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6th March (By Shudain)


Bhushan was trying to convince Lochan to come with him to his parents' house because they were suppose to go attend a function but Lochan refuses to go with him.


Lajo, Bhusan, Roshan, and Roshan's kids are sitting in a cart (not sure what its called but it's the cart that is pulled by an animal usually) waiting for Satbir who has gone out to look for Haveli.  Satbir comes back without Haveli and says he could not locate him.  Lajo tells them all to wait there for Haveli because this was the place they had decided upon to meet.  Haveli arrive few secs later and Lajo tells him that I thought you wouldn't show to which Haveli responds "has it ever happened that I promised and didn't fulfill it?"  He then tells the family to go to the function and that he will join them a little later as he has some work to.  As the cart pulls away from Haveli, Lajo stares back at him and screams "Master Ji"!  She wakes up from her dream and the flashback ends.


Lajo, Bhushan and his family, Roshan and Satbir are all on a cart going to India (the show is back to the time where it starts with the partition).  Lochan as usual is complaining and Roshan and Satbir telling her off.  All of the sudden they stop and someone tells them that everyone has to walk because the roads are flooded ahead and the carts can't go through it.  Lochan refuses to walk because she is pregnant and Roshan tries to reason with her.  During their bickering, Lochan's labor pains start so they decide to stop. 


A few days has passed and the kids are hungry.  Lochan refuses to cross the river so the entire family is stuck with her.  There was some talk about finding a doctor but Roshan says no one is doctor or engineer anymore everyone is just reduced to normal human beings.  Roshan and Satbir are getting upset while Bhushan is also trying to convince his wife to cross the river.  Satbir says he has built a little boat for the kids and rest of them can walk through the water as it isn't deep.  Lajo tells Lochan that your kids are hungry and if we don't cross, we will all die here.  Lochan continues to resist so Roshan gets and says we should leave her there and go.  Lajo says she is not going anywhere without Lochan so Roshan gets mad and forcefully picks Lochan up to cross the river.  Lochan yells at him but they cross the river.


Its been 10 days since the family crossed the river and Lochan has given birth to a girl.  Roshan and Satbir want to get moving but Lochan again doesn't want to go anywhere.  Lajo names the little baby Bharti as she is born when they moved to Bharat.


7th March (By Shudain)


The episode starts with Lajo naming the baby-girl Bharti.  Roshan and Satbir want to start moving and get to Delhi because they don't have much food or money left.  Lochan does not want to go to Delhi but instead wants to go to Shimla to her parents' house so she can rest.  Lajo agrees with her and say that while Bhushan goes to Shimla with his family, the rest of them will go to Delhi.


Lochan ends up at her parents' house with Bhushan and the kids.  A servant opens the door and greets her.  He tells her that Ghirdhari is in the house and Lochan asks for her father.  The servant tells her that her father died a few days ago.  Lochan cries for her father and tries to go inside the house when Ghirdhari comes out.  Lochan hugs him and cries for her father.  Ghirdhari refuses to take her in and says he doesn't have room for homeless people in his house.  Lochan says I am your sister but Ghirdhari refuses to accept her.  Lochan tells him that they have no money or anything to eat and she can't go anywhere without it.  She asks to meet her mother but Ghirdhari says that my mother lives here but I don't know about yours (Lochan and Ghirdhari have different mothers I guess).  Lochan cries and says that she is not going anywhere until he gives her the money to at least go to Delhi and sits in front of the house while Bhushan and her kids look on.  Ghirdhari takes a few coins out of his pocket and throws it at Lochan and says this is all he can give her.  He leaves but tells the servant to get them off of his property.  After Ghirdhari leaves, the servant tells them that Ghirdhari kicked Lochan's mom out of the hosue the same way also.  The kids pick-up the coins that Ghirdhari threw on the floor but Bhushan says that he will not take "bheekh" from anyone.  The servant tells him to keep the money as he has kids to feed.  Bhushan keeps the coins but with a helpless look on his face.


