved says that she cannot tolerate this second woman in her life. Dhruv asks her to think and talk. Kavitha says that it was you who brought her here. Ved says it was the biggest mistake of my life. I now realise it, and want ot make amneds for it. All are shocked. Nih tries to talk, but Ved asks her to shut up. Dhruv tells her that this is not the way to talk. Ved and Dhruv have a heated argument. She tells him and others that she is not mahaan, as all expected. She is sick of the second owman in her life, bcos of which she has gone far away from her husband and family. All are stunned. Dhruv is shocked. He is breathing heavily now, is angry. Ved says that she is tired of handling all this. She wants to make amends. Now, all have to decide whether they want Ved or Alisha and her illegitimate xchild in this house. All are stunned. Ved again reiterates that they have to choose between her and Alisha. Dhruv is stunned, his eye balls go big, bigger and biggest, he looks bewildered...

Tomorrow: Ved and Dhruv continue to fight. Ved makes it clear that they have to decide between her and Alisha.
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April 11, 2006
By: Sree

Ved tells all that she has told her mind, so it is for them to decide. Ved says that i have been affected so much bcos of Alisha's presence. I am fed up of seeing her face now. Dhruv intervenes, asks Ved, what are the problems she is undergoing, he asks her to list them out. Ved says that she has said whatever she had to say. So they have to decide between her and Alisha. Saying this, she goes into her room. Alisha is in tears, Dhruv is very upset and angry. All are sad.

Ved comes to her room. She is panting for breath now. she closes the door, cries her heart out. She tells herself that she has now put mummyji and dhruv in such a big dilemmma. She cries for them. But she tells herself that she is doing all this only for the well being of her family. As she is crying, Alisha comes in. She quickly wipes her tears, asks her what brings her here? Alisha tells Ved that she is here to quetion her decision. Alisha tells Ved that she actually thought of giving birth to this kid only for Ved. She has devoted her 9 months for Ved. Alisha says that she is surprised asto how she believed Ved's words, came here and spent her 9 months here. Ved asks her, are you blaming me now? How dare you? Alisha says it is not like that, but i have no way out to go out of this. I promise to you that once Dhruv's kid comes to life, i will go otu of your life. But please do not ask me to go out now, in this state. I have noone to go to, she cries. Ved keeps yelling, saying that when she sees Alisha, she is reminded of her husband's betrayal. She has no love or feeling for the kid anymore. Alisha is shocked. Ved says that i do not care about the kid. After all, it is the second woman's kid. Ved says that she has actually told her condition ,now they have to react to it. Alisha is in tears, she tries to explain to Ved again, but gives up and goes out of the room weeping. Dhruv is standing near the window, he has listened to the entire conversation, is in tears.

Viren, Kavitha, Nih and Titli are talking in the hall. Titli says that she is now feeling very tensed about the future of this family. Nih says that she knew it is bcos of Alisha that Ved is behaving like this. Kavitha argues, saying that it was Ved's own decision to bring her here. Dhruv listens to the talk from upstairs. Kavitha says that she is in a fix now. But Dhruv's condition is worse than hers, as he is now standing in a path where he has to decide his way ahead. Dhruv is sad as he hears Kavitha say this.

Dhruv is now in tears, remembers his marriage with Ved, the way Ved has changed etc. He has tears in his eyes. He now goes into Ved's room in anger, holds Ved's hands, drags her out of the room. Ved keeps resisting , but he pulls her and takes her to the store room, where the cradle is kept. He shows her the cardle, tells her that this is the same cradle where they both dreamed . They were then denied of the happiness . Then, when things were looking dull, Ved brought Alisha into the house. She had once shed tears near the same cradle, crying for her kid. But then, she expressed happiness before the same cradle upon Alisha coming into the house. So why is it that she has gone back from her word? He tells her that he had left the hope of becoming a father. But it was Ved who brought that feeling in him. He got attached to the kid which was going to be born. It was Ved who made him identify the kid's heartbest. It was Ved who made him listen to the kid's movements. So how does she expect now, that Dhruv does not have any affection towards his kid? Dhruv is in tears, tells Ved with so much grief, that he is also a human. He too has love and affection for his kid, he too has fatherly love towards his kid. He says that he is now affected with what she has done. He tells her that he does not know in what helplessness she took this decision. But, he can just say one thing. He will always be hers, if she feared that he might go out of her life, after the kid is born, then she is wrong. He says that she has to trust in him, his love. As they are talking, Ved is feeling very sad, seeing Dhruv's desperate behaviour. But, she pretends to be adamant. Titli also comes there, tells Ved the same thing. She tells that it was Ved who gave all the family members an attachment to the kid. Now, if we ask Alisha to go out in this state, then it is not fair to her at all. Titli pleads to Ved to give time till the kid is born. The moment the kid is born, they can send Alisha away. But Ved is again adamant, says she has said what she had to say. Titli adds on that it is true that with the conditions you have laid, the family members cannot think of going against the bahu of this family. But then, based on humanitarian value, it is not right of them to send Alisha out of this house, when her delivery date is so very close. Kavitha is a woman and a mother, so she will not be able to do it, she says. Titli says that she has asked them to choose between her and Alisha, but what a comparison she is making. Ved is the bahu of the house, Alisha is not. Ved adds on to say that she is the second woman of her husband. She then tells them again that she cannot change her decision, and goes from there. Dhruv bursts into tears, Titli tries to console him.