Lajo, Roshan, and Satbir are in a line to get a ration card and the lady asks them about the number of family members.  Lajo says they are total 9 and the lady tells them that she only sees three.  She accuses them of trying to take advantage of the govt. when Lajo yells at her and says that she told her how many were in her family.  They are just lost.  The lady gives them a card for three people and tells them to come back when the rest of the people show up.  Lajo asks her if she can look-up the name for Mater Haveli Ram and the lady tells her to go somewhere else where they can find out.  Roshan asks her how far it is the lady tells them that it will cost ?? money to get there.  Lajo says they don't have the money so they'll walk.  The lady gives them some money but Lajo refuses to accept it.  As they walk out from there, Roshan picks up the money and Lajo yells at him (Roshan keeps the money anyway).


Roshan is complaining about the long walk they had to take.  Lajo is sitting there waiting for Satbir who has gone out to look for Master Haveli Ram.  He comes back with no luck.  Satbir has also brought with him some stuff for them to sleep on and tells them that they've been assigned to tent #5.  They find their tent and Roshan complains about how small it is when Satbir tells him that there will be two more people joining them.  Lajo tells them to get some water so they can cook when a lady comes and tells them that there is a long line for the water and if they want, they can take some from her for the time being.  There is a long talk between the lady and Lajo about their situations.  The lady promises to find Lajo a maids job.  Lady also introduces another girl who is orphaned and her uncle had refused to take her in.  The girl tells Lajo that she looked through so many registers to find her uncle and when she found him, he wouldn't take her in.  Lajo asks her if she saw a Mater Haveli Ram's name in the registers and the girls tells her that there were two camps where she saw his name.  Lajo tells her that not to worry, I have two sons and they can go to both camps.  The show ends on Lajo's face beaming with hope and joy!



8th March (By Shudain)


Satbir comes in tired and Roshan asks him where he has been all this while.  Satbir tells him that he went to see all the Haveli Ram's registered but none of them were their father.  They talk about announcing it on the radio when Lajo walks in asks Satbir if he had any luck.  She also agree with the boys about putting an ad on the radio.  Lajo also asks if they'd heard about Bhushan and is disappointed on hearing a no.  She wants to go around the state looking for her family and tells her sons a success story of someone finding their lost son.  Satbir tells her that he wants to earn some money so he can go look for their family.  Lajo gives him 1 rupee and tells him that's all she has saved so far but may be it can get him started on earning his income.  Satbir tells her that with her blessing, he will be able to.


Satbir and Roshan are sitting in the park talking about what Satbir wants to do.  Satbir tells him that he will sell combs and make 8% profit on each.  Roshan tells him lets celebrate with my money and takes out the coins that he took from the rations lady.  Satbir said he does not want to buy anything with that money.  Roshan tells him fine then I have another rupee that I earned for taking two kids across the river and Satbir is disgusted again.  Satbir tells him that if he is going to eat something than it would be bough by some hard earned money (paseene ki kamayi).  Roshan rubs the coins on his sweating forhead and tells Satbir that "yeh mere paseene ki kamayi hai".  Satbir tells him to shut up.  Roshan says fine then you invest this money in your business and we will use the profits to celebrate instead and gives the money to Satbir.  Roshan goes to look for Haveli Ram while Satbir goes to buy bulk combs to sell.  Roshan goes to meet someone named Haveli Ram and finds a different man looking for his own son.  On the other side, Satbir is trying to sells the combs but no one is interested.  Roshan comes back to where Satbir is and they both try to sell a comb to a passerby.  The passerby gives them some coins as beggers and Satbir refuses to accept it while Roshan takes it anyway.  Satbir is again disgusted with Roshan but before they can say anything, they hear the radio announcement for their father and run to listen.


Lajo is sitting in their tent knitting and all of the sudden Master Haveli Ram walks in.  Lajo is excited to see him and Master Haveli Ram tells her that she did the right thing by announcing on the radio.  She knows that he listens to the radio too much and tells her do you remember once you told me that I listen to the radio more than I listen to you (Lajo finishes the sentence for him).  The smile on Lajo's face fades when she realizes that it was just a dream.  She has tears rolling down her eyes when Satbir walks in with Roshan.  They ask her if she heard the radio and she says yes, while she was cleaning the dishes for the people that she works for.  Both Roshan and Satbir tell her that they do not want her to be washing dishes anymore and she tell them as soon as their father returns, she will stop and she will also stop all the household chores because she is going to get them married.  Roshan mocks her about Lochan and Lajo tells her that you will marry the girl of my choice.  She says that she will tell them who the girl is when Master ji returns.  She then start humming a song when Satbir says that he hasn't heard her hum in a long time.  She says that she is happy today and tells them about their dream.  Both Satbir and Roshan put their heads on her lap and just listen (what a beautiful scene between a mother and her two sons…hard to describe in words).  At his time the neighbor lady comes running and says that there is someone outside to visit them.  Lajo thinks its Master ji and runs outside but only is disappointed to see Lochan's mother there. 


Roshan is lying in front of the tent and singing some song when Babli (the girl who's uncle did not accept her) comes there with Satbir.  Both are carrying buckets of water.  Roshan asks for a pillow and Babli says she will get one for him.  When she is looking for the pillow she comes across a picture of Lajo, Veeranwali, and Haveli (the same picture is posted in the picture gallery of this forum).  She asks Satbir about the people in the pic and Satbir tells her about his father and his aunt (who is really his mother but he doesn't know).  He tells Babli that his aunt died in her youth but my mother never really talks about her much yet he feels very connected to her.  Lajo comes in asks them to have some breakfast.  Lochan's mother gets up and asks them what is for breakfast.  Lajo tells her the rotis from last night and Lochan's mom is complaining just like her daughter.  Lochan's mother wants some tea but Satbir says that they do not have money for the tea.  Both Roshan and Satbir do not like Lochan's mother being a burden on them.  Lajo offers the last roti to Satbir and there is none left for her.  Satbir tells her to eat it instead.  Babli comes in with some tea and says that she also has an extra roti to share.  Lajo tells Babli that she does so much for her but she can't do anything for her at all.  Babli gives some tea to Lochan's  mother and offers the extra roti to Satbir who refuses it.  But Lajo tells him to take it and he does.  Lajo picks up the picture and asks who took it out and Satbir says he did.  He asks Lajo about Veeranwali and why Lajo never speaks of her.  Lochan's mother says that Veeranwali committed suicide due to shame.  Lajo tells her that if she is going to behave that way and speak ill of her family then she should just leave.  Satbir asks for the truth and Lajo tells him that Veerawali drowned right after her marriage was fixed to a weathly man.  She says that if she was alive today, Veeranwali would have been living like a queen.


There was also a scene where Babli is taking a bath and holding up the line for water.  Some guy makes rude remarks and Satbir gets into an argument with him.  Roshan comes and separates them

9th March (By Shudain)


Satbir and Babli come back with the buckets of water and are talking about the argument that Satbir had.  She tells Satbir that she has been helping out the commander in hopes of finding a job.  She says that only consider the looks but not qualifications.


Roshan is mocking Satbir again (as usual) and giving him a lecture about women.  Babli comes and tells them that some rich dude has come to distribute blankets and she went to help.  However the rich guy does not want a girl to work for him so the commander has asked Satbir to come and help with the distribution.  Roshan says if the rich guy may be followed by a rich sister but Babli tells him he's the only son so Roshan decides not to go and sends Satbir goes instead.