Ved is dressed in a saree now. She is looking at Dhruv's photo kept on the table. She cries, she tells herself that she is now forced to go out of his life. She cries, tells the photo that she has to leave him and go now, as she is so very helpless. She then tells that if we had to get seperated like this, why did God ever unite us? She cries, bids the photo good bye, she starts to leave the house.

Downstairs, the puja arrangements are on. Kavitha, Titli and Nih are seated. Ved comes there. Dhruv is also seated. Kavitha asks Titli to bring Alisha for the puja. As Titli gets up to go, Alishs comes down the stairs with her bag. All are stunned and get up. Titli and Kavitha run to Alisha, tell her that she cannot go like this. Alisha weeps, tells them that she has been the starting point for all confusion. So she needs to go out of this house, in order to bring peace back into the family. She is about to go out. All are shocked. Ved is compelteyl taken aback, on seeing Alisha's decision. Alisha stops Kavitha as she comes to explain to her. She tells that that she has made the decision which they could not do. So now, nobody should stop her from going out of this house. Ved is now tensed, tells herself that if Alisha goes out, then all her plan will be a failure. She has to stop Alisha from going out.

Tomorrow: Ved again is screaming at all, saying now, that Alisha cannot sit in the puja. Only Ved has the right to sit, as she is the wife of Dhruv. All are shocked again.
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April 12, 2006

By: Sree_20

Kavitha pleads to Alisha that she cannot go out now leaving the puja. She says that this puja has to be performed, for the wellbeing of the kid. She says that the kul devta's blessings has to be got in this puja. Ved is relieved that Kavitha is stopping Alisha from going. Alisha too agrees, says that she will stay back for the puja, will go after the puja is over. She requests Kavitha not to stop her from going after the puja. Kavitha is forced to say yes. Ved is again worried. She tells herself that Alisha will leave as soon as the puja is over, she cannot allow her to go. All bring Alisha for the puja. They all sit. The puja begins. Ved gives out a yrll, comes storming at Alisha. She asks her, how dare she sits in this puja? This puja is supposed to be for the husband and wife, how can she sit here? Titli tries to tell Ved that this is for the wellbeing of the kid, so the mother of the kid has to sit in the puja. Ved screams at Kavitha that she has forgotten who is a stranger and who lbeongs to the family. She says the love for a kid has made her blind. Kavitha tries to argue with Ved, saying that it was Ved who brought Alisha here. Sometimes, the steps put forward cannot be taken back.Kavitha asks Ved, why is she trying to put to halt the puja? Ved asks Kavitha, that why is she so interested in performing the puja at the expense of breaking her relationship with Dhruv? What about the pain i have bcos of this? she says that you all have made me a laughing stock here. You have made a joke of all relationships. Kavitha tells Ved that she is now fed up of Ved's admant attitude. Her admancy in bringing Alisha home, then the admanacy in sending her out, the adamancy in accepting the kid, then rejecting it. I am tired of all this, she says. She says enough is enough now. Kavitha asks them to resume the puja. But Ved screams again, asks them to stop. She asks Dhruv why he is sitting so silently, seeing his relationship with her breaking. She asks him what happened to the promises you made during marriage? You should support me now, isn't it? She then asks Nih asto why she is not with her, being her sister? Kavitha tells Ved to stop all this. She tells Ved that it was her own decision in bringing Alisha home. Ved says that i accept it, but it was my biggest mistake. I now want to revert my decision. I reject this relationship now. I cannot accept to see Alisha and the kid in this house. Dhruv screams at Ved, asks her to shut up. Ved says that she is leaving the house, if they do not send Alisha out. Dhruv tells her that she has made the right decision. Ved is happy. Dhruv asks Ved to get out. He also adds that why will you go alone, i will also come with you, he holds her hands, starts to drag her out of the house. Ved is worried now, seeing Dhruv coming out with her. She refuses to come, tells him that this is their house, so the person who needs to go out is Alisha. This makes Kavitha more furious. She gives one big slap to Ved. Kavitha tells Ved very firmly that this kid is not illegitimate, it is Dhruv's kid. So she has decided that Alisha and the kid will be here. This kid will be borught up here, along with the raizada family. This is final. She then tells Ved that she has to make her own decision now, whether she will stay in the house or go. Ved wants only this. She is happy. She sees all, for a second, then barges out of the house. Dhruv is stunned. All are shocked. As Ved goes, she stamps on the rangoli put on the floor. She then places her feet as she walks out, making her footprints in rangoli all along the door, as though she is going out of the house in the same way as she entered after marriage. Ved goes, Dhruv and others start to call Ved, but Kavitha asks them to to stop her. She orders them to sit and do the puja. Dhruv ists down , all are upset. The puja starts.