The rich guy asks Satbir if he is educated and Satbir tells him that he has a BA.  The guy tells him that he will pay monthly for distributing blankets at the camp and Satbir says he does not want to get paid for that.  The guys gets offended however upon hearing Satbir giving him straight answers, he says that he likes him.  During their talk, the new guy (Jai Bhusan 


= JB) finds out the previous guy who used to distribute blankets was cheating him.  He was asking for blankets for 1000 people while there were only 565 in the camp.  JB says he is impressed with Satbir's honesty.  He tells Satbir that he can sell the leftover blankets for his profits and Satbir says no he won't do that.  JB is even more impressed.  Satbir says that he will give the larger families two blankets.  JB tells him that I need people like you to work for me.  Come see me and I will give you a job at my company.  Satbir is happy to hear that.


Satbir comes to his tent excited and tells Lajo that he got a great news.  Lajo assumes that he is talking about Haveli Ram and says that she always knew Materji would come back.  Satbir is disappointed and says that he only came to tell her that he is getting a job soon.  Lajo says that is also a good news but the saddness in her eyes is apparent.  She asks Satbir who will he be working for and Satbir says Lala Brijbhan.  Lajo is shocked to hear the name and Satbir asks her if she knows him and Lajo denies it.


Roshan is playing with a cat and talking to it.  Satbir comes and Roshan asks him if he met with JB and Satbir says he can't locate him.  ( I missed couple of dialogues here) Roshan tells him that lets go and sell some clothes.  Satbir is trying to sell the cloth to people but no one is buying.  Roshan says let me show you how to do it and he manages to sell one suit to some guy.  As they are trying to sell more, Brijbhan comes who had been watching them.  Upon on seeing them, Roshan hides behind Satbir.  Brijbhan tells him how is your sick mother?  Apparently Roshan had gone to Brijbhan asking for some money for his mother's medications.  Brijbhan is upset and leaves after telling him off.


Satbir and Roshan are back in their tent with Lajo.  Satbir is upset at Roshan and tells Lajo that he is tired of Roshan's dishonesty and does not want to work with him anymore.  Lajo also tries to tell Roshan to be honest.  They have a little argument.  Lajo also advises Satbir that he should stay away from JB.  Satbir defends him saying that he is a good guy.  After a while they decided to go look for JB so Satbir can find a job.  Roshan says guys like that are only found at two places...brothels and clubs.  They go to a club where JB is celebrating.  JB does not recognize Roshan or Satbir.  He is drunk and is trying to place where he has seen Satbir.


JB tells the waiter to get drinks for the men.  Satbir is upset that Roshan is drinking.  JB is still trying to place where he met Satbir.  He goes through a number of guys that he had met in the past but Satbir keeps on saying no.  Satbir finally manages to remind JB where they met.  JB asks him why he came to the club looking for a job and Satbir says that his office people kept on telling him that JB was at the club so he thought may be JB's office is in a club.  JB looks at Satbir with amazement and then start laughing.


10th March(By Shudain)


Mangla is at JB's house with her mother…she is his fianc.  As Mangla and her mother are getting ready to leave, JB's mother says JB is home.  JB comes home drunk carried by Satbir.  Mangla feels bad to see JB drunk.  JB's mother makes some excuse for him being drunk and blames someone else for putting him on the wrong path.  JB says sorry while falling here & there due to his drunkenness.  JB questions Satbir's presence in his house and tells Satbir to leave (JB is too drunk to know who Satbir is what he is doing at his house).  Satbir returns everything that JB gave him…watch, pen, wallet, and money to his mom.  JB tells his mom that Satbir will work for him starting tomorrow because he is an honest man.  His mother tells him that's fine just be sure to let your father know.  He says he will tell his father.  JB introduces Mangla to Satbir.  Satbir leaves.


Lajjo is waiting for Satbir and tells Roshan to go look for him.  Lajjo tells Roshan that Satbir is on the wrong path due to his bad company.  She is upset for Satbir being so late.  Roshan tells her that Satbir took JB home.  Satbir arrives and apologizes for being late.  Lajjo tells them to stay away from people like JB.  Roshan says that if we stay away from people like JB then we will always stay poor like our father.  Lajjo tells him not say his fathers name while he is intoxicated.  Satbir tells her if she does not want him to work for Brijbhan & Sons then he will refuse them tomorrow.  Lajjo is surprised to hear that Satbir got a job there and questions what kind of play is this (by God that is)?