Ved goes to the temple, cries there before God. She tells God that she has behaved very badly with all. She has not respoected her elders, gave lots of pain and worries to all. She asks God to forgive her for her misdeeds, tells God that he knows how helpless she is. She cries, as the puja takes place in Raizada house. All look worried as they perform the puja. Ved prays to God for the well being of the kid, prays that the puja being done at home should go on well, without any hurdle. She pleads to god to have his blessings forever on the kid to be born. She then says that she has said so many things to Kavitha ma, she asks Kavitha ma to forgive her, as she has done this only for her own family.

Night. Dhruv is in his room. Ved is still in the temple crying. As the sad title song is played, Dhruv is in tears. Here, Ved is also in tears.

Ved comes to Uma's place. Uma is surprised to see her daughter at this late hour. She enquires how the puja went at home. Ved tells her mom that she has left that house forever. Uma is stunnned. She asks but why? What are you talking? Ved tells her that she cant stay in that house, where nobody respects her. She says that she made a mistake by bringing Alisha home. Now her relstionship with Dhruv is strained bcos of Alisha. She does not want to be in the same house where Alisha is. Above all, i put a condition to which my family members did not agree. So i had to come out of the house. Uma asks, but what was it that you wanted? Ved says that she asked them to choose between her and Alisha. Uma is stunned. Ved says that her family chose Alisha and her illegitimate kid above her. So she has left that house forever. She says that when they dont need me anymore, i dont need them too. Uma is stunned, she remembers the softspken daughter of hers. She then comes to Ved, makes her face her eye to eye. She tells Ved that she did the right thing. Ved is stunned. Uma says that i always hated that Alisha was in that house. Ihave always had hatred for the kid to be born. I wish today that the kid does not see life at all.Ved on hearing this, runs to her mom, asks her not to spit curses for the kid. She tells that the kid is not yet born, the kid is so very innocent that we should not blame it. I dont have any illfeelings for the kid, she says. Uma sasy but you were the one who told me that you hate that kid, isn't it? Ved is stunned, tries to manage by saying that she does not wish bad for the kid... Uma says that as a mother, her heart is now burning , when she sees her daughter's eyes. Her eyes are saying a different story, while her words are conveying something else. She asks Ved to speak out to her, and not to hide anything to her mother. She asks Ved to tell out the truth, asto why she is doing all this. She tells Ved that she is ready to hear her truth, asks Ved to speak out. Ved is stunned. Ved tells herself that she should not hide what she is undergoing with her mother. She has to tell the truth to her mother alteast.

Tomorrow: Naina in Rudr's cabin in the office. She has brought a red rose, is again trying to woo Rudr in her soft and romantic words. Ant is walking in the corridor of the office, he is about to pass Rudr's cabin, when he hears Rudr talking to a girl. He is shocked to see something there....

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