JB introduces Satbir to his father.  Brijbhan recognizes seeing Satbir in the park and tells JB to throw him out.  Brijbhan says that he took advantage of me first and now my son.  Satbir defends himself that he was not the one but rather his brother.  Brijbhan says that first he took advantage of them and now is talking back.  JB is upset that his father does not trust him.  His mother comes there and takes his side.  Brijbhan finally agrees.


Roshan and Satbir come home arguing.  Lajjo asks them why they've come home late.  Satbir says that he was at the club with JB.  Lajjo is upset.  Roshan says that JB gave Satbir his watch but he didn't take it and nor did he let me take it either.  Satbir tells Lajjo about Roshan's lies to Brijbhan.  Lajjo tells Roshan to straighten up his act.  Roshan says he wonders if Satbir is really an angel.  We always heard that an angel (pari) brought him when he was little.  Satbir wonders about that comments and asks Lajjo about the angel story.  He says that Lochan's mother was also telling him yesterday that he is not her son.  Satbir wants to know if he is Lajjo's real son.  Lajjo tells him that he is more than a son to her and Satbir shouldn't talk like that.  In a way, Lajjo has avoided the topic.


Lochan's mother comes in complaining as usual.  Lajjo hints her anger for telling Satbir that he is not her son.  There is some bickering between her and Roshan.  Lajjo offers some food to her.  She asks for poori sabji.  Roshan and Satbir defend their mother and tell Lochan's mother that their mom works too hard and she should not make such demands.  She blames Satbir and Roshan for not looking for her daughter and their brother.  She wants an announcement on the radio for Lochan and Bhushan.  Roshan tells her that she is eating for free (haram khor).  Lajjo tells Roshan to apologize.  Satbir defend Roshan and says that Lochan's mother should not be so curt.  Lochan's mother in return says that he has called me a haramkhor because this family raised a haramkhor (Satbir) …Lajjo is flustered to hear such words uttered for Satbir in his presence.


Roshan says that he is going to beat her up if she keeps on talking.  Lochan's mother makes a scene.  Lajjo says that she took her in because she needed help but she does not need her to say such things about her family.  Lochan's mother (I wish I knew her name) says that she will get even with them when her daughter comes back. 


Roshan mocks Lochan's mother since it has been four days since the radio announcement and her daughter isn't back yet.  She says that she will make Roshan cry one day.  Lochan and Bhushan arrive with their kids.  Lochan's mother starts complaining immediately about her hardships.  She accuses that Lajjo mistreated her.  Lochan also says a few words as usual about Bhushan's family.  Roshan tells his brother are you only going to inquire about your mother-in-law and not your mother?  Bhushan asks about his mother and Roshan tells him that our mother washes dishes and clothes at other people's homes so your mother-in-law can drink tea in the morning and eat poori and sabji for dinner.

16th March (By angelgoel)

There is arguemnentative scene between JB (jai bushan)and his father BB (brij bushan) regarding his absence from party which  BB threw to introduce his son to officials. They argue a lot and then JB's mother interferes and tries to set the things correct between the two of them and she succeeds. BB tells JB to handle Sugar Mill Strike and tells him that he can tell him secrets which he can not tell Shayam lal (some employee).BB tells JB to go and meet union leaders tomorrow itself.
JB in office and talking to some one on phone. Satbir comes and asks his to meet Babli for job. JB asks her to write small memo and then tells Satbir that he has go to attend some party and he will reach sugar mill from party AND asks satbir to reach there. He gives him set of instructions to carry to sugar mill where he will join him to talk to union leaders.He forgets to sign the instruction papers.
JB gets busy in party ,playing games and gets late.In the mean time BB calls office about JB and Satbir lies that JB has already left for Sugar mill.
Finally in the mill,Shayam lal waits for JB and calls up many places to find out abt him in which he fails.He refuses to believe Satbir and the instructions papers because of lack of JB's signature. Shayam lal goes to attend union leaders meeting w/o beleiving Satbir & JB's instructions.

18TH march (By Girl)


brijbhan is not well, he is resting in his room when news comes that the workers have gone on strike because jai bhushan didnt turn up for the meeting. brijbhan really gets angry with jai and stands to get ready so that he can go to the factory. then a phone call comes n informs him that JB has had an accident and is admitted to a hospital. he even hurt someone else in the accident.

BB and his wife go to meet JB where he apologises for his behaviour and says that he is really ashamed of what he has done. shyamlal(dont know his name but he is the same person whom satbir meets for the workers) talks to JB and tells him that satbir didnt come to meet him(which is a lie) BB tells his lawyer to fire satbir, cos he thinks that satbir is a liar.

babli is sitting with lajjoji and waiting for the news whether she has got job with JB or not. lajjoji tells her that she wants to make babli her daughter in law and will talk to masterji when he comes back.

satbir comes and tells lajjoji that he has been fired. lajjoji tells him that his father always taught them to fight against injustice and never give up if you are right. satbir decides to meet JB in hospital.

lajjoji is writing something, satbir asks her what is she doing? she tells him that she is writing to pragyawati (veeranwali)...he asks her who is she.... i dont think lajjoji replies to him( i dont remember). satbir also asks lajjoji about veeranwali and lajjoji tells him that she was her best friend, apart from being her sister in law.

next day satbir goes to hospital with  babli to meet JB. the guard doesnt let him enter JB's room. mangla(JB's to be wife )  comes and asks whats happenin and satbir tells her that they r not lettin him in but he wont go till he talks to JB.

she goes in , shyamlal is inside, she asks JB why is he not letting satbir in? JB says that he hasnt stopped him from comin in. satbir comes in and asks JB that why has he fired him from job? JB is shocked.

28th March (By Girl)


satbir tells shyamlal that there is some hera pheri in sugar mill accounts.... shyamlal tells him to keep out of it, but eventually he tells JB that satbir is cheating on him in sugarmill accounts as they dont match..... so shyamlal decides to suspend satbir.

satbir is angry... roshan tells him to complain to JB that sugar mill accounts are wrong since last 11 years so that shyamlal is caught... satbir does the same , JB s lawyer calls shyamlal with his accounts so that he can check.. shyamlal acts clever n tells him that accounts r with CA n he will collect them n come, but accounts r with him, he will change them n then take them so that satbir is again caught for lying.

JBs mother tells him that ma pragyavati has come at manglas house so he shud come there with her. satbir says that his mother knows her n even she is going there, shyamlal gets suspicious that whether she is the same punjabi woman with whom Brijbhan was engaged.. he also goes with them

pragyavati(veerawali) talks to JB n his mother n shyamlal tells her that he is BBs son... she gets a little upset, then lajjoji n masterji come n pragyavati is happy to see them

29th March (By Girl)


masterji n lajjoji meet veeranwali at mangla house. BBs wife ask her to come to their home also but she refuses saying that she has to leave the next day.

shyamlal asks lajjoji how does she know veeranwali....she says she met her at haridwar..she probes further, lajjoji ignores him.

lajjoji takes veeranwali to refugee camp, she calls masterji veerji...he says r u veeranwali..lajjojisays yes she u remember anything, he says no

veeranwali is going back, satbir is standing out, he sees half of her face n thinks that she looks like buaji in photo... he asks lajjoji, she says yes she resembles his buaji.

masterji n satbir go to look for BBs lawyer ( he is muslim), they dont find him n they can see his things lying here n there....then they go to the store n find him there.. he is badly hurt. its dark over there, masterji falls down the stairs.



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